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About Us - Abamaster
About Us
Dear Abamaster Customers:
Explore Abamaster Full Line of Commercial Cooking Equipment which exceed quality standards.
The new Abamaster Commercial Cooking Equipment has been designed to give you good quality and the best
price value.
Abamaster is an ideal answer to your cooking challenges. Designed and constructed to apply the right value to
your application. Abamaster comes with an impressive list of key features that will keep your cooking staff happy.
Based in Miami Florida, Abamaster is a respected leader in the wholesale and distribution of food preparation
equipment. Abamaster’s high customer loyalty is the result of our relentless commitment to customer satisfaction
through superior customer service and product value
Our extensive quality control program, established through years of careful vendor selection and continuous product
evaluation, automated management system, and industry experience, guarantee that customers will always receive
our highest quality products at competitive price.
Abamaster, Inc. began as a small wholesale company in Miami, Florida. Today, we stand as a top wholesaler in
the Restaurant Equipment Industry. We have brought the finest quality products with the lowest prices for over
twenty years. Our business has grown by providing quality products at great value and by building positive lasting
relationships with our customers
Abamaster continues to grow into new areas, our success will always be attributed to our high standards of Quality and
our Integrity. Customer satisfaction is our main goal and that’s why
We promise to stand behind our products
Thank you for your continued interest in Abamaster
Epifanio Capote
CEO and Founder
Abamaster, Inc.
Established -1993
Commercial Cooking Equipment
Phone: (305) 325-8888
∙ Fax: (305) 325-9760 ∙ Toll Free: (800) 325-9760 ∙ E-mail: [email protected] ∙ Web Site: www.abamaster.com

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