Kontak January 2015 - Global Jaya School



Kontak January 2015 - Global Jaya School
January 30, 2015
Vol 5
GJS’s Newsletter
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DP Mock Exams, 2nd -13th February
Chinese New Year, 19th February
School Uniforms On Sale, 28th
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Head of School
Dear GJS Families:
Happy 2015 to all community members of Global Jaya School! We hope the New Year will meet all
your expectations and that we are a part of your children’s successes.
Our new school website is a live document that can be updated or amended at any time. One of
our endeavors in designing it was to give a strong first impression of GJS. We are hopeful the new
website provides a positive appearance in a user friendly and informative manner. Along with the
new school name is our new logo. All future school letters and official documents will feature the
new GJS logo, viewable at (www.globaljaya.com).
Our first working day began for staff on Monday 12th January. We provided teachers a full day of
professional development and planning time for the beginning of Semester 2. There are two staff
members who have joined the GJS family of teachers: Primary Year 4 Assistant Teacher, Ibu Edita
and Secondary IT (Years 7-10), Ibu Grace. Their expertise and experience, we believe, will benefit
your children’s learning.
An additional feature to the GJS campus is the IBK Apple Support Centre. It is an authorised
education reseller located next to our cafeteria cashier. We are intent on offering service to existing
Apple products in the form of technical support. Apple products such as iPad cases, Mac Air or
Mac Books are also available with full international warranties and competitive prices. Note the
operation hours: Monday – Wednesday – Friday, from 9.00am to 3.00pm.
Our January newsletter will feature a variety of events which took place in December and the
beginning of January. Most recently, 29 students and 3 teachers travelled to Hong Kong for the
Harvard Model Congress Asia Conference - (http://hmcasia.org/). Global Jaya Secondary students
have participated in large numbers in the past and this year was no different. The ‘Premier
Government Simulation for International Students’ features secondary students from various
countries located in Asia and the Middle East. It’s a popular and well organised event with Harvard
University students as role models, planning all events in Hong Kong.
With the New Year and beginning of Semester 2, there are many high expectations along with
resolutions. We wish you all the very best for the second half of our school year. With a combined
effort from students, teachers and parents we are confident all your children’s goals can be met.
Sincere regards,
David J. Hornby
Head of School
Global Jaya School
Primary News
his November, Global
Jaya once again
participated in the
worldwide charity event
known as Movember. This
month long growing of
extra facial hair is to raise
money and awareness for
men’s health issues.
Teachers and students were encouraged
to enter as a ‘Motestant’ and grow
moustaches for the month of November.
Students were able to purchase a 5.000
rupiah voting ticket to vote for the
Motestant who they thought would grow
the best moustache. The Primary Student
Council did a great job collecting money
from class mates and handing out tickets.
Parents were encouraged to sponsor a
Motestant by donating money as well.
The Motestants were also competing for the
coveted awards of ‘Most Money Raised’, ‘Most
Stylish Mo’ and ‘Most Creative Mo’. Voting took
place in the canteen over a series of days.
Rizki, a Year 10 student, collected a mammoth
9 million rupiah in sponsorship, taking out the
most money raised award. Pak Colin cemented
his position as one of the best mo growers in
Indonesia taking out the most stylish award.
Pak Mike took out the most creative mo award
with his ‘mo-hawk and mutton chop’ effort.
There was also a Crazy Hair Day where the
students could show off their creativity by
styling, colouring and adding whacky features
to their hair. This resulted in some very
colourful and unusual looking students on the
The total amount raised was Rp.30,960,000, an
incredible success and tribute to the generosity
of the Global community. Thank you to the
Motestants, the student councils, and the
students and parents who supported Movember.
Thank you also to Year 3 who kindly donated the
majority of their ‘Sales Day’ profits to Movember.
All of the money raised has been donated to
Yayasan Kanker Indonesia.
Global Jaya School
By Pak Tim
IPAD for Primary
n November 2014,
22 new iPads were
introduced to the
Primary School at Global
Jaya School.
By Pak Dan
Investigate - students investigate different ways to develop their
learning and interact with ideas and concepts in a new way.
Create – students use apps to create new media and
present their understanding.
Communicate – students communicate their understanding using
educational apps and communicate their knowledge using creative
Collaborate – students collaborate with each other to help
understand how to use particular tools and create digital media.
