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Media Kit
April 3rd – 6th, 2015
A Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes creation.
Shopping does its show !
Presentation of the 12th edition
The program
Pre-Opening “A Midsummer Night's Dream” by Denis Durand
Friday, April 3rd
Galeries Lafayette, « Ocean Drive »
Saturday, April 4th Ventilo, Spring Summer 2015
Sunday, April 5th
Denis Durand Couture, “Songe d’une nuit d’été”
Cours Aline Buffet, tomorrow’s stylists
Monday, April 6th Enjoy Models
Final of the national model contest 2015
Around the Cannes Shopping Festival
From April 3rd to 6th, 2015
Shopping does its show
The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès proposes a new festive program intended for
tourists and the local public. Everyone is invited to come to celebrate Cannes’ trendy
fashion event, the 12th edition of the Cannes Shopping Festival. During the Easter
weekend, La Croisette enriches with a fashion and glamour variation of the walking on
the famous stairs at the Palais des Festivals.
Four exceptional evenings during which the Spring-Summer 2015 collections of well
known brands but also young emerging talents will be presented. The Festival will close
with the “National Model Contest 2015” final by the agency Enjoy Models. Starting
Thursday, April 2nd, as pre-opening of the Festival, the fashion designer Denis Durand
combines art and fashion in an exhibition presenting his new 2015 couture collection
around the theme “A Midsummer Night's Dream”. This exhibition will be open to the
public from April 3rd to 6th.
On Friday, April 3rd, Galeries Lafayette makes us dive into a fabulous underwater
universe with Ocean Drive : bright fashion focused on fluid movements with superb
iridescent effects.
On Saturday, April 4th, Ventilo will present its Spring Summer 2015 collection inspired by
the 50’s in acidic colors of Sunset and Denis Durand Couture, “Songe d’une nuit d’été”.
On Sunday, April 5th, Aline Buffet, fashion designer and manager of the local fashion
school Cours Aline Buffet, will present the 2015 creations of tomorrow’s fashion stylists.
On Monday, April 6th, Enjoy Models stages the final of their national male and female
model contest. The winners will become the new faces of the agency.
Regarding the destination itself, the Cannes Shopping Festival aims to boost its entry into
the summer season. It mobilizes and federates the socio-professional actors around an
event in line with the attractions of the destination : lifestyle and shopping.
Invitations to the Cannes Shopping Festival
Over 40 hotels and about 20 partner shops offer invitations to the fashion shows.
Also, every day, the Tourist information office of Cannes will distribute invitations (according to
Shopping: a way of life
Cannes, international village, acquired its fame through the International Film Festival, but also
through its famous La Croisette gathering most of the famous luxury brands and offering a unique
shopping experience.
On a couple of streets only, the city center combines major fashion designer brands, but also
popular brands of ready-to-wear clothing, so allowing every fashion addict to enjoy an open-air
shopping session, for a few hours or a few minutes, in the very heart of the French Riviera !
To fully live the Festival, many local shops will offer privileged moments and good deals to its
customer, in accordance with the fashion universe.
A Palais des Festivals et des Congrès creation
From April 3rd to 6th, the Grand Auditorium, mythic room of 2300 seats, will welcome fashion
shows of about one hour every evening, produced by the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. The
presentations of the new Spring Summer collections will turn into real shows with numerous
artists on stage to accompany the models on the catwalks.
From April 3rd to 6th
Denis Durand Couture presents “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
Exhibition - Hall Méditerranée – free admission from noon to 6 pm.
Pre-opening and private viewing on Thursday, April 2nd, red carpet starting at 7 pm.
Friday, April 3rd
A creator’s fashion parade in the city !
Starting at 2:30 pm, rue Hoche
The City of Cannes, in partnership with the agency Graine de Mode, organizes a fashion
show, a creator’s parade with modern, urban atmosphere in the heart of the city.
Galeries Lafayette, « Ocean Drive »
8 pm - Grand Auditorium, red carpet starting at 7 pm.
