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iwal 17 - International Lama Registry
I Want a Llama!
Useful information for anyone
considering the
ownership of a llama.
Presented by
The International Lama Registry
People are becoming familiar with llamas
throughout North America, but the most
common question asked of llama owners is,
“What are they used for?” If you become
familiar llama characteristics, the many uses jof
llamas become more easily understood. Llamas
are classed as domestic (not exotic) livestock
by the USDA and are owned and raised for
many purposes.
Llamas are very intelligent, independent,
aloof, curious, gentle, relatively easy to train
and they exhibit a lot of common sense. Once
you own a llama you will no longer question
their use, as you will have fallen in love with a
very special friend.
Traditionally, llamas make superior pack
animals for a picnic, a day trip or an extended
camping expedition. Llamas have also been
successfully trained to caddy on golf courses.
A mature, trained pack llama can carry ap-
Llamas are sure-footed and are environmentally friendly. Their two-toed feet with
nails and leathery bottoms, similiar to a
dog’s pad, do less environmental damage
than a hiking boot. They also require very
little carried food on the trail in comparison
with other pack animals. This and their
tendency to browse rather than graze make
their impact on natural forage minimal.
Many people own llamas as companion animals or pets because their
calm nature, gentleness and intelligence make them a non-demanding pleasure to be around and
train. Llamas are especially good
with children and there are
many active 4-H programs
for llamas throughout the US
and Canada.
proximately 1/4 to 1/3 of its body weight (50120 lb). It is not recommended that llamas be
Llamas are fun for the
entire family as a llama can
be trained to walk in parades, be
ridden, although some people do put small
children on specially built llama saddles.
a daily jogging companion, visit
schools, entertain at birthday parties,
Garment provided by Stone Fox Fibre Works
The Llama
deliver Christmas gifts, just relax with, pull a
cart and much more.
produce better, more beautiful and genetically superior animals. This is
one important reason to insist on buying only registered llamas. The
There is a very active llama show association (ALSA) and many owners enjoy the
market for llamas continues to expand as more people learn of the
pleasure, lifestyle and financial advantages of owning llamas.
competition of the show ring. Shows are held
locally and regionally. There are also a number
Llamas make excellent guard animals for effective predator
management for flocks of sheep and goats and herds of cattle against
of non-competitive llama events, such as fairs,
exploration hikes and other diverse functions to
coyotes and feral dogs. A neutered adult is recommended, with a single
llama per herd, so that the llama identifies with the herd and protects it.
enjoy with your llama while sharing experiences and friendship with fellow owners.
This is the one exception to the recommendation not to have a single
Llamas are popular to raise for their
beautiful, luxurious wool, which can be
Llamas are being used more and more in animal-assisted therapy.
Llamas are routinely taken into senior citizen centers, nursing homes,
regularly brushed out or sheared. Llama wool
does not contain lanolin, so many people who
hospitals and mental health facilities to stimulate or soothe residents.
A llama’s sensitivity has been compared to that of dolphins and, as
are allergic to sheep wool can wear llama. It is
a hollow fiber and is warmer and lighter than
llamas are used more in this capacity, their value increases as a means
to reach and enhance the lives of others, especially the disabled.
sheep’s wool. The wool is highly prized by
spinners, knitters, felters and weavers as a
As you can see, there are many uses of llamas which are limited
only by our imaginations. A warning should be placed here for what is
superior fiber for sweaters, hats, stoles, vests
and other garments.
known among llama owners as ‘llama fever’. Llama fever is highly
contagious, and there is no known cure ... except maybe owning more
Llamas are raised by many people as
breeding stock, and the thrill of producing a
llamas. The symptoms vary, but include talking about your llamas
endlessly, visiting other llama farms at every opportunity, being totally
baby is universal. Babies (crias) play together
in the field and are a joy to watch cavorting.
smitten with your new friends and spending every possible moment
with them.
Serious breeders study bloodlines in order to
A Brief History of the Llama
About 40 million years ago the ancestor of the llama roamed
the central plains of North America. This ancient camel-like
creature eventually migrated to Asia, Africa and South
America. All members of the camel, or camelid family, are
descendants of this early ancestor. The one-humped dromedary camel evolved in Northern Africa and the Middle East,
the two-humped Bactrian evolved in what is now Mongolia.
The South American camelids - llama, alpaca, vicuña and
guanaco - found their niche in the high plains of the Andes.
The wild relatives of the llama and alpaca are the vicuña and
guanaco. Unlike the llamas and alpacas the vicuña and guanaco always have the same color pattern . They have a reddish brown body with light cream underbelly and grey face.
Both are highly prized for their exquisite fiber. The vicuña is
currently on the endangered species list but is making a
strong comeback. In the past few years some guanacos have
been raised in semi-captive flocks and sheared once a year for
Domesticated more than 5000 years ago, the llama and alpaca
are among the earliest domesticated herd animals. For the
native people of the South American Andes, the llama was a
beast of burden and a source of fiber and meat. Even the
pelleted manure was used as fuel in the harsh environment of
the altiplano where no trees grow. The alpaca was bred
primarily to produce fine fiber.
Many ancient rituals and traditions developed from
the close bond between the native people of South
America and their llamas. This close relationship
has endured to the present time. A typical Andean
family might own only a handful of llamas or alpacas but each animal is special to its owner. A
visitor to a small rebaño (herd) will find the llamas
decorated with brightly colored yarn sewn into their
ears. The yarn tassels are used not only as decoration but also as a means of animal identification. It
is not uncommon to see llamas owned by several
different families grazing together. Typically, the
wife and younger children take responsibility for the
llamas’ welfare and are present for herding and
Llama Ownership
Continues to Grow
Registered Llamas
As a prospective owner, you are
probably curious as to the growth of
the number of llamas and owners in
North America. The ILR registered
12,895 new llamas in 1999. In the
last 12 months, this is a 9.5%
increase in the total number of
Herd size
registered llamas. Many new llama
owners have small farms consisting
1 to 5 llamas
of between 1 and 5 llamas. In fact,
70% of all llama owners fit into that
category. Another 23% of the ILR
membership owns between 6 and 25
Over 100 llamas
6 to 25 ll
26 to 100 llamas
Llamas by State and Province
more than 1
251 to 1000
101 to 250
1 to 99
more than 5000
2501 to 5000
1001 to 2500
501 to 1000
0 to 500
International, National and Regional Organizations
International Lama Registry (ILR)
P.O. Box 8
213 Main Street
Kalispell, Montana 59903
406-755-3438 / 406-755-3439 fax
e-mail [email protected]
Jan Wassink, Registrar
ILR Board of Directors
Barbara Carlomagno - President
Camden, ME
Jack Moore, Vice-President
Somerset, OH
Kathi McKinney - Treasurer
Montesano, WA
Sally German-Rucker - Secretary
Florissant, CO
Sally Taylor
Bozeman, MT
Pack Llama Trail Association
PO Box 25
Meridian, ID 83680-0025
[email protected]
Canadian Llama & Alpaca Assoc.
2320 41 Avenue N.E.
Calgary, AB, Canada T2E 6W8
e-mail [email protected].com
Llama Association of North America
1800 S. Obenchain Road
Eagle Point, OR 97524
541-830-5262 / 541-830-5262 fax
e-mail [email protected]
N. Nelson Leonard
International Llama Association (ILA)
P.O. Box1891
Kalispell, Montana 59903
406-257-0282 / 406-257-8780 fax
email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI)
Box 87
Kalispell, Montana 59903
406-755-3158 / 406-755-3439fax
e-mail [email protected]
Dar Wassink, Administrator
Alpaca Owners & Breeders Assoc.
Box 1992
140 Manford Avenue
Estes Park, Colorado 80517-1992
970-586-5357 / 970-586-6685 fax
e-mail [email protected]
Alpaca & Llama Show Assoc. (ALSA)
Box 487
Louisburgh, Kansas 66053
913-557-9489 / 913-294-2210 fax
e-mail [email protected]
Western and Central United States
Alaska Llama Association (ALA)
HC01 Box 630
Palmer, Alaska 99645-9605
907-376-7676 / 907-376-4582 fax
Bill Welch, Pres.
Llama Owners of Washington State
3430 Pacific Ave. S.E., Ste.A6317
Olympia, Washington 98501
800-399-LAMA (5262)
Mount Baker Llama Owners (MBLO)
3120 Jerns Road
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284-9505
Nancy Graham, Membership
Inland Northwest Llama Assoc. (INLA)
Box 762
Vera Dale, Washington 99037
Rick Hardwick, Pres.
Willamette Valley Llama Assoc.
311 NE Mistletoe Circle
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
541-754-6326 / 541-745-7027 fax
Lester Reed, Pres.
Umpqua Valley Llama Assoc.
P.O. Box 537
Glide, Oregon 97443
541-673-7319 / 419-791-4866 fax
[email protected]
Dale Schultz, Pres.
1188 Olive Hill Lane
Napa, California 94558
707-255-4971 / 707-251-0887 fax
Barney McClung, Membership Chrmn.
Llamas of the Wine Country (LOWC)
Box 750518
Petaluma, California 94975
Nina Pedersen
Llama Assoc. of Southern CA (LASC)
4362 Hillside Ave.
Norco, California 91760
Pat Leighton, Pres.
All Llamas of Hawaii Assoc. (ALOHA)
75807 Hiona St.
Holualoa, Hawaii 96725
808-326-1149 / 808-334-1588 fax
Gerald & Lyn Brewster
Western Idaho Llama Assoc. (WILA)
P.O. Box 190032
Boise, Idaho 83719
Central Valley Llama Owners (CVLO)
4862 S. Point
Discovery Bay, California 94514
925-513-9474 / 925-513-9475 fax
[email protected]
Central Coast Llama Assoc. (CCLA)
13805 El Camino Real
Atascadero, California 93422
805-466-5959 voice/fax
e-mail [email protected]
Trish Hampton, Pres.
SW Washington Llama Assoc. (SWLA)
20719 NE 68th St.
Vancouver, Washington 98682
[email protected]
Sharon Ableidinger, Reg. Agent
Sierra Nevada Llama Network (SNLN)
1032 Kerry Lane
Gardnerville, Nevada 89410
Virginia Christensen
New Mexico Llama Lovers
17 Night Hawk Way
Placitas, New Mexico 87043
Betsy Bell
Wyoming Llama Owners Assoc. (WLOA)
P.O. Box 50668
Casper, Wyoming 82605
307-265-1708 / 307-265-4465 fax
Dan Schreiner
Llama & Alpaca Assoc. of AZ
7880 Rain Valley Rd.
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004
Barbara Peacock
Central Oregon Llama Assoc. (COLA)
P.O. Box 5334
Bend, Oregon 97708
541-383-3030 voice/fax
e-mail [email protected] Sherry
Sheridan, Pres.
Gold Country Llama Assoc. (GCLA)
7580 Shelborne Dr.
Granite Bay, California 95746
Jean Hardy
Llama & Alpaca Assoc. of North Dakota
8911 Hwy 32
Forman, North Dakota 58032
Kenneth Forster, Pres.
Utah Llama Assoc. (ULA)
1360 East 3200 S.
Francis, Utah 84036
435-783-2676 voice/fax
e-mail [email protected]
Rita Miller, Sec.
Llamas of Central Colorado (LOCC)
8918 Teller #1
Florisant, Colorado 80816
Jeff Rucker, Coordinator
Flathead Valley Llama Club (FVLC)
524 Eckelberry Drive
Columbia Falls, Montana 59912
[email protected]
Deb Manley, Sec.
Northern Rockies Llama Assoc. (NRLA)
479 Eckelberry Dr.
Columbia Falls, Montana 59912
Larry Eddy, Pres.
SW Montana Llama Assoc. (SMLA)
3320 Sundance Road
Bozeman, MT 59715
[email protected]m
Tom Reihman, Pres.
South Dakota Llama & Alpaca Assoc.
10495 Foothills Rd.
Black Hawk, South Dakota 57718
33 Iowa Llama Assoc.
e-mail [email protected]
9604 Bigwoods Rd.
Chris Matusiak, Sec.
Janesville, Iowa 50647
Nebraska Llama Assoc. (NLA)
Box 2025
e-mail [email protected]
Hastings, Nebraska 68902
Tom Carlisle, Pres.
34 Illinois Lama Assoc. (ILLA)
Rolland Manske, Pres.
RR1, Box 169A
Llamas of Minnesota (LOM)
Bluffs, Illinois 62621
S 2710 Schlawin Rd.
217-754-3767 / 217-935-8745 fax
Cochrane, Wisconsin 54622-7903
e-mail [email protected]
608-687-8509 / 608-687-8187 fax
Helen Dowson, Treas.
e-mail [email protected]
35 Hoosier Llama Assoc. (HLA)
Pam Jensen, Pres.
10 North 400 W.
Lebanon, Indiana 46052
Lucreda Hutton,Pres.
