TORK® 5737-UL Turn-Lock Photocontrol UL Listed for LED Lighting



TORK® 5737-UL Turn-Lock Photocontrol UL Listed for LED Lighting
TORK® 5737-UL Turn-Lock Photocontrol
UL Listed for LED Lighting - Campuses
5737-UL Description:
Choose the wide-range turn-lock control for roadway, parking lot, and street lighting
that is UL Listed for LED fixtures z– TORK® 5237-UL – and support ALL the lighting you
need to control. Modern LED lighting provides dusk-to-dawn security that also saves
energy, and that’s a place to start. Now finish by installing the modern, flexible
turn-lock photo control for a wide voltage range from 105 to 305 volts with MOV surge
Campus Parking Lot, Roadway, Walkway lighting; retrofit and new construction for all
lamp types; prepare for future LED retrofits with this universal turn-lock control.
C Converting Street & Parking Lot lighting to LED is the first step to saving energy, but
without a Photocontrol listed for LED lighting, it’s like having a TV without a hand held
remote! 5237-UL is UL listed for all type of lighting including LED lighting, making it the
perfect choice for street, highway and parking lot lighting retrofits where the campus
has installed or plans to install LED fixtures in the future and where municipalities have
specified mandatory off-times.
If you’re going LED, this turn-lock is the one to watch: the TORK 5237-UL utility
turn-lock is UL Listed for LED lighting. TORK®‘s commitment to responsible energy
requires us to look for solutions to help multi-building institutions and campuses
reduce energy costs in all areas. The 5237-UL completes any retrofit or new
construction LED installation by providing a wide voltage range and utility grade MOV
surge protection that helps protect both the Photocontrol and lighting fixture. Align all
your energy saving initiatives by adding this special TORK® turn-lock to ALL your
lighting solutions.
Additional Features:
Energy Saving:
UL Listed for LED lighting
105-305V = wide range.
MOV Surge protection
For Campus street, parking lot, roadway and pole lantern lighting
Instant ON & delayed OFF to avoid false switching
Meets IEEE Standards
TORK® completes LED retrofits with the addition of its 5237-UL turn-lock Photocontrol,
the control of choice that will adequately switch your LED lighting for the life of your