December 2014 News Brief - St. Andrew`s Lutheran Church



December 2014 News Brief - St. Andrew`s Lutheran Church
St. Andre
’s Lu
St. And
’s Luthe
n Churc
Dec 2014
Pastor’s Message
Pastor Beth Bachman Caulfield
Inside this issue:
Pastor’s Letter
Dear friends in Christ,
Council Minutes
Advent means “coming.” It is a time of
longing, watching, and praying for God’s
healing, transformative presence to be
ever more vibrantly present in our lives
and in the world. Advent calls attention
to the tension between ‘what is’ and
‘what we want to be.’ During Advent, we
recognize the tension between ‘what is’
and ‘what God wants to be.’ In this sense,
Advent is a season in which we focus on
that key phrase in the Lord’s Prayer, “thy
kingdom come.” As Christians, the good
news we strive to live by and declare is
that love is stronger than hate, peace
more enduring than war, hope more
powerful than despair – and the light of
God's love will extinguish forever the
shadows of shame cast by violence,
suffering, sorrow, and hate.
Activities / Events
December Calendar
Ministry Hours:
24 hrs per day/ 7 days per week
Pastor Beth’s cell:
Administrative Office
hours are:
9:00am-12:30pm, 1pm - 3pm
Sunday Worship Ministry:
Sunday Fellowship Time:
Wednesday Ministry:
5:30pm Free Meal
6:30pm Worship
[email protected]
Advent prayer:
Spirit of the living God, descend upon our
restless hearts to provide the peace of
still water, to lay aside our weapons of
greed, envy, destructive speech, and
unrighteous anger. Give us grace to open
ourselves to the creative and life giving
way of peace: swords into plowshares,
artillery into artistry, for your kingdom
come and your kingdom here. Lead us to
the path by surrender. Take our
heaviness by giving Your Light. Bless our
stumbles and our sprints. Grace our
efforts to move closer to You. Bless our
doubts and our certainties. Flood our
lives with Your light.
The Promise of Christmas
“The light shines in the darkness and the
darkness does not overcome it.” On
Christmas Eve, in addition to our 7pm
worship service, we are adding a 3pm
worship service this year. This service
will be designed especially for families
with young children and older adults
who do not want to drive after dark. This
service will have all of the components of
a worship service (Holy Communion,
sermon, and celebratory music). The
3pm service will be a bit shorter than the
7pm service. In previous years, the 7pm
service has been preceded by a
1/2 mini-concert. This year, we will
include this 'pre-service' music within
the 7pm service. (Because we are adding
the 3pm service on Christmas Eve, we
will not have a Christmas Day service.)
Celebrate Christ's birth with us on
Christmas Eve at 3pm or 7pm!
Christ’s peace, joy, and hope!
Pastor Beth Bachman Caulfield
St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
Page 2
Council Minutes, November 20, 2014
Council Members present included Pat Frette, Cindy Russell, Linda Seaverson, Sharon Anderson, Pete Korsching,
Pat Fawcett, Daryle Vegge, Pauline Miller and Pastor Beth.
Council members absent: Jim Mott. Also present: Ellen Rothweiller. Linda called the meeting to order. Sharon
Anderson opened with devotions.
Agenda approved with the deletion of the audit committee discussion. (Vegge/Miller)
Minutes from the 10/16 council meeting were approved. (Fawcett/Frette)
Pastor’s Report
Sun. 11/23 Bishop Michael Burk will be visiting. We will celebrate P. Beth’s 15th anniversary of ordination.
Thanksgiving Eve service will follow the usual Wed. evening format focusing on experiential, participatory, images
and connectiveness; all important components in the life of a congregation. We will begin celebrating advent Sun.,
11/30 with the theme of peace, joy, love and light. During this season, P. Beth will lead us through the discussion of
“What is compared to What is God calling us to be and do”.
We will add a new Christmas Eve service at 3:00 as well as our usual 7:00 service.
Director of Faith Life Report
Ellen shared details of the silent auction being held 11/23 to raise funds for the Youth Gathering in Detroit in July
2015. Their goal is to raise $4,000. Pies are being sold as well. Those funds will support all upcoming youth trips.
Sun. 11/30 is the Advent workshop. All ages will be making luminaries that will be used during our Christmas Eve
Treasurer’s Report
Pat Frette shared a handout of our 2014 income and expenses. As of the end of Oct. our expenses exceeded our
income by approximately $3,000.
Committee Reports
Liaisons are asked to remind their committee chairs that reports are due 12/18 for the annual report. Ellen has
agreed to work on filling committee vacancies.
Stewardship & Finance –Budget hearings 11/16 & 12/7. Final push to collect pledge cards. Time & Talent sheets
are being compiled.
Worship & Arts – Discussed the environment of the church. Planning for Christmas decorations, Poinsettia sales,
and new altar items for the Wed. evening service.
