Newsletter - Lift For Life Gym



Newsletter - Lift For Life Gym
Volume 15, Issue 1
Summer 2016
Board of Directors
Lift For Life Music: 10-01-16
Danny Lewin, President
David Deutsch, Vice President
Nina Needleman, Treasurer
Geoffrey Burton
Michelle Coen-Racanelli
Neil Gellman
Don’t miss Lift For Life Gym’s annual Dinner Event! Lift For Life Music will take place on Saturday,
October 1. The Grand Hall on Chouteau will be filled with music and fun from 5:30 to 10:00 pm. In
addition to the music, there will be cocktails, food, a live auction, and you will have the opportunity
to hear stories from former and current members on the profound impact LFLG has had on their
Mike Hartley
Jeff Hightower
Michael Logar
Don Roberts
This year, the talented Josh Bonas will be providing the music for Lift For Life Music. Originally
from Nashville, Bonas was exposed to a wide variety of musical genres. He has embodied this in his
own style of music, influenced by rock, folk, country, pop, and soul. Be sure to mark your calendar
so you don’t miss the unique mix of music by Josh Bonas!
Kelly Schindler
Andrew Shores
Roberta Van Nest
Honorary Board
Marshall Cohen, Founder
Carla Scissors-Cohen
Marshall Faulk
Executive Director
Joseph Miller
On top of all that, don’t forget to visit the Fish Eye Fun photo booth! Fish Eye Fun goes above and
beyond the typical photo booth with all their props and, of course, the unique fish eye effect! Make
sure to stop by and take a picture so you can remember this night forever.
Our youth members will be adding a special twist to the musical event this year. Prepare to be
blown away by a West African Dance performance that our members learned through a program at
the Gym. Tickets are now on sale, so act fast so you don’t miss out!
Thank you to all of our participating
Program Coordinator
Reggie Moore
Headliner Sponsor:
Studio Element
Development Manager
Lauren Sauer
Rockstar Sponsor:
The Staenberg Family Foundation
Grants Manager
Sarah Wenger
Culinary Coordinator & Cook
Cynthia Cross
Transportation & Activity Specialist
Hayleen Polk-Jones
Weight-Lifting Coach
Jimmy Duke
Top Hits Sponsors:
Davis Family
Edward Jones
HBM Holdings
Hochschild, Bloom & Co.
Nina Needleman
For more information on the event and
ticket sales please visit our website You won’t want
to miss this event!
“Supporting Today’s Youth One Note at a Time”
Page 2
Summer 2016
Youth Summer Camp Makes Summer at LFLG Even Brighter
This year we are thrilled to announce our new Youth Summer Camp, in addition to our normal afterschool hours. The camp will run for 8
weeks from 9am to 3pm during June and July. The program was created out of a need for members of our youth community to have a positive
environment where they can spend their summer days. Violence in the area is
known to increase during the summer which makes a program like this even more
important for the community. The program coordinator expressed “that the need
to keep the kids off the street during the summer is there.” This program aims to
use the summer months to help the youth grow in a positive manner. The camp
will work on character development and healthy lifestyles through physical fitness
activities and educational field trips.
Just because school is out does not mean there is an excuse to stop learning. The
camp will serve as a place where the youth members can continue learning and
expressing their creativity while still having a fun-filled summer. It also allows
parents to continue working throughout the summer knowing that their children
are in an enriching environment. Our members have had the opportunity to visit
many new places and gain new experiences around the St. Louis area. These include
an overnight stay at the zoo, an outing at Ices Plain & Fancy to make ice cream,
studying sports science at the Saint Louis County Library, and visiting the Magic
House. With the nice weather that comes with summer, the summer campers have
also been able to enjoy some time outside. A group of girls were able to attend
a camp at Mid America Horse Rescue where they learned to work with rescue
horses. Other members explored Pere Marquette State Park in Grafton, IL.
We have partnered with STL Youth Jobs to help staff our summer camp program.
STL Youth Jobs strives to provide St. Louis youth with the skills that local
employers are seeking. By pairing up these youth with the right programs, they
create a win-win for our community. Thank you to STL Youth Jobs for helping us
staff our Youth Summer Camp!
