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 Your money
Once again Bidvest people turned out to enjoy
the opportunity to have fun and get some
exercise together with family, friends and
colleagues by participating in the Bidvest Unity
Walk; which this year took place in three cities,
Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Well
done and congratulations to each and every person who contributed to making
this event a highlight on the Bidvest calendar. Although a really chilly morning in
Johannesburg, the Proudly Bidvest spirit was warmly celebrated in style as 50 499
Proudly Bidvest people with friends and family made the occasion an unbelievable
success. The weather was not much kinder in Cape Town but nothing managed
Birds of prey 
to quench the Proudly Bidvest spirit. Durban fared the best with the weather and
people enjoyed the morning.
With the Paralympics taking place at the moment its great to think about the
 Healthy offices
difference the donation of wheelchairs from the Bidvest Unity Walk will make to so
many worthy recipients.
Our people continue to make us proud in their personal capacities as well as in
the community initiatives that they support so wholeheartedly. There are so many
stories, that you will just have to read this edition of Bidvoice from cover to cover!
And congratulations to all of you. Each member of the Proudly Bidvest family
should take a bow for their efforts in achieving the great financial results.
Remember, edition 4 will cover the chief executive’s awards which took place at
the end of August. A truly marvellous event which showcases people from literally
four continents!
Keep those stories coming in. We love to include information from all of our
wonderfully unique and diverse businesses.
Information age 
 Mobile library
Junette Davidson – Bidvoice editor and Bidvest communications manager
Kate Cunningham – Sustainability co-ordinator
Noelene Gounden – Administrative assistant
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bidvoice issue 3 2012
Big Walk in numbers
35 604
(10 358 employees and 25 246 guests)
8 693
(3 063 employees and 5 630 guests)
Cape Town
6 152
(2 318 employees and 3 834 guests)
50 499
(15 739 employees and 34 760 guests)
Financial highlights
Full story page 2
+27,4% +29,6%
up to R133,5 billion
Trading profit
up to R7,0 billion
Normalised HEPS
up to 1 352,3 cents
up to 1 474,2 cents
Ordinary dividends per share
up to 622,0 cents
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Results show you hit
new highs
You’ve done it again!
That was the general theme of our results for our
2012 financial year and media reaction to another
good performance.
The numbers confirmed that a lot of hard work
The Bid
vest Gro
E 30 20
has been put in to achieve efficiency gains, drive up
sales and make solid profits despite difficult trading
In an Olympic year, many Bidvest teams put in a
record performance. Group revenue reached a new
high, moving up 12,7% to R133,5 billion while trading
profit rose 14,5% to R7 billion.
Your work to contain costs and work smarter
obviously paid off as the Group’s overall trading margin
improved to 5,3% from 5,2%.
That looks marginal on paper. However, in a year of
consumer belt-tightening and tough competition it was
a solid achievement, especially as bigger contributions
were made by lower margin activities such as
forwarding and clearing and automotive retailing.
106 00
0 peop
le d e fi n
in g th e
B id ve st
The financial media noted that a weaker rand was
Bidvest earns income in many international
markets. When earnings are converted into rand the
contribution goes up in periods when sterling, the
euro, the Australian and New Zealand dollars and other
currencies buy more rands.
These movements worked in our favour in 2012.
However, South African activities remained the
bedrock of the Group, contributing well over 60% of
overall profit.
Results also benefited from the R399,1 million
profit on the sale of part of the Group’s interest in the
company that runs Mumbai international airport.
The financial statements show we made solid
credit extension in an uncertain economy remains a
and recession in Europe created head-winds while
key area for our debtors departments.
competitor activities in southern Africa added to
The Group’s net debt fell to R3,6 billion, down
from R5 billion last year, creating favourable
The run of positive results from Bidvest Namibia
comment on the financial strength of our company.
was also spotlighted. Results were underpinned by
Published results drew attention to the growth of
another good performance by the fishing business.
the realigned and refocused commercial businesses
On future prospects, our chief executive Brian
provision for the future. Investment in new premises,
in South Africa, with revenue up to R62,7 billion
Joffe told media he was looking for further gains
modern equipment and facility upgrades was
from R59 billion while trading profits rose 13,0%
through “a mix of organic and acquisitive growth”.
to R3,9 billion. There were strong contributions by
Results would be driven by “our tried and tested
Bidvest Automotive and Bidvest Office.
decentralised and entrepreneurial business model”
At the same time, our operations continued to
generate strong cash flows. Cash generated by
Foodservice revenue grew 18,6% to R70,8 billion
operations rose 12,7% to R8,7 billion, up from
(2011: R59,6 billion), with Asia Pacific now positioned
R7,8 billion. Press commentary said that controlling
as the largest regional contributor. Low growth
bidvoice issue 3 2012
and our culture of “autonomy with responsibility and
You’ve built the momentum. Keep it up!
