SCTOA Newsletter Dec. 2009



SCTOA Newsletter Dec. 2009
Bernie Sloan (L) and Jeff Taw (R)
working on Dick Hansens's Stag
This Issue
Vol. 40, No. 3
Contact List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Cullum's Column . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-4
SCTOA 32nd Annual Blowout Flier . . . . . . . . 5
New/Renewed Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
From the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Queen's English All British Car Show . . . . . 10
British Car Awareness Week Flier . . . . . . . . 11
Braille Sports Car Rallye Flier . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Guest Speaker: Steve Christiansen . . . . . . . 13
4th of July Flier . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
New Meeting Place - Geezer's Article . . . . . . 15
Enjoying Walt’s front porch at the
St. Patrick’s Day Potluck.
June - July 2015
Pomona Swap Meet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
El Segundo Main Street Car Show Flier . . . 17
H4 HID Insallation Triumph TR6 . . . . . 18-20
SCTOA General Meeting Minutes . . . . . 21-22
Board Meeting Minutes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Monthly Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-31
Membership Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Allen Cox's Train Ride to SB . . . . . back cover
Reminders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . back cover
Bob Cullum, President (’17) . . . . . . . . . .
Patti Miller, Vice President (’17) . . . . . . .
Open, Secretary (’16) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Jim Kellar, Treasurer (’16) . . . . . . . . . . . .
Allen Cox, Regalia (’15) . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Jim Funkhouser, Web Master (’16) . . . . .
John Roberts, Event Coord ('15) . . . . . . .
Loren Wood, Advertising (’17) . . . . . . . .
Jerie Keller, Raffle (’15) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
[email protected] . . . . . . . . . . . 714-767-2557
[email protected] . . . . . . . . 562-699-4031
[email protected] . . . . 310-306-1149
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[email protected] . . . . . . . 714-826-7724
Scott McKee, Newsletter Editor . . . . . . .
Paulette Caudill, Membership . . . . . . . . .
Burt Bennett, West Reg. VTR Chap Rep . .
William Tillman, Email blasts . . . . . . . . . .
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Restoration, Race, Repair, Parts
Randall Young, TR2/3 and elect . . . . . . .
Steve Dever, TR7/8 and others . . . . . . . .
Paul Smock, TR4/4A/Herald/other . . . . .
Bob Keller, TR6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Gregg Cole, Spitfire and others . . . . . . .
[email protected] . . . . . . . . . . . . 562-477-0311
[email protected] ���������������������� 310-539-2851
[email protected] . . . . . . . . 562-431-8141
[email protected] . . . . . . . . 714-826-7724
[email protected]������������������ 909-628-8169
John Gladysiewicz, Orange County . . . . . . . [email protected] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Dale Berman, Burb. Glend. Pas. SFV . . . [email protected] . . 818-841-0200
Howie Margolies, South Bay . . . . . . . . . . [email protected] . . . . . . . 310-517-9891
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Cullum's Column
Hello Everyone,
It's April and the Triumph club driving season is picking
up speed. We've had some of the same great events we have
every year along with some new ones. On 4-19, we attended
our second Pomona Swap Meet, although we had a small
group of cars compared to the first one, we had a great time
showing off our Triumphs and promoting the club. We
actually signed up new members, Javier and Beatriz Urteaga
with a 1974 French Blue TR6.
On 4-11, Dennis and Bridget Lambert hosted their second Silverado Adventure
with a drive through Santiago, Live Oak and Silverado Canyons followed by a BBQ at
their home in Silverado Canyon. The first of our Tuesday or midweek affairs kicked
off on 3-17 at the Griffith Park Observatory for an afternoon of fun. John Roberts
organized this event. We had another new drive on 4-18, "Loren's Drive" put on by
Loren Wood.
On 4-26, many of us attended the Queen’s English car show at Woodley Park.
This event has every kind of British car you can think of plus lots of parts for sale.
Jay Leno usually shows up with one of his exotic cars; but I didn't see him this year.
We had more new members join at this event, Jeb and Stacy Bugaren with a 1978 BRG
Triumph Spitfire. I've seen his Spitfire all over Orange County and have never been able
to see who owned it. About a month ago, I saw him filling up his Spit at the gas station
around the corner from my home so I pulled in and started talking to him. He knew
of our club and was very interested in joining and said he'd be at Queen’s English. I'd
forgotten about that until I saw him drive into Woodley. I went over to say hi and he
said, I want to join the club and pulled out his check book. This isn't the first person
with a Triumph I've followed, then stopped to talk with about our cars and SCTOA and
it won't be the last. You never know where our next member will come from.
Another new activity on 5-16 is "High Tea" hosted by Jerie Keller. On 5-19, John
Roberts will host our second Tuesday or midweek affair, a tour of the USS Iowa and a
Pacific Palisades Loop Drive. On 5-23 is the Scottish festival at the OC Fair Grounds,
on 6-5 through the 7th is the Cambria Blow out weekend or SCTOA Birthday party,
on 6-27 is The Drive on the Edge put on by Abel Miramon and on 7-4 is the 4th of
July Potluck at the home of Bob and Bonnie Cullum.
I've covered some of the major events during the first half of this year. However,
there are several other regular monthly activities such as OC Breakfast, SFV Breakfast,
Belmont Shore Brit Night and Golden Cove British Car Meet. My purpose for listing
all these is to show how much is going on and all the different people who contribute.
