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Hecla Dakota Hunting farms Inc.
Hecla Dakota Hunting farms Inc.
11011 12 Gauge Place
Hecla, SO 51446
The upcoming "popular hunt" seems to be the
Canadian Goose hunt, which takes place during
the month of September. Licenses are very
easy to acquire, and with a limit of fifteen per
day, you can plan for an action-packed three or
four days of hunting.
Obtaining a waterfowl license
is still done by lonery in South Dakota.
You need to apply in June
online at www.sdgfD.info.
Remember: applv early
and call if you have any questions.
A definite highlight this year was seeing a large number of youth and
woman hunters. With the many opportunities to shoot roosters, DHF
is the perfect place for young or new hunters to learn the sport. We
encourage you to invite new or young hunters to join you and pass on
the hunting tradition to the next generation, as someone mayor may
not have done for you. Call or email for special youth pricing.
With the 2012 season drawing to a close, we can look back and
say it has been one of the driest hunting seasons in the past five
years. We've had a very mild winter and not many spring rains,
which resulted in an excellent pheasant hatch across the state of
South Dakota.
January through April were spent on the road traveling to
different shows and fundraisers across the country. In mid-March
we swung back through South Dakota long enough to hunt snow
geese for ten days before finishing the show season with an SCI
fundraiser in Florida.
The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) project
for this year included transplanting over six thousand trees,
replacing trees that did not survive the very wet past five years,
cleaning up dead/fallen trees, and prepping those areas for new
trees in 2013. NRCS, along with Pheasants Forever, has been very
helpful in suggesting proper habitat-a location not only for nesting
pheasants, but one that will also help the birds survive South
Dakota's harsh winters and wet springs, yet be an easy walk for the
hunters in the fall. .. okay, so we are still working on that last part, but
hey, you have to start somewhere! In the meantime, we will keep
walking the occasional cattail patch!
DHF would like to congratulate Josh and Jessica Ruenz on
starting their married life together September 8th, 2012!! Josh has
been a guide here most of his life, and Jess has been a welcome
addition to the lodge and also as a hunting photographer. We Wish
them both the best in the years to come.
In 2013 The 12 Gauge Lodge will celebrate the 100th anniversary
of its construction. We are busy planning a celebration for midsummer. We will also be coming out with a new cookbook after
the first of the year that will include the history of the lodge and its
employees. Be sure and take advantage of the special pricing, but
please be aware of the May 1st, 2013 deadline.
January 3,0_6'·, 2013:: Dallas TX:: SCI
January 23,0_26'·, 2013:: Reno NV:: SCI
February 15'·-17'h, 2013 :: Minneapolis MN :: Pheasant
Pheasant hunting just like the good 01' days!
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