Dinner in honor of Veterans - Senior Center of Jackson Hole



Dinner in honor of Veterans - Senior Center of Jackson Hole
PO Box 4677
[email protected]
What’s Happening
at the center!
Victim Services Prepares Lunch, Nov.
2nd noon
Dinner in honor of
Veterans, Nov. 8th
“The mission of the Senior Center of Jackson Hole is to provide a
range of services to support and enhance the lives of senior citizens and assist them to remain independent as long as possible."
Brain Games, Nov.
9th 9AM
Dinner @ River
Rock, Nov. 12 5PM
Walk to the Bahamas activity tracking, start Nov 18th
Thanksgiving Lunch,
Nov. 21st noon
movie and popcorn,
Nov. 22nd 1Pm
Center Hours:
Mon.-Thurs.: 8A.M.-5P.M.
Friday: 8A.M.-3P.M.
Closed November 11th,
28th and & 29th
2012 Sue Hall
2011 Dorothy Tanner
2010 Judy Basye
2009 Hazel Halling
2008 Virginia Blair &
Frances Spencer
2007 Phyllis Greene
2006 Carol Black
2005 Gene Sinn
2004 Nels & Elva
2003 Bob & Barb
1994 Betty Chambers
Van Deburg
1993 Bob Shervin
2002 Babe Humphrey &
1992 Beryl Wolff
Betty Benson
1991 Lois Lasley
2001 John Ryan
1990 Jeanette Gillette
2000 Bill & Mary Ashley 1989 Louise Bertschey
1999 Ina Sturlin
1988 Bob Kranenberg
1998 Tom & Cile Lamb
1987 Meta Sternberg
1997 Mary Belden
1986 Noble Gregory
1996 Echo Taylor
1985 Vera Cheney
1995 Roberta Seaton
Dinner in honor of Veterans
Friday, Nov. 8th 6PM
In honor of Veteran’s, a special Roast Beef Dinner
All Veteran’s, their spouses & seniors eat free, compliments of Bank of Jackson Hole. ($8 for non seniors)
Please RSVP by noon
Sharon Shoen
Sandy Shuptrine
Nancy Wilbrecht
2 Faye Harder
Jack Johnson
Sharon Marx
Joyce Steece
3 Betty Terrill
4 Judith Neillands
Martha Stearn
5 Joe Funk
Link Hibbard
Pat Likwartz
6 Sue Morgan
7 Phyllis Greene
Barbara Golcowska
Donald Huhn
Carol Wauters
8 Barbara Clark
Carolyn Vale
9 Dennis Johnson
Heather Robinson
Carla Watsabaugh
10 Merle Moyer
11 Elizabeth Shockley
Gee Toy
12 Sharon Gralund
Soledad Amora
21 Maura Harrington
Sherry Kinsella
22 Dennis Gralund
Bob Ranck
25 Sharon Gunberg
Randy Sales
Joe Greene
Marilyn Seay
James Goodman
13 Robert Emrick
26 Ron Priebe
Robert Gardner
Emily Shelby
Dorothy Hammond
Mercedes Soler
Leanna Jordan
Dorothy Tanner
Patricia Petrini
27 Nicholas Ryan
14 Nicholas Centrella
28 Lorraine Bonney
Diane Nichols
Phyllis Hallett
15 Becky Frisbie
Susand Hedden
Dale Moyer
29 Patricia Biles
16 Sue Cole
Deon Johnson
Carolyn Douglas
Martin Weston
17 Herman Madsen
Vivian Moulder
Bob Morris
Gracie Pelssier
18 Mabel Allin
Bernard Rietmann
Dennis Lance
Russ Trautman
Christiane Marechal
Wednesday, November 13th
Diane Siegel
November Birthdays will receive their lunch
19 Olivia Fisher
compliments of First Interstate Bank. Thank
Charles Samples
you River Rock Assisted Living
20 Ray Pilgrim
for providing Birthday cake!
Ron Stevens
Did we miss a Birthday?
