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Solberg - Maukon Online Family Database
Solberg – family
from Svarstad – Lardal
Martin and Olava Solberg
and their descendents
On these pages we present the story of a large family originating from several farms in Lardal, mainly
Solberg. We start out with Martin Christiansen Solberg and his wife Elen Olava Torstensdatter from
Gåserud. They bought the farm Solberg in 1890. The family name Solberg is taken from that farm.
Before we start on a more systematic description of the descendants of Martin and Olava Solberg,
we shall mention some of their ancestors. It appears that they all come from farms in Svarstad,
Lardal. Thus, Martins ancestors come from the small farms Hellingsrud, Torsås and Skau – whereas Olava ancestors can be found on other Lardal farms such as Gåsreud, Hannevold, Solberg,
Bjertnes and others.
For all the descendant`s of Martin and Elen Olava we use a coding system in order to identify the
particular family member and make it easy to see the relation to other members in the family. This
coding system will be explained.
The farm Solberg, which has given the family name Solberg is situated about 1 – 2 km west of the
church in Svarstad. The farm is located between the church and the new alpine skiing center. The
family owned this farm from 1890 to 1918.
One of those responsible for these pages (Thormod Henriksen) is not directly in the family. However,
I am married to one of the great grandchildren of Martin and Olava. I have got lots of information
and help from Martin Solberg, the grandson of the couple. Furthermore, we have used all available
resources such as the digitized church books – the census from 1865 and 1900 as well as “Lardal
bygdebok” – a book from 1973 about the farms in Lardal Kommune. Most information is, however,
obtained from the different family members.
The Norwegian names are not translated.
We would appreciate information and new knowledge and pictures of the family.
Information can be sent to us via mail or you can use ordinary “snail mail”.
You find the addresses to the authors below:
For Thormod Henriksen:
E-maill: [email protected]
Address: Johs. Hartmannsvei 38, 1395 Hvalstad, Norway
For Martin Solberg:
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Svenskerud 103, 3409 Tranby.
Martin Solberg and Thormod Henriksen
The farms, the area, the ancestors
The present family research include about 14 generations from 1614, a span in time of almost 400
hundred years. We shall briefly mention some of the ancestors to Martin and Olava Solberg and the
farms in Svarstad where they lived. They are baptized in Svarstad church. Both the church and the
farms for Martins ancestors are marked in the map and the air photo below.
Svarstad church
Solberg - 2013
The name Solberg and the ancestors
In the period we are looking into, about 200 – 400 years ago significant information are kept in the
church book. All newborn were baptized and given a name which can be found in the church books.
In these books you can find the birthday as well as the day they were baptized. Furthermore, you
can find the place where they were born – no hospitals at that time.
The family name was rather easy: A boy was given the fathers name with the ending “sen”. Thus
Martins name was Martin Christiansen since his fathers name was Christian.
A girl was also given the fathers name with the ending “datter”. Elen Olavas name was therefore
Torstensdatter since her fathers name was Torsten or Torstein.
Almost all families used in addition to this straight forward family name, the name of the place where
they lived. Therefore all the farm names come to use. If you lived on one place all your life your
family name would be the same. However, it happened quite often that you moved and therefore
changed the family name according to this. Our Martin Solberg was also connected to the name
Skau since he owned this farm before he bought Solberg.
Now we should be prepared to Present the main couple Martin and Olava Solberg.
Elen Olava Torstensdatter (1861 – 1941). Martin Christiansen Solberg (1854 –
She is born June 7. (probably in Larvik) and baptized in Larvik September 20. She is the daughter
of Torsten Eriksen Hannevold and Gunild Marie
Olsdatter Smukkestad. She had her childhood at
Gåserud. She married Martin Solberg 21. October 1881. She was 20 and Martin was 27. Below
you can read directly in the scanned church book
from this wedding.
1939). He is born on the farm Skau, March 18 and
baptized in Svarstad church April 13 1854. He is
the son of Christian Andreasen Torsås and Helvig
Arnesdatter Bergan (Styrvold). He married Elen
Olava Torstensdatter from Gåserud. They took
over Skau, bruk 3 in 1884. In 1890 they bought
Nedre Solberg. They kept the farm until 1915
when the son in law, Ottar Hvaal, took over. They
then moved to Hvittingfoss.
Martins ancestors and the way to Solberg
We shall try to mention some of the ancestors – however, not all of them. First we would like to give
the names and the families that made a line from the farms Hellingsrud, Torsås and Skau to Solberg.
We start with the 7. Generation up the family tree – namely Dyre Olsen born about 1614.
7. Generation back: Dyre Olsen Linnesholm (born about 1614). He was from the farm Linnesholm
(Lindsholm) in Hem. We know very little about him, but he had a son with the name Nils.
6. Generation back: Nils Dyresen Linnesholm (1634 – 1717). He married Signe Tollefsdatter
(1632 – 1718) from Hellingsrud. It appears that they took over the farm Hellingsrud which is approximately 6 km (as the birds fly) west of Svarstad (see map above) and near the farm Torsås. Nils
served on the jury (lagrettemann) from 1691 to 1702. Nils was “bruker” (or the farmer) of Hellingsrud
– whether he was the owner is unclear. Today Hellingsrud belong to the Threschow estate.
Nils and Signe had 2 boys; Jørgen (1673) and Bjørn (1675).
5. Generation back: Jørgen Nilsen Hellingsrud (1673 – 1763). Jørgen was born on Hellingsrud
and he died on Torsås – 90 years later. He married Kirsti Kjeldsdatter (1676 – 1759) from Torsås.
The farm Torsås is probably from the Viking time and the name changed several times; Toosaas
(1547), Thoeszaas (1668) and Tosaas. Part of the farm was owned by Svarstad church. Jørgen
bought the farm or part of it in 1719.
Jørgen and Kirsti got 4 children; Signe (1704), Kjeld (1709), Maren (1714) and Anne (1719). All
children are born on Hellingsrud before they moved to Torsås.
Jørgen and Kirsti are the great-great-great grandparents (in Norwegian tipp-tipp oldeforeldre) of
Martin Solberg.
4. Generation back: Kjeld Jørgensen Torsås (1709 – 1781). Kjeld was the one that “took over”
Torsås in 1740.
He married Anne Christoffersdatter Styrmo (1719 – 1770). They got altogether 11 children – all
born on Torsås. The children are; Kirsti (1740), Ole (1742 – 1748), Marie (1745), Anne (1747), Olea
(1748), Jørgen (1749), Christoffer (1752), Nils (1754), Ingeborg (1758) and Anders (1761).
From here on we follow Jørgen into the family tree for Martin Solberg.
The farms Hellingsrud and Torsås are important in this family story. Hellingsrud is a small farm
into the forest west of Torsås, whereas Torsås is a small farm with a wonderful surrounding. Today
the farm is splitted up and we have the farms; Torås, Toråshaugen and Ås. In this area we find a
cross country skiing arena with a lighted trail.
As you can see above Torsås came into the family in 1719 with Jørgen Nilsen and Kirsti Kjeldsdatter.
On the next page you can see a couple of pictures from Torsås.
Torsås - 1960
Torsås - 2013
The picture is taken from the red dot
in the picture above.
The cross country skiing area is located close
to Torsåshaugen.
The family tree for Martin Solberg
Great grandparents
Gullik Arnesen Bergan + Ales Bjørnsdatter
(1727 – 1783) (1748 – 1783)
Peder Haavaldsen + Marthe Borgersd.
