myCompass: Using mobile phone and web



myCompass: Using mobile phone and web
myCompass: Using mobile phone
and web-based technology to
improve mental health in the
Janine Clarke PhD MAPs
Psychologist/Research Officer
Black Dog Institute
What do we know?
Mental health problems are
Approximately 50% of sufferers
do not access help1
50% of people with depression
report job-related stress2
Undiagnosed depression costs
Cost to business of each FT
employee with undiagnosed
depression = $10k3
What else do we know?
Depression accounts for >12m
days of lost productivity4
Total cost to economy of stress
= AUD$14.81b4
Each $1 invested in early diagnosis and
intervention returns $5 by increasing
An internet and mobile phone self-help
program for people with mild-to-moderate
depression, anxiety and stress
Developed by The
Black Dog Institute and endorsed by
the Commonwealth Department of Health
• Collaborative endeavour
o Developed by the Black Dog Institute,
funded by the Commonwealth
Department of Health and Ageing
• A world first
o Public health intervention
o Completely automated – no therapist
o Delivered via the internet to people’s
computers and mobile phones
o No registration fee
• >13,000 registered users
• International uptake
Global use of myCompass
myCompass RCT
Randomised Controlled Trial
Mild-to-moderate depression,
anxiety and/or stress
randomised to:
• myCompass
• Placebo
• Waitlist
Symptoms and functioning
assessed at:
• Baseline
• Post intervention
• 3 month follow up
Work and social impairment
Mental health symptoms
Where to next?
• The mechanisms of change
• High risk groups
• Further module development
Continuous quality improvement
• Ease of use/feedback/flexibility
• Evidence-based
• Translation
• Linkages, e.g., health, industry
and the corporate sectors
1. Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing: National Mental Health Reform
2011-2-12: Strengthening Primary Health Care Services: Canberra: Commonwealth of
Australia; 2011
2. Australian Psychological Society (October, 2013). Snapshot of Australia’s mental health.
3. Hilton, M. (2004) Assessing the financial return on investment of good management
strategies and the WORC Project. The University of Queensland.
4. Medibank Private (2008). The cost of work-place stress in Australia.
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