draft - Latitude 53



draft - Latitude 53
Annual Report
·· President’s report
·· Executive Director’s report
·· Framework policies
·· Board of directors 2011–2012
·· Proposed slate 2012–2013
·· Biographies
·· Programming Summary
·· Funders, donors and sponsors
·· Staff and committees
·· Volunteers
·· Circle of Friends
·· Financial statements (draft)
Change is good…
Throughout my life, I have always found the
prospect of change to be exciting and vital, and
therefore have always been eager to embrace
it. With change comes the opportunity to
do something a bit better than before, to
try something new, to push limits, and to
experiment. While I should be looking back on
my third and final year as President of the Board
of Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture, I
can’t help but look forward with anticipation.
So what’s changing? The extremely capable and talented Jessie Beier will take over the reins as President
and, under her stewardship, guide Latitude 53 to the
next level. I look forward to the upcoming addition of
two new board members, as well as the Society’s move
into a new downtown location and the addressing of
our long-term space requirements. Yes, there are big
changes ahead… and I for one am excited about this
coming year.
It has been a great honour to serve on the Board and
to work alongside some of the most driven and gifted
individuals I know. I am extremely proud of what we
accomplished together in furthering Latitude 53’s vision
of exploring the boundaries of contemporary art, and
thank each of you for your commitment, your brilliance,
and your passion. This past year was highlighted by the
tremendous work of the various committees that helped
in transitioning Latitude 53 into the future.
The Nomination Committee, comprised of Holly Sykora,
Anya Tonkonogy and myself, identified board positions
that will be up for election at the AGM and recommended nominees to stand for election as directors of
the board for Latitude 53.
The Bylaw and Policy Committee, comprised of Jessie
Beier (Chair), Liz Gomez and Shafraaz Kaba, reviewed,
revised and compiled an updated Policy document
for the Society. This involved working closely with all
Committees of the Board to identify policy gaps and
areas of need, in order to restructure and redevelop
policy templates and procedures.
The Building/Facility Planning Committee, comprised of
Shafraaz Kaba (Chair), Genevieve Simms, Todd Janes
and advisor Matthew Best, worked tirelessly to identify
the gallery’s short- and long-term space requirements,
and brought a number of recommendations to the
The Finance Committee, comprised of Patricia Cerisano
(Chair), Terrena Boss, Fawnda Mithrush, Todd Janes
and myself, continued its review of the organization’s
finance policy and presented an overview of financial
statements to increase financial literacy of the Board.
The Fundraising Committee, comprised of Erin Ross
(Chair), Holly Sykora, Genevieve Simms, David Candler
and Todd Janes, who developed the annual fundraising plan and researched and identified bylaw and policy
matters of relevance to the Society. The Committee
continues to build connections and networking opportunities with service clubs and businesses with the goal of
securing donations and funding for Latitude 53.
I would like to take this time to acknowledge the
contributions of two former Board members; Emily
Soder-Duncan for her work as Secretary, and Dr. Liz
Gomez who is completing her two-year term as a
Director. I want to thank you both for the tremendous
dedication you have given Latitude 53, and you will be
I wish to offer a very special and heartfelt thank-you to
Todd Janes. Throughout my tenure as President, he has
been both a mentor and a friend to me. Todd’s patience
was greatly appreciated, particularly in light of all the
ridiculous questions I threw his way. He helped me to
be focused and effective in my role, and I know that he
will provide Jessie with the same incredible support.
President’s report
On behalf of the Board, I wish to extend sincere thanks
to the staff of Latitude 53: Todd Janes (Executive
Director), Kyle Appelt, Joanne Madeley, Tyler Sherard
and Adam Waldron-Blain. If not for their hard work and
dedication, none of this would be possible.