It’s official… you’re
It’s been a tough year. In every national market in which we operate economic growth
stagnated or dipped. Some countries entered recession … again.
But growth didn’t stop everywhere. Bidvest and the people of Bidvest beat the odds.
Our results for the year to June show double-digit growth in both revenue and trading profit.
I guess that makes it official. You’re world-beaters!
You didn’t wait for market conditions to ease the path to growth, you pressed on regardless.
National economies eased up, but the people of Bidvest didn’t and I could not be more
delighted to congratulate you on your performance.
Yet for many of you 2012 was a year of restructuring and realignment. You cut costs and
increased the capacity of your operations to perform in a tough economy.
Growing while reorganising takes some doing, but you pulled it off.
How is this possible and how come Bidvest people win so regularly?
I think it comes down to attitude.
We operate a global business in a world characterised by low growth and volatility.
But the Bidvest philosophy encourages our teams to tough it out and perform no matter what
the prevailing economic conditions.
We’re decentralised. That means it’s up to the people on the ground to find solutions and
build their own business. We’re entrepreneurial. That means we identify opportunities and are
not afraid to invest today to secure growth tomorrow.
We’re a demand-driven business. Our customers drive our focus. Our suppliers help us drive
efficiencies. But our people drive our performance and in 2012 gave us strong momentum.
In many cases this was the result of intense focus.
Outside commentators often under-estimate just how well our people know their businesses
and their industries. They see us as a highly diversified Group, but may not see just how intensely
individual companies dedicate themselves to their customers and the challenges of their sectors.
Concentration on the business at hand is a key characteristic of our teams. We don’t let
distractions and complications get in the way of doing a good job, day in and day out.
That knack assured progress in 2012 as almost all gains came from organic growth within
established Bidvest businesses. Going forward, however, further acquisitions may assist our
quest for growth.
Realigned commercial operations in South Africa can put their new structures to work to deliver
further gains. Our international and local foodservice businesses are also positioned for a strong
Simultaneously, we have the capacity to expand the Bidvest family by acquiring new businesses
– some in existing Bidvest territories, others (perhaps) in entirely new geographies.
No one says market conditions are suddenly going to change. But I don’t expect Bidvest
people to change either. They don’t wait for an upturn before stepping up their efforts.
Whenever there’s a challenge our people are up for it.
It’s a remarkable quality and I salute you for it.
Brian Joffe
bidvoice issue 3 2012
our group
The brand Bidvest
people built...
Brand Bidvest attracts increasing comment and has now achieved favourable noting from South African branding experts.
But there’s something about the brand the pundits may have missed. Bidvoice lets readers in on the secret…
Lynden Wright
comfortably ahead of several other long-established
names, including SAA and Checkers.
Brand Bidvest is a relatively new phenomenon, but
Brand equity can take generations to build. A
“Staff drove the growth of Brand Bidvest and still
do”, say Bidvest executives.
“Historically, the emphasis was on local pride
it’s already worth R2,7 billion. That’s the value put on
global Fast-Moving Consumer Goods brand like Tate
by local teams. Existing company and product
our brand in the recent league tables listing the most
& Lyle Golden Syrup traces its brand heritage back
identities were retained post-acquisition”.
valuable brands in the South African Rainbow Nation.
to 1886. That’s small beer, say the UK brewers at
The top 50 standings are published by Brand
Finance, a partnership between Brand South Africa
and Brand Africa, two organisations dedicated to
promoting positive awareness of South Africa and
the continent.
Awareness is certainly positive as far as Bidvest is
Our corporate brand came into the 2012 rankings
at No. 28, only one place behind Castle, a beer
brand that’s been around since 1895, while we were
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Bass whose trademark dates from 1876.
So, Bidvest, a Group that was listed only in 1989,
has done a lot of catching up in a very short time.
You might assume that catapulting your way into
South Africa’s top brands in 23 years takes a major
allocation of resources backed by big support from
an army of brand consultants.
You’d be wrong.
The brand-building effort is the work of Bidvest
people here and around the world.
“There was no pressure on local operations –
then or now – to adopt the Bidvest name.”
The record confirms it. Bidvest began with the
acquisition of Chipkins Catering Supplies. The
Chipkins name remains in place to this day and is a
strong local brand in its own right.
The first deviation from this pattern occurred
offshore, not on.
