Saint Spirit Annual Report 14 - Saint Thomas Aquinas High School



Saint Spirit Annual Report 14 - Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
Table of Contents
AQUAINT Reunion Weekend.................... 3
A New Chapter ........................................... 4
Beating the Odds ........................................ 8
Student News ............................................. 9
Saints Stampede.........................................12
Extravaganza ..............................................14
Mirocke Golf Classic ..................................16
Charitable Giving Corner ..........................17
2012-13 Annual Report ............................. 20
Saints Marrying Saints ...............................31
Michelle Smith Catholic Classic .................31
Class Notes ............................................... 32
Reunions ...................................................37
In Memoriam ........................................... 42
Alumni Parent Remembered .................... 43
The Saints Spirit magazine is a publication of the Saint
Thomas Aquinas Advancement Office. We welcome your
comments or questions. Call or write:
Bryan Thrasher
Director of Communications
[email protected]
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
11411 Pflumm Road
Overland Park, Kansas 66215-4816
William Ford, Ed.D.
Teresa Ahrens
Director of Special Events
Mary Bridget Kratofil
Director of Media Relations
Michon Quick
Director of Alumni & Constituent Relations
Cindy Winkler
Advancement Office Manager
Michele Gress
Community Calendar
1 ........... Winter Play: Leaving Iowa, 7 p.m.
1 ........... Incoming Freshmen Student/Parent Orientation,
Gym & Commons - 9 a.m. to Noon
4 ........... Reunion Planning Workshop (all 2014 reunionclasses), Library - 7 p.m.
5 ........... Ash Wednesday All-School Mass, Gym 10 a.m.
17-21 ..... Spring Break
28 ......... Talent Show, Gym - 1:30 p.m.
5 ........... Prom, Union Station
11 .......... Wigs Out Assembly, Gym - 2 p.m.
16 .......... Spring Olympics, Gym - 2 p.m.
17-21 ..... Triduum and Easter, Offices Closed
24.......... Easter All-School Mass, Gym - 10 a.m.
25-26..... Dinner Theater, Commons & Theater - 6:30 p.m.
26 ......... Rosemary Maher Saints Walk for Life, Gym - 9 a.m.,
to Advice & Aid
3 ........... Father/Daughter Dance, Gym - 6 p.m.
8 ........... Senior All-School Mass, Gym - 9:30 a.m.
13.......... Class of 2014 Baccalaureate Mass at Prince of Peace,
7 p.m.
14 .......... Class of 2014 Graduation, JCCC - 7 p.m.
9 ........... Mirocke Golf Classic, Milburn Golf & Country
Club - 11 a.m.
21 .......... Extravaganza Summerfest: Polynesian Paradise
16 .......... 3rd Annual Saints Stampede 5K Cross-Country
Run/Walk & Family Fun Day, 7 - 11 a.m.
15-17 ..... AQUAINT Reunion Weekend
All are welcome to attend All-School Masses at Saint Thomas
Aquinas. Please check the school website to confirm the date
and time. Most liturgies begin at 10 a.m. in the Gym.
On The Cover
Celebrating at an All-School Mass are new STA Chaplain
Father Dan Schmitz and faculty members Luke Hall, Emily
Majerle, ‘08, and Bryan Thelen, ‘08. Additional coverage and
new faculty/staff profiles beginning on page 4.
Reunion Weekend Beginning in 2014
Wondering about your Class
Reunion in 2014? Trying to plan a
wedding or vacation in 2015? You may
ask, “Who’s in charge? When will we
have a date on the calendar?”
There is no clear-cut answer as to
who should or will oversee planning
for your reunion.
In short, it will be whoever from
your class takes the lead!
It is up to each individual
graduating class to plan its reunion.
The Alumni Office at Saint Thomas
Aquinas High School is available to
assist you with ideas and assistance in
reaching your classmates.
Beginning in 2014, Saint Thomas
Aquinas High School is establishing
the ‘AQUAINT Reunion Weekend’
to assist all reunion classes. Time and
again, reunion organizers tell us that
the most frustrating thing about their
volunteer position was to pick an
event-date that would “make everyone
We look forward to your help in
setting the stage for the future of
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School’s
Saints Alumni community! For more
information or questions, please
contact Michon Quick, Director of
Alumni & Constituent Relations,
at 913-319-2437 or
[email protected]
*In future years, we’ll plan to host
the respective year’s Reunion Planning
Workshop on Fat Tuesday, the Tuesday
evening before Ash Wednesday, at the
school. All alumni are invited to attend in
any year.
Many believe that the senior class president is responsible to get the
ball rolling. Often times, this person may not be in a position with his/
her life circumstances to take on this role. Senior class officers might also
begin the organization process. Other members of the class might have the
enthusiasm, time and/or experience to plan a reunion. Inevitably it may be
‘easier’ for alumni in the Kansas City area to take the reins, though this is
definitely not a requirement.
Planning Workshop
AQUAINT Reunion Weekend will
occur in August, the weekend prior to
the beginning of Fall Sports at Saint
Thomas Aquinas.*
*usually the second or third weekend of
The date for AQUAINT Reunion
Weekend will be published three years
in advance.
Reunion Weekend will coincide
each year with the Saints Stampede
5K Run/Walk, Pancake Breakfast
& Family Fun Day at Saint Thomas
Aquinas High School. This event,
designed to welcome alumni and their
children to the school facilities, will
serve as a built-in morning activity for
reunion classmates, spouses, children,
parents, family and friends. Although
there is a fee to participate in the 5K
Run/Walk, many of the activities -especially for young children -- are free.
With support from current student
teams, clubs and groups, the Saints
Stampede will be a wonderful way
for alumni to relive their high school
memories while
also introducing
their children to the
Saints community.
Planning for each class reunion will
be the responsibility of volunteers
from the class. On Tuesday, March
4, 2014 (Fat Tuesday), Saint Thomas
Aquinas High School will host
the first annual* Saints Reunion
Workshop for next summer’s reunion
classes. Ideas, guidelines, suggestions,
tips and a timeline will be reviewed
at the workshop. The opportunity to
share ideas and create connections
with representatives from other classes
will also be an important aspect of the
annual program.
Any graduate, especially those
from reunion-classes ending in “4” or
“9” (Saints Alumni Classes of 1989,
1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009; Aquinas
and St. Joe classes 1984, 1979, 1974,
1969, 1964, etc.!) is welcome and
encouraged to attend this year’s
workshop. Those who would like
to help with their reunion but can’t
attend the workshop should still
sign-up as an “absentee” member
of your class-year’s Reunion
Planning Group. Go to
for more information
and to sign up!
A New
Our Saint Thomas Aquinas
community is blessed with the rich
tradition and experience of many
faculty and staff, here since or soon
after the doors opened at 114th &
Pflumm in 1988.
Over the years, Saint Thomas
Aquinas has been truly blessed with
the addition of many well-educated,
extremely-talented, and tremendously
faith-filled teachers, administrators
and support staff -- all a part of our
Communion of Saints!
This year, with retirements and
relocations, we welcome new faces to
the Family and new directions for the
Faithful -- as we embark on the Next
25 Years of our Saint Thomas Aquinas
heritage. Come Join Us!
The first All-School Mass of
the 2013-14 year was celebrated
on the Feast of the Assumption.
Saint Thomas Aquinas faculty and
staff assisted with music, readings,
offertory, Extraordinary Ministers of
the Eucharist and as altar servers.
Meet the new principals, Schenck & Moss
In spring 2013, when Dr. Rebecca
Heidlage announced her retirement,
Dr. Ford recruited two of the school’s
renowned teachers, both Math
instructors, to take on new challenges
as he restructured administrative staff
duties and responsibilities. Craig
Moss and Brian Schenck were largely
responsible for managing the fiveyear process of being recognized as
a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
by the United States Department
of Education in 2012. Both having
masters degrees in education
administration, Moss and Schenck
-- “the boys” as they are affectionately
referred to -- took on the tasks of
becoming co-principals for Saint
Thomas Aquinas High School.
They have been hard at work since
assuming their new roles last summer.
Brian Schenck
Brian Schenck grew
up in Omaha, Nebraska,
where he attended Catholic
grade school and high
school. Extending his faith
into higher education,
he earned his Bachelor’s
degree in Mathematics and
Education from Rockhurst
University, and then his Masters
degree in Education Administration
from Benedictine College.
Mr. Schenck student-taught at Saint
Thomas Aquinas in spring 1997, and
upon graduation he joined the STA
faculty as a full-time Math teacher.
He’s been a Saint ever since.
Schenck’s primary role as
Co-Principal is improving the
academic life at Aquinas. Though
he misses teaching more than he
expected, he plans to make an effort
to get into the halls to be around the
kids. “The kids are why we get into
this profession, and I don’t ever want
to forget that.”
When asked how he helps maintain
focus on our Catholic faith, Mr.
Schenck says, “I try to be a good
example of how Jesus treated others.
Jesus existed on Earth to build others’
relationships and
understanding of God.
We are a Eucharistic
people and since
Christ is present in the
Eucharist, Christ is
present in each one of
us. Therefore, we must
build solid relationships
with others to maximize
our experience of God.
In addition to teaching Honors
PreCalculus, College Algebra and
Geometry at STA, Schenck has
coached girls and boys track, freshman
girls basketball, and was co-head
volleyball coach from 2001 to 2011,
helping the Saints earn
state-championship titles
in 2001, 2006 and 2007.
“We try to emphasize
with our faculty the idea
of building this ‘Christcentered’ relationship
with our students. Good
relationships are the key to
Brian Schenck and his wife Leigh
and daughter Kelsey, live in Shawnee,
Kansas, where they are members of
Sacred Heart parish.
Craig Moss
The son of a grain elevator manager
and stay-at-home mom, Craig Moss
grew up in Miltonvale, Kansas,
helping farmers with custom fertilizer
applications and annual harvest.
He earned undergraduate degrees
from Pratt Community College and
Bethany College, and graduate degrees
from Emporia State and Wichita State
Universities, in School Counseling
and Educational Leadership &
Supervision respectively.
Twenty-five years in education,
Mr. Moss has taught Algebra,
Geometry and Statistics at Saint
Thomas Aquinas since 1999.
Additionally from 2001 - 2013
he was head coach of the Saints
girls and boys track teams,
and an assistant football coach
between 1999 and 2013.
Moss’s primary role as
Co-Principal is instructional
advancement and professional
learning. “We aim to increase
the use of technology in the
classroom to create authentic learning
opportunities that meet the needs
of a diverse group of learners,” Moss
“We intend to be cutting-edge on
our approach.”
When asked about the transition
from teacher to administrator, Mr.
Moss says he enjoys the challenges of
dealing with “the big picture,” yet he
does miss the energy of the classroom.
And he definitely sees the importance of
maintaining focus on our Catholic faith.
“Saint Francis of Assisi is credited
with saying, ‘Preach often...use
words when necessary.’ I think the
easiest way to maintain focus as a
community on our Catholic faith is
to model it. Another way is to develop
relationships so that as a faculty we
are truly interested in helping each
other get to heaven, and in a sense
we become each other’s spiritual
Craig and his wife Paula live in
Olathe; she is Executive Director
of the Annual Fund at Benedictine
College. Their son, Ben, is a senior
at Saint Thomas Aquinas and their
daughter, Alex, is an 8th grader at
Prince of Peace where they are parish
Kadie Calovich,
English teacher
Luke Hall, Math
studentteaching at
Saint Thomas
Aquinas a year
ago, Kadie
discovered it
was a really
good match!
Now a new addition to the faculty,
she is motivated by the energetic
atmosphere that students, teachers
and staff create.
STA new
faculty member
Luke Hall
grew up in
Little Rock,
Arkansas, with
parents John
and Theresa
Hall and
three siblings.
The family were members of St.
Edward’s Parish where Luke attended
elementary school, continuing on to
Little Rock’s Catholic High School for
Kadie attended Holy Trinity
Catholic School in Lenexa, Notre
Dame de Sion High School, and
Kansas State University, where she
received her Bachelor of Science
degree in Secondary Education with
emphasis in English and Literature.
Kadie’s family includes parents
Brian and Chris Calovich, members
of Holy Trinity parish in Lenexa,
Kansas, her brother and Saints
alumnus Jeff Calovich, ‘06, and sister
Emily Calovich Hansen.
“I love having the ability to get to
know my students in the academic
environment,” said Kadie, “as well as
outside of the academic environment,
through their involvement with
STA extracurricular activities, clubs,
sports teams and other various
school sponsored activities.” Kadie
said. “Saint Thomas Aquinas does
an amazing job of teaching and
developing the WHOLE student, and
as a teacher it’s extremely powerful
and rewarding to see that.”
Ms. Calovich’s goal is for every
student be as successful as possible
on any day with any assignment.
She challenges herself to learn
each student’s story and each one’s
differences in order to help them
learn and succeed.
Luke graduated from Benedictine
College with a double major
in Mathematics and Secondary
Education. He also was head coach
of the Saints sophomore football
team during his first year of teaching,
adding his appreciation for how Saint
Thomas Aquinas has made him feel
very welcome since his arrival last
Mr. Hall’s teaching philosophy is
simple: to teach as Jesus did; and
secondly, to do things better than ever
before - teaching, coaching, everything.
He hopes to instill those beliefs to all
he encounters.
Mr. Hall also coaxes his students to
not be afraid to ask questions. As a
teacher now himself, he understands
that questions mean the student is
paying attention and concerned about
becoming a better student!
Emily Majerle, ‘08 French and English
Alumna Emily Majerle, ‘08, joined
the Saint Thomas Aquinas High
School faculty
in August to
teach French I IV and English,
of Diane and
Joseph Majerle
and sister of
Robin Majerle Halsey, ‘03, the family
lives in Olathe and belongs to Prince
of Peace parish. In June Emily will
marry Saints alumnus Kevin Trader,
‘08, at the St. Lawrence Catholic
Campus Center at the University of
Kansas where she earned her Bachelor
of Science degree in Secondary French
and English Education.
“I’m so excited to be back at Saint
Thomas Aquinas, working with many
of the people who first inspired me
to become a teacher. I’m proud to
provide that same supportive and
encouraging environment to young
people that I was blessed with as a
Emily describes her driving teaching
philosophy as “striving to respect
students and get to know them as
individuals.” She also believes that
time management is key to being a
successful high school student. She
advises them to learn how to prioritize
and always put God and family before
everything else.
Principals’ Office
joined the staff
of Saint Thomas
Aquinas High
School in
August 2013 as
Office Manager
of the Principals’
office. In
addition to helping Principals Schenck
and Moss, she assists with projects for
the Director of Admissions.
Michelle was born in Hollywood,
California, and at age 11 moved with
her family to Belle Plaine, Kansas.
She is a graduate of the University
of Kansas where she majored in
Personnel Administration.
Married for 17 years, Michelle
and her husband Jon are parents of
STA sophomore Megan, 7th grader
Sarah, and 4th grade triplets Jake,
Matt and Lindsay. The family belongs
to Church of the Ascension where
the children attend/attended grade
Saints hire new
football coach
On December
Tweet from Dennis Dodd, CBS Sportswriter,
13, 2013, school
upon learning the news of Dreiling’s hire at STA,
president Dr. Bill Ford
“Ranking toughest conf/divisions in fb at the
announced Randy
moment: 1) SEC West; 2) Pac-12 North; 3) EKL.
Dreiling, former
head coach of the
Hutchinson High
Dreiling said, “I wasn’t necessarily
School Salthawks, as the fifth head
looking for a change as much as what
football coach since Saint Thomas
I feel like is the right change.” He
Aquinas High School opened in 1988. then quipped, “And I’ve been waiting
Dreiling, who grew up in the
small Catholic community of
Victoria, Kansas, and graduated from
Benedictine College, was 160-38 in 17
seasons at Hutchinson High School
in Hutchinson, Kansas. During an
interview on Wichita’s Sports Radio
KFH 1240 AM and 98.7 FM, Coach
for 20 years for (University of) Notre
Dame to call.”
