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mcaa 2014 swcas - Center for East Asian Studies
Joint Regional Conference
October 3-5 University of Kansas
A Note on the Program Graphics
On the cover and throughout this conference program we
include photos of Asian artwork from the collection of the
Spencer Museum of Art. Details about each work of art
(including page numbers) may be found below. We also
encourage you to tour the museum while you’re here!
Check the Sunday schedule for an organized tour. Other
details about museum hours can be found on Page 9.
On the Cover (Clockwise from Top Left)
TITLE OF WORK: Kashmir shawl (detail).
DATE OF WORK: Circa 1875-1899
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, William
Bridges Thayer Memorial, 1928.0754
Page 3
TITLE OF WORK: Miniature painting of Krishna with
DATE OF WORK: Early 1900s
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, Gift of
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Starr, 1967.0058
Page 4
ARTIST NAME:Suzuki Harunobu
TITLE OF WORK: Agemaki reading Harunobu’s book Ehon
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, Source
unknown, 0000.2894
ARTIST NAME:Yoshikawa Kanpō
TITLE OF WORK: The Actor Nakamura Ganjirō I as
Kamiya Jihei
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas,
Museum purchase: Lucy Shaw Schultz Fund, 1995.0034
Page 15
TITLE OF WORK: Kashmir shawl.
DATE OF WORK: Circa 1875-1899
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, William
Bridges Thayer Memorial, 1928.0754
TITLE OF WORK: Cultural Revolution period stencil print
DATE OF WORK: Circa late 1960s
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas,
Anonymous gift, 2012.0178
Page 16
TITLE OF WORK: Buddhist guardian deity
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas,
Anonymous gift, 2011.0036
TITLE OF WORK: 茶碗 chawan (tea bowl)
DATE OF WORK: Late 1700s-early
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, William
Bridges Thayer Memorial, 1928.0436
TITLE OF WORK: Shadow puppet depicting a tiger
DATE OF WORK: Early 1900s
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas,
Anonymous gift, 2012.0057
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, Gift of
Dr. and Mrs. Warren H. Cole, 1989.0259
TITLE OF WORK: One of four rubbings of Tang Nestorian
DATE OF WORK: Circa 781 CE
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, Gift of
James R. Attleson, 1985.0126.a
Page 20
ARTIST NAME: Aoki Mokubei
TITLE OF WORK: Landscape in the Mi manner
DATE OF WORK: Late 1700s-early 1800s
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, Gift of
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Pailet, 1982.0076
Page 21
DATE OF WORK: 1400s-1500s
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, Gift of
Dr. Mary F. Gray, 1997.0439
Page 23
TITLE OF WORK: Landscape after Huang Gongwang and
Dong Qichang
DATE OF WORK: Early 1700s
Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, Gift of
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Hutchinson, 1983.0091
Table of Contents
Welcome to Lawrence! ........................................................................................ 4
About MCAA and SWCAS................................................................................. 5
General Conference Information........................................................................ 6
Film Screenings.................................................................................................... 7
Burge Union Map ................................................................................................ 8
Wescoe Hall Map.................................................................................................. 9
Nearby Attractions............................................................................................... 9
Dining Suggestions............................................................................................. 10
Schedule Charts ................................................................................................. 12
Complete Daily Schedules................................................................................. 15
Index of Conference Panelists.......................................................................... 22
Welcome to the University of Kansas!
Dear MCAA/SWCAS Joint Conference Participants,
It is with great pleasure that we at the Center for East Asian
Studies at the University of Kansas welcome you to our campus for the first joint conference of the Midwest Conference
on Asian Affairs and the Southwest Conference of Asian Studies. Geographically situated at the juncture between these two
groups, KU has had a long history of engagement with MCAA,
having hosted the MCAA conference on five previous occasions.
This is the first time we have had the opportunity to welcome the
SWCAS to Lawrence, however, and as it has been many years
since the MCAA was held in Lawrence, this is likely the first trip
here for many MCAA members as well. We invite you to take
advantage of this great opportunity for scholarly exchange with
your colleagues from institutions around the Midwest, Great
Plains, and Southwest to explore KU’s library and art museum,
both of which have particularly strong East Asian collections,
and to enjoy yourselves in one of America’s great college towns.
We received a number of full-panel proposals, but also quite
a few individual paper proposals, and we have endeavored to
group papers around thematic or topical connections, though in
some cases the connections may seem a bit tenuous. In the spirit
of intellectual collaboration across disciplines, rank, and age
groups, we have also (except in the case of one full-panel proposal) not distinguished between undergraduates, graduate students, professors, and independent scholars as we put the panels
together. We hope that both young and established scholars will
embrace this opportunity to present their work side by side.
If you need assistance with anything while you are here, please
do not hesitate to ask one of us.
With best wishes for a stimulating and successful MCAA/
SWCAS joint conference,
Megan Greene
Director, Center for East Asian Studies
University of Kansas
Above: Agemaki reading Harunobu’s
book Ehon Ukiyobukuro, by Suzuki
Harunobu. 1770. Spencer Museum of
Art, The University of Kansas, Source
unknown, 0000.2894.
This and other images of artwork
throughout the program are from the
Spencer Museum of Art. For details
on all other artwork, see inside front
About MCAA
The MCAA, founded in 1952,
has had a long relationship with
the University of Kansas, and has
held five of its annual conferences
at KU (1953, 1956, 1967, 1974,
1983). Former KU faculty member
Grant Goodman served as MCAA
president in 1974 and established
an archive of MCAA material at
KU’s Spencer Research Library,
and current KU faculty member
Faye Xiao is on the MCAA Advisory Board. For more information
on the history of MCAA, please see
the MCAA website at http://asia.