There was one other event, the Lake Arrowhead Car Show, that Tom and Lynn Eckes
wanted to do; but we couldn't get them what they needed in time. Hopefully, it will be
cont. pg. 4
Visit Our award winning website:
on the calendar next year. Please show your support by participating. Thank you to all
the members that work hard organizing these events. They're one of the things that
make this club great and the other is you. I look forward to seeing everyone at all our
activities throughout the year.
I have a request for all of our members. During last month’s meeting I asked a
question to the members in attendance, “what got you involved with Triumphs and
what was your first Triumph”. We went around the room and everyone had a great
story to tell. We’re always looking for articles to publish in our newsletter so I’d like
everyone to answer the same question and email your story to me at [email protected]
com. We’ll pick a couple to publish for each newsletter.
Bob Cullum
[email protected]
We are a Restoration
and Modification
Shop Specializing
in Triumphs
and MGB’s.
Chevy 3400/3500 V6
• Engine Swap
• 5 Speed or Automatic
Transmission Swap
• TR 3, 4, 6
• Ford T5’s
[email protected]
Bill Sinclair / (250) 868-0408
Fuel Injection
• Wiring Harness
• Electric Power Steering
• ECM Reprogramming
Follow our projects on Facebook
Dave Renner / (250) 878-7730
5–Speed Transmission
TR-2 through TR-6
Herman van den Akker
P.O. Box 6812
Pine Mountain Club, CA 93222
Phone: (661) 242-1253
E-mail: [email protected]
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
SCTOA’s 32nd Anniversary
Blowout Rally
June 5th thru June 7th 2015
at the Bluebird Inn, Cambria, CA
Reservations: 800-552-5434 –
his year, our birthday cake will have a different flavor.
The Blowout Rally will be a non-hosted event. There are 3 caravans
meeting on Friday. Once you’re there, you’re on your own. There are
many things to see and do including Hearst Castle, or take an beautiful
drive up PCH. There are hundreds of wineries, shops, restaurants and
holes-in-the-wall to explore. Gather up a group of friends and head out
together, or grab your sweetie and take a romantic stroll along the beach.
Cambria via The Cracked Crab
Meet Johanne and Dick Hansen in Ventura. We’ll meet at the VONS
parking lot. 2433 E. Harbor Blvd. at 10:30 AM. Directions: In Ventura
exit the 101 North at Seaward Ave, turn left at Seaward Ave, then turn left
at Harbor Blvd. VONS is on the right.
Johanne’s cell (310) 486 1758 – Dick’s cell (310) 487 9562
Cambria via Solvang
Meet at McDonald’s off the 5 Fwy at Lyons Ave. (AKA Hamburger Hill)
25323 Chiqella Lane, Newhall. Leave time is 8:30 AM. Please be fueled,
fed and pottyed. We will take a nice drive along the Santa Barbara Foothills
and have lunch in Solvang. Rob Bowen – [email protected]
Cambria via Templeton/Paso Robles
Meet at Starbucks off the 118 freeway in Porter Ranch at 8:30 AM
and leave at 9:00 AM. 19759 Rinaldi St, Northridge, CA 91326
(Rinaldi St & Corbin Ave, Porter Ranch). The plan is to stop in Templeton
for lunch. Also there will be opportunities to get gas in Ojai and Taft.
Loren Wood – [email protected]
Visit Our award winning website:
We greatly appreciate our renewing Advertisers:
British Car Specialists (See their ad on page 28.)
We warmly welcome New Members:
James (Jeb) & Stacy Bugaren.............. and their 1978 BRG Spirfire, 1977 Autumn Red MGB
Rebecca Mills...................................................................... and her 1957 John Deere Green with
yellow racing stripe TR3 and her 1957 MGA
Javier & Beatriz Urteaga............................................................ and their 1974 French Blue TR6
Joseph & Amy Yarmolovich....................................................... and their 1957 pearl white TR3
We appreciate your Renewals and continued support:
Alton Bryant............................................................. and his 73 red TR6, 1963 red TR4 & More
Lee & Puncha Burkett..................... and their 1974 yellow TR6 (They are the original owners
and the car was bought in England.)
Bob & Bonnie Cullum........................................................................and their 1970 jasmine TR6
Peter & Iris Davison.............................................. and their 1966 blue Spitfire MKII and More
Norm & Jackie Deangelo....................................................................... and their 1963 red TR3B
Jack & Nancy Fuller................and their 1959 silverstone TR3A and 1973 Pimento Red TR6
Randy & Debbie Manes............................................................. and their 1973 siena brown TR6
Barry Norman............................................................................... and his 1973 pimiento red TR6
Richard & Jane Schnyder......................................................................... and their 1974 blue TR6
Bob Parmenter & Ellen Shimomura..................................................... and their 1974 blue TR6
Richard & Christine Peterson....................... and their 1963 red Spitfire & 1964 black Spitfire
Bob & Pat Prieve..................................................................................and their 1960 black TR3A
Larry & Evelyn Pyle..............................................and their 1980 black TR 7 Spyder ltd edition
Richard & Vera Smirnoff ..................................................................... and their 1974 red Spitfire
David Smith............................................................................................and his 1967 silver Spitfire
Frank & Marianne Wilson.................................................................. and their 1974.5 white TR6
Loren & Melinda Wood....................................................................... and their 1974 brown TR6
* If the color of your car is not listed, it is because it is not listed on your registration
form. All information is gleaned from the database. Does yours need updating?
Your e-mail address
SCTOA would like your current e-mail for important bi-monthly
SCTOA eNews and other important reminders. Stay aware, tune in to
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Southern California Triumph Owners Association
From the
the Editor
Visit Our award winning website:
Hello fellow SCTOA members; I have some fantastic
news! The Green Mile is back on the road!! Ohhh
man, what a sweet sound it is to hear it running on all 6
cylinders. Between Kate's trip to Italy and getting the
front yard landscaped I was able to get the head installed.