The Salthawks have been the state’s
dominant program for most of the
new millennium under Dreiling’s
leadership. Since 2004, Hutchinson
has won seven state titles in nine
seasons, and played in the title game
nine of 10 seasons. Prior to
the 2013 season, the Salthawks
had a 13-year streak of playoff
“Coach Dreiling has a track
record of success in high
school football coaching,
which will complement our
many top-notch programs -from athletics to academics to
faith-development,” said Dr.
Ford. “We are energized by
the impact Randy will have on
our Saints community, for our
alumni and current families
and also those of the future.”
Michelle believes her prior work
experience in human resources and
office management as well as family
life prepared her for this job. “As
office manager while also running
a home with five children, it’s
important to stay organized!”
Her biggest challenge? Trying to
remember whether it’s an “Even, Odd
or A day!”
Randy Dreiling, who coached the Hutchinson
Salthawks to seven state championships, is the new
Saints’ head football coach.
Saint Thomas Aquinas High
School, one of eight schools in
the Eastern Kansas League, is
considered by many to be the
toughest football conference
in the state. Dennis Dodd,
national sportswriter for CBS,
upon learning of the news
tweeted, “Face of KC high
school fb just changed.”
Beating the Odds
by Annie Schugart, ‘14
“When (the doctors) told me that I
had a brain tumor, I knew everything
was going to be okay,” Battaglia said.
“I was really calm about it.”
fourteen days after
the surgery and
“literally did not
move one muscle
for all those days.”
He had to relearn
how to walk, regain
strength, and rebuild
motor skills he
had lost during the
surgery. Even after
some recovery, it
was difficult to walk
across the room. He
had to regain his
Nick Battaglia
sense of balance and
perception. Even
now he will need to be monitored very
closely for the next several years and
possibly for the rest of his life. And yet
he remains positive.
In May, treatment started. For the
first six weeks, he received treatment
once a week, and later began radiation
on his head and spine. After a brief
break from treatment, he started nine
months of chemotherapy and staying
in the hospital.
“I asked myself, Why of all people
did this have to happen to me?” Nick
said. “And I still ask that question.
But I think that God has a plan for
everybody, and this wouldn’t have
happened if he didn’t want it to
happen for a special reason.”
“There were a few times when I
started having doubts, like the night
when I started chemotherapy,” he
said. “That really took my energy
level down, and that’s when I started
having doubts about being able to be a
normal kid again.”
And it certainly must’ve been for a
special reason. It is evident in the eyes
of Saint Thomas Aquinas staff and
students that they believe that Nick
Battaglia is truly a Saint.
The doctors said there was a good
chance he wouldn’t wake up from
But sophomore Nick Battaglia
fought the odds and lived through it,
thankful that God had saved his life.
Battaglia was attending Barstow
his freshman year when he started
passing out in the hallways, throwing
up, and getting dizzy, all causing him
to ultimately miss about half of his
freshman year. He knew something
was wrong, but his doctors declared it
only a virus.
Eventually, in April 2012, an MRI
determined he had a brain tumor.
He ultimately underwent surgery
to remove the brain tumor. This was
when the doctors told him there was
a slim chance of survival. Yet against
nearly all odds, he survived.
“I was so relieved,” he said, “because
I didn’t know if I was going to wake
up after surgery or not.”
But just because he beat the odds
didn’t mean it was going to be an easy
road to recovery. He had to rest for
“I asked myself, Why of all people
did this have to happen to me?”
Treatment ended for him in
February 2013. He missed his entire
sophomore year at Barstow, so when
he transferred to Saint Thomas
Aquinas enrolled as a sophomore.
Theology teacher Leo Brown, who
has Nick in his sophomore theology
class, said there is a huge amount
of admiration and respect for him.
Brown asked Nick if he would like to
speak to the class about his experience
and he did. During this time, Brown
said you could have heard a pin drop
for those ten to fifteen minutes.
“The thing I admire
most about Nick is that
he is a great example
of being in class for
the good of other
people,” Brown said.
“He’s always willing to
participate and pitch in
his two cents worth for
the good of the class.
The kids have loved
having him in class.”
The experience has
been an eye-opening
one for Nick as well.
He said his experiences
have strengthened his
“Now every night I thank God for
saving my life and giving me another
chance,” he said. “Every day is a
blessing, and we don’t know how long
we have on this earth. It could just be
gone in a minute.”
Battaglia believes God gave his
doctors the knowledge to treat his
disease and truly believes God saved
his life. He also remembers how
supportive his family and friends were
and how they all prayed for him to
beat the odds as well.
“Nicolas is a remarkable young
man who never complained and
always believed that God would
see him through,” said his father,
Marion Battaglia. “He has always had
tremendous faith and knew that it was
in God’s hands.”
His father said the generous care
at Children’s Mercy Hospital and
the support and prayers from family
and friends made all the difference.
When asked if he believes those
prayers helped him, Nick answered
immediately and said they absolutely
“When I got sick, some people like
family friends didn’t really have much
of a relationship with God, and from
what I’ve heard, those people started
praying for me and started going to
church,” he said. “My great uncle
was an atheist, and now he is totally
involved with God because of my
He continued, “I wish this wouldn’t
have happened, but maybe it’s a good
thing. Now I can just tell everybody
about how God saved my life!”
If that isn’t evidence of a true Saint,
then who knows what is!
Saint Thomas Aquinas High
School 2013 Homecoming
The Saint Thomas Aquinas High School community
celebrated its 26th Homecoming the week of September
16-21. Festivities included theme-days, pep assembly, class
skits, Homecoming Mass and a homecoming tailgate and
the presentation of the homecoming court at half-time
of the varsity football game. The Homecoming Dance on
Saturday evening at STA concluded the activities.
The 2013 Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
Homecoming Court included: Nate Fleming, Maddie
Woolway, Grant Mayfield, Lydia Taylor, Chris Ernst,
Annie Lind, Bryan Zack, Mary Disidore, Jeremy Collier
and Ali Woltering. Annie Lind and Bryan Zack were
named Queen and King at half-time of the September 20
varsity football game against Salina Central.
“All Shook Up” at Saint
Thomas Aquinas
The Saint Thomas Aquinas Performing Arts
Department presented the rock ‘n roll musical ALL
SHOOK UP November 7-9. Above, seniors Grant
Mayfield and Spencer Gochis were featured performers in
the clever fantasy that features the music of Elvis Presley.
The audience delighted to such classics as “Jailhouse
Rock” and “Don’t Be Cruel” as the talented Saints
danced and sang the song-packed tribute to the King!
Assisting behind the scenes were choreographer Emily
Begnaud, stage manager Lou Tripp, accompanist Linda
Bender, stage director Matthew McAndrews, ‘08, music
director Joe Heidesch, and producer Kim Harrison.
Poetry Cafe draws
students to the library
English teacher Boyd Bauman (far right) joins students in
listening to a “favorite” poem at the Poetry Cafe.
Above, COUNTING, SORTING, HAULING - the teamwork paid off on
November 8!
The Saints 2013 “HurriCAN Thomas” Food Drive, which is
organized by the Student Council, involves the entire student body
and benefits Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, set a new
record. This year’s total of 117,705 items will feed the area’s needy
until mid-June!
The Saint Thomas Aquinas community pitched in to make this
the most successful food drive ever. Student Council president
Annie Lind was quoted in The Shield student newspaper, “There
is just an unexplainable joy that results from playing a part in
something much greater than yourself.”
This was the culmination of a long-term goal for Lind who wanted
to beat the previous canned food drive record of 113,000 during her
sophomore year. Brogan Moroney, ‘12, Student Council president
and leader of the 2011 food drive that held the previous record, sent
a congratulatory note to the 2013 faculty and students.
The legacy of generosity continues: it’s at the heart of being a
The Student Council welcomed a representative of Catholic Charities to their
celebration of HurriCAN Thomas.
Poetry gets a nod of approval from students
at Saint Thomas Aquinas in October and April
when students are invited to share their favorite
poem with others who enjoy the linguistic art
form. The group gets bigger every year as word
has spread about this relaxing, enjoyable event.
Poetry Cafe participants spontaneously read
aloud a favorite verse they consider worthy
of sharing with the group. While they are
encouraged to read original work, some students
choose a book from the library and select a
poem that strikes an emotional chord.
English teacher Paula McCarthy established
Poetry Cafe six years ago in celebration of Teen
Read Week in October and National Poetry
Month in April. Coffee, hot chocolate and
pastries add to the ambiance, but it’s strictly
self-serve and informal, in keeping with the
simple but successful tribute to one of the oldest
expressions of the English language.
Freshman Costume Party
Freshmen enjoyed a costume party on
December 7, one of several freshmen-only social
events throughout the year.
Freshmen Scholarship Recipients
Class of 2017
Alumni Scholarship
Cassidy Illum, daughter of Jenny Sullivan Illum, ‘89,
St. Joseph parish
Adam Tritt, son of David & Theresa Watson Tritt,
‘81, Holy Trinity parish
Exemplary Honors (100% on Placement Test)
Colin Connor, son of John & Mary Connor,
Church of the Ascension parish
Danica McGrevey, daughter of Sean & Amy
McGrevey, St. Michael the Archangel parish
Allison Wombwell, daughter of Clay & Lisa
Wombwell, Holy Rosary-Wea parish
Outstanding Honors Award
(98-99% on Placement Test)
Skylar Bird, daughter of Jeffrey & Rochelle Bird,
Prince of Peace parish
Lauren Black, daughter of Susan Black, St. Michael
the Archangel parish
Meredith Bush, daughter of Steve & Christine Bush,
St. Michael the Archangel parish
Jaden Castinado, son of Ken & Deborah Castinado,
Holy Cross parish
Spencer Charlton, son of Mark & Jennifer Charlton,
Holy Trinity parish
William Cole, son of Raymond & Traci Cole, Holy
Spirit parish
Emily Conard, daughter of Jack & Jill Conard, Holy
Trinity parish
Zachary Dare, son of James & Kim Dare, Holy Spirit
Bridget Doherty, daughter of Sean & Julie Doherty,
Holy Trinity parish
William Downey, son of John & Cathy Downey,
Holy Cross parish
Joe Drilling, son of Sue Drilling & Pete Drilling,
Prince of Peace parish
Aubrey Evans, daughter of Wesley & Laurie Evans
Emily Feuerborn, daughter of Scott & Monica
Feuerborn, Prince of Peace
Jennifer Gochis, daughter of Michael & Jane
Gochis, Prince of Peace parish
Daniel Grasing, son of Ken & Lisa Grasing, Church
of the Nativity parish
Rebecca Haeusser, daughter of Laura Haeusser, Holy
Cross parish
Andrew Herbic, son of Robert & Peggy Herbic,
Prince of Peace parish
Bayler Hinz, daughter of William & Renee Hinz,
Prince of Peace parish
Cassidy Illum, daughter of Jenny Illum, St. Joseph
Keshav Kailash, son of Kanakasabha & Mekala
Colin Kelly, son of Chris & Mary Kelly, St. Michael
the Archangel parish
Ezri Killeen, daughter of Rich & Lynn Killeen, Holy
Trinity parish
Lydia Klimt, daughter of Eric & Lauren Klimt, Holy
Rosary-Wea parish
Analiese Lahey, daughter of Brian & Marissa Lahey,
Holy Rosary-Wea parish
Alec Lausier, son of Greg & Kerry Lausier, Holy
Trinity parish
Nathanael Mark, son of Brian & Janet Mark, Good
Shepherd parish
Elizabeth McCormick, daughter of Jeff & Susan
McCormick, Church of the Ascension parish
Grace Mitchell, daughter of Brendan & Elizabeth
Mitchell, Church of the Ascension parish
Stephen Mussat, son of Domenic & Michelle
Mussat, Prince of Peace parish
Hugh O’Reilly, son of Hugh & Erin O’Reilly, Prince
of Peace parish
Jacob Osborn, son of Mark & Julie Osborn, Prince
of Peace parish
Emily Overton, daughter of Sean & Michelle
Overton, Holy Rosary-Wea parish
Mia Power, daughter of Martin & Lisa Power, Holy
Cross parish
Madeline Rosebrough, daughter of David & Lori
Rosebrough, Church of the Ascension parish
Gracie Samuelson, daughter of Allan & Kelly
Samuelson, Church of the Nativity parish
Matthew Sandoval, son of Renato & Joanne
Sandoval, Prince of Peace parish
Maria Scanlan, daughter of William & Tatiana
Scanlan, Church of the Ascension parish
Annie Schneller, daughter of Shannon Schneller,
Holy Spirit parish
Jenna Steichen, daughter of Mark & Kathy Steichen,
Holy Cross parish
Alexander Stilley, son of James & Linda Stilley, Holy
Trinity parish
Kara Stobie, daughter of Peter & Lisa Stobie,
Church of the Ascension parish
Adam Tritt, son of David & Theresa Tritt, Holy
Trinity parish
Matthew Walberg, son of Michael & Monica
Walberg, Prince of Peace parish
Maria Weese, daughter of Mark & Laura Weese,
Prince of Peace parish
Brandon Wheat, son of Jeffrey & Gabrielle Wheat,
St. Joseph parish
Alyssa Wherry, daughter of Todd & Lanese Wherry,
Holy Trinity parish
Commended Honors Award
(94-97% on Placement Test)
Claire Burns, daughter of Tom & Patty Burns,
Church of the Nativity parish
Theresa Demel, daughter of Andy & Karen Demel,
St. Thomas More parish
Nicholas Folkers, son of Craig & Stephanie Folkers,
St. Michael the Archangel parish
Kenna Franzen, daughter of Steve & Teresa Franzen,
Good Shepherd parish
Daniel Gabriel, son of James & Laura Gabriel, Holy
Spirit parish
Griffin Gooch, son of Troy & Shireen Gooch, Holy
Spirit parish
Addison Hagge, daughter of Don & Jane Hagge,
Church of the Ascension parish
Mason Howard, son of Trey & Jan Howard, Church
of the Ascension parish
Dugan Hult, son of Tom & Karen Hult, Prince of
Peace parish
Nicolle Johnson, daughter of Scott & Claire
Johnson, Church of the Ascension parish
Annie Jurgensmeyer, daughter of Jeff & Amy
Jurgensmeyer, Ascension parish
Molly Loe daughter, of Marc & Jennifer Loe, Holy
Rosary-Wea parish
Clara Pope, daughter of Ted & Katie Pope, Church
of the Nativity parish
Katherine Schartz, daughter of Melvin & Karla
Schartz, Prince of Peace parish
Bobby Soenksen, son of Brant & Cara Gillett,
Church of the Nativity parish
Jade Steffensmeier, daughter of Ritch & Angie
Steffensmeier, Prince of Peace parish
Alexandra Stry, daughter of Jennifer & Stry, Church
of the Ascension parish
John Farmer Memorial Scholarship
Grace Nielsen, daughter of Joseph & Melissa
Nielsen, Holy Cross parish
Hap Kelly Memorial Scholarship
Oscar Garcia, son of Robert & Regina Garcia, Holy
Trinity parish
Janet Koch Memorial Scholarship
Hania Crow, daughter of Gregory & Kamla Crow,
Holy Rosary-Wea parish
Faith Into Service Scholarship
Bailey Bush, daughter of Steve & Christine Bush, St.
Michael the Archangel parish
Steve Bush, son of Steve & Christine Bush, St.
