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December 2004 · nº 40
Drawing Contest
Ten years
bringing colour
to Christmas
Grupo Antolin
Prince Philip Award
for technological innovation
Expansion is now reality
It is a Publication of
Grupo Antolin
Grupo Antolin is an international
company, leader in the design and
manufacture of interior components
for the automotive industry.
It is present in 18 countries, and has
more than 8,800 employees
Grupo Antolin
Human Resources Department
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Tel. 34 947 47 77 00
Fax: 34 947 48 49 19
Human Resources Department
Eva Romero
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in first persone Happy New Year 2005
on the covert Ten years bringing colour to Christmas
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special Six Sigma Iniciative
focus on India, la realidad de una expansión
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news grupo antolin · december 2004
short news
the way Paris
Happy New Year 2005
The year 2004 is coming to an end and it is time to enjoy the wonderful holiday season
with our nearest and dearest, making the most of our hard-earned rest to face the challenges of 2005 with renewed energy.
Last March witnessed an event that was highly significant for our company. The financial
BURGOS, under the leadership of the latter, jointly set up the Company ANIRA INVERSIONES, S.L., with the sole corporate purpose of having a stake in GRUPO ANTOLIN.
On 11th March 2004 the stockholding interest of ANIRA INVERSIONES, S.L. materialised
into our share capital, when it became the holder of 20% of such capital.
With this share, our Group has strengthened its financial structure and substantially
improved its investment capabilities, and is in a position to put this to advantage, owing
to the effort made in technological concepts, thereby ensuring that the significant growth
envisaged in our strategic plan is sustainable, and that this financial year now shows a
20% increase on the figure for 2003.
...in first person
José Antolin Chairman
I would like to stress the relevance of the 'Premio Príncipe Felipe a la Innovación Tecnológica'
(Prince Philip Award for Technological Innovation) received on 18th November.
This important award, of which you should all feel you have some part, fills us with pride and
represents an important stimulus to continue progressing along the path we have taken,
with a great deal of effort devoted to the creation of technology, taking advantage of the
large capacity for innovation displayed by our men and women and which unquestionably
makes up the biggest raft of support to sustain the future of our common enterprise.
With my sincerest wishes for a Happy Christmas this Christmas time, I would like to pass
on my gratitude for the effort made, which I am sure will guarantee our Prosperity in the
coming year and the years to follow.
december 2004 · news grupo antolin
Drawing Contest
Ten years
bringing colour to
The phrase “a decade of joy” could be used to sum up the ten
years that Grupo Antolin has been holding the art competition for
our children. Through this report we would like to thank all the
children that have made it possible, especially the participants and
winners of Christmas 2004. Thank you.
Winners 2004
5 a 7 years old
1st prize
2nd prize
3rd prize
Grupo Antolin- Autoform
Grupo Antolin- Louisiana
8 a 11 years old
1st prize
2nd prize
3rd prize
Judith Reichart
Hayden Bourque
Kübra Bekiç
5 years old
6 years old
6 years old
Grupo Antolin- France
Grupo Antolin-Kentucky
Ines Rosen
Emily Cornelius
Fatmanur Bekiç
11 years old
11 years old
11 years old
Grupo Antolin-Pune
Aditi Gulab
news grupo antolin · december 2004
9 years old
I couldn't believe it, my
Dad told me my picture would
be used to wish thousands of
people a Happy Christmas.
Just imagine! I didn't think it
had come out too well because I
ran out of water colours and
didn't have time to add the final
touches to the star!
of children that have taken
They told me that, just like me, there are lots- 10
years ago! In those
part since they started to hold this competi
year there were over 600.
days, they only received 100 pictures, but this
e were some very nice
I think I was very lucky, because ther
h the artist's special view of
paintings from all over the world, eac.h Iwitcou
ld see that Christmas in
this time of year in their own country or in the USA but it is
India is not the same as in Germany
always Christmas, just the same.
prizes have been given out
That's why every year since 1994 the mig
ht it be something to do
all over the world. Don't tell anyone but
with Father Christmas/T he Three Wise M
we don't win, there is
I am really pleased because even though
wn a picture, and the
always a present for all those that havesdra
card just for me.
Chairman of my Dad's company send a
I hope you are as happy as I am this holida
to everyone!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
december 2004 · news grupo antolin
Six Sigma
Launch of 3rd WAVE of Black Belts and Business Green Belts
The development of Six Sigma continues to forge ahead with the aim of achieving its
objectives of integrating this methodology as a tool for solving problems or developing new
systems, involving more and more people every day from our organisation.
Total Quality Direction
More than two years after the Initiative was launched, in September 2002, this year saw the introduction of the figure of
the “Business Green Belt”, which, like the Black Belts, is going
to play a highly significant role in its development.
From September 2004 until January 2005 the 3rd Wave of Black
Belts & Business Green Belts have been undergoing Six Sigma
training. We shall begin by explaining the difference between
a Black Belt and a Business Green Belt, which, basically, can be
summed up by two characteristics, as follows:
30.5 days, with DMAIC & DFSS methods
Full time for 2 years
11,5 days
As required for their project
DMAIC: Used to enhance
existing processes, products,
services and technologies
news grupo antolin · december 2004
15 days
DFSS: Used to create new
processes, products, services and
1. Esther González (DFSS GB) Door Panel Dept.
2. Adelaida Antolin (DFSS GB) DIMD - Design
3. Michal Vojtechovsky (BB) G.A. Bohemia
4. Julio Asensio (BB) G. A. Ara
5. Carlos Ortega (BB) G.A. Dapsa
6. Montserrat Santillán (DFSS GB) D. HR
7. Adrián Cana (BB) G.A. Autotrim
8. Fco. Javier Rodríguez (DMAIC GB) Purchasing D.
9. José Luis Rosillo (DMAIC GB) G.A. Linara
10. Robby Vollstaedt (DMAIC GB) G.A. Logistik
11. Iratxe Burgos (DMAIC GB) G.A. Alava
12. Nuria Pastor (DMAIC GB) G.A. Palencia
13. Bjoern Zimmerninks (DMAIC GB) G.A.
Logistik Deutschland
14. David Mena (BB) G.A. Aragusa
15. Cédric Boulanger (DMAIC GB) G.A.
Logistique Douai
16. Karine Magne (DMAIC GB) Tanis
17. Miguel Ángel Angulo (BB) Ardasa
18. Felix Sáiz (DFSS GB) UNA
Missing People in the Photo
Thomas Cepl (BB) G.A. Autoform Deutschland
Rosalía Arribas (DFSS GB) DIMD - Marketing
Miguel Ángel Grande (DFSS GB) Headliner Dept.
It is worth pointing out that both Six Sigma training and also the
monitoring process for Six Sigma projects, which is essential
for these to develop properly, are conducted by Master Black
Belts from Grupo Antolin. Thus, it is not merely a question of
training the “principle players” of this Initiative, but also of
providing consultation services and support for the Six Sigma
projects from the moment these are launched until the expected results are obtained for such projects.
So as to help us manage and use the information relating to the
Six Sigma projects, a computer application has been generated
in the company's Intranet service, available to all users from the
Group. Here you can find all manner of data referring to the Six
Sigma projects, thereby making it possible for everyone to have
access to it for consultation purposes.
december 2004 · news grupo antolin
Other Business Green Belts that have been trained or are to be trained by the Black Belts at their own companies:
Áureo Alessandri Junior (Iramec)
Christophe Frechin (G.A. Vosges)
David Nicaud (G.A. Loire)
Dominique Grosjean (G.A. Vosges)
Eric Combier (G.A. Loire)
Luis Filipe Antunes (G.A. Lusitania)
Marta Hermosilla García (G.A. Eurotrim)
Raquel Tirado Halconero (G.A. RyA)
Rodrigo del Río (G.A. Eurotrim)
Rubén Lázaro Rodríguez (G.A. RyA)
Rui Paulo Cantinho (G.A. Lusitania)
Yann Le Gall (G.A. Loire)
The following are some facts on the Development of the Six Sigma Initiative at Grupo Antolin:
The total number of projects launched
since September 2002 until now
amounts to 119, distributed as follows:
68 proyects
2003 33 proyects
2002 17 proyects
These Six Sigma projects, in turn,
may be found in various different
The project is being developed
or analysed.
The project has an activity
plan assigned to it, resulting
from a Six Sigma analysis.
Action plan fully implemented.
Project halted temporarily.
More and more significant numbers
of people are becoming involved in
the Six Sigma Initiative, forming part
of the projects or offering their collaboration on these. It is worth mentioning that over 300 people have
already been trained as Champions or
Project Champions, and are now
ready to take on this role in the future.
We wish to thank all those that have contributed towards the 6 Sigma Initiative for
all their effort and involvement.
news grupo antolin · december 2004
Cancellation of the project.
Black Belts
Green Belts
Green Belts
Expansion is now a reality
History knows “INDIA” as a country dominated by agriculture, cultural feelings and with a
tradition of primitive and tribal activities.
Over the years, particularly during the last decade, India started reflecting a change of
paradigm towards industrialization, Information Technology, infrastructure services etc.
These efforts were also well supplemented by a higher level of
education and an increase on literacy in the villages. The barometer of the developing economy has not only been the increasing GDP (Gross Domestic Product) but also the decreasing gap
between “HAVES” and “HAVE NOTs'.
No wonder that “Grupo Antolin” was able to lay the foundations in India way back in 1995. 'Grupo Antolin', during the initial stage of production, started with just a couple of customers and today it has captured the 100% of the customers
and it is alsosupported by world-class technology.
december 2004 · news grupo antolin
Deployment of car constructors and manufacturers in India
North/South Korea
Iran Afghanistan
Pakistan Nepal
Thailand Laos
Sri Lanka
Source: DIMD-Marketing
Sri Lanka
news grupo antolin · december 2004
In India, the wholly owned plant of Grupo
Antolin is located in Pune in the State of
Maharashtra. This plant where sunvisors,
door panels, package trays and headliners, above all, are made, has the advantage of being centrally located and thereby maintains a reasonable quality standar
strictly in MAJOR automobile sectors.
Here, Grupo Antolin work for all the Indian car manufacturers.
It is also very close to one of the leading
In the year 2002, Grupo Antolin set up an
Engineering Center” in Pune with 3 Engineers. The Engineering Center has
shown expansible growthover the last
couple of years and currently it employs
40 Engineers, sharing work profile with
Grupo Antolin - Spain, Grupo Antolin North America , Grupo Antolin - France,
and the activities are on the ascending
curve. Further work profiles will also be
shared with Grupo Antolin - Deutschland
& Grupo Antolin - Japan shortly.
As a result in the Northern part of India, a
New Joint Venture with “Krishna Maruti”, one of the leading vendors of Maruti - India (SUZUKI) has been finalized. Pro-
Contribution to growth (2003-2011)
Vehicle production levels
Africa Asia Pacific
Eastern Europe
Western Europe
North America
South America
Middle East
Source: DIMD-Marketing
India is the 3rd country that contributes most to the growth
of the Asiatic region after China and South Korea.
duction at Krishna Grupo Antolin, is expected to begin in January 2005 and it
will have the advantage of serving one of
the largest Auto Manufacturers in India.