Operation Food Search, Cynthia Estrada, and the United Auto Workers have given
graciously to support our summer program and we are extremely grateful for their
generosity. Without them this program would not have been possible.
Summer 2016
Page 3
Team LFLG Lifts Their Way To The Top At Youth Nationals
On June 23-26 the LFLG weightlifting team traveled to Austin, TX to compete in their largest, most competitive meet of the year, the USA
National Youth Championships. This is something the team has been working towards all year, practicing three times a week. It was a huge
opportunity for the lifters to show off their hard work and talent in the national spotlight. The competition is comprised of young lifters from
around the nation competing in Olympic style weightlifting. There are two main lifts that they use: the clean and jerk and the snatch. In addition
to those two lifts, the lifters also compete for which competitor lifted the most total weight combined.
Our team is made up of five boys and two girls. Most boys on the team can clean and jerk almost twice their body weight and both girls on the
team can snatch their body weight! These are remarkable accomplishments for lifters of any age. Going into the competition, Coach Jimmy Duke
expressed that their main goals were to set new personal records and shoot for the overall title. The whole team was excited about the chance
to compete on the national level. However, it is not all just about the competition; the lifters also get to see friends who they may only see once
or twice a year.
Each member of the team has a different level of experience, ranging from no national competitions to four. No matter their level, their coach
was confident that they would all do their best. He said, “they really get excited competing and supporting each other. They know this is an
important meet and I know they will rise to the occasion.”
They certainly showed that they could rise to the occasion. Taveon, who is only 10 years old, won bronze medals in all three categories: the
snatch, clean and jerk, and total. Ashley had a personal victory by achieving her best total meet. Antwan not only brought home a silver medal
in all three categories, but also a new personal record. The youngest girl on the team, Destiny, tied a national record at 33kg for the snatch!
After competing in his first Youth Nationals ever, Mekhi won a gold medal for best young lifter under 11! Jerome was able to win a silver medal in
all three categories. Anthony had a remarkable five for six performance, with his lifts topping out at 64kg and 80kg.
Their outstanding accomplishments proved what their coach said about them is true; that “they are fierce competitors and they love being
on the platform.” We can’t wait to see what is in store for next year. We would like to extend a special thank you to The Lab Gym for their
continuing support and for allowing our team to practice in their facility. Thank you also to all those who donated to the Gofundme campaign
and made this extraordinary opportunity possible for the LFLG weightlifting team!
Page 4
Summer 2016
Equifax Employees Boost Meal-A-Month and Much More
Every Thursday we are greeted by the amazing volunteers from Equifax. They come in, cook deliciously healthy meals for our kids, and bring
wonderful, happy attitudes with them! The Equifax employees have taken on a large role in our Meal-A-Month program by visiting the Gym
every Thursday to cook all types of meals, from pasta to tacos to fish. The volunteers are divided up into four teams, rotating which team comes
in each week. This is such a significant program not only because it teaches our youth members about nutrition and its importance but because
it may provide a substantial meal for a child who otherwise would not have had a meal that night. Knowing this, we are even more grateful for
all the time and generosity Equifax continues to put into the program.
Equifax started volunteering with Lift For Life Gym by helping set-up for Microfest the past couple of year. After experiencing our organization
first hand and seeing the positive changes
we’re making in the lives of the youth in their
community they wanted to get more involved..
In addition to volunteering weekly with the
Meal-A-Month program, Equifax is helping to
revamp programs such as our Gym Store. It is a
small “store” within the Gym that is filled with
all sorts of items such as sports equipment and
clothes. Each item is priced at a certain number
of “Gym Bucks”. Members can earn gym bucks by
participating in fitness workouts, earning good
grades in school, and taking part in scheduled
activities. Ideally, the store will be open a few
times a month and the youth members will have
the opportunity to be rewarded for their hard
As another way to fuel participation with the kids,
Equifax is supporting the Good Grades Incentive.