Michael the Archangel parish
Angel Dominguez, son of Angel & Alisha
Dominguez, St. John the Evangelist parish
Emily Feuerborn, daughter of Scott & Monica
Feuerborn, Prince of Peace parish
Carney Gadwood, daughter of David & Julie
Gadwood, St. Joseph parish
Anna Gellott, daughter of Philip & Judith Gellott,
Church of the Ascension parish
Dayna Griffin, daughter of Dane & Natalie Griffin
Justin Ellis, son of Steven Ellis, Divine Mercy
Katelyn Heying, daughter of Dean & Melissa
Heying, Church of the Ascension parish
Alexyss Holton, daughter of Kristi Holton, Divine
Bailey Hoyt, daughter of Michael & Jean Hoyt, Holy
Trinity parish
Dugan Hult, son of Tom & Karen Hult, Prince of
Peace parish
Brittany Jones, daughter of Mark & Jennifer Jones,
Holy Trinity parish
Molly Loe, daughter of Marc & Jennifer Loe, Holy
Rosary-Wea parish
Madeline McFatrich, daughter of Kim McFatrich,
Holy Rosary-Wea parish
Isabella Pierce, daughter of Christopher & Jolie
Pierce, St. Michael the Archangel parish
Joseph Pierce, son of Christopher & Jolie Pierce, St.
Michael the Archangel parish
Megan Root, daughter of David & Debbi Root, Holy
Spirit parish
Maggie Sieben, daughter of Brian & Denise Sieben,
Holy Rosary-Wea parish
Michael Stack, son of Brian & Michelle Stack, Holy
Rosary-Wea parish
Paige Wallace, daughter of Jeff & Pam Wallace,
Prince of Peace parish
Andrew Wherry, son of Todd & Lanese Wherry,
Holy Trinity parish
For more information about Scholarships & Financial Aid
at Saint Thomas Aquinas, go to
Save the Date!
3rd Annual Saints
Stampede 5K &
Family Fun Day
Saturday morning,
August 16, 2014
Something for Everyone!
5K Run/Walk, Stroller Strut, Kids
Fun Run, Pancake Breakfast, Kids’
Inflatables and Games
Current parents, Ann & Dan Ernst served as
2013 Saints Stampede Event Chairs. They
were assisted by a committee of alumni, past
& current parents and student volunteers.
Senior Bryan Zack prepares to cross the finish line
as the overall male winner of the 2013 event.
2013 Saints Stampede 5K Results
Overall, Male
1st Place Bryan Zack, age 18
2nd Place Matt Wilderson, age 17
3rd Place Michael Shanahan, age 15
Female, Age 40-49
Overall, Female
1st Place Olivia Sovereign, age 12
2nd Place Maddie Hopfinger, age 18
3rd Place Alie Carr, age 16
Joann Lavery
Casey Curran
Sue Marshall
Dianne Wilderson
Lisa Dunleavy
Cindy Thesing
Male, Age 1-10
Female, Age 1-10
Kate Marshall
Brooke King
Peachey Benz
Female, Age 11-13
Janelle Augustine
Briley McGreevy
Laura Holland
Female, Age 14-15
Abbey Hopfinger
Haley Dietsch
Tatum King
Female, Age 16-17
Emily Downey
Rebecca Hare
Grace Geiger
Female, Age 50-59
Age Group Results:
Male, Age 18-19
Colby King
Parker Brown
Ian Prange
Ethan Marshall
Jacob Cofer
Parker Stoecklein
William Cole
Jack Marshall
Karter Odermann
Jackson McElroy
Matthew Romme
Alex Land
Brent Blazek
George Skevington
Blake Sell
Mike Hochberg
Mark McGreevy
Robert Poulos
Male, Age 40-49
Tom Marshall
Bill Cahn
Don Meyer
Male, Age 50-59
Male, Age 16-17
Male, Age 30-39
Male, Age 14-15
Daniel Aiken
Robert Skevington
Tyler Clement
Male, Age 20-29
Male, Age 11-13
Randy McDermott
Anthony Skevington
Jeff Mize
Male, Age 60-69
John Osgood
Jim Lourentzos
Female, Age 20-29
Katie Lind
Marie Lange
Suzanne Billam
Female, Age 30-39
Melissa Santos
Angela Baska
Annie Tompkins
A family of runners, Tony Skevington and his
sons George, ’10, and Robert, ’13, all placed in
their age groups.
Overall Female winners, Maddie Hopfinger,
’14, Olivia Sovereign, age 12, and Alie Carr,
Class of 2016
Inspired by the Spring installation
of Pope Francis and the center of
Christianity and Catholicism, the
Extravaganza Committee chose, Rome
– City of the Saints as the theme for
Extravaganza 2013. Over 60 Steering
Committee members and literally
hundreds more volunteers worked
tirelessly to generate the highest
grossing proceeds in Extravaganza
Karen & Terry Frederick next to the entrance to St.
Peter’s Square (the gym). Karen & Terry’s freshman
son William created the acrylic insert for the doors.
The decorating committee, chaired by Mary Luther
and Susan Toussaint, enjoyed creating and painting
stained acrylic centerpieces for the dinner tables.
In addition to the Jazz Band performances, part of the
Social Hour entertainment was the “live” painting by
Jim Tucker, father of Rebekah, ’13, and Jessika, Class
of 2015. Jim created and donated an Italian-inspired
oil painting to the auction.
There are 25 different chairmanships, consisting of
over 60 alumni and current parents, who make up the
Extravaganza Steering Committee. The 2013 Beverage
Committee was chaired by Colette Wunderlich, Linda
Hopfinger and Dawn Boedecker along with their
husbands Jeff, Steve and Paul (not pictured).
Kevin & Kathy Killilea
and Jackie & Gary Davis,
2013 Extravaganza
General Chairs, presided
over meetings, oversaw
details of setup and tear
down, and participated as
generous donors for the Live
Auction. Trips to the Wine
Country, Riviera Maya,
Ireland and group dinners
continued to be popular
items in the live auction.
It was a family affair when
Rae Chelle Davis, ’03, served
as the Mistress of Ceremonies
at Extravaganza. Jackie &
Gary Davis, 2012 & 2013
Extravaganza General Chairs,
were thrilled to share the
exciting evening with their
daughter, the 600 guests and
over 60 volunteers.
Rae Chelle is a reporter for
Tampa Bay News 9 and lives
in St. Petersburg, FL, with her
husband, Ryan.
Senior Envoys greeted Extravaganza guests and assisted with
registration. The Commons was reminiscent of the Piazza’s
of Rome, including a view of the Coliseum. Above are
Hannah Ney, Keith Johnson, Sarah Whitney and
Sydney Johnson.
Saint Thomas Aquinas’ new Chaplain Fr. Daniel Schmitz enjoyed his first Extravaganza.
Brian & Amy Wagner joined Fr. Schmitz and Stacy & Dave Watson, ‘82, during the
social hour.
Senior Envoys Elizabeth Navickas, Nick Pascuzzi, Emma Heit, Kristiane
Westgaard and Madison Victor pose beside a 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA
250. The car was part of the Valentine Dream Package donated by
Aristocrat Motors/Mercedes Benz of Kansas City/Marion Battaglia
and Kathy & Kevin Killilea.
Matt Geller, Courtney O’Grady, Hope Thompson, Alexis
Murphy, Sydney Stalp and Austin Tedder prepare for the
Sponsor-a-Locker campaign, held mid-way through the Live
Auction. A student-created video focusing on the state of
current lockers and a plea for guests to sponsor a new locker at
$100 each raised over $40,000. Installation of new lockers
is slated for the 2014 Building Master Plan, with anticipated
completion during the 2015-16 academic year.
Alumni & current parent Cathay Perz
contributed her artistic talents by creating
old-world doors and a reproduction of “The
Creation” from the Sistine Chapel. These
pieces were used as the journey from the
Piazza’s of Rome (Commons) to St. Peter’s
Square (Gym). Lindsey Perz, ’14, served as a
Senior Envoy.
Nancy Pflumm Robinson, ’81,
and Senior Eric Robinson were
an over-the-top duo as
Extravaganza Live Auction
Chair and Power Point
Creator/Videographer. Many
volunteer hours, phone calls,
emails, photos and computer
time resulted in the best Live
Auction results in Saint
Thomas Aquinas history.
Faculty & Staff participation
is key and appreciated by guests
and volunteers. Theology teachers
Ryan Best and Leo Brown joined
Annie Lind and Bryan Zack at
the “Passports to Rome” table,
where guests could purchase a
passport which included over
$100 in local restaurant and
service gift certificates.
Julie Cosentino and Mary Radetic along with
their Silent Auction Committee and Table
Captains started acquiring and cataloging
items in August.
For the second year the live band, Cherry
Bomb performed following the Live Auction.
In this photo, Ann Petersen encourages her
husband Tom to join the always-crowded
dance floor.
Devin Clement,
’10, Joshua
’00, Phillip
’10, and Drew
Clement, ‘08
Mirocke Golf Classic
Monday, June 9, 2014
The 28th Mirocke Golf Classic
was held at the newly remodeled
Milburn Golf & Country Club on
Monday, June 10, 2013. Bob & Lisa
Gonzales Clement and Greg, ’80, and
Melissa Brown Nachbar, ’79, chaired
the event which included 112 golfers
and raised over $17,000 to benefit
the Guardian Angel Fund at Saint
Thomas Aquinas High School.
Jeff Bollig,
John Meyers,
Jeff Konnesky
and Mike
After an afternoon of play,
volunteers, spouses and guests joined
the players in the newly remodeled
Milburn Clubhouse for a buffet
dinner, announcement of winners
and door prizes.
All-Ladies Team:
Bit Clark,
Mary Radetic,
Sarah Burgess
and Kathleen
Tony Winslow, John Geiger, Mark Buckingham and Kevin Petracek
Bob Clement, 2012 & 2013 Mirocke Golf Co-Chair, made his
foursome a family affair with brother and alumni parent Marty
Clement, dad Joe Clement, and brother-in-law, Mark Gonzales.
The Mirocke Golf Classic is named in honor of Saint Thomas
Aquinas’ first football coach, Gennaro Mirocke. His sons, Tony, ’75,
Pat, ’76, and Mike, ‘85, donated an Itallian dinner for ten guests
using Coach Mirocke’s famous recipe.
Alumni and Current Parent Troy Tedder, owner of Two Guys and a Grill,
donated the grilled lunch served on the beautiful deck of Milburn’s
new clubhouse.
Need for Tuition Assistance
a Critical Issue for Parents
and School Budget
Endowment Gifts
Although there are many long-term
needs for Saint Thomas Aquinas High
School, at the heart of the school’s
current efforts is our response to
the call as set forth by United States
Conference of Catholic Bishops to
provide affordable and accessible
Catholic secondary education for
all our families. In order to meet
the increasing demand for financial
assistance, Saint Thomas Aquinas
High School must rely on private gifts
from our community members to
help families who might not otherwise
be able to afford Catholic secondary
education for their children.
Since 2000, the percentage of
families receiving tuition assistance
at STA has increased from 8.7% to
over 27%. In 2012-13, $944,300 in
financial assistance was disbursed
so that families could continue to
provide Catholic secondary education
for their children at Saint Thomas
Aquinas. That figure is expected to
exceed $1,016,865 during this
fiscal year.
Setting up an endowed scholarship
fund can be a perfect way for many
donors to assist the school while
also providing tax incentives. With
a gift of $25,000 or more, the STA
Advancement Office can help you
finalize your Letter of Gift and
formally establish your named
endowed scholarship according to
your wishes. Once an endowed fund
is established, you and/or others may
add to the principal balance at any
time, thus generating a greater amount
of financial assistance for the school
and its scholarship recipients.
Most importantly, by establishing
an endowed fund at Saint Thomas
Aquinas High School, your gift and
legacy will be held in perpetuity for
many generations to come. Only the
interest-proceeds are spent, while
the principal-balance remains intact.
All endowed funds benefitting
Saint Thomas Aquinas are invested
with and managed by the Catholic
Foundation of Northeast Kansas.
You may choose to make
installments toward establishing
a named endowed fund over a
period of five-ten years. Once the
minimum threshold is reached and
the scholarship becomes completely
endowed, the scholarship award will
be distributed in your name per your
guidelines to qualified recipients
while the principal will be
perpetually reinvested.
Annual Scholarships
In addition to the endowment
option, many donors choose to
contribute an annual gift designated
for named scholarships. With a
minimum contribution of $2,500
annually, you may name your gift
personally or in honor/memory of
a loved one and also help establish
guidelines for the scholarship’s
Memorial and
Honor Gifts
There are several ways to
memorialize those who are dear to
you, and smaller gifts of any amount
at any time may be designated for
the general Honor & Memory
Fund at Saint Thomas Aquinas
High School. This option provides
members of our community with an
opportunity to memorialize deceased
persons, honor living persons, or
commemorate anniversaries or other
special events while also assisting the
school in areas of greatest need. Please
provide contact information so that
we may let the family know of your
Charitable Bequests
Including a charitable bequest as
part of your Will or Living Trust – or
naming the school as a beneficiary on
your retirement plan or life insurance
policy – is a wonderful way for you to
provide visionary support for Saint
Thomas Aquinas High School while
also effectively managing your estate.
Charitable bequests are not subject
to estate or inheritance taxes and
therefore reduce the tax burden of
an estate.
If you have already named Saint
Thomas Aquinas High School in your
Will, Living Trust, retirement plan
or life insurance policy, please let us
know so that we can properly
thank you!
If you would like more information
about the programs outlined above,
please contact the Saint Thomas
Aquinas Advancement Office at
Please contact Cindy Winkler in the
STA Advancement Office at
913-319-2425 or [email protected]
if you would like to recognize a deceased
loved one or submit a records-update.
Memorial information is published
for deceased alumni, deceased parents/
children/siblings of alumni, deceased
faculty/staff, and deceased parents/
siblings/children of faculty/staff. Please
notify the Saint Thomas Aquinas
Advancement Office by contacting
Cindy Winkler at (913) 319-2425 /
[email protected]
Life is an Adventure for this Alumna
Helping launch a comprehensive
recycling program at Saint Thomas
Aquinas was perhaps the first clue
that Bridget Petersen, ‘10, was a
nature and wildlife aficionado! In
December 2013, she graduated from
Northern Arizona University in
Flagstaff, Arizona, with a B.S. in Parks
and Recreation Management with
an emphasis in Outdoor Education
and Leadership as well as a minor in
Bridget is the daughter of Tom and
Ann Petersen, parents of six children,
all of whom attend or attended
STA. Bridget’s twin sister, Beth, is
enrolled in the six-year doctor of
physical therapy program at St. Louis
University (SLU) and performs with
the school’s dance team. Their older
brother, Jim Petersen, ‘08, holds a
BSBA in Accounting and Finance
from SLU and Masters degree in
Accounting. He works at Enterprise
Holdings in Clayton, Missouri. The
other Petersen children are Mary, ‘11,
who attends Creighton University, Jill,
a current junior at STA, and Matthew,
a current freshman at STA. All of the
Petersens graduated from Ascension
Catholic School, where the family has
been members for 17 years.
Ann describes Bridget
as always having a flair for
adventure and risk-taking.
Her passion for the natural
world took root in high
school. Bridget worked
summers as a counselor at
Girl Scout camp where she
led canoe and backpacking
trips in southern Missouri.
This ultimately helped
shape her view of the
outdoor world and how she
interacted with it.
“I learned that I was
happiest when I was
Bridget Petersen, ‘10, is at home in the Great Outdoors.
learning new recreation
and Preserve. The adventure was in
skills,” Bridget explained,
conjunction with a National Outdoor
“accomplishing the simple goals that
Leadership School (NOLS) course
accompany outdoor expeditions and
designed to teach wilderness skills and
helping others to have meaningful
leadership that serve people and the
outdoor experiences. Biology was my
favorite subject in high school because environment.
it involves the natural environment
While kayaking, Bridget saw a
and was visible in all my experiences
variety of wildlife that included
whales, seals, otters, and eagles.
