Village of Orland Park



Village of Orland Park
Village of
Orland Park
Annual Report 2011
Mayor Daniel J. McLaughlin
Village Clerk David P. Maher
Annual Report • Winter, 2012
Village Trustees
James V. Dodge, Jr.
Kathleen M. Fenton
Brad S. O'Halloran
Edward G. Schussler, III
Patricia A. Gira
Carole Griffin Ruzich
Paul G. Grimes, Village Manager
Village of Orland Park
Happy New Year,
The banner on the Village of Orland Park’s website reads, “Orland Park…where you
want to be.” And, despite the economic recession that has affected cities across the
country, Orland Park continues to be the location of choice for individuals, families,
restaurants and businesses.
A number of new businesses opened in 2011 and we currently see the development of
Dave & Buster’s at 49 Orland Square Drive, with the adjacent Orland Square having
begun its own renovations. In 2011, the village welcomed hhgregg, Buy Buy Baby, Ross
Dress for Less, Johnny’s Char House and others.
The Village of Orland Park was recognized by the Illinois Policy Institute as the first
government body in Illinois to receive a 100% score on its transparency index. Everyone
can be very proud of this honor from a non-partisan policy
group that emphasizes good government. See the Citizens’
Information Center on the left margin of the village’s website
for more information.
Exciting initiatives were launched in 2011 and we have new
programs on the horizon for 2012. The newest committee
of the Village Board is the Community Engagement and
Technology Committee. One of the first tasks this committee
took on was to oversee the village’s first community wide
survey. The National Research Center, a non-partisan group
with extensive experience in government surveys, randomly
selected 3000 residents to participate. If you received a
survey at your home, please take a minute to complete it and
send it back. We’re eager to hear how you think we can make
Orland Park even better.
Like many communities throughout the state, the village is
considering an electrical aggregation program. Aggregation
refers to many customers joining together to form a buying
group, in this case for electrical service for residents and
small businesses. Buying electricity collectively could mean a
significant annual savings on the energy portion of an electric
Daniel J. McLaughlin
Trustee James Dodge
Trustee Kathleen Fenton
Trustee Brad O'Halloran
Trustee Edward Schussler
Technology, Communications
& Community Engagement
Mayor Pro Tem
Development Services
& Planning
Public Works &
Village Clerk
David Maher
We’ve had a number of residents call to ask that the village offer this and many
municipalities in the state have implemented similar programs to help their residents and
small businesses save money. It also provides an option for those who choose not to
participate. A referendum will appear on the March 20, 2012 Primary Election Ballot and
more information is available on the village’s website at
Trustee Patricia Gira
Parks & Recreation
Trustee Carole Griffin Ruzich
Public Safety
As we begin the Village of Orland Park’s 120th year as a municipality in the State of
Illinois, we look back at 2011 as a year with many accomplishments. We invite you to
learn more about these exciting initiatives and proudly present to you, the Village of
Orland Park's Annual Report for 2011.
Paul G. Grimes
Daniel J. McLaughlin, Mayor
Village of Orland Park
Village Manager
Annual Report • Winter, 2012
Year In Review
Orland Park
At A Glance
• Incorporated in 1892
120 years ago
• 22.17 total square miles
• Located in Cook and Will Counties
• 30 miles from the Chicago Loop
2010 Census: 56,767
2030 Projection: 72,000
Average Household Income $96,092
Family Purchasing Power $67,364
Looking Back At 2011
• 12% increase in residential building permits for new and existing homes
• 5.5% increase in commercial permits for new and existing businesses
• 106 new businesses opened in the Village of Orland Park
• 17.4% increase in building inspections. 7,021 conducted in 2011
• 735 code enforcement cases
• BMW Dealership
• Buy Buy Baby
• Dave & Buster’s
• hhgregg
• Johnny's Char-House
• Orland Square Mall Renovations
• Parmida Home
• Pompei
• Ross Dress For Less
• Sheffield Square
• Smith Crossing Expansion
2011 Median Home Price $ 267,570
Looking Ahead To 2012
Median Age
41.4 years
College Level
or Higher Education
Home Ownership
Sources: Claritas/Nielsen
US Census
& Village of Orland Park GIS
Outside of the City of Chicago,
the Village of Orland Park ranks
fifth in the State of Illinois
for retail sales.
Sales tax revenue represents
nearly 25% of the total revenue
budget for the village.