Fellowship –Planning being done for the meal/cake celebration with Bishop Burk and the Thanksgiving eve pie
Youth –Work being done for the youth fundraiser 11/23. Youth & Family will partner with the movie discussion
group for their Dec. event to watch the Muppet’s Christmas.
Education –Planning underway for the Advent workshop as well as the Advent program which will include
interactive participation during worship.
Outreach –Discussing different ways to encourage attendance at the Wed. eve service.
PRMT- Discussing ways to let the congregation know they are still active.
Tanzania -Fundraising was the focus of discussions including “Chickens for Change”, Orphan support for 10
children in Hedaru and Easter breakfast with Pine Ridge.
Property -Great work is being done. A small group will work on getting an appraisal done at 3320 Story St.
Social Concerns – Working to extend the concept of GWOH by being attentive to needs of the congregation and
seeing if there is a way to help.
Mutual Ministry –Investigating moving the start of worship back to 10:15, checking with affected parties first.
EMF –During 11/16 adult forum Larry Mitchell and Jennifer Garst talked about our St. Andrews Lutheran
Endowment which sits at about $16,300. A 5% draw would allow up to $800 for extended ministries for 2015. This
information will be put on our website.
-A request for EMF funds has been submitted to help with the church renovations.
(continued next page)
Page 3
Old Business
—Council election recap- Eight candidates volunteered to run for four council positions. Election was held 11/16
and new council members: Jennie LeGates, Sarah Birkestrand, Bill Koenig and Pauline Miller were elected.
—Rental & Renovations – 11/9 informational meeting was well received. The next step for Rentals is to have the
property at 3320 Story St. appraised. Donations for our Renovations projects are already coming in. The roof
repair is the first priority. The next step will be a congregational vote.
—2015 Budget – No action will be taken until receive final recommended budget from S & F, perhaps at the
December Council meeting.
—Constitution – The 2014 updated constitution and bylaws were presented to the council for a vote. An
amendment to remove the continuing resolution committee descriptions of Pine Ridge Ministry team and
|Tanzania Ministry team was passed (Vegge/Korsching). A motion was approved to accept the updated
|constitution and bylaws. (Fawcett/Miller) These documents will be shared with the congregation and voted on
at the annual meeting.
—2015 Council Retreat – A retreat that will focus on attention to mission, goal setting and team building for the
2015 council is being planned. Pastor Eric Carlson has been invited to attend.
New Business
-A motion to approve 3 fundraiser requests for: Madrigal dinner (F & Y), Chickens for Change (TMT) and Lakota
Arts & Crafts (PRMT) was passed. (Vegge/Fawcett).
Next Council meeting of the joint 2014/2015 councils will be Dec. 18th at 6:30. P. Beth led us in closing prayer.
Respectfully submitted, Cindy Russell, Secretary
Updating of St. Andrew’s Constitution and Bylaws
Our current constitution and
bylaws were last updated in 2009.
The 2014 updates include required
changes made by the ELCA
Churchwide assemblies held in
2011 and 2013. The changes to our
bylaws include new committee
descriptions and as well as new
executive council descriptions.
Please go to our website to review
the documents. The updates and
changes to our current constitution
are highlighted in red. We will be
voting to accept these updates at
our annual meeting Jan. 25th.
New Members on Church Council
Congratulations to our new Church
Council members –
Sarah Birkestrand
Bill Koenig
Jennie LeGates
Pauline Miller
Three of these people will be
serving three-year terms while one
will be filling a one-year term.
Thanks to all eight St. Andrews
members who volunteered to serve
our congregation by agreeing to
put their names on the ballot.
Having eight quality and diverse
members shows enthusiasm for
St. Andrews to further God’s
mission in this community.
Pastor Beth
Pastor Beth Bachman Caulfield
was ordained as an ELCA pastor on
December 5, 1999 at House of
Hope Lutheran Church in New
Hope, |Minnesota. Prior to her
ordination, she studied
Psychology (BA in 1993) and a
retirement center chaplain in
Chicago. She also spent a year
ministering with a congregation in
Ohio. Since her ordination in 1999,
she has served as a pastor at Holy
Shepherd Lutheran Church in
Denver, Colorado and First
Lutheran Church in Bemidji, MN.
She came to St. Andrew's in 2011.
Happy 15th anniversary of
ordination, Pastor Beth!
