Spring 2016
Volume 35 Number 2
TAHPERD Officers
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President Elect:
VP, H & W Division:
VP of P.E. Division:
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Executive Director:
Why be a TAHPERD member?
-Connect with experienced professionals
-Keep current in the profession
-Opportunity for grant funding
-Share ideas and become a
leader in your field presenting
-Attend a fabulous convention
-It's only $35.00!!!
Congratulations to Shirley HoltHale on receiving The 2016
SHAPE America Luther Halsey
Gullick Award. This award is given to someone who is clearly outstanding in his/her profession and
who exemplifies the best in service, research, teaching, and/or
administration. The award winner
is recognized by members of
SHAPE America as a noteworthy
leader and as the type of person
whose life and contributions could
inspire youth to live vigorously,
courageously, and freely as citizens in a free society.
We would love to hear the
great things others are doing across the state!! If
you would like to share
your story, contact E.D.,
Andrea Burton @
[email protected]
Check out this blog from
one of our PE Teachers,
Mark Banasiak!!!
A Message From Our President: Dr. Lanise Rosemond
Greetings TAHPERD! It’s a tremendous honor to be the President for an outstanding state association. Thank you for your confidence in electing me as your President. TAHPERD is one of the
strongest educational professional organizations in the state of Tennessee. With TAHPERD’S rich
legacy and heritage the organization is pioneering new ideas and models in the educational field.
The theme I selected this year supports our National Shape Association’s theme “TEN N is
IN: 50 Million Strong by 2029.” I have set goals aimed at being IN, three very important areas.
First, WE are IN to encouraging our students both in and out of the classroom to live healthy
lifestyles that allow them to be at their best physically, mentally, and emotionally which will produce
winning results. To support this goal, I have asked all TAHPERD members to let me know when
something great is taking place in your classrooms, courts or fields. To encourage communication
amongst TAHPERD members I have developed a new campaign called “COUNT ME IN.” This
campaign is designed to highlight you and your colleagues across our state about the creative teaching strategies we are implementing as physical educators. Please email me and let me know about all
the wonderful things that you are doing at your district in our field.
Second, W E will continue to be IN, promoting and advocating at the state and national level
by voicing our concerns about the importance of the Physical Education Profession. For instance, on
March 2nd, I had the opportunity to go to Washington DC along with Vice President Elect Charity
Rice to advocate for Physical Education in the state of Tennessee. Charity and I had a chance to
share our concerns with five different representatives at the nations capital. We were encouraged
that our legislators are beginning to understand the importance of maintaining good physical health
and the role that physical education plays in producing healthy lifestyles. However, Charity and I understand the need for TAHPERD to continue to be a voice statewide and nationally for quality physical education and educators. If you are interested in advocating for our profession, please get in
touch with Dr. Fran Hoogestraat, our Advocacy Chair.
Third, W E will be IN to encouraging and motivating each TAHPERD member to stay on the
cutting edged by pursuing ground breaking training in our professions that produces notable results.
In order to meet this last goal, I will need ALL of you to maintain your TAHPERD membership and
at TAHPERD we have recruited several new board members who are creative and passionate about
TAHPERD. Our Board is made up of a group of high performance educators, who are committed to
being the best in their field of study. On February 26th and 27th our TAHPERD Board had its 2016
Leadership Development Conference (LDC) in Cookeville, TN. We were honored to have distinguished guests, such as: Tennessee Tech University (TTU) President Dr. Phillip Oldham, Director of
Teaching and Learning Dr. Laura Cruz of TTU, and Personality Specialist, Jaida Campbell. Furthermore, we were trained by three of our very own TAHPERD trailblazers; the 2016 SHAPE America
Luther Halsey Gullick Award winner Dr. Shirley Holt-Hale, Dr. Cam Kerst-Davis, and Dr. David
Bow. Our Leadership Development Conference theme was “Super Board: Over Coming the Hurdles
to Victory.” Through cutting edge instruction our trailblazers passed the torch of knowledge, insight
and direction to the “Super Board” in order for them to help the TAHPERD community be the barrier breaking organization that we are destined to be.
