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Hyderabad: City of Smiles
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Y ou r C op y T o K e e p
As we move into the second quarter of the year,I – together with many other sports
fans – am looking forward to the new sporting season with a mounting sense of
anticipation.And, as you might expect, Oman Air is positioned firmly at the heart
of the action.
This year’s Olympic Games will no doubt see high demand on Oman Air’s flagship
Muscat-to-London service,but in the meantime I am delighted to announce that
we are supporting two sporting programmes that are set to give spectators a shot of
adrenalin with their entertainment.
The Extreme Sailing Series 2012 was launched in Muscat in March with a brilliant
win for the Oman Air team.The series has brought competitive sailing inshore to
create a nail-biting spectator sport which will see teams from around the world compete
at locations as diverse as Wales, China and Brazil.Oman Air is the Official
Airline of the Extreme Sailing Series and I will be closely following the competition
as it moves towards its climax in November.
Our commitment to placing Omani sporting achievement on the international stage
continues with Oman Air’s sponsorship this year of Ahmad Al Harthy’s bid for
victory in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB Championship.After a highly successful
winter competing in the Middle East, the Omani motorsports star will be taking the
Oman Air Racing Team to the UK, and I look forward to seeing him build on his
last two years’ experience there to achieve a string of podium finishes.
But if you find the thought of such high-octane activity exhausting, just sit back, enjoy
the hospitality and relax in the knowledge that you are flying with an airline that is in a
league of its own:Oman Air.
Wayne Pearce
Chief Executive Officer
Be a part of these fun, educational
and cultural events this month.
of Smiles
A crossroads of culture, and not a bad biryani too!
The health
benefits of
kundalini yoga.
Doors of Perception
A photo tour of beautiful Omani doors.
bar, more gain
Learn how to close a deal.
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A pril 2012
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Hyderabad: City of Smiles
entertainment guide
Wide range of in-flight entertainment
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Oman Air
Yo u r C o p y T o K e e p
8 Festivals
Flower Fair
WHERE: Milan
WHEN: April 10
WHAT: Every April, the Navigli district in Milan’s harbour plays
host to the Fair of Flowers, a one-day celebration of all things floral.
This year the event date is 10 April 2011. Every major florist in Milan
comes out to display their incredible and artistic floral designs all along
the canals and the Naviglio Grande, and the most creative and most
beautiful composition will take home the prize. It’s a lovely way to spend
a spring day in Milan, and it takes place in one of the city’s nicest districts,
revitalised from an old harbour into one of the trendiest neighbourhoods.
Banlieus Blues
WHERE: Paris
WHEN: Until April 13
WHAT: More than a simple jazz festival,
Banlieues Bleues brings together the old
and the new in a celebration of music in
Paris’ Seine-St-Denis suburb. Every year the
festival attracts big jazz and Blues names to
venues throughout the area. It’s a fine way to
discover lesser-known theatres and cultural
centres as your feet swing to the sound of
top-notch international musicians.
Songkran Festival
Treasure Hunters Festival
WHERE: Munich
WHEN: April 28 – May 6
WHAT: Treasure hunters delight in Munich’s Auer Dult. Stall
vendors, rides and tents turn an otherwise quiet district into a bustling
island of commerce and conviviality. This is one of Munich’s oldest fairs,
dating back to 1310. Try to go in the morning or during the working
week if you want to have room to move. On sunny weekend days you
may find yourself doing more crowd battling than treasure hunting.
WHERE: Thailand
WHEN: April 13-15
WHAT: Songkran, a national celebration
of the traditional Thai New Year, captures
the imagination of travellers for both its
cultural and fun attributes, the latter being
enthusiastic bouts of water-splashing between
friends and relatives. This takes place all
over Thailand in mid-April. Bear in mind,
this year the public holiday is Wednesday to
Friday and it is possible some kids will want
to continue the water fights over into the
weekend! So go dressed for the occasion.
Event Horizon
Dubai Fashion Week
WHERE: Dubai
WHEN: April 7-14, 2012
WHAT: Leading and upcoming designers rub elegantly-clad shoulders with serious
fashionistas for seven days in one of the region’s most exclusive social events. The theme this
month is Fall and Winter, so be on the lookout for warm hues and bold comfortable ranges.
WHERE: Zurich
WHEN: April 16
WHAT: The traditional spring festival
sees the straw Böögg snowman effigy, a symbol
of winter, being ritually burnt to welcome
the new season. It starts with thousands of
children and local guild members in traditional
dress parading through the streets. At 6pm,
the bonfire on which the Böögg stands is set
alight. According to local legend, the faster the
Böögg burns, the warmer and finer the coming
summer will be.
Job Expo
WHERE: Muscat
WHEN: April 23-25
WHAT: Held at the Oman
International Exhibition Centre,
Muscat, Oman, Jobex Muscat
showcases current and future job
opportunities in the private sector of
the Sultanate and helps contribute
to the country’s development
towards rehabilitation of national
manpower with a special focus on
vocational training and technical
education for the Omani youth.
Royal River
WHERE: Royal Museums,
Greenwich, London
WHEN: April 27 – Sept 9
WHAT: The Royal River: Power, Pageantry and the Thames, a
celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the museum’s 75th
anniversary. On show are around 250 paintings, manuscripts and
objects, many on loan from the Royal Collection. The City’s many livery
companies are represented by uniforms, silver and barge decorations.
Also on show is a silver microscope made for George III and a 16thcentury pearl sword which, tradition dictates, the monarch must touch
upon entering the City of London.
