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Bits & Blessings
MAY 1, 2011
From the Pastor’s Heart
WOW! That is all I can say about the past month. April was
a great month. We celebrated Easter and the victory that
Jesus accomplished on the cross and by rising from the
dead. This month I witnessed some amazing things happen
in your lives.
We were privileged to join the “Greater Hayward Ministerial
Association” (GHMA) for a wonderful Good Friday service. I had the privilege of joining fellow evangelical pastors
in a great service that proclaimed the death of Christ and looked forward to
the results of the cross.
The highlight of the month came on Easter Sunday. Yes, we had a full church
with many in attendance, but even greater still there were some who came to
church that morning that left church that morning as new children of God.
They realized the true result of Easter, that God in his divine plan, provided a
way for us to have peace, happiness, fulfillment, purpose and salvation from
our sins, all the result of what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary and by His
resurrection from the dead.
This is what this thing called church is all about . We are here to love God
with our heart soul and mind and to love others as ourselves. On Easter
morning a few people responded to the love of God. I believe that all of you
played an intricate role in that process. You loved them by welcoming them
to our service. Some of you actually invited them to church that morning.
What brings joy to this pastors heart is to see us, as a church, completely understanding the vision to simply Love God, Love Others & Make Disciples.
Thank you for your openness to the Word of God and His direction in your
I want to encourage you this month, as we start to enter the summer season,
to not let the business of the summer derail you in what has begun. Continue
to impact peoples lives. Continue to invite them to church or to an opportunity to hear the wonderful truth of the gospel that God sent His son in spite
of our sin to die for us. Continue to love one another as Christ loved the
church. I am a firm believer that as we practically love one another, people
will be impacted by our lives.
I am reminded of a woman in our community that recently gave her kidney to
another women in our community so she might live. When I think of that, I
think of the example that is of the work of Christ in our lives. Jesus did not
have to give his life for us, but he did. Just like this wonderful lady she did not
have to give her kidney, but she did. That is what Jesus did for you and I so
we can have life abundantly. He died so we might live life to the fullest in Him.
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Love God, Love
Make Disciples
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Pastor’s Heart
The Gathering
Kid’s Club
Women’s Ministry
Men’s Ministry
Food Shelf
New Members
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The Gathering
Our youth had the opportunity to join with fellow
Christian youth in our area
at Drummond High School
for an event called “The
Gathering”. They joined
students, not only from
Drummond, but also from
Ashland and Hayward.
They were blessed to
hear a tremendous
testimony from one
of their own
by the name
of Sam
from Hayward. He
shared how God
has helped him
handle the struggles of life and
deliver him from
They not only had fun playing a mean game of dodge
ball, they also had the
chance to pray together.
There were 100 students
spread throughout the gym
at Drummond High School
that spent time in prayer in
small groups. This is what
it means to live out the mission of Loving God & Loving Others.
you know to
to hear the
Kids Club Rocks
Kids Club has now come
to an end for the summer
months and boy did the
kids have a good year!
They not only learned
about the importance of
exercise, nutrition and
kickboxing techniques, but
they also learned and
memorized many scripture
verses and very successfully, I might add. As the
kids continued to learn all
the different
aspects of
and kickboxing, they
also worked
together as a
team, encouraging
each other
and just
having a lot of fun. We
ended the Kids Club year
with a hamburger/hot dog
cookout celebration.
We look forward to what
God has in store for us in
the future. We will miss
our sixth graders as they
transition into our “Strong
Tower Youth Ministry”.
Many of the pictures in
this months newsletter feature our students and many
of our sixth graders. As
parents, you should be
proud of how your students are learning to love
God and to love one another. Thank you!
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Strong Tower Youth Ministry
The Youth Group has exploded with excitement
over the past few months.
It has been awesome to see
how the youth with natural
tire youth group has taken
on a project to monetarily
support a
young girl
from another country
(thank you
They not
only support
her financially, but
they also send her letters and gifts as often
as they can. We are so
6-7:30 PM
LAUGHING and then repeating the same process
over and over again. The
Youth Group always gets
Pastor Erick dancing,
which is a feat in and of
itself. With the current
sixth graders now graduating from Kids Club and
moving on to Youth Group,
the dynamic will have
some awesome changes.
Can’t wait to see what
leadership abilities have
stepped up to the plate.
Way to go Youth!!! The
students from WWC
played an important and
intricate role in developing
our youth group. We miss
them already, but know
that God will continue to
bless them as well as our
youth. This brings us to
another blessing! The en-
very proud of you all! The
Youth Group just had a
laid back
time at
the home
of Pastor
God does.
May 7
Men’s Work Day
Meet at LHCC
8:30 AM
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Women’s Ministry
The Caring Sisters ministry
hit the ground running in
January and still is going
strong! Those ladies that
are a part of Caring Sisters
are taking it very seriously!
There is not a week that
goes by that there are not
special gifts and cards ex-
changed and more importantly, lots of prayer and
encouragement given to
one another. Praise the
Lord! Keep spoiling each
other and at the end of the
year find out who has been
taking such great care of
you! For those that are not
a part of this ministry,
please consider doing so in
the years to come!
The Jump Into Fitness class
has solidified many friendships, learned many unique
exercise routines and is
definitely a big hit among
the ladies! The 100-Day
Challenge is
coming to a
close on
May 12th
with much
Each lady
set a tangible goal
back in February and we will celebrate the successfulness of the challenge
on Saturday, May 21st
with a special Spring
Fitness Celebration Luncheon. It will,
of course,
food, lots of
“it’s all
about the
fun” games
and prizes
and more
lots of
laughter. More information coming….Overall,
we have seen the class remain strong in number but
have focused on the importance of praying and
one another.