I would be remiss if I did not graciously acknowledge
the support of Latitude 53’s funders and season sponsors; The City of Edmonton, Canada Council for the Arts,
Edmonton Arts Council, Alberta Foundation for the Arts,
Heron Printing, City TV, Avenue Magazine, and Days
Inn Edmonton. Special thanks to our Executive Patio
sponsor, ATB Financial, and Protostatix Engineering for
sponsoring our Parka Patio.
Let me close by thanking the volunteers and the
volunteer committees, whose enthusiastic support of
Latitude 53 makes everything work. You are truly the
backbone of the organization. I want to acknowledge
the Programming Committee, comprised of Brenda
Draney, David Candler, Dana Holst, Kyla Tichkowsky
and Blair Brennan, for giving shape and direction to
the Gallery’s exhibits. I also need to thank the Special
Events Committee, comprised of Jenna Frost (Chair),
Holly Sykora, Sean Garritty, Emma Wynters and Jackie
Lee, who poured their souls into making every function,
every fundraising event, special.
As I mentioned earlier, I am very excited about
the changes that are on the horizon. Latitude
53’s future is in very good hands and I look
forward to watching it grow and prosper. I
thank you again for this wonderful opportunity
that I’ve had to serve as your President for the
past three years and look forward to seeing
you at upcoming functions and events.
Vieri Berretti
Board President
Latitude 53
Executive Director’s report
The past year has seen significant growths for Latitude 53 in
terms of enhancing our scope in the greater Edmonton region
and beyond through deeper public engagement and larger
visibility. Collectively, we have worked tirelessly to uphold a
commitment to solid, efficient operations, accountability to
all community members, and revenue generation through
productive enterprises, government funding, and individual
and corporate support. Throughout this growth we have
held steadfast to Latitude 53 as a site for artists and
artistic mindsets – to provide multiple points of entry for all
Edmontonians and those beyond who seek to be challenged, to
be entertained, and to be provoked. Building upon our 39-year
history, Latitude 53 is a significant site for creative research
and artistic exploration in Alberta. Latitude 53 is primed with
a connected, engaged, and visionary Board; a creative and
dedicated staff; a dynamic volunteer pool; and increasingly,
engaged, diverse audiences to reach higher and deeper.
From the perspective of our strategic plan we have continued to enhance our four strategic pillars in 2011/12.
In communications we have continued to focus upon
increasing awareness and visibility of Latitude 53 and
our programs with communities, physical audiences and
digital audiences for our programs. Our blog (http://blog.
latitude53.org/) animates our programming and links
contemporary visual culture beyond our galleries and
enters into a dialogue with audiences near and far in a
new and exciting formats—providing sneak peaks into
programming and future plans, opening up the artistic
process and bringing viewers into the artist’s studio and
their process—challenging and instigating discourse
in new ways. We have engaged Donovan Creative
Communications to complete a communications audit
and develop a plan for us to better expose and engage
with a wider communities. I am excited for the plans
and processes that Latitude 53 will develop to interact
with audiences and artists.
In this past year we have continued to expand our
diversification of revenues which has resulted in two
significant things: one, we brought in more money to
fund our operations from a diversity of sources; and
two, we also expanded the number of people who were
introduced or reacquainted with Latitude 53. Latitude 53
has always throw amazing gatherings, but it has been
our Sumer Rooftop Series that has really placed Latitude
53 on a higher level of awareness. When we combine
our special events revenue with our increased sponsorship this earned revenue becomes the second largest
income revenue just below provincial grant funding that
is a significant accomplishment for our small, yet mighty,
organization. This considerable goal has been achieved
through the work of our incredible volunteers, dedicated
staff and the sizable ambassadorship of Latitude’s Board
and I would like to thank each of them for their contributions towards this goal.
The artist-run milieu has always been about networks
and communities and as this ecosystem evolves; as we
expand audiences and as visual culture become more
prevalent within common dialogues; it seems natural
to expand our circles of involvement and investments.