12 World Tour
Westminster Abbey, London
Built on a site dating back to the 10th century, and at the heart of English
history for nearly a 1000 years, Westminster Abbey has been the setting
for every coronation (except two) since 1066. Only the Pyx Chamber
and Norman Undercroft are original to the abbey; the Gothic nave and
choir were rebuilt in the 13th century. At least two ghosts allegedly haunt
Westminster Abbey, in the form of monks who used to work in there. In
1932 a Benedictine monk was apparently seen floating some distance from
the floor, disappearing through a wall opposite the south transcept!
Next time you fly Oman Air to one of these
destinations, make sure you find the time to
visit these spectacular landmarks.
Taj Mahal, India
Located in Agra, India, and one of the eight wonders of the
world, its architectural beauty has never been surpassed. It
was constructed over a period of 22 years, employing
20000 workers, and completed in 1648. The master
architect was Ustad ‘Isa, the renowned architect of his
time. The Taj is the most beautiful monument built by the
Mughals, the former rulers of India. Constructed entirely of
white marble, the Taj Mahal was ordered by Emperor Shah
Jahan (died 1666 C.E.) in the memory of his dear wife and
queen Mumtaz Mahal.
The Sphinx, Egypt
Although controversy rages as to when the Sphinx was actually built, and
by whom, this is one of the absolute must-visits next time you are in Cairo.
It is one of the greatest monuments of the ancient world, carved out of a
single ridge of stone 73m long and 20m high. According to legend, the
Sphinx would ask travellers a riddle. If they failed to answer their life was
forfeit. The riddle went: What goes on four legs in the morning, on two
legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening? Oedipus solved the riddle,
and the Sphinx destroyed herself. The answer? Us - we crawl on all fours as
a baby, walk on two legs as an adult, and walk with a cane in old age!
Edinburgh Castle,
This structure dominates the skyline of Scotland’s capital
city, and is built on top of an extinct volcanic rock. Recent
archaeological excavations in Edinburgh Castle have
uncovered evidence that Bronze Age man was living on
the rock as long ago as 850 BC. Two thousand years ago,
during the Iron Age, the rock had a hill-fort settlement on
its summit. There has been a royal castle here since at least
the reign of King David I in the 12th century, and the site
continued to be a royal residence until 1603.
14 International Destination
City of
The city of lights, of a thousand faces, endearingly called the
Pearl City, Hyderabad offers a variety of tourist attractions,
not least of which is the world-famous local biryani!
South to the north of India and north of southern India, Hyderabad is often
referred to as the Gateway to the South. From heritage monuments, lakes and
parks, gardens and museums to delectable cuisine and a delightful shopping
experience, Hyderabad offers a fascinating panorama of the past, with a richly
mixed cultural and historical tradition spanning 400 colourful years.
Hyderabad is the capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh of South India.
Located on the Deccan Plateau on the banks of the River Musi, it is the fifth
largest city of India.
Hyderabad literally means ‘city of Hyder’, as it was named after Queen
Hyder Mahal, wife of King Qutab Shah. With the help of Iranian architects,
Hyderabad was erected in a grid format. The city was modeled on the city
of Isfahan of Iran. With the construction of Hyderabad city, it became the
capital city of the Qutb Shahi rulers.
The cultural vibe in of Hyderabad is distinctly different from the Telugu culture
of the rest of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad has a rich culture of its own, a blend of
Persian and Telugu cultures. It is also known as the ‘City of Nizams’, as it was ruled
for a long time by the Nizams, perhaps the wealthiest royals in the history of India.
Today, Hyderabad is one of the leading centres of information technology.
The emerging biotech and IT industries have given the city a global
platform. However, the cultural history is evident from its monuments,
mosques, temples, varied art forms and crafts. The monuments, minarets and
mosques of Hyderabad with its impressive architectural style attract visitors.
(Image sources: Shutterstock, Photolibrary)
International Destination
International Destination
Say Hyderabad to a tourist and chances are
they will immediately think of the majestic
Charminar, a massive structure with four
minarets, constructed in 1591 by Mohammed
Quli Qutab Shah. He built the Charminar
to mark the end of plague in the city. The
Charminar soon became the heart of all
bustling activities and it is in the bustling
bazaars around the Charminar that you find
the traditional nahari stalls and kulchas of
The Charminar has four imposing arches,
which face the four main directions. A
small mosque adorns the top floor of the
Charminar, situated on the western side of
the Charminar facing Mecca, the holy city of
the Muslims.
Another must-see is the majestic Golconda
Fort, the ruins of which stand as a backdrop
to the city. Built in 1525, the Golconda Fort
epitomises the opulent Nawabi culture of the
time. A new attraction at the fort is a sound
and light show that brings the legend of
Golconda to life.
Another glimpse into the past is Falaknuma
Palace. It is believed that the Falaknuma
palace was gifted to the sixth Nizam of
Hyderabad, Mehboob Ali Khan by the
generous Nawab. The palace was constructed
over a period of seven years and it covers a
total area of 9,39,712 square meters. The
Falaknuma palace is a rare blend of Italian
and Tudor architecture. The palace is laid out
in the shape of a scorpion.
A trip to Hyderabad remains incomplete
without a visit to the enchanting Birla
Mandir. Overlooking the Tank Bund, the
Birla Mandir presents an arresting sight
when illuminated in the evening. This
magnificent structure built entirely
out of marble from Rajasthan,
stands atop the Kala Pahad,
the twin hillock of the
Naubat Pahad.
