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Chippewa Humane Association News
Chippewa Humane Association News
Summer 2015
Purr and Paw Mystery Dinner Results
On April 18th we sailed the high seas for our Purr and Paw Murder Mystery Dinner at Horizon’s in
Tilden. More than 175 cruise guests joined us for dinner, drinks and mystery solving. We had a
record number of sleuths who identified "Who Dunnit" successfully as well. Our annual fundraising
dinner netted $9,081 for the shelter and will help us care for and rehome many dogs, cats and other animals this year. Special thanks to our volunteer actors T.J. Bollfrass*, Marissa Gibbs*, Samantha Sonnee, Carli Olson, Jessica Kerckhove*, Jim Tallman*, Larsi Bendriss, Kris Robertson*,
Tammy and Mike Schmitz. Their time and talents really brought out the fun this year.
* denotes returning actor
This is a community event and we are so grateful to our generous sponsors and those who contributed to our raffle and
silent auction.
Admiral - Advanced Laser Machining, Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic, Chippewa Veterinary Clinic, Lake
Wissota Animal Hospital and Northwestern Bank; Captain - Cadott Animal Hospital, Jackson Trucking & Excavating, Mason Companies & TTM Technologies
Commander - The Ark Animal Hospital, Royal Credit Union and Gordy & Donna Schafer;
Bronze - Citizen’s State Bank - Cadott, Jaenke Concrete & Excavation, Kindness Animal
Hospital, Lake Wissota Family Chiropractic, No Mercy Excavating, Northwest Pathways to
Independence, Spectrum Industries and T&R Recycling.
Donors (raffles & silent auction)
AmericInn, Anchor Bank, Bauer Built Tire, Bernatellos, Birch Point Resort, Blomlie Photography, Chilson Subaru,
Chippewa Auto Body, Chippewa Valley Music Festivals, Chippewa Veterinary Clinic, Christensen Florist, Country
Treasures, Culver's Restaurant, Economy Furniture, Elite Travel Service, emBark, Fill-Inn Station, Lake Wissota Animal
Hospital, Lucy's Deli, Goulet's Auto Service, Holiday Inn Express, Italiano's Pizzeria & Pub (formerly Harpole's), ITW
Engineered Fasteners, Jaenke Concrete & Excavation, Kem Dahlheimer, Lake Hallie Golf, Leader Telegram, Leinie
Lodge, Loopy's, Luke, Heidi and Alex Pederson, Mason Companies, Metropolis Hotel, Micon Cinemas, Mouldy's Archery
& Tackle, Pappa Murphy's, Pepsi Beverage Company, Pizza Hut of Chippewa Falls, Reilly Chiropractic, Sokup's Market,
Spring Street Sports, St. Croix Casino and Wisconsin Metal Fab.
The CHA created a fund with the Community Foundation of Chippewa
County. Our long-term goal is to have a self-supporting financial resource
for the shelter. Your donation may be used in perpetuity for our long term
financial health by donating to this fund. Your gift, along with many others,
is invested and the earnings of the fund are used as operating funds for
the shelter.
Ways you can really help to make a long-term gift to the CCHA include:
Extended Shelter Hours!
The shelter is now be open
Thursdays from 12:00—5:00
Tuesday 12:00 - 6:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 - 5:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 - 4:00 pm
By appointment all other days
Give a direct one-time, annual donation, or memorial gift in honor of a
special person or event.
Remember the CCHA in your estate planning.
Encourage friends and family to remember the CHA with planned gifts.
Name the CCHA as a beneficiary of your IRA/retirement plan or life
insurance plan.
You can make a gift of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets to
the Foundation. Most charitable gifts qualify for maximum tax advantages
under federal law. Contact the Community Foundation of Chippewa County to let them know your giving wishes and please consult and attorney or
financial advisor if needed to make these arrangements.
This is truly the gift that lasts forever! Please consider a gift to the Chippewa County Humane Association Fund at the Community Foundation of
Chippewa County, Inc. Please contact them at 715-723-8125 or
[email protected] or visit their website
Spring fever starts the seemingly endless summer of kittens!!
Our kitten season is in full swing! Generally it starts in May and lasts through late October. The
CHA had 46 kittens come into the shelter within a 10 day time period. You may be thinking “Why is
this bad thing? Kittens are easier to place in homes compared to adult cats, right? While kittens can
be more desirable to potential adopters, most shelters don’t have the resources to care for very
young kittens. Neonate kittens - those who are about 2 to 3 weeks old, must be bottle-fed every few
hours. The shelter staff and Board members volunteer for these sleepless nights of bottle feedings. Otherwise these
kittens would simply not survive.