Michigan Llama Assoc. (MLA)
8340 West US 223
Adrian, Michigan 49221
517-263-4300 / 517-264-5698 fax
Diana Smith
Ohio River Valley Llama Assoc.
5308 Stagecoach Rd.
Somerset, Ohio 43783
740-743-1092 voice/fax
Donna Moore, Pres.
Tri-State Llama Caregivers (TLC)
975 County Road 104
Chesapeake, OH 45691
Judy Ross
Missouri Llama Assoc. (MLA)
1932 Riverdale Road
Ozark, Missouri 65721
[email protected]
Deb Kell, Pres.
Golden Plains Llama Assoc (GPLA)
RR 2, Box 1073
Smith Center, Kansas 66967
Glenna Overmiller, Pres.
32 South Central Llama Assoc. (SCLA)
Rocky Mountain Llama & Alpaca
Box 163654
Assoc. (RMLA)
Austin, Texas 78716
11818 West 52nd Ave.
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033
e-mail [email protected]
303-422-4681 / 303-422-3568 fax
Delores Gardner, Pres.
Barb & Bob Hance
Oklahoma Llama Assoc. (OKLA)
RR 1, Box 642
Blanchard, Oklahoma 73010-9103
Joy Swihart
Eastern United States
45 Vermont Llama & Alpaca Assoc.
240 Maltese Rd.
Stamford, Vermont 05352
Gayle Garrison
46 New York Llama & Alpaca Assoc.
612 North Newcastle Rd.
Newcastle, Maine 04553
207-586-6800 voice/fax
Shari Templeton
50 MARICO Llama & Alpaca Assoc.
41 Pennsylvania Llama and Alpaca
575 Deer Creek Road
Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, 16056
724-898-7229 voice/fax
e-mail [email protected]
51 48
Box 16
Oakdale, Connecticut 06370
860-848-9193 / 860-848-4183 fax
e-mail [email protected]
Mark Russell, Pres.
51 Greater Appalachian Llama &
42 Kentucky Llama & Alpaca Assoc.
Alpaca Assoc. (GALA)
PO Box 61
Craftsburg Common, Vermont 05827
52 Llama Assoc. of Mid-Atlantic
Box 252
Ashland, Virginia 23005
David Doyle, Pres.
53 Southern States Llama Association
979 Isaac Frye Hwy
Wilton, New Hampshire 03086
Jan Brown, Membership
49 Maine Llama Assoc.
RD2 Box 165
Munnsville, New York 13409
315-495-6605 voice/fax
e-mail [email protected]
Karen McDonnell, Sec.
10060 Shelbyville Road
Simpsonville, Kentucky 40067
Diane Durham-Smith
48 New Hampshire Lama Association
2167 Hwy 341 South
Perry, Georgia 31069
912-988-4999 voice/fax
Wayne Coussens, Pres.
54 Georgia Llama & Alpaca Social Org.
43 Tennessee Llama Community (TLC)
470 Tibbitts Rd.
Dallas, Georgia 30132
Liliane Grant
243 Ironsburg Road
Tellico Plains, Tennessee 37385
John Kromhout
44 Alabama Assoc. of Llama Breeders
& Packers (AALBP)
114 Pats Pocket
Boaz, Alabama 35956
Dena Thurmond
47 Florida Llama Herd
Box 100
Palmetto, Florida 34220
941-776-1302 / 941-776-1758 fax
Reba Elliot, Pres.
In compiling this Directory, we have
attempted to be all-inclusive and correct
with associations and publications as of
our publication date. Inclusion in the
Directory is not an endorsement. If you
have a correction or addition please let
the Registry office know.
Llama Publications and Products
Books and Booklets
There are many publications and videotapes available to
provide information to the new or prospective llama owner. In
addition there are companies specializing in llama supplies,
training, clinics, wool products, transportation and other services
which you will find advertised in many of the publications. Many
regional lama associations have exhaustive libraries of llama
materials, free for members use.
The following list is not extensive and the ILR cannot
verify the availability of all the items.
A Guide to Raising Llamas by Gail Birutta.
A comprehensive handbook covering behavior, training, facilities, showing, health care, first aid, breeding,
birthing and marketing. 336 pages, 6 x 9. Line drawings, photographs, glossary, source lists. Paperback.
A Well Trained Llama by Paul and Betty Barkman.
The second edition by a pair who have trained everything from elephants to reptiles, with much llama
experience. 96 pages with many photographs.
Magazines and Newsletters
Animal Breeding and Production of American
Camelids by Rigoberto Calle Escobar.
A valuable reference book for all llama owners.
Chapters include genetics, health, feeding, shearing,
breeding, marketing and much more. 358 pages,
photographs and diagrams.
Llamas Magazine
The International Camelid Journal
4-color educational publication since 1979.
P.O. Box 250, Jackson, California 95642
The International Camelid Journal publishes 5 issues
annually. Subcription price is $20 p/yr.
Before and After Llamas by JoAnn McGrath.
Illustrated by Paige F. McGrath. A collaboration of
short tales by mother and daughter. 77 pages with
black and white illustrations.
Llama Banner
P.O. Box 1968,
Manhattan, Kansas 66502
Concentrating on show results and published 6 times a
year with a subscription price of $24.
Best of 3L Llama
Nine chapters of articles, updated information from
issues 1-20 of 3L Llama magazine (now Llamas
magazine). 112 pages, photographs and diagrams.
Building a Multi-Use Barn by John D. Wagner.
This book shows you how to build a specific, allpurpose, 30’x24’ barn. Hundreds of building tips for
the experienced or beginning builder. Complete
chapters with illustrations and photos on siting,
foundations, framing, roofing, siding, utilities, interior
framing and finish, painting, and staining. 224 pages.
Llama Life II
5232 Blenheim Road
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
Published 4 times a year. Subscription price is $20.
The Backcountry Llama
Noel McRae, Editor
2857 Rose Valley Loop
Kelso, Washington 98626.
Subscription price is $6.00 for six issues a year. Sample
copy $1.50.
Building Small Barns, Sheds and Shelters
by Monte Burch.
Easy-to-follow construction methods for
attractive outbuildings. Includes
complete information on tools and
materials, foundations and floors,
windows and doors, wiring and
plumbing, and finishing
details. 235 pages. Over 100
architectural drawings and
Canadian Llama News
Margaret Brewster and Marie Lammle, Editors
6012 3rd Street SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2H 0H9
Published bi-monthly for a yearly subscription of $20.
Caring for Llamas and Alpacas
by Clare Hoffman, DVM and Ingrid Asmus.
Basic information for prospective, new and experienced
owners. Troubleshooting charts for quick identification
of emergencies. 171 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 over 60 illustrations.
Fences for Pasture and Garden by Gail Damerow.
The complete guide to choosing, planning and building
today’s best fences: wire, rail, electric, high-tensile,
temporary, woven and snow. Chapters on gates and
trellises. Includes line drawings, charts and a bibliography. 160 pages.
Evaluating a Llama Pack by Gwen Ingram.
Step-by-step explanations on proper procedures for
fitting and using any llama pack. Clear line drawings and
carefully presented text guide the reader through each of
the many issues involved in a pack system evaluation. 27
First Aid for Llamas and Alpacas
by Murray E. Fowler, DVM and Audrey C. Fowler.
60 pages, 6 x 9, photographs, tables and illustrations.
Covers basic principles of first aid, transporting, death
and euthanasia. Also includes glossary and sources of
Field Guide to Plants Poisonous to Livestock
Western U.S. by Shirley A. Weathers.
This book identifies well over 100 western toxic plants.
Know if your animal is susceptible to toxins in these
plants. Helps you to manage your animals’ pasture to
minimize the chances of ingestion of hazardous plants.
Spot symptoms of potential poisonous plants. 229 pages.
Hands on Dyeing
by Betsy Blumenthal and Kathryn Krieder.
Chapters on color theory, mixing, application techniques,
overdyeing. 111 pages, color photographs, diagrams.
Hands On Spinning by Lee Raven
The editor of Spin-Off magazine begins with the basics
including understanding the spinning process, building a
simple spindle and spinning of a treadle wheel. 120
pages with black and white photos and diagrams.
Hands on Weaving by Barbara Liebler.
Chapters on looms, tapestry, lace, scarves, trouble
shooting. 112 pages., color photographs, diagrams.
Homespun Handknit edited by Linda Ligon.
Easy beginner pieces to advanced brain teasers. Unique
range of small projects. 160 pages, black and white
photographs and diagrams.
Hummmorous Llama Humor
Published by Misto Ro Ranch.
A cartoon book of lovable llama folks offers an insider’s
look at some of the personalites we’ve all come to know
and love. 38 pages
Image of a Well Trained Llama
by Paul and Betty Barkman.
Step by Step directions geared for novice trainers as well
as advanced techniques for trainers who feel ready to go
beyond the basics. 3rd Edition
In Search of the Ideal Llama, The Field Guide
by Maggie and Richard Krieger.
Introduction and script consultation by Dr. Murray E.
Fowler. Assessing conformational traits in llamas. 100
pages, black & white photos and illustrations
International Llama Association Booklets
P.O. Box 1891, Kalispell, Montana 59903
Educational Brochures: Each topic written by a recognized authority.
#2 Guard Llama
#3 Llama Facts for New Owners
#4 Llama Medical Management
#5 Llama Housing and Fencing
#6 Feeding Camelids
#7 Llama Herd Management
#8 So You Want to Be a Mama Llama
#9 Llama Wool
#10 Packing with Llamas
#11 Heat Stress in Lamas
Informational Brochures:
Guard Llama Guidelines
The Impacts of Llamas as Hiking Companions.
Quantities of 50+ of any combination available at
reduced fee.
4-H Leaders Manual
4-H Video (How to Start a 4-H Club)
Youth Packing Manual
Llamas: An Introduction to Care, Training and
Handling by Sandi Burt
This book will help the fist-time llama owner understand
and enjoy llamas and will be a handy reference for the
experienced owner. 141 pages with black and white
photographs and diagrams.
Llamas and Alpacas as a Metaphor for Life
by Marty McGee
Photography by Sandy Flanagan. Charming stories
throughout, accompanied by color photographs.
Llamas Are The Ultimate by Doyle Markham
Training, feeding, packing, hunting, fishing and care.
Over 280 pages with numerous black and white photos.
Llamas for Love and Money by Rosana Hart
Investigates both aspects of llamas in North America,
with information on care, breeding and selling llamas.
Many interviews with llama breeders. Published by
Juniper Ridge Press, 172 pages, over 50 photographs.
Llamas on the Trail
by David Harmon and Amy S. Rubin
A complete guide to packing with llamas - from selecting, training and conditioning your animals, to choosing
equipment, planning your trip and hitting the trail. 170
pages with black and white photographs and illustrations.
Living with Llamas by Rosana Hart
Heartwarming account of one couple’s years with llamas,
with practical information worked into the story. 192
pages with 60 black and white photographs.
Llamas: Wooly, Winsome & Wonderful by Susan Ley
The nation’s foremost llama photographer. Text with 73
photographs, 33 in full color, from llama farms across the
Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care by Drs. Bradford B.
Smith, Karen I. Timm and Patrick O. Long
Cartoons by Kathleen McLeod. Chapters include
anatomy, physiology, stages of labor, dystocias, care and
problems of the newborn and dam. Also included; items
for first aid kit and glossary of terms.
Making the Most of Your Llama
by Dr. Linda C. Beattie and Cathy E. Crisman
An owners manual for llamas. Chapters on shelter,
purchasing, health, packing and more. 64 pages with
black and white illustrations.
Llama Handling and Training:
The T.E.A.M. |Approach
by Marty McGee with Linda Tellington-Jones
This book has everything you need to know to develop
the best relationship with your llamas and alpacas. 224
pages with over 100 illustrations.
Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids
by Murray E. Fowler, DVM.
A 416 page hardcover book including 23 chapters on
nutrition, diseases, reproduction, health care and surgical
procedures for the llama, alpaca, vicuna and guanaco.
This book is fully illustrated with numerous black and
white photos.
Llama Training on Your Own by Helen Bodington
Step-by-step training manual with instructions for
catching, easy haltering, desensitizing, loading and more.
40+ pages and illustrations.
New Directions For Felt by Gunilla Paetau Sjoberg
Presents the history and culture of felting as well as the
technique. All you need to start felting. 152 pages, color
and black and white photos and offers an insider’s look at
some of the personalities we’ve all come to know and
love. 38 pages, illustrations.
Llama Training: Who’s in Charge?
by Jan Faiks, Jim Faiks and Phyllis Tozier
Second edition 1985. The first llama training manual to
be published, includes a lengthy discussion of the training methods used with a berserk male. Faiks’ Alpacas
and Llamas, Box 521152, Big Lake, Alaska 99652
Children’s Books
Packing with Llamas by Stanlynn Daugherty.