Executive Committee 2014
Arjun Guneratne
Macalester College
Executive Secretary
Greg Guelcher
Morningside College
Kai-wing Chow
University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign
COC Representative
Katherine Bowie
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Past President
Rebecca Copeland
Washington University in St. Louis
2014 Annual Meeting Program Chair
Megan Greene
University of Kansas
SWCAS was founded in 1972
and, although most of its conferences have been held in Texas, its
membership includes faculty from
institutions in Kansas, Oklahoma
and Arkansas. Its current president,
John Barnett, is on the faculty at
Emporia State University in Emporia, KS and has a close relationship
with KU’s Center for East Asian
Studies. For more information
about SWCAS, please see its website at
Executive Committee 2014
John H. Barnett
Emporia State University
COC Rep.
Paul Clark
West Texas A&M University
Lopita Nath
University of the Incarnate Word
Past President
Hans Stockton
University of St. Thomas
Stephen Field
Trinity University
Thank you to our 2014 Conference Sponsors
KU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
KU Center for Global and International Studies
KU Center for East Asian Studies
Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs (MCAA)
Southwest Conference on Asian Studies (SWCAS)
General Conference Information
Your conference packet should include a map of
campus as well as a shuttle schedule to help you get to
and from campus without having to pay to park. If you
prefer to park on campus, see “Visitor Parking” for
more information.
You can find additional maps and information online
at the following locations:
Conference website:
Lawrence campus map:
KU Visitors Guide:
Lawrence Visitors Guide:
Addresses of Conference Events:
You’ll find more information about all of these events
in the following pages, but for ease of navigation, here
are the street addresses of all the conference events.
Friday conference sessions will take place in the KU
Burge Union (BURU), 1601 Irving Hill Road (west of
Allen Fieldhouse.)
Saturday and Sunday conference sessions will take
place on the fourth floor of Wescoe Hall (WES), 1445
Jayhawk Blvd.
The Friday evening reception will be held at Adams
Alumni Center (AAC), 1266 Oread Ave. The walk
from Burge Union to the Alumni Center takes about
15 minutes. Leave time and wear comfortable shoes.
Other evening events will take place in the Kansas
Union (U), 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. Friday and Saturday
evening films will take place in Alderson Auditorium,
on the fourth floor of the Kansas Union (the same
level as the main entrance.) The Saturday banquet will
take place in the Ballroom, on the fifth floor of the
Kansas Union.
Registration and Information Table: Registration
begins at 10 a.m. Friday in the Burge Union, 1601
Irving Hill Road. Look for directional signs inside the
main entance. You can also find a map of the Burge
Union on page 8 of this program.
We will maintain a registration/information table on
the fourth floor of Wescoe Hall during the Saturday
and Sunday conference sessions. Please visit us at any
time if you should need assistance.
Refreshments: Coffee, tea, juice, water and breakfast
pastries will be available each morning. The reception
Friday night will include free appetizers and soft
drinks, as well as a cash bar.
For the boxed lunch on Saturday and the banquet
Saturday night you will need to purchase tickets in
advance. If you have not purchased these meals prior
to the conference, you may do so at the registration
Wireless Access: All campus visitors can access free
WiFi by logging on and selecting the KUGUEST
network from the wireless list on your computer or
mobile device.
Visitor Parking:Visitors should expect to pay for
parking on campus on weekdays. Visitor permits that
will allow a vehicle to park in Blue, Red, or Yellow
lots may be purchased any weekday at the Allen
Fieldhouse Garage office in increments of half-day,
($5), one-day, ($10), or one-week ($40).
On Friday, October 3, conference events will take
place in the Burge Union: 1601 Irving Hill Road,
which is served by parking lots 19, 72 & the Allen
Fieldhouse Parking Garage (paid hourly parking, no
permit necessary.)
On Saturday and Sunday, October 4-5, conference
events will take place in Wescoe Hall: 1445 Jayhawk
Blvd., the Kansas Union: 1301 Jayhawk Blvd., and
the Adams Alumni Center: 1266 Oread Ave., which
can be served by any open, unreserved, unrestricted
parking space in any of the campus lots.
Visitors may choose to park without buying a permit
by taking advantage of one of the methods of hourly
parking available. Several lots have meters that accept
coin payments, and some long-term meters are also
equipped to accept payments by mobile phone using
Hourly parking is also available to visitors in the
Mississippi St. Garage or Allen Fieldhouse Garage.
Garage parking is $1.75 for the first hour or any
portion thereof and $1.50 per hour for all subsequent
hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More information
is available in your packet and on the conference
Film Screenings
During the conference, the Center for East Asian
Studies will be showing a series of films, which will
be free and open to the public.
The Book of the Dead (Japan)
10/3, 1:30 p.m., Olympian Room, Burge Union
An animated drama about a young woman in the 8th
century who embarks on a spiritual journey where
she encounters the disturbed soul of a young prince.
Director: Kihachiro Kawamoto. 2005. Running time:
70 minutes.
King of Masks (China)
10/3, 3:15 p.m., Olympian Room, Burge Union
A drama about an aging street performer and the child
who becomes his protégé. Director: Tian-Ming Wu.
1996. Running Time: 91 Minutes.
The Act of Killing (Indonesia)
10/3, 8 p.m. Alderson Auditorium, Kansas Union
A documentary about the Indonesian purge of 19651966, in which some of the perpertrators agree to
reenact and reexamine their experiences. Directors:
Joshua Oppenheimer (winner of a 2014 MacArthur
Genius Grant), Christine Cynn, Anonymous. 2012.
Running time: 122 minutes.
The Way Home (Korea)
10/4, 10:30 a.m., Wescoe 4041
This drama, which was a hit in South Korea, tells the
story of a woman in a rural village and her spoiled
city-born grandson. Director: Lee Jeong-hyang. 2002.
Running time: 80 minutes.