This year saw the launch of an enhanced philanthropy
program—the Circle of Friends—and while membership is slowly growing I am extremely pleased with
the commitment of our friends. The Circle of Friends
program is an exciting manifestation of how Latitude 53
can and will build long-lasting, meaningful relationships
Executive Director’s report
with individuals who share a vision for the type of city
we know Edmonton can become. We also need to build
stronger opportunities for revenue generation to support programs and operations long-term. On behalf of
our organization, I would like to offer my overwhelming
gratitude to our granting agencies, foundations, individual and corporate donors, season and event sponsors;
your support and belief in what we do and our vision is
so very affirming to Latitude 53 as we move forward
creating sites for the intersection of contemporary art
and ideas in Alberta.
This year Latitude 53 maintained our commitment to
human resources for both employees and volunteers.
We continued to build on our investment in developing
structures and supports for volunteers throughout our
organization. Latitude 53 retains a significant portion of
visual arts volunteers in this region and we are expanding transparency and structures for multiple points of
entry for volunteers to build lifelong participation with
our organization. In 2011/12 we worked with a reduced
staffing component and tried several approaches to
meet the need of our organization and an ambitious
executive director—our staff went above and beyond
countless times to help make magic happen and it has
been my privilege to work with this team over the past
year and I would like to acknowledge their efforts and
formally thank each of them for their energy, ideas,
creativity and teamwork with deep
gratitude to both Tyler Sherard and
In closing,
Adam Waldron-Blain.
Latitude 53’s programming provides a range of media,
approaches, and a diversity of voices that take the
issues and trends of our daily lives and intersect them
through dynamic and exciting art. Latitude 53 animates
the stories of what it means to live in Canada’s largest
northern city and one of the fasting growing urban centres in North America. We present work that engages
with you beyond being pretty to look at; our programming challenges you to explore ideas and engage in
discussions with people, including people you might
not normally associate with; we create multiple points
of entry into artists’ worlds and into different mindsets.
When you visit Latitude through our galleries, the internet, our community programming, in publications, artist
talks and lectures, or via site-specific or interventionist
performances and reading our writer-in-residence, I
hope that you will engage in dialogue with others about
the ideas that the works provoke. Latitude 53 provided
over 35,000 people a rich spectrum of artistic experiences this past year through a diversity of portholes.
Latitude 53’s programming establishes our organization
as the contemporary arts organization in this region and
situates our scope beyond what we program but also
our deep, fundamental commitment to advancing artists,
cultural producers and the greater Edmonton region
beyond just producing exhibitions, but being intrinsically
committed to a better environment for art, artists and
audience engagements.
I want to personally thank our
volunteers for their assistance in animating
everything we do; the artists that we have
had the pleasure to program for their passion
and creativity; our audiences for attending and
bring friends and making new friends here; to
our Board of Directors and committees for their
vision, work and ambassadorship; to our staff
for their exciting and thoughtful approaches
to ideas; and to our donors, supporters and
funders for their investments in what we do to
explore the boundaries of contemporary art.
Todd Janes
Executive Director
Latitude 53
Framework policies
Facilities visioning session with
The Big Foldy Painting of Death by Ian Forbes
Exploring the boundaries of contemporary art.
Latitude 53 creates sites for the intersection
of contemporary art and ideas in Alberta.
Latitude 53 is Alberta’s leading
contemporary art centre that:
Latitude 53 values:
· Experimentation
· Animates and promotes thought provoking
local, national, and international visual art.
· Collaboration
· Stimulates artistic research and
education, audience engagement
and experimental art practices.
