SUCCO D`UVA E MELE Juice of grapes and apples



SUCCO D`UVA E MELE Juice of grapes and apples
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Juice of grapes and apples
It is a cellar’s singular product, this fruit juice is totally non alcoholic and as such is called: CHILD’S WINE.
It is obtained from a crushed mixture Freisa and Malvasia grapes,
and from a combination of apples especially the Granny Smith variety which gives to this juice a pleasant acidity.
All of its sweetness is derived from the natural sugars in the ingredients, and no other sugar is added.
The grape juice besides its purity lands itself to be combined in
such a way where only one’s imagination is the limit, for example
combining it with a Brut spumante (sparkling wine) to achieve a
fancy aperitif, or using appropriate containers, one can realize excellent fruit icicles.
The possible deposit at the bottom of the bottle is only a statement
of its wholesomeness.
Once opened it has to be kept refrigerated, serve chilled and within a child’s reach.
Capacity 1 liters.
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