This is a program where the kids can bring in their good grades and be rewarded and recognized for them. Equifax sees this as good way to
demonstrate to our youth that it is always important to do your best in all aspects of your life. This is a lifelong lesson and a program such as
the Good Grades Incentives helps to solidify this idea to our members at a young age.
Equifax employees have taken a vested interest in our program and our kids, and we couldn’t be more grateful to them. They have been an
incredible resource, and huge help here at the gym. Their presence helps reinforce a sense of community. We look forward to their continued
commitment to our program and our kids!
Lift For Life Gym Expands Its Team
We’re excited to introduce a few new staff members that have joined our team over the past several months. Please welcome Mark Cadiz,
Fitness Leader Intern; Bernadette Clayton, Americorp Program Vista; Holli Dobbs, Americorp Development Vista; Mike Hester, Program
Assistant; Shannon Hester, Basketball Coach, Summer Camp Coordinator and College Prep Coordinator and Margaret O’Brien, Marketing and
Communications Intern. Each of these team members brings a new set of skills to our organization and we’ve been able to accomplish many
things in the short period of time they’ve been here. We hope the next time you stop by the Gym you get a chance to meet everyone!
Bernadette Clayton
Holli Dobbs
Margaret O’Brien
Mark Cadiz
Shannon Hester
Mike Hester
Summer 2016
Page 5
Horsing Around at Equestrian Camp
Ten girls who are participating in the LFLG Youth Summer Camp were able to take a special trip to Mid America Horse Rescue to learn valuable
life lessons in a new, hands-on way. This organization saves horses from all over the country and brings them to their ranch, tucked away in
Millstadt, Illinois. At the ranch, the girls learned how to interact with the horses and how their actions affect the horses. While at first the girls
were admittedly timid, they soon warmed up to the horses and by their last day at camp they looked like professionals!
The camp lasted three days. Each day the girls helped feed the horses, learned new facts about them and had lessons to help boost their
self-confidence. An eighth grader, Mikayla Sims, explained that she was very excited to be around a horse. For many girls, it was their first
experience being this close to horses. By tackling the camp’s activities head on the girls were quickly able to overcome any shyness they felt at
first. Sandy Stokes, an eighth grader, even had a favorite horse before the camp was over; his name was Sir Anthony!
The biggest take away from this camp was learning to be conscientious of interactions with others. With the horses, the girls learned to be
patient, respectful, and compassionate, especially since these horses are rescue horses. Stormy Mullins, Event Coordinator at Mustang Heritage
Foundation, demonstrated that these ideas can be applied to relationships with people outside of the horse camp. Just like the horses, humans
take body language, eye contact, and overall disposition into consideration while interacting with others. Now our youth have been supplied
with the tools and knowledge they need to be able to have and maintain healthy relationships.
Thanks to Mid America Horse Rescue for collaborating with us to make this once in a lifetime experience possible for our youth members!
Page 6
Summer 2016
21st Annual Microfest Recap
It is safe to say that the 21st annual Saint Louis Microfest was a success, raising $200,000 for Lift For Life Gym. Held on May 6th and 7th
in the Lower Muny parking lot, the event continued on even through some rain. Microfest brings brewers, restaurants, local musicians,
and beer lovers together to meet new
people, try new beers, and support
LFLG. This year 5,500 attendees and
450 volunteers enjoyed themselves
at the event. The attendees had the
opportunity to participate in the
MicroRun presented by Samuel
Adams (which included beer samples
of course!), visit the VIP tent, view
restaurant and brewery pairing demos,
witness the amazing Brewer Olympics
and Home Brewer Awards, and rock
out to local music.
With 470 sample brews available and
participation from 115 craft breweries,
there was something for everyone this year at Microfest. Brewers weren’t the only ones with the opportunity to show off their delectable
products. Mission Taco Joint, Sugarfire Smokehouse, and The Dam provided patrons a delicious variety of foods to accompany their
The Demonstration Tent presented by Goose Island illustrated the versatility of many beers by pairing them with items from local
restaurants. Between the three sessions, nine restaurant and beer combos were highlighted. The restaurants ranged from Icing Café to
Bogart’s Smokehouse to many more, proving the event has the ability to bring together the unexpected!