How can you help to save kittens? If you find kittens that are alone, don’t immediately scoop them up and bring them to
the shelter. Many times the mother is close by. This is the biggest mistake people make. If the kittens are 4 weeks and
under, give the mother about 5 to 6 hours to return before you gather them up. How you can help:
 Consider fostering found kittens yourself if possible. We are happy to provide training and other resources .
 Volunteer as a foster parent to our many litters either with or without a nursing mom.
 Be an adoption advocate or an adopter. Not only do you save a life, you also open up space for another kitten or cat.
If your house is full, you can still encourage friends and family members to adopt. You can also make a donation to
help continue saving these babies!
 Spay and neuter!! A cat can be in heat up to 20 weeks each year. At least 20 million kittens are expected to be born this Spring!
Save Your Aluminum Cans
An easy way to help our shelter is by
saving your aluminum cans. They can
be dropped off at any time in the cage
outside the shelter.
Receive future newsletters via email! You’ll be the
first to get our news and it will also save us printing
and postage costs. To sign up, go to our website at and click on the
newsletter link.
Reminder - our shelter does not have a physical mailbox onsite. Because of its location, it was often hit
by the snow plow and other vehicles. Please address all correspondence to
Chippewa Humane Association, P.O. Box 562, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Where Are They Now?
Our big boy Ruger is fitting right in at home. He loves his walks with
Mom, playing with his squeaky toys, playing tug & trying with all his
cute kindness to make friends with the family cat, Elliott. (Elliott calls
him BEASTIE!) Ruger can’t wait for Dad to finish the fence so he can
play freely in his new backyard kingdom. He thinks car rides are the
best! Especially when they end up at the dog park so he can make
new friends. He knows no fear when making friends now and greets
everyone like a loveable galloping moose. He is bringing so much
happiness & unconditional puppy love to our home. Thank you Chippewa Humane for rescuing him and taking care of him for us until we
could bring him to his forever home.
- Jeff and Maria Blum
Annabelle aka Whiskers has found a forever home with the Blank family. She
is doing very well and has made her first visit to the vet already. Annie is fitting
in just fine, most of her
pastimes seem to be finding the most comfortable spot to relax in. She love
chilling with us at night taking turns lying on each of us. She LOVES treats. Her
hair is really starting to grow back after her shave at the shelter. There are still
a few hissing fits between her and our other two cats, Kiki and Tater, but I
know time will fix that. She is really a good cat, she lets you know what she
wants and doesn't want. - Lisa Blank
Tuco FKA Taco and Buttercup, both
CHA alumni, found themselves in the
same home and have become instant
Piper needs your help!
This sweet girl has been between the CHA and ECHA for the past 9 months. Her
owner had severe health problems and was in and out of the hospital. This meant
Piper was also in and out of shelters. Sadly her owner has since passed. So not
only did Piper lose her mom, she also lost her home. She is an 11 year old Rat Terrier. She may have a silver face, but she has the personality of a 5 year old and is
certainly a lap dog!! Piper would do best as the only pet in the home and prefers
adults. She is house trained, spayed and up to date on her vaccines. For more information please call the shelter 715-382-4832 or go to or for an application!
Do you have a happy adoption story to share? Mail or send an email to us at
[email protected]
We post adoption photos on our Facebook Page and the response has been phenomenal. Our Facebook
friends have also helped many animals get reunited with their owners. We are impressed by the citizens in
our community and the devotion they have in helping animals. If you have adoptions stories you would like
to share, we would love to hear from you!
McDonell High School, Advance Cash and Family Dollar each held a food drive to benefit our shelter.
We received much needed basic supplies such as dog and cat food along with many bottles of laundry and
dish soap.
 We received a $100 donation from the Chippewa Lion’s Club at their Parade of Checks dinner.
 12 members of the Boy’s & Girl’s Club toured the shelter and volunteered their time to socialize the animals,
help with cleaning, and the never ending laundry.
 The Girl Scout Troop donated homemade treats and toys for the shelter residents. They also took part in a
tour and spent time socializing the animals.
 Shelter staff spoke to the St. Charles Elementary K-3 students on the importance of pet care and pet safety.