International Destination
For a day on the
water, make sure
you visit Hussain
Sagar Lake, which
connects the twin
cities of Hyderabad
and Secunderabad. A
major attraction here is
the 16m high Buddha
statue on the Rock of
Gibraltar. Yachting and
sailing clubs at the lake
are also active.
Make time to call in
at Ramoji Film City,
the world’s largest film
production complex,
situated just 19km
from Hyderabad. Spread over 2000 acres of land studded with hills, vales
and lakes, this has few parallels as both a tourist attraction and major
film-making facility.
The pulsating nightlife of Hyderabad is also a major tourist attraction.
The by-lanes of the Charminar and the authentic Hyderabadi and
Andhra cuisine has made Hyderabad a haven
for shopaholics and foodies. The authentic
Hyderabadi Biryani is the king of all Indian
Biryani recipes and do not leave town without
sampling this spicy, tasty rice and meat dish!
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International Destination
Country Facts
Oman Air flies 7 times between Muscat and Hyderabad.
Visa requirements: Visitors to India require a tourist visa. An original, signed
passport valid for six months, and with at least two blank visa pages for Indian visa
stamps is also needed. Amendment pages are not acceptable for visa stamps. Foreign
nationals arriving in India on long term multiple entry visas must register with the nearest
Foreigners Regional Registration Officer within 14 days of arrival. Over-stayers will be
fined and may be prosecuted or detained and later deported.
Languages spoken: Telugu and Urdu are the official languages, although English is
widely spoken.
Currency: One Indian rupee is divided into 100 paise.
24 It’s Oman
Doors of
The intricately carved, beautiful doors found across much of the Sultunate open the
way to Oman’s rich cultural and historic legacy. One Omani photographer is keen to
preserve the past for future generations
It’s Oman
One of the first things visitors notice
when they take the time to walk around
any Omani town are the amazing
doors. As well as being an elegant
way to enter someone’s home, these
doors often have an old and colourful
history. You can find them all over the
Sultunate, and down the East African
seaboard, most notably in Lamu,
Mombasa and Zanzibar on the Kenyan
and Tanzanian coasts.
It’s Oman
dazzled by the inhabitants’ zealous interest
in maintaining old doors in new houses. Over
time, he captured on camera an astounding
number of these ancient doors, with their
shapes, wood, intricate carvings, colours,
locks and the playfulness of light as it changes
the hues of the wood and the shadows they
Nasser says people are continuously
“traversing between one world and another,
as technology becomes more advanced, often
leaving behind, sometimes sweeping away
altogether, beautiful yet irreplaceable facets of
a fast changing world.”
These old Omani doors are often neglected
objects of art. Some of the doors he
photographed in Nizwa bear their maker’s
inscriptions; they are over 1000 years old and
still going strong!
The photographic collection depicts the
different art forms that prevail in various
towns. Nasser says that when some of his
Omani friends look at the collection, they
instinctively know in which part of Oman the
photograph was taken!
Research suggests that some were carved by skilled Omani and Indian
carpenters, and each one tells a particular story in their design.
An Omani businessman, Nasser al Kindi, wants to record these
snapshots of time. He is a keen cameraman, although he has never
received any formal training in photography. He says that intuition is the
key to art. “I think you have to listen to the place you are photographing.
If you are into nature photography, then you have to understand the
symphony that is there and close your ears to everything else.”
The thing that first grabbed his attention to the world of photography
was the sound the camera shutter made. His initial enthusiasm has
matured now into a growing appreciation of the value of the past to
He says he has, “an affinity to beautiful things that are vanishing, such as
the old doors, which people think of as being from the past, so I wanted
to capture these beautiful details that in a couple of years might not be
here anymore.”
Similarly, growing up by Fort Mirani in Muscat and later travelling across
Oman and much of the world, Nasser found the landscape continuously
shrinking as it makes way to development. He said he often finds
himself at the crossroads between two worlds. “One with its trumpeting
development, a jigsaw of cement and asphalt, and another with its serene
and unobtrusive way of living. Sadly, the latter is forever making way for
the former.”
A few years back, on a visit to Al Aijah, a village in Sur that overlooks
an arresting view of the marriage between land and sea, Nasser was
It’s Oman
“The elegance of the blue door lent to it by its
simplicity, so characteristic of Nizwa as an old
stronghold of Ibadhi architecture (Ibadhi: the
predominant sect in Oman, found also in East
Africa and to a much lesser extent in parts of
Algeria, Libya and Morocco).” (To see more
images, check www.nasserkindi.com)
30 Health & Beauty
Kundalini classes are available at most yoga centers,
but you can try it yourself at home by putting a different
twist on two traditional techniques
(Image source: Shutterstock)
Health & Beauty
Yogis believe that everyone has both male and female energies residing at
opposite sides of various energy centres in the body, known as the chakra line.
Kundalini is the female energy that resides in your root chakra, coiled near
the base of your spine. The goal of Kundalini meditation is to encourage that
energy to rise through these energy centres, or chakras, awakening each one
along the way, until it reaches your crown chakra at the top of your head.
Contacting Kundalini
Traditionally, yogis require strict self-discipline and years of training.
Modern techniques combine the mindfulness of meditation and the
physical energy of yoga asanas to produce an intense self-awareness.
Because we’re dealing with energies and forces of consciousness here, the
practice still requires concentration and plenty of trial and error - but
persistence can pay off, and the destination is worth the journey. You’ll
also discover other benefits
along the way - the more
physical methods will
contribute to good physical
health, and the meditative methods will help
improve your mental and emotional health.