In 1995 the Group began to internationalise with
the purchase of Manettas, a foodservice business
listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Following
our group
Legal opinion was also sought to protect the
Bidvest identity as competitors in some markets
began to adopt sound-a-like or look-a-like names.
“But the major driver was people at operational
level. By 2009-2010 Bidvest had become a sizeable
business. There was great pride in our growth,
despite some tough times.
“Pride found expression in local rebranding
initiatives. Trucks, company signage, even megasized port infrastructure in Durban began to carry
the acquisition, the business began strategic
awareness. The brand usually gets the lion’s share.
expansion, ultimately becoming Australia’s only
In 2010, an authoritative Ad Age study put measured
nationally represented foodservice company.
US media spend at $147 billion annually, with $91
Lithuania to western Europe and the UK, into Africa
billion ploughed into brand-building.
and Asia and on to Australia and New Zealand.
The Manettas identity fell away and the business
was renamed Bidvest Australia. There was no
immediate rush to follow this precedent.
“The next shift occurred in 2006 in Johannesburg
in the early days of the Bidvest Academy.
“Young managers attended this Bidvest
Bidvest brand spend is modest in comparison.
the Bidvest name.”
By 2012, Bidvest branding could be seen from
Roll out was in the hands of the people who
Only one high-profile, mass-media campaign has
work day by day to deliver what specialists call the
been launched; the Pilobolus shadow-dancing ads.
‘brand promise’ – in Bidvest’s case, the certainty
They were dedicated to “the unsung heroes of
of good, reliable service from a company with
our business” – Bidvest people. The overt focus
pride in its performance. That kept operations
‘campus’ from all over South Africa. One common
was operational, but the sign-off line was ‘Proudly
grounded in basic Bidvest values and kept us clear
characteristic was shared pride in Bidvest. This
Bidvest’, bringing the corporate tagline to a wide
of complexity.
theme was taken up and formalised as ‘Proudly
audience for the first time.
Brand-building can be extremely complex.
The preference for simple solutions strikes a chord
with at least one local brand-builder – Reg Lascaris,
“As a decentralised Group we have interests
Outside specialists might assist with brand strategy,
co-founder of South Africa’s most awarded ad
in numerous industries. “The unifying factor – our
brand ‘architecture’, design and brand engagement
agency and a former Marketing Man of the Year.
‘differentiator’ in branding terms – is pride in who
or even conduct a brand audit.
we are and what we do. ‘Proudly Bidvest’ gained
momentum from there.”
The slogan was taken back to various offices by
Academy graduates. Little by little, ‘Proudly Bidvest’
began to appear on office notice boards and in
office communication.
This is in sharp contrast to brand-building norms.
You can consult expert opinion on all branding
elements: name, logo, corporate colours, tagline or
slogan, graphics, shapes, sounds, even tastes and
Outside contributions were limited at Bidvest,
By 2010, Corporate office – after requests from
His branding definition could hardly be simpler:
“a brand is a product – or company – with a
He adds: “For a company, the foundations are
quite simple; your ability to live your company
values every day.”
Bidvest values – specifically belief in local initiative
and trust in local expertise – have helped our
Big brands have historically been big advertising
operations already eager to embrace the corporate
brand build considerable stature. There’s been no
brand – began to formalise processes by giving
gimmickry, but lots of hard work. Thousands of
guidance on typography and the positioning of
people can take credit for that … Proudly Bidvest
name, logo and tagline.
Media spend is channelled into sales-directed
efforts and strategic campaigns to build brand
bidvoice issue 3 2012
our group
Your money,
our business
A great pay-off for Bidvest Bank
They have grown the bank from its base in travel
foreign exchange by diversifying the product mix,
creating a broader franchise that now covers travel
and corporate forex, global business payments,
fleet and asset finance, deposits and investments.
In the second half of the year this message went
out loud and clear in a new TV ad campaign that for
A new advertising pay-off line for Bidvest
Bank – Your money, our business –
makes it clear that years of hard work
really have paid off for our banking
– creating an opportunity for a highly responsible
bank that is very conscious of its duty to look after
its clients’ money.
Banking is ultimately about getting the best
value out of the money entrusted to a bank, while
the slogan’s ‘our business’ element suggests
specialisation and focus – identifying characteristics
of Bidvest Bank.
the first time unveiled the pay-off line.
A key contributor to the development of the new
“Viewer and staff response is highly positive,”
says bank MD Alan Salomon. “The slogan is
pay-off line is creative director partner Angelo Beck,
complementary to the Group’s ‘Proudly Bidvest’
who appreciates the close fit between the hands-on
positioning and is flexible enough to work in tandem
culture of both the bank and BlastBC.