The summer of 2013 is one that
Bridget will not soon forget. She spent
23 days in Alaska sea kayaking in
Prince William Sound and 48 days
backpacking and mountaineering
in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park
While mountaineering, she learned
and implemented the technical skills
needed for “roped-team” glacier travel,
ice-climbing, rappelling into crevasses
to learn rescues, and climbing to the
summits of Mt. Gordon and Mt.
Jarvis at elevations of 13,421 ft. These
activities brought her close to her
course-mates and instructors while
also teaching her invaluable technical
skills that will be absolutely necessary
for a career in the outdoors.
In the future Bridget hopes
to work with the National Park
Service some day as a backcountry
or interpretive ranger or a NOLS
instructor, mountain, and river guide.
She has accepted an internship in
Arches National Park near Moab,
Utah, for the 2014 spring and winter
season. In this position, she will be
working and living within the park,
Bridget at camp near base the of Mt. Jarvis in eastern Alaska.
developing interpretation programs
for elementary school children. Signs
point to the adventurer not ending up
in Kansas.
“Colorado or Utah would be
ideal because of all the different
recreational opportunities in the
area,” said Bridget. “I could go skiing
in Colorado one weekend and then
go canyoneering in Utah the next.
But I’d also like to return to Alaska.
If I lived there for at least a year, I
could see the full cycle of the daylight
and lack thereof during winter and
summer. That would be an awesome
experience! I would like to work for
NOLS, too, so I could spend some
time abroad.”
While Bridget portrays herself as
“competitive,” she says that she and
Beth were pretty evenly matched
academically during high school. Most
of the time they would help each
other. She recalls assisting Beth with
biology, while she received assistance
from Beth with French or Calculus.
Leaving her family behind to attend
school in Arizona has been hard,
but her parents are very supportive.
Bridget said her parents encouraged
her interest in nature and wildlife
with special trips to the zoo or an
extra day of vacation to visit a national
park. These moments alone with
her parents form some of her best
childhood memories.
“Right now I’m
the only one in
my family who
enjoys camping and
backpacking, but
some day I hope to
convince them to go
camping with me,”
Bridget says. “This
way I can share the
outdoor experiences The Petersens -- Bridget, ‘10, Mary, 11, Jim, ‘08, Jill, ‘15, Beth, ‘10,
I love so much with Matthew, ‘17
the people I love.”
Bridget Peterson seakayaking in Prince
William Sound.
Magazine Sale
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and can order anytime throughout the year – not just during the February
school campaign.
• You can also RENEW your current subscriptions, even if you haven’t
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• Proceeds from the magazine sale (40%) are used to fund student activities.
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4. Use a student name to award credit for the 2014 sale, or enter:
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Bridget learns to fillet a salmon delivered to
students by fishermen.
Stewardship Report
A report on the finances and donors of
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School for the 2012-2013 School Year.
(fiscal year ending June 30, 2013)
2012-2013 Board of Trustees
Tom Quick, Chairman
Gary Davis
Mark Radetic
Bill Blaise
Lisa Gonzales Clement
Fr. Michael Stubbs
Bit Clark
Linda Hanson
Bill White
John Cosentino
Fr. Bill Porter
Financial Statement
July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013
1. Tuition and Fees ............................7,724,866
2. Support from Parishes .....................692,040
3. Support from Archdiocese ................56,680
4. Athletic Income ..................................37,280
5. Activities Income ................................91,003
6. Advancement Income ......................488,731
7. Interest Income ...................................26,001
8. Misc. Income.....................................290,566
Total Revenue.......................... 9,407,167
1. Salaries/Benefits.............................6,324,370
2. Administration/Operations ............325,078
3. Instructional......................................250,696
4. Activities ..............................................97,230
5. Athletic ..............................................202,565
6. Textbooks ............................................38,603
7. Graduation ..........................................30,461
8. Plant/Maintenance ...........................395,135
9. Utilities...............................................350,423
10. Debt Reduction ................................88,700
11. Loan Payments ...............................100,000
12. Financial Assistance ....................1,056,529
Total Expenses ........................ 9,259,790
Honor Roll of Donors
The following is a list of cash gifts received during the 2012-2013 fiscal year, July 1 – June 30.
Thank you for your commitment to Catholic education! We appreciate your generous support.
We apologize for inadvertent errors and omissions. Please contact the Advancement Office at 913-319-2425 with corrections.
Mike & Maureen Bukaty
John & Julie Cosentino
Bob & Gail Foote
David Johnson/Maxus Properties
John Koch/Koch & Koch CPA’s
Kevin & Cathay Perz
K T Wiedemann Foundation Inc.
Mike & Denise Armentrout
Dante & Mary Cosentino
Gary & Jackie Davis
Tom & Eileen Drape
Bob & Loree Faherty
Dave & Jan Goebel
Goetze Dental
Larry & Michele Gress
Rebecca Heidlage
Brian & Meya Kindred
Sandra Price
Mark & Mary Radetic
Ralph Reid/Sprint Foundation
Tony & Connie Skevington
Tom & Mickey Zarda
Tom Zarda/MRZ Corporation
Bob & Peggy Adamany
American Century Investments
Matt & Ann Anthony
Thomas & Paula Biggins
William & Terry Biggins
Clay Blair/Clay Blair Family
Jeffrey & Laurie Bollig
Mike Bukaty/Bukaty Companies
Jim & Ann Casey
Kevin Christian/K. D. Christian
Construction Co., Inc.
Keith & Bit Clark
Rick & Alison Clark
Gregory & Susan Cornelius
Gary Davis/Acendas
Sean & Julie Doherty
Paul & Karen Duff
Dan & Ann Ernst
Tresia Franklin/Hallmark
Corporate Foundation
Bob & Judy Frankovic
Charles & Lisa Friedman
Tony & Martha Frook
Dave Goebel/Mr. Goodcents
Bruce & Linda Hanson
Linda Hanson/Enterprise Bank
& Trust
Dan & JoAnn Kanatzar
Kevin & Kathy Killilea
Kevin Killilea/Aristocrat Motors
& Mercedes Benz of Kansas
Mark LeVota
Mark & Shelly Mackey
Greg & Pam Maher
Paul & Lynn Malir
Tim & Alesia McAnany
Len & Theresa Navickas
Nelson & Marcia Newcomer
Nelson Newcomer/Newcomer
Family Foundation
John & Barb O’Donnell
John O’Donnell/O’Donnell and
Sons Const. Co.
Tom & Michon Quick
Mike & Cynthia Sabatini
Lee & Lena Schneller
Daniel & Petra Shinn
Ross & Molly Spencer
John & Bobbie Turek
Eric & Renee Weissend
Tom Williams/Williams Law,
Richard & Dena Bartlett
James & Dawn Bellerive
Bill & Elaine Blaise
Ken & Nancy Borum
Toby & Tracy Boschert
John & Jeanne Bourdow
Jay & Connie Breidenthal
Jay Breidenthal/Security Bank
KC & Lori Brown
John & Danielle Ciccarelli
Bob & Lisa Clement
Joel & Shirley Collier
Tom & Kristi Denzel
Bill & Jo Anne Dondlinger
Carole Edstrom
Bill & Peggy Ford
Terry & Karen Frederick
Dan & Teri Geller
John & Mary Sue Goza
Thomas & Toni Gray
Craig & Tracy Herter
Kyle Hill
Illinois Tool Works
Kevin & Laura Jeffries
Sandra Johnson
Dan & JoAnn Kanatzar/Tequila
Harry’s Inc.
Jerry & Maureen King
Barry & Jill Koster
Greg & Mary Bridget Kratofil
John & Jackie Krim
Mark & Carolyn Lacy
Mike & Angela Leikam
Stephen & Barb Loughman
Paul Malir/Transystems
John & Beth Manley
Albert Mauro/Kansas City
Southern Industries, Inc.
John & Nancy McCarthy
John & Kristy Meyers
Brian & Leann Miller
Richard & Joni Nachbar
Richard Nachbar/Richard
Nachbar Plumbing, Inc.
Stephen & Carol Pascuzzi
Mike & Linda Pasley
Hans & Susan Peter
Ted & Katie Pope
Chris & Cathryn Radiel
Troy & Nancy Reazin
Doug & Shonya Riedel
Jeff & Nancy Robinson
Jerry & Mary Ann Robison
Jeff Scherzer/Scherzer &
Jeff & Susan Scherzer
Paul Smith
Mark & Karen Sneed
Paul & Yvette Stark
D.W. Stobie
Vince & Sally Teahan
John & Cindy Thesing
Scott & Dana Vena
Richard & Renee Washburn
Pete & Cheryl McDonald
Paul Nachbar
Bernard & Jennifer O’Donnell
Kevin & Barbara Petracek
Mike & Lisa Raunig
Dale & Catherine Romme
Robert & Lisa Ruisch
Mark & Kim Stukel
Paul & Pamela Taylor
Sean & Kelly Tyrrell
Robert & Sharyn Baldacci
Jim Bellerive/Haynes Equipment
Co., Inc.
Bob & Lisa Bregant
David & Patricia Buchanan
Tony & Marty Budetti
Sarah Burgess
Chris & Denise Colliatie
John Cosentino/Cosentino
Charity Foundation
Rick & Sarah Cottrell
Jay & Mary Desch
Nick & Jeanne Disidore
Dean & Carol Doria
John & Cathy Downey
John Downey/Broski Fence Co.
Dan & Ann Ernst/Kyle Ernst
Allen Erskine
William Evon/Tone Products,
Steve Furman/Tompkins, Furman
& Associates, Inc.
Janet Gamble
Mark & Gina Gilroy
Tom & Monica Greer
Michael & Kathleen Gremillion
Don & Jane Hagge
Kyle Hill/tywoo technologies inc.
Curtis & Laura Holland
Pete & Sherri Jackson
Geoff & Jennifer Johnson
Dennis & Renee Keffer
Joseph & Janice Kennedy
Laura Kenny
Greg & Sue Klein
Brad & Francie Kwapiszeski
Charlie Lamont
Jeff & Joann Lavery
Tim & Anita Link
Jim & Teresa Lippert/C.R.E.S.
Management, LLC
Shane Lutz
Brian & Janet Mark
Jim & Shelly Maxwell
Glen & Marianne Mayer
Jeff & Susan McCormick
William & Josephine McNally
Michael & Anita McRobert
Lowell & Karen Miller
Gary Morgan
Craig & Paula Moss
Frank & Ann Neal
Kenneth & Beth Nichols
Jerry & Cyndy Novacek
Robert Novellano
Michael & Kimberly Owens
Joseph & Cindi Pickert
Kenny & Serena Price
Ed & Mary Pyle
Sean & Stefanie Pyle
Ron & Cynthia Ratkey
Ron Ratkey/The Crown Group
Andrew & Marie Schmidt
Mike & Julie Skahan
David & Linda Slovikoski
Steve & Lisa Stoecklein
Steve & Karen Talken
Sean & Julie Thompson
Bob & Ann Timmons
John & Connie Tompkins
Gerard & Diana VanHoet
Tom & Cindy VanPelt
Brett & Cheryl Vickers
Dave & Dianne Wilderson
John & Jackie Woolway
Greg & Sandra Wuller
Ben & Betty Zarda
Tim & Lisa Andrews
Bryan & Lou Ann Biggs
Robert & Maureen Blackhall
Bob & Linda Boring
Jeff & Ricki Cox
William & Emily Denning
David & Sondra Estes
Mike & Darlene Gary
Mike Gary/PING Apparel
John & Clare Geiger
Mike & Patty Hammer
Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.
Tim & Jeannie Kluempers
William & Ann Logan
John & Mary Luther
Paul & Maura Martin
John & Teresa Ahrens
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Larry & Susan Backs
John & Carol Bartolac
Jeff & Julie Bartz
Hugh & Jane Benson
Kirk & Julie Berggren
Richard & Nancy Bollig
Joe & Ev Boutte
Brax, LTD
Kirk & Kelly Bride
Leo Brown
Mark Buckingham/Performance
Rehab, LLC
Jeff & Theresa Chalabi
Jeff Christian
Mike & Jeanine Cindrich
Kevin & Candy Connealy
R Tyler & Annette Cundith
Christopher & Janet D’Adamo
Deluxe Corporation Foundation
Mike & Karen Denning
Richard & Lisa Eberhardy
Gene & Patricia Eckenberg
Sam & Shelley Elias
Paul Essmyer
Mark & Kathy Franzen
Joseph & Vicki Gardner
Mark & Glenda Gast
John Geiger/United Bank of
Lisa Gonzales, DDS
Mark Gonzales/Capital City Bank
Ken & Lisa Grasing
Joseph & Mary Griese
Scott & Laurie Haas
Scott & Susan Hagenkord
Joseph & Pam Hamblin
Rich & Annette Hartzell
Michael & Mary Hawley
Brad & Gwyn Heidrick
Tony & Terri Heit
Rodney & Anne Heying
Brock & Kelly Hill
David & Christine Hoffman
Stephen & Linda Hopfinger
Charles & Janet Huber
Burton Huerter
George & Emily Jansen
Chuck & Diane Jansen
Keith & Molly Johnson
Chris & Mary Kelly
Michael Klein/Klein
Jerry & Linda Klimas
Steve Koch
David & Wende Koch
Paul & Renee Koehler
Philip & Carole Koesterer
Kraft Foods Foundation
Kevin & Lynn Kruse
Brad & Chris Kuhlmann
Brad Kuhlmann/Midwest Duct
Jim & Sally Kutney
Brian & Christina Lavery
Rodney & Molly Longhofer
Shawn Lueker
Jeannette Marstall
John & Joanne Mayfield
Brian McCarthy
Mark & Mary Pat McKinzie
Mark McKinzie/Wallace,
Saunders, Austin, Brown &
Jim & Rebecca Merwald
Roy & Bobbie Messick
Alan & Lynne Mestdagh
John & Marla Michaels
Joe & Susan Molen
Kevin & Kerry Moore
Pat & Jackie Murphy
Mark & Kristine Nusbaum
Kyle & Audrey Odermann
Eric & Susanna Peck
Ken & Mary Pyle
Pat & Becki Regan
David & Carrie Rezac
Tom & Ro Rheinberger
Jim & Megan Riggs
John & Julie Rise
Tom & Mardi Ross
Jason & Jennifer Ross
David & Derelle Schaefer
Dale & Joanne Schaefer
Kent & Julie Schaller
Brian & Leigh Schenck
Eric & Martha Schmidt
Michael & Diane Schmidt
Jeff Schugart
Alan & Karen Seaton
David & Mianne Sell
Kenneth & Linda Sevigny
John & Rose Shaw
Brett & Shelley Sneed
John & Kim Speckin
Mark & Michelle Stangohr
Tom & Lisa Stec
Mike & Julie Sullivan
Lon & Becky Swanson
John & Sara Sweeney
Jim & Ginny Sweeney
Troy & Cindi Tedder
Dan & Trish Tiehen
Greg & Julie Towsley
John & Debbie Van Blaricum
Elizabeth Vrabac
Brian & Amy Wagner
Wells Fargo Foundation
Glenn & Terri Werth
Cindy Winkler
Kurt & Marie Woltering
Marilynn Wright Hoover
Jeffrey & Colette Wunderlich
Curtis & Jacinda Zerr
Diana Albert
Peter & Tracy Arnold
Tom & Jill Barnhouse
David & Jannie Barr
Tom & Tricia Bath
Tim & Christine Beasley
John & Dawn Bellau
Brian & Lynda Bentler
Richard & Juliann Bernard
Ryan & Stacy Best
Bryan Biggs/Metcalf Bank
Tim & Rebecca Bock
Joe & Lisa Bourquin
Robert & Erin Brown
Chris & Susie Bruegge
Julie Campbell
Phil & Joan Cansler
Phil Cansler/Cansler Enterprises,
Patrick & Nancy Carolan
Dan & Maureen Carroll
Ken & Deb Castinado
Tony Chiaverini
Cisco Systems Inc.