· Artist-centredness
· Provides a supportive environment
for artists taking risks
· Critical engagement
· Diversity
· Sustainability
· Risk-taking
Board of directors 2011–2012
· President
Vieri Berretti
· Vice President
Jessie Beier
· Treasurer
Patricia Cerisano
· Secretary
Emily Soder-Duncan
· Director
Terrena Boss
· Director
David Candler
· Director
Liz Gomez
· Director
Shafraaz Kaba
· Director
Fawnda Mithrush
· Director
Erin Elizabeth Ross
· Director
Genevieve Simms
· Director
Holly Sykora
· Director
Anya Tonkonogy
· Ex-officio
Todd Janes
Proposed slate 2012–2013
· President
Jessie Beier
· Vice President
Anya Tonkonogy
· Treasurer
Patricia Cerisano
· Secretary
Genevieve Simms
· Director
Terrena Boss
· Director
Jaime Calayo
· Director
David Candler
· Director
Derek Hopfner
· Director
Shafraaz Kaba
· Director
Fawnda Mithrush
· Director
Erin Elizabeth Ross
· Director
Holly Sykora
· Past President
Vieri Berretti
· Ex-officio
Todd Janes
Jessie Beier is an Edmonton-based illustrator/designer.
Beier’s experiences in a variety of settings as an illustrator, designer, teacher and researcher have contributed
to her deep commitment to art education with a focus
on cultural learning through visual objects and language.
Beier is the Education Programs Manager at the Art
Gallery of Alberta and is currently completing a Masters
Degree in Educational Policy Studies where her research
interests lie in cultural studies and theories of representation in education.
Patricia Cerisano is a Chartered Accountant working
with Enbridge Pipelines Inc. By day, she is an Audit
Advisor. By night, she is an avid reader of any printed
material. Patricia began as a volunteer at Latitude
53’s Rooftop Patio Series and then took on the role of
Treasurer with the Board of Directors in 2011.
Genevieve Simms is an illustrator living in Edmonton.
After graduating from the Alberta College of Art and
Design in 2006, she attended a guest study program
at the School of Visual Arts, New York. Since settling in
Edmonton in 2007, Genevieve has been working on editorial illustration assignments for a variety of clients, and
self- publishing a zine called International Beauty Saloon
with Josh Holinaty. Genevieve’s illustration work has
been recognized by The Art Director’s Club of New York,
American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators, and
Communication Arts. In June of 2011, she was awarded
gold for spot illustration at The National Magazine
Awards in Toronto. Currently, Genevieve is completing a
diploma in Architectural Technology at NAIT.
Past President
Vieri Berretti is the owner-operator of Edmonton’s
Mongolie Grill Restaurants. Born and raised in
Edmonton, he studied Art History at the University of
Alberta. He loves Pam, Rebecca, contemporary art,
cooking, hockey, skiing, fly-fishing-all in different orders
depending on the time of year.
Executive Director
Todd Janes is a curator and critic with an interest on
pop culture and queer theory. A performance artist with
an emphasis on intimacy. Todd has been the Executive
Director of Latitude 53 since 1996. He has extensive Board and committee work and currently is the
National President of Artist-Run Centres and Collectives
Conference/La Conférence des collectifs et des centres
d’artistes autogérés (ARCCC-CCCAA) and Treasurer
on the Board of the Alberta Association of Artist-Run
Centres. Todd is an active advocate for artists and supporter for the research and development of arts and
cultural explorations.
Terrena Boss was born and raised in Edmonton,
Alberta. She studied fine art at MacEwan University
and received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax. She
is currently the Exhibitions and Art Education Manager
at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, where she also
maintains her studio practice. Terrena was recently
recognized as one of Edmonton’s Top 40 Under Forty for
her dedication and contributions to art and art education
in Edmonton.
