Brazil Prayer Guide



Brazil Prayer Guide
A Call To Prayer
To pray is to bring the righteousness of heaven down to sinful earth. It is one of the highest
joys in life to partner with the living God to see the sick healed, the lost saved, and the naked
clothed. Though it feels as if the world’s troubles are insurmountable, the light of God breaks
forth and shatters every face and form of darkness. When Christians pray in the spirit of truth,
believing and knowing that God sees every hidden deed of wickedness, God’s light permeates
those depths and lifts up the weary soul.
It is imperative to have a praying and fasting church in Brasil. As we focus our prayers on the
eradication of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, we are partnering with the very heart
of God. For where He dwells there is no suffering and sin. To pray for the ending of trafficking
is to pray for the return of the Lord. May His kingdom come on earth and in Brasil as it is in
heaven. Knock on the door of heaven these next thirty days, be persistent and do not waver.
As the church prays, the Lord will respond and bring freedom to the oppressed. Righteousness
will reign.
DAY 1. A History of Slavery
THE ISSUE: During the 400-year Trans-Atlantic slave trade, 45% of the Africans who were
forced to leave their homes were taken to Brasil, which was more than any other nation.
The Trans-Atlantic slave trade, as with the Holocaust of Jews in Nazi Germany, objectified a
people-group as sub-human, which set the context for their exploitation. Today, as women
and children are viewed increasingly as sexual objects, a modern-day slave trade has emerged
in Brasil and the nations of the earth. Slavery is not a thing of the past. The Trans-Atlantic
slave trade was abolished in the 1800’s, and the modern-day sex trade must be abolished in
this generation.
PRAYER: Lord, You have heard the cries of the enslaved, and You will do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed. We ask You, King Forever, to break the arm of the wicked who seek to
enslave the vulnerable. Would You seek out wickedness in Brasil until You find none.
BIBLE VERSE: Psalm 10:15-17
DAY 2. City in Focus: Recife
THE ISSUE: The northeast of Brasil is a renowned destination for sex tourists from all over the
world, and the city of Recife is at the center of much of that activity. Taxi drivers, hotel workers, drug dealers, and even family members work together to form an intricate underground
network. This network connects the supply of children in Recife to the demand of adults who
sexually exploit them.
PRAYER: Father of Glory, would You come down from Your holy habitation and be the Father
to the Fatherless in Recife. You love, and see each one of these children. Visit the orphaned and
exploited and reveal Your Father heart to them.
BIBLE VERSE: Psalm 68:5-6
DAY 3. Transvestites
Many of the youth who are exploited in Brasil, are transvestites. This group is almost exclusively made up of males who identify as women. In more impoverished areas, boys
begin altering their bodies as young as 12-years-old. With little options for employment, most
of these transvestites end up in prostitution where they experience violence, risk of HIV, pimping, and trafficking. Often uneducated and isolated, these boys face rejection not only from
society, but also from their families and even the church.
PRAYER: Father, we thank You that You knit each of these young men together in their mother’s
womb. Though they reject the way You made them, You have chosen them and called them
to be accepted in the Beloved. We ask that You would baptize these boys in Your love that is
stronger than death; Your love that drives out fear and can make them whole.
BIBLE VERSE: Eph 1: 1-10; Song of Songs 8:6
DAY 4. City in Focus: Natal
THE ISSUE: Surrounded by towering sand dunes and clean beaches, Natal is the closest Brasilian
city to Europe. The capital of Rio Grande de Norte, Natal is one of the most attractive spots
on the northeast coast and a must-see for European sex tourists. As a host city for the 2014
FIFA world Cup, Natal will see an increase in tourism, which will no doubt bring an increased
demand for sex.
PRAYER: Father of Lights, send Your light into the shadows where exploitation thrives in Natal,
and set it as a city on a hill in Brasil. Jesus, reveal Yourself as All-Consuming Fire to the people
of Natal—a living flame of love that melts the hardest hearts. May holiness and purity be Your
banner over Natal.
