a glimpse of american history and culture like you - Harley



a glimpse of american history and culture like you - Harley
z museum® Group tours guide
a glimpse of American history and culture
like you’ve never seen it before.
museum group tours guide
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Thank you for your interest in
planning a group tour of the
Harley-Davidson Museum.
This guide is a roadmap to help you plan your
experience. Your group will be amazed and inspired,
and we’re pretty darn sure they’ll be talking about
the Harley-Davidson Museum visit you built for years
to come.
Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions
at 1-877-HDMUSEUM or 1-877-436-8738,
visit www.h-dmuseum.com/groups or email us
at [email protected]
We look forward to welcoming your group.
Table of Contents
8Food & Shopping
Plan Your Visit
12 pricing & hours
14Maps & Directions
additional information
19Frequently Asked Questions
25Forms & Resources
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
museum information
Whether you were born
to be wild – or mild – it
makes no difference at the
Harley-Davidson Museum.
This is no ordinary museum.
More than a nostalgia trip for motorcycle enthusiasts,
the Museum offers a glimpse of American history and
culture like you’ve never seen it before. Our wideranging collection of historic artifacts provides the
backdrop for a unique experience.
Harley-Davidson’s humble beginnings in Milwaukee
during the Industrial Revolution
How an internal combustion engine works
Harley-Davidson’s contribution to America’s efforts
in two world wars
The origins of the bike customization movement
How motorcycles have influenced pop culture
Your Group Will See:
The oldest Harley-Davidson in existence – Serial No. 1
A replica board track complete with race bikes
banking on a corner
Elvis Presley’s motorcycle – a 1956 model KH
A movie sampling of Hollywood’s best motorcycle moments
The inspiring stories of riders like Vivian Bales, who rode
cross-country on her Harley-Davidson in 1929 and
Felix Predko who built a 13-foot long motorcycle named
King Kong.
top left
Elvis Presley's 1956 model KH,
purchased just before
he became famous with
“Heartbreak Hotel.”
top right
Harley-Davidson built nearly
90,000 military motorcycles
during WWII.
bottom left
The Rhinestone Bike: a 1973
Electra Glide customized
with thousands of
In the 1970s, daredevil and
pop culture phenomenon
Evel Knievel jumped his
XR-750 over land, school
buses and you name it.
bottom right
A collection of 100 beautiful
and historically significant
gas tank designs.
z museum® Group tours guide
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Tour Experiences
Whether you’re looking for a self-guided or
behind-the-scenes experience, our custom
tour options will help you build a visit that
thrills your group.
Group Admission
Details: For groups of 15 or more, discounted admission rates
are available.
Price: $12 per person, groups of 15 or more
self-guided tour
Details: Our self-guided tour pamphlets provide intriguing added
context to the Museum experience.
Price: Included with group admission
guided tour
Details: Our Visitor Experience Associates offer an engaging
guided tour, “Journey Through the History of Harley-Davidson.”
Groups may request a tour with reservations made four weeks in
advance. The group size is limited to 40 guests.
Price: $4 additional per person
The “family tree” of Harley-Davidson engines displays
the evolution of motors from earliest to today.
The moment you’ve been waiting for:
sit on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Customize Your Dining Experience
audio tour
School groups
Details: Hear the voices of riders, heroes and experts from
the past and present with our self-guided audio tour. The audio
tour is offered in English, Spanish and Japanese.
Details: Our specially designed Road Trip Guide offers
activities built for a fun learning experience while also
addressing Wisconsin and Illinois state learning standards.
The Road Trip Guide activities focus on English language
arts, math, science and social studies skills.
Price: $4 additional per person
back roads tour
Details: Join our Museum staff for a special guided tour that
offers in-depth explanations of Museum exhibits and provides a
glimpse into the private areas of the Harley-Davidson Archives.
The tour is available on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m. and
1 p.m. (subject to change) and the tour is limited to 15 people.
Larger groups and alternate times can be accomodated with
advance reservations.
Price: $20 additional per person
Artifact Spotlight
Price: Groups of 15 or more K-12 school groups are offered
a discounted ticket price of $5 per student. For every 10 paid
student admissions, a complimentary chaperone ticket is available.
Looking for something highly customized?
The beauty of the Harley-Davidson Museum® is that we can build
experiences specifically tailored to fit your needs. From birthday parties
to special events—we are here to help. Contact our Group Tour
Scheduler to learn about packages that combine guided tours with food
and merchandise options.
motor® bar & restaurant
A full service restaurant serving lunch and dinner.
cafe racer®
A restaurant with a more casual atmosphere
offering breakfast and lunch.
Refer to the menus in the appendix or contact the Group
Tour Scheduler.
Commemorate your visit
Details: Archives staff will get up close and personal with neverbefore-seen artifacts from the Harley-Davidson vaults.
From artwork and apparel to books and collectibles,
The Shop offers unique merchandise inspired by
Museum exhibits and archival material. A variety of
affordable merchandise is available for pre-ordering
to commemorate your group’s visit at a great value.
Price: $200 per presentation
The Celebration Wall tells stories of Harley-Davidson
riders from all walks of life.
