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 December 2009
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WestCare Express
The WestCare Foundation Employee Newsletter
In This Issue
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SAMHSA’s Homelessness Resource Center
(HRC) Announces New Research on
Homelessness and Parenting
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WestCare California Fall Graduation
SAMHSA’s Homelessness Resource Center
(HRC) Announces New Research on
Homelessness and Parenting
Article published by The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
AMHSA’s Homelessness Resource Center is
who are homeless.
announcing the release of a Special Section of the
In addition, two commentary articles provide
San Diego Zoo Trip!
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry focused on
perspectives about parenting. Gladys Fonfield-Ayinla,
Page 3
The Village South’s Marie Baptiste,
payroll clerk, becomes a citizen of the
United States!
homelessness and parenting. The Special Section,
a formerly homeless mother, and Betty Schulz, an
guest edited by the Homelessness Resource Center,
outreach nurse working with families in Baltimore’s
includes the latest research on parenting in the
urban homeless shelters discuss their experiences.
Oronde Gadsden teams up with the
Village South’s Adolescent Treatment
context of homelessness.
Guidance Clinic of the Middle Keys &
Care Center for Mental Health Merge
by 9% in 2008, according to a recent report by HUD.
Page 4
The Veterans of Harris Springs Ranch
New IDOC director visits Sheridan
Page 5
Arizona’s Thrift Store Gets a Face Lift
WestCare Georgia Accepts a Donation
from Wal-Mart
Page 6
Kwanzaa is Dec. 26th – Jan. 1st
Family homelessness in the United States increased
The increase in numbers of families that are homeless
highlights the urgent need for research to inform
policy and programs that best support parents and
children who are coping with homelessness.
The Homelessness Resource Center is sponsoring
free open access to the electronic full-text of articles
in the Special Section
Organization/Parenting-and-Homelessness – FREE-
5 Questions
Access-to-Full-Articles-403.aspx. To request a free
Page 7
WestCare Wellness Watch
hard copy of the entire issue, contact: [email protected]
In many languages
Page 8
Campaign Corner
Come see Marvel Universe at WestCare
The Special Section fills a significant gap in research
on the challenges of family relationships in the context
of homelessness. The articles include policy, practice,
and research recommendations to support parents as
they stabilize their lives, care for their children, and
move out of homelessness.
The seven research articles in the Special Section
cover topics including: the importance of social
supports and non-traditional family networks for
parents; recommended interventions for strengthening
the parent-child bond; parent-adolescent violence and
Research highlights from the Special Section include:
• Determining that providing supports to improve parenting practices can help improve resiliency and emotional and behavioral health among children who are homeless.
• Recognizing the important role of non-traditional family networks among families that are homeless.
• Showing the filial therapy, an evidence-based mental health intervention can empower parents and offer safety and structure to children
experiencing homelessness.
• Identifying physical violence between parents and
adolescents as a risk factor for later behavioral health
problems among youth who become homeless.
Noting the importance of supporting parents who have children connected to the foster care system as a means of avoiding future generations of homelessness.
• Revealing the additional, more severe impacts the
adverse effects of homelessness can have on families
dealing with other family risk factors.
• Highlighting the higher stress levels experienced by
parents attempting to support homeless adult children.
risks for behavioral health problems; foster care; family
Funded by SAMHSA, the Homelessness Resource
functioning; and supports for parents of adult children
Center is dedicated to improving the daily lives of
December 2009
Page 2
Continued from page one
people who are homeless and who have mental
2.0 website targeted to direct service providers.
publication of the American Psychological
illness, substance use problems, co-occurring
Entry into the HRC community can be accessed
Association and is dedicated to informing public
disorders, or trauma histories. HRC is funded by
by visiting and
policy and professional practice, and to expanding
SAMHSA’s Homeless Programs Branch, within the
clicking on “Register.” Registered members can rate
knowledge related to mental health and human
Center for Mental Health Services’ Division of
and comment on resources, network with other
development from a multidisciplinary and
Services and Systems Improvement. HRC’s work
provider and consumer members, and receive regular
interprofessional perspective. Visit:
includes on-site and virtual training, technical
e-mail updates from the HRC.
assistance, knowledge products, and an interactive
The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry is a
SAMHSA is a public health agency within the Department of Health and Human Services. The agency is responsible for improving the accountability,
capacity and effectiveness of the nation’s substance abuse prevention, addictions treatment, and mental health services delivery system.