Today’s Special (India)
10/4, 1:30 p.m., Wescoe 4041
A comedy about a young man who leaves a job as a
sous chef in Manhattan and takes over his family’s
failing Indian restaurant. Director: David Kaplan
2009. Running time: 99 minutes.
Crossing the Line (North Korea)
10/4, 3:15 p.m., Wescoe 4041
A documentary about Comrade Joe, also known as
James Joseph Dresnok, an American soldier who
defected to North Korean in the 60s. Director: Daniel
Gordon. 2006. Running time: 94 min.
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Taiwan)
10/4, 8 p.m. Alderson
Auditorium, Kansas Union.
This romantic comedy tells the story of a young
optometrist in Taiwan who finds himself attracted to
a handsome young man who comes in to be fitted for
a pair of glasses. Arvin Chen, director. 2013. Running
time: 103 minutes.
Hidden Scars: The Massacre of Koreans from the
Arakawa River Bank to Shitamachi in Tokyo, 1923
(1983, Choongkong Oh, dir., 58 minutes, Japanese w/
English or Korean subtitles) -- Released to the English-speaking world for the first time to mark ninety
years since the Kanto Earthquake and the massacre of
Koreans in Japan that followed, this documentary features survivors’ testimonials and explains the natural
and man-made aspects behind the disaster and tragedy.
Above: A scene from the film Will You Still Love Me
For map above, all conference rooms are visible. Please ignore the green shading.
Nearby Attractions
Spencer Museum of Art,
KU Campus
The Spencer Museum has an
impressive collection of Asian Art.
All of the photos featured on the
cover of the program are items
held by the Spencer. Find more
information about their Asian
Art holdings here: http://www.
Admission is free; donations are
1301 Mississippi St,
Lawrence, KS 66045
Closed Mondays
Tues, Fri & Sat: 10 am – 4 pm
Wed –Thurs: 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday: Noon – 4 pm
University of Kansas
Natural History Museum,
KU Campus
The Natural History Museum,
has a variety of educational and
quirky exhibits including the horse,
Comanche, the only 7th Cavalry
survivor of the Battle of Little Big
Horn. Comanche was taxidermied
by KU professor Lewis Lindsay
Dyche. Current special exhibits
cover topics including evolution,
parasites, and the human
Admission is free; $5 suggested
1345 Jayhawk Blvd,
Lawrence, KS 66045
Closed Mondays
Tues – Sat: 9 am – 5 pm
Thurs: 9 am – 8 pm
Sun: Noon – 5 pm
East Asian Library at KU
The East Asia collection at KU
is one of the largest among
universities of our size. Find online
resources here:
Watson Library, 5th Floor
1425 Jayhawk Blvd. Rm. 519,
Lawrence, KS 66045
Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm
Nelson Atkins Museum of Art,
Kansas City, Mo.
If you are traveling to Lawrence
by way of Kansas City, you might
consider including a visit to this
museum, which has a large Asian
Art collection. Admission is free.
4525 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays
Wed: 10 am – 5 pm
Thurs-Fri: 10 am – 9 pm
Sat-Sun, 10 am – 5 pm
Dining Suggestions: Asian Restaurants
We’ve compiled a list of the Lawrence restaurants that we like. You can also find this list on the conference
website at so that you can follow the links and get more information on menus
and prices.
India Palace
Indian. 129 E 10th Street, Lawrence, KS
Zen Zero
Eclectic Asian. 811 Massachusetts Street,
Lawrence, KS 785-832-0001
Little Saigon
Vietnamese. 1524B W 23rd St., Lawrence, KS 66046
Wa Restaurant
Japanese. 740 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS
O Cafe
Korean. 1530 W. 6th St., Lawrence, KS 785-312-9211
Red Pepper Chinese Restaurant
Order from the Chinese Menu. 821 Iowa St,
Lawrence, KS 785-832-1288
Yokohama Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Japanese. 811 New Hampshire St, Lawrence, KS
Encore Café
Chinese. 1007 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS
DONDON: Japanese Rice and Noodle Bowl Shop
2223 Louisiana St, Lawrence, KS 785-838-3100
The Orient Vietnamese Restaurant
1006 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 785-843-0561
Hibachi Grill
Japanese. 3140 Iowa St., Lawrence, KS 785-838-3238
Panda & Plum Garden
Chinese: 1500 W. 6th Street, Lawrence, KS
Jade Garden Restaurant
Chinese. 1410 Kasold Dr, Lawrence, KS
Thai House
711 W 23rd St, Lawrence, KS 785-312-9991
Kobe Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
2907 W 6th Street, Lawrence, KS 785-838-3399
Thai-Siam Restaurant
601 South Kasold Drive, Lawrence, KS 785-331-2525
Kokoro Japanese Sushi & Steakhouse
601 S. Kasold Drive, Lawrence, KS 785-838-4134
Yokohama Sushi Japanese Restaurant
1730 W 23rd St, Lawrence, KS 785-842-8862
Oriental Bistro & Grill
Chinese. 1511 W. 23rd St, Lawrence, KS
More Dining Suggestions
Pachamama’s Restaurant and Star Bar
800 New Hampshire St, Lawrence, KS
TEN Restaurant at The Eldridge
701 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS
715 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS 785-856-7150
The Oread
1200 Oread Avenue, Lawrence, KS 785-843-1200
Free State Brewing Co
636 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 785-843-4555
712 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS 785-856-8226
941 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS 785-842-0300
Dempsey’s Burger Pub
623 Vermont St, Lawrence, KS 785-856-5460
The Burger Stand at The Casbah
803 Massachusetts St., Lawrence, KS 785-856-0543
Limestone Pizza
814 Massachusetts St., Lawrence, KS 785-856-2825
La Parrilla
724 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS
The Mirth Café
947 New Hampshire, Lawrence, KS 785-841-3282
901 New Hampshire St. (Entrance on 9th St.),
Lawrence KS, 785-856-0663
Papa Keno’s Pizzeria
1035 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 785-841-7272
WheatFields Bakery Café
904 Vermont St, Lawrence, KS 785-841-5553
Terrebonne Po’ Boys and Desserts
805 Vermont St, Lawrence, KS 785-856-3287
Tortas Jalisco
534 Frontier Rd, Lawrence, KS 785-865-1515
El Mezcal
804 S Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 785-331-2710
Mad Greek Restaurant
907 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 785-843-2441
Bigg’s Barbeque
2429 Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 785-856-2550
Aladdin Cafe
1021 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS
The Basil Leaf Cafe
616 W. 9th Street, Lawrence, KS 785-856-0459
Global Café
820 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 785-838-4600
Five Guys Burger & Fries
2040 W 31st St, Lawrence, KS 785-749-3400
Friday at a Glance
All Friday Conference Sessions will be held inside the Burge Union, see map, Page 8.