Covers every aspect of llama packing, purchasing, care,
training, transport, equipment, hitting the trail, in camp,
backcountry recipes and a sewing pattern for pack bags.
50 Things To Do With A Llama
by M. Brandon James and illustrated by B.J. Lewis.
This charming little book will delight both old and
Practical Pole Building Construction by Leigh Seddon.
Pole Building Construction saves you money, time, labor,
and materials because it involves limited grading, no
excavation, site flexibility, and few materials. Information on every aspect. 186 pages. Over 100 architectural
drawings and photographs.
Is Your Mama A Llama? by Deborah Guarino..
Young readers will delight in the playful rhythm of the
text. Illustrated in color by Steven Kellog. 32 pages
How Llama Saved The Day (A Story From Peru)
retold by Janet Palazzo-Craig and illustrated in color by
Charles Reasoner.
A delightful book for young readers. 32 pages
Secrets of the Andean Alpaca: The Field Guide
by Maggie and Richard Kreiger.
Script consultation by Dr. Walter Bravo. Assessing fiber
characteristics and conformation. 116 pages, black and
white photographs and illustrations.
Llama In Pajamas
by Gisala Voss and pictures by Melissa Sweet.
A hide-and-seek bedtime book. Young readers lift six
flaps to look inside baskets and behind colorful tapestries
until baby llama is discovered, dressed in pajamas and
tucked into bed. Hardcover 7x7, 24 pages
Spinning Llama and Alpaca by Chris Switzer.
A guide to fiber identification, cleaning and collecting.
shearing, preparation, blending, dyeing, spinning, marketing and selling, storage of wool, projects. 44 pages
with color and black and white photographs, illustrations.
LLamas by Helen Kienlen and Lois Sandercock.
This book is a colorful children’s paperback, which
charmingly describes llamas and their way of life.
Delightfully illustrated. 20 pages
The Waldo Chronicles - A Training Log
by Gwen Ingram.
A heartwarming true story of an untrained, unwanted
llama transformated into a valued companion, show
partner and packer. Contains useful training techniques.
92 pages.
Llarry The Llama Learns To Hike
by Diana Lyons and illustrated by Angi Mayfield.
Llarry is learning new things and seeing exciting new
places. This story tells of a young llama discovering that
time and patience bring great rewards.
Unraveling Fibers
by Patricia A. Keeler and Francis X. McCall Jr.
Clear, colorful photographs show ten natural fibers, such
as cotton, wool, Angora, silk, alpaca and llama. Hardback, color photos, 35 pages ages 8-12.
Mountains To Climb by Richard Wainwright
Beautifully illustrated in color by Jack Crompton. A
heartwarming story that deals with overcoming prejudice
and handicaps in a positive and realistic manner. 57
What about Conformation? by Wes Holmquist.
A guide to selection and pricing. 26 pages, with diagrams, illustrations and checklist.
Paradise Hill Farm
by Susan Lindsay and Lana Santamaria
Illustrated by Georgia Mommaerts, this beautifully
illustrated book follows the adventures of Cholo llama.
The Llama Alphabet Coloring Book
written and illustrated by Kate Bars.
Pages are suitable for coloring or framing. Children will
enjoy the illustrations. 26 pages.
The Llama’s Secret
written and adapted by Argentina Palacios.
Illustrated in color by Charles Reasoner. A delightful
book for young readers. 32 pages.
Video Tape
TTEAM Tapes with Marty McGee
Basic TTEAM with Llamas (tape 1) with an introduction by Linda Tellington-Jones
Gentle, effective methods for training and communicating with your llamas. VHS 2 hours
Treating your Llama Kindly (tape 2)
Handling techniques for veterinarians, technicians and
owners, with Dr. LaRue Johnson Ph.D. VHS 2 hours
Getting Started with TTEAM (tape 3)
Understand the philosophy of TTEAM and how your
approach to training can change the relationship you
have with your llamas. Learn how to herd, catch, halter
and train your llamas in a way that will alleviate their
fears and create an environment of trust. VHS 54
The TTEAM Approach to Herd Management (tape 4)
Learn how to set up your facility to support TTEAM
training, how to easily handle your llama’s legs and
feet, how to begin TTEAM training your baby llamas
and how to prepare your llama to receive injections and
more. VHS 42 minutes
The Wonderful World of Lama Wool (tape 5)
Learn wool terminology and how to recognize and
predict what type of wool your llama will have. Learn
wool management techniques and how to shear your
llama or alpaca without restraint and trauma. VHS
61 minutes
All About Llamas - Produced by Taylor Llamas
Tape #1 Llama Basics
A comprehensive and entertaining introduction to the
world of llamas. A MUST for newcomers to the llama
scene. Includes information about the evolution of
llamas, their basic anatomy, herd interactions, feeding,
facilities and fencing, plus a brief section on reproduction. This is the perfect way to show your friends and
visitors all about llamas. VHS (40 minutes).
Tape #2 Breeding, Birthing and Newborn Care
Detailed professional advice about llama breeding and
delivering and caring for llama babies in the critical
first hours after birth. Packed with valuable tips and
time-tested advice. Discusses several different breeding
strategies and depicts a dozen different females through
labor and delivery. Increase your confidence and the
productivity of your llama breeding program. Includes
the 20-page booklet “A Guide to Breeding, Birthing
and Newborn Care.” Dr. Murray Fowler, the leading
authority on camelid medicine, calls this tape the best
he has seen on labor and delivery in any species. VHS
(60 minutes).
Tape #3 Let’s Go Packing
A comprehensive guide to llama packing filmed in
Montana’s beautiful wilderness country. Includes halter
and pack training, conditioning and basic herd management techniques such as toenail trimming and fighting
teeth removal. Demonstrates how to handle trail
obstacles and shows various types to packing equipment. Join us for a pack trip into the high country of
the Rockies. VHS (60 minutes).
Click and Reward
Watch as Jim Logan demonstrates this fast, creative and
rewarding training method on llamas of different ages
and experience. This fast-paced, entertaining professional
video has been endorsed by animal behaviorists and
llama owners alike. VHS 50 min.
The Mallon Method
The First 24 hours by John Mallon (tape 1)
Train your youngsters while they are at their most
impressionable age and most receptive to learning. This
early training stays with them and helps them to become
cooperative, willing companions for life. The most
important hours you will ever spend with your llama are
immediately following birth. Innovative training method
removes fear of the human touch. VHS 1 hour
Halter Training Basics by John Mallon
A most valuable first lesson that eliminates all the
guesswork and guarantees the perfect timing needed to
teach llamas of any age to respond to the very slightest
cue. Builds a solid foundation for stress-free leading,
loading, crossing obstacles, etc. John teaches you to
help your llamas to quickly overcome their fears and
respond to the lightest touch. VHS 1 hour 45 minutes
Five Star Llama Packing
Packers Stephen Biggs, Stanlynn Daugherty, Bobra
Goldsmith, Francie Greth-Peto, and Tom Landis answer
questions and show how they do things. Several pack tips
are shown. VHS
Llama Reproduction
This tape with LaRue Johnson, DVM, PhD., includes
footage from an actual clinic with lecture and slides on
reproductive anatomy, breeding, development of the
fetus, birthing and care of the newborn. An accompanying booklet includes a detailed table of contents to the
video tapes for quick reference as well as the handout
materials from Dr. Johnson’s clinics. VHS 2 tapes/3.5
Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith
A top llama trainer shows the initial contact, the slow
motion technique of haltering, leading with a light hand,
leading into vehicles and more. VHS 2 hrs.
What Do You Do With A Llama?
Photographed by Susan Ley with music and vocal by
Sherrill Black. VHS
Why Llamas? Produced by Kelly Hart.
Informative video program shows llamas driving carts,
packing, giving birth, negotiating an obstacle course,
being sold at auction and just lounging at home. VHS 1
Llamas and Cameras
Produced by R.T. Eastman Productions. A high-mountain
adventure for the entire family. Learn why llamas’ nature
and abilities make them perfect companions for outdoor
cinematographers. VHS
Training Llamas to Drive with Bobra Goldsmith
Topics include preparing the llama for driving, the
equipment, ground driving, carts, introducing llamas to
the cart, driving with the cart, driving at a show, and
more. VHS 2 hrs.
The following llama owners invite you
to contact them concerning your upcoming llama purchase. The states and
provinces and the owners within each
state and province are listed alphabetically. Please remember that this is
dated material. If you have difficulty
contacting a particular owner using the
information printed below, contact the
ILR office.
Mark and Cheryl Cyr
Westland Llamas
# 41, 51214 Ridge Road 260
Spruce Grove, Alberta T7Y 1B1
403-470-0035 / 403-470-3365 fax
Barry and Marie Lammle
Lammle’s Llama Ranch
Box 8 Site 13 Rural Route 1 Dewinton,
Alberta T0L 0X0
403-259-2726 / 403-255-2641 fax
Susan Wilde
Wilde Country Rancho
Box 568
Raymond, Alberta T0K 2S0
403-752-4899 / 403-752-4899 fax
Glenn and Claudia Roberts
North Star Llamas
HC01 Box 6310
Palmer, Alaska 99645-9605
907-376-7676 / 907-376-4582 fax
[email protected]
James Griffin
Indigo Acres
3715 Mason Road
Hope Hull, Alabama 36043
Lee and Cathy Lawrence
Rolling Acres Llamas
59H Rolling Acres
Hope Hull, Alabama 36043
334-284-2725 / 334-277-7874 fax
[email protected]
Steve and Nona Barker
Eagle Creek Llama Ranch
19888 Fortuna Del Este
Elfin Forest, California 92029
760-471-5559 / 760-471-5559 fax
[email protected]
Don and Dena Thurmond
Don-De’ Llama
114 Pats Pocket
Boaz, Alabama 35956
Fred Bauer
7765 Valley Ford Road
Petaluma, California 94952
707-763-2823 / 707-763-5690 fax
[email protected]
Joan Brandt
Curry Creek Llamas
4300 Morgan Territory Road
Clayton, California 94517
925-672-1800 / 925-673-1123 fax
[email protected]
Rosemary Budelis
Rosebud Llamas
5008 Madison Avenue
Jacksonville, Arkansas 72076
501-835-0513 / 501-835-1305 fax
[email protected]
Hal and Sue Cornell
Osage Llamas, Inc.
16993 Olive Road
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
501-643-2899 / 501-643-4165 fax
[email protected]
Bob and Joyce Johnston
Quarry Valley Llamas
Route 5, Box 2007
Huntsville, Arkansas 72740
501-665-2776 / 501-665-2985 fax
[email protected]
British Columbia
Henry and Laura Block
The Family Farm
22260 26th Avenue
Langley, British Columbia V2Z 1P3
604-530-0524 / 604-538-5480 fax
Sherri Hewko
Deep Cove Llama Farm
11085 Baxendale Road
Sidney, British Columbia V8L 5M4
250-656-0159 / 250-655-1180 fax
Ruth Epstein Baak
Beacon Hill Farm
13454 Hilldale Road
Valley Center, California 92082
760-749-6644 / 760-749-6644 fax
[email protected]
Wallace and Maryan Baker
Indian Hills Llamas
8555 Gray Mare Drive
Riverside, California 92509
909-685-6778 / 909-685-6773 fax
[email protected]
Sherree Branscum
Year of the Llama
9643 Spring Valley Road
Marysville, California 95901
[email protected]
Ron Breenan
Stonybrook Alpacas
35655 Palomares Road
Castro Valley, California 94552
George and Chris Caldwell
Llamas of Circle Home
15301 Tuolumne Road
Sonora, California 95370
[email protected]
Jennifer Clark
Tunitas Creek Llamas
Box 1138
Half Moon Bay, California 94019
[email protected]
Loren and Gail Duncan
Duncan’s Highland Llamas
4238 Shady Creek Lane
Vacaville, California 95688
[email protected]
Johnna Edmunds and Kim Yates
High Thyme Llamas
3435 Sonoma Mountain Road
Petaluma, California 94954
707-795-9155 / 707-778-0144 fax
[email protected]
Lyle and Marla Ens
Ens’ Vintage Estate
8906 West Herndon
Fresno, California 93722
559-275-2912 / 559-275-8567 fax
[email protected]
Stan and Perky Fisher
Rocking Horse Ranch and Llama Co.