BIBLE VERSE: Hebrews 12:28-29
DAY 5. Purity
THE ISSUE: The church cannot effectively combat human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and children if they are participating with the same spirit of lust and corruption
that fuels it. Walking in personal purity and integrity is the first step that each believer, in Jesus
Christ, can take to combat the plague of modern-day slavery.
PRAYER: Father, would You give the church in Brasil clean hands and a pure heart, that they
would not lift up their soul to another. Clothe Your bride in garments of righteousness and
purity, set the church in Brasil on display as burning and shining lamps to those lost in the
darkness of this age.
BIBLE VERSE: Psalm 24: 4-5; John 5:35
DAY 6. Emmanuel, God With Us
THE ISSUE: Victims of trafficking experience profound feelings of isolation. Many times their
only human contact comes from their captors and “clients”.
PRAYER: Emmanuel, You are with these women and children. There is nowhere they can go
that Your hand can’t reach them, that Your eyes can’t see them, that Your presence can’t touch
them. You who are with them in their time of trouble, send the fullness of Your presence into
these captives’ physical and spiritual prisons.
BIBLE VERSE: Isaiah 7:14
DAY 7. City in Focus: Belo Horizonte
As with most large cities, just under the veneer of commerce and culture is an active
sex industry and Belo Horizonte is no different. Day after day many women in this city work
countless hours in dingy brothels where daily debts to pimps or landlords are often higher
than the amount they are able to make in a day. As debts mount, they are thrust deeper into
the underbelly of prostitution. Their “choice” is of little consequence, and survival becomes
the only option.
PRAYER: Jehovah Rohi, You are the Great Shepherd. Come alongside those who are trapped in
the underground sex industry of Belo Horizonte. Be with those who feel they have nowhere
to turn. Comfort them with Your rod and staff, as they walk through the valley of the shadow
of death. Lead them out of darkness and into Your light and let them hear the voice of their
Shepherd who is always near to them.
DAY 8. Law Enforcement
Corruption within law enforcement is a major barrier for justice reaching those
oppressed in Brasil. The US State Department’s 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report on Brasil
notes “serious official complicity in trafficking crimes”, and that “police continued to turn a
blind eye to child prostitution.”
PRAYER: Lord of Hosts, we pray that Your light would shine and expose corruption and complicity in law enforcement. We call forth those with clean hands and a pure heart into positions
of authority in Brasil, that the oppressors would be apprehended, and that Your children would
be protected in Jesus’ name.
BIBLE VERSE: Psalm 46:7, Jeremiah 22:3
DAY 9. City in Focus: Cuiaba
THE ISSUE: Cuiaba is the capital city of the Brasilian state of Mato Grosso. It is located in the exact center of South America. Cuiaba will be another stop for World Cup fans in 2014. Wherever
matches are being played, there is an active, underground sex industry nearby. No city is exempt
from the presence of traffickers who are ready to meet the demands of men in search of sex.
PRAYER: Father of Lights, shine brightly in Cuiaba. Darkness is as light to You and there is no
sin, or work of the enemy that will remain hidden in Your presence. Bright and Morning Star,
shine brightly in this city.
BIBLE VERSE: Matthew 10:26
DAY 10. Drug Addiction Fueling Slavery Among Children
One of the primary push-factors leading vulnerable brasilian children into prostitution is drug addiction. In the favelas, many youth are raised by parents who are addicted to
drugs, and others are exposed to drugs by peers. Becoming dependant upon drugs at an early
age pushes children onto the streets where survival, sex, and prostitution provide the only
guarantee of food in their bellies and drugs in their system. These desperate children are easy
prey for traffickers who sell sex to the men who are willing to pay for it.
PRAYER: Jesus, You are the Mighty Deliverer. You are faithful to deliver all who call on Your
name. May the name of Jesus be on the tongue of every child who feels alone in their addiction to drugs and life on the streets. We pray that at the mention of Jesus, the Name Above
All Names, deliverance would come speedily. We, as the church, join in with the cries of the
broken and abused and say, “How long, O Lord?” How long until You bring deliverance to
these ones for whom You died?”
