unci saman MPSJberkesan



unci saman MPSJberkesan
saha~a k~ kawasan
'yang menJadl tumpuan,
mdi pasti dapat melihat
mtram ,an. ~elan,
Memhur'Jkkan lagl
an, ramal f: mandu
]' ,..sukahatimeletakkan
"11\ 'I ~an mereka di tepi
)an tanpa mengambil
jra kesusahan yang bakal
::Jihadapipengguna jalan raya
lang lain.
Untuk mengatasi masalah
/, lajlis Perbandaran
I j)
cara penyelE,;aiantersendiri
iaitu'kunci S3man:Idea
er lun'l" ;ist::!mini
c1lcetuskansendiri oleh bebs
rang DiPertua MPSJ,Datuk
\dnan Md Ikhsan pada 2009.
Lehih fokus kepada
(en, ,ar lang diletFlkkan
,;ecard i)erlapi,<car
menghalanq lall lintas,'kunci
;aman'diletakkan pada
:errnir sisikendenan yang
1b\~' -~.
~unci saman MPSJberkesan
bersalah dan hanya boleh
dibuka selepas membayar
kompaun berjumlah RM80
di pejabat MPSJdi USJ5.Jika
dijelaskan awal, pesalah hanya
perlu membayar RM40.Turut
dikepilkan bersama'kunci
saman' tersebut adalah helaian
kompaun yang menyatakan
jenis kenderaan, masa dan
butir-butir penting kesalahan.
Alatyang digunakan tidak
akan merosakkan kenderaan
pesalah memandangkan ia
diperbuat daripada getah di
samping kabel yang disalut
plastik. Namun, ia tidak boleh
dibuka dengan apa jua alatan
selain kunci khasnya. Jika
pesalah didapati merosakkan
alat tersebut, denda RM1,000
akan dikenakan.
"Setakat ini ia hanya
digunakan di kawasan
tumpuan ramai seperti di USJ
10 (Taipan),USJ9, USJ15dan
USJ21. Namun perancangan
untuk menggunakannya di
tempat lain dalam kawasan
MPSJtetap ada;' kata Pengarah
Jabatan Penguatkuasaan MPSJ,
Ahmad Hassan (gambar).
sistem ini,penyuraian trafik
juga bertambah baik dan
pemandu kini lebih patuh
untuk membayar kompaun
dan mengikut undangundang. Untuktahun 2011,
hampir 80 peratus pesalah
berjaya melunaskan bayaran
kompaun;'tambah beliau.
Ini mung kin disebabkan
pesalah yang berasa malu
dengan adanya 'kunci saman'
tersebut pada kenderaan
mereka sepanjang masa.
Sementara itu, bermula 1
Julai lalu,MPSJmengadakan
kempen bayaran kompaun
kadar sama rata di mana
Tarikh... ..~..~~f.;.L~~)J",
sebarang kompaun lalu lintas
boleh dijelaskan pada harga
RM10 sehingga 29 Ogos 2011.
Paling menarik, daripada
54 Pihak Serkuasa Tempatan
(PST)di Malaysia,MPSJ
adalah PSTpertama yang
memperkenalkan pendekatan
ini,yangsecara umumnya
dilihat cukup bijakdi dalam
usaha terutama untuk
mengutip bayaran saman
daripada pesalah lalu lintas di
First sessionwith poliCle
SubangJayaresidentsplay activerole in neighbourhoodwatch
Representatives at the first session with the police.
[email protected]
ECURITYand traffic congestion
are the main concerns of residents in Subang Jaya.
Ten representatives from various
Rukun Tetangga and residents assodations raised these issues at the first
"meet the public session" by the
police at the USJ8 police station yesterday.
Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm
Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar said the
meeting would enable the people to
voice their concerns directly and give
ideas for solutions.
"Many issues were discussed today
and we received feedback on our
ber also shared his views on the
applauded the Ops Payung due to its
effectiveness of patrolling and how
success in redudng the crime rate the police could further empower
and suggested that we expand to them to safeguard their own neighbourhood.
non-commerdal areas as well.
'With the police on our side during
"We gathered the comments and
discussedthe possibleways to tackle patrols, we can be more pro-active in
the situation and get the people tackling suspidous characters.
"For example, we cannot simple
closelyinvolvedin our operations.
"Theresidentsalso gave some sug- approach people in cars like the
gestions to ease traffic congestion," police and conduct a search.
he said.
"I believe in the power and effecSubang Jaya head of administra- tiveness of. community policing in
tion Deputy Supt j.G. Raj said the deterring crime," he said.
The session will be held on the first
people feared that new developments including the proposed MRT Monday and third Saturday of every
station in the area would add on to month where all heads of department
the already terrible traffic during will be present at all police district
headquaters from 9am to noon. The
peak hours.
USJ2 VoluntaryPatrol Unit mem- public are encouraged to attend.
"For example,
Y'L, For
'i example,
''':;, .,.,.iii-~1the
Tarikb; ~..~~.~...~~
... residents
the Ops Payung due
to its success in
reducing the crime
rcue and suggested
that we expand to
non-commercial areas
as well.
