November 2013



November 2013
November 2013
November 2013
A note from the editor
Donations to
the Philippines
Audit in Romania
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Officers conference
2013 Bergen
Officers conference
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Featured photos
Photo: Whale jumping in front of Skandi Peregrino. Photo taken by Piotr Pawlak, Chief Officer on Skandi Peregrino.
A note from the editor
As always at the end of the month of December there will not
be a DOF News December 2013 edition. Rather, the printed
magazine DOF Nytt 2013 will be distributed across the group.
This will be the 18th year of this annual publication, and like
this monthly pulbication DOF Nytt celebrates our successes,
shares our stories and sets a positive starting point for the
coming year of new adventures.
Thank you for all of the contributions to DOF News. I hope
that you have all enjoyed these editions over the past year. It
has been a pleasure reading your stories, seeing your images
and helping to share the company’s news around the globe. As
our numbers increase and our coverage expands, I only believe
we will have even more interesting things to read and see.
Best wishes to all and with very high regard,
- John Burnham, DOF News Editor
November 2013
Page 1
Issue #
Year 6
No. 11
Cover image: NB-800 hull in Romania
Donations to the Philippines
Andre Storebø - HR Director
The Board of DOF ASA has donated USD 100,000 to the
emergency situation in the Philippines. The donation is
earmarked for DOF OSM employees and families affected by
the tragedy.
As we currently do not know how many of our DOF OSM
employees are affected - the donation will be available for
those OSM employees and families that need the resources
the most. This will be coordinated by OSM - who has the
experience and local knowledge in where- and how to best
handle the situation for the seafarers.
DOF has established an account for this purpose so that
employees and vessels that would like to contribute may do
so directly. The account has been created. You can make donations utilizing the IBAN and the SWIFT account numbers
IBAN - NO3460650491028
Joint HSEQ audit marathon in Romania
Bård J. Borren - Quality Manager
In connection with NB 800 being built at Vard Tulcea (Romania), the yard was audited by a team from
DOF Management AS.
After having carried out the audit at VARD Tulcea, DOF Management’s audit team joined forces with VARD in
a joint audit programme, were VARD Tulcea’s subcontractors were audited.
The joint audit team visited the yards Constanta (Constanta county), Giurgiu (Giurgiu county) and Damen Galati
(Galati county) – covering a distance of more than 1000 kilometers.
The audit team from DOF Management would like to thank the participants from VARD – in this joint effort
to verify HSE standards within the contributing companies playing a part in the construction of NB 800.
November 2013
Page 2
For transaction in NOK, please use the following account:
6005.06.25519. This due to avoid a bank charge for every
OSM has sent us a letter describing their status regarding
relief efforts in the region. This document also gives a brief
update about the challenges that are currently being addressed as of 13.11.2013.
Here is a brief summary of the actions taken by OSM:
- Distribution of emergency cash and food, hereunder milk
- Coordination of general relief efforts
- Checking that OSM staff and families are ok
- Coordinating with OSM Customers
- Work closely with the local family chapters
Skandi Stord & Skandi Saigon
Tugging Noble Homer Ferrington rig in Egyptian waters
Phots provided by client.
Officers Conference 2013
begins in Bergen, Norway
28.11.2013 - The first day of the 2-day officers conference has
begun at the Blu Royal Hotel in Bergen, Norway.
Many of the leaders will give presentations on the year’s
performance. Additionally, workshops will be held across all
of the disciplines and external suppliers will be delivering
presentations as well.
The event finishes with the DOF Julebord (Christmas Party)
Friday night.
The conference presentation topics and seminars:
• Welcome
• CEO gives introduction
• HSEQ presentation
• Tax seminar
Procurement presentation
TMV2 presentation
Technical presentation
Workshops through the evening
• Motivation seminar
• Crewing presentation
• DNV presentation
• New certificate introduction
• Norwegian Hull Club presentation
• Operations in Artic Conditions presentation
• NHC lessons learned
• NHC summary
• DOF Subsea presentation
• CEO of DOF ASA presentation
• Summary
• DOF Julebord in the evening
3rd quarter financial reports for DOF ASA
An “all time high” operational EBITDA
The DOF Group has achieved a total revenue of NOK 2 634
million and an “all time high” operational EBITDA of NOK
912 million in 3rd quarter.
The Group has to date built an historically high back log of
in total NOK 57 billion.
Top: Officers at the conference in Bergen
Bottom: Narve Vaage, HSEQ Manager, presenting HSEQ
Historical financial reports, along with webcasts from these
presentations, can be found on the DOF website in the
Investor Relations section for DOF ASA.
November 2013
Page 4
Officers Conference in Manila
RENATE HVIDEVOLL EK - Manager Maritime Personnel
11.11.2013 - The Officers Conference was held at the OSM building in Manila. Forty of our officers joined the 2-day conference, with Manager of Maritime Personnel, Renate Hvidevoll Ek present from Norway. Company representatives gave
detailed presentations on the status, outlook and unwanted incidents.
On the agenda where various items including: the new requirement related to STCW 2010- Manila, Culture Awareness and
Conflict Management, Risk Assessment and Incident Reporting, amongst other topics.
The new joint venture company “DOF OSM Marine Services” was introduced to the officers. The purpose of DOF OSM
Marine Services is to secure qualified crew for the DOF fleet. All seafarers are now employed by DOF OSM, which is part of
a long term strategy - to ensure long term employment. DOF as a company invests in skilled seafarers so that they can work
with each other and together to achieve great tasks.
November 2013
Page 5
DOF Team Community
John Burnham, Web Administrator
The new DOF Team Community website,
often referred to as the forum, will be
launching in early January 2014. You can
enter the site via the normal path, starting
on the DOF Management landing page or
you can use your old bookmark and you
will be redirected automatically.
Your previously created user will work in
this system. If you encounter any problems,
please use the DOF Team forum contact
email: [email protected]
The new DOF Team site is designed to
work efficiently for crew both onshore and
offshore. The site itself is updated in the
new website platform and interface and
this comes with many improved features
and functionality. The new site retains all of
the previous functionality, including: listing
internal positions, a photo gallery, DOF
News and training content.
The forum itself is vastly improved and
hopefully it will get more use. You can now
easily add a profile picture and update your
user details.
The gallery has also been improved,
though it is quite similar in function as
the previous gallery, where you can share
images through an upload dialog. I suggest
you use a naming convention here to
indicate who took the photo: add your
First and lastname to the image file name,
for example: IMG_2549_John_Burnham.
You can also add additional info, like:
John_Burnham. Following this convention
allows your images to receive credit and for
the viewer to know a bit more about the
I hope that you enjoy this new interface
and that this transition is smooth, however
please provide any and all feedback to
[email protected]
November 2013
Page 6
Skandi Iceman
Bergen keysite
Photo by Geir Ertesvåg
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