“Bidvest Bank runs as an owner-managed
with any specialist service offered by the bank,
including the foreign exchange field where our
business,” says Beck. “This is the best kind of client
‘foreign exchange specialists’ slogan continues to
you can ask for. You get a clear ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. It
serve us well.
saves time and money and the advertising is more
likely to reflect the true ethos of the business.”
“We remain a niche bank, but ‘Your money,
The ongoing task is to establish a communication
our business’ does not lock us into any specific
area. The slogan is honest and uncomplicated
that represents a cross-section of the bank’s niche
with the power to stand out in a very competitive
offerings, with a tone and manner that best conveys
the ‘Your money, our business’ positioning.
Beating the clutter through standout, highly
Jodi Raviv, the bank’s marketing head, points
targeted advertising has become the hallmark of
out: “We’re instilling fresh new impetus in Bidvest
Bidvest Bank’s marketing approach. Its advertising
Bank communications. Today we are a lot more
than a ‘bureau de change’ and marketing has to
has to punch above its weight as competitors are
big spenders.
Neilsen figures show that banking industry adspend approached R1,8 billion last year.
The slogan is the work of BlastBC, a dynamic
must first understand the business. Listen to what
drive this. It might have been a tough ask, but
the business is telling you, not just what everyone
the 30-second television commercial needed to
is saying.
convey the full specialist business offering of
“The challenge in the conceptualisation of
the bank.
young design and advertising team that won the
the new slogan was not just to reflect the niche
Bidvest Bank account in a four-way agency pitch in
specialisation of the bank’s business, but to find a
way and it certainly puts ‘Your money, our business’
June last year.
competitive positioning – the gap among the major
on the map.
Their job is to help take the brand to ‘the next
level’. The first task was to get close to the business.
Chris Primos, BlastBC business director, notes:
“To find your strategic marketing opportunity, you
bidvoice issue 3 2012
players that resonates with our market.”
As generalists, the Big Four banks make open-
“I think we’ve achieved this in quite a compelling
The ad is now rolling out in targeted slots on
national TV. Watch out for it and check your nearest
ended promises, while a fast-growing, mid-tier bank
Bidvest Bank branch while you’re at it. You’ll find
stresses simplicity. No one talked to “the money”
the interiors also reflect the new brand promise.
Bidvest has
a heart …
with an investment to match
Bidvest has a heart … as recent
developments in our South African
investment strategy will readily confirm.
procedure – open-heart surgery – is expensive
and beyond the reach of impoverished sufferers.
UCT research highlighted the potential for
a radical new approach and prompted the
development of three new devices that can be
Our Group has announced an investment of
deployed via a catheter with no need for open-
R18 million into a heart valve concept pioneered at
heart procedures.
the University of Cape Town (UCT) that could save
Our investment gives us a stake in
countless African lives every year.
SATH. Remaining equity is owned by
Brian Joffe told Bidvoice: “We are proud to be
UCT, Professor Peter Zilla, head of
aligned with a South African breakthrough that
its Christiaan Barnard Department
could save many lives.
of Cardiothoracic Surgery and his
“As a business we pride ourselves
internationally recognised research partners
on delivering cost efficiencies
Dr Deon Bezuidenhout and Professor
through innovative solutions.
David Williams, who pioneered the
This is exactly what our new
developmental work.
partners at Southern Access
Brian Joffe added: “RHD afflicts
Technologies Holdings
millions of young people in Africa
(SATH) and Southern Access
and the developing world.
Technologies (SAT) are doing.
Poverty, poor housing and
“They are working on
the dearth of healthcare
alternatives to expensive open-
resources contribute
heart surgery. The procedure will save lives
to the spread of the
while saving money. The development also
disease. Without
positions our country as a solution-finder and
replacement heart
innovator that can still provide a world lead. We’re
valves, millions of
delighted to be involved.”
young people will die
The two biotechnology companies have attracted
a total of R30 million to enable the commercial
“We believe we will
development and manufacture of devices that replace
achieve a commercial
damaged heart values, obviating the need for open-
return on our investment.
heart surgery.
In the meantime, we
SATH is backed by R18 million in equity funding
SATH and SAT techniques will help victims of
from our Group while its SAT subsidiary has received
rheumatic heart disease (RHD). This disease affects
in the form of lives
R12 million from government’s Technology Innovation
78 million people worldwide and poses particular
saved and hope
risks in developing nations as the established
hope to see a return
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Left front to back: Itumeleng Mohapi, Thapelo Tau and Kearabetswe Kopakae. Right front to back: Vincent Motloung, Cedric Lubisi and Jessica Mngqingo.