Organize – students organize information in new and creative ways.
Responsible Digital Citizens – students learn about the appropriate
use of wireless technologies (including understanding and following
an appropriate use policy).
Towards the end of Term 2,
iPads began to be used in
class to support teaching
and learning. Using
educational apps as well as
other apps used to create
media and presentations
(such as iMovie and
Garageband) are being
used. Some examples of
use include:
Investigate - teachers investigate different ways to use apps creatively for
teaching and learning.
Create – teachers create learning engagements using iPads and apps.
Communicate – teachers communicate ideas and concepts using iPads for
Collaborate – teachers collaborate with each other and students to learn,
use and create.
Organize – teachers organize lessons and student work using a variety of
Responsible Digital Citizens – teachers learn about the appropriate ways to
use iPads and apps in an educational environment.
Endless Reader:
A very interactive
Language App which
supports reading
Go React: A periodic table of elements
which can be explored. The uses of each
element are included as well as the ability to
mix elements to “initiate nearly 300 virtual
chemical reactions”. Images and videos are
used to support the learning.
Jolly Phonics: The
Jolly Phonics App
supports the Jolly
Phonics literacy
programme which has
been used to teach
Global Jaya School
Family Food Fair
By Ibu Septa
n Tuesday 16th December, the Year 2
students had an exciting morning at
a Family Food Fair organized by the
Year 2 parents. This special event was part of
our learning in our third Unit of Inquiry about
personal and family history.
It was great to have students and parents
presenting together and we learned not only
about certain foods, but also the places and
cultures that they represented. We were lucky
to learn about food from Argentina, East Java,
Australia, Serbia, Tanah Batak and Central
We really appreciate the support of the Year 2
parents in organizing this special event for us!
Going Green!
Global Jaya School
n Monday 15th December, as part of the
preparation for our fourth Unit of Inquiry
on how people depend on and need to
care for plants, the Year 2 students visited the
Year 2 school garden plot. The students used
this time to learn about how to use simple
garden tools to weed the plots and prepare the
soil for planting after the holidays. The students
are looking forward to growing some herbs and
Primary Professional Development
s many of you may be
aware, professional
development is a major
component of any successful
school. At Global Jaya, the first
day of each term is dedicated
to providing professional
development opportunities to our
teachers to ensure our teaching
and learning practices are as
current and effective as possible.
The beginning of this term was no
different and teachers in Primary
returned on Monday 12th January
to delve into various professional
development experiences and
sessions. These included an
examination of how to reflect and
analyze the effectiveness of our
current programmes, a look at the
Library’s ability to enhance and
support the learning of students,
the role of Mathletics as a
planning, teaching and assessing
tool and the opportunities and
procedures for integrating iPads in
lower Primary. These experiences
were extremely valuable for our
teachers and will be of great
benefit for our students.
By Ibu Sarah
We are also happy to announce
that Pak Dan will be conducting
a parent workshop in the coming
weeks to share how the iPads are
being introduced to our young
learners (Kindergarten to Year 2
students) and what they will be
used for. Please keep an eye on
your ManageBac calendars for
further details.
Global Jaya School
Bali Trip
s part of the exhibition process, Year 6 had a study tour to Bali on November 19-21 2014. In this study
tour, we focused on emphasizing innovation and invention that we found in the places that we visited. It
is based on our central idea, innovation and invention can improve people’s quality of life. Here are the
places that Year 6 visited:
Prada Home Industry
– Ghania, Mayra &
We like Prada Home
Industry because
it helps us to know
more about Balinese
culture. Also Prada
Home Industry
helps to preserve
Bali traditional batik
Bali Tangi Traditional
Spa– Chandni & Latisa
Bali Tangi is a place that
has spa facilities and sells
natural cosmetic/ spa
Bali Tangi supports
animals; its 99.9%
Bali Tangi does not use
any artificial ingredients.
Bali Tangi is 100%
Bali Tangi sells unique
Harum Manis Cake –
Harum Manis cake is a
cake store that sells lapis
legit and cookies. Harum
Manis cake is different
than other cake stores
because it doesn’t use
any preservatives and
the cake is all baked in
that store. The owner of
Harum Manis Cake called
her store Harum Manis
cake because of the
delicious smell that you
can smell when baking
cake. I learned that if
you use preservatives
in cake or cookies it
can last a week or so,
but if you don’t use any
preservatives then the
cake won’t last as long.