The Harley-Davidson Museum® features two restaurants
that serve bold, hearty American fare sure to satisfy the
hunger of kids and adults alike. Fixed priced menus are
available for group dining with options from $15 to $40,
and kids meals are $5.99.
Lined up three wide and nose-to-tail, the Motorcycle Gallery
shows the evolution of America's favorite motorcycle.
To receive a Souvenir List of merchandise available for
pre-order, contact the Group Tour Scheduler.
top left
Motor Bar & Restaurant
top right
Cafe Racer
bottom left
The Shop
bottom right
The Shop
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
8 11
z museum® Group tours guide
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
The Museum staff will provide
your group with a personalized,
first-class experience. Our unique
tour options will have your
group talking about their visit
for years to come.
Pricing & Hours
We look forward to welcoming your group and
providing them with an experience they’ll
never forget. Contact the Group Tour Scheduler
to book your Harley-Davidson Museum® Group
Tour at 1-877-HD-MUSEUM or 1-877-436-8738.
Visit www.h-dmuseum.com/groups or email us
at [email protected]
Adult group admission: $12
Senior group admission: $10
College student group admission: $10 with valid ID
Military group admission: $10 with valid ID
Children group admission: $5
Summer Hours (May through September)
Monday – Wednesday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Thursday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday – Sunday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m
Winter Hours (october through April)
Monday – Wednesday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Thursday: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday – Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Hours are subject to change. Please refer to our
Web site for the most up-to-date information.
Set on 20 acres of land in downtown Milwaukee,
the Museum is surrounded by the Menomonee River.
Made from 3,400 bricks in the
letters alone, the HarleyDavidson wall at the Museum
entrance is an example of
the meticulous work that has
gone into the building’s
additional $5.00 per person.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G ROUP t o u r s g u i d e
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G ROUP t o u r s g u i d e
The Shop offers unique merchandise to commemorate
your Museum reservations
visit. Students and teachers can select
from a variety of affordable souvenirs to make their
visit more memorable.
Harley, Harley-Davidson, the Bar & Shield logo, Harley-Davidson Museum, Living
the Legend and others are amongMAPS
the trademarks
of H-D Michigan, Inc. © 2008
H-D. All rights reserved. Harley-Davidson Motor Company, P.O. box 653, 3700 W.
Juneau Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53208-0653, U.S.A.
Harley Davidson Museum™ is more than a museumMaps
- it’s
an unforgettable experi& Directions
ence. The Museum brings passion alive through stories of the extraordinary people,
products, culture and history of Harley-Davidson. Whether you’re a Harley® rider or
not, everyone who visits the Museum will leave feeling entertained and inspired.
It’s easy to make a reservation to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum®. Fill out the Reservation Form
in the appendix and fax it to 414-287-2796 or mail it to Harley-Davidson Museum, attention: Group Tour Scheduler,
PO Box 300, Milwaukee, WI 53201.
Located in downtown Milwaukee, the Harley-Davidson Museum® is easy to get to. It is just 90 miles north
of Chicago, 80 miles east of Madison, and 120 miles south of Green Bay. Free bus parking is located onsite.
90 miles north of Chicago, 80 miles east of
From the North
From the South
From the West
1. Take I-43 South
towards Milwaukee
2. Continue on I-43/I-94
3. Take the National
Avenue Exit
4. Turn right onto 9th St.
5. Turn right onto
National Avenue
6. Turn left on S. 6th St.
7. Turn right into Roundabout,
continue onto S. 6th St.
8.Turn right on W. Canal St.
1. Take I-94/I-43 North
towards Milwaukee
2. Take the National
Avenue Exit
3. Turn right onto 9th St.
4. Turn right onto
National Avenue
5. Turn left on S. 6th St.
6. Turn right into Roundabout,
continue onto S. 6th St.
7. Turn right on W. Canal St.
1. Take I-94 East
towards Milwaukee
2. Take the James Lovell/
St. Paul Exit
3. Turn left on N. James
Lovell St.
4. Turn right on N. 6th St.
5. Turn left on W. Canal St.
Benefits of Booking
Tour operators enjoy many benefits with booking:
• Discounted rate of $12 per person available for groups
of 15 or more
• Complimentary Museum tickets for your bus driver and
tour guide
• Free bus parking onsite
• Convenient payment options. Payment can be made
by credit card, business check or money order
(Harley-Davidson Museum accepts MasterCard, Visa,
Discover, and American Express. No personal
checks will be accepted)
• No deposit
• No payment until the morning of your tour
• No cancellation fee*
• Shopping for unique merchandise to commemorate your visit
• 10% discount for The Shop on day of tour*
Teachers enjoy many benefits with booking:
• Discounted rate of $5 per student available for groups
of 15 or more
• Complimentary chaperone ticket for every 10 paid
student tickets*
• Additional chaperone tickets can be purchased for $12
• Free bus parking onsite
• Convenient payment options. Payment can be made
by credit card, school check or money order
• Shopping for unique merchandise to commemorate
your visit
* One adult chaperone is required for every 10 students.
The total number of chaperones includes teachers.
Harley- Davidson Museum
* Restrictions apply
Commissioned by the Davidson family, The Hillclimber statue
is a tribute to motorcycle culture.