Courtside Room
Drive Room
Relays Room
GridIron Room
Olympian Room
Registration: 10:00-11:00
Inside the Burge Union
Session 1: 11:00-12:30
Panel 1:
Panel 2:
Boundaries of
Encounters in East
Belonging: The
State, Society, and
Identity in PostSoviet
Central Asia
Panel 3: Library
Support for
Learning, and
Session 2: 1:30- 3:00
Panel 4: Art and
Panel 5:
Architecture in Pre- Performance,
modern China
Media, Education
and Identity in SE
Panel 6:
Education and
Labor in South
Panel 7: Chinese
Foreign Relations
Film: Book of the
Dead (Japan)
Session 3: 3:15-4:45
Panel 8:
Revising 20th
Century Visual Cultures in East Asia
Panel 10: Indian
Panel 11:
Literature and
Performance in
South Korea
Film: King of Masks
Reception: 5:30-7:00
Adams Alumni Center, 1266 Oread Avenue
Film: 8:00-10 p.m.
The Act of Killing (Indonesia), Alderson Auditorium, Kansas Union
Panel 9:
Saturday at a Glance
OCT. 4
All Saturday Conference Sessions will be held on the fourth floor of Wescoe Hall.
Room 4012 Room 4019 Room 4020
Room 4023
Room 4025 Room 4035
Room 4041
MCAA Executive Board Meeting: 7:30-8:30 a.m., Wescoe 4025
Session 4:
Panel 12:
Panel 13:
Session 5:
Panel 16:
Panel 17:
Literature in
Panel 15:
Culture, and
Politics in Asia
Panel 18:
Chinese Film
(Panel 14 on
East Asian
Film has
merged with
this panel.)
Panel 19:
Inequality and
Power in
Indonesia and
the Philippines
Film: The
Way Home
Boxed Lunch:Presidential Roundtable 12:00-1:15, Kansas Union Ballroom
Session 6:
Panel 20:
Panel 21:
Panel 22:
Exile, Refuge, Governance
Issues in East and Escape Challenges
in Asia
in East Asia
Panel 23: The
Great Kanto
Earthquake &
the Massacre
of Koreans in
History and
Session 7:
Panel 25:
Panel 26:
Inequality and Literary
Conflict: Case and
Studies from Everyday
Ethics in
Panel 28:
Representation How to Use
of the Great
What You’ve
Earthquake &
the Massacre of
Panel 27:
Study Abroad
Classes in
East Asia
Panel 24:
the Territory
of Japanese
Buddhist Art
and Culture
Crossing the
Line (Korea)
5:00-6:00 p.m. Membership Meeting
Banquet: 6:00-8:00, Kansas Union Ballroom
Evening Film: 8 to 9:30: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Taiwan), Alderson Auditorium, Kansas Union.
Sunday at a Glance
All Sunday Conference Sessions will be held on the fourth floor of Wescoe Hall.
Room 4012
Room 4019
Room 4020
Session 8:
Panel 29: Shaping the Panel 30: Religion and Panel 31: Trade,
Nation in the Media
Practice in East Asia Enterprise and
Age of Late-Taisho
Change in Asia
Session 9:
Panel 32: Japanese
Culture and Society
Panel 33: Political
Panel 34: TransPanel 35: Rural
Fissures in Southeast Pacific Cooperation: Politics, Education,
Informal Imperialism in and Secret Societies
East Asia
in Mao’s China
Session 10: 12:30-1:30, Gallery Tour, Spencer Museum of Art
Room 4023
Room 4025
Panel 36: Film
Hidden Scars
Friday Full Schedule
All Friday conference sessions will be held in the Burge
Registration: 10:00-11:00 a.m. | Burge Union
Session 1: Friday, 11:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m.
Panel 1 | Courtside Room
Boundaries of Belonging: The State, Society, and
Identity in Post-Soviet Central Asia
“Liminal Diasporism: Origins and Identity of Koryo
Saram in Central Asia,” Zachary Adamz: University of
“Official Identity and Bordering Processes: The Case of
Uzbekistan,” Michael Rose: University of Kansas
“Revolution is Not Social Cohesion: Ethnic Conflict in
Kyrgyzstan,” Eliza Taitelieva: University of Kansas
Discussant: Austin Charron, University of Kansas
Panel 2 | Drive Room
Encounters in East Asia
“An Early Colonial Encounter: John Thomson and
His Travel Photography, Illustrations of China and Its
People, 1873-1874,” Li-Lin Tseng: Pittsburgh State
“Taiwanese Agricultural Investments in Paraguay,
1989-2014,” John Barnett: Emporia State University
“U.S. Technical Assistance to China in WWII,”
Megan Greene: University of Kansas
Panel 3 | Relays Room
Library Support for Teaching, Learning,
and Research
Vickie Doll: University of Kansas
Michiko Ito: University of Kansas
Session 2: Friday, 1:30- 3:00 p.m.