Chicago's well-known Pompei Little Italy opened its
Orland Park location on the grounds of the Riviera
Country Club in 2011.
A transit oriented development,
Sheffield Square, is under
construction near the 153rd Street
Commuter Station.
Ninety 7 Fifty On The Park
Residential development for Main Street area of
Downtown Orland Park
Miroballi Shoes
New multi-tenant building at the former gas station site
at the northwest corner of 144th and LaGrange Road
Orland Park Bakery
Expanding into the Dania Furniture Plaza
at 14800 South LaGrange Road
Thomas Place
Senior housing located on Harlem Avenue
Buona Beef
New restaurant at Southmoor Commons
at 131st and LaGrange Road.
Berkot’s Super Foods
Filling the vacant Green Food & Produce in the
Wolf Crossing Plaza at 159th Street and Wolf Road.
Retail Center
Former Mobil Gas Station at 159th and 94th Street
Chase Bank
In front of Jewel on 159th Street
Village of Orland Park 2012 Budget
Illinois Department of Revenue
Annual Report • Winter, 2012
Learn more about the Village of Orland Park
Fiscally Sound
Re-Affirmed Rating
Revenues By Type
In a year that witnessed the downgrading of state
and federal credit ratings, the Village of Orland Park
received reaffirmation of its high credit ratings. The
village received an AA+ rating from Standard & Poor's
and a Moody's credit rating of Aa1.
The village saved
more than
$1 million dollars
in future interest costs
by successfully
refunding a series
of bonds in 2011.
The Village of
Orland Park
refunded its
outstanding Series
2003 Refunding
Bonds, yielding a
savings of more
than $1 million dollars. This savings was the result
of the village successfully selling bonds to the lowest
bidder with an average coupon rate of 2.187% and a
premium of $233,182 paid by the purchaser.
Expenditures By Type
Award Winning
The Government Finance Officers' Association of
the United States and Canada (GFOA) has awarded
the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in
Financial Reporting to the Village of Orland Park
for almost twenty years. To receive the Certificate
of Achievement, the village must publish an easily
readable and efficiently organized Comprehensive
Annual Financial Report on an annual basis, meeting
the many requirements that GFOA imposes.
Expenditures By Function
Orland Park has also received the GFOA’s
Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. This
award is given to municipalities that prepare budget
documents of the very highest quality, reflecting both
the guidelines established by the National Advisory
Council on State and Local Budgeting and the GFOA’s
best practices on budgeting.
The pie charts above illustrate the village's
revenues and expenditures for Fiscal Year 2012.
Annual Report • Winter, 2012
Stable Local Economy
100+ New
More than 100 new businesses
opened in Orland Park during
2011. The village’s overall
vacancy rate for commercial
properties in 2011 was 4.84%,
well below the state and national
Dave & Buster's
Village's overall
vacancy rate,
well below state
and national
*based on industry reported
An American restaurant and
square footage
entertainment business, Dave
& Buster’s caters to an adult
clientele. It includes a full service restaurant and indoor arcade. Dave
& Buster’s is currently under construction at 49 Orland Square Drive,
on the site that formerly housed the Orland Square Theaters.
Simon Group,
owners of
Orland Square
announced its
plans to renovate
modernize the
mall’s interior
The rendering above shows some of the
improvements planned for Orland Square Mall.
and exterior.
Approximately $15 million dollars will be invested in improving the
mall, with an expected completion in summer, 2012.
Berkot's Super Foods
Orland Park
The new, state-of-the
art BMW dealership
is currently under
construction at 159th
Street and Wolf Road
and will open this
spring. One of the
largest dealerships
with more than
59,000 square feet,
the facility will include
BMW Orland Park's 59,000 square foot facility
is currently under construction at 159th Street
friendly features.
and Wolf Road.
Smith Crossing Expansion
The 200,000
square foot
expansion at
Smith Crossing,
a senior living
center, began in
2011. Located
in Orland
Parkway, in the
I-80 Corridor,
this project
includes 106 new Smith Crossing, the senior living center in the
Orland Parkway area of the I-80 Corridor is adding
residential units. a 200,000 square foot expansion.
Sheffield Square
Berkot's will occupy the former Green Food and Produce location in
the Wolf Crossing Plaza at 159th Street and Wolf Road. Permits have
been applied for for the 40,000 square foot grocery store and work
will begin soon. Berkot’s will be a great anchor for this shopping area,
located adjacent to the village’s Sportsplex which has thousands of
visitors throughout the year.
