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Knights of Columbus Council No. 2917
607 East Whitney Street
Houston, Texas 77022-3535
Phone: 713-694-2341
July 2016
Vol. 35, Issue 7
Council Chaplain
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Ladies Auxiliary Chaplain
Chaplain CDA Court #1750
District Deputy—District #75
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Outside Guard
Outside Guard
1Year Trustee
2 Year Trustee
3 Year Trustee
Family Director
Public Relations
Pro-Life Program Director
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Rosary Team Leader
Senior Club President
V.A. Hospital Chairman
North Side Columbus Club President
K of C insurance A-F
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K of C insurance L-P
K of C insurance Q-Z
President Ladies Auxiliary
Catholic Daughters Regent
Manager, Northside Columbus Club (rentals)
Editor, Bishop Odin News
Rev. Rafael Becerra [email protected]
Deacon Will Hunter [email protected]
Rev. Alberto Zanatta
Rev. Msgr. James L. Golasinski
David Keating [email protected]
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Shawn Reichhardt [email protected]
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James V. Descant, Jr. [email protected]
Mark Demny [email protected]
Brian Kubiak [email protected]
Henry C. Gutierrez [email protected]
Antonio Saenz [email protected]
Jose Limas [email protected]
Leroy Davis [email protected]
Sam Kwiatowski [email protected]
Anthony M. Zuccarini [email protected]
Dominic Psencik, PGK, PFN, FDD [email protected]
John Buck [email protected]
Don Christen [email protected]
Floyd Supercinski [email protected]
James E. Urbanovsky, PGK, PFN
Benny Okruhlik, PGK, FDD
Angie Heinrich
Leonard Kasowski [email protected]
John Buck [email protected]
David Walsh [email protected]
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Kelly Clawson [email protected]
Kris Hamby [email protected]
Lydia Clifton [email protected]
Kathy Bronikowski ([email protected])
Bishop Odin Council 2917 - Knights of Columbus
607 East Whitney Street
Houston, Texas 77022
A Monthly Publication
Phone: 713-694-2341
Fax: 713-694-2342
Mike Kloss, Grand Knight
July 2016 (Vol. 35, No. 7)
Grand Knight’s Message
Chaplain’s Message
Mike Kloss
Rev. Rafael Becerra
Brother Knights and Ladies,
Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let
the righteous fall. Psalm 55:22
My commitment and tenure as your Grand Knight
of Council 2917 is coming to an end. It has been
a great experience as your GK. I give all of the
officers, chairmen and members a BIG THANK
YOU for the support and assistance they have
Process disappointment or you will remain in a disappointed cycle.
Disappointment is meant to drive us toward God, not away from Him. If
disappointment is not processed, it harms our heart. It builds up like
emotional plaque, and blocks the flow of the Holy Spirit between Almighty
God and us. The Spirit is quenched, and we are left to function in our own
strength; this is a lonely place. Unprocessed disappointment leads to angry
reactions. Whether it leaks out gradually or explodes unexpectedly, it is
ugly. It causes others to ask, “Where did that come from? Is he okay?”
I do plan on continuing (as I trust each of you will
also) to be as active as possible in the Council
and Home Association in the future. I wish to offer
a special thank you to Father Rafa, pastor at St.
Rose of Lima as the council chaplain.
Disappointed people become dreadful to be around. They are unhappy
with themselves and everyone around them. Disappointment is here to
stay, but we can move beyond its influence. Daily we have opportunities
to process disappointment. That disappointment may come in the form
of a broken promise or an unmet expectation. You may find disappointment when you look in your checkbook, flip through your calendar, or
step on the scale. Sometimes, disappointment is the result of a purchase
or commitment you regret. Most likely, your disappointments revolve
around people. They let you down, they don’t act right, they don’t give
you the respect you deserve, or they don’t seem to care.
July 1st will bring on a new slate of officers to lead
our council. It is really good to see some new and
younger members as officers. Congratulations and
best wishes to each of the newly elected officers.
Stay involved and provide as much assistance to
them as you can. I urge you to use the new council
website, read the newsletter, attend the meetings
and functions while always seeking new members
for growth.
May God bless and be with each
of you and your families in all things.
