TeleDoorBell Brochure 2006-1Y



TeleDoorBell Brochure 2006-1Y
See and hear... the TeleDoorBell TM difference!
When you're looking for a stylish audio
communications system with video surveillance,
you need reliability, convenience and peace-ofmind... you need the TeleDoorBell TM
With it's sleek design, die-cast metal outer frame,
crisp and clear images, infrared LED's (for night
illumination) and 2-way high fidelity sound makes
the TeleDoorBell TM the perfect choice.
TeleDoorBell TM
Audio / Video Telephone Entry System
The TeleDoorBell TM is an enhanced audio telephone intercom system which allows users to see and communicate to
a visitor at the door. With its built-in relays, the TeleDoorBell TM can also provide complete control for operating a wide
variety of devices including Electronic Door Locks (for unlocking any connected door) and wiring the system to a
garage door opener or gate for vehicle entry on to your premises.
Door Station Call Forwarding
This feature provides the ultimate in communications. When the Door Station Speaker button is pressed the TeleDoorBell TM will
forward the Visitor’s call to any pre-programmed telephone number. This allows the user to communicate to the visitor at the door
(which the visitor assumes that the user is at home) while providing complete control of any connected devices (i.e.: electronic
door lock / entry gate, security system etc).
Remote Dial-Up Control
The Remote Dial-Up allows the user to call the premise and communicate to any connected Door Station Speaker, control any
connected devices and/or re-program the TeleDoorBell TM using any outside phone line or cell phone. (certain conditions may apply)
Video Surveillance (Day/Night) Camera Door Station Speaker
The High-Resolution camera is equipped with infrared illuminators to provide clearer images even in low light conditions. Included with
the “Colour” video system is a secondary microphone which can be wired to an amplifier and modulated to any cable TV channel.
(amplifier and modulator not included) This combination provides true 24/7 audio and video surveillance from any connected TV
along with the ability to record from any VCR or other recording devices.
Programmable Relays
The TeleDoorBell TM unit has built in general purpose dry contact relays which can be set for either timer or latching mode. This allows
for complete control for: unlocking an entry door, garage and/or gate opening, doorbell chime activation, external lighting, alarm
shunting and thermostat control to name a few. Each relay can also be programmed to activate only when it’s assigned Speaker
Station button is pressed; this is great for video surveillance switching or independent electronic triggering.
Door Station Caller ID Display
This Call Display function allows the user to see which Door Station is being pressed by displaying the Door Station
name and number (i.e.: DOOR 1) on any Call Display phone.
Toll and Long Distance Call Restrictions
The TeleDoorBell TM unit can be programmed to restrict specific phone numbers (local and long
distance) or it can restrict starting sequences such as: 1
+ or 0
Audio Specifications:
Video Specifications:
- 2-Way hands free
- Backlit speaker button
- Die-cast metal frame
- Internal speaker volume
Colour cameras available
420 lines with Day/Night sensing mode
Infrared LED’s (for night vision illumination)
Auto Iris Lens
Secondary Audio Microphone for amplification
and distribution
Stainless Steel
Audio Only
Audio Only
Audio & Video MDU Cast Aluminum
(optional Day/Night)
( Day/Night)
(optional Flush Mount)
Model Number Identification (KIT)
A 20
CR 2 = 2 Door
4 = 4 Door
27 Armthorpe Road, Unit 3, Brampton, Ontario L6T 5M4
Phone: 905-790-8823 Toll Free: 1-888-790-5900
Fax: 905-595-1159 E-mail: [email protected]
X = Standard Unit
VC = Day/Night camera with ir
(Satin Nickel)
(n/a in stainless steel)
S = Stainless Steel
SF = Stainless Steel *
(Flush Mount)
Model Number Identification
AD 102
X = Standard Unit
(Satin Nickel)
S = Stainless Steel
SF = Stainless Steel *
(Flush Mount)
VC = Day/Night camera with ir
(n/a in stainless steel)
Back Box sold Separately (BXR-300)
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