WestCare California 2009 Fall Graduation
Submitted by the WestCare California Staff
estCare California held its fall graduation commencement on November 2, 2009 with 28 graduates
walking in the ceremony. The event was held at the Tower Theater in Fresno, California with John Wallace
hosting and
keynote speaker,
Retired NFL
Atlanta Falcons
Player Terrance
Mathis, delivering
an energetic and
inspiring speech.
Terrance Mathis (keynote speaker), Mardi
Palacios, Rashid Frye, John Wallace
San Diego Zoo Trip
Submitted by the WestCare California Staff
n October 26, the mothers and children at the San Diego Family Foundations Program were treated to
a trip to the San Diego Zoo. One of our on-call staff was able to secure 25 complimentary passes for the adult
admission, and during the month of October children enter the zoo for free. The local chapter of Soroptimist
International had granted the program a modest donation, which was used to pay for a charted bus in order
to transport our ladies, their children and staff to the zoo. This allowed us to enjoy a day at the zoo at no
cost to the program. Accompanying our group was one of our community partners from the San Diego
School District who works closely with our infants, toddlers and mothers so she could observe the community
in a more natural setting.
December 2009
Page 3
The Village South’s Marie Baptiste,
Payroll Clerk, Becomes a Citizen of the
United States!
South Florida
By Wendy Simpkins – WestCare Florida
arie Iphemise Baptiste, a native of Haiti,
applying for citizenship and on November 6 her
came to the United States October 25, 1995 with
dream was a reality. “After 14 years of living in the
her family, looking to start a brand new way of life.
United States, my dream of becoming a U.S. citizen
At first, she really missed her homeland, but as the
finally came true. God answered my prayers and
years went on she began to see the great opportu-
I am so thankful. Thank you to God, my mother
nities that the U.S. was going to provide for her.
Marie Dor and my Village co-workers for their love
and support through this process” Marie said.
In February, Marie began the process of
Marie Baptiste (center) with her Village family who attended the ceremony with her.
Oronde Gadsden teams up with the Village South’s
By Wendy Simpkins – WestCare Florida
Adolescent Treatment Program
ronde Gadsden began his career in the NFL
In October, he sponsored a Halloween party for the
in 1995 playing for the Dallas Cowboys. After two
youth, complete with bobbing for apples and a dance
years and a Super Bowl title under his belt, he
contest. In November, Oronde took the adolescents
moved to South Florida to play for the Miami
to see the Miami Dolphins play the Tampa Bay
Dolphins from 1998-2004. By the time he retired,
Buccaneers at Landshark Stadium. Other activities
he had 23 touchdowns, was number 10 on the
for November included Mr. D. Hodge, motivational
all-time receiver list and will go down in history as
speaker, volleyball and barbeque, and flag football
catching Dan Marino’s last touchdown pass.
and ice cream social.
Now Oronde and his Next Level Foundation
We welcome Oronde and his foundation as
Nairdays Alvarez, Girls ATP client with Oronde
Gadsden enjoying the festivities at the October
Halloween party.
has partnered with the Village South to provide
a part of the WestCare family and look forward to
activities for the adolescent treatment programs.
many months of fun activities for our youth.
Guidance Clinic of the Middle Keys and
Care Center for Mental Health Merge
The Guidance Clinic of the Middle Keys, Inc and Care Centers for Mental Health,
Inc merged in October to become one county- wide agency known as the Guidance/
Care Center (GCC) Inc. GCC is an affiliate of the WestCare Foundation.
With this agency name change, GCC will maximize our strengths to further build
the relationships and trust we have with the clients and community we serve.
The Guidance/Care Center is a CARF accredited community and comprehensive
mental health and substance abuse provider with clinics in Key West, Marathon and
Key Largo. Services range from substance abuse prevention, mental health crisis
stabilization, detox, psychiatry, school based counseling, brief therapy, walk-in,
supportive employment and case management. The GCC employs 135 staff and
provides services to over 4500 clients in the Florida Keys.