This new transit-oriented planned subdivision located at the former
Andrew Corporation property south of 153rd Street is underway.
Construction has begun on the 186 unit townhomes and row home
development located next to the 153rd Street train station and
Centennial Park.
Miroballi Shoes & Orland Park Bakery
Two longtime Orland Park businesses are expanding
in town, Miroballi Shoes and the Orland Bakery. Both
of these stores worked closely with village staff on site
planning and relocation assistance and are expanding
their businesses within the community. Miroballi Shoes
is building a new facility at the corner of 144th Place
and LaGrange Road and Orland Park Bakery is moving
to the Dania Furniture Plaza at 14800 South LaGrange
The rendering above shows the new facility that Miroballi Shoes is building
at 144th and LaGrange Road.
Annual Report • Winter, 2012
"Money Magazine" twice named Orland Park
one of the best places to live in the United States.
Downtown Orland Park
Main Street Taking Shape
Downtown Orland Park, at 143rd Street and LaGrange Road,
combines historic Old Orland with the village’s present and future,
offering a pedestrian friendly mix of residential and retail uses.
The village has long had a vision for blending its rich history with the
current character of the community in its downtown.
With the addition of Orland Park Crossing
in 2004, Downtown Orland Park began
to take shape with much to offer --- the
historic integrity of the Old
Orland Historic District,
the natural space of the
Humphrey Woods, the
architecturally significant
civic corridor and shopping
and dining along LaGrange
portion of Downtown Orland Park, the residential development,
Ninety 7 Fifty On The Park. Flaherty & Collins is a recognized leader
in the development, construiction and management of multi-family
Ninety 7 Fifty On The Park will include 295 luxury residences, more
than 8,600 square feet of interior amenity space, 4,000 square feet of
commercial space and structured parking on approximately four acres
in the downtown’s Main Street area. It will help establish Main Street
as a pedestrian friendly area that offers an easy commute to Chicago.
Main Street will also attract those who want to shop,
enjoy a meal or see a concert at Crescent Park. Ninety
7 Fifty On The Park is situated at the
hub of the newest downtown area
The 2004
and is integrated with the existing
opening of
Orland Park
park, bike trails, forest preserves and
retail, making it a true live, work and
play environment.
Orland Park
take shape
with much
to offer
--- history,
corridor and
To reach its full potential,
Downtown Orland Park
needed a more suitable hub
for commuters, areas for
gathering and attractions
to draw people, bringing
the area to life. These needs
created the Main Street area, a 21-acre triangular
shaped tract of land with a mix of retail, industrial and
open space situated among the downtown’s best assets.
The Old Orland
Historic District is a
key component of
Downtown Orland Park,
blending the village's
past and present with
its future.
Orland Park’s 143rd Street train station was built as
the first step in the planned transformation, replacing
the aged building in need of repair. The new station
offers convenient
parking with an inviting atmosphere.
The unique blend
Since 2002, Orland Park’s station has
of residential,
realized a 60% increase in ridership
retail and
with 2.5 million riders a year, resulting
open space
in weekend service being added in
in a transit-oriented
will enhance property
values in the entire
area, strengthen
the local economy
and preserve
Orland Park's
standing as one of
the most desirable
communities in
the nation in
which to live,
work and play.
When Orland Park’s Village Center
Complex debuted in the late 1980s, it
brought a new identity to the south
suburban region as people from
throughout the world traveled to
Orland Park to see and photograph
the award-winning architecture.
In 2011, the village entered a
partnership with Flaherty & Collins
Properties for the first phase of redevelopment of the Main Street
Centered around the 143rd
Street train station, Ninety 7
Fifty On The Park will set a new
standard for transit-oriented
development in suburban Chicago.
There are a limited number of
transit-oriented areas throughout
the country, very few in suburban
Chicago and nothing in the
southern corridor. Two independent
market studies confirmed the need
for luxury residences as there is
nothing like this available throughout
the entire Chicago Southland region.
This new
development in
Downtown Orland
Park not only offers
prospective residents
a true lifestyle
center in which to
live, shop and be
entertained, it also
Ninety 7 Fifty On The Park, the residential
ensures the village's development in the Main Street area of
reputation as one of Downtown Orland Park, will set a new standard
the most desirable for transit-oriented development in suburban
communities in the Chicago.
country --- enhancing
property values, strengthening the local business community and
guaranteeing that Orland Park remains among the best communities
in the nation.