Music Appreciation
Traditional Kundalini awakening through
meditation requires an extremely patient,
disciplined mind to cut through the mental
clutter and commune with the life force. Most
people don’t have the time or training to achieve
this level of self-awareness, but listening to music
can help clear out the cobwebs and put you in
tune with the essence of life. Put away your iPod
and turn off the radio. Find a quiet room where
you can remain undisturbed. Turn on some music
that moves you - classical composers expose you
to the peak of human brilliance, while modern
New Age artists frequently compose music
specifically made to plumb the depths of the
mind. Stay away from music with lyrics.
Play the music loud enough sp that it is the only thing
you can hear. If loud music isn’t feasible, use headphones.
Turn off the lights, get comfortable and focus your
entire consciousness on the sounds you hear. Listen like
you have never listened before, picking up every nuance
and tone. The longer you listen, the more self-aware you
will become.
In much the same way that music can help unite your
mind and your consciousness, dance awakens your
physical energy and elevates your consciousness to an
awakening-ready state.
The effect is similar to that of the Hatha yoga approach,
but requires absolutely no guidance. Music appreciation
comes into play with this technique as well, but there
is the added benefit of physical movement that can
manifest your inner self.
Choose your music the same way for this technique,
focusing on truly moving pieces without distracting
lyrics. Find a space large enough to move in. Some
people prefer to find a private area outdoors to take
advantage of the added benefit of nature, which works in
its own way to achieve the same goal.
Turn on your music, and listen. Don’t begin to move
until you are truly in sync with what you are hearing.
Just allow the music to move your body. This is not
about how you look, it’s about allowing your inner self
to awaken.
34 Business
Less bar
more gain
Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or a teenage
backpacker, when it comes to horse-trading we can all use a little help!
Much though we all like to think we are the supreme wheeler-dealer, deal closer, truth of the matter is, not
everyone can clinch the best price on any given deal. For all those who find bargaining difficult, here are a few
tips and tricks that might prove beneficial.
(Image source: Photolibrary)
Tips for Bargaining
• Beware of the price. It is usually set a lot higher than what it should actually
be. So, always analyse whether the price listed for a particular product is
worth it or not. If it is priced higher, get ready to bargain and get the right
deal for yourself.
• Do your research by asking others who have brought similar products to get
a rough estimate of the actual price of a product.
• Pretend as if you are not really interested in the product, but are willing
to buy it, if you get a good deal. Sellers tend to price their product on the
higher side if they know you are too eager to buy their product.
• Do not rush while bargaining. Be prepared to
invest some time and effort in it, as it is a task
that involves convincing the seller to lower his
prices to suit your pocket. Since you need to
save money, be ready to put in that extra effort.
• Always offer to pay less than what you are
actually willing to pay. This will bring the
pricing around your paying capacity after the
process of bargaining is over.
• Set your offer around the actual price when you bargain so that the seller
gets an indication that you have knowledge about the pricing of the product.
• Try to go shopping in groups. Sellers find
it difficult to convince groups of people as
compared to a single person.
• Check the seller’s competitors’ pricing. If it is lower than the current seller,
you can always ask for price reduction so that he offers you a better deal
than his competitor.
• Check for minute defects in the product that
you are ready to ignore, but make sure to
highlight them to the seller.
• Set your price and persuade the seller to sell the product on the price
you have decided. If you do not reach a consensus, you know when to
walk away.
• Small retailers are often attracted to customers
paying cash. You can therefore try to reach a
suitable deal with the magic trick of making
full payment in cash, rather than swiping your
debit/credit card.
• Do not demand for a discount, rather ask for it in a polite manner.
We all know that attitude matters a lot. If you are gentle and polite in
asking for a price reduction, the seller may respond in a positive way
to your courteous behaviour.
• Avoid using words that might hurt the ego of the seller. Such things will
lead to critical situations that might not be good for you.
• If the seller agrees to your price, be prepared
to buy the product. Imagine walking away
without the product after spending time and
effort for bargaining.
38 Fashion & Trends
Stoned Immaculate
This luxury collection of exquisite statement pieces is
crafted to capture desire in all its forms. These elegant
and detailed jewellery masterpieces each aspire to
captivate a particular element of desire. The collection
comprises a lavish selection of silver, yellow and rose
gold semi-precious gemstone cocktail rings, intricate
medialuna pendants and earrings, as well as striking
hidden desire statement cuffs.
Let your tongue savour the sounds of these fine stones
- aquamarine, topaz, smoky quartz, pink tourmaline,
green amethyst, purple amethyst and lemon quartz!
This is a world of sensual elegance, inspired by a blend
of rich cultural heritages from East to West and a
strong desire for them to work together harmoniously.
Fashion & Trends
Shades of cool
There is no accessory quite like sunglasses. You can be wearing sloppy clothes, but a
great pair of sunglasses can turn your look, or lack of one, around. Check out some of
the stylish creations this season. Whether you are looking for ultracool wraparounds,
traditional, square-shaped lenses, or even retro tinted numbers, remember the
most important thing apart from looking cool, is protecting your eyes, so high UV
protection is essential. Look for sunglasses that protect you from 99% to 100% of
both UVA and UVB light. This includes those labeled as UV 400. Whether you are
a sportsman looking for tinted glare protection, or a fashion victim looking for a way
to escape the glare of the paparazzi, be bold, be you this Spring.
40 World View
Say the bells of St Clemens
A citrus fruit display is seen during the “la
fete du citron” (Lemon Festival) in Bioves
gardens in Menton, France. (Photo: Patrick
Aventurier/Getty Images
Eye sight
A billboard worker in a cherry-picker does
some work on a video screen in Times Square
in New York City. (Photo: Timothy A. Clary/
AFP/Getty Images)
Heady days
Carnival performers attend the Rose Monday
parade in Mainz, Germany, the highpoint of the
Carnival season in cities in western Germany.