It is a classic combination of technology,
planning and customer relationship.
Similarly Grupo Antolin has also provided
support to introduce the Modular Headliner for the first time in India by setting
up an assembly / logistic Centre at Chennai. This Centre has been established
to cover the Southern Sector of India.
december 2004 · news grupo antolin 11
Feeling the Car
When we first started to consider the idea at Grupo Antolin of opening up a product line
based around Perceived Quality, we never imagined that we would be entering a new
world, with its own language and specific tools, designed to please the senses of the
customer. In order to understand this concept, you merely have to take a look at how
Perceived Quality is defined at General Motors: “Perceived Quality is Real Quality, from
the customer's perspective, developed by creating and enticing a sensory experience of
sight, touch, sound, and even smell.”
Rosalía Arribas Grupo Antolin
The relationship with the customer takes on
an extraordinary degree of importance and
determines how successful a vehicle will be.
There are times when the vehicle users
move ahead of the auto culture, perceiving
sensations and details that might escape
the manufacturers and suppliers; hence
Grupo Antolin has considered the need
to incorporate the customer's perspective
in its activities involving Perceived Quality.
news grupo antolin · december 2004
The key is
in the Interior
If we ask our customers today what they
consider to be a key item when judging the perceived quality of a vehicle,
they will almost certainly say the interior. No other part of the vehicle has
such potential, and any modification
or improvement in our products may
have a surprising effect on the look and
feel of the interior.
There is clearly a direct link between Perceived Quality and Design. Last-minute
changes or additons, “carry-over” parts,
discrepancies between the initial design
and its final development… can ruin the
efforts of several years, so that attention
to detail in design and subsequent development stands out as being a key aspect in ensuring that our image of perceived quality is the correct one.
Generally-speaking, what the customer
perceives is the attention given to detail
in the whole process of creating the
vehicle. This is achieved by applying a series of basic principles:
· Design: fluid, harmonious lines.
· Materials: attractive appearance; pleasant touch; solid sound.
· Ergonomics: comfortable and easy
to use.
· Functional use: space, surprise and light.·
Acabados sublimes.
· Great final finishes.
· Robustness: sense of safety and solidity.
Cultural Change
ular experience, of the needs and wishes of the final customer.
In order to take up the challenge, Grupo
Antolin has formed a multi-disciplinary
Committee for Perceived Quality that integrates Marketing, Design, the Product
Departments, and those in charge of
quality assurance from specific plants. The
Committee also has the benefit of collaboration with the University of Burgos,
through OMEGA (Observatorio del Mercado Global de Automoción) - a watchdog for the global market of the auto
industry), always alert to the trends and
movements of the industry, and the help
of local car dealers, who offer their own
perspective, based on their own partic-
The objectives identified by the commission
are extremely ambitious. On the one hand,
to improve quality standards for our products, take advantage of benchmarking for
perceived quality as a source of new ideas
and products, and help our clients invest
their money where the final customer will
appreciate it most; and on the other, there
is Grupo Antolin's involvement with its customers right from the very first studies of the
concept of a vehicle. We are talking not
about evolution, but about total revolution.
A number of activities have already been
put into progress: benchmarking Perceived Quality by experts and final customers for complete vehicles, the use of
tools to objectify the senses, panels of experts, customer surveys ...the results of
which are implemented in specific proposals that are offered to our customers.
Perceived Quality has been designed as a
6 Sigma project, and has the explicit support of the company's board of directors;
however, in the battle for Perceived Quality, it is essential that we benefit from the
effort and involvement of everyone that
forms part of Grupo Antolin. We have to
stop thinking as car manufacturers and
start thinking about ourselves as car creators. We are the undisputed key link in the
customer's chain of value.
december 2004 · news grupo antolin 13
Grupo Antolin Prince Philip Award for
We are very proud to have received the
Prince Philip Award for Technological
Innovation for the DTM door module.
The Ministry of Industry, Tourism and
Trade conferred these awards, like every
other year, to recognise merit and en-
news grupo antolin · january 2005
dorse the prestige of Spanish companies that make an effort to be more
competitive and achieve Business Excellence.
This prestigious award means the recognition of the consolidated trajectory of
our company, which is firmly committed to innovation and has thus seen its
managerial practice rewarded.
The prize-giving ceremony was presided
over by Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince
and Princess of Asturias.
december 2004 · news grupo antolin 15
Sp iversary
th Ann
anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th an
“ ”
We wish to take advantage of this
first number of our Newsletter
to address everyone …”
These were the words of Avelino Antolin and Jose Antolin in the first
information magazine that came out 10 years ago and whose anniversary we
are celebrating today. Many things have happened since 1994, intentions
which today have become a reality.
1994 was marked by a situation of crisis within the motor vehicle industry in Spain,
which was caused by the
spectacular drop in sales of vehicles in our country. Like the
rest of the companies in the
sector, the Grupo was affected by this situation and tried
to mitigate it by increasing its
market penetration, achieving
orders for parts that we previ-
ously did not manufacture.
Our immediate objective: to
design and produce with the
best quality, least cost and
provide our customers with a
better service.
We were, we are
• Constantly growing
On the other side of the ocean GA
Louisiana y Ga Illinois is created in the USA
In Mexico we continue expanding with our
associates in 2 companies International
Door System y Mexican Door Company
We take the leap to China with a representation office -in Shanghai-and a production company as a joint venture Shanghai Antolin Autoparts-In Spain, GA
Vigo is launched. Joint Venture in India, Krishna Grupo Antolin India.