A bold partnership
with Siemens
Now in its eighth year of providing learnerships through its academy, Bidvest Panalpina Logistics (BPL) recently made a bold move to
involve a client in its training programme.
“This year, we felt confident enough to involve our
long-term client, Siemens, into our programme,”
says Dave Walls, human capital specialist – learning
and growth. “During several conversations between
Maria du Preez, BPL’s supply chain and airfreight
director and Neville McKenzie, logistics and supply
chain manager of Siemens, an opportunity was
recognised to utilise our Siemens warehouse as
a training ground for six learners who had been
accepted onto our programme.”
Prior to the learners’ engagement at the Siemens
warehouse, BPL HC administrator, Benedicta
Tshunga, arranged an intensive two-week induction
programme, teaching them various soft skills to
facilitate their move into the Siemens warehouse
environment. They were exposed to best-practice
activities including: setting goals and objectives; cell
phone etiquette and presentation skills.
Explains Dave: “The programme is a win-win
initiative. BPL develops learners who, at the end
of the two year programme, may have a career
bidvoice issue 3 2012
opportunity within our company. Siemens benefits
by being able to provide practical experience within
their warehouse to potential staff. The learners
benefit from exposure to a world-class operation
and by obtaining a qualification and job opportunity
which is scarce and critical to the freight sector.
“Our learnership programme is a vehicle for
bringing new entrants into our industry with all
its complexities. It is important in terms of skills
sustainability to have a mechanism within your
organisation that will help develop the right talent
with the right skills.”
There are 21 different Sector Education Training
Authority (SETAs) in South Africa and each one is
responsible for a specific sector of the economy.
The SETA that looks after the transport sector is
called the transport education training authority.
“A learnership is a sub-set of a qualification
that is registered with the department of higher
education. It contains both theory and practical
components. We identified the NQF 3 Freight
Handling qualification as being a suitable learnership
and set about sourcing ideal EE candidates from
our previously identified school network.
“We then sourced a suitable online training
provider with all the research material and
assessments available via the learners’ desktops.
The theory is supplemented with practical
experience and the learners rotate regularly through
the various activities usually found within a modern
“We have many successful learners who have
progressed within BPL. For example, former
learner Elvis Maleka has grown within BPL and
now forms part of our cadet programme to provide
superior service to our clients and to meet our
transformation goals. Through the BPL Academy
we continue to develop our own talent pool to meet
our clients’ growing demands.”
For further information on the Bidvest
Panalpina Logistics Academy, call Dave Walls on
+27 (11) 570 6000 or email [email protected]
At the GMSA annual supplier award function held in
Port Elizabeth on May 17, Bidvest Panalpina Logistics
(BPL) was the proud recipient of a merit award.
GMSA gave BPL a very good commendation for service levels as
well as for going the extra mile with airfreight imports from and reexports to the USA which prevented a line stoppage at GM USA.
It was a very proud moment to receive the award and to interact
with GM staff and other suppliers as the winning organisation that
we are.
This is great recognition for Zjaneen Mattheus and her dedicated
team as well as for Eileen Kings, Fanie Stassen and their teams.
Back from left: Kobus Myburgh. Middle: Geraldine Kraft, Mark Scriven, Judy Horak
and Gerrie Nel. Front: Edwina Goliath, Colleen Gresse and Abigail Graaff.
Sitting: Zjaneen Mattheus.
Diamond award from PMR
Bidvest Panalpina Logistics has, for the
third consecutive year, won the diamond
award in PMR’s survey on freight
Scoring 4.10 out of a possible 5.00, the rating was
based on responses from 150 logistics, operations
and warehouse managers.
Questions included: ability to offer alternative
transport solutions; BEE rating; electronic access to
data; overall relationship with agents; predictability
of delivery; problem solving; reliability; quality of
overseas forwarding services and more. This
independent survey is conducted to set benchmarks
and acknowledge employees.
Attending the PMR awards function were (from left)
Lodi Borstlap, June McArthur, Geoff Fairhurst, Luanne Mallett,
Justin Deale, Ezelda Botha, Jenny Retief, Linda Evans and
Melanie Bezuidenhout.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Fresh thinking!
Swithenbank Foods, the fresh and chilled specialists within the 3663
family, has announced it will be helping to support the GB Women’s
Volleyball team in preparation for this summer’s competitions by
ensuring they’re eating top-quality food in the lead up to the big event.
The GB Women’s Volleyball team will be receiving an array of fresh produce twice a
week in the lead up to and throughout the course of the tournaments, to ensure the
finest nutrition available as they prepare for the big event.