So, since disappointment is a fact of life, how can we process it in a
healthy manner? How can disappointment work to our advantage instead
of our disadvantage? Processing disappointment properly begins with
seeking God’s perspective. We can begin to align with His view on the
matter with questions like, “What does God want me to learn from this
disappointing situation? How do I need to change? How can I be a
blessing to others in the middle of my extreme disappointment? How can
I shift from my disappointment to His faithfulness?” These questions, and
others like them, help us process disappointment in a way that makes us
more dependent on God and less dependent on circumstances. He
understands our disappointment, and wants to meet us in the middle of
our hurt. But He meets with us to move us beyond our disappointment
into the satisfaction of our Savior.
Therefore, do not stay stuck in your disappointment. You can transition
from blame; lay claim to the Lord. Christ cares so much. He overcame
His own extreme disappointment when He cried out, “My God, My God,
why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15:34) He cared by giving His life on
the cross for you. Your Savior, Jesus, will sustain you in and through
your disappointment. Make regular appointments with your heavenly
Father to process your disappointment. Flood your soul with His grace
and forgiveness. Pray for those who have let you down. See them as God
sees them: people who desperately need His care. How you process
disappointment is a testament to your trust in Jesus. Therefore, cast
your cares on Christ, and receive God’s care so you can care for the
disappointed. Process your disappointment by the grace of God, for His
hope overcomes disappointment.
 Pete Rodriguez, Knight of the Month for May.
 Gilbert & Pat Koteras, Family of the Month
for May.
The Bibles says, “And hope does not disappoint us, because God has
poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has
given us” (Romans 5:5).
Prayer: Heavenly Father, I receive Your love and acceptance to help me
process my disappointments.
Application: What disappointment of mine needs the Lord’s healing
Names drawn at the June council
meeting were: Rev. John McGinnis,
Brother Donald Kubiak, Brother Craig Hablinski.
Neither of these Brother Knights were present. The
attendance prize for the July meeting will be $170.
Social and meal from 6:00 to 6:45 p.m., meeting at
7:00 p.m. and the attendance prize drawing at the
conclusion of the meeting.
Next Council Officers’ meeting is
Wednesday, July 6 at 7:00 p.m.
Next Council meeting is
Monday, July 11 at 7:00 p.m.
Dinner served from 6:00-6:40 p.m.
Next North Side Columbus Club meeting is
Wednesday, July 20 at 7:00 p.m.
Next work day is Saturday, July 16
Congratulations to
Robert Miller, winner of the Grand Knight
giveaway at the June meeting.
Congratulations to our new
officers for 2016-2017
Grand Knight
Deputy Grand Knight
Financial Secretary
Inside Guard
Outside Guard
Outside Guard
Outside Guard
1st Year Trustee
2nd Year Trustee
3rd Year Trustee
Miguel Navarro
Shawn Reichhardt
Benny Okruhlik
Floyd Supercinski
Mike Goins
Sergio Espinosa
James Descant, Jr.
Henry Gutierrez
Antonio Saenz
Jose Limas
Leroy Davis
Sam Kwiatowski
Anthony Zuccarini
Dominic Psencik
Brother John Buck presents a check for $5,000
to Monica Quintero, principal of Assumption
Catholic School. Assumption School is one of
the recipients of our KC Casino night profits.
Moon Tournament Winners for May 30
1st place:
Ed Okonski
2nd place tie: Dennis Gregory & Charlie Heinrich
Moon Tournament Winners for June 6
1st place tie: Bennie Bronikowski & Alvin Clark
Next Moon Tournament is August 1
 Shawn Hrncir, son of Brother Bob Hrncir.
 William Wayne Sony, Army 1st Cavalry, son of Brother
Don and Paula Sony is back from Korea and now
stationed at Fort Hood.
 Brother Zach Kloss, son of Brother Mike and Jan Kloss.
There will be no Senior Club meeting in July.
Northside Columbus Club
John Buck, President
Our 4 new Board Members elected to the NSCC Board
are: Bennie Bronikowski, Ed Okonski, Robert Miller and
Don Psencik.
All members of Council 2917 are members/stockholders
of the NSCC. Your 12 elected Board Members need your
help to continue the work that they do to keep the NSCC
moving forward. The 2 most common ways to assist the
NSCC are by advertising to your friends and family that we
have 3 halls and outdoor grounds available for rent. The
other is to offer your help once a month by volunteering on
the monthly work days. With your volunteered help, we can
save on our maintenance expense, which then can be
given to the Council for charity—one of the principles of the
Knights of Columbus.