Annual Report • Winter, 2012
Recreation & Parks
Leisure Services For Everyone
In 2011, the village’s Recreation Department offered programming for
16,450 participants while the department’s Sportsplex has more than
3000 members.
Communication. To better serve its
recreation patrons, the village launched
Constant Contact and Select Survey
Software to provide email communications
and feedback
Residents can
register their
email addresses
total pool
or check the
village website
in 2011
to be included.
Recreation hosts
its own Facebook page and uses Twitter.
Two of the
longest running
programs created
in the 1970s --Preschool and
Day Camp --continue to
attract hundreds
of participants
every year.
Centennial Park/Lake Sedgewick. In 2011, the Recreation
Department launched pedal boats and kayaks for rental at scenic
Lake Sedgewick in
Centennial Park.
Stay & Play. The
"Stay & Play Club”
offers local specials for
village events, activities
and facilities. This
year’s program included
weekly and seasonal
exclusive offers and
discounts for the Sportsplex, Centennial Park Aquatic Center, kayaks
and pedal boats, fitness classes, theater shows and summer events. Join
for free on the village's website or at the recreation office.
Centennial Park Aquatic Center. Unveiled
twenty years ago during the village’s 1992
Centennial, CPAC enjoyed another award-winning
year in 2011 as lifeguards earned four and five
star audits from an outside
safety agency.
• Concrete decking was
installed on two waterslides
providing an improved
platform surface.
• The pool became
compliant with all Virginia
Graham Baker Act requirements prior to
opening in 2011.
• A new concessionaire was named to sell an
enhanced menu at CPAC and village ballfields.
Early bird pool
are available
April 28.
the pool
receive a
20% discount.
Annual Report • Winter, 2012
Sportsplex. The fully reconstructed Sportsplex
gymnasium floors were unveiled in 2011 paired with
the announcement that the facility now hosts training
programs in cooperation with the Chicago Bulls/
White Sox Training Academy.The Sportsplex Fitness
Center added many pieces of new equipment in 2011.
Watch for more new equipment coming in 2012!
Parks Maintains
Buildings & Grounds
The Village of Orland Park’s parks are second to none. Totaling
more than 700 acres, the village’s parks are scenic havens for outdoor
activities, ballgames, children playing and watching the seasons change.
The village's Parks Department tends to all of the village's parks and
• Tree plantings in 2011
included the addition of 299
trees in fifteen parks added to
offset the anticipated arrival
of the Emerald Ash Borer
to adjacent ash trees. These
new trees will have a chance
to mature long before any
affected ash trees will require
Marley Creek Park
• Conceptual plans were approved for the addition of a dog park in
Centennial Park. The plans include a fenced area near Lake Sedgewick.
Construction on the
first phase is set to
begin in 2012.
• The Winter
Wonderland at
Centennial Park was
a huge success in
2011 with thousands
enjoying ice skating
and taking hot cocoa
Mission Hills Park
breaks inside of the
warming house. In December 2011, weekend campfires were added on
Saturday nights, attracting all ages to the ice arena.
• The Community Garden at Discovery Park in the Brook Hills
Subdivision was introduced in 2010 and
continued in 2011. Twenty-four gardeners
maintained their own areas. Details about
the gardens, the village’s Memorial Tree
acres of parks
and Bench Program and other parks related
in the village
programs can be found on the village’s
website at
Find us on Facebook at Orland Park Recreation.
Follow us on Twitter at OrlandParkFun.
Special Events & The Arts
A Community of Arts
The arts abound in Orland Park. Residents have
easy access to downtown Chicago offerings,
those in surrounding communities and the many
programs sponsored by the village.
Since created by Mayor McLaughlin in 2002,
the village’s Arts Commission has sponsored
an array of events to promote the arts within
the community. These volunteers, from a
variety of arts related backgrounds, have hosted
events that featured dance, music, history, vocal
performance, visual art, film series and more.
The village has its own award winning Orland
Park Theatre Troupe, an exceptional community
theater program recognized throughout the
region.This program produces four shows each
year, its annual spring musical, summer Broadway Review or
murder mystery, a
fall comedy and a
holiday production.
The village has
unveiled two new
concert venues
during the last few
years. The 1.2 acre
The village's Orland Park Theatre Troupe
Crescent Park,
performs its spring musical at the
Carl Sandburg High School
near the 143rd
Performing Arts Center.