4862 South Point Drive
Discovery Bay, California 94514
925-513-9474 / 925-513-9475 fax
[email protected]
Gena Fae McKinney
Scottish Llasse Llamas
3658 Sierra Avenue
Norco, California 91760
[email protected]
Terence and Kathy Ross
Black Tie Llamas
Box 1157
Fort Jones, California 96032
530-468-2867 / 530-468-5859 fax
[email protected]
Donald and Frances Foster
Como Se Llamas Ranch
6555 Fern Flat Road
Aptos, California 95003
831-688-0312 / 831-688-1809 fax
[email protected]
Co’g and Alexa Morrison
Rancho Casllama
25900 River Road
Cloverdale, California 95425
707-894-5346 / 707-894-5346 fax
[email protected]
[email protected]
Linda Sidwell and S.C. (Chris) Jennings
Dragon Mist Llama Ranch
11383 Yuba Ridge Drive
Nevada City, California 95959
530-272-0546 / 530-272-0547 fax
[email protected]
Claudia Bist and Bob Frost
Frost Llama Ranch
300 Twin Ponds Lane
Lincoln, California 95648
916-645-7507 / 916-645-0191 fax
Barbara Beaudette and James Graham
Pacific Crest Llamas
1868 Euclid Avenue
El Cajon, California 92019
Lorene Grassick
Highland Llama Trekkers
14223 Highland Drive
Grass Valley, California 95945
[email protected]
Jim and Sharron Griffith
Eagle’s Nest Llama Ranch
Box 7486
Auburn, California 95602
530-878-1040 / 530-878-1040 fax
[email protected]
Wesley and Delica Herndon
Herndon Highlands Ranch
7241 Pine Bluff Drive
Shingletown, California 96088
530-474-3343 / 530-474-3321 fax
[email protected]
Victor and Adrienna Hochee
Las Llamas
1498 Deercrest Drive
Devore, California 92407
909-887-5365 / 909-887-2655 fax
Russ and Mary Huddleston
Huddleston Ranch
5452 Williams Road
Suisun, California 94585
Steve and Judy Johnson
Johnson Llama Ranch
4100 East Service Road
Ceres, California 95307
209-537-2204 / 209-538-0279 fax
[email protected]
Ronald and Rebecca Lowe
Lowe’s Whispering Wind Llamas
17900 Ridgeway Road
Granada Hills, California 91344
Mountain Oaks Ranch
29560 Valley Center Road
Valley Center, California 92082
760-751-2603 / 760-751-1009 fax
[email protected]
Linda Snyder
Flying Dutchman Ranch
Box 1230
Shingletown, California 96088
530-474-3962 / 530-474-3962 fax
[email protected]
Mary Anne Neill
Shanteroo Highlands
12395 Ramsey Road
Sebastopol, California 95472
[email protected]
Don and Joan Speirs
El Ranchito De Las Llamas
5600 Armour Ranch Road
Santa Ynez, California 93460
805-688-2821 / 805-688-1226 fax
[email protected]
William and Ruby Pahl
RB Llama Lodge
944 Pahls Way
Ramona, California 92065
Andy and Trish Stoliar
Kings Mountain Llamas
500 Irish Ridge Road
Half Moon Bay, California 94019
650-712-4405 / 650-712-4406 fax
Nina Pederson
Rainbow Ridge Llama Ranch
426 King Road
Petaluma, California 94952
707-769-7370 / 707-769-7370
[email protected]
Manele Tade
Heavenly Llama Farm
11723 Conestoga Drive
Grass Valley, California 95949
[email protected]
Dr. Robert and Susan Pollard
Valley of the Llama Ranch
16615 Isom Lane
Sonora, California 95370
209-928-3104 / 209-928-1177 fax
[email protected]
Frank and Beverly Thacker
Hilldale Farm
Box 2307
Valley Center, California 92082
760-751-1065 / 760-751-1062 fax
[email protected]
Frank and Mary Prantil
Prantil Sierra Llamas
Box 595
Colfax, California 95713
[email protected]
Marian Thormahlen
Marian’s Llamas
225 Lyles Lane
Lincoln, California 95648
Dr. Charles and Marcia Reed
Peter and Mary Kramer
Chateau Charmarron Llamas
5335 Sierra Road
San Jose, California 95132
408-251-7048 / 510-791-2725 fax
[email protected]
Donald and Margaret Ricci
Stonehenge Llama Ranch
7621 Clement Road
Vacaville, California 95688
[email protected]
Robert and Leontine Westin
Flying V Ranch
6615 East Highway 246
Lompoc, California 93436
805-735-3577 / 805-735-3577 fax
[email protected]
William and Janice Adamcyk
Kiowa Creek Llamas
39420 Olson Court
Kiowa, Colorado 80117
303-621-2960 / 303-621-2960 fax
[email protected]
John and Sharon Beacham
Pheasant Hill Farm
2380 - 95th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80301-4937
303-666-9437 / 303-604-1730 fax
[email protected]
Leonard Hennig
Burning Mountains Llamas
187 Road 251
Rifle, Colorado 81650
Judy Cox-Sample
Moondance Spring Farm
24230 Bobcat Drive
Conifer, Colorado 80433
Linn Jackson
Llinn’s Llama Lland
455 Wildwood Drive
Grand Junction, Colorado 81503-2505
970-245-3833 / 970-244-8389 fax
[email protected]
Roy Craig
La Boca Ranch
Box 335
Ignacio, Colorado 81137
[email protected]
Robert and Jill Knuckles
Tall Tail Ranch
2970 A 1/2 Road
Grand Junction, Colorado 81503
[email protected]
Jerry Dunn
Bear Track Farm
14550 West 50th Avenue
Golden, Colorado 80403
303-277-1129 / 303-277-1129 fax
[email protected]
Weston and Mary Mauz
Timberline Llamas, Inc.
30361 Rainbow Hills Road
Golden , Colorado 80401-9710
303-526-0092 / 303-526-0092 fax
[email protected]
Bruce and Gay Ellis
Lazy B Llamas Inc.
10725 East Camelot Drive
Franktown, Colorado 80116
303-688-6753 / 303-814-2142 fax
[email protected]
Margaret Nies and Norman Lewark
Magic Mesa Farm
3649 North Road
Hotchkiss, Colorado 81419
Ulrich and Bobra Goldsmith
Rocky Mountain Llamas
7202 North 45th Street
Longmont, Colorado 80503
303-530-5575 / 303-530-5575 fax
[email protected]
Charles and Jean Peterson
Llamas At Last
13753 Highway 145
Dolores, Colorado 81323
John and Nancy Calhoun
Cathedral Pines Farm
Cornwall, Connecticut 06753
860-672-6747 / 860-672-2567 fax
[email protected]
Melvin and Virginia Pierson
Crestland Llamas
2645 Boston Turnpike
Coventry, Connecticut 06238
[email protected]
Alan and Pat Witkin
Harmony Acres
64 Lawrence Road
South Windsor, Connecticut 06074
860-644-1136 / 860-644-5262 fax
[email protected]
Al and Marlene Harris
Triple H Ranch
4221 Carlton Road - Old Miakka
Sarasota, Florida 34240
941-322-2015 / 941-322-2015 fax
[email protected]
Laura and Cheryl Metallo-Flynn
Rainbow Ranch
28141 Peterson Camp Road
Brooksville, Florida 34601
Sally Rucker
Stage Stop Llamas
8918 Teller #1
Florissant, Colorado 80816
719-689-9010 / 719-689-3063 fax
[email protected]
Edwin and Janice Selby
Selby Groves and Llama Ranch
11955 - 45 - 301 North
Parrish, Florida 34219
941-776-1438 / 941-776-0216 fax
Anthony and Melinda Simon
Kopavi Criations Company
14506 North 83rd Street
Longmont, Colorado 80503
303-702-1589 / 303-774-1908 fax
[email protected]
Shay Stratford and Thomas Wilson
Hummers Hammock Llamas
17218 South West 10th Terrace
Micanopy, Florida 32667
352-466-0082 / 352-466-0082 fax
[email protected]
Jim and Marta Haas
Soda Creek Llamas
871 Soda Creek Road
Evergreen, Colorado 80439
John and Jane Stout
Diamond Link Ranch
Box 23064
Glade Park, Colorado 81523
[email protected]
Robert and Barbara Hance
Hance Ranch
11818 West 52nd Avenue
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033-2032
303-422-4681 / 303-422-3568 fax
[email protected]
Cathleen Wittrup
C & M Llamas
5920 Renneberger Road
Falcon, Colorado 80831
719-683-2834 / 719-495-9837 fax
Dee and Karla Goodman
XI Llamas
41930 Creek AA
Akron, Colorado 80720
Joe and Susan Greiner
Collegiate Peaks Llamas
Box 1550
Buena Vista, Colorado 81211
719-395-2112 / 719-395-6716 fax
[email protected]
Suzanne Hartung
Rio Ante Ranch
49305 R.C.R. 129
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80487
970-879-0944 / 970-879-0944 fax
Wayne and Patricia Coussens
Alohallama Forest Ranch
2167 Highway 341 South
Perry, Georgia 31069
912-783-4100 / 912-988-4999 fax
[email protected]
Jim and Liliane Grant
Llamas of Atlanta
470 Tibbits Road
Dallas, Georgia 30132
770-445-2855 / 770-443-7465 fax
[email protected]
Steve and Judi Berger
Evergreen Heights Llama Farm
3711 Highway 22
Muscatine, Iowa 52761
800-553-8052 / 319-381-1095 fax
[email protected]
Terry and Kristi Allen
K and T Llamas
Rural Route 1, Box 169 B
Bluffs, Illinois 62621
[email protected]
William and Lynne Bogardus
Field of Dreams Llamas
380 South 300 East
Columbia City, Indiana 46725
219-244-7936 / 219-244-7936 fax
[email protected]
Don and Phyllis Childers
Childers Llama Farm
318 South East 64th Street
Des Moine, Iowa 50317-9100
Bruce and Christie Armstrong
Blue Moon Llamas
5458 Razorville Road
Byron, Illinois 61010
815-234-3185 / 815-234-7684 fax
[email protected]
Laura Hintz and Fred Keller
Yellow Wood Llamas, Inc.
1095 Observatory Road
Martinsville, Indiana 46151-7832
317-240-5356 / 317-834-0488 fax
[email protected]
Cary and Verona Barr
Tranquility Llama Farm
Rural Route 4 Box 215
Bloomington, Illinois 61704
309-963-4553 tel. and fax
[email protected]
Irv and Bea Kesling
Llamas and Alpacas of Indiana
3300 Tally Ho Drive
Kokom, Indiana 46902-3987
765-453-7070 / 765-455-2907 fax
[email protected]
Helen Dowson
Llama Fun
535 Phillipsferry Road
Bluffs, Illinois 62621
Charles and Sheree Matern
Silent Creek Farm
1650 East 400 North
North Vernon, Indiana 47265
812-378-1534 / 812-378-1663 fax
Steven Givot
Dalai’s Llamas
One Middlebury Road
Barrington Hills, Illinois 60010
847-382-2098 / 847-382-2098 fax
[email protected]
Thomas and Bonnie Riley
Riley Llamas
10800 Towne Road
Carmel, Indiana 46032
317-873-6626 / 317-873-6626 fax
Don and Pat Greenley
Sheer Pleasure Llamas
Box 88
Independence, Iowa 50644
319-334-6431 / 319-334-3619 fax
[email protected]
William Kooi
Pin Oak Ranch
3080 - 440th Street
Sioux Center, Iowa 51250
712-567-4800 / 712-567-4800 fax
Greg Kromminga
Monti-View Llamas
14223 Richland Road
Monticello, Iowa 52310
319-465-5443 / 319-465-4688 fax
Steven and Alicia Lepic
Black Crescent Farms
2540 Overview Drive North East
Solon, Iowa 52333-9569
319-644-3081 / 319-354-3518 fax
[email protected]
Gary and Rebecca Wilkerson
Loess Hills Llamas
1932 - 170th Street
Mondamin, Iowa 51557
712-646-2211 / 712-646-2211 fax
[email protected]
Dick and Jo Sheehan
Clear Creek Llamas
60 East Clear Creek Drive
Meridian, Idaho 83642
[email protected]
Donald and Jean Trupp
Trupp Ranch
Box 10
Newdale,Idaho 83436-0010
208-458-4219 / 208-458-4219 fax
[email protected]
Judy Gustafson and Bernard McBride
B.J. Llamas
293 West Elm
Waverly, Illinois 62692
217-435-9609 / 217-546-9476 fax
[email protected]
Judy Hofreiter
The Llama Farm
11421 North Creek 1650 East
Havana, Illinois 62644
309-543-3497 / 309-543-4398 fax
[email protected]
Michael and Sarah Melvin
Great Adventure Farm
704 White Pine Road
Du Quoin, Illinois 62832
618-542-2682 / 618-542-2682 fax
Judy Rohner
Buffalo Hill Exotics
1501 Brick Hill Road
Centralia, Illinois 62801
Mark and Stacy Tate
Sundown Acres
10061 North Brehm Lane
Belle Rive, Illinois 62810
618-756-2262 / 618-756-2543 fax
[email protected]
Donald and Wanda Thrift
Thrift Angus / Llama
5522 South 300 West
Huntington, Indiana 46750
Raymond and Sandy Wickham
Fox Hill Farms
5567 South Highway 31
Franklin, Indiana 46131
[email protected]
Gary and Cindy Merritt
Bald Eagle Ranch
409 North 2100 Road
Lecompton, Kansas66050
Quincy and Sonia Sittingdown
Q and S Windrose Ranch
6810 Hawkinsmith Road
Junction City, Kansas 66441-7462
785-762-4978 / 785-762-4978 fax
[email protected]
Bill and Mary Weppler
Velvet Nose Llamas
8216 South Valley Pride Road
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501-9034
316-662-5886 / 316-665-5326 fax
[email protected]
Vivian Dabkowski
Hickory Grove Llamas
192 Kidwell Pike
Pendleton, Kentucky 40055
502-255-7518 / 502-255-7518 fax
[email protected]
Linda Ison
Crosswind Llamas
6310 Fible Lane
Crestwood, Kentucky 40014
502-222-9504 / 502-222-9504 fax
[email protected]
David and Deirdre Taylor
Harvest Hill Farm
364 Harvest Drive
Taylorsville, Kentucky 40071
502-633-2061 / 502-633-0140 fax
Billy Arant
Summerfield Farm
3956 Highway 9
Summerfield, Louisiana 71079
Donald and Kaye Boothman
Songbrook Llamas
Box 187
Hardwick, Massachusetts 01037
Daniel Burack
Quarry Hill Llamas
Box 414
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts 01028
413-525-1538 / 413-525-1538 fax
[email protected]
Maureen Chapman
Stonemeadow Farm
40 Stonemeadow Drive
East Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02333
508-378-7324 / 508-378-4810 fax
mchapma[email protected]
Leo Pfieffer
Hawke Hill Farm
Box 208 Route 1
Wrentham, Massachusetts 02093-0208
508-384-2329 / 508-384-2329 fax
[email protected]
Tom and Katie Peddy
Richfield Farm
3230 Richfield Lane
Phoenix, Maryland 21131-2016
410-583-1919 / 410-583-9506 fax
[email protected]
Polly Schofield and Jack Koll
Silver Storm Farm
20230 Trovinger Mill Road
Hagerstown, Maryland 21742
301-797-0906 / 301-797-0956 fax
[email protected]
Barbara Forgue
Edward Chmielewski
Llamas Etc
5344 North Beaune Road
Ludington, Michigan 49431
231-845-1487 / 231-845-1487 fax
[email protected]
Elena Stamberg
Greta Stamberg DMV
Graceful Legend
Box 379
Barnseville, Maryland 20838
[email protected]
Tim and Lori Knobloch
Maple Tree Llamas
876 Miller Road
Plainwell, Michigan 49080
616-685-1383 / 616-685-3067 fax
Maria and Gert Kronenberg
Thekbusch Farm
1183 West Lamb Road
Mason, Michigan 48854
Lynd and Jeanne Blatchford
Greenbriar Llama Karma Farm
759 Turkey Street
North Berwick, Maine 03906
207-676-9427 / 207-676-9441 fax
[email protected]
Ron and Paula Barrett
Woolly Acres Llama Farm
11616 Ford Highway
Clinton, Michigan 49236
[email protected]
Gary and Janet Brant
Star Llama Company
8799 Muehleisen Road
Dundee, Michigan 48131
734-587-2171 / 419-698-4918 fax
Brian and Judith Brook
G.W. Moondance Llamas
58338 West Clear Lake Road
Three Rivers, Michigan 49093
[email protected]
Ralph and Judith Chapman, Jr.