Fawnda Mithrush is the General Manager of Theatre
Network and has been marketing, promoting, and
administrating arts groups and festivals since 2009. A
past music/ lifestyle editor at SEE Magazine, she is a
regular contributor to local publications on a range of
topics, including the Edmonton Journal, Vue Weekly,
and Avenue Magazine. This season she looks forward to
promoting Firefly Theatre and Circus-Edmonton’s only
aerial theatre company. She also loves cheese and The
Jaime Calayo is a graduate of the University of
Alberta’s Design program and has been a long time
supporter of Latitude 53. As a creative, he has professionally worked as a graphic and interactive designer
and is now practicing as an art director in the realm of
Erin Ross was born in Edmonton and grew up in
southern Alberta. A BFA graduate (U of A, 2006), her
work had been represented in galleries since 2008. She
has received public attention for her work, including an
award of excellence in Illustration from Communication
Arts magazine and a feature in their 2005 Design
Annual; the cover and a feature article in SEE magazine;
a documentary segment on Alberta Primetime; and
interviews with CBC Radio One, Parlour Life and Profile
magazines. She was also nominated as an emerging
artist for the 25th Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts, and
short-listed for the CSCE art award, curated by Ryan
Doherty of the SAAG, winning “People’s Choice”. Erin
recently started collaborating and showing with Thomas
Moser showrooms across the USA. Erin is extremely
engaged in her community, volunteering her time in a
variety of ways, including her board work with Latitude
53 where she is the Chair of Fundraising, ArtsScene
Edmonton, Edmonton Arts Council and the CTV Good
Neighbour Fund.
David Candler is a medical doctor working at the Cross
Cancer Clinic. He is a passionate observer and collector, interested in the origin of the artistic impulse. He
describes himself as an interdisciplinary explorer who
is interested in the space between science and art, and
understanding what happens when that artificial delineation is interrupted.
Derek Hopfner is a lawyer with Emery Jamieson LLP.
He is currently the Board Chairperson of Student Legal
Services of Edmonton and volunteers his time with
other legal non-profit organizations throughout the city.
Derek lives across the street from Latitude 53, which
facilitates his love for attending art and design exhibitions and lectures, despite having no formal background
in either.
Shafraaz Kaba is an architect and partner with Manasc
Isaac. Manasc Isaac Architects formerly occupied the
current Latitude 53 space, so Shafraaz feels at home
coming to the gallery. He is a founding member of the
Media, Art and Design Exposed [M.A.D.E.] in Edmonton
Society, as well as the Edmonton Design Committee.
He spent the last year building a house for his family. He
now knows why he is an architect and not a contractor.
Holly Sykora has been involved in Alberta artist-run
culture for the past seven years. A painter by night, she
completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking
at the University of Alberta in 2007, and is currently
working on a second degree. Born and raised in the
Edmonton area, Holly’s loyalty lies here, and she hopes
that others too, see the beauty in our eight-month winters, though she struggles with this at times. She loves
cats, Paris, Cy Twombly, candy, and Marc Jacobs, in no
particular order.
Anya Tonkonogy immigrated to Edmonton at the age
of 10, from the former Soviet Union. She earned an
Honours BA in psychology in 2001 from the University
of Alberta, followed by a MA in art therapy from
Concordia University in Montreal in 2007. Anya has
been working as an HR Consultant for the past 3 years,
as well as building her art practice with a specialization
in painting and drawing.