BIBLE VERSE: Psalm 18:2
DAY 11. City in Focus: Brasilia
THE ISSUE: As the federal capital of Brasil, Brasilia is the seat of all three branches of government and many major corporations headquarter in this central city. Decisions are made
in Brasilia that affect the lives of millions of people across Brasil; may a righteous standard,
founded on equity and truth, be upheld in government and corporate leadership in this city.
PRAYER: Father, glorify Your Son in Brasilia. Raise up a righteous standard that exalts the highest King, Jesus Christ, in this city of influence and government. May executive decisions be
made from Brasilia that bring justice to the oppressed.
DAY 12. 2014 World Cup & Rio de Janeiro Olympics
Large events like the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics create an obvious clientele as many sports fans, predominantly men, flood the country. Traffickers recognize this as
an opportunity to make money. In response to these circumstances, many organizations, ministries and churches are working hard to prevent the innocent from falling prey to traffickers.
PRAYER: Lord of Hosts, You who command the Host of Heaven, dispatch Your heavenly armies
to the aid of those who could be exploited during these sporting events. We declare the victory
of the Lord of Hosts over injustice. Release heavenly strategies to Your church as to how they
can pray, raise awareness, and respond in action.
BIBLE VERSE: Revelation 19:11-16
DAY 13. City in Focus: Fortaleza
THE ISSUE: Fortaleza is the state capital of Ceara and the 5th largest city in Brazil. As its name
implies, Fortaleza has become well-known as a stronghold and center for child sex trafficking
not only in Brazil, but throughout the world. Yet the blood of Christ speaks a better word over
this city that is called to be a place of safety amidst the storm.
PRAYER: We declare that You, O Lord, are the fortress and strength of Fortaleza; we put our
trust in You. Would You make Fortaleza a stronghold of safety for the broken seeking healing
and refuge? Hide them under the shadow of Your wings.
DAY 14. Export of Brasilian Girls
Brasil is a popular destination for foreign sex tourists, but it is also one of leading
source country for children trafficked all over the world. Victims are many times tricked, lured
and offered jobs overseas. What they find when they arrive is not a legitimate job, but a life
of sexual exploitation, abuse, and coercion. These women and children often can be found in
prostitution on side streets and in brothels in Madrid, Milan, Lisbon, and Amsterdam.
PRAYER: Jesus our Redeemer, You paid a price for each one of these women and children.
Many do not know their true value and worth as sons and daughters of the King. They do not
understand that their life was worth Your death, and that all their pain and iniquity was borne
at the Cross. Mighty Redeemer, would You reveal the truth of the gospel to these women and
children and rescue them from the fowler’s snare.
BIBLE VERSE: Job 19:25, Psalm 91:3-4
DAY 15. King of Kings and Lord of Lords
As the understanding of human trafficking grows in Brasil, there is much work to
do to bring criminals to justice, prevent children from being exploited, lead victims through
restoration, and change laws. Several organizations, ministries, and churches have risen up to
answer the crisis of modern-day slavery in Brasil and are working tirelessly to make a difference.
PRAYER: Jesus, You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords; anoint the works of these groups
working to prevent trafficking, mobilize awareness, and rescue victims. We declare that no
work of the enemy, no principality, and no oppressive spirit can stand in the light of Your
glory. May these organizations go forth as light bearers and messengers of justice to bring the
freedom of Jesus to traffickers, men buying sex, and women and children caught in the cycle
of exploitation.
BIBLE VERSE: Revelation 19:16
DAY 16. City in Focus: Salvador da Bahia
Established in 1549, Salvador da Bahia contains the largest afro-brasilian
population and influence. This is due to the fact that over one million slaves were imported to
this region alone, from West Africa in the 17th and 18th centuries. As the third largest city in
Brasil, there is a wide gap between upper and lower class citizens. There are notorious streets
and beaches in Salvador known for nighttime sexual escapades between foreigners and locals.
The only government-funded shelter for trafficking victims exists in Salvador, and in 2011
reported caring for a number of female minors.
PRAYER: Lord, God of Truth, speak words of truth and light over Salvador. Bring wholesale
salvation to this city, so that many would know the Man of Truth, Jesus Christ.
