Fender Guitars by SD Toys



Fender Guitars by SD Toys
Fender Guitars by SD Toys ®
The purpose of these product reviews is to better inform enthusiasts and collectors of 1:6 scale action figures. This
review is the sole opinion of the author and is based entirely on his own experience and knowledge, and having the
product in hand. It does not constitute an endorsement of or a recommendation against the purchase of any
Fender Guitars
Stratocaster seen closer
Stratocaster on the card
Telecaster seen closer
Telecaster on the card
The lower three strings are flat wound and all 6 strings are the correct relative size.
Jazz Bass seen closer
Jazz Bass on the card
P-Bass seen closer
P-Bass on the card
Strings are flat wound and the correct relative size.
Included in these sets:
Leatherette Strap with Fender logo
Bag of picks with Fender logo
These will be an unusual and unusually well-detailed addition to your collection.
These accurate replica guitars would be loved by musicians and music fans as much as 1:6 collectors.
Overall: I give all these excellent replica guitars an A+
Thank you and good night!

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