(Photo: Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)
World View
Bitter fruit
Bizarre ice formations
hang on a tree at
the Unteres Odertal
national park near
Schwedt, northeastern
Germany, after a weekslong cold spell. (Photo:
Patrick Pleul/AFP/
Getty Images)
Chain reaction
‘Sno matter what
Participants ski in the 30th edition
of the Belalp Ski Race in Belalp,
Switzerland. The race is inspired by
a legend dating back to the Middle
Ages. (Photo: Harold Cunningham/
Getty Images)
A person sets up a spiral of
domino dices in Kefenrod, central
Germany as part of a world record
attempt to construct the longest
spiral-shaped wall of domino
dices. (Photo: Emily Wabitsch/
AFP/Getty Images)
42 Sports
Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race
April 7, 2012
The best, the brightest, the quickest take to the waters of London’s River Thames
for the 158th annual Boat Race. First staged in 1829, the Boat Race is one of the
oldest sporting events in the world. Watched by thousands along the banks of the
Tideway, between Putney and Mortlake, and by millions more on TVs around
the world, the Boat Race is a unique sporting event. With two very strong squads
of athletes, expect to see another great battle this year.
Golf US Masters
April 5-8, 2012
One of golf ’s four major events, the Masters is played
every year at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia,
US. Last year, South African Charl Schwartzel
birdied his final four holes to close with a 66 and win
by two strokes over Adam Scott and Jason Day. Tiger
Woods, tied for the lead at one time on the back nine,
was fourth. The world’s top strokesmen will be vying
for the coveted green jacket once again on one of the
prettiest, and demanding, courses in the game.
April 14-15
The FA Cup is the oldest football match in the world,
having been first played in 1872. Make sure you buy the
wife something memorable to distract her, because this
will be two days of prime soccer viewing and you don’t
want to be interrupted!
April 24-29
A stage-race in the French-speaking Romandie
part of Switzerland, this is certainly one of the
most grueling events in the sport, basically
from Geneva to the Alps. Last year’s winner,
Cadel Evans from Austria will be taking on
the pack, as will last year’s category winners,
Chris `Anker Sorenson-King of the
Andrew Talansky-young rider.
Reviews 43
Beneath a Marble Sky
By John Shors
Historical romance
A fictional story surrounding the building of the
Taj Mahal. While historians agree that the Taj Mahal was built
by an emperor grieving the loss of his wife in the 17th century,
the true details surrounding this story have been lost. Shors
imagines them in Beneath a Marble Sky, bringing to life a story
of love, war, beauty and tragedy. A fun, relatively quick read. Its
setting, 17th-century Hindustan, allows readers to travel to a
distant place and time.
By Terry Pratchett
Fantasy satire
Could this be the master of fantasy satire’s best book to date?
The award-winning Discworld series continues with CityWatch
commander, Sir Samuel Vimes taking leave in his wife’s family
mansion in the countryside. Of course, being a good copper is in
the blood and Vimes soon stumbles across a hideous and buried
secret, one that threatens the very establishment of Ankh-Morpork.
There are easy parallels to be drawn with aspects of our own society:
abuses of privilege, fiddling of expenses, blind eyes turned. Endlessly
inventive, laugh-out-loud hilarious, full of insight and, considering
Pratchett is suffering from a rare form of Alzheimer’s, a delightfully
wise analysis of the darkness inside us all.
Moonwalking with Einstein
By Joshua Foer
If you are interested in memory, how the brain works, or
psychology, this book will appeal to you. It is a popular book,
so it is not written by a scientist or doctor, and it doesn’t go very
deep. It does, however, skim several interesting topics in memory
and brain science, and it does so through memorable anecdotes
and an overarching story about the author’s quest to win the
National Memory Championship.
44 Time Out
Build a team of a players
Far too often, companies and managers settle for average employees. Steve
Jobs recognized talent and decided that any conflict that might arise from
a company full of “A”-level players would be counterbalanced by awesome
output. He may have been right.
“I’ve learned over the years that when you have really good people you
don’t have to baby them. By expecting them to do great things, you can get
them to do great things.”
Be persuasive
Steve Jobs found that he could persuade people to do the seemingly
Jobs went to a whiteboard and showed that if there were five million
people using the Mac, and it took ten seconds extra to turn it on every day,
that added up to three hundred million or so hours per year that people
would save, which was the equivalent of at least one hundred lifetimes
saved per year.
Trust your instincts
Steve Jobs:
Four life
Jobs, though, had a deep belief in his own tastes and believed with utter
certainty that if he liked something, the public would as well. He was
almost invariably right.
“Did Alexander Graham Bell do any market research before he invented
the telephone?”
Follow great with great
In everything from products to movies, Jobs sought to create great followups. “There’s a classic thing in business, which is the second-product
syndrome. It comes from not understanding what made your first product
so successful. I lived through that at Apple. My feeling was, if we got
through our second film, we’d make it.”
Time Out
Rabbit’s Thesis
It’s a fine sunny day in the forest, and Rabbit is sitting outside his burrow,
working on his laptop. Along comes Fox and asks Rabbit what he is doing.
“I am working on my thesis, about how rabbits eat foxes.” Fox collapses
laughing.“That’s ridiculous! Any fool knows that rabbits don’t eat foxes.”
“Sure they do,” relies Rabbit. “And I can prove it. Come with me.”
They both disappear into the rabbit’s burrow. After a few minutes Rabbit
returns, alone, to his laptop and resumes typing.