There will be
some upcoming fitness
offered once
a month
the summer months. This
may be an opportunity to
introduce some more of
your friends to Jump Into
The Ladies Bible Study
continues to move forward
in the Book of I & II Samuel. It is offered on
Wednesday mornings at 10
a.m. right here at Living
Hope Community Church.
If you have not been able
to join us, please avail
yourself to do just that in
the very near future. You
will not want to miss it!
Food and fellowship is, of
course, a big part of this
Love God,
Love Others
Make Disciples
Page 5
We Are Blessed
We are so blessed! When
Anne and I first came to the
church to candidate for the
job of being your pastoral
family, we were awe struck
at the artwork we have in
our church.
We were amazed at the quality and abundance of the
artwork that is all over the
church. Then when we
found out that it was provided by a local art dealer at
no charge, our mouths
dropped open. If you have
been in our house or in my
office you know that we
love art. One of the scholarships we give out every
year in memory of
our daughter, Sarah, is for a student graduating
Kiel High School
that is going on to
major in Art.
Our daughter Sarah loved art and
you can actually
see some of her
pieces in my office.
What I wanted to do in this
newsletter is to highlight just
a few pieces of the wonderful works of art that we have
hanging in our church. The
pieces that you see are all
made by artist Mikulas
Kravjansky. The large piece
that is pictured on the right
is called “Gentian Royal”
which is made on hand
made paper with embossing
and metallic inlays.
by the artist, on a plate of
copper, aluminum, plastic or
other material by adding to,
or subtracting from the surface of the plate. All ink
colors are applied to the
plate and the sheet of wet
hand made paper placed on
it. This is covered with felt
and run through steel rollers
of an etching press. As water is squeezed from the
paper, suction draws the ink
into it.
Kravjansky was born in
Czechoslovakia in 1928. He
attended the academy of the
arts in Bratislava. He became one of the foremost
set and costume designers in
the Czechoslovakian theater
and state television. In 1968 he
and his family
immigrated to
Canada where he
became Assistant
Master of Art at
Toronto’s Humber College.
This hand procedure is repeated for each piece of the
edition. After drying for a
week, Kravjansky may add
hand painting or laminate
metallic inlays to the work.
His editions are small as
these plates will only print a
He excels in the artistic
printing technique, known
as intaglio.
This includes
etching, engraving, dry point,
aquatint, mezzotint, linocut,
wood block
and collograph.
In this complex
process the
image is created
limited quantity before
wearing out, after which he
destroys the plates.
May 15
Of the
Living Hope
When I look at these, I am
awestruck at the beauty that
God has bestowed on us.
God’s creation being reproduced in this artistic mode is
simply amazing. Take a second look the next time you
walk around the church, you
will be blessed!
After the
Page 6
Men’s Ministry
Our men’s ministry is really
starting to do some amazing
things. This Saturday a
number of our men will be
helping out “Trinity Lutheran Chapel” with their spring
clean-up day. Some of there
men have been coming to
our men’s breakfast on a
monthly basis and we
thought it would be a nice
to show the love of Christ
by helping them with their
churches spring clean-up
A fishing outing is in the
works for all of those interested. We have been talking
about this for a few months
and we have narrowed it
down to having a day when
we get together and go fishing on one of the local lakes.
On May 14th we will discuss
the rest of the details.
Speaking of May 14th that is
our next men's breakfast
and because we were
snowed out of outside
cleaning in April we will use
this day to do the outside
jobs that need to be done
around the church. We will
have some donuts and coffee at 8 AM do some work
and end with a lunch.
Cable Area Food Shelf
The Cable Area Food Shelf
is here and ready for you.
On Thursday May 26th
from 11:00 AM –6:00 PM
the food shelf will be open
and operating, giving food
to anyone in need in our
area communities. The
food shelf is open to anyone
no matter what your need,
please come. The food shelf
will be open one day a
month every month for
those in need. The food
shelf is located in the basement of the Cable professional building next to Cable
Lumber company.
Every church in our community is taking part by tak-
ing two months a year to
staff and service the food
shelf. The months our
church are responsible for is
July and December. We
need people available the
day before the food shelf is
open to the public and the
day of servicing those in
The food shelf is a partnership with “The Brick” in
Ashland, a food shelf that
services the Ashland area
and that has been doing this
for many years. We are able
to use their resources to
help us provide the services
needed in the Cable area.
So how can you help?.
1. Donations of food during the month of May.
We are collecting specifically canned fruit.
2. Money can be donated
as well. You can write a
check to “The Brick”
but will need to note
CABLE in the memo of
the check.
3. Tell people about this
ministry and maybe offer rides to those in
4. Volunteer! We need
volunteers to help the
day before and the day
we provide staffing.
The day before we need
people that are willing
to go around and collect
all the food that has
been collected in the
boxes all over town, so
preferably people with a
truck or van and muscles. The day of is servicing those in need.
Kris Mergen is our go to
person she can answer all
your questions come and be
a part of this great ministry.
to our local area.
May 14th
8 AM
Living Hope
New Members
We are pleased to welcome four new people into
church membership this month.
Gene VanDewalker
Jean VanDewalker
Betty Rasmussen
Susan Kranz
This coming Sunday we will be receiving them into
membership as a congregation in our morning service.
Please offer them the right hand of fellowship when
you see them Sunday morning.
If you are interested in becoming a member of Living
Hope Community Church and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ please let Pastor Erick or
one of the Elders know that you are interested in becoming a member.
There will be another membership class offered in
August for those who are interested.
We Will Miss You
On April 30, 2011 twenty two students graduated
from WWC. The service was held at our church with
a great attendance.
We will miss dearly our WWC students they have had
a tremendous impact in the lives of our students that
come to our “Strong Tower Youth Ministry”.