(1736 – 1812)
(1734 – 1791)
Nordby Hem og Kallerud Skjulstad
Jørgen Kjeldsen Torsås + Anne Amundsdatter
(1749 – 12/11 1830)
(1752 – 1839)
Christen Mathiassen + Eli Mathiasdatter
(1757 – ?)
(1752 – ?)
Kråkemo – Asmyr
Andreas Jørgensen + Marthe Christensdatter
(1785 – 1858)
Arne Gulliksen Bergan + Berthe Pedersdatter
(1774 – 1851)
(1775 – 1853)
Bergan og Skjulstad
(1792 – 1849)
Christian Andreasen Torsås
(3/7 1817 – 4/11 1912)
Torsås – Skog – Solberg
Helvig Arnesdatter (Bergan)
(1810 – 29/12 1900)
Bergan Styrvold
Martin Christiansen Solberg
(18/3 1854 – 16/9 1939)
We shall give some more information about the three generations (parents, grandparents and great
Martins Great grandparents
A: Jørgen Kjeldsen Torsås (1749 – 1830). He is born on Torsås and he died on Torsås 81 years
old. He was the “owner – or user” of Torsås from 1773 – 1810 (37 years). He married Anne Amundsdatter Tanum (1752 – 1839). She came from the farm Øvre Tanum in Lardal. They got 8 children;
Kjeld (1774), Anne (1776), Maren (1779), Olea (1782), Andreas (1785), Kirsti (1787), Berte (1790)
and Karen (1794).
B: Christen Mathiassen (1757 – ?). He was born on Pinnestadmoen and married Eli Mathiasdatter (1752 – ?). She was born on Asmyr or Kråkemo. Asmyr, Kråkemo and Pinnestadmoen are all
farms close to each other north in Lardal (see the map above)..
C: Gullik Arnesen Bergan (1727 – 1783). He was born on the farm Bergan in Styrvold and he
died on Bergan 56 years old. He married Ales Bjørnsdatter (1748 – 1783). She was born on Eide
Søndre and died at Bergan. The farms Bergan and Eide is south in Lardal – Styrvold. They got three
children; Karen (1772), Arne (1774) and Berte (1778).
D: Peder Haavaldsen (1736 – 1812). He was born on Nordby Søndre in Hem and died on Kallerud.
He married the widow Marte Borgersdatter Sjulstad (1734 – 1791). She was born on Sjulstad and
she died on Sjulstad. She was first married to Halvor Halvorsen Hvaal and had 4 children with him.
Her second marriage with Peder gave two new children; Helvig (1772) and Berthe (1775) – both
born on Sjulstad.
Martins Grandparents
A: Andreas Jørgensen Torsås (1785 – 1858). He was born and he died at Torsås. He was the
“owner – or user” of Torsås in the period (1810 – 1851, 41 years). He married Marthe Christensdatter Kråkemo (1792 – 1849). Kråkemo (see map) is north of Herlandselva. They got 7 children
and we have to mention somewhat more about them since they were connected to a number of
farms in Svarstad like; Kallerud, Torsås, Skaug, Torsåshaugen and Berg.
1. Anne Kristine (1911) married Gullik Halvorsen Kallerud.
2. Jørgen (1814 – 1821). Died only 7 years old.
3. Christian (1817). The father of Martin! He was the “owner” of Skau in the period 1844 – 1884.
4. Mathias (1820). He married Helvig Olsdatter Skjulstad and took over Torsås. They had the children Martine (1851 – 1875), Andreas (1853 – 1886), Ole (1858) and Maren Kristine (1861).
5. Ellen Johanne (1823 – 1861). Married to Sølver Berg on the farm Berg. They got Maren Lovise
(1852) which in turn took over Berg and Pauline (1855) – she married Hans Christian Tanum.
6. Jørgen (Jørn) (1826 – 1881). He took over Torsåshaugen. He married Petronelle Marie Olsdatter
Skjulstad. They had Kirsten Andrea (1876 – 1888). She died of tuberculosis.
7. Karen Marie (1832). She married Timand Andersen Kallebergmoen. They got Karen Martine
(1854),Andreas Albert (1856), Elen Johanne (1863) and Oluf Christian (1866).
B: Arne Gulliksen Bergan (1774 – 1851). He came from the farm Bergan in Styrvold. He married
in 1797 Berthe Pedersdatter Skjulstad (1775 – 1853). They got 7 children, all born on Bergan;
Gullik (1798), Marte (1800 – 1802), Marte (1803), Anne (1806), Peder (1808), Helvig (1810) and
Paul (1814).
Martins Parents
Christian Andreasen Torsås. He was born on Torsås and was a farmer on Skog or Skau.
He used both the farm names. He followed with Martin and Olava when they moved to Solberg. He
died 95 years old! In the church book it was written “Føderådsmann” Christian Andreasen Solberg
(the third family name for him). He married two times: 1: Marie Helene Kjeldsdatter Åkerholt (1814
– 1840). She died only 26 years old in child-bed. Christian then married Helvig Arnesdatter
Bergan. She was the daughter of Arne Gulliksen and Berthe Pedersdatter. She died on Solberg
90 years old. Christian and Helvig got three children, all born on Skog:
1. Helle Andrea (Andrine) Christiansdatter Skog (1848). She married Borger Jørgen Jørgensen Åkerholt and had the son Jørgen Jacobsen Åkerholt. He married Nilsine Otilie Timannsdatter from Lie.
2. Andreas Christiansen Skog (1850 – 1856).
3. Martin Christiansen Skog (1854 – 1912). All his descendants are mentioned below and they all
go into the coding system.
Martins parents Christian Andreasen Torsås and Helvig Arnesdatter Bergan
Elen Olava Torstendatters ancestors
Elen Olava is born June 7. 1861 and baptized 8. September in Larvik. It is not
clear whether she is born in Larvik. However, she had her childhood at Gåserud.
As mentioned above she married Martin Christiansen (Solberg) .
An overview of the nearest ancestors are given by the family tree and the comments given below.
Great grandparents
Gunder Monsen Kråkemo + Marie Olsdatter
(1757 – 1823)
( 1756 – 1811)
Kråkemo-skogen Solberg
Daniel Eriksen Hannevold + Gunhild Hansdatter
(1759 – 1823)
(1771 – 1848)
Aase and Huset in Sauherad + Haneval
Tov Torgrimsen Bjertnes + Guri Torgrimsdatter
(1769 – 1852)
( 1771 – 1853)
Fra Hitterdal Telemark – Bjertnes
Torsten Torgrimsen + Anne Ambrosdatter
(1777 – 1821)
(1778 – 1837)
Steinsholt og Sverkholt
Erik Danielsen Hannevold + Anne Torstensdatter
(1805 – 1860)
(1809 – 1864)
Hannevold og Steinsholt
Ole Gundersen + Kari Tovsdatter
(1802 – ?)
(1799 – ?)
Solberg og Bjertnes
Torstein Eriksen Hannevold
(1833 – 1910)
Hannevold – Gåserud
Gunild Marie Olsdatter
(4/6 1832 – 1912)
Glenne – Smukkestad – Solberg
Elen Olava Torstend. Solberg
(7/6 1861 – 30/10 1941)
Olavas Great grandparents
A: Daniel Eriksen Hannevold (Aase) (1759 – 1823). He married Gunhild Hansdatter (Huset)
(1771 – 1848). They both come from Sauherad in Telemark (respectively from the farms Aase and
Huset) to Hannevold (Nordre) in Styrvold, Lardal. Today the name is written Haneval. They both died
at Hannevold. They got 7 children, 4 of them born on Aase, Sauherad and the last 3 at Hannevold.