Saturday, April 4th
Ventilo, Spring Summer 2015
Denis Durand Couture, “Songe d’une nuit d’été”
8 pm - Grand Auditorium, red carpet starting at 7 pm.
Sunday, April 5th
Cours Aline Buffet introduces the stylists of tomorrow
8 pm - Grand Auditorium, red carpet starting at 7 pm.
Monday, April 6th
Enjoy Models, Final of the national model contest 2015
8 pm - Grand Auditorium, red carpet starting at 7 pm.
An evening at the Cannes Shopping Festival in detail
Starting at 7 pm : red carpet
Photocall : Before entering the Grand Auditorium, a photographer will propose a starshooting to the guests. (This photo can be downloaded free of charge on the internetsite after the show. A print copy can also be ordered directly with the photographer).
Fashion show : A one-hour show in the mythic hall of the Palais des Festivals et des
Congrès of Cannes : the Grand Auditorium.
Thursday, April 2nd at 7 pm
Private viewing on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 – Red Carpet at 7 pm.
Exhibition open to the public from April 3rd to 6th, from noon to 6 pm, hall méditerranée.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Denis Durand
©Sylvio Testa
The fashion designer Denis Durand, who lives in
Cannes since 2007, presents his new couture
creations around an Art & Fashion exhibition on
the theme “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.
What at first is used as a pretext becomes a real
subject : perceive the narrow relationship
between two short-lived worlds : fashion and
gardens, and tell a story in which artists of
different backgrounds enter.
Jewelry, glassware, photography, perfumery or
flower arrangement will be staged around a
walk revealing 15 couture silhouettes and
artistic kaleidoscopic creations.
Enchantment, beauty, … a phantasmagorical universe for an idyllic Midsummer
Night’s Dream - Thursday, April 2nd at 7 pm for private viewing and an exhibition
open to the public from April 3rd to 6th.
Exhibition sponsor : H.S.H. the Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme
“I am delighted to participate in the exhibition ‘A Midsummer Night’s
Dream’, inspired by the unique and exceptional couture creations of
Denis Durand accompanied by artists of great value, each bringing the
innovation and excellence of their different backgrounds. Since 6 years
now, I value art professions and French know-how on an international
level by means of my association “L' Art Autrement dit”. Through this
exhibition, I wish to transmit to the young passionate public a different
and real vision of these craft sectors of excellence. I invite you to come
numerous to discover these elegant and sophisticated moments
emphasizing the synergy between imagination and intelligence of the
Tania de Bourbon Parme, Designer
Press Contact : Beauty Full Consulting - Maud Marjolet
[email protected] - [email protected] + 33 688 729 662 / / Page Facebook
More information on the following link lien Dropbox
Friday, April 3rd at 8 pm
Grand Auditorium
Ocean Drive by Galeries Lafayette
For the 5th year in a row, the Galeries Lafayette store of
Cannes joins the Cannes Shopping Festival and organizes the
opening parade.
Within the context of their event Ocean Drive, Galeries
Lafayette stages a dive into the fabulous and mysterious
underwater universe : bright fashion focused on fluid
movements with superb iridescent effects.
Real show combining fashion, art and entertainment. The
parade aims to be the true reflection of the Galeries Lafayette
stores, real theaters of live fashion, presenting all the Spring
Summer looks of 2015 with the trendiest brands of the
season, including the essential brand names distributed by the
Galeries Lafayette store of Cannes.
The opportunity to discover :
- A brand new performance by the artist Mister OneTeas
- Artistic performances of : Tatiana Thomas, acrobat dancer, the performer Andrea
Catozzi, the choreographer Bérangère Andreo with dancers of the Prague Ballet
- The creative universe of the photographer and producer Klaus Lucka
- The special participation of Pierre Favola, guitarist
- The exclusive creation into the abysses by Jérémie Correia, Fashion Designer
Design : Ludo Bohème
Stage setting : Galeries Lafayette of Cannes
Video creation and coordination : Poisson Prod
The exclusive brands of Galeries Lafayette :
Galeries Lafayette Paris, Jodhpur, Avant-Première, Jodhpur Weekend, Briefing.