• Companies
1994 19
2004 59
World Presence
• Technical-Commercial Offices
• Continents
1994 We began to have some inter-
national presence in ten different countries spread along two continents. (Europe and Asia)
2004 Today our presence is a fact with
implementation in 4 of the 5 continents
and in 18 countries.
1994 7 offices. With the creation of
Irausa Ingeniería (Burgos), the purchase
of Irausa Loire which then becomes part of
GA (France), and inauguration of Irausa
Mexico (Mexico) we can say that ours is a
small but growing multinational company.
2004 16 offices.
anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th an
news grupo antolin · december 2004
nniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniv
Trainning session for the total
quality advisors
The deployment of an international R&D organisation was
started, with development centres together with our customers' engineering departments, supported by the newly created central R&D and the
so-called Technology Centre
Plants. The so-called “Project
organisation”, was created for
the new developments, with
the figure of the Project Man-
ager at the head, as a new way
of understanding dialogue
among ourselves and also with
our customers.
With the maxim that everyone in
the organisation can contribute
with something, the wealth of
our company will result from the
optimum use of all of its ideas as
an elementary principle of the
future UETs (Elementary Work
Units). Thus, new work concepts
arise: UET, improvement groups,
progress plan …
José Manuel Temiño, addressing the employers in an
open day held in the Grupo,
set out a series of measures to
reach Excellence, which are
the start of what the Grupo
Antolin is today.
see table on following page
Principe Felipe Awards
Average Age
1994 33.23 average age in 1994.
2004 To 35,36 in 2004.
Given Award "Actualidad Económica"
(Economy Nowadays) to the best employer in
the region of Castilla and Leon
We are still young.
Policy and Strategy
1994 From 33.100 millions of the old pesetas - around 199 million €.
2004 To 1,459 mill. € (estimated figure).
1994 The Grupo Antolin Policy and
Strategy is published.
2004 Throughout 2004 we have been
working under the premises of the
“new” Policy and Strategy updated in
December 2003.
1994 The customer is no longer of-
fered the “traditional” product: Roofs,
Linings and Seats.
2004 He is now provided an integrated concept: Roof Function, Door Function, Seat Function.
1994 The implementation of the UET's
begins, after the pilot experiment in Ara,
Ardasa, Autotrim y Pianfei in 1993.
2004 In 2004, 85% of the personnel
is already organised into UET´s.
1994 It coincides that in 1994 we
were nominated for the Internationalisation (11 January 1994).
2004 And although we were not lucky
on that occasion, the award was granted some years later, in 1997. And not only that, in 2004 we received the award
to Technological Innovation
(18 November 2004) -see middle pages of
this number-.
Training Hours
1994 With the start-up of different
training programmes, an average of 18
hours per person was achieved, over a
total of 43,360.
2004 This ratio has been increased
over the last 10 years until it has reached
51 hours per person, thanks to the HR
development programmes (Executive
Quality, Talent Management).
nniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniv
december 2004 · news grupo antolin 17
anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th an
Have the R&D capacity
that will enable us to be at
the technological forefront
in products considered to
be strategic.
Establishment of logistic
and final preparation units,
directly linked to our
customers' assembly
plants, which permit the
sequential supply of
component assemblies.
Bring our Central R&D
units closer to our
customers, placing them in
countries where the motor
vehicle industry has its
decision centre.
Ideally use our human
resources in the
development activity, by
means of a transverse line
system by projects.
Establishment of a
medium-sized network of
production units,
strategically situated in the
appropriate places, bearing
in mind the distance to
consumption centres and
countries with socioeconomic conditions that
permit maximum
Maintain a financial health
policy without excessive
debts, preserving the
current financial ratios of
the group, which reflect its
Create companies for our
implementation in other
countries, with associates
that assume an important
part of the economic
responsibility without
losing the management
capacity and control of our
…”we are starting a
new culture in our
company, which means
that everyone has to
collaborate and the
spirit of improvement
must be taken to all the
activities of the
Adopt Total Quality as an
integral management
system to reach Excellence
We were, we are
Management Systems:
Environmental Quality and
Prevention of Industrial Risks
1994 The quality management system
was not certified by an approved external evaluator, but it was audited by our
2004 Currently, 35 companies have
ISO/TS 16.949 certification. Since it
started in 1998 there are more than 24
companies that have implemented the
environmental management system according to ISO 14.001. At the beginning
of 2003, the Industrial Risk Prevention
Policy is approved and in December
2004 the first internal audit is performed
according to OHSAS 18.001.
University-Industry Relationship
1994 Collaboration with the University in research matters is started. And
a pilot experiment of 3 students gaining experience in R&A is wagered on.
2004 With the efforts of everyone to
bring the university closer to the business
world, we highlight the following actions,
which today have become a reality: Development of R&D programmes by means
of collaboration agreements
· Initiation of Pre and Post-graduate
courses in business studies, such as students gaining practical experience, degree project, scholarship holders and
research assistants. Just in the headquarters we are talking 125 students
on average each year
Training in New Technologies collaborating together in giving pre-graduate,
post-graduate and doctorate courses
Work Climate Survey
1994 As one of the tools adopted within the internal communication plan propitiated by the Total Quality system, the
first working climate survey is started up.
2004 Thanks to the collaboration of all
of us, today, we have just finished completing the fifth survey.
