August 2016 - Peak Riders



August 2016 - Peak Riders
August 2016
Summer is here (apparently) and you must have had at least one trip out by now. I know it’s sometimes a gamble
with the weather but it really is worth it. If the weather turns then you may get a bit damp and the bike will get a
little dirty. Personally I am not keen on polishing. I know, I know, all that chrome looks good, but I would rather
spend the time it takes to clean it to be out riding it. Saying that, I would like it to look like it did when I first bought
it, but hey, can’t have everything can we. If anyone out there has a passion for polishing and has some spare time, I
can help you out. Just let me know (I will supply refreshments lol).
Ok, now a serious bit. Please read this, as it is important and you could help to make this chapter work for you.
The idea of a chapter is to bring together a group of people that enjoy riding Harley Davidson© motorcycles,
where the camaraderie and friendship will benefit each other and the community around us.
Sounds great doesn’t it? We can enjoy being part of one of the biggest motorcycle clubs in the world, enjoy
ourselves and help the people around us. Well we have had a chapter officers meeting, followed by a members
meeting and many things were talked about, but the main issue is member participation. As with any group we rely
on members to achieve anything. Without participation a group, club, fellowship or whatever you want to call it is a
virtual reality. It has no function, direction, meaning or purpose. Yes we all ride Harleys and like to say we are H.O.G.
members. Some like to wear the Peak Riders rocker on their jacket or waistcoat, but without taking a little time to
join in you are just a name on a sheet of paper. Come and say hi at a meeting, turn up to a ride out or meet us at a
destination ride. It doesn’t have to be the only reason you get up in the morning, just coming along and being there
now and again, giving your thoughts and ideas and getting to know each other is all it needs to be. You will not be
ignored or left out because you are not in the fold, or don’t wear the ‘right’ clothes (whatever they are) and you
certainly don’t have to be an expert rider!
There are a core set of members who do everything and its not ideal. If more people get involved then we can all
have more time to enjoy ourselves and get more out of the chapter. The chapter can organise more social events,
rides, vists and whatever other ideas you may have. We need the chapter to be for ALL of you. Without your input
we cannot cater for everyone. If it wasn’t for Joth and Phil there is a good chance the chapter would have folded, but
they stepped up to the bar and have kept it going. We need more members to step up to be considered for chapter
officer roles. All of these are voted for by members, none are compulsary and we can only do so much without more
people. More hands make light work and Peak Riders need the light to work as brightly as possible or we can’t see
where we are going!!
Please consider putting yourself forward to help out your chapter. We all like to feel
part of something, to feel a sense of partnership, friendship, kindred spirits if you like.
There are not many people who like to be left in the kitchen at parties, so we are asking
you to join in a little. The membership stands at around 65 people(at the time of writing
this) and we only seem to see around a dozen or so at any time. I personally have found
the Peak Riders to be a great bunch of people, all different in their own way, but more
than happy to chat, offer help, advice, talk about their experiences or just sit with and
have a drink. It does not mean that you will give your soul to the chapter, just a little bit
of time, when you can, to help keep it going and hopefully expand.
If you think you can offer a little more then please get in touch. You can contact any officer for a chat either through
the forum or facebook or at HarleyWorld (usually round at the coffee/tea machine). Thanks for reading ED………
You’ve seen the advert in H.O.G. magazine and website, well any of you that were at Pirates in the Peak at Alison
House last year will know that me and Viv won the Eurocamp voucher for a 7 night holiday and we would like to
share the experience with you. We asked Eurocamp if we could book 7 different sites and have a touring holiday.
They said YES. Viv is not boat friendly (hates ferries) and told the booking staff that we would sort out a tunnel
crossing. OH NO YOU WON’T, came the reply (did’nt realise it was pantomime season already), we will sort that and
include it in the package for you. Top people these guys. So Viv sorted the details out and off we went, straight after
work on a Friday down to Folkestone for the night. Nice ride, apart from a short downpour as we approached our
B&B. Our train was booked for 8am so we were up and away bright and early Saturday morning. We do like the
tunnel, very easy and quick (unless you get caught in the passport checking queue) and emerged in Calais to bright
blue skies. Only for a short period though. A couple of showers later we were in Luxembourg for our first night at a
Eurocamp site.
What are they like, I hear you asking (glad to see your interested). Well you have a choice of static caravans or chalet
style places along with room to setup your own tent or park up in your campervan. Most sites have a restaurant, bar
and maybe a small shop. Some have swimming pools, play clubs for kids etc. it all depands which you book. Our first
had the lot and we were in a nice static caravan, in a nice quite area. It had all we needed, cooker, microwave, fridge,
toilet, shower and all linen and towels supplied.