Soon, Wolf comes along and stops to watch the hard-working rabbit.
“What’s that you’re writing?” he asks Rabbit.
“I’m doing a thesis on how rabbits eat wolves.” Wolf can hardly stop
laughing.“You don’t expect to get such rubbish published, do you?”
Rabbit says he knows his thesis will be published.“Do you want to see
why?” The rabbit and the wolf go into the burrow, and again Rabbit
returns by himself and goes back to typing.
Inside Rabbit’s burrow, on one corner, there is a pile of fox bones and a
pile of wolf bones. On the other side of the room, a huge lion is picking
his teeth.
Moral: It doesn’t matter what you choose for a thesis subject. It
doesn’t matter what you use for data. What does matter is who
you have for a thesis advisor.
Time Out
Muttrah Fort
Another great place for panoramic shots of the harbor, and one of
the oldest forts in the capital, Muttrah Fort lies on a tall, steep hill
along the Corniche, overlooking the souk of Muttrah. The fort
was constructed by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Formerly
a prison, the fort is now being renovated as a tourist attraction.
From the back (souk) side of the fort, you can climb stairs right
up to the tiny door. Here there is a restored watchtower with
panoramic views of the city and harbour.
Take 4
Whether you are in Muscat for one day, one week or one month,
try to find the time to fit in these fun-filled excursions
Bait al Zubair
Tourists with a penchant for history might want to
visit the Bait al Zubair, a museum that showcases the
cultural history and traditions of Oman. Touted as one
of the most visited museums in Muscat, it has a rich
collection of art works and artefacts that were once used
by ordinary families, generation after generation. You can
also find a display of the best Omani jewellery, costumes,
household items and weapons.
Day at the beach
Muscat boasts some very accessible beaches,
where you can go for a romantic picnic, some
sunbathing or just to chill for the afternoon.
Weekend picnics and barbeques are popular
and most coves are perfect for snorkeling,
with fairly gentle shelves, for children. Venues
include the private beach at Bandah Jissar, just
outside of town, and the long sands at Qurum
and Al Azaiba.
Armed Forces Museum
This excellent Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum is far more
than just a display of military hardware. The museum is
housed in Bayt al-Falaj, built in 1845 as a royal summer
home, but used mostly as the headquarters of the Sultan’s
armed forces. The lower rooms give a comprehensive outline
of Oman’s history, and the upper rooms explore Oman’s
international relations and military prowess.
46 Get Familiar
at a glance
The Sultanate of Oman is the third largest country located in the southeast coast of the Arabian peninsula. The Sultanate is
bordered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the west, the United Arab Emirates in the northeast, the Republic of Yemen in the
southwest, the Strait of Hormuz in the north and the Arabian Sea in the east.
Oman has a land area of approximately 3 09 500km2 and a 3 165km long coastline extending from the Strait of Hormuz in the north
to the borders of the Republic of Yemen in the south.
Oman’s coast spans the three seas: the Arabian Gulf, the Sea of Oman and the Arabian Sea. A number of islands also are part of
Oman including the famous islands of Masirah and Halaniyat (Kuria Muria). The country’s northernmost part, the Musandam
peninsula, is Oman’s only coast on the Arabian Gulf and it is located across the strategic Strait of Hormuz.
Fact Sheet
Population (2010)
Local Time
Shopping Hours
3 09 500km2.
2.69 million, including 743 000 expatriates.
Arabic (official), English (widely spoken), German & French (most hotel staff ).
GMT +4.
Omani Rial, which equates to US$ 2.58.
09:00 - 13:00 then 16:30 - 22:00
The local currency is the Omani Rial (referred to as RO or OR or OMR). It is further divided into 1000 Baizas. Currency
denominations are available in 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 Rial and 500 and 100 Baiza notes. Coins are available in 50, 25, 10 and 5 Baizas.
Islam is the official religion of the Sultanate of Oman.
Get Familiar
48 Get Familiar
Tra v el
Whenever you travel overseas, it is often useful
to understand the local laws and customs in the
destination country, as they can often be very
different to your own.
To avoid any mix up or confusion with local laws and
customs we have provided some travellers tips to assist you
in having an enjoyable visit to the Sultanate.
Please be advised that the information contained on
this page is not fully comprehensive and may be liable to
change without prior warning. Consult a travel expert or
your local embassy prior to departing on your journey.
Oman’s laws are based on Sharia law, also known as the
Islamic Law.
• In Oman, it is illegal not to have some form of official ID on you at any given
time. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry either your passport, or a
photocopy of, or some other valid identification card. Other forms of ID
such as overseas driver’s license or overseas ID cards will not be accepted.
• Visitors holding valid UK, Australian, and American and certain other nation’s
driving licenses (check with the embassy if your country’s license is valid)
can currently obtain an Omani license without taking a driving test.
• Vehicles are driven on the right side of the road.
• Heavy rainfall can cause sudden and severe flooding to dry riverbeds, which
may pass over a road. You are advised to take full precautions when driving
during rains.
• Oman is a Muslim country. You should respect local traditions, customs,
laws and religion at all times and be aware of your actions to ensure that they do
not offend other cultures or religious beliefs, especially during the holy month of
Ramadan, or if you intend to visit religious areas.