Drawing Competition
· Creation of a GA Graphic Engineering Research and Teaching Classroom
in the UBU
Sponsor of the Global Automotive
Market Observatory(OMEGA)
· R&D Building
1994 The first year that we wished
everyone a Merry Christmas with cards
made by our employees' children.
2004 From 100 to 663 drawings, number with which we closed the tenth drawing competition of 2004.
anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th anniversary · 10th an
news grupo antolin · december 2004
In harmony with people, society and the environment. Obsessed with quality.
Nuncha Marañón Grupo Antolin
Weaving history
At the end of the 19th century, Sakichi
Toyoda invented the first loom in Japan,
which revolutionised the Japanese textile industry and in January 1918 he
created the company, Toyoda Spinning
and Weaving Company. In 1924, with
the aid of his son, Kiichiro Toyoda, Sakichi achieved a lifetime dream, building
an automated loom, founding, in 1926,
Toyoda Automated Looms. Kiichiro,
an innovative and enterprising person,
entered the motor vehicle industry
thanks to his trips to Europe and the US
in the twenties and with the 100,000
pounds that Sakichi Toyoda had received for the sale of the patent rights of
his automated loom. In 1937, Kiichiro
laid the foundations for the Toyota Motor Company. Not until 1957 did the
founder change the name from Toyoda to Toyota.
One of the greatest legacies of Kiichiro Toyoda, apart from TMC itself, was
the “Toyota Production System”, based
on the Jidoka, 'just-in-time' and Kaizen principles, resulting in a key factor
for the progressive development of the
system, which became a reference and
extended throughout the motor vehicle
industry all over the world.
More than a “quality”
Let us observe development in Japan. If
we bear in mind the adverse geographical factors that have played against
it, and its limited resources, we realise
that man has been the key factor. Toyota has known how to centre the whole philosophy around man and society
and it has taken it wherever it has gone.
In April 2002 Toyota refreshed its “Global Vision - 2010” with a clear motto:
Innovation in the future - Passion for
creating a better society. Its clear commitment to society is translated into respect for the environment as well as fostering technologies that improve regeneration, making life easier for society
with safer and more comfortable vehicles. It has also become a company
that is respected by everyone, fostering Toyota aesthetics to achieve as many followers as possible.
As a result, its philosophy is based, on
the one hand, on offering consumers quality products wherever these are requested, thus providing society with the maximum value, and, on the other, establishing
a relationship of long-term mutual benefit with its suppliers and which is already giving its fruits.
Rapid expansion and
Toyota has managed to become the largest
vehicle producer in Japan, with a 40% share of the Nippon market. In the fifties, it
went beyond its Japanese frontier, although
it was with the Corolla, when it began to
earn a reputation and sales with which it
could confront its competitors. In the eighties it became acknowledged in the USA
and achieved productivity levels comparable
with those of Japan. Furthermore, Toyota is
number one in customer satisfaction in the
majority of European countries, displacing,
for example, makes such as Mercedes-Benz
in Germany, and earning an excellent reputation all over the world thanks to its quality, reliability and customer service. But
the word “growth” is one of the most important within the Toyota vocabulary all
over the world, whose objective is to achieve 15% of the global market by the year
Today, Toyota has become the 2nd world
manufacturer, producing more than 7 million vehicles a year, the equivalent to an approximate production of 1 car every 5 seconds. That is, whilst you were reading the
history of Toyota quite a few Toyotas have been produced!
1977 Development of the first hybrid sports vehicle
with gas turbine.
1997 Use of hybrid technology in buses
1997 Launch of the first passenger vehicle with
hybrid technology, Prius (150,000 units sold) .
2001 Development and presentation of a 4x4 - MPV
2001 First large-size berlin equipped with hybrid
2002 Presented the FCHV all-terrain (Hybrid vehicle
with fuel cell)
2003 Hybrid Concept Car from Lexus
2004 Launch of the Lexus RX400h
2004 The hybrid technology of Toyota arouses a lot of
interest from constructors such as Nissan,Ford USA
and Porsche.
december 2004 · news grupo antolin 19
and Lighting
for Radiance
Grupo Antolin designs a new concept for
interior lighting for Radiance, the new
concept truck by Renault
It is an ambitious project with respect to innovation, in which the areas of Lighting and
Design at Grupo Antolin have been involved throughout the entire project, proposing innovative ideas and solutions, using
the most advanced lighting technologies,
and bringing these plans to fruition in collaboration with G-Studio in Turin.
The result has met the demands of the
client and fits the overall context of the project perfectly, introducing new possibilities
for interior design and opening the door to
far more daring concepts for the future.
The lighting effects make the space look larger, set the lines off and make the
different areas more personal. Furthermore, they allow an atmosphere to be
created inside the cabin that enhances the
quality of life on board, always using the
latest technological solutions.
Last September Radiance, the Concept
Truck with which Renault hopes to make its mark over the next few years was
presented at the IAA in Hanover.
The multidisciplinary team formed by the
designers, lighting engineers and technical staff has been able to reinforce and
distinguish the image of the Renault make of Trucks with new lighting effects, and
also create sensations and differentiate
between work space and living space,
thanks to the use of colour and the possibility of adjusting intensities.
This will all go to help the final users to
“feel completely at home”. 'C'est la magie de l'éclairage'
The ability of Grupo Antolín to help its
clients at every step along the way, from
design to the final stage of production,
has opened up new possibilities for cooperation with Renault.
Grupo Antolin is really proud of the result
that has been achieved, and has seen its
work acknowledged, both by its client,
and by the trade magazines and press
on a world-wide scale.
This confirms the fact that close collaboration between the OEMs and their
suppliers is a key factor for the successful outcome of any project.