Furthermore, seven highly skilled students attended the Future Professionals Leadership Development Conference last summer from colleges and universities that TAHPERD has partnered
with in the state of Tennessee. After the last Leadership Development Conference, I was very encouraged and elated about the next generation of health and physical education professionals. This is
my nineteenth year in the teaching profession and I have never witnessed such commitment to excellence from a group of young educators. I want to encourage each member of TAHPERD to bring students to our next conference. Our students are the prospects of TAHPERD’s future and I can guarantee you that with the proper training and motivation, they can, and will, excel into being some of
the country’s best physical educators.
Please consider this your personal invitation to attend the annual convention at the Embassy
Suites Hotel in Murfreesboro Tennessee on November 6-8, 2016. The “TENN is IN: 50 Million
Strong” Conference will be an opportunity to network with like – minded people across Tennessee as
well as obtain innovative ideas, and motivation to being the best physical educator you can be . The
cost of membership is minimal compared to the value you will receive by being a participating
TAHPERD community member. Please consider becoming an active member by getting involved in
one of many committees that TAHPERD has, such as; Let’s Move Active Schools, Jump for Heart,
Hoops for Heart, and our summer workshops.
Moreover, browse our TAHPERD website to learn more about the committees you can participate on. We encourage you to share your best practices and creative ideas as a presenter at our convention. Check out the convention link to find the proposal and registration forms. Please feel free to
contact me at [email protected] Also please join us on Facebook and Twitter (@tahperd).
Again, I am delighted about being your TAHPERD President for
2016, with your participation and the
passion of the “Super Board”; I anticipate we will see TAHPERD go where
no organization such as ours has gone
before. Come on and get IN, because
TENN is IN: 50 Million Strong!
Sincerely Your TAHPERD President!
Dr. LaNise Rosemond
E.D.’s Corner
By: Andrea Burton
Welcome to TAHPERD’s Executive Director’s Corner! Spring has sprung, and this school year is
coming closely to an end. I would like to ask each of you who are doing great things in our state to email me,
[email protected], so I can share what you are doing in our organization and possibly spark a wonderful
idea in someone else. I would like to highlight Mark Banasiak, a k-5 Physical Educator at Sango Elementary
School in Clarksville, TN. Mark has started a PE blog, https://iteachmorethangym.wordpress.com, for this
school year. You can follow, comment, or email him. I believe this is an awesome way to communicate ideas
of what works well and not so well across the state. I’m sure Mark would love for you to follow his blog and
share your thoughts!
Mark your calendars! The 2016 TAHPERD Convention, "TENN is IN: 50 Million Strong" will
be November 6th-8th at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, TN. Check our website for the program proposal link! I want to encourage you to present, especially if you have never done so before. We all have
strengths, knowledge and experience that is valuable to others, share yours with us! I have been very busy
representing TAHPERD while advocating for more Physical Education time. Coordinated School Health in
Oak Ridge and Rutherford County helped out our efforts tremendously! TAHPERD, Joan Cronan, The
American Heart Association, Champions for America’s Future, Mission Readiness, Tamika Catchings
(former Lady Vol and Olympic Gold Medalist) and Chandra Cheeseborough Guise (Olympic Gold Medalist)
were able to speak about the importance of Physical Education being taught by licensed physical educators
along with the importance of getting adequate time in P.E. for all students! We were bringing awareness to
the Tom Cronan Physical Education Act, which is also known as the Governor’s Three Star Physical Education and Literacy Program. Senate bill 2001 and House bill 1852 are designed to create a pilot program which
will study the relationship between increased Physical Education and test scores in schools.
Have you hosted a Jump or Hoops for Heart event at your school yet? If not, THERE IS STILL
TIME!!! This year we are giving away a total of 6 FREE TAHPERD CONVENTION REGISTRATIONS
($135 value). All you have to do is host and complete an event! Two coordinators who raise below $600 and
four coordinators who raise $601 or above will be chosen at random and notified by September 15th that they
Tennessee AHPERD is extremely fortunate to have so many highly qualified people in our organization and our state. Please consider sharing ideas and resources that you have found helpful, at our state convention. Something you may have done for years, might be brand new to someone else. Our 2016 Convention
Program Proposal is now LIVE! The deadline to apply is June 15th. You can find the link on our website, www.tahperd.us, or by copying and pasting the link below: https://docs.google.com/forms/
SHAPE America’s Southern District Convention will be in Baton Rouge, LA January 10th-13th. You
can find the link for program proposals on our website, or here: https://docs.google.com/forms/
d/1r_nkLXnmTCgLrO40MbzdoQIMThpS3RkKXM55ckIGEfY/viewform. The deadline for Southern District program proposals is June 1st, 2016.