The children are; Turi (1797), Aslaug (1799), Helge (1802), Erik (1805) and born at Hannevold Hans
(1808), Kittel (1812) and Gunhild Maria (1817).
B: Torsten Torgrimsen Steinsholt (1777 – 1821). He was born on Hellem, Hitterdal in Telemark.
He came to Steinsholt and married Anne Ambrosdatter Steinsholt (1778 – 1837). They both died
at Steinsholt Nordre. They got all together 7 children, but 3 of them died very young. Those that grew
up were; Tov (1798), Jens (1806), Anne (1809) and Elen Marie (1818).
C: Gunder Monsen Kråkemo (1757 – 1836). He was from Kråkemo and was married two times.
1. Eli Hansdatter from Herland (1751 – 1790). They had the daughter Berte (1785). Gunder married
again in 1792 with Marie Olsdatter Solberg (1756 – 1811). Children were; the twins Olea and Elen
(1793), Marte (1796), Anne (1799), Ole (1802) and Anders (1806).
D: Tov Torgrimsen Bjertnes (1769 – 1852). He married Guri Torgrimsdatter Haaberg (1771 –
1853). They were both born in Hitterdal, Telemark. They had all together 10 children, but 4 died
very young. Those that reached adulthood were; Ingeborg (1795), Kari (1799), Eli (1802), Torgrim
(1806), Gunild (1808) and Thora Maria (1816).
Olavas Grandparents
A: Erik Danielsen Hannevold (1805 – 1860). Erik was born in Sauherad – came to Svarstad and
married Anne Torstensdatter Steinsholt (1809 – 1864). They both died on Hannevold Søndre.
They had 8 children; Torstein (1833), Daniel (1835), Anders (1838), Gunild (1841), Anne (1844),
Anders (1847), Inger Marie (1850) and Maren Andrea (1853). All children were born on Søndre Hannevold (today it is written Haneval) – a farm south of Styrvold in Lardal.
B: Ole Gundersen (1802 – ?). He was born on Solberg and when he was confirmed in 1816 the
name was Ole Gundersen Solberg! He married (1822) Kari Tovsdatter Bjertnes (1799 – ?). They
used or was the owner of Solberg (1823 – 1825). Then they moved to Glenne (1825 – 1832) and
then to Nordre Smukkestad – and finally in 1838 to Vivestad. They had the following children;
Gunder (1823), born on Solberg, then Thora Marie (1826), Inger Andrine (1829) and Gunild Marie
(1832) – all born in the Glenne period.
Olavas Parents
Torstein Eriksen Hannevold and Gunild Marie Olsdatter.
They had the following children;
1. Anne Carine (1859), She married Paul Hansen Bergan and took the name Opsahl. They got 6
2. Elen Olava (1861).
3. Mathilde (1863). Died young from tuberculosis.
4. Olav Edvard (1867). He married Laura, they lived in Oslo and had one child.
5. Gustav Theodor (1876 – 1891). He drowned in Herlandselva in Svarstad – 15 years old.
From Skau to Solberg and Hvittingfoss
Skau 2013
Martin Solberg started his life on Skau
which was his home for 36 years until they
moved to Solberg. Elen Olava spent her
childhood at Gåserud. It is unclear when
she came to Skau, but she lived there
at least from her marriage with Martin in
1881 until 1890.
Martin was 36 and Olava 29 when they
moved to Solberg. The family that moved
included the children Kristian, Hanna,
Teoline and Magna + Martins parents
Christian Andreassen Torsås and Helvig
This large family increased the following
years with the children Andreas (1890 –
1891), Tora (1892), and then the next
Andreas ( 1995), Arne (1897), Ottar (1900) and finally Einar (1902). Thus, in the beginning of 1900
it was all together 13 people of the Solberg-family that lived on Solberg.
In 1913 Martin and Olava moved to Hvittingfoss together with the boys Einar, Ottar, Arne and Andreas.
They had the farm Solberg until 1915. In Hvittingfoss Martin was “vognmann”. That is transport with
horse. In 1917 he bought the forest “Fossmoen” (called Løkka). This property was 65 dekar + a smaller
farmland of 5 dekar near Gulliveien (about 1 km from the center of Hvittingfoss). This property is still
owned by the family and today by MS 7.1 Martin Jørgen Solberg.
When Elen Olava died in 1941 the property in Hvittingfoss was transferred to their son MS 7 Andreas
Solberg – 1899. In this picture from the farm Solberg we have Martin and Olava with 7 children and
also Martins parents. Thus, we see from left; Andreas (MS 7), the father Christian Andreassen,
Magna (MS 4), then the mother Helvig Arnesdatter, behind is Hanna (MS 2), then followsTeoline (MS
3), Martin and Elen Olava with Arne (MS 8), then Thora (MS 6) and finally Kristian (MS 1). The two
smallest boys Ottar and Einar was not born.
The house in
Solberg 1912.
From left; Gunild Marie
Olsdatter (mother of Olava). Then MS 10 Einar,
MS 8 Arne, Then Martin
and Olava, and finally MS
9 Ottar.
The house in
The descendants of Elen Olava and Martin Solberg
The coding system
For all descendants of Olava and Martin we use a coding system. All persons belonging to the Solberg
family are denoted with the letters MS (implying descendants of Martin Solberg).
Furthermore, in order to distinguish all the MS`s we use numbers. The first generation, that is the
children of Olava and Martin, is given by MS and one number. Thus MS 1 is their oldest child, Kristian, MS 2 is their next child, Hanna Marie and so on.
The grandchildren (2nd generation) are given by MS and two numbers – divided by a dot – MS x.x.
The great-grandchildren (3rd generation) by MS and three numbers (divided by two dots) – MS x.x.x
and so on.
The coding follows each person and makes it rather easy to see the family relation between the people and the generations. We shall start with giving you a few examples. You can realize how easy it
is and you can see how each member of the large family is related to the others.
Lets first give the children:
MS 1. Kristian (1882 – 1963).
MS 2. Hanna Marie (1884 – 1975).
MS 3. Anna Teoline (1886 – 1947).
In the picture below (taken about 1937) we see 4
generations, all women/girls. From right we have:
Elen Olava.
MS 4. Magna Olette (1888 – 1955).
MS 2 Hanna Marie (Hvaal). Second child.
MS 5. Andreas (1890 – 1891).
MS 2.4 Solveig (Maukon). One of the grandchildren.
MS 6. Thora Mathilde (1892 – 1986)
MS 2.4.1 Målfrid (Henriksen). One of the great
MS 7. Andreas (1895 – 1992).
MS 8. Arne (1897 – 1979).
MS 9. Ottar (1900 – 1974).
MS 10. Einar (1902 – 1947).
Hvittingfoss 1935
The Solberg family at Hvittingfoss in 1935. In the back from left; MS 8 Arne, MS 9 Ottar, then Ottars
wife Olga, and then MS 6 Thora.