The partner brands : Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Lise Charmel, DKNY, Morgan, Caroll,
Molly Bracken, Banana Moon, HOM, Falke, Simone Pérèle, Implicite, Seidensticker, My
Jemma, Bala Boosté.
In partnership with Les Thermes Marins de Cannes Radisson Blu and le Musée Océanographique de
Galeries Lafayette - Cannes : 6 rue du Maréchal Foch – Phone : 04 97 06 25 00
Press Contact : Eliane Lorca 04 97 06 25 23 [email protected]
More information on the following link lien Dropbox
Saturday, April 4th at 8 pm
Grand Auditorium
Spring Summer 2015 Collection by VENTILO
VENTILO reveals its new collection Beverly Hills like
a sweet promise, which will accompany dreams and
desires ! For its Spring Summer collection 2015,
VENTILO was inspired by the Los Angeles of the
50’s, with numerous references to symbolic places
such as the Beverly Hills Hotel and Château
Marmont. This collection in the colors of Sunset,
acidic tones and swimming pool cocktail party
manner, can easily apply to the universe of Cannes,
where the starlets of the 50’s performed on La
Croisette to offer to the Cannes Film Festival its
international dimension.
As always, linen and silk are the major fabrics used
for the summer collections by VENTILO, retro style
dresses as a tribute to Hollywood actresses,
brocade suits in pastel tones, fluid frock coats …
exclusive prints of the fabrics, symbolizing the
tapestries of Hollywood’s intimate hotels where the
stars relaxed between shootings. Also the very
feminine lace returns in all its forms.
Summer must-have by VENTILO : the shawl !
Knotted as a pareo, very smart and simply thrown
on the shoulder or ethnic, braided in a turban,
sultana like … the Spring Summer collection 2015 is
rich in suggestions.
Ventilo - Cannes :
21 rue d'Antibes – Phone : 04 97 06 58 82
Press Contact : Catherine Miran 01 42 36 15 15
Media Kit : Spring Summer 2015 Collections to be downloaded via this link à télécharger
Saturday, April 4th at 8 pm
Grand Auditorium
It is in the silk that this grandson of weaver of Lyon
is born. The sewing, Denis Durand has it in his
blood ! Self-taught, he begins in Paris with
Dominique Borg, wardrobe master of theater,
with whom he creates, dresses for the movie
Camille Claudel. This collaboration and its passion
for the 7th art and its Hollywood legends of the
30s and 40s century, lead him in 2011, 13 the
years after the creation of his fashion house, to
settle down in the city of the Festival of the Movie,
Of thread in needles and laces in embroidery, its
taste for the noble materials and its requirement
for the precision, make of Denis Durand a discreet
craftsman in the purest tradition of the French
Fashion design. Today, his unique and remarkable
creations are dressed up all over the world.
Denis Durand Couture evokes in his creations the
asserted, delicate and luxurious paying femininity
tribute in the silhouettes.
Evening silhouettes and long dresses will parade
Contact Presse : Beauty Full Consulting - Maud Marjolet
[email protected] [email protected] + 33 688 729 662
Plus d’information à consulter via ce lien Dropbox
Sunday, April 5th at 8 pm
Grand Auditorium
Cours Aline Buffet introduces the stylists of tomorrow
Aline Buffet, fashion designer and manager of the
private school Cours Aline Buffet of Cannes, has the
honor to introduce the stylists of tomorrow.
For this new edition of the Cannes Shopping Festival, the
creations by 27 pupils of the prestigious school Cours
Aline Buffet will be featured.