9360 Guinea Road
Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837
[email protected]
John and Barbara Danly
Horton Bay Llamas
6300 Boyne City Road
Charlevoix, Michigan 49720
231-582-7473 / 231-582-6540 fax
[email protected]
Camilla Fitzgerald
Pleasant Ridge Llamas
5200 Jackson Boulevard
White Lake, Michigan 48383
248-889-8446 / 248-887-5817 fax
[email protected]
Alfred and Nancy Lopez
Woodcreek Farm Alpacas
2530 Woodcreek Lane
Davisburg. Michigan 48350
248-634-9775 / 248-634-6646 fax
[email protected]
Mark and Sonja Machiele
Mark’s Ark
4475 - 88th Avenue
Zeeland, Michigan 49464
Sue Messineo and Susan Murdock
Scrabble Hollow Llama and Goat
8190 War Road
Frenchtown TWP, Michigan 48166
[email protected]
Gerald and Sheila Miller
Miller’s Llamaland
4705 Llama Lane
Potterville, Michigan 48876
517-645-2719 / 517-645-2719 fax
[email protected]
Robert and Judith Minto
Jasmin Farm
2780 Half Moon Lake Road
Hillsdale, Michigan 49242
517-439-9156 / 517-439-1089 fax
[email protected]
Lauren Puma and Cory Speer
Shiawassee Stables
5700 West Lovejoy Road
Perry, Michigan 48872
517-625-4965 / 517-625-4510 fax
[email protected]
Chad and Lynn Robson
Silver Knight Farms
8903 Alabaster Road
Whittemore, Michigan 48770
[email protected]
Tom and Marcia Rosselit
I Wanna Llama Farm
451 Beebe Road
Niles, Michigan 49120
Jerry and Linda Schweihofer
Blue Water Llamas and Alpacas
3169 Allington Road
St. Clair, Michigan 48054
Bob and Dar Snyder
Rolling Hills Llama Ranch
9363 South 2nd Street
Mattawan, Michigan 49071
616-668-3089 / 616-668-4382 fax
James E. Vickers, TEE
6399 Boyne City Road
Charlevoix, Michigan 49720
231-582-6740 / 231-582-2799 fax
Ricky and Connie Bodeker
Bluff Breeze Farm
6842 - 338th Street Way
Cannon Falls, Minnesota 55009
507-263-5441 / 507-263-5441 fax
[email protected]
Steve and Lynda Carother
Carothers Country Farm
Rural Route 1, Box 414A
Minnesota City, Minnesota 55959
507-689-2577 / 507-454-6058 fax
[email protected]
Julie Chapman
Dos Pondos Dos Llamos
Rural Route 2, Box 103
Spring Grove, Minnesota 55974
507-498-3842 / 612-835-3207 fax
[email protected]
Terry Bloom and Patrick Haley
Prairie Llake Llamas
12110 - 185th Street West
Lakeville, Minnesota 55044
612-892-3814 / 612-892-3815 fax
Randy and Marilyn Hed
Misty Creek Ranch
27500 Minnesota Highway 15
Dassel, Minnesota 55325
320-275-2930 / 320-275-3251 fax
Art and Lois Kennel
702 - 23rd Street Southwest
Rochester, Minnesota 55902
507-288-0984 / 507-288-7361 fax
ake[email protected]
Jim and Margaret Nelson
Nelson’s Timbercreek Llamas
8810 County Road 136 Southeast
Chatfield, Minnesota 55923
[email protected]
Jeff and Kristen Ophoven
Minnesota Llamas
19315 County Road 30
Corcoran, Minnesota 55340
[email protected]
Loren and Judy Stevens
Stevens Llama-tique
29581 US Highway 59/60
Worthington, Minnesota 56187
507-376-4230 / 507-376-4242 fax
[email protected]
Jim and Marcia Atkinson
River Hills Llama Ranch
18521 Highway CC
Blackwater, Missouri 65322
660-846-2255 / 660-846-2254 fax
[email protected]
Gary and Mary Beeson
G and M Rolling Hills
1932 Riverdale Road
Ozark, Missouri 65721
[email protected]
James Carter
Avanti Llamas
2608 Lee’s Summit Road
Independence, Missouri 64055
800-842-1913 / 816-252-3749 fax
[email protected]
John and Alna Friesen
Redbud Ranch
14295 Highway M
Rayville, Missouri 64084-9066
816-630-1116 / 816-630-1312 fax
[email protected]
Carlin and Kathy Hooten
Hooten Hollow Exotics
HC81 Box 8331
Cassville, Missouri 65625
Larry Kisner
Catawissa Llamas
Box 419
Catawissa, Missouri 63015
314-644-3696 / 314-644-3699 fax
John and Janis Murphy
J Murphy Llamas
3489 Shaw School Road
Odessa, Missouri 64076
[email protected]
Dorothy Silvers
Silverline Ranch
Route 2, Box 165
El Dorado Springs, Missouri 64744
417-876-6134 / 417-876-5692 fax
Phil and Cindy Bruckner
Heavenly Llamas
4745 Heavenly Lane
Bozeman, Montana 59715-8774
[email protected]
William and Karen Coward
Elkhorn Llamas
355 Wyant Lane
Hamilton, Montana 59840
Trudy Green
Tranquility Base Llamas
Box 600
Frenchtown, Montana 59834
406-626-4207 / 406-626-4207 fax
[email protected]
Charlene Hakes
Silhouette Llamas
780 Old Corvallis Road
Corvallis, Montana 59828
James and Dianne Hill
Llama Hills
2047 South Dinger Lane
Victor, Montana 5987
Michael and Dorothy Justus
Just Us Llamas
2277 Highway 37
Eureka, Montana 59917
Ann Lehman
Kharisma Arabians and Llamas
23 Chisolm Trail
Roundup, Montana 59072-6612
406-323-1739 / 406-323-1739 fax
[email protected]
Timothy and Debora Manley
Bear Tree Llamas
524 Eckelberry Drive
Columbia Falls, Montana 59912
[email protected]
Kathy Joseph and John Northey
Mountain Springs Ranch
6270 North Hickory Road
Helena, Montana 59602-9432
Rick Prestbye
Kestrel Farms
3085 Middle Road
Columbia Falls, Montana 59912
Star Sapphire Llamas
774 Mason Lane
Corvallis, Montana 59828
406-961-4774 / 406-961-4774 fax
[email protected]
Thomas and Peggy Riehman
Springhill Llama Ranch
3320 Sundance Drive
Bozeman, Montana 59715
406-587-8903 / 406-587-4572 fax
[email protected]
Jim and Catherine Vaughn
Full Circle Farm
3594 US Highway 64 West
Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312
Robert Ritzdorf
Llama Rendezvous
Box 87
Bridger, Montana 59014
406-662-3605 / 406-662-3605 fax
[email protected]
North Dakota
Daniel and Janice Rockwell
River Pines Llamas
47 Sun River - Cascade Road
Sun River, Montana 59483
406-264-5400 / 406-264-5402 fax
[email protected]
Steve and Sue Rolfing
Great Northern Llama Co.
600 Blackmer Lane
Columbia Falls, Montana 59912-9308
406-755-9044 / 406-755-4652 fax
James and Merlene Stobie
Stobie Llamas
Box 1310
Condon, Montana 59826-1310
406-754-3033 / 406-754-3033 fax
[email protected]
Paul and Sally Taylor
Taylor Llamas
14666 Horse Creek Road
Bozeman, Montana 59715
406-686-4723 / 406-686-4986 fax
[email protected]
Bobby and Janus Yee
Yee Bit of Heaven Llamas
2345 West Reserve Drive
Kalispell, Montana 59901
North Carolina
Cassandra Jones
Sundown Farms
680 Highway 150 E
Reidsville, North Carolina 27320
336-342-7548 / 336-342-0108 fax
[email protected]
Archie and Ann Knox
Rosebud Llamas
913 John D. Winstead Road
Roxboro, North Carolina 27573
[email protected]
Kenneth and Marty St. Clair
195 Valley Drive
Rougemont, North Carolina 27572
336-364-7100 / 919-315-0068 fax
[email protected]
Theodore and Darlene Hochsprung
Hochsprung Farms
2695 - 16th Avenue Northwest
Ruso, North Dakota 58778-9459
701-626-7370 / 701-626-7620 fax
Greg and Lynnette Jacobs
Lynn’s Llamas
5000 - 57th Avenue Northeast
Bismarck, North Dakota 58501
[email protected]
Monte and Leslie Dickman
Dickman’s Rainbow Llamas
Box 282 Thedford, Nebraska 69166-0282
308-645-2588 / 308-645-2588 fax
[email protected]
Leroyce and Cynthia Margritz
Margritz Exotics
Route 2 Box 74
Ansley, Nebraska 68814
308-935-1502 / 308-935-1502 fax
Gary and Mary White
Plum Creek Llama Co.
43542 Road 759
Lexington, Nebraska 68850
308-324-4487 / 308-324-4487 fax
[email protected]
New Hampshire
Bud and Betsy Booth
Hilltop Llamas
339 Knox Marsh Road
Madbury, New Hampshire 03820
800-696-0388 / 603-743-5124 fax
[email protected]
Sharon Dadalt and John Rice
Llama Lledge Farm
Box 135
Auburn, New Hampshire 03032
603-669-6682 / 603-666-0079 fax
[email protected]
Walter and Flo Skantze
Cogswell Mountain Farm
RFD #1, Box 1328
Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837-9714
[email protected]
New Jersey
Woodsedge Wools Farm, L.L.C.