Panel 4 | Courtside Room
Art and Architecture in Pre-modern China
“Thirteen Female Disciples Seeking Instruction at the Lake
Pavilion: A Group of Unconventional Women and the Man
Who Supported Them,” Janet Chen: University of Kansas
“A Modern Interpretation of an Ancient Design— Fu
Baoshi’s Yuntai Shan Tu 雲臺山圖,” Yuling Huang:
University of Louisville
Panel 5 | Drive Room
Performance, Media, Education and Identity in SE Asia
“Dancing Towards Progress: Political Hegemony and
Performing Arts Production in Marcos’s Philippines,”
Isabelle Eve Squires: Northern Illinois University
“Media(ting) the Chinese Inter-Subjectivity in the
Nanyang,” Feng Lan: Florida State University
“Resisting Limits of Girlhood to Access Education in
North India,” Imandeep K. Grewal: Eastern Michigan
Panel 6 | Relays Room
Education and Labor in South Korea
“Education, Marriage, and Women’s Employment in South
Korea, 1966-2010,” ChangHwan Kim: University of
“Age Stratification of Work: Exploring the Quality of Work
from 1983 through 2012 in South Korea,” Byeongdon Oh:
University of Kansas
Panel 7 | Gridiron Room
Chinese Foreign Relations
“Beyond Diplomacy: Analyzing the Communication
Patterns of Foreign Government Agencies on Chinese
Micro-blog,” Xiaokun Wu: University of Missouri
“The Diaoyu/Senkaku Island Disputes Influence on SinoJapanese Trade Relations,” Samantha Wernicke: University
of Kansas
“From Traditional Friendship to Comprehensive
Development Partners: China-Kenya Relations Since
1978,” Yuegen Yu: Central State University
“Research on Republic China‘s Diplomat Chengting
Thomas Wang—From a Chinese Nationalist to an
Internationalist,” Wei Chen: Tianjin University
Film | Olympian Room
Book of the Dead (Japan)
Friday Schedule (Continued)
Session 3: Friday, 3:15-4:45 p.m.
Panel 8 | Courtside Room
Revising 20th Century Visual Cultures in East Asia
“Art Across a Boundary: ‘Asylum Art’ in the 1950s Postsurrender Japan,” Maki Kaneko: University of Kansas
“Collective Agency: Exhibition Culture and Artist
Societies in 1920s Shanghai,” Kris Imants Ercums:
University of Kansas
“Mass Media Monarchy: Empress Teimei, Newspaper
Photography, and Changing Imperial Roles in Early 20th
Century Japan,” Alison Miller: University of Kansas
“Reimagining the Past: Transnational Feminist
Representations of the ‘Military Comfort Women’,”
Samantha Lyons: University of Kansas
“Translated Identity, Art, and Culture: Site-specific
Reading of Yiso Bahc’s Works,” Eun Young Park:
University of Kansas
Panel 9 | Drive Room
Pre-modern Japanese Literature
“Emotional Registers of The Kagero Diary,” Maggie
Childs: University of Kansas
“Man’s Sister Soul in Late Edo Kabuki,” Seigo Nakao:
Oakland University
“A Different Genji: The ‘Kiritsubo’ Chapter of the Yōmei
Bunko Text of the Genji Monogatari,” Christopher Kern:
Oberlin College
Panel 10 | Relays Room
Indian Philosophy
“Language and Evidentiality in Nyaya Thought,” Louis
Hunt: Michigan State University
“Challenging the Ascetic Ideal by Tracing the Evolution
of Asceticism in Medieval India,” Michelle Folk:
University of Regina
“Patanjali’s Theory of Transcendental Knowledge,” S. G.
Nigal: University of Mumbai
Panel 11 | Gridiron Room
Literature and Performance in South Korea
“Embodied Transnational Korea: Music Drama
Performances in Korean Communities in the U.S. in the
Late 1920s,” Youngji Jeon: University of Illinois
“African Arts Museum in South Korea and Burkinabé
Dancing Bodies as Palimpsests,” Soo Ryon Yoon:
Northwestern University
“Transnational Brides in Contemporary Korean Novels,”
Jinim Park: Pyeong-taek University, Korea
“The Influence of Performing Arts on the Nationalism
and the Cultural Interaction between Ethnic Groups:
Music and Dance of Korean Immigrants in Hawai‘i
during the Early 20th Century,” Heeyoung Choi:
Northern Illinois University
Film | Olympian Room
King of Masks (China)
Reception: 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Adams Alumni Center, 1266 Oread Avenue
Soft drinks, and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Cash bar.
This reception is free for all conference participants;
there is no need to RSVP.
Evening Film: 8:00-10:00 p.m.
Alderson Auditorium, Kansas Union
The Act of Killing (Indonesia)
Saturday Full Schedule
All Saturday conference sessions will be held on the
fourth floor of Wescoe Hall.
MCAA Executive Board Meeting
Saturday, 7:30-8:30 a.m. | Room 4025
Session 4: Saturday, 8:45-10:15 a.m.
Panel 12 | Room 4012
MJS Workshop 1*
“Rosanjin and Japanese Gurume Identity,”
Nancy Stalker: University of Texas
Session 5: Saturday, 10:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m.
Panel 16 | Room 4012
MJS Workshop 2*
“Ivory in Early Modern Japan,” Martha Chaiklin:
University of Pittsburgh
Chair: Louis G. Perez, Illinois State University
*The MJS panels are workshops with pre-circulated
papers. Others may attend, but should be aware that most
participants will have already read the paper.
Chair: Louis G. Perez, Illinois State University
Panel 17 | Room 4019
Literature in Pre-modern China
*The MJS panels are workshops with pre-circulated
papers. Others may attend, but should be aware that most
participants will have already read the paper.
