Quality Education - Moral Values



Quality Education - Moral Values
National Plus Programmes
Performances of music and
dance are regularly staged
at various venues.
Our school caters for all
ages: Pre-School until
Senior High School
Senior students graduate at
a formal ceremony
Taman Rama School Denpasar :
Jln. Cokroaminoto No. 382 - Ubung Kaja
Tel: +62. 361 414849 (Hunting)
Fax: +62. 361 414859
email: [email protected]
Quality Education - Moral Values
Our Key Values in School
“Taman Rama School has a great reputation
with its bilingual learning system. It also provides
complete and useful facilities for students. The
teachers are friendly and qualified. Students are
always given opportunity to perform their talents
and skills.”.
A.A. Gede Kerisna - SMA
“ Taman Rama School prepared me for university in Australia, not only with a strong academic
programme but also how to get on with others.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time here since kindergarten”.
Sicilia Sishi Liem - SMA
“Taman Rama Junior High School is one
of the best private schools in Bali. The
teachers are qualified and give attention to
the students. I really enjoy the after-school
Ni Luh Putu Dyana Wagiswari - SMP
“Taman Rama Junior High School is a great
learning environment. The teachers are good
and friendly with excellent techniques. The
school has a good system of education.”.
Rivaldo Jodie alvarez Lomi - SMP
“ The future depends on what we do in the present.”
Mahatma Gandhi
Toddler - Nursery - Kindergarten 1- Kindergarten 2
Taman Rama Kindergarten has
an interactive teaching approach
which encourages student participation and develops confidence
and valuable communications
skills. These skills are highly valued by schools, where importance
is placed on developing the ability
to think and imagine creatively and
independently, read and critically
think and participate in
Our curriculum also includes values of moral and religious education,
social responsibility and emotional development. Using a thematic system we enhance language skills, cognitive skills, physical development
and creativity.
Annual Activities
Kindergarten celebrates a range of activities throughout the school year
that are designed in accordance with the students learning and cultural
needs. These activities promote the students development and growth.
• Selected curricular activities; dance, drawing, music, drama, computer
studies and physical education
• Educational tours and picnics
• Theme-based activities
• Important religious days and special national events are celebrated
throughout the academic year.e.g. Indonesian Independence Day,
International Mother’s day, Children’s day, Teacher’s day,
Grandparent’s day and many others.
• Social events
Academic Facilities
• All classrooms have individual
air-conditioning and an adjoining bathroom
• Class sizes do not exceed 20 students.
• Each class has a qualified
English-speaking teacher.
• Computer room equipped with 20 units
• Montessori Room
Kindergarten Facilities
• Art Gallery
• Music and Dance room
• Mini Theatre, video room and library
• Swimming pool
• Outdoor playground
• Indoor learning centre
Daily lessons integrate classroom and
outside activities allowing students to
• Conduct themselves accordingly and
independently with confidence.
• Use accurate and correct English grammar to effectively express the students’
opinions and thoughts.
• Develop student’s ability to critically think
and solve simple problems
• Have a positive attitude towards physical
activity and healthy lifestyles.
Overview of the Kindergarten Programme
• Encourage growth through imagination
and learn to appreciate and explore creative possibilities of the Arts.
The education phases of the Taman Rama Kindergarten are:
1. Toddler
: Age 2 – 3 years
2. Nursery
: Age 3 – 4 years
3. Kindergarten1 : Age 4 – 5 years
4. Kindergarten 2 : Age 5 – 6 years
• Be curious of their natural and surrounding environment.
• Gain an understanding of our nation
and the world
English lessons are taught by experienced
foreign English language teachers and cover
all aspects of a child’s development.
Taman Rama Primary emphasises on both character building and the
academic performance. Our curriculum combines the national with the
international curriculum. This suplementary programme strengthens
students’ English knowledge and ability.
The academic programme is designed to encourage the students to be
more active and confident. This has lead to student achievements nationally and internationally.
Taman Rama Primary School was chosen by the Department of Education as a
piloting project school to apply its new curriculum.
Primary School
Outings and study trips are organised each semester to places of interest to
support student learning.
Extra Curricular
There is an extensive extra-curricular
activities programme which includes
art, music, dance, theatre, a marching band, Balinese gamelan lessons
and sports. The ECA programme
also includes Indonesian scouts and
hobbies .
The primary programme encourages an
interactive learning process and develops
students who are;
PActive learners
PHave scientific enquiring minds
PCan work independently or in teams
PFamiliar with technology
Our students are taught to recognise, think,
ask, try, and then express their opinions
The programme prepares students
for regional and national
We place great importance on character
building, and moral values are
incorporated into each subject.
Junior High School
The English programme develops learners with strong language
and communication skills, mathematics competency, and scientific
Extra-curricular events and study trips reinforce learning
Our curriculum is delivered in a
happy learning environment by
a combination of qualified local
and foreign teachers. It is designed to make students aware
of global issues, prepare them
for competitions and international events whilst maintaining
an Indonesian identity.
Taman Rama school believes in the Indonesian constitution of
Pancasila. Lessons from all six religions are offered within our
We place great importance on
character building, and moral
values are incorporated into
each subject.
Junior High
School encourages students to perform
and develop their talents.
School facilities include
- Science Lab - approved by Cambridge International Examinations
- IT Lab
- Language Lab
- Visual Art, Dance and Music Room
- Meditation Room for Religious Studies
- Sports Field
- Basketball Court
- Badminton Hall
Senior High School
Students research in the library
In senior classes, strong emphasis is given to developing students
who are independent learners, preparing for higher education and
their future careers.
Our curriculum provides opportunity for senior high school students, majoring in science or social studies to learn a wide variety
of subject matter. Students benefit from the broad educational
experience and are encouraged to develop their talents and participate in school events and extra curricular activities.
There are overseas study trips to
look at universities and an annual
in-school education fair
The extra-curricular programme
includes team practice sessions and
lessons for beginners
Senior High
Our sports teams compete in all
regional tournaments against
national, national plus and
international schools.

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