The Goose Island Demo Tent also housed the award
ceremony for the Home Brewer Competition. Brews
were submitted and judged at an earlier date and
the winners of each category received their awards
during this prestigious ceremony. There were over 3oo
submissions in 17 different categories. Congrats to RochAchouf by Garage Brewing Society/STL Hops for winning
first in the Best of Show category!
One of the most entertaining events of the weekend was
the Brewer Olympics. This event entails your favorite
brewers completing a slew of hilarious, brewing-related
tasks. Congratulations to O’Fallon Brewery for taking
home the gold!
The Urban Chestnut VIP tent was jam-packed with
exclusive offers. VIP attendees were treated to a special
lunch or dinner from Iron Barely. They were also lucky
enough to try rare brews, as well as limited or special
releases. They took their beer tasting to the next level with brews that were not included with general admission, so be sure to check it out
next year!
Local musicians played the Shock Top Music Stage to keep people’s dancing feet as happy as their taste buds. On Friday, the out of this
world jazz/funk band Spaceship performed. Following their performance, rock band Slightly Jaded took the stage. The music continued on
Summer 2016
Page 7
21st Annual Microfest Recap (continued)
Saturday with Melissa Neels Band, who serenaded listeners with a unique mix of blues and rock. A four-man band called The Houdinis
played next, continuing the rock but this time with a punk twist. Old Mountains, another punk rock band, also performed on Saturday.
Steven Woolley, a singer-songwriter from Saint Louis who incorporates R&B, soul, and blues into his melodies, kicked off the evening.
Facing Infamy, a five-piece rock band shut the night down with an awesome performance! Thanks to all the bands for providing music
throughout the whole weekend!
Microfest is an integral part in keeping Lift For Lift Gym operating. We cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude we have for all the
volunteers, participants, brewers, restaurants, and sponsors who help make this event a reality. Proceeds from this unforgettable event
make it possible for at risk youth to become members of Lift For Life Gym for free. Thank you all again and we can’t wait to see you next year
on May 5th and 6th!
Event Sponsors:
92.3 WIL
101.1 ESPN
AdSell Companies
Angry Orchard
Blue Moon
Blue Point
Coney Island
Deschutes Brewery
Grant Thornton
HBM Holdings
Kona Brewing
Modern Brewery
Randall’s Wine and Spirits
Red Hook
Riverfront Times
Sports Medicine and Training Center
Ten Point
Venue Sponsors:
Goose Island
Shock Top
Samuel Adams
Iron Barley
Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
In-Kind Sponsors:
AdSell Companies
Artic Ic
Brewers True Value
Broadway Ford
Fabick Power Systems
Gilmore Electric
Hogan Motor Leasing
Iron Barley
JCM Rentals
PFG Middendorf
Regency Services
SLAM! Agency
St. Louis Brews
St. Louis City Parks Department
The Dam
Traube Tent Co.