Green School – Luna
Green school is an international school that supports
the environment. They give education like any other
international school and they also learn how to make
and preserve the beautiful nature of Bali. They have
been opened for business since 2006. The students
learn many things related to the environment, like
plantations and ways of making compost. All the
students that attend Green School have made little
actions that can lead to a better future. They have
made a lot of projects that do not negatively effect
the environment, but are still practical.
Devdan Show – Mark & Alica
In the devdan show, I liked all of its little
performances and how they added the little
drama in the show to make it seem less boring
and have some excitment in the show. I loved
how the show had fire and water on the stage,
or when they asked the audience to dance with
Global Jaya School
Batuan Artisan Village
– Reo
On the third day of
the Bali Study tour the
year 6 went to Batuan
Village. While they
were there, the year
6 created paintings
of the choices given.
Batuan Artisan Village
is a group of artist who
make art.
Pasifika Museum – Azka & Tommy
On the final day of the Year 6 Bali Study Tour
we went to the museum called the Pasifika
Museum. This museum told us about different
artisans from our country and others. For
example Raden Saleh, he is an artisan from
Indonesia. We have learned about paintings
that have a story behind the painting.
BARC – Yewon &
When the Year 6 went
to Bali for their study
tour, they went to many
places. One of these
places was BARC. BARC
stands for Bali Animal
Rehabilitation Center.
When we were there, the
guide told us about dogs
being abandoned on the
streets for having rabies.
They were brought to
BARC to be rescued and
well cared for.
Paninsula Beach – Chelsea
& Jasmine
Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park –
The GWK is a statue in development and will be
finished in the future. The statue is separated
into 2 separate statues. One is the guy, then the
other is the garuda. On the last day of the year
6 Bali study tour we went there and had a nice
lunch & after we finished eating we walked over
a 100 steps then finally reached to the statue.
The statue when completed will be the biggest
statue in the world, much bigger then The
Statue of Liberty.
On the Year 6 Exhibition
trip of 2014-2015, from
18th November to the
21st November we went
to a lot of places, one of
those places was Paninsula
Beach. When the Year
6 went to the Paninsula
Beach we went there
to ask questions to the
foreigners about why they
picked Bali, out of any
other place, to visit and
other questions, too.
By Pak Eka
Global Jaya School
Some of the students share
their experiences of the trip.
Ithing and Billy:
Ithing, 9A
"Yeah! the Broadcasting Trip again! This year,
we aimed a little further than the last -- we
went to Taiwan. It's a little far and more than
a little cold, but it didn't beat all the fun I
had! In the TV stations, I learnt all the basic
broadcasting techniques and equipment as I
did last year, but this time with a little more
spice. There are various sets and cameras,
experienced news reporters with their
respective stories to tell, opportunities to
immerse ourselves in the world of broadcasting,
lively shopping districts and indispensable
knowledge regarding cultural diversity. I had so
much fun during the five days of the stay, and I
definitely hope another chance will come for the
Global Jaya School TV News Broadcasting Team
to once again envision the goal for the future."
Learning Journey Trip to Taiwan
By Pak Alan, Pak Aryo and Ibu Veronique
he team at Global Jaya TV news production
once again organized an exciting and
spectacular overseas learning journey: the
program in Taiwan, Taipei from December 9 to
December 13, 2014.
We had 28 Year 7 - Year 11 students participate
in the program. In five days and four nights,
we visited three exclusive TV stations: CTS
(Chinese Television System), FTV (Formosa TV)
and Hakka TV, with workshops and tours around
their broadcasting facilities plus a special bonus
treat of a half day workshop with BBC journalist,
Mr Jonathan Furnival.
We also had the chance to make traditional
Taiwan pineapple cookies, we visited the National
Museum, famous sidewalk night-markets and the
well-known 101 Tower Mall. We all had a great
experience with this exposure to the fascinating
arts, culture and media in Taipei.
Billy, 8C
On the 16th to 19th of April 2014, a large number of students
went to Singapore because of their passion to learn about
broadcasting media. Because the trip was very successful,
we decided to embark on another trip regarding broadcasting
media to the wonderful city of Taipei, Taiwan on the 9th of
December 2014.
