Scanpan Warranty Process_1 - rtsales



Scanpan Warranty Process_1 - rtsales
Scanpan Classic, Professional & CTX cookware is covered
by our Scanpan Lifetime Warranty. Our products are guaranteed
to be free from manufacturing defects in material or craftsmanship. Our patented nonstick coating surface is guaranteed not to
crack, peel, or blister. If properly used, cleaned and maintained as
outlined in our Scanpan User’s Guide, the nonstick properties will
not deteriorate over time. This warranty does not include our
Classic glass covers. HWI USA will replace any item found to be
defective to the original purchaser, per the Scanpan A/S overview
of returns. Should a defective item no longer be available, for
whatever reason, an item of similar value and function will be
substituted. Any customer wishing to file a warranty claim must
Scanpan Customer Support: 877-772- 5467 or contact us via
email at [email protected] to begin the claims
Scanpan Customer Support is available Monday through
Friday 8:00AM- 4:00PM PST.
*All items submitted without a Return Authorization form obtained from Scanpan Customer Support will be returned to sender.

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