In the front from left; MS 9.1 Edel Marie Solberg, Olava, MS 9.2 Ole Martin Solberg, then Martin
followed by Andreas Gulli, Then MS 7 Andreas and finally MS 3 Teoline (Solberg) Gulli.
ca. 1938
Here you see parts of the Solberg family in 1938. Lets try to identify them with the right coding. We
start from left; MS 2.4 Solveig Maukon, the girl in front is MS 2.4.1 Målfrid Henriksen, behind her is
MS 7 Andreas Solberg. Then Martin and Olava Solberg, then MS 3 Teoline Gulli, MS 2 Hanna Hvaal
with MS 2.9 Håvald Hvaal in front. The three last women are unknown – they probably worked in
store to Teoline.
MS 1 Kristian
MS 1 Kristian Solberg (18/3 1882 – 20/5
1963). He was born on Skau and baptized in
Svarstad church. He married Lina Vissestad
(probably Vivestad today). Kristian traveled to
USA in 1905 the first time. He came back and
both Kristian and Lina emigrated in 1929. They
settled down in Brooklyn New York. They had a
girl; Ellen (1918).
MS 1 Kristian and Lina
MS 1.1 Ellen
MS 1.1 Ellen Solberg Ravnanger (14/11
1918 – 2009). She married Harry Ravnanger
(1914 – 2002). They got the girls; Linda (1945)
and Nancy (1947)-
MS 1.1.1 Linda Dahowski (1943). She is married to Gerard Dahowski and live in 149 Crum Elbow Rd., Hyde Park New York. They have 3 children; Peter (1969), Kathrine (1972) and Andrew (1975).
MS Peter Dahowski (1969).
MS Kathrine Dahwoski (1972). She is married to Jonathan
from England. They have the boy; Calum (2007).
MS Calum (2007).
MS Calum
MS Andrew Dahowski (1975). He is married to Krista and they have two boys; Drew
(2010) and Abram James (2012).
MS Drew Dahowski (2010).
MS Abram James (2012)
Andrew and Krista with the boys
(Photo from 2012)
MS Drew
MS 1.1.2 Nancy Knudsen (1947). She is married to Glenn Knudsen. They live in Parrish, Florida,
USA. They have the children Erik (?) and Lori (?).
MS Erik Knudsen (?). Married to Elisha. They have two boys; Jacob and Aron Stephen.
MS Jacob Knudsen
MS Aron Stephen Knudsen
MS Lori
Hanna Marie – MS 2
MS 2 Hanna Marie (Solberg) Hvaal (16/2 1884 – 1975). She was born on Skau and had
her childhood both on Skau and Solberg. She married Ottar Solberg in Svarstad
church February 7. 1906. She was 22 years and Ottar 24. They were the “user”
of some of the Svarstad farms such as Østre Sogn (1912 – 1915). That year Ottar
took over Solberg and run this farm until they finally took over Hvaal. Hvaal is a
farm south of Svarstad church on the east side of the river Lågen. Ottar passed
away in 1936 and Hanna took over the farm in the period 1936 – 1952. That year
her son Odd Martin took over the farm and Hanna lived as “retired” on Hvaal until
she passed away in 1975 – 91 years old.
Hanna and Ottar got all together 9 children – all baptized in Svarstad church.
The children are:
MS 2.1 Helma Ovidia (1906 – 1991)
MS 2.2 Mimmi Synnøve (1908 – 1996)
MS 2.3 Ole (1911 – 1996)
MS 2.4 Solveig Helene (1913 – 2011)
MS 2.5 Gudrun Kristine (1915 – 2008)
MS 2.6 Astrid Charlotte (1918 – 1998)
MS 2.7 Ragnhild Marie (b. 1920)
MS 2.8 Odd Martin (1923 – 2003)
In the picture from 1985 above you see from left;
MS 2.3 Ole, MS 2.2 Mimmi, MS 2.5 Gudrun, MS 2.4
Solveig, MS 2.6 Astrid, MS 2.7 Ragnhild and MS 2.8
Odd Martin.
MS 2.9 Håvald (1928 – 1948)
In this picture from 1960 you see from left: MS 2 Hanna, MS 2.4
Solveig and then MS 2.4.1 Målfrid. The boy is MS Trond.
Here, a number of members of the Solberg family is gathered outside Hvaal. On this farm in Svarstad Ottar and Hanna Hvaal (Hanna is MS 2 in the Solberg family) lived and raised 9 children.
This picture from 1955 is taken by Odd Hvaal (he is a Solberg member with coding MS 2.8).
For those directly in the Solberg family we use the coding system. We see in the front row from left;
MS 7.1 Martin Solberg, in front on him is MS 2.8.2 Ottar Hvaal, then MS 7 Tora (Solberg) Berg, the
next one is Borger Haugen married to MS 4 Magna (Solberg) Haugen (Magna died in January 1955
and is not in the picture). In front of Borger is MS 2.8.1 Linda Hvaal. Then follows MS 2 Hanna Hvaal,
MS 2.4.3 Odd Aino Maukon, MS 2.4 Solveig Maukon and MS 8 Arne Solberg.
In back raw from left; Alf Hvaal (he is in the Hvaal family), then follows Andreas Maukon, married
to Solveig Maukon (MS 2.4). Then Thora Solberg, married to MS 7 Andreas Solberg. Then Alvilde
Brekke married to MS 8 Arne Solberg, then Olga Huseby married to MS 9 Ottar Solberg, then Olav
Berg married to MS 6 Thora. The next one is Halgjerd Hvaal, married to MS 2.8 Odd Hvaal (the
cameraman). The two last men are MS 7 Andreas Solberg and finally Andreas Gulli married to MS
3 Teoline Solberg (she died in 1947).
MS 2.1 Helma Ovidia
MS 2.1 Helma Ovidia (Hvaal) Eide (14/7 1906 – 17/9 1990). She was
born in Svarstad and married Halvor Eide (1903 – 1987) from the farm Eide
in Styrvoll. They emigrated to Canada – Halvor in 1927 and Helma and Ole
in 1929. They had all together 6 children; Ole, Gerd, Leif, Doris, Sylvia and
Norah. They all live in British Colombia, Canada.
MS 2.1.1 Ole Eide (b. 19?). He lives in Terrace, British Colombia, Canada. He has been married
two times and has 6 boys (1) + (5).
MS Halvor Lawrence Eide (1948). He is married to Frances and they
have 3 children. He lives on Saltspring Island, BC.
MS Wilbur George Eide (b. ?)
MS Gunnar Roald Eide (1957). He has 3 children; Eric (1985),
Caitlyn (1988) and Savannah (1991). He lives in Terrace, British Colombia.
MS 1 Eric Eide (1985).
Gunnar Eide
MS Caitlyn Eide (1988)
MS Savannah Eide (1991)
MS Ralph Ivor Eide (b. ?)
MS Lars Erik Eide (1961 – 1979).
MS Karl Ole Eide (1964). He is married to Tina and they live
in Kitimat near Terrace. They have the children; Travis, Trista, Sean
and Karli.
MS Travis Eide (1985).
MS Trista Eide (1986). She and family live in Kelowna,
British Colombia.
MS Sean Eide (1987).
MS Karl Ole Eide
MS Karli Eide (1990)
MS 2.1.2 Gerd Eide Smith (b. 19?). She lives in Alberta, Canada. She has a boy – Richard.
MS Richard Marshall Smith (b. ?). He has three girls. He lives in Ardrie, AB Canada.
MS 2.1.3 Leif Eide (19? – 2006). Leif was married to Shirle y Elaine Lister. They got the three girls
Tracey (1957), Vicki (1957) and Shelly (1959). Leif then married Sylvia Petrillo and got 4 more girls.
MS Tracey Gerd Eide (06.01 1957). She is born in Burns Lake, BC. She now lives at
Maple Ridge BC, Canada. She has Gregory (1979).