December 2009
Page 4
The Veterans of
Harris Springs Ranch
Submitted by the WestCare Nevada staff
or many veterans, there are scars and wounds that lay hidden and unhealed, and those
scars and wounds often lead them down the path to addiction. At the request of the Veteran
Administration, WestCare Nevada began providing long-term co-occurring residential services
for men at Harris Springs Ranch October 1, 2008. Since then Harris Springs Ranch has help
more than 41 men regain their sense of self-respect and honor.
Veterans Day is a day dedicated to those who serve our country in good times and in
bad, a day to celebrate those who have served and honored this country. To honor the strong
and courageous men who have worked to move from the path of addiction to the path of
change, the Veterans at Harris Springs Ranch used Veterans Days to create a memorial for
all those who will follow in their footsteps onto this path of change. The memorial features
an American Flag, where each veteran that comes to Harris Springs Ranch will be invited
to place their signature, to be remembered by all who follow. Several of the Harris Springs
Ranch staff and clients have proudly placed their signatures upon the flag and wish to invite
all WestCare veterans to join them, if you ever visit to Harris Springs Ranch. The memorial
was dedicated on Veterans Day November 11, 2009 during a flag ceremony. Afterwards they
celebrated by having a traditional American cookout!
Below are some words from the men who have worked hard to change their
lives and helped to preserve our way of life.
Robert M. – I was proud to serve my country, my beloved U.S.A. Today
I’m proud to also be a veteran, now served by my U.S.A.
James R. – From the Gulf War to today I have learned you can change and
get your loved ones back. Thank you HSR and staff.
Patrick D. – Since being at Harris Springs Ranch, I have become much
calmer and I am working to become clean and sober.
Eugene T. – Harris Spring Ranch runs an awesome program for the
treatment of addicts. I have learned coping skills and acquired tools to help
me live a clean, sober and responsible life.
New IDOC Director Visits Sheridan
Submitted by WestCare Sheridan
ichael P. Randle, the new director of the Illinois
He was also able to observe some of the
immediately. Clients who don’t meet all of the
Department of Corrections (IDOC), visited Sheridan
treatment groups and speak to some of our staff
criteria for the treatment program (mainly they
Correctional Center on November 3. He was able to
and clients one-on-one. Afterward, Mr. Randle
have too much time to serve) will be housed in a
briefly attend WestCare’s all-staff meeting and
stated, “I was very impressed with the work that
special unit where they will receive approximately
introduce himself and some of his staff. Mr. Randle
WestCare does.”
two hours of services daily, focusing on how to
expressed his support for the therapeutic community
engage them in the treatment program.
and was very appreciative of the work we do.
begin a pretreatment program at Sheridan
It was also announced that WestCare will
December 2009
Page 5
Arizona’s Thrift Store Gets a Face Lift
rizona’s WestCare Thrift Store has undergone
By Tracy Stevens – Area Director
hours. We are well known in the community for
a face lift over the last few months. Thrift Store
carrying good quality items, and there are many
manager Dena Dodson, along with her faithful
“regulars” who visit us weekly. The store operates
volunteers, have created a friendlier, boutique-style
Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
In addition to Dena, there are five volunteers who
Christmas items stored away, just waiting for their
The store receives donations from individuals,
work at the store regularly and two women on
new homes.
businesses, community organizations and even
probation who perform community service work
some of the outlet stores in Laughlin. In addition
hours at the store. We often also send residents
provide yet another service to our community that
to the usual clothing and miscellaneous items of
from our sober living homes or Safehouse to help
not only helps our clients to get the things they
furniture that are donated on a regular basis, the
out at the store.
need for themselves and their families, but also
store now boasts a shoe corner, an enticinig books
allows those less fortunate in the community to
section, a vintage clothing and accessories section
need anything for our residential programs, clients
and a household items section. Recently, the store
or offices, we check the store first, saving us a lot of
also added a jewelry showcase and display. In the
time and money because we do not have to go out
first week, the display had to be refilled two times
and purchase the items. The store is self-supporting
as the items sold out so quickly.