Including everything from jacket potatoes and tropical fruits like pineapples and
melons, to everyday essentials such as bread and milk, Swithenbank will be sending
regular deliveries of nutritious foods to help the women build up their strength in the
lead up to their matches.
Andrew Tiplady, managing director of Swithenbank is excited to be able to support
GB Volleyball throughout the busy summer. “Knowing that our produce is good enough
to fuel Great Britain’s elite athletes… well, it doesn’t really get better than that!”
Lucy Wicks, captain of the GB women’s Volleyball team, said: “The support we are
receiving from Swithenbank Foods this summer is fantastic. The regular delivery of fresh
produce is helping to ensure that we are refuelling correctly and taking on vital nutrients
to maintain a high level of training and preparation. It has also taken away the extra
financial burden which can be felt when trying to eat properly on a very tight budget.”
Andrew Tiplady, managing director of Swithenbank, with the GB Volleyball team.
Loving the 3663 brand
Three awards, including two gold and one silver, were won by 3663 for its frozen own-brand products at the British Frozen Food
Federation annual awards ceremony on June 14.
Chocolate caramel salted torte.
Chicken makhani.
Stuffed mushroom lattice.
The awards recognise quality and product
development in the frozen-food market across
vegetarian product category for stuffed mushroom
lattice. A silver award was received for chicken
makhani, which was entered into the best new main
course/meal centre category.
These awards recognise the quality of the ownbrand products from 3663 and its commitment
to developing innovative products that deliver
quality. All three winning products also feature in
3663’s range of 38 products which have been
accredited for quality by the Craft Guild of Chefs.
Nicky Dixey, own brand manager at 3663,
commented: “We are thrilled to have won these
awards at the BFFF. We now have over 450 frozen
products that have passed the taste test with
flying colours, delivering exceptional quality and
innovation. These awards are recognition of how
the 3663 brand has turned around to deliver the
quality and innovation expected by our customers.”
the UK and celebrate product innovations. A firsttime winner of silver and gold, 3663 successfully
walked away with awards for every category
The award-winning dishes included gold in
the best new dessert/ice category for chocolate
caramel salted torte and best new meat-free/
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Two Footprint awards
At the prestigious 2012 Foodservice Footprint awards, 3663 won two sustainability awards.
The first award was for
sustainable use of natural
resources, including
developing a number of
initiatives and working in
partnership with suppliers
and customers to ensure
sustainable operation of vehicles. The second
award was the energy efficiency award, for making
significant reductions in energy use with carbonsaving methods.
Charles Miers, managing director of Footprint
Media group, said, “We aim to reward contribution,
progress and innovation. The awards focus on the
innovations that emerge from having sustainability
as a core part of business strategy and motivation
to create a more sustainable way of doing
From left: Julie Peasgood, presenter of the awards; Andy Bulled, business excellence manager from Harlow depot; Heather
Angus, people and sustainability director and Katie Dudson, marketing manager from award sponsors, Dudson. from producers to chefs. Heather Angus, people
are lucky to have such dedicated teams across the
businesses and individuals who make a difference
and sustainability director at 3663, added, “It is a
entire business, as, without them, these projects
to sustainability within the foodservice industry,
great honour for us to have won these two fantastic
would not be possible. The awards are great
recognising the whole foodservice supply chain,
awards. We work very hard on sustainability and we
recognition of their commitment.”
The Footprint awards are bestowed on
Partnership with Eco-Schools
As an extension of its sustainability drive,
3663 has partnered with Eco-Schools
in an internationally recognised award
programme that guides schools on their
sustainability journey.
remarked: “We encourage schools to use ecological
cleaning chemicals to minimise the negative impact
on the environment, most notably the water cycle.”
The partnership between 3663 and Delphis Eco
aims to reduce water pollution across the UK by
encouraging schools to re-evaluate the way they
use chemicals and make a switch to ecological
cleaning products.
Providing a framework to help embed these
Mark Jankovich, CEO of Delphis Eco, explained:
principles into the heart of school life, the schools
“Many non-ecological products contain chemicals
are awarded green flag and silver accreditation.
that are harmful to the water cycle and have
The range has been introduced to nearly 500
adverse effects on the wellbeing of staff and
schools across Hertfordshire, offering product
pupils. Our range of products are cost neutral,
rationalisation while helping them achieve their
highly effective, simple to use, gentler on the
environmental obligations. Tony Ball, director of
cleaning staff and in many cases have resulted in
sales at 3663, commented: “With 3663’s strong
the rationalisation of the range of chemicals used,
background in sustainability it is a natural fit for us
which has resulted in saving on administrative
to offer schools a range of products that will help
costs. We are extremely pleased to partner with
them achieve their own sustainability goals.”