Please don’t forget if you ever have questions or need help to contact me at [email protected], I
want to hear the great things you are doing in your schools!
Diane Klein
Greetings From Your TAHPERD President-Elect –
First, let me introduce myself to those of you who do not know me. My name is Diane Klein.
I’m a Professor of Health and Exercise Science and Chair for the Department of Health and Human
Performance at Tennessee Wesleyan College (TWC), soon to be Tennessee Wesleyan University, in
Athens, Tennessee. I have been involved as a member of SHAPE America (formerly AAHPERD)
since 1998, starting during my doctoral program at Arizona State University (ASU). I presented on my
own and with my mentors and faculty from ASU at Southwest District and National conferences for
AAHPERD until I moved in 2002 to Tennessee to become part of the faculty at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Although I no longer participated with Southwest District, I continued with the
Southeast District. In 2009, when I transitioned my career to TWC, I joined the state organization and
was determined to be as involved in TAHPERD as I had been in the Districts. I have now been a member of the TAHPERD Board for several years. And, I have come to recognize the talent and wealth of
knowledge, skills, and experience among your TAHPERD Board members. Many of these individuals
have rolled off and back onto the Board over the past 20-30 years. Now, they are seeking a legacy and
actively recruiting new, younger, motivated individuals to become part of the Board. There are many
committees, sections, and divisions looking for “new blood” to infuse new ideas into the organization.
So, as your president-elect, I am asking any interested professional or future professional to throw their
hat(s) into the ring.
This year, I will be busy working with the Past-President, President, and the rest of the Board
along with our Executive Director to determine future directions for TAHPERD. We’d love to hear
from you too. My biggest challenge this year will be the production of the fall Leadership Development Conference (LDC) for our future professionals, where we add to the development of tomorrow’s
leaders. The LDC will occur the weekend before the conference in November 2016. My next challenge is coming up with a theme for the 2017 fall conference and frankly, I am at a loss. But, if you
have any suggestions, I’m listening. We have been making great strides to move the state forward for
physical education, but we know we need more. Since our conference in October 2015, I have been
part of a small ad hoc committee looking to expand the TAHPERD horizons and expanding statewide
opportunities for more future professionals. This time, we are thinking about broadening the disciplinary focus to include more exercise science, sport management, coaching, school health, nutrition, and
other related discipline areas to attract more undergraduate and graduate students, from higher education, with little or no opportunity to network with professionals and other future professionals. So,
keep an eye out for this motion to appear on a ballot in the near future. Your input and support is needed to make this happen.
A message from the
Convention Manager:
Alysia Jenkins
What makes TAHPERD an effective organization? One answer...people! I know I have
personally and professionally benefited from the contributions of many different members over
the past 20 years. I became involved as a senior major because of two of my professors. I now
have all these years of networking, professional development, and friendships simply because
two people spoke up and encouraged me to join. As the end of the school year stares us down,
I want to encourage you to do two things: 1. Take the next step as a TAHPERD member,
whether that means presenting a session at convention or serving in a leadership role; 2. Encourage someone else to join you as a member and/or present at convention.
It's may be difficult to think about convention in November when we are just starting to
enjoy spring, but the deadline for presentation proposals is June 15. Think about what you do
well, what you enjoy teaching, and submit your proposal online. Ask peers and colleagues to
submit one as well. Team up and present together! It's easy to feel like we don't do anything
different than everyone else does; however, we all do something really well that others can
learn and grow from by watching us do it well! Remember, sessions can be in any of our three
main divisions, health and wellness, physical education, and general.