Main Space
Maria Whiteman
November 4–December 17, 2011
Striking a Pose
Emanuel Licha
Curated by Marie-Hélène Leblanc and presented in association with PAVED Arts and
Musée Régional de Rimouski
January 13–February 11, 2012
Unstable Natures
Curated by Alysha
Creighton, Tessa Hawkins,
and Andrea Kastner
In association with the University of Alberta Art
and Design Graduate Student Association
Work by Kayla Cady, Alexandra Emberley, Anna
Gaby-Trot, Megan Hahn, Megan Hildebrandt,
Patricia Huijen, Annie King, Galia Kwetny,
Nathalie Lavoie, Colin Lyons, Faye Mullen, Sam
Pettengill, Kim Thomas, Alma Visscher, and
Sam Walrod
March 2–31, 2012
The Flood by Sergio Serrano & Alexander Stewart
The Big Foldy Painting of Death
Ian Forbes
April 6–May 13, 2012
Duet & Mouth
Andrew Forster
May 18–June 23, 2012
I Have This Dream
Turner Prize* and Craig
Francis Power
Curated by Todd Janes
July 5–August 4, 2012
And All The Queen’s Men
Jorden and David Doody
August 9–September 8, 2012
Programming Summary
ProjEx Room
Community Gallery
Working Order
Karen Zalamea
Hidden Truths
Presented by the GELA
Women’s Prison Library
& Reintegration Project
November 4–December 17, 2011
Pollination Proposition
Nicole Rayburn
January 13–Februrary 11, 2012
Anusawaree (Monuments)
Korapin Chaotakoongite
April 13–May 26, 2012
Summer Incubator Series
June 11–16
Jennie Vegt
June 18–24
Max Amerongen, Chris
Camp, Bryan Kulba & Matt
June 25–30
Adriean Koleric
July 2–7
Grace Law
July 9–14
Dana Holst
July 16–21
Perry Medina
July 23–28
Anya Tonkonogy
February 24–April 7, 2012
Monotone Voice
Yusuke Shibata
April 13–May 12, 2012
Messages To: The Edmonton
Remand Centre Newspaper
Lindsey Bond
May 25–June 23, 2012
The Flood
Sergio Serrano &
Alexander Stewart
July 5–August 4, 2012
Surrealist Gestures
Blake Betteridge
August 9–September 8, 2012
Performance Art
July 30–August 4 Dwayne Martineau
August 6–11
Daniel Chmielewski
August 13–18
Leslie Sharp
August 20–25
Dallas Whitley
Writer in Residence
Anne Pasek
April–September 2011
Megan Bertagnolli
October 2011–March 2012
Visualeyez 2012: Loneliness
Curated by Todd Janes
Festival Animator Amber Landgraff
With Heidi Bunting & Gerry Morita, Adriana
Disman, Tanya Doody, Lilian Gael, k.g. Guttman,
Stephen Mueller, and Martine Viale
The Rooftop Patio Series
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Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Financial Statements
For the year ended March 31, 2012
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Financial Statements
For the year ended March 31, 2012
Review Engagement Report
Financial Statements
Balance Sheet
Statement of Operations
Statement of Changes in Net Assets
Statement of Cash Flows
Notes to Financial Statements
Schedule 1 - Facility Operations
7 - 12
Review Engagement Report
To the Members of
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
I have reviewed the balance sheet of Latitude 53 Society of Artists as at March 31, 2012 and the statements
of operations, net assets and cash flows for the year then ended. My review was made in accordance with
Canadian generally accepted standards for review engagements and accordingly consisted primarily of
enquiry, analytical procedures and discussion related to information supplied to me by the Society.
A review does not constitute an audit and consequently I do not express an audit opinion on these financial
Based on my review, nothing has come to my attention that causes me to believe that these financial
statements are not, in all material respects, in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting
David Ushko Chartered Accountant
November 5, 2012
Edmonton, Alberta
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Balance Sheet
March 31
Current assets
Cash and equivalents
Term deposits - held to maturity (Note 2)
Accounts receivable
Accrued interest receivable
Prepaid expenses
Capital assets (Note 3)
Liabilities and Net Assets
Current liabilities
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities
Deferred contributions (Note 4)
Net Assets
Net assets invested in capital assets
Unrestricted net assets
Approved on behalf of the Board:
The accompanying summary of significant accounting policies and notes are an integral part of these financial statements
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Statement of Operations
For the year ended March 31
Provincial government grants
Federal government grants
Municipal government grants
Gaming - casino
Other revenue
Fundraising - sponsorships
Gaming - bingo
Foundation grants
Advertising and promotion
Fundraising - gaming (bingo and casino)
Interest and bank charges
Memberships and licenses
Professional fees
Facility operations (Schedule 1)
Salaries, wages and benefits
Excess from operations
Investment income
Excess of revenue over expenses
The accompanying summary of significant accounting policies and notes are an integral part of these financial statements
For the year ended March 31
Balance, beginning of year
Excess of revenues over expenses
Transfer from (to) unrestricted funds
Balance, end of year
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Statement of Changes in Net Assets
Invested in
Capital Assets
The accompanying summary of significant accounting policies and notes are an integral part of these financial statements
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Statement of Cash Flows
For the year ended March 31
Cash flows from operating activities
Cash receipts from funders and donors
Cash paid to suppliers and employees
Interest received
Membership fees received
Cash flows from operating activities
Investing activities
Purchase of capital assets
Maturity of term deposits
Purchase of term deposits
Decrease in cash and equivalents during the year
Cash and equivalents, beginning of year
404,179 $
Cash and equivalents, end of year
The accompanying summary of significant accounting policies and notes are an integral part of these financial statements
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Notes to Financial Statements
March 31, 2012
Significant Accounting Policies
Nature of Organization and Purpose
Latitude 53 Society of Artists was incorporated as a Society under the laws of Alberta on
February 22, 1978 and is a not-for-profit charitable organization whose purpose is to
provide art and culture exhibitions and presentation to the general public.