Rick & Alison Clark/C E Water
Marty & Diane Clement
Jim & Laura Cline
Richard & Carolyn Cofer
Fred & Betsy Collins
Robert & Sheila Commodore
Jack & Jill Conard
Mark & Theresa Croft
Brendan & Casey Curran
Joan Davila
Michael & Heather Delaney
Dennis & Janet Dodd
Enhance Your Gift
with Your Employer’s Match
You may be able to double or even triple your charitable gift to Saint Thomas
Aquinas High School through your company’s matching gift program!
To determine your eligibility, check with your employer to see if your gift to a
Catholic school can be matched. You may also visit to check
if a specific company will match your charitable gift.
If your company offers such a program, all you need to do is obtain a matchinggift form at your workplace and submit it to the Saint Thomas Aquinas High
School Office of Advancement. We’ll do the rest for you! Contact the Office of
Advancement at 913-319-2425 with questions or for more information.
Jeff & Anita Driscoll
Terry & Rebecca Droge
Brian & Lora Dunn
Patrick & Cindy Dwyer
Jim & Carol Elder
Russell & Barbara Engel
David & Cathy Evers
Tim & Sue Evon
Craig Ewing
Phil & Betty Farnan
Michael & Julie Ferguson
Jeff & Peggy Foley
Gene Fritz/Fritz Painting
John & Veronica Gasparovich
David & Linda Gentile
Michael & Jane Gochis
Kevin & Monica Grawe
Bill & Carrie Grosdidier
Monica Grosdidier/Grosdidier
Home and Remodeling, Inc.
Chuck & Amy Hammons
Joe Hannah/Hannah
Andy & Kyli Harmon
Matt & Beth Hartung
Ed & Anna Heilman
Jerry & Carol Herbert
Gary & Molly Hilderhof
Kevin & Sheri Hilger
Kevin Hilger/Hilger Chriopractic
William & Amanda Hill
Joe Howard
Joel & Gretchen Johnson
Jeff & Amy Jurgensmeyer
Kevin & Rhonda Kelley
Greg & Liz Kelly
Daniel & Denise Ketelle
Knights of Columbus #10932
Jeff & Joy Konnesky
Kirk & Jeannette Kowalewski
Michael & Jo Kuckelman
Patrick & Maria Looney
John & Melanie Mahon
Tom & Julie Mayfield
Laura McElroy/Five Rings
John & Sharon McEnroe
Tom & Kim McMahon
Barbara Messner
Tom & Karen Miller
Tony & Chris Mirocke
Christopher & Lauren Murphy
Greg & Melissa Nachbar
Jeff & Karen Oddo
Eric & Jeni Oldenhuis
Hugh & Erin O’Reilly
Brett & Amy Parise
Lorne & Dana Parks
Doug & Bonnie Patrick
Brian & Janet Peacock
Dan & Julie Pflumm/DanCo
Systems, Inc.
Robert & Beth Pigott
Jim & Maureen Prange
Taylor & Joanne Preston
Brian & Diane Pyle
Sean & Teresa Reilly
John & Sally Rode
Todd & Dawn Ropson
Albert & Jeanetta Schendel
Jewel Scott
Clark & Gina Sehon
Dave & Jane Shriver
Mike & Denise Slaven
Bill & Beth Solet
Dan & Anne Spenner
Ron & Sarah Stallbaumer
Christopher & Sheila Stillie
Steven & Rita Stollman
Mike & Beth Stompoly
Barry & Shelly Sullivan
Roger & Brigid Sullivan
Chris & Mary Swett
Michael & Peggy Thomas
Bryan & Susan Thrasher
Paul & Jennifer Voda
Scott & Anabella Wasserman
Don & Colleen Watson
Robert & Robin Weems
Steve & Terrie Whealon
Jeffrey & Gabrielle Wheat
Greg & Mary Wilson
Christopher & Joyce Winger
Chris Winger/Winger & Co.,
Keith & Ann Marie Younger
John & Cynthia Zabroske
Jeff & Mary Ann Zande
Gary & Kellie Zych
American Express Foundation
Natch & Marybeth Angles
Dennis Ayer, DDS
Raymond & Grace Bales
Dennis & Patricia Ballweg
Dennis & Elizabeth Barnett
Boyd & Lisa Bauman
Jeff & Cecilia Bethel
Jim & Susan Bishop/Bishop
Heather Brennan
Dan & Patti Brewer
Roger & Barb Bruns
Thad & Kathryn Burditt
Keith & Michelle Burkhart
Mary Anne Caffery
Ed & Ann Campbell
Steve Carey
Joseph & Kathryn Carmosino
Susie Caulfield
Bob & Pat Clune
Ross & Janice Conner
Brian & Susi Cordill
Clint & Marlene Cordry
Bob & Carol Cowdrey
Nicole Davila
Susan Dillingham
Richard & Mary Jane Doran
Steve DuBois
Mark & Diana Ebeling
Timothy & DeeDee Eccles
Terry & Ann Ecklund
Dan & Michelle Ellefson
Mary Emerson
Jim & Charlene Enneking
Donald & Anna Ernst
Annette Mirocke Evans
William & Amy Evon
John & Deborah Feehan
Bob & Elisa Fernholz
Jim & Anne Fields
Ralph & Iris Flournoy
Mark & Sarah Fortino
Brad & Kim Frantzen
John & Suzan Gampper
Mike & Susan Gangel
Ed Gast
Jeff & Annette Gerner
Jim & Kathleen Halling
Ross Halsey
Tim & Cathy Hare
Scott & Kelly Harrick
Joe & Colleen Heeter
William & Deborah Henning
Tim Herre, DDS
Rick Hetzel
Greg & Mary Ann Hilgers
Kathy Hill
Steve & Joan Hillyer
Todd & Aimee Hilton
Burry & Jean Hinman
Paul & Yan Hocevar
Randy & Debbie Huber
Paul & Patti Jablonski
Jim & Tami Jeter
J. Michael Jones
Wes & Patty Jordan
Todd Joyner
K & G Striping, Inc.
Kelly & Debbie Kephart
John & Joy Kindel
Matthew & Kelly Kinnan
Ron & Stephanie Koch
Joe & Janet Kolich
David & Deborah Kovarik
Mike & Elizabeth Kozor
Judy Kramps
Gregory & Janet Kutey
Paul & Lisa Lacy
James & Sandra Leek
Dean & Pam Lickteig
Mary Ann Lickteig
Tim Lillis
Joe & Tina Lloyd
Gerardo & Jennifer Lopez
David & Diana Maddox
George & Peggy Maggio
Gregory & Susan Mains
Peter & Jane Manis
Ed & Beth Manning
Frank & Rose Marie Marstall
Joe & Carol Mayerle
Robert McAnany
Paula McCarthy
Sean & Jill McCarthy
Marc & Alicia McConathy
James & Leslie McCullough
Skip & Ellen McGurk
Richard & Cindy McOsker
Richard & Susan Michalski
Midland National
Jeff & Lisa Miller
Bill & Lori Milliard
Michael & Shelli Mirocke
Pat & Linda Mirocke
Mike Mirocke/Mirocke Sales
Jeff & Elizabeth Mortimer
Bill & Nancy Mosburg
Tom & Rosie Muehlebach
Steve & Valerie Mueller
Ryan Mueller
Blake Mulvany
Thuy Nguyen
Roy & Judy Nickum
Vince & Linda Nowak
Brian & Cheryl O’Donnell
David & Cathleen Ogle
Dennis & Linda O’Grady
Christopher & Sui Sum Olson
Mark & Kathi Oppold
Chris Orel
Wes & Christina Osbourn
Brent Owens
John & Susan Paule
Tim & Monica Pittman
Thomas & Marianne Powell
Art & Gail Prieb
Brady Pyle
Lisa Ragan
Chris & Karen Ruder
Steve & Pat Ruvolo
John & Susan Saxer
Ed & Jackie Schlagel
Mark & Heather Schoneman
Joe & Joanne Schroer
Rita Shepard
Randy & Margaret Smith
Dave & Mary Speckin
Paul & Dorothy Speckin
Thomas Strubbe
Chris & Karen Sturges
Josef & Amy Sudduth
Barb Summerson
Brendan & Margaret Sweetman
Michael & Kathleen Teahan
Tektronix Foundation
John Thesing
Mike & Nina Thomas
Mike & Barb Thomas
Frank & Mary Cay Tokic
Vince & Joan Totta
David & Susan Toussaint
David & Theresa Tritt
Julian & Jill Viso
Mike & Monica Walberg
Richard Warwick
Jim & Sue Waters
Mark & Laura Weese
Matthew & Joann Weger
Mike & Kim Wernel
Charles & Karen Wheeler
Dan & Carol Whitney
William Morris Endeavor
Entertainment Foundation
Dwight & Toni Williams
Richard & Mary Woody
Stuart Woody
John & Kathi Wright
Glen Yager
Kirk & Katie Young
John & Fabiola Young
Mark & Ann Zack
Leonard & Susan Zalenski
Jim & Mary Zeller
Academy Montessori
Monica Ahrens
Jim & Denise Alfonsin
Mellissa Allen
John & Emily Bailey
Chris & Amanda Berger
Susan Bernica
Michael & Liz Bever
Amy Blaise
Kenneth & Peg Bono
Gregory & Linda Breck
Brad & Gwen Buscher
Gregory & Colleen Cirotski
Dennis & Jacquie Coffin
Ryan Collett
Carol Colnar
Robert & Catherine Darnell
Murray & Suzanne Davis
Harold & Phyllis Distler
Michael & Anne Dotterweich
Christopher & Linda Doyle
Steve & Sandy Furman
Ron & Colleen Gardner
Thomas & Karen Gartland
Neil & Carol Lynn Genilo
Michael & Anna George
Kerry Goebel
Regina Graham
Thomas & Staci Greco
Mike & Theresa Haney
Kim Harrison
Robert Haug
Teresa Heinen
Julieana Hendricks
Walter & Angela Hickman
Kerry & Lynda Higgins
Bart & Jan Hornung
Steve & Therese Johnson
Joel Johnson/Roadbuilders
Machinery & Supply Co., Inc.
Justina Julian
Michael & Mary Kaufhold
Teresa Kearney
Michael & Theresa Kern
David & Monica Kissick
Mike & Vickie Lewer
Jack & Margie Livingston
Edward & Del Lovitt
Adam & Lindsey MacDonald
Magna Carta Foundation
Anne Malinee
Stephen Malone
Mark & Melanie McGreevy
Gary & Angela Metzger
Joe & Tammy Modica
Dennis & Jan Morin
Tim & Susan Mulcahy
Abby Nachbar
Nadine Nanko
Mikey & Allison Needleman
Jeff & Amie Neuenschwander
Bill & Mary Ann Penn
Mark & Ashley Peters
David & Lisa Petty
Mark & Debbie Pfeifer
N. L. Porter
Dan & Sarah Poulos
Dan & Liz Pruett
Susan Rinella
Charles & Sandy Savell
Joe & Diane Schell
Paul & Jeanne Scheuerman
Doug & Colleen Schieber
Nicholas & Susan Schilling
Eric & Lorraine Sjostrom
Gary & Ann Smith
Paul & Susan Smith
Peter & Lisa Stobie
Timothy & Regina Stoehr
Tim & Shellie Sullivan
Mikeal & Valerie Sullivan
Bryan Thelen
Bob & Karen Thomas
Walt & Kaye Thompson
Mark & Patricia Tranckino
Joe & Patti Voda
Joe & Ann Warren
Marcia Wassenberg
Dave & Stacy Watson
Joel & Connie Willsey
Ryan Wiseman
Cecilia Wood
Richard & Diane Woodard
John & Kimberly Yuille
Faculty & Staff
Members of the Saint Thomas Aquinas Faculty and Staff who provided monetary contributions in 2012-2013:
John & Teresa Ahrens
Tim & Lisa Andrews
Boyd & Lisa Bauman
Chris & Amanda Berger
Ryan & Stacy Best
Timothy & Rebecca Bock
Bob & Lisa Bregant
Leo Brown
Roger & Barb Bruns
Sarah Burgess
Ken & Deborah Castinado
Jim & Laura Cline
Fred & Betsy Collins
Brendan & Casey Curran
Susan Dillingham
Harold & Phyllis Distler
Terry & Rebecca Droge
Steve DuBois
Dan & Michelle Ellefson
Craig Ewing
Phil & Betty Farnan
Ralph & Iris Flournoy
Bill & Peggy Ford
Bob & Judy Frankovic
Mark & Kathy Franzen
Jim & Kathleen Halling
Chuck & Amy Hammons
Kim Harrison
Rebecca Heidlage, Ed.D.
Julieana Hendricks
Rick Hetzel
Greg & Mary Ann Hilgers
Wes & Patty Jordan
Kelly & Debbie Kephart
Ron & Stephanie Koch
Greg & Mary Bridget Kratofil
Charlie Lamont
Tim Lillis
Jeannette Marstall
John & Joanne Mayfield
Paula McCarthy
Craig & Paula Moss
Roy & Judy Nickum
Jerry & Cyndi Novacek
David & Cathleen Ogle
Chris & Sui Sum Olson
Chris Orel
Lorne & Dana Parks
Kenny & Serena Price
Brian & Diane Pyle
Tom & Michon Quick
Chris & Cathryn Radiel
Sean & Teresa Reilly
Chris & Karen Ruder
Brian & Leigh Schenck
Albert & Jeanetta Schendel
Mark & Heather Schoneman
Vicki Schroeder
David & Jane Shriver
Randy & Margaret Smith
Steve & Lisa Stoecklein
Chris & Karen Sturges
Josef & Amy Sudduth
Mike & Julie Sullivan
Barbara Summerson
Bryan Thelen
Mike & Nina Thomas
Walter & Kaye Thompson
Bryan & Susan Thrasher
John & Connie Tompkins
Jeanne Toy
Elizabeth Vrabac
Jim & Sue Waters
Greg & Mary Wilson
Cindy Winkler
Jeff & Mary Ann Zande
Matching Gift Companies
American Century Investments
American Express Foundation
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Cisco Systems Inc.
Deluxe Corporation Foundation
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.
Illinois Tool Works
Kansas City Southern Industries,
Kraft Foods Foundation
Magna Carta Foundation
Midland National
Sprint Foundation
Tektronix Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
It’s Never too Late to Give!
There is still time to be a participant in the
Saints Annual Fund. If you would like to make a
contribution, please go online to:
Alumni Donors
“Thank you” to our 2012-2013 donors who are alumni of St. Joseph’s, Aquinas and Saint Thomas Aquinas High
Schools. This report reflects gifts received July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013.