Basic Arabic Phrases
Yes :naäam
No :laa
Please :arjook
Thank you :shukran
You’re welcome :äafwan
Excuse me I am sorry Good morning
Good evening Good night :lao samaht
:ana aasif
:sabaah al khayr
:masaa’ al khayr
:tusbih äalaa khayr
Tourism & Entertainment 49
To make your cultural journey complete,
visit one of the museums. The Natural
History Museum features Oman’s flora and
fauna, including some of the indigenous
species. To get a glimpse of Oman’s military
history, visit the Armed Forces Museum. The
National Museum showcases a rare collection
of the history of the ruling dynasty. The
archaeological lineage of the country can be
found in the Omani Museum. The Children’s
Museum is educative and entertaining. Bait Al
Zubair and Bait Al Baranda showcase Oman’s
history. For a complete listing of museums,
please refer to the local dailies.
Nizwa Fort Museum
Oman’s first floating hotel - Veronica Duqm
Oman has a wide variety of staying
options catering to any and all types
of visitors. From plush five-star beachfacing resorts and spas for the more
upmarket visitors, to the four-star,
three-star, hotel apartments, camps,
guest houses, and youth hostels,
everyone’s wallet is catered for. Desert
and mountain camps are particularly
interesting experiences if you have not
had the opportunity to enjoy them
before. While in Muscat, you will
be spoilt for choices, and when you
head towards the interior you will
experience true rustic charm and oldworld elegance. Either way, you will
get to experience the essence of true
Omani hospitality wherever you stay.
Oman is full of traditional and modern
shopping. If you are looking for the
world’s best brands, head to the nearest
mega-malls, shopping complexes or
hypermarkets. You can find these outlets
all across the capital city, as well as in the
larger cities like Nizwa, Sohar, Sur and
If traditional shopping is your interest,
then you must visit the Muttrah Souq
beside the Muttrah Corniche area.
There are also some very old and famous
souqs in Nizwa, Sinaw, Ibra and Salalah.
For tourists, these souqs are a paradise
for souvenir hunting! Frankincense,
perfumes, spices, dates and antiques
jostle for space with electronic products,
fashion accessories and toys. For a
complete Oman experience, have a go at
both the old and the new!
Sinaw Souq
50 Oman Air News
Oman Air successfully
showcased at ITB Berlin
Oman Air, the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman, announced
its successful participation at the ITB Berlin which concluded recently.
Guests from the travel trade, media and general public, visited the Oman
Air stall at the ITB.
Showcasing its multi-award-winning products and services, Oman Air
hosted a range of events at its spectacular stand and ensured that visitors
receive a taste of the hospitality for which Oman is renowned.
Munich. Since the launch of the Frankfurt and
Munich services, Oman Air not only expanded
its network and fleet of aircraft, but has also
launched a range of new products and services,
each designed to enhance the passenger
experience. These include unveiling new
premium lounges at Muscat and Bangkok.”
Oman Air’s Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Pearce, greeted guests from
Germany’s most prestigious media titles to savour Omani coffee and
traditional snacks. Mr Pearce was accompanied by members of the airline’s
senior management, including Chief Commercial Officer Abdulrazaq
Al Raisi, General Manager Marketing Mohammed Al Shikely, General
Manager Worldwide Sales Paul Starrs, and Country Manager Germany,
Nicky Samarasinghe.
There was a surprise event to demonstrate the
remarkable size and comfort of Oman Air’s
Business Class seat, during the course of the
ITB, which was recently named Best Business
Class Seat in the World at the World Airline
Wayne Pearce, CEO, Oman Air said: “Oman Air’s participation at ITB
Berlin continues the airline’s long association with this most prestigious of
travel events and celebrates the success of its services between the Omani
capital of Muscat and Germany’s two largest airports, Frankfurt and
On the third and final day of the show, the
winners of last year’s DSDS (The German
Idol show), a national search for Germany’s
next superstars which is broadcast on RTL,
Oman Air News
signed autographs at Oman Air’s stand. They
also highlighted the unparalleled standards
that Oman Air offers in First Business and
Economy Classes, as well as drew visitors’
attention to the awe-inspiring beauty and
superb accommodation that travellers to the
Sultanate of Oman can enjoy.
To find out about Oman Air’s products, services and superb value, visit
It was also disclosed at the ITB that the
maximum number of tourists to Oman were
from Germany, the due credit of which goes to
the many road shows arranged by the Ministry
of Tourism Oman and the promotional
campaigns undertaken by Oman Air.
enjoy the very best in holidays and leisure travel. For trade visitors, the
About ITB Berlin
ITB Berlin brings together tour operators, booking systems, carriers,
hotels and all other suppliers who want to ensure that their customers
event offers an excellent opportunity to meet business partners and to do
business, and for all other visitors, ITB Berlin is a wonderful opportunity
to discover the whole world within a few hours. The event was held at
Messe Berlin, from 7th-11th March.
Mobile Connectivity •Wi-Fi • Personal Device • Seat Back Browsing • Live TV
Sherlock Holmes:
A Game of Shadows
Bruno Mars
Behind the Scenes: War Horse
54 Entertainment Highlights
Welcome to the world of
entertainment! Oman Air’s Inflight Entertainment offers you
the space to sit back and travel
in comfort with the greatest and
latest range of Western, Arabic
and International movies, plus
television and music.
On our A330 and brand new
Embraer fleet entertainment is all
on demand and at your fingertips.
For our B737 customers we have a
hand-picked selection of movies
and television programmes in
local languages in addition
to western comedy and some
Send SMS or make calls to your
friends, family or colleagues with
our On Air mobile services or
log-on with On Air Wi-Fi internet
services. Your device or ours, you
are in control!!
We now have lower priced, higher
value packages for you to be
connected to friends and family
while traveling. Please make use
of this offer on our A330 “FULLY
CONNECTED” flights.
worldwide entertainment. Audio selection has a range
of hosted audio channels for your listening pleasure.