I solicited the help of Kate's son - Ben. He was eager to help in the beginning;
however, that spirit seemed to wane when he realized he overlooked installing the
manifold gasket after tightening the last bolt. "What's this?" He asked as he was
cleaning up. Chuckling, I informed him of his task to put the gasket in. As he
was grumbling, I assured him he will never forget that again. I'm still wondering
if he appreciated the lesson. I was hoping to teach him the art of balancing the
carbs; but I couldn't wait for his next visit. I mean - a few tweaks and vroom, I
went (yahoooooo...)! It's running, sweet!
I'm going to talk a little more about lessons. There are so many club members
who are more than willing to share their wisdom. One particular line of advice
that I have used over and over is "Always check your wiring first". That, I give
credit to Dennis Lambert when we were talking about my ignition problem on
the Green Mile in which I found 4 or 5 splices in a wire that was the root of
my problem.
I was about to replace the alternator in my Stag when I decided to check
out the wiring (thank you Dennis). Sounds easy? With some hunting I found
the wire sitting next to the exhaust manifold in a crispy state. I had to remove
a few items in order to get a visualization of the problem as it was dark down
there. My harness is wrapped in plastic tubes as well as the traditional plastic
tape. Once I removed the coverings, I found a tragedy - mismatched wire
gages, multiple slices (4 in several wires) and loose connections. On top of
that, the wiring was not the same as the Triumph Stag wiring diagram due to the
alternator. With some studying and reviewing of multiple wiring diagrams, I was
able to figure out which wires I needed to replace and which wires I needed to
repair. I built a new alternator harness and removed the multiple splices in some
of the other wires. That took a full day but I now have a solid wiring harness for
the Stag charging system. Where is the next problem going to appear?
Anyway - the Green Mile is back up for sale (I think?). Many extra parts
are included.
order Yours ImmedIatelY!
2010 morgan aero supersports
(310) 998-3311
Only 150-200 to be built for the world, ever! The absolutely stunning new
U.S. legal 2010 Morgan Aero SuperSports. It is certainly one of the most
beautiful, sensuous new cars ever designed and offered by any manufacturer
at any time. It is, quite simply, breathtaking to behold, breathtaking to drive.
2007 morgan aero 8
Blue sprint metallic
- Featured in the
SuperCar Class
at The Quail
2005 morgan aero 8
Silver Shark/blue
leather. Very late 2005
10K one owner miles.
2005 aero 8 BMW
Cool Blue exterior
Magnolia leather w/
blue piping, 8K miles
‘03 Plus 8 35th edition
Dark Jaguar Blue
‘03 Plus 8 35th edition
Ivory/Black, 5.7k
‘03 Plus 8 35th edition
6650 miles, Red
‘98 Plus 8
leather 13k
original miles.
4.0 litre,
GEMS injection!
Commemorate 100
Years of Morgan
with a limited edition
badge made of
the very finest
enamels, cloissene
and chrome.
$145+ shipping.
Contact: [email protected]
‘64 Plus 4 Raspberry,
Brown Leather, Alloy
low profile SS body,
167 dyno’ed HP
other marques
‘74 Porsche 911
carrera targa
‘66 austin-healey
‘61 +4 four Passenger 3000 mrk III
family tourer Red/ black
‘65 austin-healey
‘54 Plus 4 roadster
3000 mrk III
twin spare Beige
‘57 Porsche
‘34 mX Family trIKe
speedster custom
Matchless engine
‘33 JaP suPer
sPort trike Pozzi
‘02 Plus 8 BMW Imola Blue, reduced!
Red 3.8k miles
[email protected] — Managing Director 3003 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
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Queen's English All British Car Show
Queen's English All British Car Show
Sunday, April 26, was the Queen's
English All British Car Show at Woodley
Park in Van Nuys. I met Paulette at her
house and hitched a ride with her in
her beautiful red TR4. We then met
up with Alan and Corrine at Randy's
Doughnuts. You know the place, it has a
huge doughnut on the roof and has been
in many movies.
The SCTOA Booth
The car show started at 9 AM. When we
got there at 8:30, there were probably over 100 cars there already. In addition to
the usual horde of MGs, there were Land
Rovers, Minis, Lotus (is Lotii the plural?),
Jags, Morgans, Sunbeams and Healeys.
There also were a few Ford orphans and a
double decker bus and a Citroen. What,
you may ask, is a Citroen doing at a British
car show? Isn't it French? To avoid import
duties, Citroen actually built some cars in
a plant just outside London.
Spitfire Hoods are open
I counted 47 Triumphs. 1-Sport
6. 1-Stag. 1-Italia. 5-Spitties. 3-GT6.
13-TR3. 6-4's. 2-4A's. 1-250. 15-6's. 2-7's.
2-8's. They ranged from decent to pristine
daily drivers. Sorry if I drooled on some
of your cars.
Bill Nelson
63 Spitfire
47 Triumphs on display
MN Triumphs
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
Visit Our award winning website:
Braille Sports Car Rallye
Saturday, July 18, 2015
This is a very unique experience for all who participate. It is a
special car rallye with instructions written in Braille. Each step is
read by a student of the Braille Institute who is the navigator in the
passenger seat.
In the past, this event has been supported by all sorts of exotic
cars, along with major movie, TV, and sports celebrities. It usually
gets included in the newscasts of each local network
For the students at the institute, it is the biggest event they look
forward to all year. At the end, each driver feels that they have
made a new friend!