MS Gregory Leif Eide (1979). He is born in Burnaby, BC and has two daughters;
Charisma (1998) and Raven (2003).
MS Charisma Carol Cheena Eide (1998)
MS Raven Echo Eide (2003)
MS Vicky Eide (11.12 1957). She has two children Jeannie and Shane.
MS Jeannie Wood (19?). Jeannie has two children.
MS Shane Walkey (19?). Shane has three children.
MS Shelly Eide (04.03 1959). She is born in Kamloops, BC. Shelly has one child.
MS Cody Rath (19?)
MS Carla Eide
MS Gina Eide
MS Rose Eide
MS Lena Eide
MS 2.1.4 Doris Eide Powell (b. 1938). Doris is married to Donald Powell
and they live on Gabriola Island (next to Vancouver Island) in British
Colombia, Canada. Doris has 5 children:
MS Bradford Harold (b. 1959) He is married to Kathy Wilson. He has a daughter; Nicole
MS Nicole (1983)
MS 2.1.4 Doris Eide Powell
MS Cherri Helma (b. 1962)
(photo 2004)
MS Charlene Norah Lewis (b. 1964). She is married to Brad Mhyre. She has;
MS Morgan (1995)
MS Donald William Francis Powell (b. 1971)
MS Barclay Harry James Powell (b. 1973)
MS 2.1.5 Sylvia Elise Eide Reid (b. ?). She lives in Burnaby, British Colombia, Canada. She got 4
MS Laura Frances Lee (b ?). She is married to Keith A.R. Lee.
MS Frank Todd Miskenack (1962 – 1995).
MS Karen Doris Miskenack (b. ?). She is married to Robert Peter White.
MS Blaine William Miskenack (b. ?)
MS 2.1.6 Norah Violet Elizabeth Eide (1944 – 1995).
MS Erik Davyd Eide Hvaal (b. 4/11 1983)
MS Erik Eide Hvaal
MS 2.2 Mimmi Synnøve
MS 2.2 Mimmi Synnøve (Teigen) (27/5 1908 – 6/9 1996). Mimmi was
married three times; (1) Eugen Larsen, (2) Øivind Fremstad and (3) Håkon
Mimmi had no children.
MS 2.3 Ole Hvaal
MS 2.3 Ole Hvaal (16/3 1911 – 2/12 1996). Ole was born on Hvaal – the
year Ottar had the farm the first time. He was married once, but lived most of
his life as single. He had no children.
MS 2.4 Solveig Helene
MS 2.4 Solveig Helene (Hvaal) Maukon (24/8 1913 –
11/12 2011). She is born on Sogn in Svarstad and was 7 years
when the family moved to Hvaal. She married Andreas Maukon
(1908 – 1986) from Stokke (1933). They first lived in Sandefjord
– Andreas was a seaman and was away during the war (1940
– 1945). Solveig and her two first children then moved back to
Hvaal and stayed on the farm. They built a house in the neighborhood. They got the tree children; Målfrid, Mona and Odd Aino.
MS 2.4 Solveig 98 years
(photo from 24/8 – 2011)
Left: A picture from 2008.
Solveig celebrates her 95th
birthday in Svarstad with her
three children.
From left behind; MS 2.4.2
Mona, MS 2.4.3 Odd Aino and
in front MS 2.4.1 Målfrid.
Photo from 24/8 2009
MS 2.4 Solveig celebrate her 96. birthday with 7 of her 12 great grandchildren present.
The great grandchildren are from left; MS Marit Muren, sitting in front is MS Trygve
Myhr, behind is MS Jonas Myhr and MS Camilla Muren. In front is MS
Nora Brembo Andersen and MS Christian Brembo Andersen. Finally, behind to the right is
MS Lars Muren.
MS 2.4.1 Målfrid (Maukon) Henriksen (11/6 1934). Målfrid is born
in Sandefjord and was given the name Solveig Målfrid. She was
known as “Tullemor” – otherwise as Målfrid. She is educated as a
nurse in Tønsberg where she also met her husband Thormod Henriksen (1928). Målfrid worked at “Nesbru legesenter” – and in the
health service at the pharmaceutical company “Alpharma”. Målfrid
and her family lived in Oslo for 5 years, in Berkeley California for
4 years and at Hvalstad in Asker since 1966. Målfrid and Thormod
have the children Trond, Terje and Kristin.
MS Trond Maukon Henriksen (5/1 1960).
Trond is educated at “The Norwegian University of Life Sciences”. He took a on
“Carbon and nitrogen turnover in soil” – mainly within microbiology. He is now High School
teacher in Gjøvik.
Trond is “sambo” with Hilde Bakke (1957). They live outside Gjøvik and they have 3 children:
Thormod, Steinar and Ragnhild.
Trond and children at Hornindalsetra 2011
Below is Trond, Ragnhild and Hilde on the
top Horningdalsrokken
MS Thormod Maukon Bakke (1989).
He is born in Tromsø and baptized in “Ishavskatedralen”. Thormod startet his studies at the Norwegian School of Economics
in Bergen in 2009.
(picture from 2007 – Thormod is 18 years old)
MS Steinar Maukon Bakke (1991). *Steinar is born in
Tromsø and baptized in Asker. He is now a student at University
of North Dakota in Grand Forks.
MS Ragnhild Maukon Bakke (22/2 1994).
Ragnhild is born in the days of the Winter Olympic in Lillehammer.
She is an enthusiastic “horse ride girl”.
MS Steinar
(photo 2007)
The photos of Ragnhild is from 2007
and with the horse in 2010
MS Terje Maukon Henriksen (29/12
1961). Terje is born in Oslo. He was educated
in electronic engeneering at The University of
Trondheim. He also studied at The University of Boulder Colorado. He is “sambo” with
Gunhild Myhr in Asker. They have two boys:
Trygve (2000) and Jonas (2003).
Terje is an enthusiastic skier – both cross country, Telemark and alpine. Furthermore he run the
usual marathon as well as marathon on roller
blades, He also fullfilled the Birkebeiner on cycle on one wheel. In the picture he is climbing
in Himalaya.
MS Trygve Maukon Myhr (2000).
MS Jonas Maukon Myhr (2003).
Here the boys are on a climbing tour to the top
of Storronden in Rondane 2138 m. Above is
during a visit to “Blåfargeverket”.
MS Kristin Maukon Muren (1965). Kristin is born
in Berkeley California. She is educated as a school
teacher and she also went to the school for sport
(Idrettshøyskolen). She works as a school teacher in
Asker. Kristin is married to Jan Muren (1963) and they
have three children: Camilla (1989), Marit (1991) and
Lars (1993).
MS Camilla Maukon Muren (1989)
MS Marit Maukon Muren (1991)
MS Lars Maukon Muren (1993).
Kristins three children. From left MS Lars, MS Camilla and MS Marit.
MS 2.4.2 Mona (Maukon) Andersen (1939 – 2009). Mona was born in
Sandefjord and married to Per Christian Andersen (1944). Mona died
from cancer in May 2009.
Mona and Per got two children; Thomas (1971) and Lene (1975).
H 2.4.2 Mona
MS Thomas Maukon Andersen (1971). Thomas is educated
at The University of Trondheim in computer technology.
Specialties: Company management, project management, software
development management, process management, customer care,
recruitment, product management, sales
He is married to Bente Brembo. They have two children:
MS Nora Brembo Andersen (2004).