This year's convention theme is Tenn Is In: 50 Million Strong as we make a commitment
to the national goal of 50 Million Strong by 2029. Our strength is in our members, and we want
to showcase all Tennessee has to offer in 2016. Be sure to check the dates for summer workshops (get professional development hours in your field) and reserve November 6-8 for convention in Murfreesboro.
If you have suggestions, questions, or contributions you would like to make about convention, please do not hesitate to contact me!
Be healthy, be happy!
Alysia Jenkins
Past-President, Convention Manager
[email protected]
Health and Wellness
Wayne Hines
Here are your Super Leaders for the Health and Wellness Division for the year 2016.
Vice President- Wayne Hines; [email protected]
 Vice President Elect- Mandy Irvin; [email protected]
 Past Vice President- Todd Layne; [email protected]
 First Aid and Safety- Josh Haley; [email protected]
 Fitness- Michael Phillips; [email protected]
 Coordinated School Health Education- Meri-Leigh Smith; [email protected]
 Lifetime Wellness- Josh Boynton; [email protected]
We are working diligently to secure sessions for the upcoming convention on November 6-8, 2016. Our goal is to provide well rounded and well attended sessions on a
wide range of topics. The desire is for each participant to feel that it was well worth
their time to attend the TAHPERD convention.
We are currently working to provide sessions on a variety of topics, including:
nutrition, CPR training, coordinated school health, grants, CDC updates, neurology
studies, state policies on concussions, CPR, and heat related injuries.
Please contact any of our board members if you would be interested in leading a
session at our 2016 convention. We welcome the expertise of teachers in the field and
encourage you to take this opportunity to share your knowledge with others. You can
find the link to submit a program proposal on our website, www.tahperd.us.
Wayne Hines
East Nashville Magnet
Head Boys Track/Bowling Coach
Middle School/ Freshman Athletic Director
VP-Elect Health/Wellness
From the Physical Education Division
Ajit Korgaokar
Dear TAHPERD members, I am excited to serve as Vice President for the Physical Education Division
of TAHPERD. The following section chairs have confirmed they will continue in their role for the upcoming year:
Vice President – Ajit Korgaokar; [email protected]
 Vice President Elect – Charity Rice; [email protected]
 Past Vice President – Stuart Currie; [email protected]
Dance Chair – Laura Morefield; [email protected]
 Aquatics Chair – Timothy Jones; [email protected]
 Pre-Kindergarten – Jessica Myers; [email protected]
 Elementary – Kason O’Neil; [email protected]
 Middle School – Donna Dey; [email protected]
 Secondary School – Darnell Spann; [email protected]
Adapted Physical Education– Jeff Knox; [email protected]
 Sports and Coaching – EJ Wood; [email protected]
Per our discussion at the LDC meeting, each Section Chair is recruiting presenters for the 2016
conference. Thanks to Shirley Holt-Hale , we already have the Sunday workshop identified. Stuart Currie and I also plan to conduct a soccer workshop on the Saturday of the conference with further details
to follow.
If you are interested in presenting a session that falls under the Physical Education Division, or know of
a presenter who would be interested in presenting, please complete the proposal form (see the
TAHPERD website).
If you have questions, please e-mail Ajit Korgaokar at [email protected] or the appropriate
section chair.
Lastly, I would like to thank Stuart Currie, Past Vice President, for his years of service, leadership and
advice as I transition into the V.P. role.
2016-2017 TAHPERD Grant Applications Now Being Accepted
TAHPERD has eight (8) $500 grants available to current TAHPERD members. Grants are awarded to
individuals who are seeking funding sources for innovative projects, research endeavors, or specialized
equipment to improve teaching. Awardees are required to share their project during the grants session
at the next TAHPERD Convention. Only on-line applications are accepted and is available at
www.tahperd.us. To find the application, enter the TAHPERD website, click on Explore tab then
Grants then Online Application. Deadline: October 1, 2016.
American Heart Association
Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart is in full swing across the state. In the 20152016 school year 749 elementary, middle and high schools will be completing an event in
Tennessee. We are looking forward to one of our best years ever raising money, saving lives
and promoting heart health.