400 West Canal Street
Milwaukee, WI 53201
1-877-HD-MUSEUM or
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Faq ’ s
Milwaukee -Area Dealerships
Check out one of the Harley-Davidson® dealerships in the area for information on bikes, parts and
accessories, MotorClothes® apparel and collectibles, Rider’s Edge® rider education courses, as well as
Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals.
Looking for a dealer in your area? See our dealer locator at www.harley-davidson.com.
Milwaukee Harley-Davidson
11310 W. Silver Spring Road
Milwaukee, WI 53225
Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson
3. 139 N. Main Street
Thiensville, WI 53092
Hal’s Harley- Davidson
House of Harley- Davidson
2. 1925 S. Moorland Road
New Berlin, WI 53151
4.6221 W. Layton Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53220
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Life is a journey of discovery
and learning. And there’s always
more to learn and experience
at the Harley-Davidson Museum.
Before, during and after your
tour, the Museum staff is here
to help create lasting memories
for your group.
Faster. Higher. Farther. Learn
all about hillclimb racing in
the Clubs & Competition gallery.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Planning The Visit
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
How many people are needed to qualify for the discounted rate?
Groups must consist of at least 15 paid admissions in order to qualify for group rates and pay with
one transaction.
How long will it take to see the exhibits?
Some people can spend days in the Harley-Davidson Museum®, but the recommended time
to see the exhibits is two hours.
Making Reservations
What are the policies regarding reservations?
We like to keep it simple:
• No deposit is needed to reserve your tour date
• No payment is necessary until arrival onsite
• No cancellation fee*
When can our group visit the Museum?
The Harley-Davidson Museum is open seven days a week. Come see us anytime! Museum hours
are subject to change. Please refer to our Web site for the most up-to-date information.
What is your complimentary ticket policy?
In motorcycle terms, the people who keep the riding group together are called “Road Captains.”
The world would run amuck without them. So, the Harley-Davidson Museum is pleased to issue
a complimentary ticket for your group tour leader and the bus driver.
What should I expect when we arrive?
You can expect adventure, discovery and a lot of fun! When you arrive onsite, please direct your
group into the Museum lobby. You will be greeted by a Museum staff member
and directed to the ticket counter to pick-up/purchase tickets.
Some restrictions apply
How do I make reservations?
It’s easy to make a reservation to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum®.
• Fill out the reservation form in the appendix or download it from www.h-dmuseum.com/groups and
fax it to 414-287-2796
• Mail it to:
Harley-Davidson Museum
Attention: Group Tour Scheduler
PO Box 300
Milwaukee, WI 53201
• Call the Group Tour Scheduler at 1-877-HDMUSEUM or 1-877-436-8738
After distributing tickets to your guests, direct them to the exhibit entrance on the second floor,
either via elevator or staircase. Tickets will be collected at the exhibit entrance and the Museum
staff member will give your group Museum guides and a brief orientation to the Museum exhibits.
Can group members bring backpacks, coats and other personal items into the Museum?
Yes. Coat racks and lockers to secure personal items are located next to the Museum lobby.
The lockers take quarters that will be returned to visitors upon departure.
Can group members take photographs in the Museum?
We wouldn’t want visitors to miss a moment. Photography is permitted in all of the exhibit areas.
top left
Taking cues from popular
culture, post-WWII advertising
took on shinier sensibilities
with bright colors and snappy
top right
King Kong, a 13-foot long, 1,000
pound motorcycle is a
custom creation of Felix
Predko of Windber, Penn.
bottom left
A replica of Evel Knievel's
Wembley Stadium bike jumps
off The Bridge exhibit.
bottom right
Harley-Davidson’s story begins
in 1903 when the first HarleyDavidson motorcycle was built
in a 10´x15´ shed in Milwaukee,
For more information, please visit www.h-dmuseum.com/groups or call 1-877-HDMUSEUM.
Invisible to the eye at this angle, this 1940s Knucklehead is
actually separated into a multitude of pieces and is a
mechanical drawing brought to life.
Original racing jerseys, among many other artifacts, help tell
the story of motorcycle competition in the early 1900s.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Making Reservations
How far in advance must I make a reservation?
The best bet is to make your reservation at least one week in advance of your planned trip.
Reservations are subject to ticket availability.
Will the Museum confirm our reservation?
Yes, the Group Tour Scheduler will contact your group to confirm the date of your visit.
Upon confirmation, the Group Tour Scheduler will send any additional information needed
to assist in the group’s arrival.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Additional Resources
For School/Children’s
What are the policies and procedures regarding chaperones?
While there is no "shushing" in the Harley-Davidson Museum®, chaperones are required for
children's groups. We're pretty sure the chaperones will have as much fun as the kids.
• For every 10 students, one adult (18+ years old) chaperone is needed
• For every 10 students, one complimentary chaperone ticket will be provided to your group
• Additional chaperone tickets will be $12 per chaperone
By providing assistance and guidance for their students’ exploration, teachers and chaperones can
significantly add to the overall Museum experience. Teachers and chaperones are responsible
for conduct and safety of the students in their group at all times while on the Museum grounds.
Chaperones are responsible for accompanying their students at all times and should coach
students to refrain from disruptive or unsafe behavior for the safety and enjoyment of all visitor.