Albertelli Karen (Mademoiselle Croisette), Banh Lisa, Bar
Caroline, Baranski Nika, Batailler Alexandra, Beridon Mathias,
Bernardot Paloma, Boisset-Stüben Coralie (NAASH), Bonvallet
Hermine, De Lorenzo Emilie, Gery Justine, Habib Myriam,
Laigle Aleksandra, Mariotti Manon, Nataf Laura, Nuttal-Barber
Alexia, Périgard Virginie, Perrier Mariana, Richer Typhaine,
Rigal Stéphanie, Shadbolt Elodie (NAASH), Solimeis Alexia,
Stephan Charlotte, Tavares Véronica, Terrier Maëva, Walle
Several models of cocktail and evening dresses will be
presented. To complete and close the show : a
spectacular bridal dress, drawn by Aline Buffet herself
and realized by her pupils.
The school Cours Aline Buffet is based on teaching Haute
Couture Designer techniques that preserve and uphold
the practice of exceptional craft skills and creation, the
guarantee of a unique know-how.
Soundtrack mix : Guillaume Can
Models : agence Enjoy Models
Make-up : Ecole Élysée Marboeuf
Hairstyling : Monsieur Galvez,
Salon Kennedy Coiffure, 63 avenue Sainte-Marguerite - Nice.
Hostesses and dresser : Lycée Saint-Exupéry - Saint-Raphaël.
More information on the following link lien Dropbox
Styliste Aleksandra Laigle
Press Contact : Coralie Bouisset Les Carnets MediaCom
[email protected] Phone : 06 49 47 85 71
Monday, April 6th at 8 pm
Grand Auditorium
Male & Female Final Enjoy Models Contest 2015
Become the new face !
Discover the new faces of tomorrow ! For the first time on stage at the Grand Auditorium
Louis Lumière, follow the election of Enjoy Models’ new faces with the final of the
national male and female model contest. About twenty candidates will compete in town
suit, swimsuit and evening gown.
Choreography : Jean-François Véran, choreographer and stylist for l’Oréal.
In partnership with BCBGMAXAZRIA, Chipie, Carnet deVol and Chérie FM.
Enjoy Models – a talent-spotter agency -
Created in 2003, Enjoy Models has become a benchmark in modelling agencies of
Southern France. Since 2012, the agency is also present in Paris - rue de Rivoli. Enjoy
Models represents more than 1500 senior male and female models and also includes a
children department. A large number of leading fashion labels already placed their trust
in this agency : Fendi, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, as well as other major
brands (Citroën, BMW, the Oréal).
Press Contact : Jill Morelle/ Marjorie Carpentier
[email protected] Phone : 04 93 16 89 42
During this festive Cannes Shopping Festival weekend, the local storekeepers, mobilized
by the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, will propose special offers to their customers.
The mobile App CannesisYours will centralize all “good deals” of the local stores.
From personalized customer service offers to special rebates, the Cannes Shopping
Festival allows a true moment of shopping in an authentic, human-sized city, with a very
large number of trendy brands represented and so offer to the visitors a simply amazing
The partners of the Cannes Shopping Festival will provide dressing, hairstyling and
make-up to the models parading inside the Grand Auditorium Louis Lumière.
École Élysées Marbeuf -
Elysées Marbeuf, since 1953 a reference school for training in
beauty industry skills and luxury sectors.
22 Boulevard de la République – Cannes – Phone:(0)4 93 38 39 39.
Lycée les Coteaux -
Labelled High school for fashion and costume making professions,
“Les Côteaux” of Cannes offers concise training programs in the
following fields : sewing, creation of custom-made garments,
dressing techniques and costume creation.
4/6 chemin Morgon – Cannes - Phone : (0)4 89 89 81 01.
École Balzac -
Private teaching institution for professional education in
Hairstyling, Beauty Care and Cosmetics, accredited by the State,
with over 25 years of experience.
53 boulevard Carnot – Cannes – Phone : (0)4 93 68 21 06.
Press Contacts
Elisabeth Lara
Phone : +33 (4) 92 99 84 46 - [email protected]
Raphaëlle Galante
Phone: +33 (4) 92 99 84 12 [email protected]
Karin Osmuk
Phone : +33(4) 92 99 31 62 - [email protected]