There, we learned more of the subject in various well-known
local, as well as international, TV stations. It was a wonderful
experience for all of the students – as well as the teachers – to
have the opportunity to go and learn about broadcasting media
as well as the wonderful night markets we went to and the
cozy cold air of Taipei.
We all learned very much, as the anchors of the Global Jaya News team were taught thoroughly and the behindthe-scenes crew were taught the art of projecting the light, how to “decorate” the stage, and so on.
This was a very interesting experience for all of those that went on this particular excursion to Taiwan and we
hope that we could do this again in the following school year and with hopes that more people would also join this
wonderful trip.
Global Jaya School
Christmas Celebration at Global Jaya Theatre
n December, Global Jaya School held two Christmas celebrations; the first was held at the Abigail
Orphanage on Saturday 6th December and the second at school on Friday 12th December.
The Spirit of Giving was the theme of the celebrations for Christmas in 2014. Our vision and mission was to open people's hearts to each other in an attempt to improve the lives and happiness of
others. Although the orphanage is the safest place for orphaned children, things they can provide
are limited. As part of this Christmas celebration activity, we coordinated with Kompas Gramedia,
MNC Bank and Global Jaya School Prayer to provide assistance to orphanages, specifically Abigail
Orphanage and Pintu Elok Orphanage.
The Christmas performances here at school included Catholic and Christian students from both
Primary and Secondary, as well as teachers. Representatives from the orphanages were present to
receive the donations from the school. God bless.
By Ibu Mariani
Global Jaya School
t was
a wonderful
experience to host a Christmas
Concert with the Lentera Simfonia
Orchestra on December 12th, 2014. The
evening's concert was entitled 'Christmas
Caroling Around the World'. It showcased some
of Global Jaya School's most talented students
singing, dancing and playing music. They are
Amelie Puga, Tesa Wibowo, Jason Samuel, Amabel
Waworuntu, Maria Nadindra, Hanna Lissa, Clarissa
Florence, Hellen, Patricia, Year 5 Girls and Korean
Students who performed their songs so beautifully. It
was really a wonderful opportunity for the students to
perform with professional musicians on stage.
All Christian and Catholic primary students, parents,
teachers also took part in the choir performance
accompanied by the Orchestra, under the Conductor
Angela Astri Soemantri. The performance of Male
Tenors-Indivo, Sofia Kezia, Ibu Ria, Ibu Regina
and Pak Ray made the concert very special
also. Next time, we hope to have more
symphonic performances in our
fantastic theatre.
By Pak Ray
Global Jaya School
Kuningan Camp
By Ibu Widy
ast semester, from December 1st - 5th 2014, Year 11 students participated in a trip to Desa
Cigugur Kabupaten Kuningan, West Java. It is located under mount Ciremai, about 273 km from
Jakarta. This event is held annually and is designed specifically for students aged 15-16. The
aim of this camp is for students to be more independent and for them to experience life outside their
comfort zone. For the whole five days, they lived with their host families in Kuningan, spending the
nights with them, interacting with the local people and learning aspects of Sundanese culture as well
as completing some service activities.
Prior to the camp, the Year 11
students undertook various
preparations like the Flea Market
and readying their teaching
plans for their service activities
in Kuningan. The Flea Market
promoted the Kuningan event
at school to gain donations of
goods such as books, clothes,
shoes and toys. At the end of
each school day they sorted the
donations and put them in boxes
ready for easy transportation to
Each morning of the camp
they visited Primary Schools
and did some activities
such as teaching English,
supervising sports and
participating in a recovery
programme at a local
hospital. After lunch they
did other service activities;
for example running a flea
market, fish harvesting and
rice planting. In the evenings
the students learned some
aspects of Sundanese culture
such as Sundanese gamelan,
Pencak Silat, Tembang Sunda
and Angklung.
The pinnacle of the trip was the cultural night where the students performed what they had learned
during the week. Pencak Silat and Angklung were the 2 performances that received the biggest
applause from the audience. One surprising performance came from the girls who performed the
Saman Dance; they learned that dance from GJS students last year, rehearsing and practicing for
nearly a year! This is something we hope to be a long-lasting programme and enduring connection
between GJS and the people of Kuningan.