Box 275
Stockton, New Jersey 08559
609-397-2212 / 609-397-2888 fax
Tom and Judy Morgenstern
Morning Star Ranch
Box 507
Crosswicks, New Jersey 08515
609-298-2666 / 609-298-2672 fax
Gary and Karen Smith
Headwinds Llamas
139 Plains Road
Augusta, New Jersey 07822
James and Arlene Spotts
Creekside Farm
72 Creek Road
Mounty Holly, New Jersey 08060
609-261-8195 / 609-654-7414 fax
Robert and Carol Wolfe
Spruce Lane Llamas
31 Wagner Road
Stockton, New Jersey 08559
609-397-4340 / 609-397-3828 fax
[email protected]
New York
Robin Aabel
Catskill Mountain Llamas
154 Martin Lane
Stone Ridge, New York 12484
914-687-0431 / 914-687-2008 fax
[email protected]
Jay and Paige Brower
Forest’s Edge LLC
121 Potter Road
Gansevoort, New York 12831
Ranyee Lee and Gordon Cucullu
East Brook Farms
Rural Route 2 Box 63
Walton, New York 13856
607-865-7238 / 607-865-7879 fax
[email protected]
Paul and Susan Gossen
Creatures Great and Small
Sally’s Alley
Denver, New York 12421
607-326-4850 / 607-326-4678 fax
[email protected]
James and Hope Hendrickson
Fox Hill Farm
5931 Zimmer Road
Avoca, New York 14809
607-566-2840 / 607-566-3545 fax
[email protected]
Gwen Pierre and George Wardley
Larch Hill Llamas
Tucker Road #2305
New Woodstock, New York 13122
[email protected]
Victoria Ginsberg
Purple Peach Farm
3341 California Road
Okeana, Ohio 45053
513-738-4157 / 513-738-4158 fax
[email protected]
Greg and Debbie Shellabarger
Spittin’ Creek Llamas
1225 Nash Road
Xenia, Ohio 45385
937-376-2980 / 937-376-0646 fax
[email protected]
Melissa Provost
Country Dreams Farm
260 Pellerin Road
Plattsburgh, New York 12901
Richard and Barbara Hartwell
Lla-har Llamas
4444 TWP 383
Glenford, Ohio 43739
Michael and Cynthia Sherman
Lavender Hill Llamas
22302 Haskins Road
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402
S. Stoffel and C. Von Bargen
Saranac Valley Llamas
41 Soper Road
Saranac, New York 12981
518-563-5551 / 518-563-0504 fax
[email protected]
Jack and Donna Moore
Timberlane Llamas
5308 Stagecoach Road
Somerset, Ohio 43783
740-743-1092 / 740-743-1092 fax
Wayne and Carol Smith
High Pine Acres
5926 West Old Lincoln Way
Wooster, Ohio 44691
[email protected]
Thomas Wies and Phil Ferrera
Fairwise Farms
1320 Route 70
Canaseraga, New York 14822
[email protected]
Tony and Linda Woods
Saratoga Llamas
12 Marion Place
Saratoga Springs, New York 12866
[email protected]
William and Nancy Amidon
Windy Ridge Farm
3231 Plymouth Ridge Road
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004
440-998-1211 / 440-992-1587 fax
[email protected]
Ron and Lisa Blidar
Cuyahoga Valley Llamas
3508 Northampton Road
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223
330-929-8879 / 330-929-6864 fax
[email protected]
Jeg and Sue Coughlin
Wiscasset Farms
3873 Rutherford Road
Powell, Ohio 43065
740-881-6631 / 740-881-5877 fax
[email protected]
Roger and Jodi Moore
Kissable Cria
3306 Stillwell - Beckett Road
Hamilton, Ohio 45013
Larry and Elizabeth Myers
Needmor Acres
13581 Center Village Road
Galena, Ohio 43021
740-965-3449 / 740-965-3449 fax
Joseph and Marie Oak
Oak’s Alpaca Keep
12403 Cable Road SW
Pataskala, Ohio 43062
614-440-1211 / 740-927-4140 fax
[email protected]
Scott and Becky Randall
Randall’s Llamas
13746 Granny Creek Road
Fredericktown, Ohio 43019
740-393-8111 / 740-393-8061 fax
[email protected]
Theodore and Lynn Robinson
Westwood Llamas
1800 Houseman Town Road
Bainbridge, Ohio 45612
740-634-2459 / 740-634-2459 fax
[email protected]
William and Marie Safreed
Log House Llamas
7141 Edenborough Court NW
Lancaster, Ohio 43130-9574
[email protected]
Nancy Cramer
Woods Edge Llamas
10056 T.R. 10
Findlay, Ohio 45840
[email protected]
Jane Sayre and Ira Perry
Summerfield Farm
5948 Woodspoint Drive
Milford, Ohio 45150
513-575-0150 / 513-575-5466 fax
Ronald and Carole DeRhodes
Hawthorn Lane Llamas
1075 Mount Pleasant Street Northwest
Canton, Ohio 44720
330-499-7983 / 330-499-8868 fax
Floyd and Linda Scarberry
Chula Vista Farm
Box 47
Urbana, Ohio 43078-0047
[email protected]
Robert and Susanne Smithers
Rollicking Hills
#1 Rollicking Hills
De Graff, Ohio 43318
[email protected]
Rob and Donna Spencer
Spencer’s Llama Ranch
11635 Smith - Goshen Road
Beloit, Ohio 44609
330-584-4391 / 330-584-4391 fax
[email protected]
Jim and Chris Wallace
Forrest Meadow Llamas
12840 Neapolis - Waterville
Whitehouse, Ohio 43571
419-875-6116 / 419-875-5616 fax
Donald and Deborah Yeagle
Lofty Pine
2882 CR 82
Lindsey, Ohio 43442
[email protected]
Robert and Sarah Young
Windsong Farm
2992 Stahlheber Road
Hamilton, Ohio 45013
Terryl and Betty Hollman
True Friends Llamas
Route 2 Box 33
Turpin, Oklahoma
73950-9523 / 316-629-6347 fax
[email protected]
Basil and Virginia Morton
Morton Llamas / Reger Ranch
Route 1 Box 12A
Orlando, Oklahoma 73073
[email protected]
Murvle and Mary Simpson
MMS Llama Farm
138 Florence Drive
Cordell, Oklahoma 73632
Thomas and Nancy Thedford
TNT Lland and Llama Co.
Route 3 Box 170
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74075
405-372-3117 / 405-744-6265 fax
Doug and Carla Wilsey
Wilsey Llama
2124 West 5th Street
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074-2815
405-624-8839 / 405-742-5747 fax
[email protected]
Harry and Joyce Abrams
Forest Edge Farm
5489 Takilma Road
Cave Junction, Oregon 97523
[email protected]
Nancy Charson
Quality Llama Products
33217 Bellinger Scale Road
Lebanon, Oregon 97355
541-451-4345 / 541-451-4349 fax
[email protected]
Therese Holm
Ponderosa Pines Llama Ranch
60685 Tekampe Road
Bend, Oregon 97702
[email protected]
Donna Kraft and John Collins
Lookout Farm
22727 SW Stafford Road
Tualatin, Oregon 97062
503-638-9002 / 503-638-9646 fax
[email protected]
Stanley Jacobs
Upper Highland Llamas
20598 South Upper Highland Road
Beavercreek, Oregon 97004
[email protected]
Stanlynn Daugherty
Hurricane Creek Llamas
63366 Pine Tree Road
Enterprise, Oregon 97828-3065
541-432-4455 / 541-432-4455 fax
[email protected]
Sherry Johnston
Clover Hay Llama Ranch
1405 South Tolman Creek Road
Ashland, Oregon 97520
541-482-5851 / 541-482-1627 fax
Robert and Jarret Dod
Melrose Llamas
133 Brandy Lane
Roseburg, Oregon 97470
[email protected]
Skip and Nancy Alderson
The Ultimate Llama
2380 Smith Rock Way
Terrebonne, Oregon 97760
[email protected]
James and Lynda Feld
Bob and Bobbie Griesel
Feld / Griesel Llamas
19691 NE Herring Lane
Newberg, Oregon 97132
[email protected]
Andrea Applegate
Applegate Llama Stud
7980 New Hope Road
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527
541-862-2170 / 541-862-2995 fax
[email protected]
Lady Harriet Ferguson
Haddo Half Moon Ranch
3571 Kinney Creek Road
Jacksonville, Oregon 97530
541-899-1771 / 541-899-1771 fax
[email protected]
Ken and Celia Austin
Rain Dance Ranch
Box 1060
Newberg, Oregon 97132
503-538-7053 / 503-538-3748 fax
[email protected]
Stanley and Noah Gallop
Stan and Noah’s Llamas
1361 Strickland Canyon Road
Roseburg, Oregon 97470-9768
541-679-6277 / 541-679-3096 fax
[email protected]
Susan Baldwin
Sunora Farm
3155 Mistletoe Road
Dallas, Oregon 97338
[email protected]
Juniper Lane Llamas
Haligan Ranch Inc.
9020 South Highway 97
Redmond, Oregon 97756
541-382-5758 / 541-389-6855 fax
[email protected]
Bob and Betty Barkdoll
Llamas of Central Valley
86663 Central Road
Eugene, Oregon 97402
Allen and Joyce Hays
Skyline Llamas
17002 NW Johnson Road
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
503-647-7665 / 503-647-7665 fax
[email protected]
Jim and Sandy Carpenter
Carpenter Classic Llamas
440 NE Barnes Butte Road
Prineville, Oregon 97754
541-447-4845 / 541-447-4845 fax
[email protected]
Paul and Barbara Henry
Heaven’s Gate Acres
1235 Perrydale Road
Dallas, Oregon 97338
503-623-4026 / 503-623-4568 fax
Dick Kahler
Kahler Acres
14955 Orchard Knob Road
Dallas, Oregon 97338
George and Kathi Landis
Ridgeview Ranch
14896 Ferns Corner Road
Monmouth, Oregon 97361
[email protected]
Patrick and Susan Long
33201 Southeast Peoria Road
Corvallis, Oregon 97333
541-752-3786 / 541-758-1256 fax
[email protected]
Louis and Camille Mayersky
Pleasant View Farm
972 Old Stage Road
Central Point, Oregon 97502
541-776-2867 / 541-770-3196 fax
[email protected]
Dan and Marilyn Milton
Highland Llamas
560 Hamilton Road
Jacksonville, Oregon 97530
541-899-8097 / 541-899-8191 fax
[email protected]
Kay Patterson
Hinterland Ranch
Box 1839
Sisters, Oregon 97759
541-549-1215 / 541-549-5262 fax
Morris Wendorf and Glen Pfefferkorn
Glenmor Forest Llamas
15395 Guthrie Road
Dallas, Oregon 97338-9445
503-831-0850 / 503-831-0075 fax
[email protected]
Bruce and Mary Jo Polette
Daffodil Hill Llamas
4091 Delaney Road SE
Salem, Oregon 97301
[email protected]
Diane Reed and William Shotton
Llama View Ranch
54977 Huntington Road
Bend, Oregon 97707
541-593-3925 / 541-593-2969 fax
[email protected]
Elaine Vatter Partlow
Golden Feather Llamas
HC 60 Box 2240
Lakeview, Oregon 97630-9440
541-947-5804 / 541-947-5208 fax
[email protected]
Cheryl Ryberg
Four Hawks Farm
450 Orchard Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202
412-761-3699 / 412-761-9679 fax
[email protected]
Lester and Barbara Reed
Ellenbee Farm
311 NE Mistletoe Circle
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
541-745-6326 / 541-745-7027 fax
[email protected]
Allen and Elizabeth Victor
Bolt Mountain Llamas
4222 Midway Avenue
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527
541-471-1019 / 541-471-8098 fax
[email protected]
Jim and Joyce Schenck
Hays Fancy Llamas
Road 1 Box 596
Scottdale, Pennsylvania 15683
724-887-4246 / 412-858-3259 fax
[email protected]
Linda Rodgers and Nelson Leonard
Elk Hill Farms
Box 708
Eagle Point, Oregon 97524
541-826-6115 / 541-830-5262 fax
[email protected]
Jonathan and Heidi West
West Meadows Farm
2035 Knowles Road
Medford, Oregon 97501
541-858-5183 / 541-858-5183 fax
[email protected]
Robert and Frances Swartwout
Hidden Valley Farm
180 Center Hall Road
Cochranville, Pennsylvania 19330
610-932-9062 / 610-932-9072 fax
[email protected]
Norman Rosenbaum
Casta Lata Llama’s
604 Colonial Road
Roseburg, Oregon 97470
[email protected]
Jeff and Molly Westmoreland
The Molly Llama
5254 NW Gales Creek Road
Forest Grove, Oregon 97116
503-357-4111 / 503-357-1883 fax
[email protected]
David and Jane Wagner
Lone Pine Llamas
205 Weaver Run Road
Washington, Pennsylvania 15301
Michael Willingham
Llama Grande Lane
40 Llama Grande Lane
Burgettstown, Pennsylvania 15021
724-947-2468 / 724-947-2099 fax
Nancy Larson and Dale Schultz
North Umpqua Farms
Box 489
Glide, Oregon 97443
[email protected]
Richard and Helen Sheppard
Sheppards Country Farm
799 East Jones Creek Road
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
[email protected]
Larry and Jean Skou
Roaring Creek Ranch
Box 35
Beavercreek, Oregon 97004-0035
503-632-6535 / 503-632-6950 fax
[email protected]
Arthur and Betty Sleight
Mary’s Peak Ranch
Box 907
Philomath, Oregon 97370
[email protected]
David and Mona Tara
Small Planet Llamas
30615 East Woodard Road
Troutdale, Oregon 97060
[email protected]
Andy and Cheryl Tillman
Tillman Llamas Inc.
