Odysea Newsletter March 2010



Odysea Newsletter March 2010
March 2010
Following the success of last
Karyatis Baked Gigantes Beans
month!s offer for Karyatis Gigantes
A traditional Greek recipe of giant butter beans,
renowned for their texture and flavour, in a rich
tomato and herb sauce. Excellent served hot or
cold. Vegetarian Society approved.
Beans and Karyatis Stuffed Vine
Leaves we decided to let you have
these two great products at half
was £2.49 now £1.25!
price for a little longer!
Karyatis Stuffed Vine Leaves
Also on offer this m on th i s
A traditional Greek recipe of tender vine leaves
with a savoury rice and onion filling, seasoned
with herbs and spices. Rolled by hand to ensure
the filling is perfectly encased within the leaf.
Vegetarian Society approved.
Odysea!s Roasted Aubergine Imam
at half price! See below for further
was £2.49 now £1.25!
All offers available exclusively online at
50% OFF!
www.odysea.com and are subject to availability
at www.odysea.com/shop
offer valid till 31st March 2010
Aubergines, or in Greek, melitzana (pronounced meh-lee-tzah-nah) feature
heavily in both traditional and modern Greek cuisine. We love to bake, fry,
grill, puree, roast and stuff this truly versatile vegetable.
At Odysea one of our favorite ways to cook aubergines is ‘Roasted
Aubergine Iman’ We based this recipe on the famous ‘Imam Bayildi’ which
literally translated from Turkish means ‘The Imam fainted’ There are
various stories as to why he fainted when he tasted this dish, but the most
popular is that he was over taken by the heavenly taste and aroma!
Others say that he passed out when he realised how much olive oil was
used in it’s preparation, and how much that would cost him!
To make our Roasted Aubergine Imam we first roast the aubergines then
slowly bake them in a rich tomato sauce with extra virgin olive oil, plenty of
onions, garlic and a delectable blend of herbs and spices. It tastes
fantastic simply served warm or at room temperature with some fresh
crusty bread, or as a side dish with roasted meat. Alternatively, for a more
hearty meal, try serving warm with rice, a baked potato or pasta and a
generous helping of grated Kefalotyri or Parmesan cheese to taste.
Why not take advantage of our special offer and enjoy Odysea’s
Roasted Aubergine Imam at half price! was £2.99 now £1.50!
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