Scott Tailwheel 3200 on PA22/20



Scott Tailwheel 3200 on PA22/20
Scott Tailwheel 3200 on PA22/20
Compilation of alignment instructions
and pictures of N3043Z
(Note: no shimmy, no failure in the last
700h/10 years)
Scott Engineering tilt recommendation
Actuals – N3043Z: 2.5 degree tilt
PA20 – Drawing 12637 (Piper)
drawing not calling for eyebolts, and bolt seems to point up
Notes from drawing previous page
Rudder Springs as per Piper 12637
but using Maule chains and connector
I found the Scott chains (also used on
older toilet flushing mechanisms in certain
parts of France) had the links wear
out/through as the chain steel is softer
than the springs and the teardrop attach
hooks. Now I use the chain and attach
rings that came with the Maule
compressions springs.
The Big Bolt Question …
Will probably
change bolt
Will probably change eye
bolt soon (there are
about 600 hours wear on
that arm/spring)
Drawing calling for eye bolts
and bolt seems to point down?!
Details on spring re-arching
from Andy’s site:
The Tail Wheel Spring Template available here (next page) is one I used to obtain more
correct caster to the tailwheel on my Piper PA-22/20. A good spring shop can accomplish the
re-arching using this template. The template was drawn from a rearched spring leaf, the lower
of the four leafs in the PA-20 spring set. The arch was traced along the upper surface of this
leaf. The other three leafs of the spring were patterned after the the bottom leaf after it was rearched. When the spring shop is re-arching the other leafs, it is important that he match the
arch of the lower spring as they are positioned with reference to the fuselage mounting hole (
the fwd hole ). A ruler scale was annotated on the original tracing to assist in getting the
correct size print out to use as a template. You will likely have to blow up the "jpg" file by some
amount to get the ruler scale to line up with an acutal ruler. The other thing that could be done
is measure the angle change between the fuselage mounting end of the tracing to the tail
wheel mounting end. Make a template with a smooth curve such that the change in angle
between the start and the end is similar to this sketch. The re-arching is done in a major size
press. The spring leafs are placed in the press at various and evenly spaced locations along
the leaf to get a smooth increase in the arc. The arc is changed gradually with each interation
to produce a realatively smooth arch. The spring steel should not be heated as it will change
the spring properties.
At the origin use springs for
PA 18 from UNIVAIR number
U12567 -001 to 004
Despite the re-arch one little wedge to
fine-tune the angle might be required