20510 Swalley Road
Bend, Oregon 97701
541-389-1065 / 541-389-8026 fax
[email protected]
Dr. Norman and Victoria Beals III
Edgewater Farm
Road 5 Box 475
Franklin, Pennsylvania 16323
814-676-0619 / 814-678-8858 fax
[email protected]
Terry and T. Audean Duespohl
Willow Springs Farm
Road #1 Box 418
Seneca, Pennsylvania 16346
814-676-0647 / 814-677-8083 fax
[email protected]
Ben and Judy Eberly
Juben Hill
Box 12
Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania 17088
Dan and Dale Goodyear
Berry Acres Llamas
214 Station Road
Robesonia, Pennsylvania 19551
610-488-6666 / 610-488-0554 fax
[email protected]
Anthony and Linda Kondzielski
Granny’s Ark
601 Seroka Road
Waterford, Pennsylvania 16441
Alberta Riggs
Errer Hill Farm
499 Riggs Road
Friedens, Pennsylvania 15541
814-445-4440 / 814-445-4440 fax
[email protected]
Rhode Island
Tom and Helen Rowe-Drake
Lucky Star Llamas
2903 South Country Trail
West Kingston, Rhode Island 02892
South Carolina
Sally Furlong
Chaser’s Point
1397 Pine Road
Camden, South Carolina 29020
803-425-5828 / 803-432-6556 fax
[email protected]
Leslie and De Ila Meyer
Saluda Farms
821 Lenhardt Road
Easley, South Carolina 29640
864-859-8060 / 864-855-9000 fax
[email protected]
Dr. Kent and Mary Vosler
Calla Lilly Llamas
2212 Poor Farm Road
Effingham, South Carolina 29541
843-661-5520 / 843-665-2814 fax
South Dakota
Paul Sumption
Sumption Farm
11005 - 389th Avenue
Frederick, South Dakota 57441-5801
[email protected]
Lyle and LaVonne Tufty
Tuftys’ Double L Llamas
2316 - 42nd Street West
Brookings, South Dakota 57006-4269
Simon and Anja Van der Heijden
Hidden Meadow Ranch
150 Groome Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 6S6
306-584-3211 / 306-586-6246 fax
[email protected]
James and Deenie Dotson
Tellico Llake Llamas
112 Curtis Drive
Vonore, Tennesee 37885
423-884-6825 / 423-884-2212 fax
[email protected]
Susan Gawarecki
Lucky Lady Llamas
391 Duncan Lane
Andersonville, Tennesee 37705
423-483-1333 / 423-482-6572 fax
[email protected]
Marilyn Sweney
Sweney’s Llamas and Alpacas
530 Wilson Hollow
Dickson, Tennesee 37055
[email protected]
Fred and Bettie Bachmann
Bachmann Ranch
Box 327
Kendalia, Texas 78027
830-336-2442 / 830-336-2742 fax
Bon and Cindy Burgess
Feathers and Friends Farm
7120 114th Street
Lubbock, Texas 79424
806-798-8310 / 806-798-8002 fax
[email protected]
Beverleigh Carpenter
Oakleigh Farm Llamas
3520 Audubon Road
Paris, Texas 75460
903-784-0685 / 903-785-8435 fax
[email protected]
Larry and Sharon Carrier
Double ‘C’ Ranch
271 Beasley Road
Seagoville, Texas 75159
972-287-3266 / 972-287-2678 fax
James and Mary Doyle
Mariko Llamas
8165 Jackson Road
Krum, Texas 76249
940-482-3192 / 940-482-3192 fax
[email protected]
Kevin and Mimi Hiatt
Ridge Valley Farms
4446 Six Mile Road
Maryville, Tennesee 37803
423-984-8431 / 423-984-8412 fax
Deloris Gardner
High Acres Llamas
6883 North State Highway 16
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
830-997-0295 / 830-990-4145 fax
[email protected]
Patricia Krueger
Windflower Farm
747 Wades Branch Road
Centerville, Tennesee 37033
Nell Graham
Graham’s Llamas
6081 West Crawford Street
Denison, Texas 75020-0527
903-463-2615 / 903-463-1303 fax
Vicky Blaylock and Jack Reavely
Misty Morn Farm
1290 McNabb Road
Evensville, Tennesee 37332
Donald and Carol Hazelwood
1950 FM 1978
San Marcos, Texas 78666-1578
Robbie and Shannon Robeson
Foxtrot Farm
101 Eaton Court
Franklin, Tennesee 37064
615-791-6062 / 615-791-6438 fax
[email protected]
Will and Sheri Hefley
Ledgestone Llamas
Route 1 Box 388B
Blanco, Texas 78606
830-833-4457 / 830-833-5735 fax
[email protected]
Ronald and Julia Mink
Holder Creek
7701 Highway 70
Sweetwater, Texas 79556
915-236-6252 / 915-236-6971 fax
[email protected]
Kenneth and June Myers
K and J Ranch
HC 9 Box 20
Llano, Texas 78643-9702
915-247-3945 / 915-247-3945 fax
Lisa Rice and Deena Rice Robertson
Rockin’ R Llamas
4103 Roland Road
Katy, Texas 77493
[email protected]
Billy and Edna Strong
Prairie Llamas
2001 North Carrier Parkway
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050
972-641-1235 / 972-641-8126 fax
[email protected]
Martha Bowen and Ron Taylor
Nacho Yama Ranch
99 York Creek Road
Driftwood, Texas 78619
[email protected]
Ruby Herron and Robin Turell
Figment Ranch
17102 Mueschke
Cypress, Texas 77429
281-351-1820 / 281-351-1820 fax
[email protected]
Richard and Coty West
West Forty
Box 36
Alvarado, Texas 76009
817-790-3478 / 817-790-3478 fax
Paul White
Route 2, Box 65
Stinnett, Texas 79083
Latricia Zaitoon
7458 Bent Trail
Mansfield, Texas 76063
817-572-2633 / 817-483-6649 fax
[email protected]
Deborah Simmons and Sherman Ackley
Mystic Mountain Farm
34896 Scenic Lane
Roundhill, Virginia 20141
[email protected]
Bob and Carolyn Bane
Virginia Highland Llamas
Route 1 Box 41
Bland, Virginia 24315
[email protected]
Virginia St. Pierre
Blue Ridge Llama Ranch
735 Chestnut Lane
Berryville, Virginia 22611
Dick and M.E. Davidson
Pond View Llamas
23025 27TH Avenue NE
Battle Ground, Washington 98223
360-435-9079 / 360-435-9079 fax
[email protected]
Robert and Jeannie Brendler
Hawkstone Llamas
495 Llama Lane
Mouth of Wilson, Virginia 24363
540-579-7790 / 540-579-2118 fax
Dwight and Dorothy Finkel
Tejas Northwest
95 South McCrorie Road
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
360-417-2109 / 360-417-2109 fax
[email protected]
Ross and Pam Curtis
Lodestar Llamas
2066 Lake Audubon Court
Reston, Virginia 20191-4808
703-620-1730 / 703-620-5199 fax
[email protected]
Dale Graham and Tom Reichert
8676 Ryland Chapel Road
Rixeyville, Virginia 22737
540-937-4475 / 540-937-3158 fax
[email protected]
Elmer and Marianne Kennel
Five K Llamas
4554 Fort Lynne Road
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22802
540-833-2929 / 540-833-2929 fax
[email protected]
Harry and Laurie Mollin
Shangrila Farm
1115 Rock Ridge Road
Callaway, Virginia 24067
540-483-8749 / 540-489-4062 fax
[email protected]
Jo Ann and Paige McGrath
Lower Sherwood Farm
5232 Blenheim Road
Charlettesville, Virginia 22902
804-286-2288 / 804-286-4983 fax
[email protected]
Juanita Reynolds
The Hill
2911 Colonial Highway
Rustburg, Virginia 24588
Kenneth and Stacie Shifflett
Castlerock Farm and Exotics
9977 Routts Hill Road
Warrenton, Virginia 20186
540-439-4665 / 540-439-1709 fax
[email protected]
Nancy Sottosanti
Persimmon Hill Farm
678 Mill Creek Road
Luray, Virginia 22835
[email protected]
Lars and Gayle Garrison
West Mountain Farm, Inc.
240 Maltese Road
Stamford, Vermont 05352
802-694-1417 / 802-694-1423 fax
[email protected]
Melvyn and Mary Fitzpatrick-Netz
Melmar Llamas
15905 Bald Hill Road SE
Yelm, Washington 98597
Tricia Arhutick-Smith
Adorallama Farms
Box 5170
Benton City, Washington 99320
John and Donna Frawley
20132 Filbert Drive
Bothell, Washington 98012
425-486-6326 / 425-775-9276 fax
[email protected]
Herbert and Barbara Barrus
BHB Llamania Farm
70 Michelle Road
Pasco, Washington 99301
[email protected]
M. and R. Girard
L. and M. Baumgarten
Morning Star Llamas
26829 NE 82nd Avenue
Battle Ground, Washington 98604-9399
Barbara Bergen
Double ‘B’ Ranch
Box 130
Trout Lake, Washington 98650
509-395-2291 / 509-395-2334 fax
[email protected]
Jim and Merrily Harris
Serenity Llama Co.