The Society is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada). Therefore, it is
exempt from income tax and able to issue donation receipts for income tax purposes. In
order to maintain its status as a registered charity, the Society must meet certain
(b) Changes in Accounting Policies and Estimates
New accounting framework
The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) has issued a new accounting
framework applicable to non government controlled Canadian not-for-profit organizations.
Effective for the annual reporting period that commences on or after January 1, 2012,
these not-for-profit organizations will have to choose between International Financial
Reporting Standards ("IFRS") and Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit
organizations. Organizations can choose which of these two frameworks suits them best
and early adoption is permitted.
The Society currently plans to adopt the new Canadian accounting standards for not-forprofit organizations for its fiscal year beginning April 1, 2012. The Society does not
anticipate any significant changes to its financial statements due to the adoption of these
new accounting standards.
Capital Assets
Purchased capital assets are recorded at cost. Contributed capital assets are recorded at
the fair value at the date of contribution. Amortization based on the estimated useful life
of the asset is as follows:
Computer equipment
55% diminishing balance basis
In the year of asset acquisition, amortization is applied at one half of the above stated
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Notes to Financial Statements
March 31, 2012
Significant Accounting Policies (continued)
(d) Revenue Recognition
The Society follows the deferral method of accounting for contributions. Deferred revenue
represents funding received for programs and projects with periods extending beyond the
current year end. These revenues will be recognized in future periods when the related
expenditures occur.
Unrestricted contributions are recognized as revenue when received. Fees charged for
workshops, programs and fundraising events are recognized as revenue when the
workshop, program or fundraising event is held. Membership revenue is recognized when
Financial Instruments
All financial assets are required to be classified as either: held-for-trading, held-to-maturity
investments, loans and receivables or available for sale. All financial liabilities are
required to be classified as: held for trading or other liabilities.
The classification depends on the purpose for which the financial instruments were
acquired or issued, their characteristics and the Society's designation of the particular
instrument at the time of initial recognition.
Classifications are as follows:
Term deposits
Accounts receivable
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities
Loans and receivables
Other financial liabilities
These financial assets are measured at fair value at the balance sheet date. Fair value
fluctuations including: interest earned, interest accrued, gains and losses realized on
disposal and unrealized gains and losses are included as investment income.
Held-to-maturity, Loans and receivables
These financial assets are measured at amortized cost using the effective interest rate
method, less any impairment. The Society assesses at each balance sheet date whether
financial assets are permanently impaired. If there is an impairment, the asset value is
reduced by the difference between the carrying amount of the asset and its fair value.
The amount of the loss is recognized as an expense.
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Notes to Financial Statements
March 31, 2012
Significant Accounting Policies
Financial Instruments (continued)
Other financial liabilities
These financial liabilities are recorded at amortized cost using the effective interest rate
method. Gains and losses on other financial liabilities are recognized in the statement of
operations in the period the liability is derecognized.