and has been averaging about $1,000 profit per
month. With the Christmas holiday just around
Our biggest selling item is still clothing, with
The advantage of the store is that when we
furniture running a close second. Most furniture
the corner and today’s economic times, we expect
delivered to the store for sale is sold within 48
to see sales increase for December. We have many
WestCare Georgia Accepts a Donation
from Wal-Mart
Submitted by – the WestCare Georgia Staff
ohn Bascom and Dwayne King accepting a donation from Wal-Mart for WestCare
Georgia which was obtained by Ms. Palmore from the Independent Living Staff.
West Care Arizona is proud to continue to
purchase quality items at a reasonable cost.
December 2009
Page 6
Kwanzaa is Dec. 26th – Jan 1st
Kwanzaa is a unique African American celebration with focus on the traditional African values of family, community responsibility, commerce, and selfimprovement. Kwanzaa is neither political nor religious and despite some misconceptions, is not a substitute for Christmas. It is simply a time of reaffirming
African-American people, their ancestors and culture. Kwanzaa, which means “first fruits of the harvest” in the African language Kiswahili, has gained
tremendous acceptance. Since its founding in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga, Kwanzaa has come to be observed by more than18 million people worldwide, as
reported by the New York Times. When establishing Kwanzaa in 1966, Dr. Karenga included an additional “a” to the end of the spelling to reflect the difference
between the African American celebration (kwanzaa) and the Motherland spelling (kwanza).
Kwanzaa is based on the Nguzo Saba (seven guiding principles), one for each
day of the observance, and is celebrated from December 26th to January 1st.
• Umoja (oo-MO-jah) Unity stresses the importance of togetherness for the family and the community, which is reflected in the African saying, “I am We,” or “I am because We are.”
• Kujichagulia (koo-gee-cha-goo-LEE-yah) Self-Determination requires that we define our
common interests and make decisions that are in the best interest of our family and community.
• Ujima (oo-GEE-mah) Collective Work and Responsibility reminds us of our obligation to the past, present and future, and that we have a role to play in the community, society, and world.
• Ujamaa (oo-JAH-mah) Cooperative economics emphasizes our collective economic strength and encourages us to meet common needs through mutual support.
• Nia (NEE-yah) Purpose encourages us to look within ourselves and to set personal goals that are beneficial to the community.
• Kuumba (koo-OOM-bah) Creativity makes use of our creative energies to build and maintain a strong and vibrant community.
• Imani (ee-MAH-nee) Faith focuses on honoring the best of our traditions, draws upon the best in ourselves, and helps us strive for a higher level of life for humankind, by affirming our
self-worth and confidence in our ability to succeed and triumph in righteous struggle.
5 Questions with Frank Scafidi, PhD
Frank Scafidi was born and raised in Chicago. He moved to Miami in 1983 to
get his doctoral degree from the University of Miami and decided to make
Miami his home. He began working with The Village in 1993. He currently is
the senior clinical officer for the South Florida Region and the national
director of research and evaluation for WestCare.
shy as a child and throughout high school.
I also think people are surprised to find out
that I did marine biology research in
Jamaica for a summer while I was an
1. What is your most rewarding experience and biggest challenge
working for WestCare?
My most rewarding experiences in working with WestCare are the diversity of
my responsibilities and the ability to collaborate with everyone throughout
WestCare. The biggest challenge also is the diversity of my position and trying
to balance the many roles and responsibilities.
4. Proudest personal or professional
My proudest professional accomplishment
was being invited to be a presenter at an
international conference in Japan. My
proudest personal accomplishment is
finding my “soul mate.” We have been
together for 10 years.
2. What do you do in your spare time?
Spare time? I am not familiar with that phrase. However, if I do have any, I
enjoy listening to music, having dinner with friends, and attending plays and
3. What would everyone be surprised to learn about you?
Most people usually are surprised to find out I was extremely introverted and
5. What is your favorite TV show? If
you do not watch TV what is your
favorite type of music?
I love live theater, especially Broadway musicals. I also am somewhat of an
aficionado on the Golden Age of Hollywood.