402 Karl Road
Moses Lake, Washington 98837
509-765-1921 / 509-764-2384 fax
[email protected]
Jennifer Bowman
Serenity Acres
2022 - 274th Street NW
Stanwood, Washington 98292
360-629-9100 / 360-629-6153 fax
[email protected]
Linda Herring
Lothlorien Llamas
6354 North Star Road
Ferndale, Washington 98248
[email protected]
Jim and Daphne Brownson
Desert Canyon Llamas
Box 405
Orondo, Washington 98843
Randy and Linda Hildebrand
Rainforest Llamas
6036 Shawn Drive SW
Olympia, Washington 98512
[email protected]
Ted and Elaine Chepolis
Pine Lake Alpacas
3805 222nd Avenue SE
Issaquah, Washington 98029
425-392-1502 / 425-392-1502 fax
[email protected]
Helga Jenkins
Jenkins Llama Farm
28908 Orting Kapowsin Highway
Graham, Washington 98338
Dan and Sharon Clark
Llamatiques West
743 Tucker Road
Winlock, Washington 98596
Allan, Don and Jay Jorgenson
Triple J Farms
23404 NE Eighth Street
Redmond, Washington 98053
206-868-6263 / 206-868-6335 fax
Orlie and Ann Coll
Green Gables Llama Farm
Box 246, 107 West First Street
Ryderwood, Washington 98581
360-295-3146 / 360-295-3146 fax
James and Marilynn Larson
New Horizons Llamas
14244 Bradshaw Road
Mount Vernon, Washington 98273
360-428-8098 / 360-428-5601 fax
[email protected]
George Clements
Valle Vista Farm
565 Valley View Road
Random Lake, Wisconsin 53075
Thomas and Teri Mader
Lone Maple Llamas
8500 Meridian Road SE
Olympia, Washington 98513
[email protected]
Jim and Sara Thomas
Lake Chelan Llamas
Box 2030
Chelan, Washington 98816
[email protected]
Willis and Joan Martin
Far West Bolivian Llamas
1290 Monte-Elma Road
Elma, Washington 98541
360-482-4251 / 360-482-4714 fax
Julene Miller and Pete Vanderwegen
Lloyal Llamas
1571 North Granger Road
Zillah, Washington 98953
509-854-1420 / 509-854-1161 fax
Joseph and Susan Martinez
Camano Island Rancho De Llamas
530 Queen Ann Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98109
206-243-3939 / 360-387-7138 fax
[email protected]
Ron and Bonnie Wailes
High Valley Llamas
18203 West Snoqualmie Valley NE
Duvall, Washington 98019
425-788-3141 / 425-788-4627 fax
[email protected]
Judy Zeider and P. Alex Mintz
Bells Mountain Llamas
Box 261
Battle Ground, Washington 98604
Debbie Weishaar
Paradise Llama Ranch
10463 Sommers Road East
Odessa, Washington 99159
Dan and Linda Myers
Bolini’s Llamas
21306 NE Fargher Lake Highway
Amboy, Washington 98601
[email protected]
John and Georgia Welton
Llindo Llamas
South 14405 Darknell Road
Valleyford, Washington 99036
Nancy Frank and Bruce Findley
Opportunity Llamas of Oak Hill
South 52 West 34915 Glacier Road
Dousman, Wisconsin 53118
414-965-5262 / 414-965-5262 fax
[email protected]
Bob and Kathi McKinney
Bobkat Llama Ranch
71 Schafer Meadow Lane North
Montesano, Washington 98563
360-249-5627 / 360-249-5089 fax
[email protected]
Britt and Sheila Fugina
Shady Ridge Farm
1331 - 130th Avenue
New Richmond, Wisconsin 54017-6610
715-246-5837 / 651-645-0572 fax
[email protected]
Robert and Wanda Rains
Rains River Ranch Llamas
1918 Tetro Road
Chewelah, Washington 99109
509-935-6627 / 509-935-6627 fax
[email protected]
Roger and Carlene Reaves
Windsong Llama Ranch
7911 Skookumchuck Road SE
Tenino, Washington 98589
360-264-2252 / 360-264-4296 fax
Janice Reed
JR Rustic Llama Farm
376 SE Johns Road
Shelton, Washington 98584
360-426-0423 / 360-426-0423 fax
[email protected]
Dr. Ron and Maggie Schuler
Bauernheim Llamas
2905 Dolphin Bay Road
Eastsound, Washington 98245
360-376-5312 / 360-376-2279 fax
[email protected]
Craig and Cathy Spalding
Gentle Spirit Llamas
5725 - 78th NE
Olympia, Washington 98516
360-438-1255 / 360-438-9338 fax
[email protected]
Edie Benusa
Llama Adventures
7126 Peck Road
Arena, Wisconsin 53503
[email protected]
Lana-Lee Biely
Poco Flats Farm
5218 Lasley Point Road
Winneconne, Wisconsin 54986
[email protected]
Ronald and Susanne Carlson
Woolly Acres
2602 Highway 63
Cumberland, Wisconsin 54829
715-822-2928 / 715-822-5009 fax
[email protected]
Thomas and Diane Cavis
Long Coulee Llamas
N8645 County Highway TT
Holmen, Wisconsin 54636
[email protected]
Linda Charlton
Twelve Oaks Farm
161 Brickson Road
Edgerton, Wisconsin 53534
608-873-9401 / 608-877-1172 fax
[email protected]
Beverly Cram
Cram’s Llama Farm
23142 Flint Avenue
Tomah, Wisconsin 54660
608-372-2759 / 608-372-4620 fax
Mark and Brigette DeMaster
Llamas of Bahr Creek
N 1021 Sauk Trail Road
Cedar Grove, Wisconsin 53013
920-668-6417 / 920-668-6417 fax
[email protected]
Nancy Fox
Stone Fox Llamas
1544 East River Road
Grafton, Wisconsin 53024
[email protected]
Marilyn Houck and Judith Loft
Fancy Creek Llamas
22889 Hansberry Lane
Richland Center, Wisconsin 53581
608-647-6453 / 608-647-8247 fax
[email protected]
Gordon and Pamela Jensen
Hid-n-hills Ranch
S 2710 Schlawin Road
Cochrane, Wisconsin 54622-7903
608-687-8509 / 608-687-8187 fax
[email protected]
Troy Luethe and Randy Krueger
Pine Bluff Llamas and Exotics
West 5136 Pine Bluff Road
Neshkoro, Wisconsin 54960
920-361-3228 / 920-361-2427 fax
[email protected]
David and Pamela Millen
Pioneer Farms
Box 202
Harford, Wisconsin 53027
262-673-2000 / 262-673-2023 fax
[email protected]
Victoria Miller
Silver Moon Llamas
South 11170 Lowes Creek Road
Eleva, Wisconsin 54738
[email protected]
Thomas and Susan Nolte
Willow Valley Farm
4525 County Road Y
Saukville, Wisconsin 53080
Gary and Loretta Odden
Northwind Llamas
49 - 260th Avenu
Cumberland, Wisconsin 54829
715-822-2858 / 715-822-3951 fax
Tom and Barbara Parsons
Animal Acres
South 64 West 39570 County Highway CI
Dousman, Wisconsin 53118
414-495-4944 / 414-495-4944 fax
[email protected]
James and Diane Wojtech
Collorama Llamas
North 2958 Nohr Road
Marion, Wisconsin 54950
Lori Yeager
Blackfoot Llama Ranch
13897 Pecore Road
Suring, Wisconsin 54174-9709
West Virginia
Dave and Eda Doyle
Daveda Farm
Route 3 Box 6390
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia 25411
304-258-8618 / 304-258-5028 fax
[email protected]
Yukon Territories
Karl J. and Stacy Bear / Barbara
Wyoming’s Whistle and Wings
1175 Lane 10
Powell, Wyoming 82435
Marc and Lina Tremblay
St. Elias Llamas
Box 2071
Haines Junction, YT Y0B 1L0
867-634-2256 / 867-634-2960 fax
[email protected]
Carl and Karla Bollinger
Squaw Creek Llamas
72 Squaw Creek Court
Lander, Wyoming 82520
307-332-5003 / 307-332-5003 fax
[email protected]
G.D. and Dorothy Felton
Sugar Valley Llamas
Rural Route 1 Box 108
Torrington, Wyoming 82240
Julie Heggie
Double J Llamas
Box 612
Laramie, Wyoming 82073
307-742-0042 / 307-742-9437 fax
Eugene and Carol Kupke
Lazy ‘K’ Llamas
Box 236
Lusk, Wyoming 82225
307-334-2836 / 307-334-2977 fax
[email protected]
Cheryl Reimholz
Sun Rise Llama Ranch
520 Centennial Lane
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
Dan and Ellen Schreiner
Silver Sage Llamas
Box 50668
Casper, Wyoming 82605
307-265-1780 / 307-265-4465 fax
[email protected]
I Want a Llama!
‘I Want a Llama!’ is a publication of the
International Lama Registry designed to
provide basic care and contact information
to new and prospective llama owners and
was paid for by the advertisers listed.
We also wish to thank Nancy Calhoun for
composing the text for ‘I Want a Llama!’
If you would like to be included in
the next printing of
‘I Want a Llama!,’ contact:
The International Lama Registry
213 Main Street
Kalispell, MT 59901
telephone: 406.755.3438
fax: 406.755.3439
email: [email protected]
web site: www.lamaregistry.com
The following members donated photographs
for this publication.
Nancy Fox
Grafton, WI
Steve and Sue Rolfing
Columbia Falls, MT
Paul and Sally Taylor
Bozeman, MT
Susan Tellez
Beaumont, TX
Jan L. Wassink
Kalispell, MT
Physical Characteristics and Traits
Body Type and Color: Llamas come in many different shapes
and sizes. The color, length and texture of their wool may
vary greatly. Wool may be white, cream, light brown,
medium brown, reddish brown, dark brown, black, gray
brown and silver gray. Body patterning may be solid,
marked, spotted, shaded or pinto. Llamas are clean
animals and have very little body odor.
Care & Feeding: The harsh Andean environment made the
llama a hardy, quick, athletic animal capable of self
protection and remarkably disease resistant. They need
basic shelter from wind, rain, cold and heat. Llamas,
being very sophisticated, are communal dung heap
users, which means that they all use the same manure
pile, a habit that minimizes the human labor involved in
caring for them. Llamas are browsers and eat grasses.
Because of their efficient digestive systems, they are
relatively economical to feed. Feed costs average 50
cents a day. They can be fed as much good grass hay
and/or pasture as they want. Fresh water should be
available at all times.
Spitting: Although llamas do not normally spit at
humans, they may do so if they feel threatened or if
they have been mishandled or abused. Like all
members of the camelid family, llamas spit to
maintain their pecking order in the herd, to protect
the best eating spot, to discipline a youngster, or to
reject unwanted advances from an amorous male.
The green material is simply regurgitated cud and,
while it does have an odor, it does no harm.
Communication: A llama commonly makes three noises: a
hum (called praying in Peru), a shrill alarm whinny (a
warning of predators), and orgling (a loud gargle which
males make when breeding). A llama also communicates
with body language - the position of its tail, ears, neck
and body posture.
Adult Weight: 200-500 lbs.
Adult Height: 5 to 6+ feet at
the head
Life Span: 15 years in South
America, but up to 20 to
30 years in the U.S.,
because of better nutrition
and health care.
Homework Before You Buy
Fiber: Llama fiber is hollow, so it is lighter
and warmer than sheep wool. Since it
does not contain lanolin, many people
who are allergic to sheep wool can wear
clothing made from llama wool.
Before you purchase your first llama, it is strongly
recommended that you do your homework. First
and foremost, you should love animals and be
willing to make a commitment to this addition to
your family.
Reproduction: Females do not have a heat
cycle but are induced ovulators (copulation causing ovulation), meaning that
llamas can be bred and produce babies at
any time of the year. Females may be
bred at 12-24 months of age and males
become fertile between 2-3 years of age.
Average gestation is 350 days with a
single baby normally delivered from a
standing mother without assistance,
usually during the daylight hours.
Successful twinning is rare. A newborn
llama (cria) averages 20-35 pounds at
birth and is weaned at about 5 months of
Herd Animal: Llamas are highly social
animals and need the companionship of
other llamas. Some have been kept
successfully with a companion goat,
horse or donkey, but llamas are happiest
with another of their own kind.
Price: Prices vary depending on the region of
the country, quality, pedigree, and
training. A wise buyer visits several
farms or ranches before buying.
Transportation: Llamas can be easily
transported in a van or a covered pickup,
as well as horse trailers. Llamas like to
lie down during travelling and, therefore,
should not be tied, as that could result in
• Contact your local llama association
• Visit many llama owners - Ask a lot of questions
• Subscribe to a llama magazine
• Attend a llama conference
• Talk with a local veterinarian familiar with llamas
• Evaluate and prepare your facilities
The International Lama Registry
PO Box 8 • Kalispell, MT 59903
406.755.3438 • 406.755.3439 fax
[email protected] • www.lamaregistry.net
Who Are The Registry Members? Anyone with a live, regisThe ILR is the largest accurate compilation of lama genealogical
tered llama is eligible to become a member. If you have coninformation in the world. The Registry is a not-for-profit corporaducted business with the Registry in the current or previous
tion with the purpose of maintaining an official genealogical
calendar year, you are automatically a member. If you own a
registry system and research services for owners of sub species of
registered llama, but have not conducted business in the current or
the genus lama: llama (lama glama), guanaco (lama guanicoe),
previous calendar year, a written notice of your wish to remain a
vicuna (lama vicugna) and cross-bred. It can be compared to a
large library, a valuable storehouse of information, whose job is to member mailed to the ILR will continue your membership. Each
member receives Registry mailings, which include ballots,
gather and maintain accurate genealogical records. The focus is
surveys, and the ILReport (the ILR newsletter), as well as other
always on the expansion and accuracy of the records. Alpacas
timely announcements. A
(lama pacos) are registered
membership directory is also
The Mission of the
under their own registry, The
available to current members.
Alpaca Registry, Incorporated.
• To gather, catalog, and maintain accurate records
How Large Is The Registry
Why Register Your Llama?
based on verifiable animal genealogy, color,
Database? At the end of 1999,
All serious livestock breeders
individual identification, country of origin, and
the Registry has records on over
choose registered stock for
medical and breeding histories.
140,000 llamas with over
their breeding programs. Most
• To promote the value of registered lamas through
20,000 owners in many
regional and national shows,
education and services.
countries world wide. Over
sales and other events require
• To make gathered data available to members and
10,000 owners have conducted
that participating llamas be
researchers in an orderly, efficient and economical
transactions with the ILR in the
registered. Registered animals
current or previous calendar
have enhanced value, as their
• To provide other related member services in
pedigrees are recorded and
response to member needs.
more informed breeding
How Was The Registry
choices can be made because
Created? The Registry was
their lineage can be traced.
established in 1985 legally
independent from all llama
Why Transfer Your Llama's
Certificate? The ownership
of animals is closely monitored to insure accurate
breeding records. The
Registry requires the signatures of the owner of the sire at the time
of conception, and the owner of the dam both at the time of
conception and at the birth of the cria. Not transferring an animal
may result in confusion or difficulty in registering a cria.
What Services Does The Registry Provide? The most important service the Registry provides is the prompt and accurate
documentation of lineage. In addition, the Registry is a research
center for members wishing extended pedigree information on
multiple generations, statistical data, herd lists, progeny lists,
country of origin, age and color - invaluable tools in a breeding
program. Statistical data provided by the ILR enables the entire
llama community to monitor industry growth patterns.
Who Governs The Registry?
The ILR is governed by a
democratically elected five-member Board of Directors who each
serve a five-year term, with one director being elected each year.
Members help determine the Registry policies through their
elected representatives.
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