Budgeting and Forecasting Brochure



Budgeting and Forecasting Brochure
Budgeting and Forecasting
The Global Leader in Asset and Property Management Software
Yardi Voyager Budgeting and Forecasting™
Providing Powerful, Precise Budget Analysis and Revenue Projection
Yardi Voyager Budgeting and Forecasting enables you to create
accurate budget projections for revenue and expenses from actual
tenant leases. Using advanced budget worksheets, you can analyze
and compare many different budget assumptions and scenarios.
Voyager Budgeting and Forecasting also includes special functionality
to project future revenue from rent increases, recoveries, and lease
rollover assumptions. In addition, you can apply market leasing
assumptions and rent or charge escalations to your forecasts. Import
budget amounts from your general ledger accounts or existing
budgets, and clarify budget amounts and variances with a narrativeand-details reporting system. Produce detailed budget projections
in a fraction of the time with Voyager Budgeting and Forecasting.
Lease Projections and Informative Budget Details
Budget amounts are derived from actual leases you define
within your Yardi Voyager database. Annotations explain
budget amounts, variances, and show revenue projection
Key Features
z Offers complete integration with the Yardi Voyager Property
Management system
z Uses advanced variance analysis to identify any actual amounts
that exceed specified budgeting thresholds
z Creates accurate revenue projections based on defined leases
and rollover assumptions
z Enables zero- and task-based budgeting
z Permits unlimited budget revisions with ability to copy and
combine budgets
z Applies custom formulas, budget assumptions, and market
leasing assumptions to create and run advanced budget
models for various financial forecasts and projections
z Exports budget data to Microsoft Excel®
z Documents all budget comments, variances, and action items
using budget details and narratives
z Generates a wide variety of budget-to-actual comparative
z Permits collaborative budget operations
z Includes advanced budget security functions to lock worksheets
and hide accounts from unauthorized users
z Controls G/L account access to budget worksheets with
advanced integrated security features
Create Accurate Market Leasing and
Residential Budget Projections
Z Add detailed market leasing assumptions for
precise budget projections of renewal rents,
recoveries, charges, concessions, and retail sales
overage figures.
Z Apply inflation estimates to leasing income
and expenses, including rent, recovery charges,
occupancy, costs, inducements, and retail sales.
Z Generate accurate residential budget forecasts
from current and future rent and occupancy
Define Custom Budget Models
Voyager Budgeting and Forecasting enables you to set up
custom budget models and formulas, giving you the flexibility
to base your budget assumptions on criteria specific to your
needs. You can also add property default assumptions and
apply them to your projection formulas.
Generate Short- and Long-Term
Projection Reports
Using Voyager’s extensive reporting capabilities,
you can produce both short- and long-term
projection reports, including market valuations
and ideal lease scenarios.
Packed With Industry-Specific Features
The Voyager Property Management system builds on the Yardi
tradition of industry-leading software. It includes the accounting
and management capabilities our products are famous for in a
system designed especially for commercial and residential real
estate management.
can enter data onsite, while managers can provide oversight from
a head office or any location with access to the Internet. Owners
and managers can easily obtain information on properties or units
and have secure, 24/7 access to financial data, budget worksheets,
and reports.
Comprehensive and Integrated
Voyager Budgeting and Forecasting is designed for detailed analysis
and comparison of future income and expenses. Its advanced
features significantly enhance the budget preparation process and
financial reporting capabilities already built into Yardi’s product
line. Users can easily create many different types of budget
worksheets, all based on details from actual tenant leases and
property units. A comprehensive narrative-and-details reporting
system analyzes and explains relative differences, making
budget reviews quicker and more effective. Powerful budgeting
and forecasting tools enable users to generate detailed budget
projections with greater accuracy and efficiency.
Voyager screens, menus, and reports can be tailored to the way
you do business. This flexibility enables you to ensure that Voyager
complies with regional regulations and changes in GAAP. You can
use Voyager to manage other parts of your portfolio, such as
commercial or residential rental properties. You can also extend
the versatility of Voyager by adding optional modules.