Innovation and technology in conjunction
with design have given shape to Radiance...
This type of work, together with the work
developed during offer and expert phases, provide value added, which is greatly
appreciated by our clients.
Innovation and technology together with design has given shape to Radiance
news grupo antolin · december 2004
on its way...
sary” to “High Impact Presentation”. Speakers as important as Daniel Estulin, considered one of the best communicators in the world, have
helped us start up this initiative, which we hope will result
in a more and more specific
and higher quality professional development.
Some seminars are being held
within the Generation I3, Managing Talent programme,
whose aim is to develop specific competences and skills:
from “Time Management”,
“Stress as something neces-
for GA Plasbur
Once again
Antolin has
received the
VW award
At the beginning of October
the VW Group once again
gathered together its best suppliers to grant the “Volkswagen
Group Award 2004” prizes.
The acknowledgement has
been two-fold. On the one
hand, the Technical University
of the Polish city of Warsaw
was the scenario chosen in Europe for the meeting of more
than 100 VW Group suppliers.
20 of them were awarded
prizes and obtained the “Volkswagen Group Award 2004”.
Angelo Semeria, the manager of GA Plasbur, and on behalf
of the whole GA Plasbur team, received the “Q1” award's commemorative plaque and flag from José Antonio Valero (Ford
STA*) in October last.
Of the 5 categories the prizes
were divided into: competences
in development, product quality, logistics, business efficiency
and environmental awareness,
Grupo Antolin-Irausa, S.A. was
awarded the prize in the Product Quality category.
Obtaining this award after such a complicated project as the
C.214 has been, has not been easy, but thanks to the effort,
dedication and professionalism of the whole firm, it has been
*Supplier Technical assistant
On the other hand and also in
October, during the Salon del
Automóvil (Motor Show) of
Sao Paulo, TRIMTEC received
the first prize to the best supplier in the competence in development chapter and INTERTRIM the second prize in
the cost reduction chapter.
december 2004 · news grupo antolin 21
Supplier Fair 2004
38.000 visitor record at IZB was reported by
the Wolfsburg AG, the marketing consultant at
Wolfsburg, the City of VW!
IZB, the international supplier exhibition has developed to an international platform for all global acting Automotive suppliers to exhibit latest
technologies and trends being used in Automotive development, design and logistics.
For the first time Grupo Antolin took the opportunity and displayed a selected product portfolio with focus to VW developments. Besides the Touareg Head Liner Module in exclusive Alcantara version the latest DTM Door Trim
Module of the SEAT Altea and various sun visors for VW Touareg and Sharan were presented. Visitors from VW, Audi, Daimler Chrysler, BMW and Opel were additionally attracted by the "Drop&Go" Seat of our GA France
Team. Highlight during the exhibition was the
unexpected visit of Dr. Winterkorn, CEO (Chief
Executive Officer) of Audi and his technical
team. Hughes Viel, Sales Manager and José
Manuel Prado, Project Manger Seats Dept.
together with Christian Steinmetz, Technical Director Territory Central & Eastern Europe, had
the opportunity to explain to them in detail the
advantages of the "Drop&Go" Seat System.
Regarding the current development of the Audi Pikes Peak, the whole team agrees that this
was a unique chance to demonstrate the ca-
pabilities of Grupo Antolin and is looking forward to continue the started discussions at Audi in Ingolstadt.
Over 58 top-enquiries have been collected
during the show and are followed-up by Horst
Hohner, KAM VW and his team. It´s the common understanding of all team members to represent Grupo Antolin in 2005 again and we
are looking forward to prepare for this exhibition.
At least the team would like to thank Avelina
Muth, Heide Rath and Susana Sancho for their
never ending engagement to organize the exhibition. As well Thank You to all the colleagues
who represented Grupo Antolin in a very disciplined and professional manner during the
3 days at Wolfsburg Fair Ground.
5 years
"The different departments of
the Main Building have been
getting together for 5 years
now to play 5-a-side football
tournaments. Last October we
held the V tournament when
80 people divided into 7
teams, “fought” to win it.
Finally, it was DP TEchos that
defeated the Research Management team in a nail-biting
In spite of the tension of the
matches, all of them were
played with great sportsmanship and there were no
important injuries. From
here we wish to thank everyone involved in the organisation and… we will see you
all next year!”
news grupo antolin · december 2004
2004 Prizes
(3rd edition)
Grupo Antolin
hosted the 9th
Congress for
Quality Control in
the Automotive
The event was held in Burgos on 21st and
22nd October and brought more than 200 experts on quality control to the city from all
over Spain.
Grupo Antolin invested a tremendous amount
of energy in organising this Congress, in close
collaboration with the Spanish Association
for Quality Control, thereby making everyone
attending the conference aware of our knowledge and experience.
Antonio Fungairiño, Quality
Control Manager for Grupo
Antolin, Spanish candidate for
the prize of European Quality
Leader 2004
Within the framework of the
Commemorations for the 10th
European Quality Week, organised by AEC, the Spanish Association for Quality (Asociación Española para la Calidad),
on 11th November diplomas
were awarded to the two Spanish candidates for the third
edition of the prize of European Quality Leader 2004.
In this respect, members of the Group such
as Ernesto Antolin, José Manuel Temiño, María
Helena Antolin, Fernando Dal-Re, Fernando
Rey, Antonio Fungairiño, Cecilia Babarro and
Rosalía Arribas, became actively involved in the
various events forming part of this conference,
from the reception at the Town Hall by the mayor of the city, Juan Carlos Aparicio, to the opening and closing ceremonies or the conferences
and workshops themselves, in which they participated as moderators or speakers.