What if there are not enough chaperones to accompany all students?
We rely on chaperones to help make the experience enjoyable for all Museum visitors.
An insufficient number of chaperones may result in the cancellation of your Museum visit without
the refund of your payment.
Can students bring backpacks, coats and other personal items into the Museum?
Yes, coat storage will be provided however students should leave all backpacks and personal items
at school or on the bus. Please note the Harley-Davidson Museum is not responsible for lost or
stolen items.
Are there lunch facilities onsite?
Your group is welcome to eat sack lunches outside on the Museum grounds. Small groups can be
accommodated for lunch if purchased through Motor or Cafe Racer. However, there are no special
lunch facilities or lunch storage for large school groups.
In the early 1900s, board track racing was at the height of popularity. The original extreme sport, riders raced on wood tracks
at 100 miles per hour, on motorcycles that had no brakes.
Does the Museum provide any resource materials for planning a school group visit?
Yes, we offer Harley-Davidson Road Trip Guides to provide activities to engage your students
before, during and after their visit to the Harley-Davidson Museum. Available free of charge, Road
Trip Guides were created for elementary and middle school-aged students to address the Wisconsin
and Illinois state learning standards. Visit the School Groups section of the Museum Web site at
www.h-dmuseum.com/groups to download and copy these activities for your students.
What other resource materials are available for teachers on the Web site?
In addition to the Road Trip Guides, we offer a variety of other materials for teachers:
• Story Plans: See our collection of motorcycle-themed stories to share with your
students. Certain galleries and/or Museum content is highlighted to complement the
story and prepare your students to visit.
• Road Captain Policy: Chaperones are important. Our policy outlines the duties we rely
on chaperones to perform.
• Rules of the Road: We love having students in the Museum. The Rules of the Road
document outlines our expectations for students’ behavior while visiting the Museum.
What if I have other questions?
We are happy to help with any questions you have. Please contact the Museum Group Tour
Scheduler via email at [email protected] or call 1-414-287-2799.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Additional Resources
For School/Children’s
What are the policies regarding payment?
The Harley-Davidson Museum® accepts Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover credit
cards and school checks.
Where can I send a school check?
Please make school checks payable to the Harley-Davidson Museum.
Payments should be mailed to:
Harley-Davidson Museum
Attention: Group Tour Scheduler
PO Box 300
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Planning Resources
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Does the Museum provide any resource materials for planning a group tour visit?
Absolutely. Our goal is to make planning your trip to the Museum an easy experience.
We provide the following sales tools to help with marketing your trip to the
Harley-Davidson Museum:
• 50, 100, 300 word descriptions of the Harley-Davidson Museum
• Photographs of the interior and exterior of the Harley-Davidson Museum
• Menus for fixed price dining at Motor ®
• A promotional video (DVD) to share with group tour participants
• Harley-Davidson Museum logo and logo usage guidelines
• Informational handouts for your group tour participants
• A trip guide including information about The Shop and site maps
• Sales kit are available online at www.h-dmuseum.com/groups or request a sales kit
from our Group Tour Scheduler at 1-877-HD MUSEUM (1-877-436-8738)
or email at [email protected]
For more information, please visit www.h-dmuseum.com/groups or call 1-877-HDMUSEUM.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
History. Art. Culture. America.
Harley-Davidson motorcycles bring heart-thumping adventure, life-changing freedom and a bit of rebellion into
the lives of people around the world. But whether you were born to be wild, or mild, makes no difference at
the Harley-Davidson Museum®.
Much more than a nostalgia trip for motorcycle enthusiasts and “gear heads,” the Museum is a reflection
of American history and pop culture like you’ve never seen it before – through the successes and trials of an iconic
American product. Interactive, eye-catching exhibits and design present an unparalleled collection of legendary
stories of our nation’s last century.
After visiting the Harley-Davidson Museum, both riders and non-riders say they are inspired and enriched in
ways they never imagined.
A company usually doesn’t become successful overnight,
but after building its first bike in 1903, Harley-Davidson’s
business quickly took off. To ensure people would associate the
Harley-Davidson name with quality motorcycles, the founders
quickly established a strong network of dealers across
the country. By 1920, just 17 years after building its first
motorcycle, Harley-Davidson was the largest motorcycle
manufacturer in the world and had dealers in 67 countries
with representatives in such far-flung places as Australia,
Holland, South Africa and Argentina.
During the Great Depression, Harley-Davidson experimented
with a variety of products to stimulate revenue and keep its
employees working.
• The Servi-Car, introduced in 1932, was the most successful
of Harley-Davidson’s commercial vehicles. Originally developed
for use by auto dealerships to make service calls, it was quickly
adapted for police use, and remained popular in this capacity
into the early 1970s.
Breaking from tradition in the 1960s and 1970s, HarleyDavidson expanded its product range to include scooters, boats
and golf carts.
• In the 1960s, Harley-Davidson faced tough competition from
foreign manufacturers that were producing smaller entry level
bikes. Harley responded by introducing the Topper motor
scooter, the only scooter ever produced by the Motor Company.