MS Christian Brembo Andersen (2007)
MS Thomas and
his two children Nora and
MS Lene Maukon Andersen (b. 1975). Lene is “sambo”
with Ketil Modell (1972). They have Silja (2010) and Hanna
(2012) .
MS Silja Modell Maukon (2010)
MS Hanna Modell Maukon (2012).
MS Lene
Lene and Silja
(photo: August 2010)
MS Hanna
MS 2.4.3 Odd Aino Maukon (1950). Odd Aino is
born in Svarstad, Lardal. He is educated as an airline
pilot. Now retired. He is “samboer” (lives in civil union)
with Grethe Mansås. They have no children.
MS 2.4.3 Odd Aino
MS 2.5 Gudrun Kristine
MS 2.5 Gudrun Kristine (Hvaal) Andvå (25/8 1915 – 7/8 2008). She is
born at Solberg and was 5 years when the family moved to Hvaal. She married
Rolf Andvå (1911 – 1990). They have lived several places in Norway, some years
in Glomfjord and in later years in Notodden. They got no children.
MS 2.6 Astrid Charlotte
MS 2.6 Astrid Charlotte (Hvaal) Aaslie (20/1 1918 – 24/4 1998). She
was born at Solberg in Svarstad and was 2 years when the family moved to
Hvaal. She married Håkon Aaslie and they got two children Svein (1939) and
Unni Britt (1942)
MS 2.6.1 Svein Othar Aaslie (29/7 1939). He married Gerd Inger-Lise (1945) and
they emigrated to British Colombia, Canada. They have 4 children; Grete, Stein, Brith
og Stig.
MS Grete (Aaslie) Partridge (b. 1963). She married William John Partridge
(1957) and they have two Children:
MS Melissa Louise (1993)
MS Thomas William (1995)
MS Stein Håkon Aaslie (1968). He is married to Laura and they have two boys:
MS Mattias Jonathan Aaslie (2001)
MS Anders Markus Aaslie (2003)
MS Brith Aaslie Gunthner (1969). She is married to Ronald Heinz Gunthner
MS Stig Aaslie (1977).He is married to Stephanie and they have two children.
MS Landon Ottar Aaslie (2007)
MS Brianna Lise Aaslie (2009).
Picture from 2009 on a camping tour – celebrating that Svein is 70 and Brith is 40.
Here you see the whole family. We use the coding system and start with the first row from left:
MS Stein Haakon Aaslie, Ron Gunther (married to Brith) and MS Stig. In front of him
on the bike is MS Landon Aaslie. Then follow Bill Partridge (married to Grete), MS
Anders Aaslie and MS 2.6.1 Svein.
Second row from left: Laura (married to Stein) and MS Mattias Aaslie.
Then follows; MS Thomas Partridge, MS Melissa Partridge and MS Grete
(Aaslie) Partridge.
MS Brianna Aaslie is in the arms of her mother Stephanie (married to Stig). Furthermore
we have MS Brith (Aaslie) Gunther and finally Sveins wife Lise Aaslie.
MS 2.6.2 Unni Brith Aaslie (22/4 1942). She lives in Oslo and has two children:
MS Jeanette Christine Jacobsen (1966)
MS Jarle Morten Jacobsen (1970). He has a daughter Celine (2006)
MS Celine Isabell Åstangen Aaslie (15/12 2006).
Unni Brith
(old picture)
MS 2.7 Ragnhild Marie
MS 2.7 Ragnhild Marie (Hvaal) Bagroen (24/8 1920). Ragnhild is born
on Hvaal. She married Paul Bagroen (1924 – 2012) and they lived in Oslo.
They got two girls; Tove (1956) and Grethe (1957).
MS 2.7.1 Tove Marie Bagroen (1956). She was married to Mark Barone and
have two boys.
MS 2.7.1 Tove
MS Adrian Paul Barone (1986)
MS Mathias Francois Barone (1989)
In the picture we see the two boys.
Left; MS Mathias and MS Adrian.
Photo 2008
MS 2.7.2 Grethe Nancy Bagroen (1957). Grethe has no children.
MS 2.8 Odd Martin
MS 2.8 Odd Martin Hvaal (24/7 1923 – 18/10 2003). Odd was
born on Hvaal and he spent all his life here. He was the owner of Hvaal
from 1952 to 1995. He married Halgjerd (1928 – 1958) and they got 3
children; Linda, Othar and Hanne.
MS 2.8.1 Linda Elisabeth Hvaal (Klemsdal) (1952). She is married to Ole
Jørgen Klemsdal (1954).
MS 2.8.1 Linda
Photo 2008
MS 2.8.2 Othar Johannes Hvaal (1953). He was the owner of Hvaal from
1984 to 2012. He is married to Randi Saga (1957) and they have two girls;
Solveig and Inger Helene.
MS Solveig Beate Hvaal (1984). She had the
“odel” on Hvaal, and took over the farm 1/1 2012. She
is “sambo” with Glen Lie and they have the boy Martin
MS Martin Hvaal (2013)
Solveig Beate and Martin
The photo is from June 30. when Martin was babtized in Svarstad Church
MS Inger Helene Hvaal (1990).
Inger Helene
Photo from 2013
MS 2.8.3 Hanne Margrethe Hvaal (1957). She was married to Tor
Staalesen (1957) and lives in Risør. She has two children; Merethe and
MS Merethe Hvaal Staalesen (1983).
MS Gunnar Hvaal Staalesen (1987).
MS Gunnar
MS Merethe
MS 2.9 Håvald
MS 2.9 Håvald Hvaal (2/9 1928 – 1948). Håvald was the youngest of the children after Ottar
and Hanna Hvaal. He died in a shooting accident.
Anna Teoline – MS 3
MS 3 Anna Teoline Gulli ( 9/4 1886 – 18/7 1947). She was
born on Skau and had her first years on Skau and then on Solberg.
She married Andreas Gulli (1886 – 1979). They lived in Hvittingfoss
and Teoline had a “draper`s shop. They had no children.
Magna Olette – MS 4
MS 4 Magna Olette Haugen ( 10/3
1888 – 16/1 1955). She was born on Skau and
had her first years here. She married in 1914
Borger Haugen (1875 – 1961). He was from
the farm Haugen close to Solberg. They had
this farm and got three children here; Hans
Jørgen (1914), Maren (1917) and Ella (1923).
MS 4.1 Hans Jørgen
MS 4.1 Hans Jørgen Haugen (1914 – 1988). He was the farmer that took over the farm. No
MS 4.2 Maren
MS 4.2 Maren (Haugen) Hagen (1/1 1917 – 1998). She married Eirik Hagen (1908) and
lived in Svarstad. They got 3 children; Kari (1941), Tove (1949) and Anne (1956).
MS 4.2.1 Kari Hagen Foss (1941 – 2008). Kari married Arnstein Foss (1937 – 2006) from Hvittingfoss. They lived in Oslo and had the children Truls (1964), Terje (1965) and Hege (1970).
MS Truls Foss (1964). Married to Kristin Nygaard.
MS Terje Foss (1965).
MS Hege Foss (1970).
Terje Foss
Hege Foss
MS 4.2.2 Tove Hagen Evju (1949). She is married to John Evju (1945) from Hvittingfoss. They
live in Sandefjord and have the daughter Hedda (1975).
E-mail: [email protected]
MS Hedda Evju (1975). She is married to Børre Mathisen
(1972) and they live in Oslo. They have Maren (2008)
MS Maren (15/5 2008).