Please call us and let us know if we need to add / delete anyone’s birthday. Thank you for your help!
Low Income Energy Assistance Program
(L.I.E.A.P.) May be able to help you with heating costs this winter.
Applications are available at the
senior center. Please call for
more information.
Swipe card system is starting
Nov. 1st
We will be transitioning to a swipe card system for signing in for meals and activities.
We will count both card and sign in sheet for
November, then transition to just the swipe
card system starting December.
This will replace all sign-in sheets.
 We will work with you to help you understand how it works
Come in Nov. 4th-8th for your new key card!
Walk to the Bahamas
Log your daily activities to get to the Bahamas(2,271 miles!)
Tracking starts Nov. 18th
Let’s get moving!
Congrats Linda! The Senior
Center raised over $1,000.
Thank you to all you who
bought tickets and to Wilma
Barr for her kind donation.
November is National Family Caregiver Month
Approximately 65 million Americans are recognized this month during National Family Caregivers Month. The estimated value of the "free" services provided by these family members caring for loved ones who are frail, chronically ill
or disabled has been estimated to be $450 billion annually.
National Family Caregiver Month focuses on the challenges facing family caregivers. Family caregivers provide a vast array of emotional, financial, nursing,
social, homemaking and other services on a daily or on an intermittent basis.
While some family caregivers provide 24/7 care for loved ones who require assistance for all daily living activities, others may provide care on a part-time
basis. Family caregiving can extend for a few years or a lifetime.
National Family Caregiver Month is a time to thank, support, educate, and celebrate family caregivers who are literally America's primary long-term care providers. Eighty percent of long-term care is provided by families or friends.
Ways to Honor Family Caregivers:
1. Offer a few hours of respite time to a family caregiver so they can spend
time with friends, or simply relax.
2. Send a card of appreciation or a bouquet of flowers to brighten a family
caregiver's day.
3. Encourage local businesses to offer a free service for family caregivers
through the month of November.
4. Help a family caregiver decorate their home for the holidays or offer to address envelopes for their holiday cards.
5. Offer comic relief! Purchase tickets to a play or movie, give a family caregiver your favorite funny movie to view, or provide them with a book on tape.
6. Find 12 different photos of the caregiver's family and friends. Have a copy
center create a 2014 calendar that the family caregiver can use to keep track of
appointments and events.
7. Offer to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for a caregiving family, so they can
just relax and enjoy the holiday.
8. Help a family caregiver find new educational materials and support through
family caregiving web sites, support
groups or by calling the Senior Center
for help.
The Senior Center offers caregiver support group the 2nd Friday of each month
from 2:00 to 3:15. We welcome you to
join us. For more information, contact
Chris at the Center.
26 Soup & Salad Option
Tortilla Soup
Hard Shell Taco
Mexicali Corn
Blond Butterscotch Brownie
Fresh Fruit
25 Caesar Salad
Herb Baked Chicken
Whipped Potatoes, Gravy
Orange Buttered Carrots
Baked Apple
27 Brunch @ 11:30
Western Egg Bake
Sausage Links
Hash Browns
Boston Brown Bread
Fresh Fruit
20 Garden Vegetable Salad
Stuffed Green Pepper
Baked Potato
WW Bread
Fruit crisp
21 Thanksgiving lunch
Relish Tray
Roast Turkey
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans Almandine
Pumpkin pie
14 Soup & Salad Option
Asian Salad
Baked Steak Teriyaki
Stir Fry Vegetables
Pineapple Chunks
13 Birthday Lunch
Carrot, Celery & Cuke Salad
Rancher’s Meat Loaf
Baked Sweet Potato
Almond Broccoli
Wheat Drop Bisuits
Birthday Cake
12 Soup & Salad Option
Ambrosia Fruit Cup
Fish Florentine
Glazed Carrots
Wheat Roll
Chocolate Chip Cookie
River Rock Dinner 5PM
transportation available
19 Soup & Salad Option
Macaroni & Cheese
Baked Fish
Stewed Tomatoes
WW Bread
7 Soup & Salad Option
Creamy Confetti Cole Slaw
Lemon Baked Fish
Roasted Red Potatoes
Mixed Vegetables
Strawberry Shortcake
6 Scalloped Sweet Potatoes
Glazed Baked Ham
Sugar Snap Peas
Rye Bread
Baked Pineapple
Molasses Cookie
5 Soup & Salad Option
Mixed Green Salad
Italian Blend Vegetables
Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp
Victim Services Lunch
Green Salad w/ carrots
Chicken & Dumplings
Green Beans
Apple Crisp a la Mode
Nov 2nd
18 Creamy Cole Slaw
Herb Roast Pork
Mashed Potatoes
Scandinavian Blend Veggies
Chunky Applesauce
Cinnamon Coffee Cake
4 Mixed Green Salad
Chicken Pot Pie
French Style Green Beans
Fruit Pizza
Please call in reservations by 10:30A.M.