St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
Page 4
December Worship Assistants
December 7
Assisting Minister – Erik Goodale
Greeters— Linda & Gordon Lundberg
Ushers— Kris & Rita Peterson, Kenna Redies,
Abby Frescoln
Scripture Reader— Sharon Prochnow
Communion Prep – Sharon Prochnow, Sonja
Communion Servers – Don Boyle, Judy Keeling,
Jane Ellis
Social Time –
Counters – Dave Putz, Glynn Frank
Sound – Kris Parsons
December 14
Assisting Minister – Alice Thompson
Greeters— Denise & Rollie Link
Ushers—John & Carol Moran, Les Carlsborg,
Forrest Dubberke
Scripture Reader— Pauline Miller
Communion Prep – John & Carol Moran, Kenna
Communion Servers – Gene & Miriam Takle,
Pauline Miller
Social Time –
Counters – John & Carol Moran
Sound – Jim Copley
December 21
Assisting Minister – Laurie Evans
Greeters— Daryle & Joyce Vegge
Ushers— Ken & Susan Israel, Glynn Frank, Ben Buck
Scripture Reader—
Counters – Chris Meraz, Pat Fawcett
Sound – Don Behning
Continued next column
Communion Prep – Shirley & Phil Parsons, Kendra
Communion Servers – Kris & Rita Peterson,
Almire Uemura
Social Time –
December 24—3pm Service
Assisting Minister – Alice Thompson
Greeters— Sam & Linda Houk
Ushers— Judy McDonald, John & Carol Moran
Scripture Reader— Jim Copley
Communion Prep – Maynard & Violet Tweed,
Judy McDonald
Communion Servers – Jim Copley
Counters –
Sound – Kris Parsons
December 24—7pm Service
Assisting Minister – Mary Johnson
Greeters— Jeanine Strodtman, Linda Seaverson
Ushers— Jim Copley, Ben Buck, Les Carlsborg
Scripture Reader— Pat Thompson
Communion Prep – Sharon & Tom Prochnow
Communion Servers – Kris & Rita Peterson
Counters –
Sound – Kris Parsons
December 28
Assisting Minister – Mary Johnson
Ushers— Phil Parsons, John, Alex, Andrew Kovar
Scripture Reader— Jim Copley
Communion Prep – Joyce Vegge, Abby Frescoln,
Emily Frescoln
Communion Servers – Jim Copley
Social Time –
Counters – Sarah Buck, Glynn Frank
Sound – Jim Copley
Alternative Christmas Gift Idea!
Do you have a loved one who does
not need another neck-tie or kitchen
gadget? Do you have a loved one
who lives in a small space and really
does not want more “stuff”? Do you
have a loved one who has a big heart
for children, the poor, widows or
orphans? Then we may have the
perfect gift for you. You may donate
any amount toward our ongoing
“Chickens for Change” project in
Tanzania, in the name of your loved
one. We are hoping to raise enough
money for another 30 farmers to
receive training, including someone
from the Hedaru orphanage. This
Project has been a HUGE success, and
we are excited to expand it. If you
want to purchase an alternative gift,
you may do so after service until the
end of December, or contact
Carol Putz at 233-6678.
Page 5
Birthdays in December
Ed Fulk
Andrew Miner
Norma Elwick
Sonja Paulson
Lynn Koenig
Erik Goodale
Pete Korsching
Dominic Keeling
Dylan Fobian
Tom Kroeschell
Makenzie Putz
Alice Thompson
Melissa Wubben
Audrey Upah
Kelly Kemp
Chris Parsons
Michael Dixon
Susan Teas
Chris Caulfield
Charlotte Kemp
Chris Lunde
Gene Pollmann
Nicole Larson
Shaina Larson
Marilyn Engen
Christopher Halbur
Aimee Lunde
Brenda Fobian
Madeline McMullen
Bob Ruggles
Anniversaries in December
Tom & Linda Ross
Milton & Marjorie Allison
Robert & Edith Wessel
Sweet Singing—Ames Choral Society Concert
The Ames Choral Society will
present their 2014 holiday
concert Sweet Singing. The
concert will be directed by Steve
Hoifeldt. The concert will be held at
St. Andrew’s on Sunday,
December 14 at 3pm. Tickets are
available for adults at $12 each;
children 12 and under are admitted
free. For more information on the
Ames Choral Society and their
concert, please visit them on their
website at, or by
calling 232-5545.
Please join us on Wednesday Evenings
December 3, 10, 17
5:15pm Prayer time in sanctuary
5:30pm-6:30pm Free Meal
Dec. 3: Shepherds Pies, apple sauce, toss salad, brownies
Dec. 10: Loose meat sandwiches, chips, brown beans, fruit cake
Dec 17: Ham & scalloped potatoes, green beans, cookies
5:45pm-6:30pm 6-8th grade Confirmation
6:30pm-7:15pm WORSHIP
7:15pm-8pm High School Youth Group
7:15pm—8:15pm Adult Choir
Nursery care will be available for children 4 and younger. A small play area in
the worship space is available with quiet toys especially for children.
December 24:
3pm Worship Service
7pm Worship Service
Page 6
St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
Small Group Activities in December
Quilters Group meets the 1st
and 3rd Tuesday, September
through May at 10 am to 2 pm in
our fellowship hall. A potluck
salad lunch is served with lots of
conversation. The quilting this
month will be December 1 and 8. All are
invited. Pat Frette is the contact for this
group— 292-6547.