Street train station,
is home to many events with its pergola and grassy area ideal
for blankets and lawn chairs. Centennial Park West at Colette
Highlands debuted in July, 2011. Both add to the village’s
Outdoor Amphitheater at the award winning Village Center.
Village of Orland Park
Ara Pace - Place of Peace
Veterans Memorial at 147th & Ravinia
Mayor John Humphrey
143rd Street Train Station
Double Mobius Strip
144th & Ravinia
Chicago Whatnot
148th & Ravinia
Special Events All Year
The village hosts a
number of special
events throughout
the year. The annual
Chilly Willie Chili
Challenge attracts chili
cooks from across
the country, tending
their simmering
pots for attendees
to sample on a cold
January afternoon.
More than 1500 people attended the
The Chefs’ Auction to
inaugural concert at Centennial Park West
benefit the American
featuring The City Lights Orchestra.
Cancer Society’s
Breast Cancer Research Program sells out each February and the
Open Lands Commission’s annual Garden Walk is a cornucopia
of color and horticultural presentation showcasing Orland Park’s
many beautiful residential gardens.
The Police Department has
received national recognition for its
August National Night Out Against
Crime and has raised thousands of
dollars with its Bicycle Ride for Special
Olympics Illinois.
Police Ride for
Special Olympics Illinois.
The Recreation Department’s free
Summer Entertainment Series features live concerts, children’s
shows and outdoor movies every summer with the annual July
4th Celebration attracting
thousands to enjoy
fireworks set to music.
The highlight of the
summer is the village’s
annual Taste of Orland Park,
showcasing some of the
Taste of Orland Park 2011
finest eateries in the village.
This three-day fest includes live music, community groups,
local entertainment, a car show and a day devoted to children’s
activities, drawing 40,000 people each year.
Cultural events held in 2011 included the inaugural concert
held at Centennial Park West, featuring the City Lights Orchestra,
conducted by Rich Daniels. Nearly 1500 people brought
blankets, lawn chairs, tables and picnics to enjoy this magnificent
live performance over the July 4th weekend.
Details about the village's many special events
can be found at
Annual Report • Winter, 2012
Public Safety & Improvements
Police Department Accreditation
The Orland Park Police Department is seeking accreditation
through the Illinois Commission on Law Enforcement
Accreditation. Meeting the standards of this accreditation
recognizes that the policies, procedures and standards are
consistent with the best practices in the industry.
The Village of Orland Park’s crime rates are well below
the national average for communities of similar size.
Violent Crime Rate
Property Crime Rate
City Population • 50,000 to 99,999
City Population • 50,000 to 99,999
National Average
National Average
394.6 per 100,000 people
3218.5 per 100,000 people
Orland Park
Orland Park
31.03 per 100,000 people (2011)
2532.75 per 100,000 people (2011)
Source: Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, 2010
U.S. Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Investigation
Crime-Free Rental Housing
Adopted in 2009, the
village’s Crime Free
Rental Housing Program
has exceeded expectations
among participants
and landlords. The
department purchased
software to begin tracking
calls for service at rental
properties by integrating The U.S. Green Building Council
with the village’s CAD (USGBC) awarded the Village of Orland
Park Police Department the LEED
system. The program
(Leadership in Energy and Environmental
has been so well received Design) Gold Certification for its facility
with landlords that the that debuted in 2007. Orland Park's was
the only police facility in the country and
Southwest Landlords
the first of this kind in the south suburbs
Association was formed to achieve the LEED Gold Certification.
to share best practices
and other information among landlords from nearby towns.
25 Years
since the Police Department first introduced
the DARE Program in Orland Park schools.
(Drug Abuse Resistance in Education)
students completed the program in 2011
15 Years
since the Police Department first hosted
"National Night Out"
attendees at the 2011 NNO Celebration
Annual Report • Winter, 2012
Upgraded Buildings
With the assistance of federal grant monies, the village
upgraded the HVAC systems in all civic campus buildings with
more modern and energy
efficient systems. Grant
monies were also used to
complete a new roof at the
Franklin Loebe Center and
begin replacement at the
Frederick T. Owens Village
Hall. In addition, village
staff renovated the former
police facility, creating a new
home for the Recreation
Department administrative
offices and Learning Ally.
Doing this work in house
enabled the village to
substantially save on costs.