Weber Fire & Safety
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Summer 2016
Gift Dates: 7/1/2015 – 06/30/2016
Corporate and
Foundation Gifts:
Cynthia Estrada Foundation
The Dana Brown Charitable Trust
Seiler Family Foundation
UPS Foundation
Women on a Mission
$10,000 – 19,999
Anheuser-Busch Inbev
Grant Thornton
The Guth Foundation
$5,000 – 9,999
Boston Beer Company
Edward Jones
Express Scripts
Herman T. & Phenie R. Pott Foundation
Jane Tschudy Charitable Trust
Light a Single Candle
The Robert & Terri Cohn Family Foundation
St. Louis Rotary Club Welfare Fund
Staenberg Family Foundation
The Saigh Foundation
Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
Vatterott Foundation
$1,000 – 4,999
92.3 WIL
101.1 ESPN
Assistance League of St. Louis
Cardinals Care
Chapman Family Foundation
Commerce Bank
Deschutes Brewery
The Clifford Willard Gaylord Foundation
Edward & Thea Lawton Foundation
Grey Eagle Distributing
HBM Holdings
Higginbotham Brothers
Hochschild, Bloom & Co. LLP
Hogan Motor Leasing
Iron Barley
Jewish Community Relations Council
The Lab Gym
Major Brands
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Mary Beth’s Angels Foundation
MBM Wealth Consultants
Modern Brewery
Old Newsboys Day Foundation
Randall’s Wine & Spirits
Summit Distributing
Sports Medicine and Training Center
St. Louis Brews
St. Louis Public Radio
The Timmermann Group
$500 – 999
American Eagle Credit Union
Centric Group
David M Contrera LLC
Dema Engineering Company
Fischer-Bauer-Knirps Foundation
Fox Family Foundation
Hill Cigar Company
Jewish War Veterans St. Louis Heritage Aux. #644
Security Traders Association
St. Louis University High School
Thrivent Financial Foundation
$100- 499
Arrow Metal
Health From Within
Missouri General Insurance
Old North Restoration Group
$1 – 99
Avanti Guest House
Congregation B’Nai Amoona
Devolve Fitness
H&S Accounting Services, Inc.
Corporate In-Kind
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Aqua Systems
Arctic Ice
Big Shark
Burns Citadel Security
Component Bar Products, Inc
Congregation B’Nai Amoona
CrossFit St. Louis
CrossFit Xtra Mile
Crown Valley Winery
David Kodner Personal Jewelers
Endangered Wolf Center
Energizer Charitable Trust
Fit Flavors
HBM Holdings Company
Hogan Motor Leasing
Iron Barley
Kern Meat Company
Kitchen Sink LLC
Laclede Gas Company
Mantia Fruit Co., Inc.; William
Markwort Sporting Goods
Marvel Printing
Massage Envy Maplewood
McBride Charitable Foundation
Mercedes Benz Club of America
Michele C. Catering
Mission Taco Joint
Mother of All Beef
The Muny
Operation Food Search
R & R Contracting & Sanitation Services Inc.
Safety National
Saint Louis University Men’s Basketball
Schuberts Smokehouse & Meats
Slide Piece
Southwestern Illinois College Student Veterans of
Sports Medicine & Training Center
St. Louis Auto & Truck Repair
St. Louis Sportswear
Summit Distributing
The Buddy Fund
The Dam
Thompson Coburn LLP
Thurman Law Firm
UPS Foundation
Wallis Companies
Weber Fire and Safety
Women on Mission
Individual Gifts
$10,000 +
Dr. & Mrs. Philip Needleman
$5,000 – 9,999
John & Cynthia Lynch
Nina Needleman
Don & Beth Roberts
$1,000 – 4,999
Rodney Arbaugh
Charles Brinza
Chandler Curlee
Adrienne Davis
Walter & Harriet Drusch
Mark & Wendy Gellman
Neil & Suzanne Gellman
Anthony Grimes
Ronald & Jean Krammer
Andrew Laidlaw
Lewis Lucarelli
Shelly McDonald
Corey & Susan O’Connor
Gurpreet Padda
Suzanne & Mark Prowatzke
John & Elizabeth Samet
Kelly & Carl Schindler
Guy Slay
Dr. Anthony & Julia Sodd
Leigh Suffian
Steve & Joanna Tschudy
Chris & Tonya Walker
Robert Whitfield
$500 – 999
Summer 2016
William Brochmeier
Sally Coleman
David & Beth Deutsch
Jeremy & Marni Deutsch
James Foster
Kara Funk
Michael Hartley
Charli Kreienkamp
Danny & Jill Lewin
Steve & Beth Lochmoeller
Lawrence Needleman
Robert & Heather Pence
Drake and Drew Anne Powers
Steve & Patricia Roberts
Don & Melissa Rochleau
Thea Rubin
Ed & Mary Ann Ryan
Utpala & Tushar Shelar
Phyllis Siegel
Justin & Katherine Smith
Brad & Amy Snitzer
John Sterling
Randy & Julie Stern
Charles & Deborah Trunk
Nancy Van Dillen
Roberta & Scott Van Nest
Richard & Patricia Vance
Marc Vander Tuig
Paul Williams
$100 – 499
Jody Auletta
Marianne Baer
June Bierman
Carol Bland
Christine Brave
Steve Bredbenner
John Bugner
Geoffrey Burton
Joseph Carlson
Peter and Louise Cerneka
Melissa Chonos
Larry Cosey
Adrienne Costello
David and Jean Cowell
Stacey Cox
Denise Cronin
Jayme Crowder
Suesan Daily
Suzanne Davis
Harold and Renee Denlow
Jonathan and Jennifer Deutsch
Glen R. Deutsch
Eugene and Lee Deutsch
Mike Doherty
Lyle Downs
Shawn Duggan
Linda Duke
Lacy Emrick
Jerrold Epstein
Robert Evans Jr.