In his speech, José Manuel Temiño defended
technological innovation and placed special
emphasis on the quality of human resources as
a guarantee for the future. For his part, Fernando Rey devoted his talk to the management
of knowledge and in particular to its application in the field of research.
Mar Pérez, from Ardasa, led the workshop on
Cross Communication, which was extremely
well attended.
Furthermore, the installations of Grupo AntolinDapsa and Ardasa also opened their doors to
offer the participants a technical visit, during
which they were shown the basic features of
the activity of the plant. At the end of the explanations, the conference delegates expressed
their satisfaction and interest in being able to
have the opportunity in situ of learning about
both the characteristics of the plants and the
practical application of the principles of quality
control in their daily tasks.
This Congress, which has been held every year
since 1996, acts as a reference for the sector and
its auxiliary industry, with regard to the presentation of the latest techniques and tools for quality control used by the automotive companies to
enhance their degree of competitiveness.
In accordance with the criteria established for this award,
organised by the European
Organization for Quality
(EOQ), with coordination at a
national level by AEC, the
candidates chosen to represent Spain and opt for recognition as European Quality Leader 2004 are: Antonio Fungairiño, Quality Control
Manager for Grupo Antolin,
and Ezequiel Hidalgo, Head of Corporate Quality Management at Cepsa.
december 2004 · news grupo antolin 23
the most critical traffic can be prioritised for the Group.
· The possibility of incorporating new
services in this network: voicemail,
· The possibility of having a Customised
Management Centre for the proactive management of any incident involving the network.
The agreement will last for a period of
3 years, and may be extended for a further 2 (amounting to 5 years altogether)
with the consent of both parties.
Grupo Antolin
and Telefónica:
A new step
forward in
On 15th November, GRUPO ANTOLIN
and TELEFONICA, represented by their
respective chairmen, Mr José Antolín and
Mr Cesar Alierta, signed the agreement
to renew the contract referring to the provision and management of the data network
belonging to Grupo Antolín.
This agreement envisages the migration
of the current network (based on Frame Relay technology) to a new MPLS network
(Multiprotocol Label Switching), the main
characteristics of which are as follows:
news grupo antolin · december 2004
· It is a network based on INTERNET technology, enabling all points of the network to be linked up (“any to any”).
· Improvement in the performance of
“non-centralised” applications.
· Greater redundancy of the network due
to it not being based on pre-established
paths for routing data.
· It allows for a level of management of
data circulation that offers an improvement in the performance of the applications deemed to be critical (SAP, Intranet,...) as opposed to another type of
traffic used when routes are congested.
· It is a network with “quality service”,
which allows other functions to be
added to traditional data highways with
multimedia traffic (voicemail, video,...).
For Grupo Antolin, this will all lead to the
following advantages:
· A considerable increase in terms of
· Optimal use of management, since
The new network has a total of 45 links
(14 national and 31 international) with a total bandwidth of 61 *Mbps (megabytes per
second). The annual cost for Grupo Antolin
will amount to 1.76 million euros, using the
current configuration of this network. This
cost, while not representing any reduction
in absolute terms with respect to the cost of
the previous network, will bring important
savings considering:
· That the bandwidths have been greatly expanded with respect to the previous situation.
· That new services will start to be introduced by means of this network (voicemail, videoconferencing,...), resulting in
a reduction of their current cost.
· That Grupo Antolin now has support
services it did not previously enjoy and
that these centralise the administration
not only of the MPLS links but also of
all the other existing links (ENX, Frame
Relay links with clients, etc)
With the new network, Grupo Antolin
will have an advanced technological platform that will allow us to make improvements in joint tasks, favouring managerial processes involving projects, research
and innovation.
our presence
in Mexico
Three new companies belonging
to Grupo Antolin have been set
up in Hermosillo, in the state
of Sonora, Mexico, for the new
project, CD 338/334/ 378,
conducted by Ford and for
Chrysler's PM 49.
· JIT from Grupo Antolin in
Hermosillo: JIT dependent
on Grupo Antolin Silao and
making their own roof modules for the Ford project (CD
338/334/ 378).
· International Door Systems:
JIT Supply plant with shares
held by Grupo Antolin, Kikert from the USA and Kuster
from Germany, manufacturing door modules for Ford.
· Mexican Door Company:
This is also a JIT supply plant
with shares held by Grupo
Antolin and Kuster, manufacturing the electric windows
for the project conducted by
Ford ( CD 338/ 334/378) and
Chrysler (PM 49).
It is important to mention that
these three plants will share
the same building and administration, which will generate
261 jobs for the community of
Sonora during the first phase
and then reach a total of 441
workers later on.
Production will commence at
the three plants as of 1st August 2005 for the Ford Motor
Company and in December
2005 for Chrysler.
Grupo Antolin North
America moves to its
new location
"After an extensive search and months of preparation, Grupo Antolin North America has moved to it's new offices at 1700 Atlantic in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The new building is centrally located, with plenty of office space and ample parking to accommodate growth for years to come.
We are proud to recognize that our new location provides us a stable base from which to provide the highest service to our customers, while maintaining a high standard for all GANA employees.
The challenges of 2005 await us.
Our building has been completed and currently has a surface of 9,000 sq. mts and our
staff, along with those in the
departments of Management,
Production, Engineering, Quality Control, Maintenance and
Systems for Grupo Antolin in
Hermosillo, as well as in Spain,
are working hard to install the
machinery for assembling the
initial prototypes in accordance
with the specifications of our
client, Ford.