The Franklin E. Loebe Recreation
143rd Street
Center opened in November,
1989 and is named for the late
Franklin Loebe who served as
village treasurer for 65 years, from
1929 until 1994. With recreation
administration now in the former
police station at 14600 South
Ravinia, the Loebe Center will
soon be home for two of the
village's longest running programs,
pre-school and day camp, both
created in the 1970s.
In 2011, the Cook County
Board of Commissioners
formally adopted a tri-party
agreement prepared by village
staff. This agreement cleared
the way to resume design
engineering with the Illinois
Department of Transportation for the widening of 143rd Street
between Southwest Highway and Wolf Road.
24,000 square yards
of asphalt patching
16,000 tons
of hot mix asphalt used
10,000 square feet
of sidewalks replaced
4000 lineal feet
of storm water underdrain for roadway pavement installed
5.75 total centerline miles
of streets reconstructed or resurfaced
1.61 miles
of curbs replaced or repaired
Sign up for Police Department community alerts on the
village's website at Click E-Services.
Improving Travel
143rd and LaGrange Improvements Top 2011
Travel in the Village of Orland Park continues to be a Village Board priority. The largest infrastructure improvement made in 2011 was the
143rd Street and LaGrange Road rebuild and widening project. Substantial completion to this gateway into the village was realized in midNovember, 2011.
• Expansion of
LaGrange Road from
four lanes to six lanes
from 142nd to just
south of 143rd.
• Dual turn lanes
were included all ways
at 143rd Street and
• Brick paver crosswalks
were installed at
143rd and 142nd and
LaGrange Road
• Carriage walks (sidewalks
with brick paver
treatments) and new
parkway tree plantings
that include holiday
lighting outlets were
installed along both
143rd Street and
LaGrange Road.
• New traffic signal
added at 142nd and
LaGrange Road with
dual left turn lanes into
Orland Park Crossing
and the Metra Train
Rendering view of the improved
143rd Street looking west.
• Crosswalks built as
part of the project will
have pedestrian count
down timers and audio
alerts for the visually
• Combination poles will
be used at all signalized
intersections, both
142nd and 143rd and
LaGrange Road, and
at 143rd and Ravinia.
The photograph above shows 143rd and LaGrange
These traffic signal poles
before the improvements were made.
will also include two
roadway lighting fixtures
at all four corners of
all three intersections.
This eliminates eight
lighting poles at each
intersection, improving
• All poles, mast arm
and fixtures for this
project and the balance
of the corridor will
be black instead of
unfinished aluminum.
• Electrical service
The rendering above shows the final improvements
parkway and median
at 143rd and LaGrange Road.
holiday lighting were
• Median planters were
included during construction and a new traffic signal is being
added on 143rd Street, west
added at 143rd Street and Ravinia.
of LaGrange Road, with
pedestrian lighting, brick
Pedestrian Bridge Opens In 2012
paver crosswalks, ornamental
Orland Park is an active community of walkers, joggers and
fencing and columns and
bicyclists. Being able to cross LaGrange Road will soon become
irrigation for landscaping
easier with the projected July, 2012 opening of the pedestrian
• A new gateway monument
bridge that will cross LaGrange Road at 140th Street.
was constructed at the
southeast corner of 143rd
Street and LaGrange Road.
Follow the progress of the improvements of
143rd and LaGrange at
Annual Report • Winter, 2012
New Businesses
2 Cute, Inc.
4 Tech Auto
A Giving Heart Food Pantry
Ability Graphics Inc.
Always Cellular
American Laser Skincare
Andes Crafts
Arora Wellness
Bare Berry Co.
Bartkowski Life Safety Corp.
Bauer & Burke Concrete
Bavarian Auto Werke LLC
Belinda's Treasure Chest
Blueant Wireless, Inc.
Buckle Nation
Buy Buy Baby #3041
Capitol Nutrition
Capitol Plumbing Inc.
Chaser Tag, Inc.
Classy Nails & Spa
Clear Unlimited Wireless Conne
Colorific Hair Color Salon
Compassion Diamond
Computer Den
David C. Lee M.D. Hearing Aid
Destination Maternity #3217
Disney Doorway To Dreams
Energy Excel
Evolution Music, Inc.
Exotic Auto Repair
Five Guys Burger And Fries
Fortune In
Francesca's Collections, Inc.
Grand Audio Visual Services
hhgregg Appliances & Electronics
Heaven On Earth Yoga
Home Quest Care Inc.