The activity takes all day, starting and ending in the Los Angeles
area. The finish is at a nice location with food and prizes.
This event is championed by the Long Beach MG Club, who have
organized the event every year since its inception.
We look to field a larger number of DMCs every year, as there
always seem to be more navigators than
It provides a great experience for all!
---------------------------------------------------Stay tuned for more updates as the date
approaches. 12
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
Guest Speaker:
Steve Christiansen of Ol Phartz Parts
Ol Phartz Partz, formed in 2010, is a cottage industry
business that manufacturers and sells unique components
for classic cars. Based in Sunny Southern California, Ol
Phartz Partz is under the direction of Steve Christiansen, a
former member of Nissan Motorsports and Toyota Racing
Development. Our company produces high quality racing,
street performance and unique accessories that are show
quality, components that are functional yet attractive.
In the pursuit to provide enthusiasts with the broadest
variety of products and the extensive lists by some
manufacturers, all items could not be included in the web
site. If you don’t see what you are looking for or have a
suggestion, please contact one of our representatives. They
will be able to help you with your needs. We hope you
enjoy this catalog and services herein. If you have any
questions, comments or suggestions we welcome you to
call, write or e-mail.
Steve Christiansen
Steve showed us his disc brake kit and how he developed it. He started his
restorations and modifications business with these modified rear disc brakes for
TR2/3 and TR4 or solid axel cars. Now he sells British car parts. The kit runs about
$1400 and is totally complete. It does not take long to install. The calipers and
rotors are made from modified Nissan parts. The brackets are very durable and
the kits are complete with braided brake
lines with kevlar covering, very thick. No
welding is required. They are made to
work with the standard front wheel brakes.
He backs his products and will replace
anything that presents a problem; but he
has had no problems with his products.
For more information, go to his website or call 949 716-2569.
Typical Brake Kit
Visit Our award winning website:
Party & Pot luck @ the home of Bob & Bonnie
Cullum, time 4:00-10:00, 17400 Abbey Lane,
Yorba Linda. Drive your car to fill up their cul-desac. RSVP phone: 714 996-7129 or email: [email protected] 14
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
By Patti Miller
After many years of meeting at Maggie’s Pub, SCTOA has moved their Tuesday
night monthly meeting to a new location. It has moved just down the street to
Geezer’s Restaurant at 12120 Telegraph Road, Santa Fe Springs. 6:30 for dinner
or appetizers and 7:30 for the meeting time. Beautiful building. Great food with
lots of variety. Private room with our own waitress like Maggie’s. Separate billing
for each. Great service and attention to details.
So why did we move. If variety is the spice of life, then we have added a little
spice to our lives. Unfortunately Maggie’s, which always gave us great service,
was sold by Peter after his mother, Maggie, passed away. The new owners have
converted from an evening pub to a late-night nightclub. Our private room
became not so private, as tables and chairs were pulled out during our meeting.
The noise level also rose as a band was set up for the evening patrons. Leaving
the building we needed to pass through guards who were patting down those
coming in for the evening. The parking lot became busier at night and maybe not
so safe for parking our precious Triumphs.
With Bob Cullum at the helm as our President and Paulette Caudill’s
encouragement, we are taking the road of trying new ideas and events along
with some of the yearly favorites. At the suggestion from Bob, we are now going
monthly to the Pomona Classic Car Swap Meet which Rob Bowen has stepped up
to organize. We set up our banner and a table with club information. With the
added exposure, we hope to let other Triumph owners know about the fun and
support that can be found by joining a club.
John Robert’s has set up four Tuesday fun events for those who might like
getting together on a week day. Loren Wood has just finished writing and
guiding his first drive. We have also had several all-girl events. Yeah guys, we
are probably talking about you. Carl Miller is still setting up and running Alton’s
raffle at every meeting. A little fund raiser for the club that can be lots of fun.
Carl and I will be joining with Bob Muzio this year to bring you the Falling Leaf
Vintage Drive. Take off from Gelson’s Market, run through the Santa Monica
Mountains and end at a winery for a picnic lunch and a little tasting of your
favorite vintage.
Cambria weekend will be a bit more relaxed this year. Same hotel but no totally
organized drives for our Triumphs. Triumphfest will be hosted by the San Diego
Triumph Club. So that our local Triumph club members can go as guests instead
of worker bees.
It looks like a great year. So remember to join us at the new location for our
meetings at Geezer’s Restaurant. I think the ladies really like this place. We have
seen a lot more who have come to grace us with their presence. Come check us
out and see you soon.
Visit Our award winning website:
April Pomona Swap Meet
by Rob Bowen
On Sunday April 19th, the SCTOA banner flew at the Pomona Swap Meet and
Classic Car Show. This is a great place for us to
expose the club and meet new people.
We met at the McDonald's on Fairplex Dr.
near the Fairground at 5:30am (UGH!!). Four
hardy souls were there, Bob Cullum (TR6), Neal
Peterson (TR6), Steve Petersen (TR8) and
myself (TR6). We finally headed for the swap
meet around 6:00 BIG MISTAKE! It took us 40
minutes in line to get in. Neal's TR6 and Steve's TR8 both started having trouble
and they took their respective cars home, Bob and I were left to carry the banner.
Weather was beautiful and there was a good crowd, probably 90% of our time
was spent talking to other people. A Spitfire showed up with a 400hp Ford 302ci
and huge hood scoop. A TR6 that
was for sale parked next to us and we
tried to tell the owner about the club
but he is just ready to sell. Another
couple Javier and Beatriz Urteaga
of Hacienda Heights were excited to
tell us of their new purchase a 1974
He told Bob he was afraid to
drive it. DUHHH!