Recruitment has begun for the 2016-2017 school year. Elementary and Middle schools
can register to participate in Jump Rope for Heart or Hoops for Heart. All schools that participate in an American Heart Association event will receive materials to complete an event including 12 Jump Ropes or 2 Basketballs as well as Common Core/TN State Standard Aligned
lesson plans. In addition, schools are also eligible to earn U.S. Games gift certificates to purchase P.E. equipment depending on the amount of money raised.
Schools that raise $600 will receive one TAPHERD membership ($35), two TAPHERD
memberships ($35) will be given to schools that raise $4001 or more, and if the event raises
more than $10,001 a third and fourth person will receive a TAHPERD membership ($35).
These are just a few of the benefits for holding an event. If you are interested in registering
for an American Heart Association event for the 2016-2017 school year please contact Jessie
Wiens, Youth Market Director for the American Heart Association, at 615-509-9399 or [email protected] for more information.
NEW this year, TAPHERD will be giving out 6 grants to cover the cost of the convention to schools that complete a Jump Rope or Hoops for Heart event. The grant will pay the
TAPHERD Annual Conference fee ($135) for the Event Coordinator at two schools raising
less than $600 and four schools raising more than $600. Grant recipients raising less than
$600 will have their TAPHERD Membership dues ($35) paid as well. The recipients will be
randomly chosen.
By: Fran Hoogestraat
In 2016, we reap the benefits of legislative relationships on Capitol Hill in Nashville. Thanks to past
Advocacy predecessors who created these connections and the TAHPERD reputation, we have been welcomed again with physical education legislation. Senator Bill Ketron (R- Murfreesboro) and Representative
Roger Kane (R- Knoxville) are our leading advocates for our eventual goal of reinstating (a minimum of) 2
days/calendar week of elementary physical education across our state. Even though this legislation comes at
minimal cost of cents per day per student, sometimes, as former TAHPERD president Katherine Pebworth
noted, we face detours we must accept toward our greater goal.
That is currently the case! Rep. Kane and Sen. Ketron again lead the charge for physical education
legislation that introduces a pilot program for grades 3-5 of 4 days of physical education per calendar
week. If passed by both houses, and signed by Governor Haslam, schools with the highest BMI rates, priority schools not offering physical education (from all three grand divisions of our state) can apply for funds to
participate in the 1 ½ year pilot study. The legislation is named the Tom Cronan Physical Education Act and
the Governor’s Three Star Physical Education and Literacy Program. This pilot study will provide legislators
with actual data from Tennessee elementary schools that should show the impact of regular physical education upon elementary children. We are enthusiastic and hopeful about this legislation that can address one of
our state’s unfortunate credentials: Tennessee is ranked #4 nationally in childhood obesity.
To learn more, go to: www.capitol.tn.gov/legislation and look for SB 2001 (Senator Bill Ketron)
and HB 1852 (Rep. Roger Kane). On February 24th, both bills cleared the first hurdle from the Senate Education Committee and the House Education Instruction & Programs Subcommittees.
1) Go to www.capitol.tn.gov and look at the members for both House and Senate commit
tees. Then, as a TAHPERD member, contact these committee members and express your sup
port for his valuable legislation. The sooner the better. Email or phone contact are the best methods. Everything you need is on this website.
2) Review the video of these committees on the website listed above. Learn who supports physical
education and who you can help us contact to win their support.
3) As always, be prominent professionals in your physical education teaching and advocacy to
your PTAs/PTOs and school board members.
4) Show through individual commitment to personal health and fitness that physical education is
part of the critical foundation of health.
5) Live your life in such a way that your physical education students will catch the interest and
priority for their own health and fitness.
Thanks to the national advocacy effort promoted by SHAPE America in the spring and fall of
2015, Congress passed the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), a reauthorization of the 50 year old
Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Hats off to Senate Education Committee Chair Senator Lamar Alexander, who played a pivotal role in getting this legislation into law, and signed by the
President on December 10, 2015. President Barack Obama stated, “With this bill, we reaffirm that fundamentally American ideal---that every child, regardless of race, income, background, the zip code
where they live, deserves the change to make of their lives what they will.” ESSA expands upon the
2002 No Child Left Behind legislation under President Bush. Happily for TAHPERD members and in
thanks partly to Senator Alexander from Tennessee, physical education is again a player at the education table!