Women’s Circle: Members of the Women’s
Circle will celebrate the holidays with a
Christmas party on Thursday, December 11
at 6pm in the fellowship hall. This will be a
potluck meal. Members are asked to bring a dish to
share with others. Table service will be provided.
Members of the circle are welcome to bring a guest.
Pat Frette will decorate, Pat Fawcett and Jane Ellis
will host this celebration. Questions? Please contact
Ardith Pollmann at 232-7532.
Men's Bible Study meets Thursday mornings
before work at Frederiksen Court Cafe (near 13th
and Stange, part of ISU campus) from 7 - 8 a.m.
We have breakfast and discuss the current study.
All men are welcome. Studies scheduled in this
month are December 4, 11, 18. Contact Dave
Krumm if you have any questions—
[email protected]
B.E.L.T. (Babes Eating Lunch
Together) meets the third Thursday
of each month at various restaurants in the Ames area. Let’s meet
on December 18 at Olde Main,
12:30pm Joyce Vegge is the contact
for B.E.L.T., 292-1228.
The Movie Discussion Group
meets year round with a
different movie shown each
month. This month the group
will meet on Sunday,
December 7 at 12:30pm to
watch The Muppet Christmas
Carol. Questions? Please
contact Ellen Rothweiler,
Director of Faith life at [email protected]
60+ Club (for those still young at
heart!) meets all year round at 9:00
a.m. on the second Tuesday of each
month at Hy-Vee (Hy-Vee West,
3800 West Lincoln Way). See you
on December 9. Questions?
|Contact Pat Fawcett at 232-4428.
Parish Staff
Pastor Beth Bachman Caulfield [email protected] (cell—515-708-2840)
Director of Faith Life—Ellen Rothweiler—[email protected]
Office Administrator—Mary Sue Derks—[email protected] (515)292-2131
Office Hours: Monday—Friday: 9am—12:30pm, 1pm—3pm
Choir Director—Steve Hoifeldt—[email protected]
Accompanist—Connie Sweeney—[email protected]
Organist—Sarah Buck—[email protected]
Lead Nursery Attendant—Morgan Bowman—[email protected]
10am Quilting Grp
11am Staff meeting
7am Men’s Bible Study
11am fellowship hall
7pm Ames
Dec. 2014
7am Men’s Bible Study
9am Backpack Buddies
5:30pm Faith Fellowship*
5:30pm Social Concerns
6pm Women’s Circle
Christmas Party
6:30pm Exec. Meeting
5:15pm Prayer Time
5:30pm Free Meal
5:45pm 6-8th Grade
6:30pm Worship
7:15pm High School Youth Grp
7:15pm Adult Choir
9am 60+ Club
(Hy-Vee west)
11am Staff Mtg
5:15pm Prayer Time
5:30pm Free Meal
5:46pm 6-8th Grade
6:30pm Worship
7:15pm High School Youth Grp
7:15pm Adult Choir
9:30am Fellowship
Fellowship hall
Education Mtg.
7pm Ames
7pm Pine
9am Sunday School
9am Adult Forum
9:50 Children’s Choirs practice
10:30am Worship
11:30am Fellowship
11:30am Budget Hearing #2
11:30am Property Team meeting
12:30pm Movie
7pm Good Company Concert (practice at
7am Men’s Bible Study
9am Backpack Buddies
12:30pm B.E.L.T.
5:15pm Worship &
6:30pm Council mtg
5:15pm Prayer Time
5:30pm Free Meal
5:45pm 6-8th Grade
6:30pm Worship
7:15pm High School Youth Grp
7:15pm Adult Choir
* See information below
* See information below
Christmas Eve
3pm Worship
7pm Worship
(office closed)
January 1, 2015
(office closed)
Christmas Day
(Worship service is not
10am Quilting Grp
11am Staff Mtg
6:30pm Stewardship
& Finance Mtg
11am Staff mtg
11am Staff Mtg
7pm Ames
9am Sunday School
9am Adult Forum
9:50 Children’s Choirs practice
10:30am Worship
11:30am Fellowship
3pm Ames Choral Concert (practice
at 1:30pm)
9am Sunday School
9am Adult Forum
9:50 Children’s Choirs practice
10:30am Worship
11:30am Fellowship
9am Sunday School
9am Adult Forum
9:50 Children’s Choirs practice
10:30am Worship
11:30am Fellowship
6:30pm Good Company
3pm Good
9am Pine Ridge
9am Ames
Information is
due on Dec 18.
for the
is due
Dec. 17
Non-Profit Org.
St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
209 Colorado Avenue
Ames, IA 50014-3416
515) 292-2131
E-mail: [email protected]
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