MS 4.2.3 Anne Moe Berg Johnsen (12/10 1956). She is married to Jon
Berg Johnsen (1955). They live in Oslo and have Ida (1986) and Martin
Hedda Evju
MS Ida Berg Johnsen (1986)
MS Martin Berg Johnsen (1990)
MS 4.3 Ella
MS 4.3 Ella Steinsholt (1923 – 2003). She was married to Olav Steinsholt. They got two chil-
dren; Arne Helge and Bjørn Magne.
MS 4.3.1 Arne Helge Steinsholt (1958). He married Marianne and was the one that took over the
farm Haugen after his uncle Hans Jørgen Haugen.
E-mail: [email protected]
MS 4.3.2 Bjørn Magne Steinsholt (?).
Andreas – MS 5
MS 5 Andreas Solberg (30/8 1890 – 16/1 1891). The first Andreas in the family died only 4
and a half month old. He died from “Wooping cough” (kikhoste). This sickness is now medicated
by erytromycin (antibiotics). This sickness is now almost avoided since the children are vaccinated
before they are one year.
Thora Mathilde – MS 6
MS 6 Thora Mathilde Berg (27/1 1892 – 6/7 1986). She was
born on Solberg and baptized in Svarstad church. She married
Olaf Berg (1988 – 1960) and lived in Holmestrand. Thora had a
grocery store. They got two children; Johr Mortmann (1914) and
Erling (1918).
MS 6.1 Johr Mortmann
MS 6.1 Johr Mortmann Berg (10/10 1914 – 1994).
He married Astrid Sibbern (1919 – 1981). They lived
in Holmestrand and had a grocery store. They got the
daughter Ellinor (1947).
MS 6.1 Johr and Astrid
MS 6.1.1 Ellinor Sibbern Moen (20/3 1947). She is married to Bjørn Moen (1943) and they live in
Drammen (Hans Hansens vei). They have; Nina (1975) and Per Christian (1978).
MS Nina Merethe Wiley (1977). She is married to John
Timothy (Tim) Wiley (1977). They have the children; John Henrik
(2007) and Astri Emilie (2010).
MS Jon Henrik Wiley (2007)
Ms Astri Emilie Wiley (2010).
Nina Merete Wiley
MS Per Christian Moen (1979). He is married to Ingvild Nakstad (1983).
MS 6.2 Erling
MS 6.2 Erling Johannes Berg (7/7 1918 – 8/2 1971).
He married Ada Halstensen (1914 – 1993). They lived at
Røa, Oslo. They had the children; Tore (1944) and Kari
MS 6.2.1 Tore Berg (12/1 1944). He is married to Barbro
Hedmann (1944). They live in Asker. They have two children;
Caroline (1970) and Tore Christoffer (1976).
E-mail: [email protected]
MS 6.2 Erling og Ada Berg
MS Caroline (Berg) Malme (1970). She is
married to Hans Petter Malme (1966). They have
Henriette (1999) and Herman (2001).
MS Henriette Malme (1999).
MS Herman Malme (2001).
MS Caroline
MS Tore Christoffer Berg (1976). He is married to Christine
Gran (1980). They have two boys; Nichlas (2004) and Emil (2009).
MS Nichlas Berg (2004).
MS Christoffer
MS Emil Berg (2009).
MS 6.2.2 Kari (Berg) Wiik (13/6 1950). She is married to John Haldor Wiik (1949). They have 4
children; Charlotte (1972), Alexander (1975), John Fredrik (1977) and Karianne (1981).
E-mail: [email protected]
MS Charlotte Wiik (1972). She is “sambo” with Hans Richard Elgheim
(1956). Charlotte has 3 children; Ada Christine (2002), Iben Marie (2007) and
Johanne (2009).
Charlotte Wiik
MS Ada Christine Wiik Hatleskog (2002).
MS Iben Marie Wiik (2007)
MS Johanne Wiik Elgheim (2009).
MS Alexander Wiik (1975). He is married to Hrafnshildur Smaridotri (1975). They have
2 children; Vilji (2005) and Orri (2008).
MS Vilji Alexanderson (2005)
MS Orri Alexanderson (2008).
MS John Fredrik Wiik (1977). He is married to Nina Remøy (1978). Thry have three
children; Jacob (2007), Viktor (2010) and Haldor (2012).
MS Jakob Remøy Wiik (2007).
MS Viktor Remøy Wiik (2010).
MS Haldor Remøy Wiik (2012).
MS Karianne Wiik (1981). She is “sambo” with Eivind
Rath (1981). They have Kara (2012)
MS Kara Wiik Rath (2012).
Karianne Wiik
Andreas – MS 7
MS 7 Andreas Solberg (18/1 1895 – 3/2 1992). He was born on Solberg and baptized in Svars-
tad church. He married Thora Lie (1910 – 1995). Andreas was the one that took over the property
in Hvittingfoss after Martin and Olava. From 1924 Andreas was running a taxi and truck company
Hvittingfoss. They had the son Martin (one of those responsible for this overview).
Thora and Andreas Solberg
MS 7.1 Martin Jørgen
MS 7.1 Martin Jørgen Solberg (30/6 1947). He married Karin Antonsen (1949) from Frøya.
They now live in Svenskerud 103, 3409 Tranby. They have two girls; Tone Merete (1975) and Marianne (1980).
Martin has worked within banking for 42 years. First Lier
Sparebank and within the same system after fusion with
DNB. He is now retired.
Karin and Martin Solberg
MS 7.1.1 Tone Merete Solberg Halaas (4/6 1975). She is married to Pål Halaas (1974) and live
at Granittveien 53, 2008 Fjerdingby, Rælingen. She is educated as “vernepleier med spesial pedagogikk”.
E-mail: [email protected]
MS 7.1.1 Tone Merete and Pål
MS 7.1.2 Marianne Solberg (15/4 1980). She is educated as a medical doctor and work within neurology at Drammen Sykehus. She has the daughter Marie (2011).
E-mail: [email protected]
MS Marie Solberg (11/9 2011).
July 2014
Arne – MS 8
MS 8 Arne Solberg (18/11 1897 – 12/9 1979). He was born on Solberg and baptized in Svarstad
church. He married Alvilde Brekke from Våle (1894 – 1976). Arne emigrated to Wisconsin USA in
1922 and Alvilde followed in 1926. Arne had a transport company in Chicago. In 1947 he bought a
farm at Mt. Horeb (which is about 40 km west of Madison) in Wisconsin. He was a farmer until he
retired in 1966. Then he bought a house in Madison Wisconsin. They had two children; Else (1928)
and Leif (1930).
MS 8.1 Else
MS 8.1 Else Marie Solberg (6/4 1928). She is not married and have no children. She is educated as a school teacher (now retired) and lives in Madison.
To the left; Else is a student.
To the right; picture from 1983
To the left; Elses home in
In 1981 MS 2.4.1 Målfrid,
MS Kristin and Thormod was on a tour across
We stayed with Else a couple of days.
Note that both cars have a
Norwegian flag.
MS 8.2 Leif Solberg and parts of his family. Yhe boys in the back are; MS 8.2.1 Guy, MS 8.2.3 Kirk
and MS 8.2.2 Eric
MS 8.2 Leif
MS 8.2 Leif Solberg (22/3 1930 – 2012). He was married to Mary Jane (1927 – 2006). They
lived in Madison Wisconsin. They got the children; Guy Martin (1953), Eric (1955) and Kirk (1962).
