September 8, 2013 Newsletter - First United Methodist Church



September 8, 2013 Newsletter - First United Methodist Church
The First United Methodist In the First Place (USPS692-190) is published weekly except
one week in July and one week in December by the First United Methodist Church, 723
Center Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-4317. Editor, Chris Cooper; Managing Editor,
Lesley Andrews; Periodicals postage paid at Little Rock, Arkansas.
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to FUMC In The First Place, 723 Center Street,
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-4317
Health Kits for the United
Methodist Committee on Relief
The UMW is asking the congregation to donate money to help
purchase supplies for UMCOR Health Kits. Compelled by Christ to
be a voice of conscience on behalf of people called Methodists,
UMCOR works here at home as well as globally to alleviate human
suffering and advance hope and healing. Relief-supply kits such
as Health Kits help provide care for the most vulnerable people
during times of crisis. We ask your help with this UMCOR project
by writing a check to FUMC designated for UMCOR Health Kits
and place it in the offering plate or send it via mail to Paige at
FUMC by Sunday, September 8. UMW members will purchase
items for the Health Kits and assemble them on Saturday,
September 14. Mr. Dudleson will transport them to the UMCOR
Sager Brown Depot on his return trip. HELP US STUFF HIS VEHICLE
A Publication of the First United Methodist Church of Little Rock
Martha Nelsen (Baptist Rehab)
Christian sympathy to Rev. Phil and Gwen Hathcock in the death of
Gwen’s mother, Juanita Mitchell, who died September 1st.
Christian sympathy to Rev. Jim and Nancy Foster in the death of
Nancy’s cousin, Virginia Miller, in Hot Springs Village.
Memorials and Honorariums
In Honor of Mabel Harris Webb
by Sarah Spencer & Fred Oswald (Capital Campaign)
In Memory of Donald Bratton
by Chris & Kathy Cooper (Capital Campaign)
In Memory of Sara Glidewell
by Chris & Kathy Cooper (Capital Campaign)
In Memory of Ed Irene Oslin
by Cherry Light (Capital Campaign Windows), Mary Ellen Murray,
Frances Goodenough
In Memory of Ann Fordyce
by Dick & Sue Blake (Capital Campaign Windows)
In Memory of Jake Clements
by Dick & Sue Blake (Capital Campaign Windows)
THIS Sunday at 12:15 pm in the Center St. Parking Lot
The parking lot directly across the street from the church will be blocked off. Please use the parking lots
on 7th and 8th Streets. On street parking is available for handicapped. Thank you for your patience.
Register Online or Call 372-2256. Please register by Friday, September 6th.
2013 Annual Operations
Honor Our Past, Commit to our Future
Weekly Attendance for September 2013
First Word
Baby Basket Blessing in First Word, Blessing of the Babies in First Tradition
Celebration on Center Street with BBQ and Pizza at 12:15 pm
United Methodist Women Sunday - Lunch & Program with Bill Dudleston of UMCOR
Choir Retreat in the River Market
Tween Lock-In with Created by God Workshop (4th-6th Grades)
Pet Blessing at 3 pm in the Courtyard, Aldersgate Fish Fry
UMW Lunch & Program - Darryl Capps, Executive Director of Court Appointed Special Advocates
Child Development Center Service in First Tradition
Living & Giving Campaign
Harvest Festival at the Harding Farm 3-6 pm
Family Promise
Youth Refuge Retreat
Alternative Christmas Market
Parents Night Out
Alternative Christmas Market
First Arts Recitals
Thanksgiving Interfaith Service
Christmas Caroling, Hanging of the Greens, Round the Table Carol Sing at 5 pm
Christmas Caroling
How Great Our Joy! Combined Choirs of FUMC with Orchestra
Children’s Christmas Pageant Then & Now - 9 am & 11 am
Christmas Eve Services - 4 pm, 6 pm & 11 pm
Weekly Giving for September 1, 2013
First Light
September 8
September 15
September 21
September 27
October 6
October 13
October 13-27
October 27
October 29 – Nov 1
November 8-10
November 10 November 16
November 17
November 19, 21
November 26
December 1
December 8
December 15
December 22
December 24
*Dates are subject to change and additional activities may be added.