BIBLE VERSE: Psalm 31:5; John 6:40
DAY 17. The Borders
Brasil borders nine out of the eleven sovereign nations in South America. As the
largest nation with the most prosperous economy, it has become a beacon of hope to impov5.
erished immigrants coming from other nations to seek a better future. These immigrants illegally cross the border to look for work and are especially vulnerable to sex and labor trafficking.
With no citizenship and few rights, they are often mistreated and taken advantage of by large
corporations looking for cheap labor, or organized crime looking to traffick vulnerable young
women; thus many end up in prostitution, debt bondage, or unfair working conditions.
PRAYER: Jesus, You are the Holy One, reveal Yourself to these immigrants and those subjected
to debt bondage, labor trafficking, and prostitution. Shine the light of Your countenance upon
them that You may dwell in their hearts through faith. May they know the love of Christ,
which passes knowledge; fill them with the fullness of God.
BIBLE VERSE: Isaiah 40:25, Ephesians 3:19
a day drives these children to the streets. In the spring of 2012, a man convicted of having sex
with three twelve year-old girls, was not charged with rape due to the fact that no inherent
violence was involved. This lax ruling sets a precedent that the children of Brasil are available
for sex with little threat of legal repercussions.
PRAYER: God of refuge, let Brasilian children find refuge in the shadow of Your wings. Don’t
let wicked and perverse men rob them of their innocence. They are Yours, and You are theirs.
Raise up houses of healing and restoration within the church that provide safety and Christcentered care for these ones You love.
BIBLE VERSE: Matthew 18:6; Psalm 12:5
DAY 18. City in Focus: Rio de Janeiro
THE ISSUE: Since 2009, the age of consent in Brasil has been fourteen. However, a close-inage exception law, upholds that twelve and thirteen-year olds engaging in sexual activity with
a partner five years older or less, is not a crime. With the age of consent as low as it is, there
comes a verifiable problem and breakdown in the protection of children, including the activities readily available and legal. This legislation is readily promoting sexual promiscuity amongst
children and must be changed. Coupled with an orphan crisis and 16.27 million Brasilians
living in poverty, the children of Brasil are left legally unprotected.
PRAYER: Jesus, Your name is Jealous. You who are full of zeal and love for Your sons and daughters, You will not share them with another. Raise up Your church and send them into every
sphere of Brasilian society to change the age of consent, defend the cause of the orphans, and
advocate for a culture that protects its children instead of exploiting them.
BIBLE VERSE: Exodus 20:5-6, Psalm 68:6
The city of Rio de Janeiro is known for its 130-foot tall statue, Cristo Redentor,
and hosting the largest, most boisterous Carnaval in the world. As the second largest city, Rio
de Janeiro is the host of the 2016 Olympic games, and stands as a cultural hub for the nation
with a diverse music scene, widespread political influence, avid sports following, and blossoming university system. Yet, beneath the surface of this world-class tourist destination is an
underground trade of women and children that must be exposed.
PRAYER: Jesus our Redeemer, rid Rio de Janeiro of all the idols that seek to exalt themselves
against the knowledge of God. Father, reveal the Man whose outstretched arms and heart of
compassion longs to redeem the broken, and bring light to those who are hidden in darkness.
BIBLE VERSE: Titus 2:11-14; 1 Peter 1:17-19, 2 Corinthians 10:5
DAY 19. City in Focus: Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre has long been important and influential in the transportation of goods
throughout Brasil. This city sits on a delta, where five rivers conjoin, and its exports and influence reach as far as Japan and Africa. This city is also involved in the sale of illegal goods,
including women in high-class brothels. There is a copious number of websites that boast of
the selection of women Porto Alegre has to offer. The bodies and souls of men and women are
not a commodity that can be bought and sold. Pray for these merchants to make righteous
decisions about which goods they can profit from to provide for their families, while choosing
not to exploit another man’s daughter.
PRAYER: God of mercy, look down on Porto Alegre and have mercy on Your daughters and
sons. Expose these illegal brothels, that the women inside would find freedom and deliverance.
In their sin and affliction, remember Your mercy and save their souls.