June's volunteer workers were: Brian Kubiak, John Buck,
Jim Horn, Pete Rodriguez, David Cornelius, Billy Hoffart,
Richard Doubrava, Bennie Bronikowski, Robert Miller,
Robert Bratton, Kathy Bronikowski, Wanda Doubrava,
Lydia Clifton.
Work completed: cleaned kitchen, trimmed hedges along
the walkway, weedeated, safety lights, security bolt installed,
refrigeration, trash removed, replaced burned out parking
lot lights.
Northside Columbus Club
Floyd Rekieta, Secretary
NSCC will give their 6 month financial report to the
stockholders on July 11, 2016 at 7 p.m.
Knights of Columbus Council 2917
Summer Fling
Dinner, Dance & Raffle
Saturday, August 27, 2016
607 East Whitney St., Houston, TX 77022
$13,000 given away in 23 prizes
$100 donation per ticket - only 350 tickets will be sold
Each ticket entitles admission for two to dinner & dance.
1st Prize…..$5,000
2nd Prize….
3rd Prize….
4th Prize….
5th Prize….
6th Prize….
7th Prize….
8th Prize….
9th Prize....
10th Prize….
11th Prize….
12th Prize….
$ 500
$ 500
$ 500
$ 500
$ 400
$ 400
$ 300
$ 300
$ 300
All prizes paid in Visa Gift Cards - Winner responsible for all taxes
Music will be provided by the
Red Ravens
Polka Band
John Buck, Director
After the Installation of the 2016/2017 K of C Council
2917 officers, if I continue as Family/Program Director,
I will start with a new year of activities for our council—
men, women, children and parishes. If there are any
activities that you would like to see at our council, please
advise me of your ideas. For our council to continue and
grow, we need your support and participation in ideas and
attendance in council activities.
Remember that we are soon approaching our Council's
main annual fundraiser. The council needs your help in
purchasing the dinner/dance/raffle tickets (very few are
remaining, get yours soon), donating a bottle of liquor to
the mini-raffle, attending the dinner and dance (bringing
friends with you to the dinner and dance—make it a party),
donating a cake/dessert to the Ladies Auxiliary for their
dessert booth, and volunteering your time with this event.
Volunteers are needed to help with the food-prepping,
cooking and serving; setting up the hall; working the
admissions door; cleaning the hall and kitchen. If you can
help on our Summer Fling Fundraiser, contact me and I
will find you a place to volunteer.
Additional dinner tickets are available for $10.00 each
and additional dance tickets are available for $10.00 each
Doors open at 4:00 p.m.
Dinner will be served from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Dance is from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m.
To purchase a $100 ticket, please call
Brother Ed Okonski @ 281-433-6835.
Did you know we had this many social groups at our council? All you have to do is click on any of the links and it will take
you right to the page to learn more about what is going on in that group. You can even reserve and buy your event tickets
online as well. How easy is that? Want to see all that is planned? Just click on the calendar and see a month at a time.
You then can click on each event to see the details. You can also change the view of the calendar from grid format to a
list of events. Either way this is the best way to keep up with what is going on at the council. Have an event you want to
list, just complete the easy online form and we will be in touch quickly.
Remember this is a tool for you to use to recruit new members, be informed, stay connected and
help rent the halls. As with any tool, if you do not use it, it will not work or help.
Chapter Information
Major Degree 2nd & 3rd Degree:
7/23/16 — 9:30 a.m. — Christ the Redeemer Parish Council 8771, 11507 Huffmeister Rd., Houston, TX 770065*
8/6/16 — 9 a.m. — St. Francis de Sales Council 10995, 8200 Roos Rd., Houston, TX 77036
1st Degree Exemplification:
7/6/16 — A First Degree Ceremony is scheduled on Wednesday July 6th, 2016 at Council 8482, 9623 Zaka Rd. Houston , TX 77269
beginning at 6:45 pm.
7/23/16 — 8:00 a.m. — Christ the Redeemer Parish Council 8771, 11507 Huffmeister Rd., Houston, TX 770065*
The 1st Degree will start at 8:00 a.m. followed by the Major Degree (2nd & 3rd Degree) at 10:00 a.m. Candidates should arrive no
later than 7:30 a.m. for their 1st Degree; and no later than 9:30 a.m. for their 2nd & 3rd Degree.