In Memory of Mary Ann McCoy
by Dee Ann Holt (Capital Campaign)
September 1
VO LU M E 37, I S S U E 35 • S E P T E M B E R 8, 2013
In the Hospital
With you on your journey
First Tradition
Jeremiah 18:1-11; Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18;
Philemon 1-21; Luke 14:25-33
16th Sunday after Pentecost
Faith: The Way of the Heart
Our Purpose: Change the World
Rev. Wm. Christopher Cooper
Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull
First Light, First Tradition
First Word
723 CENTER STREET • LITTLE ROCK, AR 72201 • TEL: 501.372.2256 • FAX: 501.372.0744 • WWW.FUMCLR.ORG
Pancake Breakfast
Sunday - Sept. 8th
Serve the World Committee will host
a pancake breakfast this Sunday
from 8-10 am in the Fellowship
Hall. The proceeds from the
breakfast will go to the United Methodist Women to
assist in the preparation of Health Kits for the United
Methodist Committee on relief. The UMW will take
the funds and purchase items for the health kits that
Bill Dudleston will take back with him to the UMCOR
Depot at Sager Brown.
Baby Blessing
Sept. 8th in First Tradition at 11:00 am
On Sunday, September 8th, there will be a special morning of
recognition and blessing for babies under 18 months of age. We
invite babies, families and friends to join us at 11 am for First
Tradition Worship. We look forward to honoring you and renewing
our church’s commitment to you.
UMW Lunch & Meeting
UMW Sunday, September 15, 12:15 pm
8:00 am
8:30 am
9:00 am 9:00 am 9:45 am
9:45 am
10:30 am 11:00 am 12:15 pm
5:30 pm
Pancake Breakfast (Fellowship Hall)
First Light (Chapel)
First Word (Center Street Parking Lot)
Sunday School
Children’s Academy
Quiet Meditation (Chapel)
First Tradition (Sanctuary)
Celebration on Center Street (Center St. Lot)
First Youth (Youth Studio)
8:30 am
11:30 am
Memphis Theology Seminary Class (Rm 207)
7:00 am
8:30 am
10:00 am
3:30 pm
5:30 pm
Tuesday Study Group (Rm 204)
Staff Meeting (Rm 204)
Share the Good News Committee (Rm 212)
8:30 am
9:00 am
11:00 am
4:30 pm
5:30 pm
5:30 pm
7:00 pm
Child Development Center Chapel (Chapel)
Weight Watchers
(Parlor, Study, and Chapel)
Board of Trustees (Rm 209)
Center Street Ringers (Bell Rm)
SWAG (Youth Studio)
Chancel Choir Rehearsal (Rm 258)
8:30 am
10:30 am
12:00 pm
2:00 pm
3:30 pm
6:00 pm
7:00 pm L.I.F.T.
Companions in Christ (Church Study)
Pastor’s Bible Study
Worship Planning (Rm 234)
First Word Band Rehearsal (Gym)
Ensemble (Irma Jewel’s)
11:00 am
FUMMWA Board Meeting (Rm 243)
8:00 am
10:00 am
BOOYA Retreat (Youth Studio)
UMW Assembling Health Kits (Gym)
Speaker: Bill Dudleson, Director of the UMCOR Depot at Sager Brown
UMCOR Sager Brown reaches out to the community of Baldwin and
the world through its campus off highway 90 in southern Louisiana.
Our speaker will tell us about the over $4 million worth of supplies
that were shipped internationally, including health, school, sewing,
layette and bedding kits. More than 2,000 volunteers that come
through Sager Brown each year make these shipments happen.
Health Kits are always needed, and the UMW will be sending those
they have assembled back with Mr. Dudleson. To make a reservation
for lunch, call the church office at 372-2256 or fill out the card in the
bulletin on Sunday, September 8. Everyone is welcome!
Trinity Class Starts
Marriage Series!
On September 8th, Trinity will begin an
inspiring marriage series written by Adam
Hamilton, the dynamic young pastor of The
United Methodist Church of the Resurrection
in Leawood, Kansas. Come join the class as
they journey together to balance marriage,
children, careers and more! Trinity, a Sunday
school class of couples in their 30’s and 40’s
with young children, meets in Rm 306 on the
third floor.
Adult Bible Studies this Fall!
Please register for the studies by one of the following methods: click
registrations at, call 501-372-2256, or email contact. Please
notice the deadline for registration on some of the studies below.
When “Spiritual but Not Religious” is not Enough
by Lillian Daniel
The phrase “I’m spiritual but not religious” has become a
cliché. It’s easy to find God amid the convenience of self-styled
spirituality--but is it possible (and more worthwhile) to search
for God through religion? Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull will lead you
through this thought provoking 6-week series.