MS 8.2.1 Guy Martin Solberg (15/5 1953 – 25/5 2014). He is married to Sheree (1955) and they
live in Brooklyn Wisconsin (little south of Madison). They have the daughter Emilee (1999).
MS Emilee Solberg (1999).
MS 8.2.2 Eric Philip Solberg (25/6 1955). He is married with Kim (1956) and they live in New
Glarus which is also near Madison on the southwest side. They have two children; Sterling Andrew
(1986) and Signa Ann (1991).
MS Sterling Andrew Solberg (1986).
MS Signa Ann Solberg (1991).
MS 8.2.3 Kirk James Solberg (3/12 1962). He is married to Kathrine (1964) and they live in Oregon Wisconsin. Oregon is close to Madison. Katherine has the children Jessica (1989) and Morgan
E-mail: [email protected]
Ottar – MS 9
MS 9 Ottar Solberg (15/6 1900 – 7/11 1974). He was born on Solberg and baptized in Svarstad
church. In the church book his name is written with one t. He married Olga Huseby (1900 – 1986).
They lived in Drammen and Ottar was a taxidriver from 1922. They had the children; Edel Marie
(1923) and Ole Martin (1928).
Here we see an old photo (from about 1966) with MS 9 Ottar and Olga.
The children are from left MS 9.2.2 Annalisa and MS 9.2.1 Tina Marie
MS 9.1 Edel Marie
MS 9.1 Edel Marie (Tutta) Solberg (11/11 1923 – 19/10 1993).
She was not married and had no children. She was educated as a
nurse and worked at Drammen Sykehus.
MS 9.1 Edel Marie
MS 9.2 Ole Martin
MS 9.2 Ole Martin Solberg (23/9 1925 – 5/3 1965). Ole
Martin emigrated to USA in 1951. He married Joan (1928) and
they lived in Simi Valley, California. Simi Valley is a little north of
Los Angeles. They got two children; Tina and Annalisa.
Joan Solberg
Photo 2013
MS 9.2 Ole Martin as student
MS 9.2.1 Tina Marie (Solberg) Runge (6/10 1960). She is married to
Andrew Runge (1964) and they live in Alpine Ct, Petaluma, California
just north of San Francisco. They have two boys; Ian Martin and Alec.
MS Ian Martin Runge (21/9 1993).
MS Alec Andrew Runge (8/2 1996).
MS 9.2.1 Tina Marie
Photo 2014
MS Alec and MS Ian Martin
Photo 2014 in Norway
MS 9.2.2 Annalisa Solberg Dillard (12/8 1962). She married Charles Dillard and she live in Chico,
California north of Sacramento. She has two children; Hannah and Asa.
MS Hannah Dillard (4/11 1989).
MS Asa Dillard (12/4 1994).
MS Hannah
MS Asa
Here is a picture from July 6. 2014. Some members in the Solberg family are gathered outside the
house to Karin and Martin Solberg.
From left is MS Alec Runge, MS Ian Runge, MS 2.4.1 Målfrid Henriksen, MS 9.2.1
Tina Runge, MS 7.1.2 Marianne Solberg, MS 7.1 Martin Solberg and MS 7.1.1 Tone Merete Halaas.
Einar – MS 10
MS 10 Einar Solberg (24/9 1902 – 8/6 1947). He is born on Solberg and babtized in Svarstad
church. He emigrated to USA in 1929 and lived in Brooklyn, New York. He was not married and have
no descendents.
Here is Einar passport photo,
signature and immigration papers from 1928.
Here is an old photo. From left is MS 10 Einar, then Bernhard Hvaal (the painter in the Hvaal
family) and finally MS 1 Kristian.
Martin og Olava Solberg had 10 children – 20 grandchildren – 32 great grandchildren
MS 1 Kristian (1882 – 1963)
MS 2 Hanna Marie (1884 – 1975)
MS 3 Anna Teoline (1886 – 1947)
MS 4 Magna Olette (1888 – 1955)
MS 5 Andreas (1890 – 1891)
MS 6 Thora Mathilde (1892 – 1986)
MS 7 Andreas (1895 – 1992)
MS 8 Arne (1897 – 1979)
MS 9 Ottar (1900 – 1974)
MS 10 Einar (1902 – 1947)
MS 1.1 Ellen Ravnanger (1918 – 2009)
MS 2.1 Helma Eide (1906 – 1996)
MS 2.2 Mimmi Teigen (1908 – 1996)
MS 2.3 Ole Hvaal (1911 – 1996)
MS 2.4 Solveig Maukon (1913 – 2011)
MS 4.5 Gudrun Andvå (1915 – 2008)
MS 2.6 Astrid Aaslie (1918 – 1998)
MS 2.7 Ragnhild Bagroen (1920)
MS 2.8 Ole Martin Hvaal (1923 – 2003)
MS 2.9 Håvald Hvaal (1928 – 1848)
MS 4.1 Hans Jørgen Haugen (1914 – 1988)
MS 4.2 Maren Hagen (1917 – 1998)
MS 4.3 Ella Steinsholt (1923 – 2003)
MS 6.1 Johr Mortmann Berg (1914 – 1994)
MS 6.2 Erling Berg (1918 – 1971)
MS 7.1 Martin Jørgen Solberg (1947)
MS 8.1 Else Solberg (1928)
MS 8.2 Leif Solberg (1930 – 2012)
MS 9.1 Eldel Marie Solberg (1923 – 1993)
MS 9.2 Ole Martin Solberg (1925 – 1965)
Great grandchildren
MS 1.1.1 Linda Dahowski (1945)
MS 1.1.2 Nancy Knudsen (1947)
MS 2.1.1 Ole Eide (?)
MS 2.1.2 Gerd Eide Smith ( ? )
MS 2.1.3 Leif Eide (19? – 2006)
MS 2.1.4 Doris Powell (1938)
MS 2.1.5 Sylvia Eide Reid ( ? )
MS 2.1.6 Nora Eide (1944 – 1995)
MS 2.4.1 Målfrid Henriksen (1934)
MS 2.4.2 Mona Andersen (1939 – 2009)
MS 2.4.3 Odd Aino Maukon (1950)
MS 2.6.1 Svein Aaslie (1939)
MS 2.6.2 Unni Brith Aaslie (1942)
MS 2.7.1Tove Bagroen (1956)
MS 2.7.2 Grethe Bagroen (1957)
MS 2.8.1 Linda Hvaal Klemsdal (1952)
MS 2.8.2 Othar Hvaal (1953)
MS 2.8.3 Hanne Hvaal (1957)
MS 4.2.1 Kari Hagen Foss (1941 – 2008)
MS 4.2.2 Tove Hagen Evju (1949)
MS 4.2.4 Anne Moe Berg Johnsen (1956)
MS 4.3.1 Arne Helge Steinsholt (1958)
MS 4.3.2 Bjørn Magne Steinsholt ( ? )
MS 6.1.1 Ellinor Sibbern Moen (1947)
MS 6.2.1 Tore Berg (1944)
MS 6.2.2 Kari Wiik (1950)
MS 7.1.1 Tone Merete Halaas (1975)
MS 7.1.2 Marianne Solberg (1980)
MS 8.2.1 Guy Martin Solberg (1953)
MS 8.2.2 Eric Philip Solberg (1955)
MS 8.2.3 Kirk James Solberg (1962)
MS 9.2.1 Tina Marie Runge (1960)
MS 9.2.2 Annalisa Solberg Dillard (1963)

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