Bernard Zarda
Joseph Boutte
Thomas Zarda
Mickey Nachbar Zarda
Joseph Gardner
John Sanders
Anthony Mirocke
Lynne Boutte Mestdagh
Patrick Mirocke
Gerard VanHoet
Stephen Carey
Joseph Bourquin
Judy Yocum Kramps
Donald Watson
Kathy Speckin Hill
Sean Doherty
Lisa Regan Bourquin
Robert DeHaemers
Albert Roos
Patrick Lynch
Bernard O’Donnell
Jane Dillbeck Shriver
Melissa Brown Nachbar
Karen Garies Miller
Teresa Spero Heit
James Sweeney
Tracy Mead Arnold
Gregory Nachbar
Gregory Breck
Michael Cindrich
Joan Cansler
Phil Cansler
Anthony Chiaverini
Annette Mirocke Evans
Rebecca Lang Merwald
David Shriver
Alan Mestdagh
Robert McAnany
Nancy Pflumm Robinson
Joni Regan Nachbar
Theresa Watson Tritt
Richard Nachbar
Ann Marciniak Campbell
Ed Campbell
Paul Speckin
Elizabeth Nash Stoecklein
Diana Zarda Albert
David Watson
Karen Zarda Sneed
Christine Cisper Beasley
John Speckin
Joan Davila
Kelly Sullivan Hill
Michael Mirocke
Alesia Dusselier McAnany
Jeff Lavery
Patrick Regan
Paul Nachbar
Monica Cisper Walberg
Michael Walberg
Mike Skahan
John Michaels
Timothy Herre
Mark LeVota
Chris Lee
Ryan Collett
Bridget Gangel Lee
Kathleen Johnson
David Kissick
Molly Koch Spencer
Christopher Murphy
Abby Nachbar
Michael Needleman
Brent Owens
Mark Peters
Elizabeth Pyle Mortimer
Christina Strubbe Osbourn
Heather Armstrong Brennan
Shannon Lueker
Jason Ross
Brian Dunn
Elizabeth Ford Kozor
Anne Malinee
Kyle Hill
Braden Pyle
Kyle Damas
Andrew Holtgraves
Monica Ahrens
Lindsey Snyder MacDonald
Lauren Towle Murphy
Amy Blaise
Brigid Molen Sullivan
Susan Caulfield
Daniel Poulos
Jeffrey Miller
Kerry Goebel
Bryan Thelen
Nicole Davila
Ryan Mueller
Ann Kratofil Warren
Ryan Wiseman
Mirocke Golf Classic 2013 Donors
The following includes cash, in-kind and item donations for the 2013 Mirocke Golf Classic.
We apologize for inadvertent errors and omissions. Please contact the Advancement Office at 913-319-2425 with corrections.
Acendas/Gary Davis
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Bryan & Lou Ann Biggs
Jeffrey & Laurie Bollig
Joe & Lisa Bourquin
Jay & Connie Breidenthal
Broski Fence Co. LLC/John Downey
KC & Lori Brown
C E Water Management/Rick Clark
Phil & Joan Cansler
Cansler Enterprises, Inc./Phil Cansler
Capital City Bank/Mark Gonzales
Jim & Ann Casey
Tony Chiaverini
Mike & Jeanine Cindrich
Keith & Bit Clark
Rick & Alison Clark
Bob & Lisa Clement
Marty & Diane Clement
John & Julie Cosentino
Cosentino Charity Foundation/John
Cretcher Heartland Inc./Tom Quick
DanCo Systems, Inc./Dan Pflumm
Gary & Jackie Davis
Dennis C. Ayer, DDS
Tom & Kristi Denzel
John & Cathy Downey
Brian & Lora Dunn
Annette Mirocke Evans
Family Tree Nursery/Jan Olson
Jim & Anne Fields
Bill & Peggy Ford
Fritz Painting/Gene Fritz
Gallagher Benefit Services/Bob Clement
Mike & Darlene Gary
John & Clare Geiger
Dave & Jan Goebel
Michael & Kathleen Gremillion
Bill & Carrie Grosdidier
Grosdidier Home and Remodeling, Inc.
Hannah Orthodontics/Joe Hannah
Rebecca Heidlage, Ed.D.
Joel & Gretchen Johnson
K. D. Christian Construction Co., Inc./Kevin
Tim & Jeannie Kluempers
Jeff & Joy Konnesky
Kirk & Jeannette Kowalewski
Lisa Gonzales Clement, DDS
Paul & Lynn Malir
Pete & Cheryl McDonald
Mark & Mary Pat McKinzie
Metcalf Bank/Bryan Biggs
John & Kristy Meyers
Tony & Chris Mirocke
Pat & Linda Mirocke
Mike & Shelli Mirocke
Mirocke Sales Corporation/Mike Mirocke
Gary Morgan
Greg & Melissa Nachbar
Paul Nachbar
Richard & Joni Nachbar
John & Barb O’Donnell
O’Donnell and Sons Const. Co./John
O’Donnell & Patrick O’Donnell
Pat & Carrie O’Donnell
Performance Rehab, LLC/Mark Buckingham
Kevin & Barbara Petracek
PING Apparel/Michael Gary
Brady Pyle
Brian & Diane Pyle
Tom & Michon Quick
Mark & Mary Radetic
Ron & Cynthia Ratkey
Mike & Lisa Raunig
Richard Nachbar Plumbing, Inc.
Jerry & Mary Ann Robison
Mike & Cynthia Sabatini
Scherzer & Associates/Jeff Scherzer
Jeff & Susan Scherzer
Security Bank/Jay Breidenthal
Mike & Julie Skahan
Tony & Connie Skevington
Barry & Shelly Sullivan
Lon & Becky Swanson
Troy & Cindi Tedder
Tequila Harry’s Inc./Dan & JoAnn Kanatzar
The Crown Group/Ron Ratkey
Tompkins, Furman & Associates, Inc./Steve
Transystems Corporation/Paul Malir
Two Guys and a Grill, Inc./Troy Tedder
United Bank of Kansas/John Geiger
Luke Vyhanek
Wallace, Saunders, Austin, Brown & Enochs/
Mark McKinzie
Christopher & Joyce Winger
Winger & Co., P.C./Chris Winger
Extravaganza 2012 Donors
The following includes cash, in-kind and item donations for Extravaganza 2012.
We apologize for inadvertent errors and omissions. Please contact the Advancement Office at 913-319-2425 with corrections.
Robert and Peggy Adamany
Ads - Automotive Detailing
John and Teresa Ahrens
Bob & Teresa Aley
Alysa Rene Boutique
American Heartland Theatre
ANB Bank
Andre’s Confiserie Suisse
Pedro and Alma Arias
Aristocrat Motors/ Mercedes Benz
of KC
Larry and Susan Backs
Bag & Baggage
David and Jannie Barr
Richard and Dena Bartlett
John and Carol Bartolac
Marion Battaglia
Beauty Brands, Inc
Hugh and Jane Benson
Kirk and Julie Berggren
Michael and Sheila Berry
Jeff and Cecilia Bethel
Michael and Liz Bever
Thomas and Paula Biggins
Robert and Maureen Blackhall
Mark and Beth Bland
Jeff and Laurie Bollig
Richard and Nancy Bollig
Kenneth and Peg Bono
Paul and Patricia Boone
Robert and Linda Boring
Toby and Tracy Boschert
Boulevard Brewing Co.
Bob and Lisa Bregant
Dan and Patti Brewer
Bristol Bar & Grill
Brookridge Golf & Fitness
Brookside Optical
Chris and Susie Bruegge
Tony and Marty Budetti
Mike and Maureen Bukaty
Keith and Michelle Burkhart
Burnt Ends
Sharon Burson
Brad and Gwen Buscher
Joseph and Kathryn Carmosino
Jim and Ann Casey
Ken and Deb Castinado
Celsius Tannery
Center Sports
Chicago Cubs
Dan and Mary Ellen Clark
Rick and Alison Clark
Bob and Lisa Clement
Coca Cola Bottling Co.
Chris and Denise Colliatie
Community America Credit
Casey Connealy
Brian and Susan Cordill
John and Julie Cosentino
Cosentino Group, Inc.
Bob and Carol Cowdrey
Mark and Theresa Croft
Cupcake A La Mode
Gary and Jackie Davis
Murray and Suzanne Davis
Ronald and Catherine Davis
Michael and Heather Delaney
Delta Dental
Tom and Kristi Denzel
Stephen and Tamara Doherty
Bill and Jo Anne Dondlinger
Michael and Anne Dotterweich
Doubletree Hotel
John and Cathy Downey
Paul and Karen Duff
Dunn Bros. Coffee
Eagles Gymnastics
Mark and Diana Ebeling
Sandra Edwards
EJ’s Boutique
Electrical Associates
Dan and Ann Ernst
Elyse Essmyer
Factory Direct Appliance
Family Tree Nursery
John and Deb Feehan
Michael and Julie Ferguson
Debbie Flaspohler
Fox Sports Kansas City
Freddy T’s Bar & Grill
Terry and Karen Frederick
Charles and Lisa Friedman
Friends of STA
Tony and Martha Frook
Fry Orthodontic Specialists
Mike and Michelle Gammill
John and Suzan Gampper
Garmin International
Garozzo’s Ristorante
Myles and Lisa Gartland
Chris Gaughan
John and Clare Geiger
Dan and Teri Geller
Todd and Teresa Genenbacher
Neil and Carol Lynn Genilo
Michael and Anna George
Jeff and Annette Gerner
Richard and Cynthia Gier
Mark and Gina Gilroy
Good Year - K-10 and Woodland
John and Mary Sue Goza
Regina Graham
David and Marianne Grant
Kevin and Monica Grawe
Thomas and Toni Gray
Thomas and Staci Greco
Green Expectations Landscaping
Tom and Monica Greer
Scott and Susan Hagenkord
Don and Jane Hagge
Lisa Halsey
Ross Halsey
Mike and Patty Hammer
Hannah Orthodontics
Bruce and Linda Hanson
Marc and Veronica Hare
Timothy and Cathy Hare
Scott and Kelly Harrick
Matt and Beth Hartung
Michael and Mary Hawley
Joe and Colleen Heeter
Brad and Gwyn Heidrick
Tony and Terri Heit
Bob and Sharon Henes
Grace Hernandez
Herre Dentistry
Craig and Tracy Herter
Walter and Angela Hickman
Kerry and Lynda Higgins
Gary and Molly Hilderhof
Brock and Kelly Hill
William and Amanda Hill
Kyle Hill
Kathy Hill
Steve and Joan Hillyer
David and Christine Hoffman
George and Carolyn Holton
Carter Holton
Holy-Field Vineyard and Winery
Home Radon Detection Co., Inc.
Honey Creek Resort State Park
Stephen and Linda Hopfinger
Scott and Amy Hopper
Bart and Jan Hornung
House of Diamonds Overland
Charles and Janet Huber
Dan and Pam Hughes
Lamar and Rita Hunt
Ingredient Restaurant
Inspire Boutique
Pete and Sherri Jackson
George and Emily Jansen
Jazz Louisiana Kitchen
Kevin and Laura Jeffries
Rick and Beth Jenkins
John J Sullivan, Jr Foundation
Johnny Brusco’s New York Style
Geoff and Jennifer Johnson
Keith and Molly Johnson
Joslins Jewelry
Kansas City Marriott Downtown
Kansas City Zoo
Michael and Mary Kaufhold
KC Ballet
KC Surroundings
Dennis and Renee Keffer
Joseph and Janice Kennedy
Robin Kensinger
Michael and Terri Kern
Daniel and Denise Ketelle
Kevin and Kathy Killilea
John and Joy Kindel
Jerry and Maureen King
Klein Orthodontics
Jeff and Joy Konnesky
Barry and Jill Koster
David and Deborah Kovarik
Kirk and Jeannette Kowalewski
Paul and Joan Krebs
John and Jackie Krim
Kevin and Lynn Kruse
KU Bookstore - Edwards Campus
Michael and Jo Kuckelman
Brad and Francie Kwapiszeski
Mark and Carolyn Lacy
Lander’s Visions
John and Christy Langcuster
Mike and Angela Leikam
Tracy and Kathleen Lind
Lionsgate Pet Hospital
Lisa R. Gonzales Clement,
D.D.S., P.C.
Pat and Maria Looney
Gerardo and Jennifer Lopez
Stephen and Barb Loughman
Ed and Del Lovitt
John and Mary Luther
Shane Lutz
Paul and Lynn Malir
John and Beth Manley
Kurtis and Heidi Marozas
Paul and Maura Martin
Jim and Michelle Maxwell
Mazzarese Jewelry
John and Nancy McCarthy
Paula McCarthy
Jeff and Susan McCormick
Pete and Cheryl McDonald
Extravaganza 2012 Donors
The following includes cash, in-kind and item donations for Extravaganza 2012.
We apologize for inadvertent errors and omissions. Please contact the Advancement Office at 913-319-2425 with corrections.
Laura McElroy
John and Sharon McEnroe
Mark and Melanie McGreevy
Dan and Amy Jo McKean
Tom and Kim McMahon
Bob and Polly McNellis
Roy and Bobbie Messick
Metro Media Security
John and Kristy Meyers
John and Marla Michaels
Midwest Medical Specialists, P. A.
Thomas and Karen Miller
Troy and Phyllis Mills
Jeff and Becky Mize
Dennis and Jan Morin
Lynn Mueller
Bill and Polly Mullin
Pat and Jackie Murphy
Richard Nachbar
Nadine Nanko
Kenneth and Beth Nichols
Mark and Kristine Nusbaum
Jeff and Karen Oddo
Rick and Karen Oddo
Brian and Cheryl O’Donnell
Hugh and Erin O’Reilly
Overhead Door Company of
Kansas CIty
Overland Park Marriott
Michael and Kimberly Owens
Papa Murphy’s Pizza
Parisi Artisan Coffee
Mike and Linda Pasley
Pawsitively Perfect
PB&J Restaurants, Inc.
Brian and Janet Peacock
Eric and Susanna Peck
Bill and Mary Ann Penn
Personalized for You
Kevin and Cathay Perz
Kevin and Barbara Petracek
Joseph and Cindi Pickert
Picture Perfect Interiors
Tim and Monica Pittman
Ted and Katie Pope
Jim and Maureen Prange
Dan and Elizabeth Pruett
Teresa Purinton
Brian and Diane Pyle
Sean and Stefanie Pyle
Tom and Michon Quick
Mark and Mary Radetic
Margaret Radiel
Lisa Ragan
Mike and Lisa Raunig
Troy and Nancy Reazin
Red Robin
Patrick and Becki Regan
Sean and Teresa Reilly
Reilly Insurance
Doug and Shonya Riedel
Jim and Megan Riggs
John and Julie Rise
Jeff and Nancy Pflumm Robinson
Jerry and Mary Ann Robison
John and Sally Rode
Dale and Catherine Romme
Todd and Dawn Ropson
S Scents
Michael and Cynthia Sabatini
David and Derelle Schaefer
Joe and Diane Schell
Albert and Jeannetta Schendel
Jeffrey and Susan Scherzer
Doug and Colleen Schieber
Nick and Susan Schilling
Andrew and Marie Schmidt
Eric and Martha Schmidt
Kurt and Donna Schmidt
Michael and Diane Schmidt
Alan and Karen Seaton
David and Mianne Sell
John and Rose Shaw
Shop Beautiful
Herb and Sharon Shores
Anthony and Constance
Smoke N’ Fire
Brett and Shelley Sneed
Mark and Karen Sneed
Michael and Leslie Sobek
Michael Spal
David and Mary Speckin
John and Kim Speckin
STA Mother’s Club
Daniel and Lisa Stalp
Stanford Comedy Club
Paul and Yvette Stark
Scott and Kathleen Stewart
Stick Sisters Art Furnishings &
Christopher and Sheila Stillie
Pete and Lisa Stobie
Timothy and Regina Stoehr
Steven and Rita Stollman
Fr. Andrew Strobl
Mark and Kim Stukel
Joseph and Deana Sturd
Dan and Kathy Sudeikis
Timothy and Shellie Sullivan
Sullivans Steak House
Lon and Becky Swanson
Jim and Ginny Sweeney
Christian and Mary Swett
Swim Quik
Talk of the Town Grill & Bar
Tanner’s Bar & Grill
Paul and Pamela Taylor
T-Bones Baseball Club
Michael and Kathleen Teahan
Vince and Sally Teahan
Tequila Harry’s Restaurant
The Outlaw Cigar Co.