 Two shelter kittens and one senior dog visited the Lake Hallie Memory Care Center. The residents really
enjoyed the interaction with the pets. We visit this facility 1 to 2 times each month and serve as enrichment for
both the residents and the animals.
 Thank you to Bob’s House for Dogs for working with us and taking 2 of our shelter dogs as fosters in May. One
of which has been adopted. Thanks also to the Cairn Terrier Rescue in Illinois who took in sweet 14 year old
Snickers and found her a forever home.
 15 Cadott High School students visited the shelter in April. They learned about day-to-day operations as well
as pet care and how to be a responsible pet owner.
Board Members Wanted - The CHA Board of Directors is comprised of nine seats filled with members of
the community and we currently have two vacant positions. The Board meets on the second Monday of each
month at 6:00 pm. Basic responsibilities of the CHA Board include: Helping to shape and achieve the CHA mission; Selecting and supporting the Shelter Manager and assessing his/her performance; Ensuring effective organizational planning; Ensuring long-term financial viability; Exercising fiduciary responsibility and oversight; Ensuring
adequate resources and assist in raising money; Determining, monitoring, and strengthening CHA programs and
services; Enhancing the public standing of the CHA; Ensuring legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability
and Recruiting and orienting new Board members and assess Board performance. If you are interested in learning
more about the Board or attending a Board meeting, please contact the shelter manager or email
[email protected] .
Seeking Gently Used Items - The Chippewa Humane is having it’s second annual Rummage August 20 - 22
from 8:00 - 4:00 daily. We are accepting your gently used items through August 18th at the shelter from 7:00 am 1:00 pm daily. No electronics or upholstered furniture please. Please call 715-382-4832 with questions.
Calendar of Events
August 10
Board Meeting
October 12
Annual Board Meeting
August 20-22
Shelter Thrift Sale
November 9
Board Meeting
September 14
Board Meeting
September 26
Pledge for Paws Dog Walk
How long does it take for a car to get hot?
Outside Temp
Temp Inside vehicle
Time it takes to reach
10 mins
30 mins
5 mins
7-10 mins
30 mins
15 mins
Saturday, September 26, 2015 - 1:00 PM
Flag Hill Pavilion, Irvine Park, Chippewa Falls, WI
Registration at noon **Rain or Shine**
Lunch will be provided
*Best Dressed Male and Female Dogs * Dog Bone Guess * Youngest* Oldest*
$50, $75 & $100 Gift Cards
for the top 3 Pledge
Gift Cards to anyone collecting
$100 or more
Many Door Prizes and Raffles
For more information or to pre-register
Contact: Lake Wissota Animal Hospital at 715-726-8811
16780 Cty Hwy X Chippewa Falls
All proceeds go to Chippewa Humane Association
Pre-registration and pledge sheets can be downloaded from:
Top 10 Items We can Always Use
Street Location: 10501 County Hwy S South
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 562, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
715-382-4832 (tele) 715-382-4377 (fax)
Email addresses: General: [email protected]
Board: [email protected] shelter link:
Like us on Facebook
Shelter Hours
Tuesday 12:00 - 6:00 pm
Thursday 12:00—5:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 - 4:00 pm
By appointment all other days
Shelter Director - Jennifer Johnson
Board of Directors
Paula Young, President
Deb Newman, Vice President
Sandra Stiles, Secretary
Lori Mueller, Treasurer
Molly Gezella-Baranczyk
Pam Gibbs
Karen Scarseth
Purina Cat Chow (blue bag)
Purina Kitten Chow (yellow bag)
Liquid bleach
Liquid laundry soap
Cat toys (unused only please)
Dog toys (unused only please)
Dog treats
First-class postage stamps
Plastic grocery bags for poop clean up
Dog & cat crates in good condition
Please visit our website at
for other ways you can help.
Chippewa Humane Animal Statistics 2015 Year to Date
Owner Claimed
Animals Leaving
NAME _________________________________________________ EMAIL ________________________________________________
ADDRESS ____________________________________________CITY _________________________STATE________ ZIP __________
I wish to make a gift of $______Please make it in  honor  memory of:  pet  person Name __________________________________
Please send honorarium/memorial acknowledgement to: __________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________ City _________________________ State ______ Zip _________
 Check payable to CCHA
 Credit Card Payment (fill in information below)
 Visa  Discover MasterCard Account # ___________________________________________ Expiration Date ____________
Card Holder Printed Name ______________________________________ Card Holder Signature _______________________________
Mail to Chippewa Humane Association, P.O. Box 562, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

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