“To Mend Heaven or Not: That is the Question,” Liangyan
Ge: University of Notre Dame
Panel 13 | Room 4019
Chinese Thought
“The Chuanqi-style Farewell Poem Generated in the
Culture of Romance of the Tang Dynasty: ‘Parting at Dawn
by Plank Bridge’,” Shijia Nie: University of Oregon
“The First World War, Science Thought and ROC’s
Political Situation in 1920s,” Han Han: University of
North Carolina
“A Minor Adjustment, a Major Difference,” Xia Liang:
Washington University in St. Louis
“Understanding Recent Chinese History from A New
Perspective,” Key Sun: Washington University in St.
Panel 18 | Room 4020
Chinese Film
Panel 14 | East Asian Film
“Repurposing History: The Three Kingdoms Adapted in
John Woo’s Red Cliff,” Ken Morrow: University of Texas at
This panel merged with panel 18 and will meet at 10:30
in room 4020.
“Status and Symbol in Li Yu’s Lost in Beijing,” Andrew
Stuckey: University of Colorado
Panel 15 | Room 4023
Environment, Culture, and Politics in Asia
“From The Enchanting Shadow to A Chinese Ghost Story:
History, Identity and Hong Kong Erotic Ghost Films,” Qin
Chen: Ohio State University
“Governance Obstacles to Renewable Energy
Development in Indonesia,” Matthew S. Winters:
University of Illinois
“Environment Preserving Culture: The Buluotou Festival
at Ganzhuang Mountain; Worship Rite, Folk Song, and
Tourism,” Matthew Werstler: Moody Bible Institute
“Birding a Toxic Island: Disaster Tourism, Politics, and
Indonesia’s Mud Volcano,” Phillip Drake: University of
“Then and Now: Effects of Historical Events on Beijing’s
Air Pollution,” Amanda Hill: Emporia State University
Panel 19 | Room 4023
Labor, Inequality and Power in Indonesia and the
“How Bureaucracy Affects Inequality: The Case of
Post-Authoritarian Indonesia,” Rahardika Arista Utama:
Northwestern University
“The Origin of Power Variations? Comparing Executive
Power during Democratic Transition in Indonesia and the
Philippines,” Brian C. Ventura: Northern Illinois University
“Abstract Reasoning and Coping Strategies of Less
Privileged Filipino Workers in Selected Areas of Metro
Manila,” Joy R. Tungol: University of Santo Tomas/Pricilia
B. Marzan: St. Paul University, Manila
Film | Room 4041
The Way Home (Korea)
Saturday Schedule (Continued)
Boxed Lunch | Ballroom, Kansas Union
12:00-1:15 p.m.
Presidential Roundtable: Utility and Limitations of
Current Approaches to Area Studies
Boxed Lunch is $6 per person. Pay in advance online or
at the registration table.
Session 6: Saturday, 1:30-3:00 p.m.
Panel 20 | Room 4012
Political Issues in East Asia
“Voices of Dissent: Women’s Human Rights in China,”
Melissa McCarthy: Wright State University
Panel 23 | Room 4023
The Great Kanto Earthquake & the Massacre of
Koreans in History and Historiography, Part 1
“Reading the Absent: The Great Kanto Earthquake and
the Massacre of Koreans in the Historiography of Modern
Japan and Korea,” Jooeun Noh: University of Tokyo
“Documenting a Modern Massacre: Challenges and
Opportunities in the Case of the Kanto Massacre of
Koreans in Japan,” Jinhee Lee: Eastern Illinois University
“Filming the History of Koreans in Japan: Since
‘Hidden Scars’ (1983) and ‘Camp Narashino’ (1986).”
Choongkong Oh: Independent Filmmaker
“PLA Counter-insurgency in Tibet/Qinghai,” Harold
Tanner: University of North Texas
“Writing the Massacre into Japanese History: A
Historiography of English Language Scholarship,” Kerry
Smith: Brown University (in absentia)
“Holistic, All-inclusive Plan for North Korea,”
Christopher L. Alderman: Emporia State University
Discussants: Alex Bates, Dickinson College and Andre
Haag, University of New Mexico
Panel 21 | Room 4019
Exile, Refuge, and Escape in Asia
Panel 24 | Room 4025
Expanding the Territory of Japanese Buddhist Art
and Culture
“Exile or Asylum?: Penal Colonies, Detention Centers,
and Exploitation in the Dutch East Indies and Australia,”
Deanna Ramsay: University of Chicago
“Challenges of Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement in
the United States: Towards a More Culturally Specific
Approach,” Lopita Nath: University of the Incarnate
“South Korean ‘New Wild Geese’ Mothers Studying in
the U.S.,” Ji-Yeon Lee: University of Kansas
Panel 22 | Room 4020
Governance Challenges and Opportunities in East
“Governance Perception and the Roles of Media Usage
in China: A Large-scale Citizen Survey in Guangdong
Province, China,” Alfred Ho: University of Kansas
“Internet, Trust in Government, and Citizen Compliance
in South Korea,” Wonhyuk Cho: Seoul National
“Buddhist Icons and Family History: Images in the
Kofukuji Nanendo and the Fujiwara Family,” Yen-yi
Chan: University of Kansas
“Radiant Light: Aureoles Surrounding Heian Period
Buddhist Icons,” Mary Dusenbury: University of Kansas
“Grasping the Divine in the Palm of Your Hand,” Sherry
Fowler: University of Kansas
“Embracing Death and the Afterlife: The Cult of Enma at
Rokuharamitsuji,” YeGee Kwon: University of Kansas
“Hell’s Kitchen and the Joy of Cooking: Culinary
Themes in Kumano Mandala,” Eric Rath: University of
Discussant: Sherry Fowler, University of Kansas
Film | Room 4041
Today’s Special (India)
Saturday Schedule (Continued)
Session 7: Saturday, 3:15-4:45 p.m.