The whole five day programme was fully packed, but Y11 students maintained good behavior and
morale during the camp. They showed respect to their host families and other members of the
Kuningan community. We would like to thank the teachers who helped to supervise the camp and also
the PTA whose donations and promotion of the Kuningan Flea Market made the event so successful.
We would especially like to thank the community of Kuningan for their invaluable role in this stage of
our students’ personal development.
Global Jaya School
Columbia Business School
Global Entrepreneurship: VFA Program
n December 15th 2014, alongside 2 other Global Jaya School students (Nathania Year 9
and Sheila Year 10), I joined the Global Entrepreneurship: VFA program that was held by
Columbia University in Binus International School, Simprug. To be accepted in the program
with the other 21 talented students from other schools all over Indonesia was a big challenge
for me, as the program and lecture itself is taught by one of the most respected professors from
Columbia Business School. By joining the program, participants are expected to create a brand new
innovative business venture that could impress the judges, who are real investors and successful
entrepreneurs in Indonesia.
One of the most interesting and challenging aspects of joining this program is meeting a lot of
interesting people who have the same vision of becoming a successful entrepreneur in the future.
Being assigned into a team formation that consisted of 4 people really challenged me as we all had
different ideas for the venture we aimed to present. Several circumstances during our 5 days in the
program really broadened our point of view and gave us a chance to solve problems in an excellent
manner. However, these circumstances brought my team’s venture of creating an innovative retail
space to win first place, and was awarded by an investor from PT. Indosterling to be launched
in early 2019. We also received a respective university recommendation letter from Prof. Jack
McGourty, former dean of Columbia School of Engineering and the head of this program, which is
directly sent to the university we are applying to.
Overall, this program exceeded my expectation as it does not only give me the chance of being
taught by Columbia’s professor, but I also created a wider network with people who have the same
vision as I do.
By: Aleisha Fiona Nurfirman (12C)
Global Jaya School
World Education Festival 2015
Photo Competition
•This competition is open for high school and university students only.
•The theme is: The Color of Education. Education is fundamental to the
development of Indonesia as a country. Capture the face of Indonesia’s
education with your lens.
•This competition runs from December 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015.
The 10 best photos will be displayed at the World Education Festival 2015:
Balai Kartini Jakarta on February 27th-28th, 2015. This competition is
organized by Agora Exhibition and MSW Global and Supported by Education
USA, Education Malaysia, Nuffic Nesoand Institut Francais.
For more information please contact SSS or visit www.worldeducationfest.
University Info Sessions
at Global Jaya:
1.Mini University Fair Canada (University of
Calgary, Dalhousie University, University of Regina,
Simon Fraser University – Fraser International
College, University of Toronto, Algonquin College,
British Columbia Institute of Technology, Humber
Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning,
New York Institute of Technology - Vancouver,
Seneca College, Southern Alberta Institute of
Technology, Centennial College, Dorset College,
Douglas College, Lambton College, LaSalle College
– Montreal & Vancouver, Vancouver Film School:
February 2nd, 2015 (09.00-10.00 am)
2.European University, Switzerland: February 2nd,
2015 (01.00-02.00 pm)
3.Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland
(Hospitality and Hotel Management School):
February 9th, 2015 (01.00-02.00 pm)
4.Linden Fair USA (Arizona State, Central Penn,
Embry Riddle, Fairleigh Dickinson, Indiana
University -Purdue University, Indianapolis, Roger
Williams University): February 23rd, 2015 (02.0003.00 pm)
rganized by Le Cordon Bleu Australia
(Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant
Management School) and Sun Education Group.
Selection round criteria:
1.A group consists of 3 people, age range from
17-25 years old.
2.Each team need to modify a traditional cuisine
and patisserie to reflect the current culinary
industry. Each team should choose one from
cuisine and choose one from patisserie - Cuisine:
galantine or risotto; Patisserie: mousse or choux
3.Grand final: Sunday, 22 March 2015 at Thamrin
Nine Ballroom, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 10, Jakarta.
For more info, please come contact SSS or visit
Parents are welcome to join the sessions. For more
information please contact SSS at +62 21 7457562
or send email to the counselors: Regina ([email protected]
globaljaya.com) or Ingrid ([email protected])
Global Jaya School

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