Daylight Savings,
Nov. 3rd
22 Carrot Raisin Salad
Beef Vegetable Stew
Applesauce Cake
15 Friday Feast
Vegetable Salad
Chicken Fettuccini
WW Bread
Apple Pie
8 No Lunch(Home delivered only)
Veteran’s Dinner 6PM
Spinach Salad
Roast Beef
Mashed Potatoes, Gravy
Angel Food Cake w/ Berries
1 Friday Feast
Garden Bounty Salad
Sweet Potato Fries
Chocolate Chip Cookie
The Senior report can be heard every Tuesday
at noon on KJAX Country Radio, 93.3
Birthday Lunch! Noon
*Leslie’s Fitness 9 & 10:30
Blood Pressures 11:30
Board Mtg, 12:45
Bingo 12:45
**Contract Bridge 1-3
*Leslie’s Fitness 9 & 10:30
Blood Pressures 11:30
Medicare Asst 11:30
Bingo 12:45
**Contract Bridge 1-3
*Leslie’s Fitness 9 & 10:30
Blood Pressures 11:30
Bingo 12:45
**Contract Bridge 1-3
*Leslie’s Fitness 9 & 10:30
Blood Pressures 11:30
Bingo 12:45
**Contract Bridge 1-3
*Pilates 9am
*Yoga 10:30
Wii Bowling 11:00
Pinochle 12:45
*Zumba 5:30 pm
*Pilates 9am
*Yoga 10:30
Wii Bowling 11:00
Pinochle 12:45
*Zumba 5:30 pm
Massage 9-11
*Leslie’s Fitness 9 & 10:30
Line Dancing 10:30
Bible Study 12:45
Spanish 2pm/ knitting 1pm
Dupl. Bridge 5:15 pm
Line Dancing 10:30
*Restorative Yoga 10:30
Dupl. Bridge 12:30
Mahjong 1:00
*Tai Chi 5:30 pm
*Healing Touch by appt.
Line Dancing 10:30
*Restorative Yoga 10:30
Dupl. Bridge 12:30
Mahjong 1:00
*Tai Chi 5:30 pm
Daylight Savings,
Nov. 3rd
Closed 28th and
*50 min massage by
Line Dancing 10:30
*Restorative Yoga 10:30
Dupl. Bridge 12:45
Mahjong 1:00
*Tai Chi 5:30 pm
Walk to the Bahamas! Activity tracking begins Nov. 18th
All activities take place
in North end due to elections
*Pilates 9am
*Yoga 10:30
Wii Bowling 11:00
Pinochle 12:45
*Zumba 5:30 pm
Dinner @ River Rock
5 *Pilates 9am
*Yoga 10:30
Book Club 10:30
Wii Bowling 11:00
Pinochle 12:45
*Zumba 5:30 pm
Come in to sign up for your new key card!
Nov. 4th-8th, from 2-5PM at front desk
Walk Bahamas start!