Next morning we headed off to the Black Forest. This site was much smaller, no swimming
pool or kids club and no shop. Just a bar and restaurant. Simple but nice and they supplied
metal plates to put under your sidestand to stop it sinking into the ground if it rained. Nice
touch. We then headed off into Switzerland. All I can say is STUNNING. If you have never
been, try to go soon. It’s got great roads, scenery and people. You will never run out of
fuel as there seems to be petrol stations every few hundred yards and sometimes one on
each side of the road. I had set my satnav to avoid toll roads, which it did, but we
suddenly arrived at a tunnel which was for Trains only. Oh well we are here now and still
got 1 hour and 40 minutes riding to go so we may as well have a rest on the train. Paid the
money at the gate and went in to queue up with the other vehicles. After a few minutes,
one of the car drivers came over and told us we should ride through the lights and go to
the train. He didn’t speak very good english and we didn’t speak swiss so we went for it
without asking why. We came across a guy in high viz chatting to his mate at the train. He
directed us to ride onto the back of the train and continue right along all the carriages to
the front. These carriages were like the freight ones in EuroTunnel. No sides, just a metal
frame. We rode right to the front as directed and then waited as we had reached what
looked like a normal carriage.
Don’t forget to call in at HarleyWorld for all your Harley needs. Mechanical work, sound advice, HD merchandise,
clothes, boots and refreshments. You can call them on 01246 383 999 or go online at:
The guy then got on the train and opened the carriage doors in front of us, directing us
inside. We were told to secure the bike with the luggage straps, rope etc. that was all
around. Inside this part there were toilets, wash basin and seats for us to relax in whilst
the car drivers had to remain in their boxes, ha, ha, ha. The trip was about 15 minutes and
when we emerged, the satnav caught up, we only had 20 minutes riding left. Saved a lot
of time on a very hot day. The site was lovely and the weather was very hot!!
From Switzerland we travelled down to Lake Garda in Italy. Our lasting impression? Lovely
scenery but the drivers are lunatics! We saw so many close calls, lorries pulling out in front
of us, tailgating and every other type of bad driving you can think of. If they have a driving
test in Italy I don’t think anyone takes it! Next night we travelled back to Lake Maggoire.
On the way to our second night in Italy we had a problem. I could not change gear
and was stuck in first. The selector pedals were hitting the footpad due to the
spindle being worn. Luckily we were on our way to see the dealer at Monza so
crawled the last couple of miles there in first gear. Their technician took our bike in
and 40 minutes later reported that he had not got a replacement spindle, but had adjusted the pedals,
clamps etc. and we could now select gears fine. Obviously we would have to replace the spindle once we
got back but were assured it would see us home without issue. He was right and had done a great job. The
dealership refused to take any money for their work and also gave us a couple of keyrings as a momento of
our visit. Top guys!
We then rode back through glorious Switzerland to France and to the best site we had all week. Lovely
place alongside a river with good food and a great bar. The last night was just north of Paris and this site
was HUGE. It was basically the same as Butlins or Pontins over here.
Overall we had a great trip. 2175 miles travelled and seven different sites visited. Would we go again?
Definitely! Many thanks to Eurocamp for putting this voucher together. Peak Riders raised a good amount
in the raffle for the charity and we were lucky enough to win it. Where to next?
Suggestions on a sae to: ‘How far can we send them away before they get suspicious’
Windy Lane, HarleyWorld 
Hornsea Ride Out
John & Cilla decided to add an extra ride out for us to Hornsea. Why? For Fish & Chips, what else!! It was a
lovely ride lead by John which left HarleyWorld at 10:30 Sunday 31 st July. We even had a car come along
(bike being repaired, never mind Tony & Janet, it was good to have you along. Hope its fixed soon). We
took a lovely route (with a bit of motorway) and had a short break at the Coastways Café just outside
Howden. We arrived at a busy Hornsea seafront and parked up the bikes. Thankfully we did not have long
to wait for the fantastic Fish & Chips. We then had a wander along the front to stretch our legs before
heading off back towards home. We all stopped at the services on M180 before saying our goodbyes and
returning home. Lovely run, thanks John & Cilla.
The map shows the route we took (to and from home. The blue ‘P shields’ show our stops. This was taken
from my tracker (which I love). If you would like to know
more about it, make sure you grab a copy of the next
newsletter. All will be revealed
Just one of the great gifts and collectable items now
available at HarleyWorld Chesterfield
Peak Riders Clothing
Fancy some Peak Riders gear? These were available some years ago and we thought they may generate a
little interest. This website lists the garments that are available to order (loads of colours) and our logo will be embroidered as per the picture below. Or just scan the QR code
and it will take you straight to it. All orders need to come through me (ED) and prices are as follows:
Gents T-shirts (round neck) - £15.00
Ladies T-shirts (v neck) - £18.00
Polo shirts - £18.00
Zipped Hoodies - £25.00
Other garment prices on request. I have added a little onto the actual price per garment to cover p&p and
any surplus will go to Peak Riders funds.
Scan this on your smartphone to be taken directly to the Magic Stitches website
What’s coming up?
Sunday 4th September – Ride out to Flamborough Lighthouse
Sunday 18th September – Ride out to Woodhead Pass Cafe
Thursday 20th October – Social evening at Paulo’s Italian Restaurant, Dinnington
Thursday 24th November–Chapter Meeting,Olde House,Newbold,Chesterfield. S40 4RN
November – Planned Christmas Newsletter!!!!
Checkout all the details for these events and those further ahead on our forum,
website and Facebook.
Just for fun
Ride safe and have fun. Until the next one, Bye Bye!
Never ask a biker for directions if you're in a hurry to get there.