Apart from the people expressly mentioned on these pages, we wish
thank the following for their collaboration: Vilas Unavane (G.A.
Pune), Adelaida Antolin, Carolina Oliván, Cecilia Babarro (DR,M
&D), Avelina Muth (GA Deutschland), Carlos Arozamena
(Information Systems Depart), Antonio Fungairiño (Quality Depart),
Estela Díaz, Leticia Fernández, Eva Romero (HR Depart),
Kimberly Elizalde (G.A North America), Iñigo Ortúñez (DOES),
Begoña Sáiz (G.A Plasbur), Jorge L. Camacho (G.A Silao)
december 2004 · news grupo antolin 25
mon amour
“All other cities
are cities, only
Paris is a world”
Carlos V
“All other cities are cities, only Paris is a world”, said Charles V
seven centuries ago. The words of the king of France transmit an image of Paris, which is still mainly true even today.
Paris is the capital of France, it is one of the main cities in Europe and it is a world metropolis. The national importance of Paris -and its region, the Ille-de-France- is unique
among the large industrialised countries of the world.
As it would be impossible to describe in detail here all the
wonders that Paris has to offer us, we will give a few ideas
to wet your appetites in case you are thinking of visiting this
fantastic city.
Who has not heard of the Tour Eiffel, the Arc de Triomphe
with the Champs-Elysées avenue or the Notre Dame cathedral? We would need a good pair of shoes and a lot of
news grupo antolin · december 2004
days (among many other things) to get to
know all the architectonic beauties that
this city contains.
Let us leave the monuments for a moment and have a more detailed look at
some of its picturesque corners.
A popular market is held every day at
the place d`Aligre. All kinds of food are
sold under the pavilions of la gran halle
and among the stalls there is also a second-hand market. This is a daily meeting
for the inhabitants of the district, who, after making their purchases visit the old
cellar of Baron Rouge.
And what can we say about the famous
artists' street?: the Boulevard de Montparnasse. In this artery, always invaded
by urban traffic, some of the most famous
places of the literary life of the district can
be found, mid-way between the 19th and
20th centuries. But if you are hungry
and money isn't a problem! you can make
A compulsory visit must be made, of
course, to the famous Latin quarter. Between the boulevards of St. Michel and
St. German and the Seine, we can find
one of the oldest areas of the city, the
St. Séverin district. Entering it is like going
back in time, I can ensure you.
But if we want to highlight more attractions
of Paris, we must mention its gastronomy.
What we fully recommend is to go back
home with an excellent supply of cheese
and wine, (it is incredible but in France almost 400 types of cheese are produced,
many using traditional procedures). But
let's not forget the exquisite caviar, the
foie gras and the salmon, although the
Russian immigrants were the ones that
brought these delicacies to the Parisians
at the end of the 19th century.
Paris capital, has just over 2 million inhabitants,
but the metropolitan area, Greater Paris,
exceeds 9 million, almost as many as the
administrative region of which it is capital, the
Ille de France, which exceeds 11 million.
The Seine, the French river par excellence, was
declared heritage of Mankind by the UNESCO.
The Seine is useful to measure distances, to
determine the street numbers and it divides the
city into two very different parts.
Its winters are quite cold but not harsh (3.5ºC
average in January), the summers are warm but
not suffocating (20ºC average in July.)
Data of interest
a stop at La Coupole, which, apart from
having been declared a monument of historical interest, is one of the most prestigious restaurants in the capital. And
there are many more wonders that... you
will have to discover for yourselves.
The food offer is magnificent. There are excellent Italian, Indian and Greek restaurants.
In the Latin quarter there is quite a large
number of Greek restaurants, in the place
that many know as “the little Athens”. Not
far from there, there is another concentration of Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants. There are areas of good restaurants
around the Stock Exchange and in Le
Marais. There are also interesting establishments in places such as Montparnasse
and Montmartre. And for more economical prices, short menus and with belle
époque decoration (some), the bistros.
december 2004 · news grupo antolin 27
Grupo Antolin (Headquarters)
Grupo Antolin- Alava
Grupo Antolin- Ara
Grupo Antolin- Aragusa
Grupo Antolin- Autotrim
Grupo Antolin- Dapsa
Grupo Antolin- Euroepsilon
Grupo Antolin- Eurotrim
Grupo Antolin- Ingenieria
Grupo Antolin- Linara
Grupo Antolin- Martorell
Grupo Antolin- Navarra
Grupo Antolin- Palencia
Grupo Antolin- PGA
Grupo Antolin- Plasbur
Grupo Antolin- RyA
Grupo Antolin- Autoform
Grupo Antolin- Deutschland
Grupo Antolin- Logistik Deutschland
Grupo Antolin- Bratislava
Grupo Antolin- FFI
Grupo Antolin- France
Grupo Antolin- HFR
Grupo Antolin- IGA
Grupo Antolin- Ingenierie Sieges
Grupo Antolin- Logistique Douai
Grupo Antolin- Loire
Grupo Antolin- Vosges
Grupo Antolin- Lusitania
Grupo Antolin- Kent
Grupo Antolin- U.K.
Grupo Antolin- Bohemia
Grupo Antolin- Turnov
Grupo Antolin- Kentucky
Grupo Antolin- Louisiana
Grupo Antolin- Michigan
Grupo Antolin- North America
Grupo Antolin- Wayne
Grupo Antolin- Silao
Grupo Antolin
(Representative Office)
Grupo Antolin- Pune
IRAN (Technical License)
Grupo Antolin- Japan
Grupo Antolin- Port Elizabeth
THAILAND (Technical License)

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