Panel 25 | Room 4012
Inequality and Ethnic Conflict: Case Studies from
Panel 28 | Room 4023
Literary Representation of the Great Kanto
Earthquake & the Massacre of Koreans, Part II
“Women and Children in the Slums: A Look Into Poverty
in India,” Annamarie M. Meneghetti: University of the
Incarnate Word
“Rapists and Rebels: Images of the Shadowy Korean in
Post-disaster Literature,” Alex Bates: Dickinson College
“Dharavi: Climbing the Socio-Economic Ladder in a
World Foreign to Equity,” Irene Tombo: University of the
Incarnate Word
“Sikh Militancy and State Oppression in the Indian
State of Punjab,” Calvin Leatherwood: University of the
Incarnate Word
Panel 26 | Room 4019
Literary Memories and Everyday Ethics in Modern
“Blue Face against the Red Flags: Reincarnation and
Resisting in Life and Death are Wearing Me Out,”
Tonglu Li: Iowa State University
“Memory of the Cultural Revolution and Personal Ethics
in Shi Tiesheng’s Fragments Written at the Hiatuses of
Sickness,” Luying Chen: Columbia College Chicago
“Undoing Dominance: Ha Jin’s Waiting and James
Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room,” Hui Meng: University of
“Feminism, Chinese Style,” Aili Mu: Iowa State
Discussant: Faye Xiao, University of Kansas
Panel 27 | Room 4020
Roundtable: Teaching Study Abroad Classes in
East Asia
Alfred Ho: University of Kansas
Jane Zhao: University of Kansas
Karen Kyeunghae Lee: University of Kansas
Renee Frias: University of Kansas
“Writing Panic and Paranoia after the Great Kanto
Earthquake,” Andre Haag: University of New Mexico
“The Kanto Massacre in Nakajima Atsushi’s ‘Landscape
with Patrolman,’”Robert Tierney: University of Illinois
(in absentia) Discussants:
Jinhee Lee, Eastern Illinois University and Jooeun Noh,
University of Tokyo
Teacher Workshop | Room 4025
How to Use What You’ve Learned
Film | Room 4041
Crossing the Line (Korea)
MCAA General Membership
Business Meeting, Saturday 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Room 4012
SWCAS Business Meeting Saturday 5:00-6:00 p.m. | Room 4019
Banquet and Keynote
Saturday 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Ballroom, Kansas Union
“Naming the Moment: The Abolition of Indian Indenture
and the Inter-State System”
Speaker: Mrinalini Sinha, University of Michigan, AAS
Buffet Style, $25. Pay in advance online or at the
registration table.
Evening Film: 8:00-9:30 p.m.
Alderson Auditorium, Kansas Union
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Taiwan)
Sunday Full Schedule
All Sunday conference sessions will be held on the
fourth floor of Wescoe Hall.
Session 8: Sunday, 9:00-10:30 a.m.
Panel 29 | Room 4012
Shaping the Nation in the Media Age of Late Taisho
“The Two Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War,
Pestilence, and Media in Taisho Japan,” Sumiko Otsubo:
Metropolitan State University
“Censoring Rumors: How a Natural Disaster Changed the
Censorship Practice in Imperial Japan, 1923,” Jinhee Lee:
Eastern Illinois University
“Using the Science Room as an Archive in Taisho Japan,”
Hiromi Mizuno: University of Minnesota
“Sensation as a Site of Social Reform in the Wake of
the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake,” Arthur Mitchell:
Macalester College
Discussant: Jim Huffman, Wittenberg University (Ret.)
Panel 30 | Room 4019
Religion and Practice in East Asia
“Indra’s Net 2.0: The Internet and the Fourteenth Dalai
Lama,” Sarah Magnatta: University of Denver
“The ‘Temple Stay’ Boom in South Korea: Searching for
Peace in Uncertain Times,” Kyoim Yun: University of
“Wartime Religion: Christianity and the Korean War,”
Sean C. Kim: University of Central Missouri
Panel 31 | Room 4020
Trade, Enterprise and Change in Asia
“Pax Mongolica: The Flowering of the Silk Road and
Cultural Diffusion in Yuan China,” Yufeng Wang:
Sinclair Community College
“Socio-Economic Competitions between Native and
Migrant Traders in a Post-conflict Society, AmbonEastern Indonesia,” Hatib Kadir: University of California
Santa Cruz
“Nationalist State Building and Urban Development
in the Greater Shanghai Project,” Fang Zhou: Georgia
Gwinnet University
“The Dragon’s Tale: Modernizing the Chinese Military
and What It Means to the United States,” Xiaobing Li:
University of Central Oklahoma
Sunday Schedule (Continued)
Session 9: Sunday, 10:45-12:15
Panel 32 | Room 4012
Japanese Culture and Society
“Tale of Two Tea Masters: Furuta Oribe, Hosokawa
Sansai, and the Construction of a Chanoyu Orthodoxy
in Early Modern Japan,” Mindy Landeck: University of
Panel 35 | Room 4023
Rural Politics, Education, and Secret Societies
in Mao’s China
“Who Are the Reactionary?: Suppressing Reactionary
Huidaomen 会道门 in Mianchi, Henan Province 19471953,” Fei Guo: Chinese University of Hong Kong
“The Benefactions of a Tensai Minzoku: Nakayama
Tadanao and the Construction of ‘Japanese Medicine’,”
Dusty Clark: University of Kansas
“Rethinking Mao’s Terror: The Long-Term Impact
of China’s Anti-Rightist Campaign,” Zhaojin Zeng:
University of Texas at Austin
“Saving Sovereignty: Preserving Japan’s Chastity
through Sex Education,” John Schneiderwind: University
of Central Arkansas
“Childhood in Collectivization: Rural Kindergarten in the
Great Leap Forward,” Jing Zhai: University of Texas at
“Manga and the Post 3.11 Discourse,” Terrence Jackson:
Adrian College
Discussant: James J. Hudson, University of Texas at
Discussant: Paul Clark, West Texas A&M University
Panel 36 | Room 4025
Film: Hidden Scars: The Massacre of Koreans from
the Arakawa River Bank to Shitamachi in Tokyo,
Post-screening discussion with Director Choongkong Oh
Panel 33 | Room 4019
Political Fissures in Southeast Asia
“Government Response to Separatist Movements in
India,” Pritha Hariharan: University of Kansas
“Subnational Islamization Meets Weak Government
Capacity: The Case of South Kalimantan, Indonesia,”
Gde Metera: Northwestern University
“The Trajectories of the Left in Southeast Asia: The
Cases of Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam,”
Muhammad Fajar: Northwestern University
Session 10: Sunday 12:30 p.m.