• For a brief period in the 1970s, Harley-Davidson was in the
snowmobile business. However, due to competition
from well-established snowmobile companies and less than
average snowfall, Harley-Davidson refocused its resources to
motorcycle manufacturing.
• The “Shortster” mini-bike was developed during the minibike
fad of the 1970s. Unlike other scooters on the market,
the Shortster looked like an actual motorcycle, only it was
small enough to fit in the back of a station wagon.
The 1980s proved to be a pivotal time period in HarleyDavidson history. After a 12-year partnership with the American
Machine and Foundry Company (AMF), 13 Harley-Davidson senior
executives arranged to buy back the Company from AMF. In June
of 1981, the Company was returned to private ownership. But
despite regaining ownership, times were still tough. Recovery
almost fell apart in 1985 when the bank that had financed the
Motor Company’s debt threatened to pull its financing and begin
selling off the Company’s assets. Company management staved
off bankruptcy as the clock ticked to midnight on New Year’s Eve,
when the Company finally received financing. In 1987, HarleyDavidson Motor Company was listed on the New York Stock
Exchange, signaling to the world that the turnaround was complete.
Willie G. Davidson, Chief Styling Officer and grandson of
co-founder William Davidson, refers to Harley-Davidson
motorcycles as “rolling sculpture” with the V-Twin engine
centered as the jewel.
While Harley-Davidson motorcycles are built with everyone in
mind, our motorcycles and the Harley-Davidson lifestyle
have attracted the likes of many famous individuals and the
movie industry.
• Just days before Elvis Presley became famous with the hit
single, “Heartbreak Hotel,” he purchased a 1956 Model KH
motorcycle. The Museum features this bike along with
the original paperwork.
• The 1969 movie, “Easy Rider,” starring Peter Fonda and Dennis
Hopper, features one of the most recognizable motorcycles
in history, the “Captain America” chopper. Created from
Harley-Davidson FLH police bikes, both original choppers
were destroyed in the filming. In celebration of the film’s 30th
anniversary, and with the help of Peter Fonda and those
who created the original bikes, an exact replica was created
and is featured in the Museum.
Starting with the first catalog, posters, catalogs and marketing
materials show the graphic design trends of the last 105 years.
During the Great Depression, the company made a radical
departure from tradition by offering unconventional, art deco
paint schemes. Vibrant colors provided customers with new
customizable options at little cost to the Motor Company –
at a time when the company didn’t have much money to spend
on research and development. Today, radical paint schemes
and customization are a integral part of biker culture.
The Museum celebrates the ways riders customize their motorcycles and make them their own. One featured bike, created by
Felix Predko, is affectionately known as “King Kong.” The 13-foot
long motorcycle is powered by two in-line engines and includes
four fishtail straight exhaust pipes and many decorative details
such as a miniature King Kong in chains above the headlight.
A video that features Predko’s family at his shop telling the story
of this extraordinary enthusiast and his passion for customization
is included in the exhibit.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G ROUP t o u r s g u i d e
Harley-Davidson Museum® Archives Department
During WWII, Harley-Davidson played an important role by supplying the United States and its allies with motorcycles, which
helped the Company to survive and allowed it to do its part for
the Country. By the end of WWII, nearly 90,000 Harley-Davidson
military motorcycles were supplied to the U.S. and our allies.
Vivian Bales was one of the first women to make her mark on
Harley-Davidson culture. In 1929, at the age of 17, she saved
up money earned from teaching dance to purchase her first
Harley-Davidson. Bales “always wanted to do something
that most girls wouldn’t do,” and she didn’t stop at just owning
a motorcycle. Journaling for "The Harley-Davidson Enthusiast,"
she wrote about her cross-country solo adventure from Albany,
Ga. to Milwaukee. The exhibit features her scrapbook detailing
her experience, including an autograph book filled with signatures
and well wishes of those she met along the way.
In the 1920s, board track racing was the extreme sport of its
time. Riders raced around wood tracks, built between 45
and 60 degrees, at speeds up to 100 mph on motorcycles with
no brakes, no transmissions and total oil loss systems. This
meant the oil exited directly onto the track, which made for very
slippery riding. Board track racing established the Company’s
racing heritage, proven by the winning reputation of the Wrecking
Crew, Harley-Davidson’s famous racing team. The exhibit
features a recreation of a board track curve, complete with
original factory race bikes banking the corner, and rare footage
of actual board track racers in action.
Harley-Davidson has dreamed of building a museum for a long time. Since the early 1900s, Company leaders saved
and collected Harley-Davidson motorcycles and memorabilia. In fact, important internal documents, marketing
materials, and photographs were retained from the earliest days of the Motor Company.
The collection became formal around 1915, when leaders began saving one motorcycle per year from the assembly
line for the collection. They later went into the field to repurchase sold vehicles from dealers that represented
the 12-year span between 1903 and 1915. In 1993, the Company Archives became a formal department and today is
an official part of the Harley-Davidson Museum®.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Harley-Davidson Timeline
There is one thing that makes the Harley-Davidson Archives
vehicle collection so extraordinary: most of our bikes are
in original condition. The bulk of the Archives motorcycle
collection has been pulled right off the factory floor through
the years, and has been preserved in their original condition.