It is management's opinion that the Society is not exposed to significant credit, interest or
market risk as it invests in only high quality, conservative, bank issued guaranteed
investment products and does not extend significant credit to others. Investments can be
liquidated on a short term basis if necessary, so there is no significant liquidity risk.
Substantially all the Society's assets, liabilities and transactions are in Canadian dollars,
therefore the Society is not exposed to significant currency risk.
Capital Management and Sufficiency
In managing capital, the Society focuses on liquid resources available for operations.
Capital consists of unrestricted net assets which does not contain any externally imposed
The Society's objective is to have sufficient liquid resources to continue operating despite
adverse events with financial consequences and to provide the Society with the flexibility
to take advantage of opportunities that will advance its purpose. The need for sufficient
liquid resources is considered in the preparation of an annual budget and in the
monitoring of cash flows and actual results compared to the budget. As of March 31,
2012, the Society has sufficient liquid resources to meet its current obligations.
The General Standard of Financial Statement Presentation requires management to make
an assessment of the organization's ability to continue as a going concern. Management
has also concluded that there are no material uncertainties that cast significant doubt on
the Society's ability to continue as a going concern.
(g) Cash and Equivalents
Cash and equivalents includes cash on hand and held in bank accounts.
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Notes to Financial Statements
March 31, 2012
Significant Accounting Policies (continued)
(h) Contributed Materials and Services
Contributed materials and services are recognized in the financial statements when a fair
value can be reasonably determined and when these materials and services are used in
the normal course of the Society's operation and would otherwise have been purchased.
The amounts recorded in the financial statements are at fair value.
Volunteers contribute many hours per year to assist the Society in carrying out its service
delivery activities. Because of the difficulty of determining their fair value, these
contributed services are not generally recognized in the financial statements.
Use of Estimates
The preparation of financial statements in accordance with Canadian generally accepted
accounting principles requires management to make estimates and assumptions that
affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities and the reported amounts of revenues
and expenditures for the year. The precise determination of the reported amounts of
assets, liabilities and disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities at the date of the
financial statements and the reported amounts of revenues and expenses during the year
are dependent on future events.
Significant areas requiring management estimates include: accruals for investment
income not yet received, useful life of capital assets, accrued liabilities for items where the
invoice has not been received and the timing of revenue recognition. Actual results could
differ from those estimates and approximations. The financial statements have, in
management's opinion, been prepared within reasonable limits of materiality and within
the framework of the accounting policies summarized above.
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Notes to Financial Statements
March 31, 2012
Term Deposits
The Society has a portion of its general funds invested in bank issued term deposits, held to
maturity. The interest rate on the term deposits during the fiscal year was 1.15% to 1.70%
(2011 - 1.00%).
Capital Assets
Computer equipment
Net carrying value
Deferred Contributions
March 31, 2011
March 31, 2012
Deferred contributions represent unspent bingo and casino gaming revenues which are
externally restricted by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to be spent on activities directly
related to art promotions, rent and utilities.
The Society intends to utilize this funding on expenses as allowed by the terms in the upcoming
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Notes to Financial Statements
March 31, 2012
Commitments and Subsequent Events
The Society has committed to an operating lease for office equipment and for office space, with
minimum annual lease payments before operating and common costs, as follows:
Office Space
The current lease for office space ends on November 30, 2012. The Society is in the process of
negotiating a lease for new office space. The above includes estimated minimum annual lease
payments for the new space.
Economic Dependence
A substantial portion of the Society's operating funds are granted by the Federal, Provincial and
Municipal arts funding organizations. The Society would likely be unable to continue operations
to the extent that it currently does, without this funding and is therefore economically dependent
on these Federal, Provincial and Municipal arts funding organizations.
Latitude 53 Society of Artists
Schedule 1 - Facility Operations
For the year ended March 31
Facility supplies
Operating costs
Current location:
10248 106 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1H7
Opening in 2013:
10242 106 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1H7
phone 780 423 5353
@Latitude_53 on twitter