Browser Based
Because Voyager is browser based, it is easy to implement
throughout your organization. Sales and administrative personnel
Voyager was designed with security in mind. Integrated, userdefined security parameters protect your data. Multiple levels of
user privileges and permissions allow you to control access. Secure
Sockets Layer network and application security ensure network
privacy through data encryption and client/server authentication.
For Voyager ASP service, sophisticated back-up technology is
employed through data centers to safeguard critical data.
Comprehensive Reporting
Voyager Budgeting and
Forecasting provides a
variety of specialized
reports to help you
manage your property
financials more efficiently.
Z Generate worksheet
lists, budget details,
and summaries of
your property budget
Z Review account budget
figures quarterly,
annually, or for specified
monthly periods.
Z Create reports of
budget variances and
worksheet narratives.
Z View summaries of your
budget models and
formula assumptions.
Yardi Systems
Yardi Systems is the global leader in the design, development, and
support of integrated investment and property management
software for organizations of all sizes. For 25 years, Yardi Systems
has led the industry through responsiveness and innovation,
becoming the premiere application for real estate software solutions.
Our Services
Our Clients
Yardi Systems is more than just a software company – we are a
solutions provider. Our mission is to provide high-performance,
cost-effective solutions that maximize efficiency and profitability for
our clients. We regard every client association as a long-term
relationship, and we nurture these relationships by listening to clients
and addressing their needs with our products and with a variety of
support services. Among the services we offer are:
Yardi software serves more than 15,000 businesses, corporations, and
government agencies representing more than 2 billion square feet of
commercial space and 5 million residential units in markets such as:
z Yardi Implementation Services – Works with you to develop and
execute an implementation plan.
z Investment Management
z Commercial
z Multifamily
z Affordable Housing
z Tax Credit
z Public Housing
z Condo/Co-op and Homeowners Association
z Senior Housing
z Student Housing
z Military Housing
z Construction/Development
Our Products
Yardi provides an integrated, browser-based software suite
designed to support a wide variety of investment and property
management business functions. Based on a centralized
database, our innovative, client-driven technology and services
enhance workflow by combining investment and property
management functions (such as leasing, occupancy, and
maintenance) with accounting and financial reporting capabilities
that are essential to every level of real estate management.
Application Service Provider (ASP)
Save time, resources, and up-front costs by letting Yardi
host Voyager for you. Yardi ASP Hosting enables you to
benefit from the power and performance of Voyager
without having to maintain the IT infrastructure, support
services, and security necessary to keep your system
operating at peak efficiency. Designed to help fulfill
Sarbanes-Oxley and SAS 70 requirements, this turnkey
solution lets you focus your energy where it counts—on
your business.
z Yardi Data Conversion – Moves the data from your existing system
to your new Yardi system.
z Yardi Custom Programming – Creates unique reports, tables, triggers,
buttons, and stored procedures to meet special requirements.
z Yardi Training – Trains your entire staff on-site, by telephone, or
through a variety of online courses.
z Yardi Professional Services – Offers full-service project management
and implementation consulting, as well as business process
integration, technical consulting, and end-user training.
z Yardi ASP Hosting Services – Provides the security, dependability,
and scalability of a state-of-the-art ASP system while saving
you time and money.
Products and Services
Integrated Systems and Optional Modules
Markets Served
z Investment Management
z Property Management
z Integrated Accounting and Financials
z Performance
z Budgeting and Forecasting
z RealDCF
z Executive Dashboard / Business Intelligence
z Portal
z Construction Management
z Maintenance Management
z Fixed Assets and Inventory Control
z Document Manager
z Legal
z Investment Management
z Retail
z Office
z Industrial
z Multifamily
z Affordable Housing
z Tax Credit
z Rural Development
z Public Housing
z Condo/Co-op and Homeowners Association
z Senior Housing
z Student Housing
z Military Housing
z Construction/Development
Yardi Services
Industry Compliance Memberships
z ASP Hosting Services
z Professional Services
z Project Management
z Implementation and Training
z Custom Programming
z Data Conversion
z Technical Support and Help Desk
z Report Writing
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