8/24/16 — 7:00 p.m. — Southwest Council 3910, 10330 Hillcroft St., Houston, TX 77096
10/26/16 — 7:00 p.m. — Southwest Council 3910, 10330 Hillcroft St., Houston, TX 77096
1st Degree:
7/06/16 — 6:45 p.m. Knights of Columbus Council 8482, 9623 Zaka Rd , Houston, TX 77379
Click on to find out what’s going on in the K of C chapter—current events, degree dates, etc.
Please pray for our sick:
Mark A. Diaz
Alfred J. Moore
John C. Roffall
Michael Sparacino
John E. Jankowski
Lee E. Shubert
Stanley C. Bordovsky
Rev. Pemberton Randall
Jimmie B. Kainer
Marion A. Tomczak
Carter O. Rodarte
Jaime Jaime
Kenneth G. Borski
Paul Martinez
Chadwick W. Owens
Michael E. Fisher
Leonard Kasowski
Aaron A. Arias
Robert R. Castillo
Rodney J. Borski
Joseph F. Garcia
Bobby J. Borski
Sam C. Kwiatkowski
Gregory D. Berens
Kenneth A. Kainer
John E. Fox
Richard L. Pavlas
July 1
July 1
July 1
July 1
July 2
July 2
July 3
July 4
July 6
July 6
July 8
July 10
July 11
July 11
July 13
July 15
July 17
July 18
July 18
July 19
July 19
July 22
July 24
July 26
July 27
July 30
July 31
Pro-Life Program Director
John Fox
Thank you to the Catholic Daughters for
Providing refreshments for our May Rosary.
The public is invited to join our Brother Knights
and their families as they pray the Rosary to end abortion.
Our next rosary will be Monday, July 25 at 7:00 p.m.
A light meal will be served after the Rosary.
Please join us in praying the Rosary at St. Rose of Lima Church
any Thursday at 11:00 a.m. in the small chapel to your right as you
enter the Church.
Join The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants In a
Peaceful, Prayerful Mass and Rosary on
July 16, 2016 for 8:30 a.m. Mass
Catholic Charismatic Center, 1949 Cullen, Houston
Rosary to follow Mass at Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood
4600 Gulf Freeway, Houston
Remember to adhere to Archdiocesan Guidelines.
Brother Mike Duoto
Brother Paul Descant
Brother Benny Okruhlik
Brother Billy Hoffart
Brother Fred Syzdek
Brother Chris Mocek
Brother Mark E. Bartniski
Brother Ernie Bugaj
Brother Al Kainer
Brother Jose Limas
Brother Don & Joann Psencik
Brother Gustavo Cordova Martinez (Mexico), cousin of
Brother Tony Saenz
Carolyn Pechacek
Mary Campise, wife of Brother Joseph
Theresa Burkett, sister-in-law of Brother Bennie Bronikowski
Diane Duoto, wife of Brother Mike
Sam Ruffino, grandson of Brother Sam Ruffino
Margaret Brossman, mother of Brother Charles and
mother-in-law of Brother Doug Wendt
Gertrude Kubiak, mother of Brother Dennis
Brother Thomas S. Sicola, Sr., 83, passed away on June 13,
2016 in Houston, Texas. Tom was born in Houston, Texas on
September 10, 1932 to Oscar and Dominic Sicola. He was the
youngest of 7 children. He is preceded in death by his first wife,
Mary Catherine Norton Sicola; parents, Oscar and Dominic Sicola;
brothers, Charles, Tony and Johnnie Sicola; and sisters, Sadie
Davenport and Esther Miller. He leaves behind his wife of 26
years, Laurita Sicola, daughter, Mary D. Sicola; son, Tom Sicola
Jr. and wife Brenda; daughter Vicki Sicola and husband Charles
Botkin; grandson, Stephen Sicola; Rowan and Ethan Sicola;
Sister, Teresa Sicola; stepchildren: Bret Westphal and wife
Robin, Charles Westphal and wife Connie, and Gina Bohreer
and husband David; and seven grandchildren. Brother Thomas
was a member of Sacred Heart Club, $club, Thursday Club,
Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Assembly 1094.
May God grant Brother Thomas eternal rest and let his perpetual
light shine upon him. Please remember Thomas and his family in
your prayers.