Massage 9-11
*Leslie’s Fitness 9 & 10:30
Line Dancing 10:30
Bible Study 12:45
Spanish 2pm/ knitting 1pm
Dupl. Bridge 5:15 pm
Massage 9-11
*Leslie’s Fitness 9 & 10:30
Line Dancing 10:30
Bible Study 12:45
Spanish 2pm/ knitting 1pm
Dupl. Bridge 5:15 pm
*Indicates Fee
** For contract bridge,
RSVP with Irene at
Victims Services
prepares lunch, 2nd
Veterans Dinner,
8th 6PM
River Rock Dinner,
12th 5PM
Birthday Lunch,
Friday Feast, 1st &
Thanksgiving lunch
Nov. 21st
Special meals for
Breakfast & Reg. 9-10
Activities 10-1PM
Victim Services
Lunch noon
Round House", Georgia Inglis leading; Dec.10 - Share favorite books, or
books that had an impact on us;
Jan. 7- "Alone in the Kitchen with
an Eggplant", Anne Coldsmith
~Book Club~ Nov. 5 - "The
*Leslie’s Fitness 9 & 10:30
Cribbage 1:00
Movie & popcorn 1PM
*Leslie’s Fitness 9 & 10:30
Medicare Asst. 11:30
Friday Feast! Noon
Birthday Club 12:30
Cribbage 1:00
*Leslie’s Fitness 9 & 10:30
Cribbage 1:00
Caregiver Group 2pm
Podiatrist, by appt. only
Verteran’s Dinner 6PM
*Leslie’s Fitness 9 & 10:30
Friday Feast! Noon
Birthday Club 12:30
Cribbage 1:00
Deb Wuersch & Bob Ablondi
Barbara & Bill Adams
Jean Adams
Judy Adams
Millie & George Alexander
C and R Ankeny Family Fund
Vicki & Charles Atwater
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Ruth Ann Petroff & Mark Barron
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Donation as Birthday Gift
~Bud White~
Doris Budge
Carol Black from Norma
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~Lucetta Jacobson~
A special thank you to the
Doris Budge
kind food donation by Jack~Dellamay Woodward~
son Lake Lodge!
Barb & Bob Shervin
Doris Budge
A big THANK YOU to all the
~Joan Redfield~
October Volunteers. You
Barb & Bob Shervin
make a difference!
Sen. Grant & Maralyn larson
~Phila Dawn DeLauriers~
Doris Budge
Leave a Living Legacy
Have you considered leaving a living legacy by naming
the Senior Center of Jackson Hole
in your will? Your gift will help others for years to come.
Board of Directors
Non-Profit Org
US Postage Paid
Bob Shervin, President
Ron Stevens, Vice President
Kay Benson, Treasurer
P.O. Box 4677 830 E Hansen
Jackson, WY 83001
Jackson, WY
Emily Knobloch-Secretary
Carol Black
Sheila Sandubrae Davis
Jean Day
David Auge
Berniece Turner
We’re on the web!
Come get your key card! Nov. 4th-8th, from 2-4PM at front desk.
***What’s Happening…..
next month!
Lunch & Bake Sale
Holiday Lights Tour
Dec. 9th
Christmas Dinner & Cathedral Voices Dec.
Mill Iron Ranch Sleigh
Ride Dec. 21st
White Elephant Lunch
Dec. 23rd
Renewal of Newsletter
*Movie and Popcorn, every
4th Friday at 1PM*
Thursday, Nov. 21st
Seniors eat free, thanks
to First Interstate Bank
$8 non-senior
Please call to reserve
Donate your favorite
baked goods to benefit
Senior Center programs
*The center will be closed
the 28th and 29th
Saturday , November 9th
9-10am registration & breakfast
10-12 food brain games
12-1 optional small group activities
Topic: Nutrition & your brain
Can what you eat help your brain
work better? Do certain foods retain
brain health and cognitive capacity?
Activities include music, trivia, word
puzzles, dancing, and more!
$10 pre registration
$12 day of registration
Fee covers breakfast and supplies