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Online Advertisement
Micro-Target your audience
Corporate Background
IT Vision is an Egyptian market leader digital marketing agency,
which engaged in the field of internet solutions and e‐marketing
since Oct. 2000.
IT Vision is now serving more than 500 clients in Egypt and
overseas, providing them with highest value of digital marketing
– 13 Web Design Awards
–Founder of Egypt Web
Awards Competition
–Co-Founder of Egypt Web
–Founder of
Online vs. Offline
Day in and day out, businesses are going online to advertise and
sell their products and services. The Internet combines aspects of
print, television, and radio advertising in an interactive environment,
and it presents a new and fast-paced experience for consumers
Why Advertise online?
• Your customers are online. More than ever, consumers use
the Internet to research and select products to purchase…
even if they plan to buy them offline! Your advertising will
prompt them to consider your products and services too.
• The Internet has gone local. You no longer need to worry
about wasting your advertising dollars on the Internet
masses. Just target the community you care about .
• Everything is immediate. You can test and launch your
advertising very quickly and generate responses almost
• Online advertising is cost effective. You can reach a large
audience quickly and at lower cost than many other media.
• Providing the ability to trace what works and what doesn’t
and as a result get greater return on any investment made.
• Besides all that there are a lot of factors could fail your
campaign like:
1. Wrong location which doesn’t match you target segment
2. Bad timing for displaying
3. Bad design – generate bad click through rate CTR
4. Bad Landing page
5. Bad Management (measuring, tuning)
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