3663, which has the scale to offer our products
Andrew Suter, programme head at Eco-Schools,
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Top supply
chain partner
3663 is proud to announce that it was
named Subway’s Supply Chain partner of
the year in the UK and Ireland at the Subway
convention supplier awards on May 10.
Says national account manager, Elaine Shelton:
“This award recognises that 3663 has a positive,
can-do approach to providing solutions by sharing
Mike Attwood, purchasing director for Subway,
adds: “The 3663 team has been recognised for its
support and delivery of projects over and above the
expected norm. They continue to seek solutions and
work with us through changing priorities. Another
strength has been their management of the ‘behind
the scenes’ operations of managing new and
transferred stores and developing closer working
relationships with the Subway stakeholders.”
best practices and our wealth of knowledge and
resources with Subway. We are viewed by Subway
as a partner in their continued success as a brand.
They acknowledge that excellent service drives profit
into their business.”
Elaine Shelton, 3663 national account manager for
Subway and Trevor Haynes, Subway regional director
for the UK and Ireland.
Recipe book and catalogue
“From our basket to your
kitchen” was the name of
a brand new recipe book
and promotional catalogue
aimed at directing customer
awareness towards the
comprehensive basket of
effective product solutions
from Bidvest Foodservice.
The bi-annual Bidvest
Foodservice national promotional
catalogue also received a revamp,
with beautifully styled section
spreads showcasing some of
the products on promotion. The
catalogue has a host of new
features, including new sections on
health and safety, a new product
page and information about the
exclusive Private Label brands that
Bidvest Foodservice stocks.
Both the catalogue and the
The recipe book, a collaboration
between suppliers and Bidvest
recipe book are great examples of
Bidvest Foodservice’s dedication
Foodservice’s marketing and procurement teams, is a great value-add gift
to providing simple and effective foodservice
which showcases mouth-watering recipes. Clean and simple food styling
solutions and exhibiting our leadership in the
and photography capture the recipes with handy product references on the
South African foodservice market. Another way
opposite pages.
in which we are making foodservice easy!
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Preferred supplier
A member of Bidvest Foodservice SA,
D&R Lowe is part of the grocery channel
and offers a broad range of groceries,
packaging and cleaning equipment.
Under the leadership of Colin McCormack, who
has been with the business since inception,
D&R Lowe has enjoyed being the preferred supplier
in the Gauteng area to all major restaurant groups
and franchise outlets, central kitchens, coffee
shops, pubs, hotels, offices and industrial caterers.
One of the branch’s biggest strengths is the
ability to execute prompt service and deliver on its
promises. Ten staff members have proudly been
with the branch for more than twenty years and
D&R Lowe continues to build a solid reputation
within Bidvest Foodservice.
The D&R Lowe Catering Supplies team.
Private Label initiative
At Bidvest Foodservice SA we are
continually looking for new ways to
further leverage our position as the
leading broad-line distributor to the
Out of Home and Foodservice markets in
Southern Africa.
Private Label brands in our stable include:
Baking with…; Cooking with…; Packing with…; Cleaning
With dedicated Private Label and brand teams, we
with…; Classico Italiano; For The Table; Simply Gourmet;
have employed a Private Label brand strategy that
Seafrost and Southern Seas.
will allow us to ensure the development of relevant
Private Label brands are an asset which can directly impact
products in selected categories. We will strive to
our bottom line. By introducing products clearly targeted at
continually introduce products that are of premium or
specific channels, well-managed brands allow us to improve
good quality and at affordable prices, while maintaining
sales, fuel sustainable growth, manage categories and ensure
our leading food safety platforms and adhering to
customer retention. Another way in which we are Making
South African labelling legislative requirements.
Foodservice Easy!
bidvoice issue 3 2012
A new financial year
Bidvest Foodservice head office celebrated the new financial
year in style with a delicious champagne breakfast expertly
prepared by in-house chef, Rousseau Hill.
The event was organised by the
national sales team. Managing
director Brent Varcoe spurred
the team on by introducing the
new theme for the next year: Fuel
your passion, make it happen!
He said, “It is with a committed
team, the right attitude and a
passion for what we do, that
Bidvest Foodservice will continue
From left: Roscheal Francis, Sanette Seaward, Sharon Duncan, Theresa Prinsloo, Sonja Venter
and Sonja Els.