The Pick Smoke ‘n Grill
John and Cindy Thesing
Mike Thomas
Thompson’s Clock Manor
Dan and Trish Tiehen
Tim Galyean Photography
Tim’s Tire Center INC
John and Connie Tompkins
Top Notch Heating, Cooling &
Traditions Furniture
Mark and Patricia Tranckino
Treat America
Mike and Audra Trites
Jim Tucker
Unicorn Theatre
John and Debbie Van Blaricum
Scott and Dana Vena
Brett and Cheryl Vickers
Julian and Jill Viso
Elizabeth Vrabac
Luke Vyhanek/Crawford Sales
Brian and Amy Wagner
Richard and Renee Washburn
Waterway Gas & Wash
David and Stacy Watson
Tom Watson
Dan and Susan Weaver
Mark and Laura Weese
Eric and Renee Weissend
Wells Fargo Champion Tour
Mike and Kim Wernel
Charles and Karen Wheeler
John and Theresa Whiteside
Wil Jenny’s Restaurant
Dave and Dianne Wilderson
Ken and Diane Williams
Joel and Connie Willsey
Wilson Fans & Lighting
Suzanne Wolff
Kurt and Marie Woltering
John and Kathi Wright
Greg and Sandra Wuller
Jeffrey and Colette Wunderlich
Yia Yia’s Restaurant
Kirk and Katie Young
Kelley Young
John and Kimberly Yuille
John and Cynthia Zabroske
Mark and Ann Zack
Leonard and Susan Zalenski
Curtis and Jacinda Zerr
Gary and Kellie Zych
Kayla Sales, ‘06, and
Patrick White, ‘07, were
married at Cure of Ars
Catholic Church in
Leawood, Kansas, on
June 29, 2013, with
Father Shawn Tunink
officiating. Kayla and
Patrick met through
mutual friends and
school activities in
high school. Patrick is
employed at KPMG
Accounting firm in
Kansas City, Missouri as
a senior Audit Associate.
Kayla works at Mariner
Holdings in Leawood,
Kansas, as a Human
Resources Associate.
The newlyweds reside in
Prairie Village, Kansas.
Sales - White
The Sales - White wedding party: Sean Olis, Price Duncan, ‘07, Meghan Dunleavy, ‘06, Colleen White, ‘08,
Kelsey Jeter, ‘06, Curt McDonald, Patrick White, ‘07, Kayla Sales White, ‘06, Michael Perry, ‘07, Lindsay
Ballweg, ‘06, Andrew Geha, ‘07, Libby Moss, Kat Bear, Lindsey Hoffman, Kyle Miller, ‘07, Max Weitkamp, ‘07.
Michelle Smith Catholic Classic Volleyball Tournament and
Spirit Award
“Michelle treated everyone she met,
she did so with such
Established to honor
a beloved mom, parent,
coach and player from
our community, the
inaugural Michelle
Smith Catholic Classic
Volleyball Tournament
was held October
18-19 at Saint Thomas
Aquinas. Mass and
dinner with players,
coaches and managers from ten
regional Catholic high schools
kicked off the tournament, with
one student from each team
selected by her teammates to
receive the Michelle Smith Spirit
Michelle Stueve Smith (19572011) and her husband Paul are the
parents of Saints alumni Maggie
Smith, ‘04, Patrick Smith, ‘05,
and Molly Smith, ‘07. Although
Michelle lost her 20-month battle
with melanoma at the age of 54,
grace and a strong
belief and trust in
God that she inspired
others to become better
Volleyball was always
a part of Michelle’s life.
She was passionately
involved with the Saints
volleyball program as a
parent supporter during
her two daughters’ time on the court
at Saint Thomas Aquinas. As a youth,
she played CYO volleyball at St. Ann’s
Catholic Grade School, Bishop Miege
High School, and then at Benedictine
College. After graduation, she was a
physical education teacher for 16 years
at Queen of the Holy Rosary Grade
School. During her adult life she
coached at the CYO, high school and
club level where she touched the lives
of parents and kids alike.
Her husband Paul expressed
the sentiments of many she knew,
whether opponent or not, with
utmost respect and sincerity. Her
positive attitude and friendliness
had no bounds.”
Kim Bogart, Saints head
volleyball coach, agreed, “Michelle
had no enemies but countless
friends, especially throughout the
volleyball community. Honoring
her with an All-Catholic field of
competitors is testimony to the
impact she had on so many lives.”
Participating high schools in
2013 included Daniel Gross
(Omaha), Incarnate Word (St.
Louis), Villa Duchesne (St. Louis),
Notre Dame de Sion (Kansas City,
MO), Hayden (Topeka), St. Teresa’s
(Kansas City, MO), Bishop Carroll
(Wichita), Kapaun Mt. Carmel
(Wichita), St. James Academy
(Lenexa), and Saint Thomas
Aquinas. Next year’s field is
expected to expand to twelve teams.
Marianne Pinard Blake lives in
Folsom, California. She is a retired
executive secretary and has five
children and seven grandchildren.
Frank Seifert is a Certified Public
Accountant in Port St. Joe, Florida.
Judy Brand Martin resides in
Coppell, Texas, and works in Payroll/
Human Resources for Hall Financial.
Mark Bensley is a retired United
States Probation Officer, and lives in
Tucson, Arizona.
Fr. Michael Stechmann, O.A.R.,
resides in Los Angeles, California.
Joe Erny is a production manager
for a beverage manufacturer. He and
his wife, Linda, live in Shawnee,
Linda Spero Erny is a tax specialist
in the telecommunications industry.
She and her husband, Joe, live in
Shawnee, Kansas.
Michael Nolan is a Civil Engineer
in the aerospace industry, and lives in
Littleton, Colorado.
Sister Bridget Dickason, OSB,
is Associate Director of the Keeler
Women’s Center in Kansas City,
Kansas, a ministry of the Benedictine
Sisters of Atchison, Kansas, that
focuses on empowering women in the
urban core of Kansas City through
education, advocacy, personal and
spiritual development. Sister Bridget
Parents establish foundation in honor of
two-year-old daughter
In January 2013, Elysa Louise Rojas, the
healthy and active two-year-old daughter
of Jana Evers Rojas, ‘97, and Jaime
Rojas, became ill with a routine-looking
childhood virus. Over the course of nine
hours, Elysa’s condition worsened. She
went into cardiac arrest in a pediatric
intensive care unit in Denver, Colorado,
and passed away. The autopsy indicated that Elysa
had Viral Myocarditis, a poorly understood and
under-diagnosed condition in which common
viruses cause inflammation of the heart, often
with very routine-looking symptoms that can
result in sudden cardiac arrest and death.
Last summer, with the help of family and friends, Jana and Jaime
launched the For Elysa Foundation in her honor. Its purpose is three-fold
based on her initials: improving Education, providing Light and promoting
Research to help train and educate physicians and families in order to
prevent another tragic outcome like Elysa’s.
In conjunction with Jaime’s employer, the Colorado Rapids of Major
League Soccer, the For Elysa Foundation raised over $10,000 with an “Open
Closets, Open Hearts” sale of players’ and coaches’ gear and autographed
memorabilia in September. The For Elysa Foundation also sponsored a
t-shirt sale in October that raised over $3,000. “For Elysa” shirts have been
worn in cities all over the country, with the goal of spreading awareness of
this silent killer of otherwise healthy, active individuals. Jana and Jaime are
parents of another daughter, Isla, who just turned two.
For information about the For Elysa Foundation, Viral Myocarditis and
other causes of pediatric sudden cardiac arrest, visit the Rojas family’s
foundation website,, or contact Jana at
[email protected]
is also a spiritual director through
the Souljourners at Sophia Center,
and previously served as principal of
Mount St. Scholastica Academy in
Atchison for six years through the
merger with Maur Hill.
Mary Boutte Ford works at Cerner
Corporation and lives in Kansas City,
Vicky Zimmerman Chalstrom
works in insurance in North Pole,
Lauri Dusselier is a Prevention
Specialist at Iowa State University in
Ames, Iowa.
Denise Bosilevac Janowicz is
a marketing analyst in BoulogneBillancourt, France.
Tim Seibold is a realtor for
Coldwell Banker Regan Realtors of
Shawnee, Kansas.
Jeannie Hart Bolger is a teacher in
the Parkhill, Missouri, public school
Greg Payne is a Certified Public
Accountant and lives in Lenexa,
Melanie Enneking Thompson is a
high school English teacher and lives
in Shawnee, Kansas.
Darrin Nelson and his wife and
three children, ages 7, 5, and 3, live in
Shawnee, Kansas. He is a captain with
the Shawnee Fire Department.
Heather Baratta Enfield is a stayat-home mom and lives in Shawnee,
Ryan Murray is
a student at Kansas
City’s Saint Paul
School of Theology,
a seminary of the
United Methodist
Church. Upon
ordination, he
hopes to serve as a hospital chaplain.
Ryan has also published a digital
novel in 2013 for high-school aged
readers, “When the Fireflies Come
Again,” available at and
Editor’s note: Ryan’s name was
incorrectly spelled in a previous issue of
Saints Spirit.
Amy Doherty Lavender is a
Catholic grade school teacher and
lives in College Station, Texas.
Saint at Fenway
Alyssa Gonyea, class of 2010, is
a senior at Bentley University in
Waltham, Massachusetts, majoring
in Management with two minors:
sports management and psychology.
For the past two years she has worked
for the Boston Red Sox American
League Baseball team as a Fenway
During games and also special
events she can be found in the front
office. As an ambassador, Alyssa
focuses on customer service and
arranging entertainment, assisting
fans to ensure “they have an
unforgettable experience at Fenway.”
Alyssa Gonyea holding the 2013 World
Series Championship trophy on a duck boat
while parading through the city of Boston!
She helps implement pre-game
ceremonies including those of the
World Series! Currently, during the off-season, she travels around New
England with the trophy so that the fans can also enjoy seeing it. Her hope
is that after finishing college, she will continue to be a part of the Red Sox
organization and become a full-time employee. Alyssa said she’s always loved
baseball and has dreamed of working for a major league team.
“This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life partaking
in the ‘worst-to-first’ seasons of the Boston Red Sox,” Alyssa said.
Getting the job was the result of responding to an e-mail announcing
that the Red Sox were hiring. Her initial interview was followed by three
additional rounds of interviews. She is just one of four people hired out of
several hundred that applied.
Jon Novacek and Stephanie Luft
Novacek are the proud parents of a
new baby boy, Griffin Patrick, born
October 3, 2013. He joins big brother
Connor and big sisters Morgan and
Raegan at home in Olathe.
Carrie Chilen Sheffield lives in Fort
Collins, Colorado, with her husband
Court and their two children, Trey,
age five, and Georgia, age 3. Carrie
owns her own successful business,
Blooming Girls, a program for young
Stephanie Turner is a high school
math teacher and lives in Overland
Park, Kansas.
Brian O’Connor works in Human
Resources for a Financial Services firm
in New York City.
Michael Reda married Katy Scott
in August 2011. Michael owns an IT
Consulting Company and Katy is a
school counselor at Shawnee Mission
West High School. They reside in
Overland Park, Kansas.
Emily Van Buskirk Dunehoo is an
independent Lindt Chocolate advisor,
living in Fort Morgan, Colorado.
John Chladek is a Personal
Financial Planner/Investment Advisor
and lives in Overland Park, Kansas.
Bridget O’Grady Dobbs, a Hospital
Corpsman for the United States Navy,
has been living in Okinawa, Japan
since October 2010. Bridget and her
husband who is also in the Navy, and
their two children are looking forward
to retiring next May in Beaufort,
South Carolina.
Mark LeVota is Director of
Institutional Giving for Catholic
Charities of the Archdiocese of
Washington, D.C.
Monica VanBuskirk works in
healthcare management in Durham,
North Carolina. She earned her
MBA from the Duke University
Fuqua School of Business and was
Designated Class Speaker at the May
2013 graduation ceremonies. Monica
also participates in the Eno River
Women’s Rugby Club in Durham.
Christine Nivens Johnson is a
full-time mom and lives in Lenexa,
Kate Arrambide McKeag is
an Interior Designer, and lives in
Overland Park, Kansas, with her
husband and three children, Isaac,
age 9, Leala, age 7 and Eden, age 5.
Kate also teaches School of Religion at
Church of the Ascension, and recently
completed the spiritual exercises of St.
Angel Reda
returned to
Broadway in
August 2013
appearing in
“Chicago” as
Velma. She
has a long
list of acting
credits and her
face lit up the
huge screen in
Times Square in a featured “Chicago”
commercial. A photo-shoot last
summer will be used to launch a new
international tour. While living in Los
Angeles, after she closed with “Wicked,”
she appeared in two Pasadena Playhouse
Productions, a movie “short,” some
national commercials and national
voice-over spots.
Ann Puetz Claybrook is an
occupational therapist, living in
Dallas, Texas.
Sara Oberhelman-Eaton lives in
Rochester, Minnesota, and is a family
physician for the Mayo Clinic Health
System. In 2012, Dr. Oberhelman was
also a finalist for the American Society
of Nutrition’s Post-doctoral Research
Derrick Rieke is in the construction
business in Shawnee, Kansas.
Matt Toepfer is a residential real
estate broker living in Overland Park,
Colin Burns is a software specialist
living in Arlington, Texas.
Stephanie Benedict Erker is a
doctor of optometry and works for
Blue Valley Eyecare in Overland Park,
Aimee Frederick Hannan is
manager of The Little House, a
children’s clothing store in business
for over 40 years, in Fairway, Kansas.
Matt Woodward received a Masters
in Sport Management from the
University of San Francisco in May
2012. He lives in Redwood City, Ca.
and works in corporate sponsorship
for Stanford University athletics in
Palo Alto.
DeNina Lewis is a special education
teacher and behavior therapist, living
in Jamaica Place, Massachusetts.
Terra White is an attorney for
McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP in
Washington, D.C.
Liz Novacek Conaghan and Gabe
Conaghan are the proud parents of a
new baby boy, Cael Joseph, born July
23, 2013. The Conaghans reside in St.
Louis, Missouri.
Laura Kriegshauser is a deaf
educator for Boys Town National
Research Hospital in Omaha,
Andrew Akright is a grocery
manager for Hen House/Ball Foods,
and lives in Mission, Kansas.
Kevin Quinn is Vice President
and structural engineer for Haris
Engineering, Inc., in Overland Park,
Andrea CarabettaCorcoran is a clinical
pharmacist and lives in
Olathe, Kansas.
Jacqueline Summers is a registered
nurse and lives in Overland Park,
Jennifer Kinkade Bussen is a
doctor of veterinary medicine in
Holdrege, Nebraska.
Sarah Donahue is a music therapist
and lives in Omaha, Nebraska.
William Keegan is a teacher and
lives in Merriam, Kansas.
Ashley Voran finished the Chicago
Marathon in 4 hours 5 minutes on
October 13, 2013.
Tim Woodward graduated from
the University of Notre Dame ACE
(Alliance for Catholic Education)
program with a Masters in Education
in July 2013.Tim is in his third year
teaching 8th grade at St. Elizabeth’s
Catholic Elementary School in
Oakland, Cal. Tim lives in Alameda,
Elena Buckner is a high school
French teacher in Topeka, Kansas.
Sara Talken graduated from Saint
Louis University in May 2011 with a
Bachelor of Science in Biology. She is
currently attending the University of
Kansas School of Medicine and will
graduate in May 2015. Afterward, she
plans to complete a four year OB/
GYN residency somewhere in the
United States.
Caitlin Taylor is a tax accountant
living in Overland Park, Kansas.
Connor McCarthy married Andrea
Caso of Carmel, New York, on August
10, 2013. The wedding took place at
St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Louisville,
Kentucky. Connor is currently an
Army Infantry officer attached to
the 3rd Brigade Combat Team 1st
Infantry Division, and was recently
deployed to Afghanistan.
Abigail Polys Pumphrey completed
her Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic
Design with a minor in Business
Administration in 2011. While at
K-State Abigail was involved with
Alpha Chi Omega sorority and was
the President of AIGA (professional
association of design). She served as a
member of the Board of Directors for
KSU Student Publications, and served
as a graduate-student Senator for
the Student Governing Association
and the Allocations Committee.