When: Sunday at 5:30 pm, starting 9/22 for 6 weeks
Leader: Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull, [email protected]
Living with No Regrets
The topics covered include aging in America; how to start a
conversation about aging and changing roles; practical matters such
as living wills, finances, transportation and housing; and finishing well.
When: Sunday at 12:15 pm starting 9/22 for 4 sessions (9/22,
10/6, 10/27, and 11/10)
Leader: Rev. Rebecca Boggan, questions Pat Lile- [email protected]
To Live is Christ by Beth Moore
In-depth women’s Bible study on the life and ministry of Paul, the
Apostle to the Gentiles. Paul served faithfully, loved heartily, and
demonstrated what it means to die daily, crucified with Jesus Christ.
When: Tuesday at 11:30 am, starting 9/24
Leader: Kim Marsh, [email protected]
Cost: $15
Deadline for Registration: Tuesday, September 17th
Disciple Bible Study
Rev. Steve Copley will lead a Disciple Bible Study this fall beginning
September 27th from 11 am - 1 pm every Friday for 34 weeks.
The DISCIPLE Bible Study program is designed to help you grow
spiritually through in-depth study of Scripture.
When: Friday at 11 am - 1 pm starting 9/27 for 34 weeks
Leader: Rev. Steve Copley, [email protected]
Cost: $20
Deadline for Registration: Friday, September 13th
Healthy Children, Healthy Planet
Join the Environmental Stewardship Ministry and co-sponsor, The
Arkansas Local Food Network, as we explore the book Healthy
Children, Healthy Planet. The text examines the environment that
impacts our children from cultural peer pressures, to advertising,
food & health, and time & creativity.
When: Sunday at 10 am, starting October 6th for 6 weeks
Leader: Juli Brandenberger, [email protected]
Cost: $10
Ongoing Weekly Studies
Thursday Bible Study at Noon - Currently studying the
Welcome New Member!
We welcomed Monica Ormsby into membership on Sunday,
September 1st during First Word. She joined by transfer of
membership from Asbury United Methodist Church in Little Rock.
We are so excited to welcome you and your daughter Madison to our
church family!
historical Biblical scripture behind the Israel and Palestine Conflict
being led by Rev. Steve Copley. Noon, Thursdays, Room 204.
Contact: Jim Wohlleb, [email protected]
Tuesday Morning Bible Study - Currently studying The
Case for God by Karen Armstrong. Tuesday at 7:00 am, Room 204.
Contact: Dick Norton, [email protected]
Shall We Gather at the...
Music Ministry
Retreat- Sept. 21st
Let’s gather at Darragh
Center in the Library at
the Rivermarket. Come
share in the fun and
community! Contact
Kyle Linson - [email protected]
A Music Ministry Retreat! for more!
September 21st
Children’s Choirs Start THIS Sunday!
The Grace Notes and Quarter Notes Choirs start this week! The
Grace Notes (K-6th Grade) will meet in the Choir Room from 9:4510:15 am, and the Quarter Notes (Pre-School) will meet in their
room during the Sunday School hour.
[email protected]
Children’s Sunday School Kicks Off
NEW ROOM September 8th!
THE NEW ROOM is open as we offer new fall programs at 9:45
am each week! The new preschool choir, Quarter Notes for 3’s &
4’s, will meet during SS hour. Grace Notes (K-6th) will meet in the
Choir Room from 9:45-10:15. All other children will meet in the
new Justice League Room (Rm 138) The new Justice League and
Bible Black Belts will round out our learning for K-3rd with a focus
on justice and how to use the Bible! Earn your WHITE BELT for
Jesus in September!
Tween Lock-In & Created By God Workshop
September 27th at 6 pm - Sept. 28th at 9 am
Come for a night of fun and education! Created By God is a program
resource designed to communicate to fifth and sixth graders that we
are a fantastic creation made by God. The topics of human sexuality,
values, and relationships are approached in a frank, honest, and Biblebased manner. After the Created by God Workshop, the tweens will
enjoy a night of food, fun and games! Contact Pam Snider [email protected] for more information!
Story Tellers needed!
Jesus often taught His disciples by telling parables or stories, so
our youth need to hear your funny, sad, and weird faith stories.
This is part one of our new Youth Academy classes. These classes
take place during the Sunday school hour. To sign up to be a story
teller, contact Austin Hubbard- [email protected]
Thank you!
Thanks to all who donated items for our emergency meal kits for
Rice Depot! Last Sunday the Youth were able to put together 58 kits!
BOOYA apps are due THIS Sunday! The
leadership retreat will be Sept. 14-15.

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