Marlin and David Feldman
Phillip Finder
Marilee Fisher
Jane Fitzgerald
Rosalie Franklin
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Michael Frost
Bobby and Becky Goldberg
Marc Goldstein
Bill and Margaret Goodfriend
Debra Hames
Dave and Mary Jo Hemkens
Neil and Wendy Jaffe
Andy Jeanthenor
Kathleen Jones
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Charles Ludwig
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Adam Blumoff’s Bar Mitzvah
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Summer 2016
Zoe Gellman
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In Memory Of:
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Thank you to all that gave anonymously to
our gofundme campaign! Your contributions
allowed our youth weightlifting team to earn 12
medals at Youth Nationals!
Gift of Stock
At Lift For life Gym, gifts of all
kinds are used to bring services
to the youth that we serve. One
option is a gift of stock. A stock gift
to Lift For Life Gym can help bring
fitness, nutrition and a healthy
lifestyle for St. Louis City children.
To make a gift of stock or for more
information, please contact us at
We apologize for
any mistakes or omissions.
If you made a donation
during this time period and
your name is not listed,
or if the information is
incorrect, please contact
the Development Manager,
Lauren Sauer, at 314-588-1186.
Are you a Federal Employee?
For all federal employees participating in the Combined
Federal Campaign, we ask that you
consider selecting Lift For Life Gym as
your campaign gift recipient for the
coming year.
Please use the following code: 70869.
Learn more at
Become a Volunteer:
Becoming a volunteer is a great way for the community to
get involved with the Lift For Life Gym. There are a variety
of opportunities available throughout the year.
For more information, please visit our website at or send an e-mail to
[email protected] for an application.
Lift for Life Gym
1415 Cass Ave
St. Louis, MO 63106
U.S. Postage
St. Louis, MO
Permit No. 3252
Phone: (314) 588-1186
Mark Your Calendars!
Sunday, August 14 @ Iron Barley (12:00 – 7:00 pm)
5510 Virginia Street
Join Iron Barley for the street party of the summer, the 12th Annual Tomato Fest! There will be
live music, a live auction, an Iron (BARLEY) Chef competition, a Bloody Mary contest, and tomato
art judging! Not to mention the delicious food inspired by none other than the tomato. All the
proceeds benefit Lift For Life Gym. Visit for more information!
“Red Eye” Brunch &
Bloody Mary Contest
Sunday, August 28 @ Amsterdam Tavern & The Dam (11:00 am – 2:00 pm)
3175 Morganford
St. Louis, MO 63116
Come out to Amsterdam Tavern & The Dam for a delicious “Red Eye” brunch, and more importantly,
a Bloody Mary tasting and competition! Different variations of Bloody Marys will be up to your
judgment! They will be competing for the Judge’s Award and the People’s Choice Award. In
addition to delicious food and drink, there will be live music and other fun competitions! Tickets
cost $25 a person and a portion of those proceeds will benefit Lift For Life Gym!
Saturday Evening, October 1 @ Grand Hall on Chouteau (5:30 – 10:00 pm)
Grand Hall on Chouteau
“Supporting Today’s Youth One Note at a Time”
The evening festivities will include live music, a live auction, stories from members and alumni,
as well as cocktails, dinner, and more! For more information on the event and ticket sales visit