Also, the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (i.e. PEP GRANT) has also been reauthorized. The PEP grant provides grants to Local Education Agencies (LEA’s) and community-based
organizations to initiate, expand or enhance physical education programs, including before school, after
school, and summer programs for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. This is a continued
boost for innovation in physical education. Apply for a PEP grant for your school or program right
away. Continue to show Congress that physical education makes a daily difference in the lives of our
nation’s children.
The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA): www.ed.gov/essa or www.shapeamerica.org
The Carol M. White “PEP Grant”: www2.ed.gov/programs/whitephysed/
index.html or www.shapeamerica.org
Fran Hoogestraat,
Chair, Advocacy/Legislation
[email protected]
Let ’s Move!
Let’s Move Active Schools
Regular physical activity helps students succeed in school – and in life! In addition to
keeping kids healthy and strong, being active for 60 minutes a day has been shown to: Boost
academic performance, increase concentration and focus, and improve classroom attendance
and behavior.
Today, Let’s Move! Active Schools is the physical activity and physical education solution to ensure 60 minutes of physical activity is the new norm for schools.
By equipping school leaders and educators with the tools to create an active learning
environment, Let’s Move! Active Schools makes the process simple for teachers and strategic
for administrators. Not only does Let’s Move! Active Schools streamline the selection of
physical activity and physical education programs, resources, professional development and
funding opportunities, but it also delivers each school a comprehensive, customized FREE
Action Plan.
An Active School gets kids moving for at least 60 minutes before, during and after the school
day in 5 key areas:
1. Physical Education
2. Physical Activity During School
3. Physical Activity Before and After School
4. Family & Community Involvement
5. Staff Involvement
Take 10 minutes out of your day and sign up right now:
Workshop News
Be looking for more information on the TAHPERD web page, www.tahperd.us, in the coming months. Below are workshops/conventions from our neighboring states, as well.
Alabama Spring Conference
April 15-16, 2016
Orange Beach, Alabama
Kingsport Wellness Institute
June 2016 *Official Date TBA
Kingsport, Tennessee
Vanderbilt Sports: Concussions
June 10, 2016
Nashville, Tennessee
Math and Movement Institute
June 15-18, 2016
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Physical Education & Lifetime Wellness Summer Workshop
June 16-17, 2016
Cookeville, TN 38506
Contact [email protected] or (931) 372-3539 for more information
2016 Robert W. (Bob) Moore Summer Institute
June 14-15, 2016
Gwinnett County, Georgia
TAHPERD 47th Annual Convention
November 6-8, 2016
Embassy Suites
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Share the Wealth Conference
January 21-23, 2017
Jekyll Island, Georgia
2017 Southern District Convention
January 10-13, 2017
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2017 SHAPE America Conv.
March 14 - 18, 2917
Boston, Massachusetts
2018 SHAPE America Conv.
March 20-24
Nashville, Tennessee
If you know of someone deserving who fits one the award categories, please submit
the short Awards Nomination Form, that can be found by going to our website, selecting
Awards and then clicking on Nominations. There you will be able to either submit an
online nomination or print, complete, and the form back to our Awards Chair, Bob Benge,
[email protected]
The deadline for our 2016 award nominations is June 15th 2016. If you have more
questions about awards, please contact Bob Benge, [email protected]
We want to recognize all the great work our professionals are doing in our state!
Letter from the Editor:
Julian Allen
Here we are! Wrapping up yet another fabulous
year of educating our students! As we head into the summer, I hope that many of you will take advantage of this
newsletter and see all of the wonderful things that are going on within this great organization that we call
TAHPERD. You’ll notice that we have strong advocacy,
determined leaders, many opportunities to grow professionally through summer workshops, and more excitingly; the fall convention is quickly approaching!!! If you
would like to present, please contact Alysia Jenkins or
Andrea Burton to get set up!
In addition, we would like to recognize all members of this professional organization, so If you know of a
death of a physical education professional, please notify
Necrology Chair, Tony Kirk: [email protected] We would
love to see what everyone is doing in their school!
Thank YOU for all that YOU do, to make OUR organization, TAHPERD, GREAT!!