BIBLE VERSE: Isaiah 63:15; Romans 9:15,16
DAY 20. Children for Sex
The numbers for child prostitution in Brasil are staggering; an estimated 250,000
to 500,000 children are currently being exploited. Because prostitution is legal in Brasil, it’s
sometimes easier for law enforcement to look away or simply ignore the young boys and girls
being exploited. More often than not, poverty, addiction to drugs, and the need for three meals
DAY 21. Age of Consent
DAY 22. City in Focus: Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo is the most populous city in South America, consisting of the highest
grossing economy. There’s so much going on in this city: the stock exchange, the largest helicopter fleet in the world, fashion week, the annual gay pride parade, and a march for Jesus
event. This affluence makes Sao Paulo a prime destination city for sex trafficking and prostitution. Many young women and children come to the city in search of jobs, and find themselves
caught in the web of the sex trade.
PRAYER: Come Jehovah Rophe, the Lord our Healer, with healing for Sao Paulo. Bind up the
wounds of the broken-hearted and break in with the Word of Your power; let not one more
person be caught in bondage, sexual addiction, or exploitation.
BIBLE VERSE: Isaiah 61:1; 1 John 3:16
DAY 23. Sex Tourism
THE ISSUE: Taxi drivers, hotel workers and drug dealers help supply the demand for
children to tourists visiting Brasil for the purpose of illicit sex. Because Brasil is known for its
scores of beautiful women, European and American men arrive, predominantly in the northeast,
with the intention of meeting the young girls they’ve fantasized about. Despite laws against child
prostitution and sex tourism, the US State Department’s 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report
states there were “no reported prosecutions or convictions of child sex tourists” in Brasil in 2011.
PRAYER: Father, raise up righteous lawmakers and policeman with zeal for Your children’s safety
and innocence. You are the Lord, the Judge; send help to these children, have mercy on these
men and bring forth justice for truth.
BIBLE VERSE: Isaiah 42:3, Psalm 10:18
DAY 24. Pornography Industry
Brasil is the second largest porn producing nation in the world, after the United
States, and Sao Paulo has become the center of pornography production. Statistics have shown
that men who consistently watch porn experience a negative shift in their perception of women. This shift causes them to see them as sexual objects, which directly fuels the demand for sex.
PRAYER: God our Helper, break the addiction of pornography in this country and in the nations. Release revelation, salvation, and sanctification over men and women entangled in this
bondage and industry.
BIBLE VERSE: Psalm 55:18; Galatians 5: 16,17
DAY 25. Government
Prostitution is legal in Brazil. Research has shown that in countries where there
is legal prostitution, human trafficking increases. It is important that laws such as this, which
enable and encourage human trafficking, be changed and rewritten.
PRAYER: God of our Righteousness, visit those in government whom You have granted authority. Give them great grace and strength to fulfill their call to lead in truth and righteousness and
to do Your will. Lord we pray that the Law of the Lord would go forth in Brazil and establish
righteous legislation. Touch the hearts of governmental leaders with revelation to know what
is ‘well pleasing’ in Your sight for the glory of Jesus’ name.
BIBLE VERSE: Isaiah 42:4, Hebrews 13:20-21
DAY 26. Jehovah Shammah, The Lord is there
THE ISSUE: In dark, back alleys, dingy brothels, and smoke-filled clubs many trafficked and
exploited women and children feel abandoned, forgotten, and without hope. In Psalm 139,
the Bible says “If I make my bed in hell, behold You are there.” The trafficked women and
children in Brasil are not forgotten or alone. The Lord is there, with them in their trouble, He
alone is their hope and future.
PRAYER: Jehovah Shammah, You who are there. Draw near to the oppressed and let them feel
Your presence and the zeal that is in Your heart for them to know You. Speak words of life over
them that they are not alone, for You are there with them in their trouble.
BIBLE VERSE: Ezekiel 48:35
DAY 27. City in Focus: Manaus
DAY 28. Establishment of Safe Homes
THE ISSUE: As victims of trafficking are rescued, their greatest need is for a place of refuge where
they are able to heal and encounter the love of their heavenly Father, and where they can begin
to dream again about the good future and hope He has for them. Restorative work for these
victims is often specialized, expensive, and lengthy. There is a great need for Christ-centered
safehomes to be established in Brasil.
