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Rigid Brochure - Indaco Metals
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Indaco Metals is now offering high quality,
cost effective rigid frame building systems.
We specialize in Residential, Industrial,
Commercial and Agricultural.
All of our Engineered Indaco Rigid frame
buildings are customized to your needs.
All of our designs are created with cutting
edge technology and by experienced technicians.
The answer to your needs is just a quote
away; Quality assistance to help you
determine the Indaco Rigid Frame that's
right for you.
Wire Frame Drawing With Every Quote
36 X 50 X 12 - 1/12 Pitch
2 -12 X 50 lean-too
Eave Strut
Roof Purlin
Itemized Quote & Contract (no gray areas)
Factory Located Openings
Certified R-Value, Vinyl Re-enforced Insulation
All Purlin Clips factory welded
All Primary Frame Girt Clips are factory welded
Bolt-on Pre-Punched Light Gauge End Wall Clips for
Girts & Openings
• Add Gutter, Walk Door, Liner Panels, Skylights,
Overhead Crane Ready Haunches, Ridge Vents, Open
Frames, Lean-too (to one side or both), Single Slopes,
Offset Peaks, Eave Extensions
(continued on reverse side)
Sidewall Girt
Light Gauge Endwall Column
Endwall Girt
• On-Staff P.E. Engineer, Buildings rigorously checked &
stamped when required
• Your Building will be Designed & Detailed with the
most Advanced Automated Software in the world today
• Your Primary Frame is Factory Primer Coated with
Rust Inhibitors
• All Parts Identified & Marked
• Hot Rolled Primary Frames or Tapered
• All required holes for attachment of secondary member
and bracing are factory located
• All Field Connections are Bolted (no welding required)
• All Purlin (roof) and Girts (walls) are Pre-Punched for
easy assembly
• All Sheeting are 26 gauge "R" Panel PBR (Purlin
Bearing Leg roof & Walls) unless specified otherwise
• All Buildings come with closures to insure
weather tightness
Eave Strut
Tapered Haunch Connection
• All Buildings come with pre-formed 3ft. Ridge Cap to
provide a tight weatherproof seal
• We provide a full set of Anchor Bolt Plans for
placement of anchor bolts into the foundation
• Full set of, easy to follow, Erection Drawings
Factory Welded Rafter Clips
Lap section, Roof Purlin
Flange Bracing
Tapered Rafter
Indaco Metals L.L.C. located in Shawnee, Oklahoma is a family owned and operated business.
Joe Inda and family are committed to providing excellent customer
service with honesty and integrity while producing a high quality product.
Indaco Metals Manufactures and Distributes a complete line of metal building products.
• Fully Engineered Truss Building Packages, Weld-Up or Bolt-Up
• Three Cut to Length Panel Profiles, 26 ga., “R” Panel, Duraloc, and Standing Seam
• Metal, Home Roofing Systems • Cut-to-length Standing Seam
• Engineered Carports and Patio Covers • 26 ga. Sheet Metal Trim
• Fully Stocked Structural Yard • Insulation and Accessories
and now proud to provide a high quality, fully engineered, Rigid Frame Package to our customers.
Call For Your Personalized Quote Today!
Indaco Metals operates with experienced sales staff that can determine your building needs.
Trade With us, And You’ll Understand!
We sell you only what you need, and nothing you don't !
Indaco Metals LLC
3 American Way • Shawnee OK, 74802
405-273-9200 • Toll Free 877-300-7334•
877-750-5615 Fax 405-273-9206
©2006 Indaco Metals L.L.C.
Printed 9/9/2006

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