I World Safrin Enterprises
IFIX And Repair LLC
IIS Solutions
Inferno Heating & Cooling
Integrys Energy
Intellect Learning Center
Annual Report • Winter, 2012
Johnny's Char-House opened in the vacant building
at 15200 South 94th Avenue in 2011.
Jamba Juice
Jersey Mike's Subs
Joe's Trim Carpentry Inc.
Johnny's Charhouse
K.E. Jewelry Cash For Gold
King's Upholstery
Koolook Salon & Spa
Learning Ally, Inc
Level 10 Salon
Magic Nails Salon
Magical Pet
Massage Envy & Spa
Midwest Gold Buyers
Midwestern Telecommunications
Millard Building Construction
MV Boutique
Octagon OBO Sprint/United Mgmt
Orland Auto Spa & More
Orland Martial Arts Academy
Panda World
Pandora's Rack
Parmida Home
Performance Bicycle Shop #126
Phantom Skinz
Pizzeria Bella
Postal Connections
Pro Nails
Professional Skincare By Kimberly
Pyramid Supermarket
Q Spa
Radchem Products, Inc.
Rent-A-Center #06823
Ross Dress For Less
Royale Solution
Sacred Arts Of Jerusalem
SCK Inc. Kiosk Operations #589
Semke Forensic
Simply Bella
Southside Liquidation Services
Steadfast Home Care Health Services
Street Talk
Sundown Outdoor Lighting & Home
Sunshine Detailing Inc.
Sunshine Studio Inc.
Sweetz Ice Cream & Cake
The Mutual Fund Store
Toba Toys
Toy Box Connection NFP
Transport Marketing Consultant
True Colors, Inc.
Ultimate Fire Protection Inc.
United Express Delivery Service
V&M Bags
Victory Martial Arts Academy
Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers
Wintergreen Realty, LLC
XM Auto Inc.
Host your next business event at the Civic Center.
Visit for details.
Village of Orland Park
Frederick T. Owens Village Hall
14700 South Ravinia Avenue
Dates To Remember
February 16
February 18
February 21
February 27
Chefs’ Auction
Mortgage Relief Project
Voter registration closes
Early voting opens
September 18 September 22
September 23
September 28,29,30
March 3
March 15
March 20
March 24
March 31
Sportsplex Duathlon
Early voting closes
Presidential Primary Election
Special Recreation Garage Sale
Lucky Easter Egg Hunt
October 6
October 22-26
April 21
Sportsplex Health Fair
April 29, 30, May 1 Theatre Troupe "The King & I"
June – October
Farmers’ Market
June 19 Fun in the Park
June 24
Garden Walk
July 3
Liberty Family Fun Run
July 4
Independence Spectacular/Fireworks
Concert at Colette Highlands
July 20 & 21
Theatre Troupe Murder Mystery
July 22
Concert on the Lawn
August 3-4-5
Taste of Orland Park
August 7
White Sox Grand Slam Event
August 7
Police National Night Out
August 26
Police Bike Ride for Special Olympics
November 10
November 18 November 19
November 22
November 25
Village Golf Outing
Camp Beneath the Stars
Veterans Steak Fry
Theatre Troupe Fall Show
The Great Pumpkin Party
Sportsplex Senior Week
Special Recreation Garage Sale
Sportsplex Turkey Shoot Out
Kids’ Turkey Trot
Annual Turkey Trot
Winter Fest & Mayor’s Tree Lighting
December 12 & 17
December 13, 14, 15
December 13
Santa’s Calling
Theatre Troupe Holiday Show
Winter Wonderland
Arts Commission Events
Information included here is subject to change.
Call 708/403-6140 for more information.
Details appear on the village's website at
This publication may reach addresses
not within the Village of Orland Park.
Produced by the Village of Orland Park
Office of Public Information
Volume 30, Number 1
William R. Vogel Memorial
14750 South Ravinia Avenue
[email protected]
The perfect location for all gatherings
Bridal Shows • Civic Events • Collectibles Shows • Corporate Gatherings
Craft Shows • Employee Training • Expositions • Family & Class Reunions
Fashion Shows • Fundraisers • Hobby Exhibits • Holiday Parties • Meetings
Military Events • Multi-Business Networking Events • Receptions
Religious Celebrations • Reunions • Seminars
Senior Interest Workshops • Showers • Spa Events
Training Programs • Veterans' Events • Weddings
...or any other type of event!
The serving of alcohol is permitted at the Civic Center.
Wi-Fi Equipped
Annual Report • Winter, 2012

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