[email protected]!thestar.com.my
PNG Emkay FC, with the Super League
title in the bag, will be gunning for the
FA Cup when they take on Subang Jaya
Municipal Council (MPSJ) in the final at the
Petaling Jaya Stadium in Kelana Jaya tonight
(kickoff 8.30pm).
NPNG-Emkay FC,with two matches remaining, were declared the Super League champions after accumulating a massive 36 points
from 12 wins anif'-a defeat.. MPSJ, who have
completed their fixtures, have 30 points while
Proton, with two matches in hand, are third
with 26 points.
NPNG-Emkay FC coach Michael palani said
they also want to win the FA Cup.
"We are determined to make up for our
dismal outing last season. We have a committed group of players. We are prepared for a
tough match," said Michael.
Eyeinga double
aimingfor FACupnext
In the leaglle, NPNG-Emkay FC had beaten
MPSJ 1-0 with the goal coming from Azralan
However, Azralan who is NPNG-Emkay FCs
top scorer, is a doubtful starter for the match.
Azralan (5 nursing an injury and Michael said
he would only be .ble to decide on Azralan's
status before the kickoff.
"He has been consistent for us in the
league and. FA Cup. If h~ is not available,
then we will have to look at the other strikers
to 'shoulder the responsibility to get the goals,"
addetl Michael.
MPSJ, coached by former international
Zami Mohd Noor, have a striking force
Rais Sulaiman,
Shamsul Akmar Zamri and Nor Nahrul Hayat
Michael has rated MPSJ's strikers as deadly
and capable of creating problems to NPNGEmkay FCs defence.
"Our defenders have to be cautious of the
trio. They have been scoring regularly in the
league," added Michael.
,'I..:I!I illIi' "I ,.c'P ri
,1ISmc..I~. un::::!
., . '1
Doubtful:Azralan(left) in actionduring anencounterwith PKNSduring their SelangorSuperLeaguematch in April.
.seasrtn. Wfrra'
committed group O.plC!i\'t!(
..a._n,v,. "'-~' -'--" -'".-
TheyclaimRMl,490 rentaland additional RM30for licensingfee unfair
[email protected]
ORNlJIIG market traders in
Puchong are continuing to
object against the four-fold
increase in the waste management
fee and rental to be implemented by
the Subang Jaya Municipal Council
It was reported that the traders
previously paid RM360 a year for the
licence, rental and waste management, but they received letters
informing them that the rate would
be increased to RM1,490 per lot and
an additional RM30 for licensing
Kinrara MCA service centre chief
Dr Kow Cheong Wei, speaking on
behalf of the traders. said the
Selangor government
had earlier
announced. a fee increase in 2009,
but it could not be implemented last
year as the traders opposed the
"At the end of last year, the MPSJ
announced that the increase would
start this year, but the hawkers are
objecting as they feel the four-fold
increase is too steep and does not
justify the waste collection services
provided," Dr Kow said.
He said during a meeting chaired
by state local government committee chairman Ronnie Liu on May 16,
Liu said the fees would remain status
quo until the end of this year and
that the state government would
have no choice but to implement the
increase next year.
''The leaders from five morning
market traders associations in Taman
Kinrara Seksyen 1, Taman Kinrara
Seksyen 3, Puchong Jaya, Pusat
Bandar Puchong and Puchong Indah
have conducted a one-month survey
to gather feedback from the 443
traders in their areas," said Dr Kow,
who is the adviser for the five associations. The traders were given
three options in the survey form:
licence/waste management fees not
to be increased, licence/waste management fees not to be increased but
the traders to handle the waste management, or fees to be increased
four-fold with MPSJ to handle the
waste management," he said.
He added that most of those who
r.<""n,J.,J tn thp <l1roPIIwpnt fnr the
Appeals to
. I the
.....No fee
hike: Morningmarket traders in Puchongare continuing to object against a four-fold increase in the waste management fee and rental that is to b~implemented
bythe MPSL
fee increase.
Puchong lndah Morning Market
Traders Association chairman Chong
King appealed to the state government and local council to empathise
with the traders, whose businesses
had been affected with the opening
of several hypermarkets in Puchong.
Puchong Jaya Morning Market
Traders Association chairman Chua
Seong Kit said it was ridiculous that
the traders would have to pay a
higher fee compared with illegal
traders who were only slapped with
a RM50 compound each time a summons was issued.
''There is no point in us forking an
extra amount if the garbage collection services is not improved. We
would rather pay the RM30 licensing
fee and carry out our own garbage
said Taman Kinrara
Seksyen 3 Traders Association chairman Fong Sea Kean.
"Liu has asked the traders associations to compile the feedback and
hand them over to the MPSJpresident. which we will do so next week."
. ']V
I,. b
Dr Kow (third. from ..-ight),and representatives from five morning market traders asso~iations inj
Tarikh.. .-........................
<:6 0Ul,b-t dO\1
LDP patut letak kon sebelum masuk tol
Sunway di laluan kontra ke Puchong
Perdana. Ramai potong barisan. Lorong tepi jadi sesak. .PANTAU o.. ~
~ ~.............