Also while at K-State, Abigail was an
active member of the Junior League
of the Flint Hills where she served
as Literacy Chair. After graduation
she worked for a small ad agency
before returning to K-State to work
in the university’s Marketing and
Communications office. During
that time she started her own
strategic marketing and advertising
firm, taking on clients worldwide.
In June 2013 Abigail married Jared
Pumphrey, a landscape architect from
Independence, Missouri. The couple
recently relocated back to the Kansas
City area. Abigail works full time
for Creative Marketing in Leawood,
Kansas, as a Graphic Designer. She
still owns/operates her own freelance
design business as well.
Patrick Radiel graduated from
Full Sail University with a Bachelor
of Science in Recording Arts in
September 2013.
Ryan Mueller, ‘10, named 2013
Defensive Line BIG 12 PLAYER OF
Head football Coach Bill Snyder
and his staff at Kansas State University
saw the potential in Ryan Mueller
when he was a junior at Saint Thomas
Aquinas attending the 2009 K-State
summer camp. They encouraged him
to work hard and perhaps his name
would appear on the Wildcats roster.
He did and it has!
While initially hoping to be a
University of Kansas Jayhawk, he is
pleased to now be a scholarship player
for K-State and playing under what
he considers the “best coaches in the
nation.” He credits every one of them with assisting with his development.
The 2013 season, as a junior, was Ryan’s breakout year with 55 tackles and
10 sacks going into the last game.
His college major is business with an emphasis in marketing, but he
intends to “take football as far as he can.” In high school Ryan owned a
small landscape business and learned a lot about hard work. He made the
commitment to not just “play” but to play and succeed. Balancing academics
along with rigorous team requirements calls for diligence and self-discipline.
Ryan estimates that 340 days a year are spent conditioning, studying film
and on the field.
When his schedule allows, Ryan tries to take in Saints football and
basketball games. As a high school student, he appreciated former players
returning to encourage athletes and he tries to do the same.
“I will never forget the days of wearing a tie to school on Fridays because
I was on the football team, playing underneath the Friday night lights,
running through the banner with the rest of the team -- I’m very grateful
to the teachers and coaches that played a special part in shaping my high
school experience,” Ryan said.
Ryan’s parents, Valerie and Steve Mueller, are members of Nativity
parish. Ryan’s two older sisters, Caroline Mueller, ‘08, and Katherine
Mueller, ‘05, also graduated from Saint Thomas Aquinas. Fellow Saint,
Jordan Kupersmith, ‘11, is also on the football Wildcats’ football roster as a
defensive end.
Julie Bride, on a soccer scholarship
at Missouri University of Science &
Technology (formerly the University of
Missouri-Rolla), was honored before
the Chiefs vs. San Francisco ‘49’s preseason home-opener in August 2013 as
the Len Dawson Scholarship Winner
for 2013. This $3000 scholarship
has been awarded annually to one
scholar-athlete from the Kansas City
Metropolitan Area since 1977.
Class of 1958 55-Year Reunion
July 6, 2013
Johnny’s Tavern -- Shawnee
Class of 1963 50-Year Reunion
September 21, 2013
Lake Quivira Country
The Class of 1963
celebrated their Golden
Anniversary at Lake
Quivira’s renovated
clubhouse where each
attending classmate
received his/her Gold
Medal Club pin.
Class of 1973 40-Year Reunion
October 19, 2013
Hereford House - Shawnee
Front Row: Ed DeHaemers, Karel Ryan Young, Chris Cottrell
2nd Row: Kathy Thelen Evans, Ann Mosbauer Schnakenberg, Pam Garrett, Carolyn Regan Holton, Patty Rieke Regan, Susie Marsh, Paula
McBee Galliant, John Shaw
3rd Row: Steve Pflumm, Cary Chiaverini, Renee Humble, Julie McGrath Esher, Marty Regan, Dirk Yates, Paula Seago Adair
Pictured left-to-right: Pam Garrett, Renee Humble, Ed DeHaemers
Pictured left-to-right: Mark Schnakenberg, Ann Mosbauer
Schnakenberg, David Conner
Front row, left-to-right:
Kathy Thelen Evans,
Cary Chiaverini, Patty
Rieke Regan, Marty
Regan, and (other table)
Julie McGrath Esher
Back row, left-to-right:
Patty Elmer Conner and
Dirk Yates
Steve and Rose Pflumm
Class of 1993 20-Year Reunion
July 12-13, 2013
Dub V’s Bar & Deli -- Olathe, Stoll Park -- Overland Park, and Bacchanalia -- Leawood
Pictured left-to-right: Sara Necessary Bess, Bret Rhodus, Jenny Goode
Rhodus, Amy Bannister DiGiacomo, Heather Sumner Grimsley, Nick
Pictured left-to-right: Josh Glenn, Angella Ayer Garrison, Sean
Sullivan, Stephanie Buek Goodenow
Pictured left-to-right: Jeff Auslander, Chad Sanem, Bobby
Skahan, Josh Graham, Mark Soenen
Front row, pictured left-to-right: Patty Caulfield Dahm, Jen Hyland Fescoe, Katie
Seibolt Vervynck, Emily Redmond Banyas, Rachel Cahill
Back row, pictured left-to-right: Mary Smith, Kelly Connealy Bishop, Jillian Buser
Esby, Anne Hamilton Pilsl
Pictured left-to-right: David Howard, Mike Peppard, Emily Spencer
Leavey, Trevor Potty
Class of 1993 20-Year Reunion Attendees
Class of 2003 10-Year Reunion
September 20-21, 2013
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Homecoming pre-game reception, Tanner’s Bar & Grill - Overland Park, and
Club 1000 -- Kansas City, MO
2003 graduates attending the gathering at Tanner’s included (left-to-right): Kelly Lorigan, Gretchen Anderson, Ashley Quick Fields,
Jennifer Flaspohler, Alexia Triggs, Brady Pyle, Graham Hopkins, Adrienne Lang, Marc Dierking, Megan Daugherty, RJ Harral, Katie Geckles
Manso, Pat Mullin, Brandon McKinzie, Melissa Windon Shaffer, (two persons not identifiable), Andrew Hadel, Caroline Cezar Reynolds,
Brian Smith, and John Kuhlmann.
CosentinoVonderahe and
Lindsay Griffith
Matt Blouin
and Andrew
Ashley Quick Fields, Christin Radetic Swift,
and Kristin Brand Osbern
LeighAnne Huppe Gray, Jill Diederich Perez, Lauren Harjung Garcia (and son), Sarah
Clark Van Zandt (and son), Melissa Windon Shaffer
John Kuhlmann, Jimmy Carter (and son), Ben Cindrich, and Nick Osbern
Class of 2008 5-Year Reunion
August 10, 2013
The Levee -- Kansas City, MO
Nearly 150 classmates and guests attended the Saints Class of 2008 5-year
Pictured left to right: Sean Ebeling, Molly Gould and
Rachel Ryan
Pictured left to right: Lauren Patterson, Pat Korte, Kristen Sweeney, Natalie Kunzle
and Katherine Krause
Pictured left to right: Leah Cullen, Colleen Regan, Sarah
Lickteig and Allison Mayfield
Pictured left to right: Andrea Carroll, Annie Harper and Elena Buckner
Pictured left to right: Molly Macan, Kelsey Coplen and Nicole Davila
Pictured left to right: Sam Currie
and Moe Mercer
Pictured left to right: Bridget Brown, Joe
Rogers and Lisa Hartung
Pictured left to right: Maureen Walton, Shaina Rivera, Olivia
Morgan, Amanda Sutherland and Pat Gregg (in front)
Orin L. Bruns, age 88, of Storm
Lake, Iowa, passed away on October
4, 2013. He is the father-in-law of
Barb Bruns, College Counselor at
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School,
and father of Roger Bruns -- Barb’s
Thomas Carroll, age 65, of
Leawood, Kansas, passed away on
November 11, 2013, after a heroic
battle with cancer. He is the husband
of Peggy Carroll, and father of Jillian
Carroll, ‘02, Daniel Carroll, ‘05, and
also Colleen, Sean and Travis.
Jordan Fields, ‘08, age 25, of
Olathe, Kansas, and former classmate
of members of the Class of 2008,
passed away on November 24, 2013,
as a result of injuries sustained in a
motor vehicle accident. He is the son
of Dino and Sandy Fields, and brother
of Amanda Fields, ‘06, and current
senior Justin Fields.
Jimmy Powers, age 42, of Omaha,
Nebraska, passed away on September
9, 2013. He is the son of Jim and
Dolly Powers and brother of Mike
Powers, Katie (Brian) Powers Schmitt,
‘92, Kevin (Sally) Powers, ‘94, Tim
(Laura) Powers, ‘95, and Bess Powers,
Elizabeth “Liz” Beary Purkey, ‘90,
age 42, of Topeka, Kansas, passed
away unexpectedly on January 6,
2014. She is survived by her husband,
Richard Purkey, and two children,
Krysten and Patrick; her parents,
Donald and Mary Beary; and siblings
Allison Beary Brown, ‘94, Michael
Beary, ‘98, and sister Maureen Beary
Thomas Randall “Randy”
Schroeger, ‘02, age 29, of Prairie
Village, Kansas, passed away on July 3,
2013, after a valiant fight with cancer.
He is survived by his wife Laura
and son Zachary, parents Thomas
and Colleen Schroeger, sister Beth
Schroeger, ‘98, and brother Michael
Frederick “Fred” John Schwartze,
age 76, of Vienna, Missouri, passed
away on November 18, 2013. He is
the father of current faculty member
Margaret (Brian) Ball.
Jeanne Marie Tompkins, age 87, of
Prairie Village, Kansas, passed away
on November 12, 2013. She is the
mother of current faculty member
and alumni/current parent John
Tompkins, and grandmother of Annie
Tompkins, ‘00, Beth (John) Kearney,
‘02, Johnny Tompkins, ‘06, and Julie
Tompkins, current senior.
Memorial scholarship established
Bette L. Hetzel, age 87, of Kansas
City, Missouri, passed away on
September 25, 2013. She is the mother
of current faculty member and head
girls basketball coach Rick Hetzel.
Stephen “Steve” E. Kalen, age 58,
of Olathe, Kansas, passed away on July
21, 2013. He is the husband of current
parent Lynne Kalen and father of
current senior Parker Kalen, Amanda
Kalen and Michelle Kalen Hadachek.
Mary T. Murphy, age 52, of Olathe,
Kansas, passed away on January 4,
2014, of pneumonia. She is the sister
of alumnus, faculty member and
alumni parent Dave (Jane) Shriver,
James “Jim” Michael Newman, age
59, of Blue Mound, Kansas, passed
away on September 15, 2013, after a
long illness. He is the father of Natalie
Newman, ‘08, and Michael Newman,
On Monday, February 4, 2013,
family and friends of Janet Koch
gathered at the Saints vs. Miege
Girls Basketball game to remember
this generous, funny, competitive,
faith-filled and compassionate Saints mom and dedicated volunteer. During
halftime, Janet’s husband John Koch and their children assembled at halfcourt to remember Janet, who passed away just one day shy of her 60th
birthday on March 14, 2012. During the presentation John announced that
with help from many generous friends and family members, the Janet M.
Koch Memorial Scholarship has been established at Saint Thomas Aquinas
High School. The Koch Family then presented an oversized check in the
amount of $100,000 to school president Dr. Bill Ford. Proceeds from the
scholarship fund will be designated for young women in need of financial
assistance to attend Saint Thomas Aquinas High School as an avenue to
achieve their dreams.
More information about establishing Memorial Scholarships is located on page 17.
Saint and humble servant
Robert K. “Bob” Hentzen,
Saints alumni-parent and president/
co-founder of Christian Foundation
for Children and Aging (CFCA), died
of natural causes on October 8, 2013,
in Guatemala. He was 77 years old.
began with a carefully
constructed letter to
friends and family, and
soon developed into a
sponsorship program.
The father of Saint Thomas Aquinas
High School graduates Gina Hentzen
Cobb, ‘96, and Robert Jacob “Jake”
Hentzen, ‘04, and STA guardians
Cesar and Kerri Yanes, Bob Hentzen
co-founded CFCA in 1981 with three
siblings and a friend. Now one of
the top 200 nonprofits in the United
States, the organization has more than
250,000 sponsors who support more
than 300,000 children, youth and
aging worldwide.
In the early years, the
organization’s founders Bob and his wife, Cristina, were joined by families at Walk2gether
promoted their vision in 2009.
with passion to anyone
January 2014, CFCA changed its
who would listen, inspiring others
name to “Unbound,” and released a
to become sponsors and write letters
documentary film, “Rise and Dream”
of encouragement to children and
-- stories of children whose lives
families in need. CFCA expanded to
have been transformed because of a
include aging adults in 1984, and in
sponsor who believed in them.
1992 launched a nationwide parish
Bob Hentzen is survived by his
outreach program for ambassadors to
wife, Cristina, two sisters, six children
speak at Catholic parishes and recruit
and spouses, 11 grandchildren, seven
sponsors to “make a difference, one
sponsored children and many nieces
family at a time.”
and nephews. He will be remembered
In 1996, on his 60th birthday, Bob
fondly by many friends, family,
set out on the Pilgrimage of Faith,
co-workers and so many lives that he
a 4,000-mile walk from Kansas City
to Guatemala, to raise awareness
“One of Bob’s greatest legacies was
for families living in poverty. The
his gentle, balanced leadership and his
walk took eight months, after
example,” said Laney Haake, CFCA
which Bob and his wife, Cristina,
director of U.S. Outreach. “He didn’t
made Guatemala their home. Bob
just talk about it. He lived it.”
continued to lead CFCA to focus
Reference and excerpts from “Sacred
on providing personalized benefits
Ground,” a publication of Christian
for families while creating small,
Foundation for Children and Aging, and
caring communities in marginalized
countries of the world.
As one of 14 children growing up in
the small farming community Kenny
Heights, Kansas, Bob learned from
his parents the spirit of caring for
others. His deep faith was reinforced
at the parish school by the Sisters of
St. Joseph of Carondelet, and later by
the Christian Brothers at De La Salle
High School in Kansas City, Missouri.
After high school Bob continued
his study with the Christian Brothers,
then taught high school in Chicago
and later in St. Louis. With the
Christian Brothers, Bob served the
poor and marginalized in Colombia,
South America (1959-63), and
Guatemala (1967-1973), continuing
to carry those families in his heart for
years to come.
In 1981, while working at a
charitable organization, Bob -- along
with good friend Jerry Tolle and
siblings Jim Hentzen, Bud Hentzen
and Nadine Pearce -- launched
what would become the Christian
Foundation for Children in Bob’s
basement. Their grassroots approach
Thirteen years later, in 2009, Bob
with his wife and a small team of
dedicated staff members embarked
on a second symbolic trek called
Walk2gether. Spanning 8,000 miles
and 12 countries -- from Guatemala
to Chile, the group visited more
than 183,000 families, inspiring
others with hope, sacrifice, faith
and vision.
In 2012, the organization reached
Bob Hentzen crossed paths with great champions of
a milestone of $1 billion sent to
the field over its 31-year history. In the poor, including Mother Teresa.
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
11411 Pflumm Road
Overland Park, Kansas 66215-4816
Non-Profit Organization
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Beginning in 2014, the AQUAINT Reunion Weekend for all Saint Thomas Aquinas reunion classes
will occur in August each year and coincide with the Saints Stampede 5K Run/Walk,
Pancake Breakfast & Family Fun Day. See page 3 for more details!
Reunion Planning Workshop
All graduates from STA reunion-classes ending in “4” or “9” (Saints Alumni Classes of 1989, 1994,
1999, 2004 and 2009) as well as Blue Streaks Reunion Classes (Aquinas 1984, and St. Joseph 1979,
1974, 1969, 1964, 1959, 1954, etc.) are encouraged to attend the first annual
Reunion Planning Workshop on Fat Tuesday: March 4, 2014, 7:00 p.m.,
in the Library at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.
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