French Blue TR6. They joined the
club on the spot, so welcome to them. We had several others looking to buy and
hope to see them a Queen's English and hope they will also join us.
Matt our liaison for the swap meet came by and suggested we plan to be in by
5:30 in order to avoid the line, lesson learned - we will meet at 5:00 am.. The June
event falls on the same weekend as Cambria so I will not be there, if someone
wants to go let me know and I'll help set it up. Oct 18th is going to be a big show
for us. We have been picked as "The Featured Car Club" we will be highlighted in
their flier mailing and also on their website. The first 20 Triumphs to contact me will
get free admission so please let me if you would like to go.
Around noon the wind started coming up and we decided to call it a day.
Thanks to Bob for all his time to get me up to speed for this
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
Main Street Car Show
100-500 Main Street
El Segundo, CA 90245
Saturday, August 22, 2015
from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Registration Donation to El Segundo POA $25 per car
Donations collected by ESPOA are utilized throughout the year to
support many community groups, including youth activities, El
Segundo Education Foundation, and South Bay Police and Fire
Memorial Foundation, just to name a few . We want to make this a
SCTOA event so:
● Meet at Paulette’s, 531 Arena Street, El Segundo, CA 90245 so that
we can all drive in together and park together
● After the show meet at Paulette’s for a BBQ
● Allen is cooking! Bring a side dish and beverage
● You can register online at:
● For details contact Paulette Caudill at: [email protected]
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STEP 2: Cut and pull wires through
head light bucket and inner fender.
STEP 3:Drill a one inch hole in
place of the factory wire hole. Use
the step bits for this.
SUPPLIES: 55W HID Kit , 2 high
voltage extension wires, 4 feet of 22
gauge red and black wire, 2 one inch
wire garment’s, ux, solder, heat
shrink, zap straps, and self-tapping
screws.TOOLS: Drill, impact driver,
solder iron, heat gun, wire cutter,
screw drivers, step bits,
STEP 4: Run the one inch extension
wires through the grommets.
STEP 1:Remove trim rings, hold
down ring, head light, and inner
bucket and spring.
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
Step 7: Run the high low wires
through the buckets and inner
STEP 5: Run the wires through the
buckets and then the inner fenders.
STEP 8: Find a good place to
mount the transformer. I put it on
the inner wheel well close to the
inner fender. If you mount it too far
out the hood hinge will hit it.
STEP 6: Now you must extend the
high low wires around two feet. Cut
the plugs off leaving enough wire
to solder on to. Always solder and
heat shrinks your connections. Don’t
connect to main harness just yet.
STEP 9:Mount the relay off to the
side or the hinge will hit it.
cont. pg. 20
Visit Our award winning website:
STEP 10:I use the old head light
ends and solder them on to the HID
harness. This way you can plug them
into the TR6 harness.
STEP 12: You must get a 12v hot
from the battery to the HID harness.
(When the Chevy V6 was installed
they ran one with the main harness)
.STEP 13: Now put the HID bulbs
in the lights. (You will need lights you
can change the bulbs in)
Remember these are your headlights
your life depends on them. ALWAYS
solder and heat shrink do not use butt
or crimp connectors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STEP 14: Reinstall the inner
buckets, lights, retainer rings, trim
rings and turn on lights.
STEP 11: Now you can solder the
high low wires back to the HID
This is brought to you by SINNER
.( [email protected])
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
SCTOA April General Meeting Minutes
SCTOA General Meeting Minutes - April 7, 2015
Meeting started at 7:32 PM
Attendance has been good at the new meeting location. About 30 to 32 people attended two months ago and 20
attended this month even with the rainy weather.
Rob Bowen is taking over the Pomona Swap Meet event. This event is intended to increase our membership as we
show off our BRITISH cars and find prospective new members. This event will be held once every other month.
It is important to have a big turn out for October 18. We will be the featured car and everyone can enter for free.
We will have a special parking area with only our cars.
Paulette reported that the membership numbers are steady at 160.
Jim Kellar, the treasurer, reported that the insurance is paid along with all the other bills.
Advertisers continue to renew now that we have our Advertising Chair in place. British Car Specialists renewed
this month. This position has been vacant for several years. Also, Loren Wood has done a great job of attracting
new advertisers. We appreciate your hard work and thank you Loren!
Past events: Everyone had a great time at Walt’s St. Paddy’s Day party. We also enjoyed the new breakfast
location. If we gave out a rubber chicken award, Scott McKee would have received it because his alternator went
out. (Maybe we should start that. Just kidding.)
John Roberts reported that at the Golden Cove event on the third Sunday of the month in Palos Verdes, he saw a
TR Italia - a very rare car. He also said that the first midweek event to Griffith Park was very successful. We had
about ten people in attendance. Our next midweek event will be to see the USS Iowa in San Pedro on May 19.
Joe Salbego attended the Rites of Spring Drive and he said it went well. About 20 to 30 people showed up. Some
got lost. You can view pictures on the website. There were four fathers with their sons in attendance. We need to
encourage the young to keep the cars on the road.
Members comments: Patti and Carl Miller found their TR6. It is a 1974 yellow with tan interior, overdrive and
the seats are Miata seats with the speakers. They are very excited about their acquisition.
Bob Cullum thinks he saw Alton’s car for sale on Hemmings. It’s in Germany and they want $22,000 for it.
Tom Eckes' event to Arrowhead is cancelled for this year. He will have it next year.