Several motorcycles have also been generously donated by
private collectors. In addition, the Company has made some
purchases of rare and unique Harley-Davidson motorcycles
from private collectors and enthusiasts.
Two full-time restorers are dedicated to motorcycle conservation for
the Museum. On average, the process takes 720 hours (90 eight
hour days). For the average conservation, restorers:
• Disassemble the entire bike and then meticulously remove
decades of grime
• Take great care to preserve the original plating and finishes
• Replace the few parts that are beyond saving
Museum visitors can stop by the Archives to see Archives staff at
work, view the conservation work areas and get a peek into some
visible storage areas.
The Harley-Davidson Archives serves as the conservation facility,
research center and repository for the collection of motorcycles,
documents, photography and memorabilia used by the HarleyDavidson Museum® to develop exhibits and programs. To date,
the collection has more than 450 motorcycles, 8,000 artifacts
and nearly 150,000 historical photographs.
William S. Harley, 21, completes a blueprint drawing of an
engine designed to fit into a bicycle frame.
The Harley-Davidson Archives also supports the entire Motor
Company with its collection. The resources and staff support
a variety of company activities from product development to
marketing to customer relations.
1903 23-year-old William S. Harley and 22-year-old Arthur Davidson 1945
make available to the public the first production HarleyDavidson motorcycle. The bike was built to be a racer, with
a 3-1/8 inch bore and 3-1/2 inch stroke. The factory in which
they worked was a 10 x 15-foot wooden shed with the words
“Harley-Davidson Motor Company” crudely scrawled on
the door. Arthur’s brother Walter quits his job in Kansas and
joins their efforts on April 17.
A leather jacket makes its first appearance as a
Harley-Davidson clothing item.
World War II ends and Harley-Davidson has produced almost
90,000 WLA models for military use. Wasting no time, production of civilian motorcycles resumes in November.
1909 The first Harley-Davidson V-twin engine is produced.
The famed “Bar & Shield” logo is used for the first time.
It is trademarked at the U.S. Patent office one year later.
During this year, roughly one-third of all Harley-Davidson
motorcycles produced are sold to the U.S. military. The
Quartermasters School, a department of Harley-Davidson
devoted to training military mechanics on Harley-Davidson
motorcycles, opens for business in July. It will later
become the Service School.
By 1920, Harley-Davidson is the largest motorcycle
manufacturer in the world. New Harley-Davidson
motorcycles can be purchased from over 2,000 dealers
in 67 countries worldwide.
The side-valve K model is introduced with an integrated
engine and transmission to compete with smaller,
sportier motorcycles coming mainly from Great Britain. The K
will eventually evolve into the Sportster.
The new young star, Elvis Presley, poses for the cover of
Harley-Davidson’s May Enthusiast magazine sitting
on a 1956 model KH.
1966 The first of the “Shovelhead” engines is introduced on the
Electra-Glide models, replacing the Panhead.
1969 Harley-Davidson merges with the American Machine
and Foundry Company (AMF), a longtime producer
of leisure products.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Cafe Racer™ menu
In response to the customizing craze, Harley-Davidson
introduces the FX 1200 Super Glide®, which combined
a sporty front (similar to that of the XL series) with the frame
and powertrain of the FL series. A new class of motorcycle,
the cruiser, is born.
On February 26, 13 Harley-Davidson senior executives sign a
letter of intent to purchase Harley-Davidson Motor Company
from AMF. By mid-June, the buyback is official, and the
phrase “The Eagle Soars Alone” becomes a rallying cry.
The VRSCA™ V-Rod® motorcycle, the first liquid-cooled
production motorcycle in Company history, is introduced.
2003 More than 250,000 people come to Milwaukee for the final
stop of the Open Road Tour and the Harley-Davidson
100th Anniversary Celebration and Party.
Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) is established.
2008The Harley-Davidson Museum opens to the public.
1984 The Evolution V-Twin and first Softail model are introduced,
two developments key to Harley-Davidson’s turnaround.
1986 Harley-Davidson returns to public ownership and the
Motor Company regains its top position in the U.S.
*Menu selection and pricing subject to change.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Cafe Racer™ menu
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G ROUP t o u r s g u i d e
Motor® MENU
Our take on the Bloody Mary… Milwaukee’s own
Rehorst Vodka, tomato juice, assorted spices with a
celery stalk, pickle spear, beef stick, beef broth and a
beer chaser. 8.95
Localled in
produukee, WI Lime, House-Made Bloody Mary mix, Corona, salt
and 4 pepper rim. 6.95
BloodY KnucKlE
AsphAlt MARgARitA
Cuervo Traditional, lime, lemon, and strawberry
infused triple sec, chili syrup, salt and 4 pepper rim.
