Information Booklet - International Journal of Medical Students



Information Booklet - International Journal of Medical Students
Editorial Board*
Américo Peña-Oscuvilca, M.D.
Jose Faustino Sanchez Carrion University, Peru
Associate Editor
Juliana Bonilla-Velez, M.D.
Harvard Medical School, USA
Scientific Editor
Ilyas Sahin, M.D.
Harvard Medical School, USA
Jatinder Narang, Grenada
Ayaz Mahmood Khawaja, Pakistan
Ahmad H. Adi, Saudi Arabia
Numan Majeed, Pakistan
Delfim Duarte, Portugal
Keval Chandarana, UK
Adrian J. Da Silva-De Abreu, Venezuela
Dino J. Sepúlveda, Chile
Elshad Hasanov, Turkey
Alexandru G. Bejinariu, Romania
Anis Rehman, Pakistan
Loai Nabil Barqouni, Palestine
Jasmine Grenier, Canada
Génesis R. Cañas-Merino, El Salvador
Farihah Tariq, United Kingdom
Ramon L. L. Rosa-Guinto, Philippines
Francisco J. Chacón-Lozsán, Venezuela
Sajjad Raza, Saudi Arabia
Javier Villafuerte-Gálvez, Peru
Smith Giri, Nepal
A’man Talal Inayah, Saudi Arabia
Jatinder Narang, USA
Francisco Bonilla, Colombia
Sankalp Yadav, India
Diana Nichols, Colombia
Mohammad Ghasemi, Iran
Nima Mahboobi, Iran
Edson Ferreira, Brazil
Hussain Muhammad Abdullah, Pakistan
Sujoy Ray, India
Assad Choudhry, Pakistan
Omid Panahi, Philippines
Ruben Yela, Spain
Christian A. López-Castillo, Colombia
Support Committee of Junior Investigators
Muhammad Umair Mushtaq, MBBS, Pakistan
Herney Andres Garcia, M.D., Colombia
Ignacio Cabrera-Samith, M.D., Chile
Shirin Mirza, MBBS, MSc, Pakistan
Helena Chapman, M.D., MPH, Dominican Republic
Sahin Khaniyev, M.D., Turkey
Naeem Majeed, MBBS, Pakistan
Hugo E. Gómez-Ramos, M.D., Colombia
Amro A. Hussien, MBBS, Saudi Arabia
Omar Yousef Mousa, M.D., USA
Rahul Kashyap, M.D., MBBS, USA
Sina Atashpaz, M.D., Italy
Information Booklet
Director of Public Relations and Communications
Whitney Cordoba, Colombia
Martín E. Fernández-Zapico, M.D., Mayo Clinic, USA
Jorge E. Gómez-Marín, M.D., MSc, PhD, Quindio University, Colombia
*Updated September 9, 2012
And, would you want to be an Editor, Advisor or Ambassador?
Send us your CV and a letter of motivacion to [email protected] (subject: “Application”).
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ur objective is to be the
primary diffusion organ for
medical students, using
standards that accredit the process
of scientific publication.
The Editorial Board is formed by
Mentors, world renowned
physician/scientists from the most
distinguished institutions; Editors,
who are medical students from all
continents with experience in
research and the publication
process; Advisors who are
physicians starting their careers as
investigators, and the
Ambassadors, who are medical
students who make the diffusion
of IJMS worldwide.
The Journal receives manuscripts
in which there has been
participation of at least one
medical student. We welcome
submission of Original Articles,
Reviews, Short Communications,
Case Reports, and we have a
Special Section that includes
Letters, Experiences, Interviews
and other type of articles from
different fields.
through our website. Our
tutoring system is at the
heart of IJMS, offering support
to authors in the construction
of a manuscript that meets
international publication
standards when needed.
We greatly appreciate your
help in the diffusion of this
information with your fellow
colleagues and friends.
Thank you for your collaboration.
Best regards,
Américo Peña-Oscuvilca, M.D.
Jose Faustino Sanchez Carrion
University, Peru
Juliana Bonilla-Velez, M.D.
Harvard Medical School, MA, USA
Ilyas Sahin, M.D.
Harvard Medical School, MA, USA
We invite you to submit your
valuable work for publication
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