Bruce Hearn received a call from Gerty Lowery. She needs help selling Wes’ spitfire.
Up coming events: The Lambert’s Party, Loren’s Drive, OC Breakfast, Long Beach Gran Prix, Queen’s English
and High Tea with Jerie Keller.
Rob Bowen talked about the Julian Drive on the weekend of November 7. We are going to a five star restaurant, a
new hotel - the Julian Lodge. The lodge offers AAA club or senior discounts upon request. Make your
reservations now because the accommodations are limited.
Drives to Cambria are forming: Dick Hansen is leading a casual drive to Cambria via Pismo and lunch. Loren
Wood is hosting a longer drive up I-5. If anyone else would like to invite people along with them, please call Bob
Cullum. If you want to join Dick’s or Loren's drive please contact them.
President Bob asked everyone what drew them to own a TR and what was their first one? We went around the
room and everyone told their story. They were GREAT STORIES!!! I hope people write these stories down so
we can print them in the newsletter and share them with those of you who were unable to attend our meeting.
Adjourned the meeting at 9:22 PM Submitted by P Caudill
cont. pg. 22
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SCTOA May General Meeting Minutes
SCTOA Meeting Minutes - May 5, 2015
Meeting started at 7:32 PM
Announcements from the President
Board Members and chair Reports: Paulette reported that the membership is stable at 160 members.
Jim Kellar, Treasurer, reported that the treasury is solid.
Scott indicated that he needs event articles and pictures that show people for the newsletter. So put
people in your pictures, please. We are on track to have our newsletters before June 1.
Allen Cox said he is working on the license plate frames. He also shared information concerning
his Santa Barbara train trip. We will leave the Amtrak Station and arrive in Santa Barbara for
lunch. He would like to reserve a business class car; but we need 70+ people for that, so let Allen
know if you are coming. People will be able to pick up the train in Riverside or Orange County.
Watch for the flyer in the newsletter
Past Events: Dennis Lambert said that the Silverado Adventure was a success and they will do
it again next year. You are welcome at their house - we don’t get a lot of visitors. We would enjoy
seeing you.
Loren reported that his drive was a success. There were eight cars in attendance and they had a
great time. The drive was windy with lots if switchbacks. Bo, Jerie and Bob, Jasper, the Carls
and Clarks were in attendance. Patti said, “We were driving this little road and it opened out into
a large beautiful park - amazing!” Loren said he would do this drive again next year with some
small improvements.
Rob Bowen reported that the Pomona Swap meet was attended by he and Bob Cullum; but they had
fun and signed up new members. Javier and Beatriz Urteaga of Hacienda Hights; we look
forward to meeting them. He is unable to attend the June swap meet due to the Cambria trip,
so we cancelled the June swap meet event. It is really important that we have a big turn out for
the October Pomona Swap Meet event. Triumph is the featured car. We will have our own roped
off area and the first 20 cars get in free. Please Call Rob and let him know that you will attend.
Rich Smirnoff reported that he had an enjoyable day at Queen’s English. This is his second time
attending and he looks for cars he has never seen. He saw a Singer Roadster, Peerless, Italia, the
one from Golden Cove. There were many TRs especially TR6s and a Jag C-Type.
Guest Speaker: Steve Christiansen of Ol Phartz Parts in Laguna Hills. Showed us his disc brake
kit and how he developed it. He started his restorations and modifications business with these
modified rear disc brakes for TR2/3 and TR4 or solid axel cars. Now he sells British car parts.
The kit runs about $1400 and is totally complete. It does not take long to install. The calipers and
rotors are made from modified Nissan parts. The brackets are very durable and the kits are
complete with braided brake lines with kevlar covering, very thick. No welding is required.
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
They are made to work with the standard front wheel brakes. He backs his products and will
replace anything that presents a problem; but he has had no problems with his products. For
more information, go to his website or call 949 716-2569.
Future Events: Jerie’s High Tea has 14 people signed up and they can take 8 more.
John Roberts’ second midweek drive is to the USS Iowa with lunch and drive through Palos Verdes.
The June Cambria trip is offering a choice of ways up there. 1)Go with Dick and Johanna Hansen to
Pismo beach for crab. They will leave Ventura at 10:30 from Seaward. 2)For the more hearty,
Loren Wood is leading a group up I-5. 4)Rob Bowen and Bob Cullum are leading a group via
Salvang. They leave from hamburger hill. 4)You are welcome go it alone or form your own group.
See the newsletter for more details. The Cambria trip is more kick back this year, not so
structured, always experimenting.
Club Business: Cody Crowley has resigned his Board position due to conflict with his work
schedule. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We really appreciate your efforts Cody.
William Tillman volunteered to take over the email blast duties. We still need a secretary and
apprentice to the newsletter editor. Interested parties should call Bob Cullum.
Meeting adjourned at 9:04 PM. Minutes submitted by Paulette Caudill
SCTOA May Board Meeting Minutes
SCTOA Board Meeting Minutes - May 5, 2015
Meeting started at 9:20 PM.
We need to get out more info on Cambria drives. No one person is coordinating the event so each
person who is leading something has to be sure to give information to Scott for the newsletter and
William for email. Scott will make a flyer.
Jim Funkhouser will give the Board more information about Constant Connect at our next meeting.
This is another means to keep people informed.
William Tillman will do the email blast duties, however, he is not inclined to take a Board position.
He is looking for a new job and does not know what his schedule will be like. We will ask again fear not.
Jim F. wanted to know if Scott had received emails with Bill Sinclair’s TR6 project. He is sending
them for publication. Yes, Scott has received them and will publish them as a series over several issues.
