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Castle - University Games
Item # 30961
AGES 12+
Castle has 2 packages of puzzle pieces; one large bag for
the castle, and a small bag for the flags.
Please count and check all of the puzzle pieces before
you assemble.
After assembling each part, please follow the below
instructions to complete the Castle.
Start to assemble the Body
of the castle (part A) in the
first step.
Assemble the 4 towers
(Part B) and insert into the 4
corners of the Castle tightly
by turning the center pole.
Assemble the main tower
(Part C) and insert into the
center part of the Castle
through the tray and tighten
by turning the center pole.
If you are missing any pieces, please contact University Games at (415) 503-1600.
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Put the 4 smaller flags
on the top of the smaller
towers, and put the bigger
flag on top.

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