Not to forget, there is an array of entertainment to keep
the younger ones amused for hours including movies,
TV, music and games. Of course we have a parental
lock available to block content that may be unsuitable
for viewing by children. Contact your cabin crew to
activate this service at your childs’s seat.
On our A330 stay up to date with news of the world as
Live Television is streamed directly to your seatback
through our satellite. If you need to stay connected
then plug in to our seat back system which is
compatible with your own personal portable devices.
You can now listen to your own music, watch your
videos or preview your holiday photos.
For more details, LOG ON and start surfing!!!!
To make calls in-flight, International roaming charges
as charged by your home mobile service provider will
be applicable.
So begin your entertainment journey now by
touching the screen in front of you or using one of the
handsets to open the world class
entertainment and connectivity
on offer. Plan to enjoy
your flight!!!
You can browse the internet on
your smart phones at the rates of
USD 5 and USD 15.
You can also browse using your
laptops or on In-flight seat back
screens at the rate of USD 15 and
USD 40.
(Please note this service is available only on A330 flights)
Live Television
To keep yourself updated with current affairs and business news please tune into Live TV under
our Television category. (Service available on A330 only)
Al Jazeera News (Arabic)
BBC News (English)
Al Jazeera International
Al Jazeera News (Arabic)
BC News (English)
Al Jazeera International
CNBC Arabia
(Please note this service is available only on A330 flights)
Entertainment Highlights
Hugo The astonishing adventure of a resourceful boy whose quest to
unlock a secret left to him by his father will transform Hugo and all those
around him, and reveal a safe and loving place he can call home.
Mission:Impossible - Ghost Protocol After he is framed
for the death of several colleagues and falsely branded a traitor,
a secret agent embarks on a daring scheme to clear his name in
this spy adventure.
War Horse
(Hollywood Latest Release)
Microphone (Arabic Latest Release)
We Bought A Zoo
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Guy Ritchie helms
a new, action-packed adventure, following the world’s most famous
detective, Sherlock Holmes and his trusted associate, Dr Watson, as
they match wits with their arch-nemesis, Moriarty.
Fasel Wa Na’oud
(Hollywood Latest Release)
(Arabic Latest Release)
Sonnenallee La Kryptonite Nella Borsa
(International - German )
(International - Italian)
LaTarajouhWalaEsteslam (Arabic Latest Release)
Rockstar (International - Hindi New)
Entertainment Highlights
The Big Bang Theory
(Western Comedy)
Vivienne Westwood
(Western Lifestyle & Showbiz)
Raya W Skeena
(Arabic Comedy)
How I Met Your Mother
Person Of Interest
Behind The Scenes
Location, Location, Location
(Western Comedy)
(The making of War Horse)
(Arabic Comedy)
(Western Drama)
(Western Drama)
Best Buy
(Western Lifestyle & Showbiz)
(Western Business)
Lahathat Hareja
(Arabic Lifestyle)
(Arabic Drama)
Al’s Casino
Multi-Player Backgammon
Bejeweled 2 ®
Asteroids ™
BumpOut 3D
In-Flight Mahjong
Entertainment Highlights
Featured Artist
Tamil Hits
Tune in with
Claire Sturgess as
we pay homage
to a particular
recording star
every cycle with a collection of
their greatest hits & a run down
of their biography & information
of their career achievements.
Features Guns N’ Roses.
Best Of 1960-1980
From the great sounds
of Kollywood, host
Maniam will entertain
you with the extensive
range of songs from the
latest and most popular Tamil movies on
Tamil Hits.Features track from Kollaikaran
Best Of 1980-2000
Western Classical
Ministry Of Sound
Easy Listening
Hindi Hits
Ninety minutes
of the best of the
Western gold hits
from the 60s to
the late 70s! The
vast, best-loved favourites of that
era will be showcased by Colin
Berry here for a trip down Memory
Lane. Or discover what’s hot
and popular during the era that
you’re not from. Stay tune for the
best sounds of Motown, RocknRoll
and even Disco, that were
prominent back then! Features
The Beach Boys.
Western Pop
Immerse yourself into
the colourful and
flamboyant world of
Bollywood as Monica
plays you the best
selections from the
latest movie soundtracks on Hindi Hits!
Features track from Don 2.
Classic Songs
Malayalam Mix
Thai Music
Malay Pop
Sinhalese Favourites
Arabic Pop
Voice of Oman
Featuring the latest top Arabic songs
addressed to all music lovers, this channel
showcases the best in
contemporary music
from recent album
releases to cater to the
varieties of tastes.
Features Wael Kfoury.
Oman Unlimited
Oman National Songs
Khaleeji Songs
Greatest Hits
North African
Audio CDs
BRIT & Grammy
The two most prestigious
music awards have
spoken for 2011. The
star studded events
delivers outstanding
live performances and
let us know what the
professionals thought
were amazing in music
from the last year.
Adele’s ‘21’, Jessie J’s
‘Who You Are’, Florence
& The Machine’s
‘Ceremonials’ are the
few big achievers of the
year but check out our
highlighted CDs to see if
you can find anymore.
Es’al Alaya
Lana Del Rey
Born To Die
Tim McGraw
Emotional Traffic
Be Omri Kolo
Wadea (Ya Einy Al
Wadea El Safi
Various Artists
Taio Cruz
Scotty McCreery
Break The Spell
Janis Joplin
Greatest Hits
Joshua Bell
French Impressions
Clear As Day
Neil Cowley Trio
The Face Of Mount

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