Jim Kellar reported that we have all the needed insurance documentation for future events that may
require such documents. So Tom can go ahead with his Arrowhead Trip.
We need a history of the club’s beginnings for the Pomona Swap meet people. Jim F. will ask Paul
Smock if he can provide a write up.
Meeting adjourned at 9:43 PM.
Minutes Submitted by P Caudill
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(800) 952-4333
185HR15 Universal
Triumph Standard
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
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Classifieds Cars & Parts for Sale
Our classified section is available to anyone (members and non-members) who has a Triumph car or parts
for sale. We will also list TR cars or parts wanted. There is no charge for this service. It is helpful to send a
photograph of your items for sale. Your classified ad will also be posted to our web page.
The best way to offer your car or parts for sale is to send the information to our newsletter editor [email protected] and your information will be printed here.
Your ad will run for three months, then will be removed from the system. If you sell your car or parts, please
contact the editor so your ad can be removed, and you will not be annoyed with calls after your items are sold.
TR3 Parts, Surplus/TR3A Restoration
OEM parts; cylinder head to K. Kastner
specs with valves, springs
2 Lucas Generators
Lucas Distributor with vacuum Adv.
Temperature Gauge
Engine Fan with Crank extension
Horn, Air cleaners, Voltage Regulator
...And much more
Call for details:
All below Moss Motor's prices and no
shipping and handling
Contact: Ed Mares- (818)353 5854, SCTOA
or email [email protected], 12/14
1966 Spit6 - BRG Spitfire body with a
1973 GT6 drivetrain (The Green Mile). 6
cyl engine, early Strombergs w/adj nut on
bottom. Solid u-joints (not the donuts),
new brakes,
new tyres,
out gas
tank. Miata
seats. Hardtop. Newly rebuilt head is
installed. Strong, fun car that can easily
keep up with the TR6s. Many extra spare
parts - rear end, transmission, head,
wheels, distributors, springs, boxes of
stuff! $3,000. Scott McKee, 714-925-7572,
[email protected], 12/14
YELLER 6 For Sale - 1974, less than 70,000
original miles. New top, tires, battery, carpet
kit, HVDA 5 speed conversion, rebuilt Original
seats, frame off
paint job, rear tube
shock conversion,
rebuilt front end,
$22,500. OBO.
Always maintained by Herman Van den Akker.
Call Conrad at 623-214-1135
Two Early Spitfires For Sale - one "running"
Mark 2 Spit, and one parts car. The running car
is licensed, the parts car does not have a title.
The running car has a new clutch, master and
slave cylinders and a new radiator. It needs the
carbs rebuilt, the interior re-installed, a tire and
other tune-up and cosmetics items. There is
some surface rust on the bonnet, but the car is
otherwise rust free. The car has minilites. The
exhaust system is a 4-2 to a TR-250 muffler in
the rear. There is an older top in fairly good.
There is a tonneau cover with a torn seam next
to the zipper. The interior is in good shape,
although there are no glove boxes on either side.
Seat bottom cushions were replaced 3 years
ago. The parts car is fairly complete, just not
all together. The original seats are gone, and
there is a little rust through in the floors (spot
holes only). The body is fairly good, with some
extensive Bondo. The engine and transmission
are present, never had it running. Lots of odds
and ends. I would prefer to sell it all to one
person. $3,000 obo. Steve Ruppe [email protected] or 949-951-6527, 12/14
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
Litezupp Industries, LLC
The Cutting Edge in
Automotive Lighting Performance and Technology.
Be Seen! Not Sorry!
For detailed information visit us at:
First in Quality and Customer Satisfaction
We Offer a Complete Line of
We Offer a Complete Line of
Remanufactured Domestic and
Foreign Generators,
and Starters, Specializing in
Starters, Specializing
for Vintage British
Automobiles. Automobiles.
Auto Electric
Electric Co.
Monrovia, CA
Telephone: (866) 969-STAR(7827) Toll
[email protected]••
[email protected]
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Southern California Triumph Owners Association
Monthly Events
Belmont Shore British Car Night
First Wednesday of Every Month
Drive your pre-1980 British car, to the Belmont Brewing Company between
6-8 pm. Park on the West side of the Belmont Shore Olympic Pool.
Contact: Tim Clark at [email protected]
PV coffee and cars - THE PLACE TO BE!
First Saturday of Every Month
7:30 am to 9:00 am
Peninsula Shopping Center at Hawthorne Blvd & Silver Spur, Between
Burger King & Starbucks
Contact: Howie Margolies, [email protected]
San Fernando Valley Breakfast Group
First & Third Saturday of Every Month
SCTOA and TRSC club members meet at 9 am, rain or shine. The meeting
place is at Bob's Big Boy, 4211 West Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA. After
breakfast, the group moves to the parking lot for the traditional tire kicking,
bonnet raising,Triumph tales and frequent “Mini Tech Sessions.”
From the East; Exit the 134 Freeway at the Hollywood Way exit, turn left on
Alameda Avenue, which merges with Riverside Drive after five blocks, Bob's Big
Boy is on the right [North] side.
From the West; Exit the 134 Freeway at Pass Avenue, turn right and drive one
block to Alameda Avenue. Turn right [West] on Alameda which merges with
Riverside Drive in one block. Bob's Big Boy is on the right [North] side.
Contact: Dale Berman at [email protected], 818-841-0200
Orange County Breakfast Group
Second Saturday of Every Month
1) 6:00 am or earlier: “Car Show” at the Enderle Center of Tustin. N/E portion of
the Center’s parking lots, cross streets 17th & Yorba, 1/2 block East of SR 55’.