Gallery Tour: “Asian Art at the Spencer
Museum” | Spencer Museum of Art
Kris Ercums: Asian Art Curator, Spencer Museum of Art,
University of Kansas
Panel 34 | Room 4020
Trans-Pacific Cooperation: Informal Imperialism in
East Asia
“Esther Park: The First Korean Woman M.D. and Her
American Missionary Mentors,” Haesong Park: Purdue
“Building a Japanese Institution: Caroline Macdonald,
Kawai Michi, and the Japan YWCA,” Sally A. Hastings:
Purdue University
“‘Two of Us…Working Together’: Edward H. Hume,
F. C. Yen, and Sino-American Cooperation through
the Yale-China Association,” Andrew Bell: Boston
Discussant: Margaret Tillman, Purdue University
Index of Panelists
Zachary Adamz, Panel 1
Sally A. Hastings, Panel 34
Christopher Alderman, Panel 20
Alfred Ho, Panel 22, 27
John Barnett, Panel 2
Yuling Huang, Panel 4
Alex Bates, Panel 23, 28
James J. Hudson, Panel 35
Andrew Bell, Panel 34
Jim Huffman, Panel 29
Martha Chaiklin, Panel 16
Louis Hunt, Panel 10
Yen-Yi Chan, Panel 24
Terrence Jackson, Panel 32
Austin Charron, Panel 1
Youngji Jeon, Panel 11
Janet Chen, Panel 4
Hatib Abdul Kadir, Panel 31
Luying Chen, Panel 26
Maki Kaneko, Panel 8
Qin Chen, Panel 18
Chris Kern, Panel 9
Wei Chen, Panel 7
ChangHwan Kim, Panel 6
Maggie Childs, Panel 9
Sean C. Kim, Panel 30
Wonhyuk Cho, Panel 22
YeGee Kwon, Panel 24
Heeyoung Choi, Panel 11
Feng Lan, Panel 5
Dusty Clark, Panel 32
Melinda S. Landeck, Panel 32
Paul Clark, Panel 32
Calvin Leatherwood, Panel 25
Phillip Drake, Panel 15
Jinhee Lee, Panel 23, 28, 29
Mary Dusenbury, Panel 24
Ji-Yeon Lee, Panel 21
Kris Imants Ercums, Panel 8
Karen Lee, Panel 27
Muhammad Fajar, Panel 33
Tonglu Li, Panel 26
Michelle L. Folk, Panel 10
Xiaobing Li, Panel 31
Sherry Fowler, Panel 24
Xia Liang, Panel 17
Renee Frias, Panel 27
Samantha Lyons, Panel 8
Liangyan Ge, Panel 17
Sarah Magnatta, Panel 30
Megan Greene, Panel 2
Pricilia B. Marzan, Panel 19
Imandeep Grewal, Panel 5
Melissa McCarthy, Panel 20
Fei Guo, Panel 35
Annamarie M. Meneghetti, Panel 25
Andre Haag, Panel 23, 28
Hui Meng, Panel 26
Han Han, Panel 13
Gde Metera, Panel 33
Pritha Hariharan, Panel 33
Alison Miller, Panel 8
Index of Panelists
Arthur Mitchell, Panel 29
Rahardhika Arista Utama, Panel 19
Hiromi Mizuno, Panel 29
Brian C. Ventura, Panel 19
Ken T. Morrow, Panel 18
Yufeng Wang, Panel 31
Aili Mu, Panel 26
Samantha Wernicke, Panel 7
Seigo Nakao, Panel 9
Matthew Werstler, Panel 15
Lopita Nath, Panel 21, 25
Matthew Winters, Panel 15
Shijia Nei, Panel 17
Xiaokun Wu, Panel 7
S.G. Nigal, Panel 10
H. Faye Xiao, Panel 26
Jooeun Noh, Panel 23, 28
Soo Ryon Yoon, Panel 11
Byeongdon Oh, Panel 6
Yuegen David Yu, Panel 7
Choongkong Oh, Panel 23
Kyoim Yun, Panel 30
Sumiko Otsubo, Panel 29
Zhaojin Zeng, Panel 35
Eun Young Park, Panel 8
Jing Zhai, Panel 35
Haeseong Park, Panel 34
Jane Zhao, Panel 27
Louis G. Perez, Panel 12, 16
Fang Zhou, Panel 31
Deanna Ramsay, Panel 21
Eric Rath, Panel 24
Michael Rose, Panel 1
John Schneiderwind, Panel 32
Kerry Smith, Panel 23
Isabelle E. Squires, Panel 5
Nancy Stalker, Panel 12
Andrew Stuckey, Panel 18
Key Sun, Panel 13
Eliza Taitelieva, Panel 1
Harold M. Tanner, Panel 20
Robert Tierney, Panel 28
Margaret Tillman, Panel 34
Irene Tombo, Panel 25
Li-Lin Tseng, Panel 2
Joy R. Tungol, Panel 19