sAlt FlAts MARgARitA
Cheers to speed champion Joe Petralli who set world
records at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Jose Cuervo
Gold, lemon juice and sour mix. 7.95
Gentlemen Jack, lime, salted caramel, with a thyme
garnish. 6.95
lYnchBuRg lEMonAdE
A taste of this will conjure visions of a Tennessee
road trip. Jack Daniels, triple sec and sour mix. 8.95
Jagermeister, strawberry infused triple sec, lemon,
garnished with a black licorice rope. 6.95
RoAd sodAs
A juice explosion, Cranberry, pomegranate,
blackberry, and lime with sweet and sour. 4.00
countRY RoAd lEMonAdE
Lemonade, cranberry juice and strawberry
puree. 4.00
Fresh Lime with granulated sugar and H20. 4.00
oRAngE dRinK
Blood Orange with fresh lime. 4.00
Pig SkinS
Crispy potato skins loaded with BBQ pork, cheddar,
and jalapenos. 7.95
SauSage CutS
Milwaukee’s famous sausage served with home-style
sauerkraut, and horseradish mustard. 8.95
Big & tWiSted PretzelS
Big ole pretzels, served with gobs of mustard sauce
and cheese dip. 7.95
onion ringS
Thick-cut, beer battered and crispy fried, with
buttermilk blue cheese sauce. So good they should
be illegal. 6.95
WiSConSin CheeSe
Golden fried cheddar cheese curds with creamy
buttermilk ranch dressing.
Traditional or Buffalo. 8.95
BBQ or Buffalo, served with blue cheese dip and
celery sticks. 9.95
Green y made in
BuCket of frieS
Traditional 5.95
Buffalo topped with blue cheese 7.95
Garlic Parmesan, cheddar or chili and cheddar 7.95
Enjoy by yourself or consider sharing with the whole
table. Go ahead, there’s enough for everyone.
Cheese & TomaTo
A classic you’ll crave, with tomatoes, basil, mozzarella,
extra virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese. 8.95
BBQ ChiCken
Make it sweet and savory with caramelized onions,
fresh cilantro, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese and our
“sweet like molasses” BBQ sauce. 10.95
iTalian sausage
Spice things up with fire-roasted peppers, extra virgin
olive oil and basil. 9.95
*Menu selection and pricing subject to change.
*Menu selection and pricing subject to change.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Motor® MENU
Motor MENU
Booyah Stew
We threw chicken, beef and veggies into a pot and let
the flavors do their thing. 5.95
RoadhouSe Chili
With Wisconsin cheddar, red onions and sour cream it packs a wallop to your taste buds. 6.95
SouP oF the day
N d into the
A CheFfApulle
M, EWI, our
After a long driv
lot with an appetite bigger
at a
world-famous Lambeau Fieldr par
meeting up with some friends larg
than a Packer lineman. Afte ple
tailgate party, he got to
ty broth.
chunks of chicken, beef
the west parking lot couldn’t
Booyah! was born. Everyone inball
enough. So much for the foot thankfully, he scored big.
was on the recipe and
We’ve tried chili from all over this great land of ours and
is our favorite. We took this recipe, originally from
and homespun it a bit by adding the perfect blend ofSan
cheddar, sour cream and freshly-chopped onions. One
and you’ll see why it was named one of Milwaukee’s best.
Careful, everyone at your table is going to want to dig
Smoked ChiCken
Apple SAlAd
With mixed greens, grape tomatoes, blue cheese and
tart dried cherries, in a balsamic dressing. 9.95
it’S Good for You
Flex your taste muscles with green apples, candied
Georgia pecans, goat cheese, spinach, and smoky
bacon dressing. 8.95
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G ROUP t o u r s g u i d e
Steak Salad
Take your appetite for a spin. Marinated char-grilled skirt
steak served with crisp lettuce, tomatoes and buttermilk blue
cheese dressing. 10.95
Friends, Romans, countrymen - lend us your taste buds
for our traditional caser salad, chilled lettuce, home made
croutons, and creamy garlic dressing. 7.50
- Add Chicken 2.00
BBQ Pulled Pork
Burger of
the Month
Our mOnthly “Over the tOp” Burger
Add A pint Of drAft 2.00
Slow roasted hand pulled pork finished with the MOTOR
signature BBQ sauce, with fries. 9.95
Double StuffeD
MotoR buRgeR
Bacon, BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese cooked in the middle
of our fresh ground chuck burger with fries. 11.95
builD youR own
buRgeR oR gRilleD
ChiCken SanDwiCh
Four-napkin goodness, loaded with lettuce, tomato, bread
and butter pickles, onions, and secret sauce, with fries. 9.95
Choose Your Cheese
American, Swiss, cheddar, provolone or Bleu.
did you know...
from one of
the restaurant area is made up of parts
The wall that separates Motor’s bars.from
gears, flywheels and other machined parts.
Want to live “happily ever after?” Well, you can actually get married inside the Museum.
Most of our ingredients are homegrown. Walleye from area lakes. Micro-brews from local breweries.
Produce from nearby farms. Cheeses... well, duh.
s which
Public Works. In fact, the large orange hopper
This site was used by the Department ofDuring
liked how they fit in with the
bookend the
historical character of the building and kept them on-site
*Menu selection and pricing subject to change.
SouPed-uP grilled
Stuffed with provolone, smoked and garlic cheddar.
