PBGLM February 2016 for Revolution Dating



PBGLM February 2016 for Revolution Dating
Volume 8, Number 9
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The Look of Love
Kelly and the Revolution Dating Dream Team
Jessica Hackett, Premier Matchmaker and Member
Services; Alex Schnetzer, Premier Matchmaker and
Recruiting Specialist; Kelly Leary, Founder and President;
Rachel McKee, Vice President; Andrea Sebastiano,
Premier Matchmaker and Enrollment Specialist.
Heather Graham Tracy, Special Events Director
Dresses courtesy of Herve Leger, Palm Beach
8 www.pbglifestyle.com
is Making Matches and Changing Lives
by Lee Hershfield
Photography by Alicia Donelan
Kelly Leary’s happily effusive personality seemingly knows
no bounds, and that is wonderful news for the clients
of Revolution Dating. Her always stylish appearance is
additionally cloaked in warm smiles, and welcomes entrants
into an exclusive club with a single-minded motivation: to
bring people together.
Freeway of Love
Inside Revolution Dating’s PBG offices, you will be drawn to a
wall of success stories; there are magazine and newspaper clippings extolling Leary’s success and her clients’ journeys to love.
This year marks Leary’s silver anniversary as a matchmaker,
which will be celebrated in style by Revolution Dating and their
clients. Integrity, attention to detail and a professional staff have
pioneered the way for Leary and Revolution Dating to become
the unrivaled experts and “go-to” service to navigate the tall
grass of love.
“This is a private practice,” Leary explained. “We run our office
like a law firm or a doctor’s office. Our staff is well versed in the
true spirit of matchmaking, which is a science.”
With a master’s degree in clinical psychology, Leary is ideally
suited to lead her staff in achieving the best outcomes for Revolution’s clients (known as “revolutionaries”). The team of matchmakers and extensive support, who joyously self-identify as Cupids, have earned their bows and arrows by virtue of paving the
freeway of love for your smooth ride.
Love Potion No. 9
“In order to make a good match, the first thing that you need
are two good candidates who are ready for love,” explains Leary
about the science of matchmaking. “When you are dating people either online or in a bar, you are meeting people who may be
in love with someone else [or] married to someone else. Dating
while married is rampant on the online dating sites.”
Leary emphasized that when prospective clients arrive at Revolution Dating, they are ready to join forces with her team, and
“This is a private practice; we run our office
like a law firm or a doctor’s office. Our staff is
well versed in the true spirit of matchmaking,
which is a science.”
~Kelly Leary
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Earman will be wed in the spring to another Revolution client,
Heidi Riggs. Earman had several pleasant dates arranged by
Revolution prior to meeting Heidi. The customary process of
biographies being exchanged via a Cupid intermediary and the
subsequent measurement of interest in one another was followed by a phone conversation between John and Heidi, which
culminated in a dinner date.
“They [Revolution Dating] have a good filter process,” Earman
said. “Heidi’s interests and activities were in common with
Earman never imagined that he would meet his future wife
through Revolution Dating. He admits to not fully understanding how he was matched with Heidi, but what he does
know is telling: “In my professional life I’ve dealt with people
who do many things, and I may not know how the nuts and
bolts go together, but I do know professionalism and I have a
great feel for it. Sometimes you just have to go with that, and
that’s why I chose Kelly and Revolution Dating.”
“Her insights about me were pretty spot on,” said “C” of Kelly
Leary. C, a public figure and Revolution Dating client, requested anonymity for the purposes of this story. Divorced and uncomfortable with friends arranging blind dates, C chose Revolution Dating and like many Revolution clients, C cites the
high standards of professionalism, rigorous vetting process
and strict confidentiality that Leary and her staff embrace.
Kelly Leary with Norma Jean Handy, Director of New Enrollments
and Rachel McKee, Vice President of Revolution Dating.
Dresses courtesy of Herve Leger, Palm Beach.
it is Revolution’s job to ensure that they are happy with their
She went on to explain Revolution’s philosophy and their
proven methodology: “We complete a relationship history
and analysis – much like a doctor would take a medical history – and we determine if this person is a good candidate for
our club and if they are ready for love. We determine if they
are sincere and financially secure,” said Leary, referencing her
baseline science of matchmaking.
“Kelly knows what works and what doesn’t work. The company
is not a flash in the pan; they’ve been around awhile and I’m
very satisfied with my decision,” said C, who is excited about a
recent match that bodes well for a long-term relationship.
All You Need is Love
Kelly Leary measures success in smiles, which abound inside
Revolution’s offices and at their parties, which afford their
exclusive clientele an alternative venue to meet one another.
These well-staged gatherings embody the joie de vivre that is
Leary and her matchmaking team. And if you seek consummate professionals to build your bridges across the rapids
known as the dating scene, look no further than Revolution
Dating. Love is all you need. PBG
She noted that the processes of a telephone prescreening, an
in-person interview and rigorous vetting of potential club
members ensure that her clients have “skin in the game.”
No Ordinary Love
Love’s happiness is not just an illusion for those who place
their trust with Revolution Dating.
“I can’t do the bar scene,” said John Earman, a client of Revolution Dating. “The confidentiality was a big part of my decision
to join. It’s a very private process.”
10 www.pbglifestyle.com
To learn more about Revolution Dating, call (561) 630-XOXO
(9696) or visit www.revolutiondating.com.

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