December 2009
Page 7
. . . In many languages
Chinese (Cantonese)
Sun nien fai lok
Chinese (Mandarin)
Xin nian yu kuai
Godt Nytår
Gelukkig nieuwjaar
What is your New Years Resolution?
Submitted by Wendy Simpkins
Here we are again, getting ready to begin another year. Is this going to be the year you start
exercising more? Eating healthy? Quit smoking? Volunteer your time? What is it about the
New Year that causes us to begin making life-changing decisions, and why are they so hard to
stick by?
According to Wikipedia, “A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that an individual makes
to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as
advantageous.” Wow! How many years have you made the same resolution? How many years
did you fail? What is it about the New Year that makes us want to change our lives? This year,
how can you make resolutions that you will be able to follow? There really is a right way and
a wrong way in making a resolution. Here are some simple tips to help make your 2010 New
Years resolutions attainable and manageable.
Make your list of resolutions – but be realistic.
Create a plan – what to do first and what steps are needed to make the resolution a reality.
Write down your resolution and your plan – maybe a special notebook where you can also keep track of your milestones in achieving your resolution.
When deciding on your resolutions – think year round or life style change – not just
immediate future.
Remain flexible but stick to it.
Remember, your resolutions and plans will change; life is unexpected and this needs to
be taken into consideration on a daily basis so that you don’t become frustrated. You may even
need to change your resolution in a little or big way but stay focused on your ultimate goal.
You need to recognize little successes you have every step of the way, so reward yourself with
something that doesn’t contradict your resolution. Finally, experts say it takes about 21 days
for a new activity (such as exercising), to become a habit and six months for it to become part
of your personality. Your new healthful habits will become second-nature in no time, so be
patient. Happy 2010!
Aide shoma mobarak
Bonne année
Aith-bhliain Fe Nhaise Dhuit
Gutes Neues Jahr
Hauoli Makahiki Hou
Shanah tovah
Nyob zoo xyoo tshiab
elamat Tahun Baru
Buon Capo d’Anno
Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu
Godt Nyttår
Pilipino (Tagalog)
Maligayang Bagong Taon
Szczesliwego Nowego roku
Feliz ano novo
La Multi Ani
S Novym Godom
Feliz Año Nuevo
Wilujeng Tahun Baru
Gott Nytt År
Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
December 2009
Page 8
Campaign Corner
WestCare Arizona, California and Nevada Staff
Members Recently Participated at the
Let’s Make a Deal Show with Wayne Brady
hirty-eight staff members from WestCare Arizona, California and Nevada recently participated at the “Let’s
Make a Deal” show with Wayne Brady. It was a fun outing and approximately $457.00 was raised for WestCare.
During the recording of the show, we were able to get to
know each other a little bit better. With friendly camaraderie
we laughed, applauded, and shared as we wore our favorite
costumes. From a ketchup bottle to a chicken farmer, we
showed the world that WestCare employees represent our
organization with optimism while we support what we do for our community.
You may watch the shows at search for the “Let’s Make a Deal” show
and search by dates.
Raquel Merrigan
from WestCare
Ergenbright from
Arizona and
WestCare Nevada
husband Joey
Show aired Thursday,
Show aired Wednesday,
November 11, 2009
November 12, 2009
Won $200.00!
Raquel, Joey and their
three kids will have a
blast in their new boat
navigating the Colorado
River, which happens
to be in their backyard!
Hubert is used to appearing
on TV. His recovery story was featured in the show Intervention
episodes 141: Hubert and Jessica and show 152: Hubert and Ryan
Follow Up.
The “Let’s Make a Deal” show expressed interest on interviewing him
also. We are proud of being part of his story.
Come see Marvel Universe at WestCare Kentucky
ver 200 men, women and children from the local community
participated in the 4th Annual Halloween celebration at the
Hal Rogers Appalachian
Recovery Center.
Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics
WestCare Kentucky
Co-Chair Wallace
Taylor participates
in a fundraiser for
the Estill County
CIC. Several
hundred people
from the community
came to watch The
WestCare Wildcats
play the Harlem

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