PRAYER: Baal Parazim, God of the Breakthrough, we pray for the swift establishment of safe
homes for women and children rescued from the pain and isolation of sex trafficking and
prostitution. We ask that You raise up faithful laborers, willing to walk these ones through the
process of healing. Release the Spirit of Adoption on Your church that they would open their
hearts to these women and children, that the lonely would be set in families.
BIBLE VERSE: II Samuel 5:20, Psalm 68:5-6
DAY 29. City in focus: Curitiba
Slaves are marginalized, abandoned, and forgotten people. Although Curitiba
has experienced an exciting period of expansion and growth, this affluence easily conceals the
plight of the poor and those vulnerable to the ploys of traffickers. Just below the surface are
individuals isolated in slavery and exploitation. Few people want to recognize this problem
and once slaves are freed or able to escape, they are often rejected by their families and support
PRAYER: Jehovah-Nissi, You are the Lord our Banner. You have heard the cries of the prisoners
in Curitiba saying “Who will show us any good? “ Lord lift up the light of Your countenance
upon them. Place Your banner of peace and safety over them.
BIBLE VERSE: Psalm 4:6-8
DAY 30. Christ-centered Justice
THE ISSUE: Many people come to Manaus to explore the beauty of the Amazon Rain Forest, but
this influx of tourism brings with it a demand for sex from the indigenous women and children
of this region. Due to the impoverished state of many in Amazonas, young girls are often forced
to sell sex on luxury ships that tour the remote landscape of the Amazon River Basin. They are
promised legitimate work, but upon arrival are coerced into prostitution instead. Additionally,
labor trafficking and harsh working conditions are a common occurrence in this region where
remote locations distant from the media and international accountability allow corporations to
take advantage of the vulnerable.
PRAYER: Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord our Provider, we ask that You would make provision for these
families in Manaus and the Amazon region. Provide an avenue of escape for the exploited, income
for the poor, and open doors for the gospel of Jesus Christ to go forth.
BIBLE VERSE: Genesis 22:13-14
The crisis of modern-day slavery will not be won in the courts of men until it is
first won in the courts of Heaven through the prayers of the saints. Jesus alone is able to bring
forth justice and truth. He does this as the church, His bride, partners with Him in the place
of prayer and in practical acts of love and compassion to the poor and oppressed.
PRAYER: You alone, O Lord, do great wonders and works on the earth. You will not fail nor
be discouraged until You have established justice in Brasil. We look to the soon, coming day
of Your return, when You will right every wrong, wipe away every tear, and have the full glory
due Your name.
BIBLE VERSE: Revelation 21:4-5 Isaiah 42:4
A Call To Action
As we have prayed for the ending of trafficking in Brasil for the last 30 days, our eyes have been
opened to this nation in a new way and our hearts have been laid bare in intercession before
God. Just as the prayers have reached heaven, so must actions of compassion and purity follow.
We must walk as Jesus did, not just talk. The One who led captivity captive was also anointed
to open the doors of the prison to those who are bound. Practically, that doesn’t always look like
hacking off physical chains, but reaching out to the poor and vulnerable with intentional deeds
of kindness.
It means sacrificing time, energy and resources to meet the needs of those in your city. Sometimes,
it’s sitting on the curb for hours with a child who is prostituting herself, listening to her story
and praying over her. Other times, it’s reaching out to the orphan and widow, who have nowhere
else to turn, offering them a place at your dinner table. Above all, it’s abstaining from any kind
of sexual immorality whether purchasing sex or watching sex. Next to prayer, walking in purity is
one of the greatest weapons Christians have to combat human trafficking.
The church of Brasil is the only strategy God has for releasing His justice, there is no plan-B.
Through the prayer of the saints and compassionate acts of love and service done in His name- He
is releasing His kingdom in Brasil.
To learn more about the globe crisis of sex trafficking, watch our award-winning documentary,
Nefarious: Merchant of Souls
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