Served with house made tomato soup. NOT what your
mom used to make. 7.95
- Add smoked bacon or ham. 2.00 each
criSPy Buttermilk
Fried chicken
Topped with bacon. Better than a roadside attraction with
lettuce, tomato and Russian dressing thrown on, with
fries. 9.95
Top iT off .75 each
Applewood smoked bacon, jalapeno’s, grilled onion, grilled
mushrooms, grilled peppers, or fried egg.
tuRkey buRgeR
With cranberry-apricot chutney, creamy Brie cheese, fresh
rosemary spiced aïoli and spinach, with fries. 8.95
H-d Veggie Salad
Chopped romaine, iceberg, radicchio, kalamata olives,
provolone, red oinion, roasted peppers, garbanzo beans,
artichoke, and red wine vinaigrette. 8.95
- Add Chicken 2.00
Bagger Brat rueBen
A classic open face reinvention with Swiss cheese,
sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing on rye bread,
with fries. 9.95
Who needs a side car ?
An interest in motorcycling
has always brought people
together, sometimes in
ways one would never
imagine, as shown in this
photo from 50 years ago.
It shows just how far
motorcycle clubs have
come. In the 1950s,
club members wore
uniforms that included
dress shirts, ties,
polished boots and
captain-style hats.
So is your stomach growling louder than a V-Twin or is it on cruise
control? Either way, these 3 mini-burgers could satisfy the
biggest appetite or be shared among the table. You could
even make a meal out of an order.
ClassiC Mini’s
Fresh ground chuck with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. 6.95
Deluxe Mini’s
Fresh ground chuck with Wisconsin cheddar, grilled onions,
lettuce, tomato, and our secret sauce. 7.95
Hog Bites
BBQ pulled pork with cole slaw and crispy fried onions. 7.95
*Menu selection and pricing subject to change.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
All BBQ served with creamy slaw,
crispy fries and cornbread
Hickory Smoked
BaBy Back riBS
Put some South in yo’ mouth with our lean, meaty and
hickory slow-smoked ribs.
Half SlaB
full SlaB
douBle BBQ comBo
Choose two: 1/3 slab ribs – Pulled Pork – Slow Smoked
Brisket or 1/4 Smoked Chicken. 16.95
Triple BBQ comBo
Beer Braised Pot
Motorcycling has always brought people together. Years ago,
local motorcycle clubs and dealerships organized riding events called
“Gypsy Tours.” They quickly became popular as several groups would
make a day-long ride to a park or fairground and then participate
in contests like hillclimb racing, motorcycle polo, trick riding and even
stunt competitions for the ladies. To this day, enthusiasts organize
rides and club activities with a shared love for community and biking.
Slow cooked, fork tender, simmered in our house
dark beer, served with horseradish smashed
potatoes and onion strings. 15.95
Wisconsin Fish
Lakefront Riverwest Stein battered and golden
fried fish and chips, creamy cole slaw, cornbread
and tartar sauce. 12.95
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
Mac & cheese
ee, WI
You know you want this. Wisconsin cheddar, baked
until crunchy and bubbling. 9.95
- Add Brat, Bacon or Roasted Chicken. 2.00 each
Pan roasted
Roasted tilapia filet, house smoked tomato sauce,
roasted local corn relish on creamy smashed
potatoes. 13.95
Warm apple pie
Putting your mom’s to shame, with a scoop of toocreamy-to-be-true vanilla ice cream and caramel
sauce. 6.95
Choose three: 1/3 slab ribs – Pulled Pork – Slow
Smoked Brisket or 1/4 Smoked Chicken. 18.95
CooKie Sundae
carolina on yo
ur mind
Chocolate chunk cookie sundae with vanilla ice
cream, whipped topping, chocolate and caramel
sauce served in a hot iron skillet. 6.95
We created our BBQ rec
Favorite Drive,” the Blueipe while cruisin’ along “America’s
Our hogs are seasoned ge Parkway in North Carolina.
and slowly cooked over with our signature BBQ spice
hand-pulled and tossedCarolina hickory wood. Enjoy it
take the bold approach and with our secret BBQ sauce, or
eat it right off the bone, sla
GeorGia Peach
Inspired by a ride down a country road in Georgia
one August during peach season - the best you’ve
ever had, even better with a huge scoop of vanilla
ice cream. 6.95
DoUGhNUT SkilleT
Grilled glazed doughnut topped with vanilla ice
cream and warm Door County cherries. 6.95
SmaShed PotatoeS 3.95 Cole Slaw 4.50
Pit Baked BeanS 3.95
maC ’n CheeSe 4.95
JalaPeÑo Skillet 4.95 SideCar Salad 3.95
Originally a Friday tradition, fish fries have become a way
of life in Wisconsin. William A. Davidson and William S. Harley
were certainly looking forward to a feast back in 1923
after they scored big-time at a local fishing hole. One
taste of our recipe and you’ll think it’s the
best in town. And that’s no fish story.
*Menu selection and pricing subject to change.
When we say our menu was inspired by journeys on the open road, we
mean it. Take one of our fan favorites: the delicious Georgia Peach Cobbler.
This popular dessert was first discovered when one of our chefs was riding
the backroads of Georgia. He happened upon a small diner that served up,
you guessed it, the tastiest Peach Cobbler this side of anywhere.
But don’t take our word for it. You be the judge.
*Menu selection and pricing subject to change.
h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
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h a r l e y- d a v i d s o n m u s e u m ® G r o u p t o u r s g u i d e
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