2) 8:15 am: Caravan to breakfast via non-freeway roads that will test most TR’s.
3) 9:00 am: Breakfast at Watson Drug just East of the Orange Traffic Circle on
Chapman. Plenty of TR parking in the lot south of the Drug Store.
Contact: John Gladysiewicz [email protected]
Third Sunday of Every Month
Gathering of LBC's of all Marques. Ocean view parking lot. Cars show up by 9:00
and stick around until the car stories run out.
Address: 31250 Rancho Palos Verdes Drive West Hawthorne Blvd, Rancho
Palos Verdes, CA, 90274
Contact: Howie Margolies, (310) 514-9891 Work / [email protected]
Visit Our award winning website:
Calendar of Events
Look here for more events each month
5-6 SCTOA Club Meeting
SCTOA Anniversary Blow-Out Rally - Cambria Tour
19-21 VARA Historic Sports Car Festival - Fontana
27 Rim of the Ridge Drive (TRSC) - Abel Miramon
Pot Luck and Fireworks - Bob Cullum, (714) 996-7129 [email protected]
SCTOA Club Meeting
VARA Vintage Racing Festival - Portland Int'l Raceway, Portland, OR
18 Braille Rallye
19 CCBCC Channel Island Car Show, Oxnard
Roadster Factory Party
Allen's Train to Santa Barbara.
SCTOA Club Meeting
TRSC run to the pines
Pomona Swap Meet and Classic Car Show
VTR National Convention
22 El Segundo Car Show and BBQ - Paulette Caudill, (310) 322-2546, [email protected]
29 Antique Crawl in Ol' Town Orange - Kate McKee
SCTOA Club Meeting
5-8 VARA Oktoberfest - Buttonwillow
12 Cody's drive
15 Drive to see the Endevor - John Roberts, (310) 384-8491, [email protected]
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
Calendar of Events
SCTOA Club Meeting and food drive
8-11 Triumphest, San Diego-
Pomona Swap Meet and Classic Car Show - We NEED 20 cars as the Featured Club
24 Vintage Drive
Teddy Bear Run, Ventura
SCTOA Club Meeting and White Elephant Sale
7-8 Julian Drive Rob & Bonny Bowen RSVP [email protected]
VARA Big Bore Bash - Willow Springs
17 Farmer's market - - John Roberts, (310) 384-8491, [email protected]
SCTOA Club Meeting
Christmas Party at Scott McKee's Community Center
Pomona Swap Meet and Classic Car Show
January 2016
New Year's Day Drive - Robert Tyler, (661) 298-1405, [email protected]
SCTOA Club Meeting
16 Garage Crawl -Allen
SCTOA Club Meeting
Valentines Day Brunch - Dick Hansen, (562) 430-0130, [email protected]
See you at the next event!
Don't forget to bring your Triumph
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Rear (Armstrong lever)�������������������������������������������������� $75.00
Heavy Duty Upgrade ���������������������������������������������������� $10.00
TR6 brake booster������������������������������������������������������$175.00
BRAKE MASTERS: Sleeved & Rebuilt
TR6, 7, 8, Spitfire������������������������������������������$125.00–$145.00
Spitfire, GT6 (1968-76)������������������������������������������������$175.00
TR6 Booster����������������������������������������������������������������$175.00
TR3, 4, 4A (TR2 twin $195)������������������������������������������ $95.00
Caliper – (most models) ����������������������������������$115.00-145.00
Clutch Master���������������������������������������������������������������� $95.00
Brake sleeving only, brass or SS����������������������$50.00-$90.00
COMPLETE REBUILDING: disassembly, cleaning, bodies
rebushed, new std. size throttle shafts, jets, needles, float
valves, gaskets, O-rings. FLOW BENCH TESTED���� $375.00
- $415.00/pair
Carb Bodies Rebushed and new throttle shafts �����$85.00/ea
Prices shown are for Exchange or Yours Rebuilt. Core
charges apply if items are ordered prior to (and are refunded
our receiving old units.
Free Catalog –
apple hydraulics
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I started buying parts from Moss back when Chris manned the counter on Dawson
Street. My customer# is 15251. I’ve been treated like a friend instead of an
occasional customer. Moss employees freely give of their time to help me keep my
British relic running. One year, on the way to an event, 25 miles up the road from
Moss, my car cracked an oil line. The gentleman who pulled my part from the
warehouse delivered it on his lunch break. He wouldn’t accept any delivery fee.”
Greg Stroop — Moss customer for 42 years
800-667-7872 | MOSSMOTORS.COM
The SCTOA club meeting is held on the
at: Geezers, 12120 Telegraph Rd., Santa Fe Springs
Regional Breakfast Groups
Please check with your area’s chairperson
for the location, time, & date.
(See “Monthly Events” for details)
Coming Soon, Mark Your Calendar:
5-6 19-21 27 Pot Luck and Fireworks
SCTOA Club Meeting
VARA Vintage Racing Festival
Braille Rallye
CCBCC Channel Island Car Show, Oxnard
SCTOA Club Meeting
SCTOA Anniversary Blow-Out Rally - Cambria Tour
VARA Historic Sports Car Festival - Fontana
Rim of the Ridge Drive (TRSC)
18 19 Allen's Train to Santa Barbara.
SCTOA Club Meeting
Pomona Swap Meet and Classic Car Show
VTR National Convention
El Segundo Car Show
Antique Crawl in Ol' Town Orange
22 29 Hey everybody...
SCTOA, P.O. Box 83820, Los Angeles, CA 90083
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