Names on our “Sick Prayer List" will appear in our newsletter for 3 months, after which they will be removed
unless notification is received to have the name
Please contact Brother Floyd Supercinski, Chancellor,
at 713-861-6725 if you would like to add anyone or
have the name remain on our prayer list. Also contact
Brother Floyd if you know of a Brother Knight confined to his home or a nursing home that would like
to be visited by his Brother Knights.
You can always read the prayer list on our website as
well as requite a prayer via online at
Kelly Clawson, President
I don't know about y'all but I miss the cool days of
May! And I know it will only be getting hotter for the
next couple of months. I hope those who had too much
water have finally dried out.
Even though we started off with bus trouble, everyone
had a great time on our casino bus trip. It was such a
success on Saturday June 18th, that we are going
again on Saturday July 9th! Reservations can be made
by calling Lydia at 832-713-3814. The cost of the trip
is $10 per person. Payment is due before July 9th to
reserve your spot. We will begin boarding the bus at
7:30 a.m. We will return at 8:00 p.m. You can bring
snacks and a small cooler with non-alcoholic drinks.
July 1
July 4
July 6
Council Officers’ Meeting
July 8
July 11
Council Meal at 6 p.m./ Meeting at 7 p.m.
July 15
July 16
Council Work Day
July 20
Northside Columbus Club Meeting
July 20
Ladies Auxiliary Meeting
July 22
Our next meeting will be Wednesday, July 20 at 7 p.m.
Our attendance prize is $20.00.
July 25
Pro-Life Rosary (Knights)
July 29
Have you volunteered to help out in the Bingo kitchen?
I have and I have even recruited my sister, Darlene, to
come help out too! Remember, if you can lend a hand
any Friday, it would be greatly appreciated.
Aug. 1
Moon Domino Tournament
Aug. 3
Council Officers’ Meeting
Aug. 5
Aug. 8
Council Meal at 6 p.m./Meeting at 7 p.m.
Aug. 9
Senior Citizens Meeting
Aug. 12
Aug. 15
Aug. 17
Northside Columbus Club Meeting
I hope to see you at the meeting on July 20.
Aug. 19
Stay cool! Love y'all!
Aug. 20
Council Work Day
Aug. 26
Aug. 27
Aug. 29
Moon Domino Tournament (5th Monday)
Thanks to all who helped out in the Bingo kitchen. May’s
workers were: Kelly Clawson, Betty Taylor, Earline
Okruhlik, Judy Wendt, Mickie Wendt, Marie Laskowski,
Kathy Bronikowski. Desserts were made by: Judy
Wendt, Betty Taylor, Earline Okruhlik, Kathy Bronikowski
Ladies Auxiliary
Bingo Night Out
Friday, July 22
Join the Catholic Daughters for fun & fellowship on
Tuesday, July 19 from 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. at
La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, 1431 W. 26th St.
Tuesday, August 16 from 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. at
Pizzitola’s Barbecue, 1703 Shepherd Dr.
The Catholic Daughters get a percentage of the profits.
Please come out and support the Catholic Daughters.
Two plots for $6000
Section 2, Lot 65D, Spaces 1 & 2 – Flat marker.
Earthman Resthaven Cemetery
13102 North Frwy, Houston, TX 77060
Contact: Donald Seigle @ 281-732-9923
Deadline for the August newsletter
is July 16.
Andy McClosky
[email protected]
7103 Airline Dr.
Houston, TX 77076
fax 713-694-2682
cell 281-850-7650
Farmer’s, a trusted name for over 30 years.
Farmer’s Home Maintenance
Russell (Rusty) Farmer
3610 Ascot Lane
Houston, Texas 77092
Residential & Commercial Cooling & Heating
Sales  Service  Installation  TACLA001607E
David Pawlowski
Phone: (713) 957-8746
Fax: (713) 957-0246
3600-B Pinemont
Houston, TX 77018
527 West 19th St. ● (713) 868-8093 ● CELL (713) 206-1318
Wendy L. Prater
3120 S.W. Freeway, Suite 555
Houston, Texas 77098
Parker Lumber
Injured in an accident? call:
Powers of Attorney
Family Law
Child Support
Name Changes
1919 North Loop West, Suite 490
Houston, Texas 77008
[email protected]
Phone: 713-526-0900
Fax: 713-526-8041
[email protected]
Bill A. Boyd, D.D.S
Family Dentistry
TELEPHONE (713) 686-4885

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