John Malamoglou and Rousseau Hill.
to grow from strength to strength”. All who attended enjoyed the morning’s
BHP Billiton partnership
Bidvest Prestige was recently awarded a five
safety, quality and environmental manager and
year bundled service agreement to BHP Billiton
Basil Naidoo, contracts manager to the Richards
Hillside and Bayside smelters in Richards
Bay team. Bernie Ball, general manager,
Bay, KZN. Facilitated by Bidvest Prestige, the
Richards Bay, will oversee the entire operation
contract includes: industrial cleaning by Bidvest
supported by Karen Hood, Rogers Pillay and
TMS; landscaping and garden maintenance by
Jason Skelton.
Bidvest Topturf; hygiene services by Bidvest
Congratulations to the entire Bidvest KZN
Steiner Hygiene and indoor plant installation and
team on their efforts in securing, what is to
maintenance of plants by Bidvest Execuflora.
date, the largest Bidvest Services contract in
A warm welcome to new team members:
Back row: Basil Naidoo, James Sigwaza, Christian Meka, Welcome Zulu
and Rogers Pillay. Front row: Vusi Dlamini, Saloshni Khader, Bernie Ball
Jordaan, administration manager; Simphiwe Ntuli, and Simphiwe Ntuli.
Christian Meka, facilities manager; Chantal
South Africa. We are proud of your
achievements and wish the business all the very
best over the next five years!
New contract with Barloworld
Three brand new, cleaning machines were
purchased by Bidvest Prestige to service a
new contract for Barloworld.
The Tennant 6200 sweeper, Tennant T7 auto scrubber
drier and Tennant T5 walk-behind auto scrubber
will ensure the Barloworld facility remains clean and
presentable, even in an environment of re-built engines
that require heavy testing before going out. Barloworld is
Prestige East Rand’s largest client. We are proud to be
their preferred supplier”, says the team.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Prestige staff receiving training on auto scrubbers.
From left: Benjamin Moratele, operations manager; Hennie Mostert,
contracts manager and Kgomotso Letshabo, team leader.
On-site presentation and
demonstration of the
falconier flying the Falcons
Birds of prey control
Bidvest Steiner and the Unisa Pretoria
campus will be trialling the use of
falcons to control pigeon numbers on the
campus, the first trial ever implemented
by a university in South Africa.
Birds of prey are natural predators and, unlike
most forms of conventional bird control, present
a real danger to pest birds. The threat that they
pose means that pest species do not become
desensitised as they do with conventional controls.
This ensures that a professionally managed birdof-prey programme can be used as an extremely
effective means of natural bird control.
This specialised falconry programme has been
customised to suit the environment on the campus
and ensure safety to the falcons as well as to
of falcons will be stationed on site as an added
The success of this will enable the control of
staff and students. In addition to flying falcons on
bird species in a safe and environmentally friendly
the campus at regular intervals, a breeding pair
manner without any chemicals.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Managing director Darryl Jacobson and dealer principal, Les Cox.
the brand that epitomises auctions
The power of a brand is amazing. When we say vacuum cleaner, we think Hoover. When we say cold drink, we think Coca-Cola.
And when we say vehicle auctions, which name springs to mind? Burchmore’s of course.
This is perfectly understandable: the company has
Another important issue is convenience. “We have
been auctioning cars since 1911. And it is still the
a massive variety up for grabs. South Africans do
largest vehicle auctioneer in South Africa. Burchmore’s
not want to waste time trawling used car lots where
has auctioned in excess of 800 000 vehicles.
a couple of dozen cars may be on offer. Irrespective
While auctions still remain the company’s main
of the make or type of vehicle that they want, there
focus, its business model has evolved, as
is an excellent chance that it will be available at
Darryl Jacobson, managing director, explains.
“Burchmore’s offers a range of in-house financing
“When the company was first conceived, it was a
vehicle auctioneer – pure and simple. As such it was
options to customers who buy off the retail floor
known as Burchmore’s Car Auctions. But then we
or on auction,” says Darryl. “The banks can see
discovered that the customers wanted more. Some
the customers are getting a good deal and there is
wanted to buy off the floor. Others wanted to trade
sufficient equity in the deal,” he explains.
Given the value-for-money offering afforded by
in their vehicles. Many customers wanted insurance,
Burchmore’s, Darryl anticipates that the brand will
finance and warranties.”
remain strong for the next century. “South African
As a result the company name changed to
Burchmore’s Wholesale to the public five years ago.
According to Darryl, the pricing of cars at
car buyers have become more informed and more
“This was indicative of our extended service offering,”
Burchmore’s is exceptional. “We sell at wholesale
conscious of pricing. They realise that they can come
comments Darryl. But, while the name has changed
prices and the public realises that this policy affords
here and bid against the trade. I am convinced that
ever so slightly, the reasons for the company’s success
them tremendous savings. We don’t pay lip service
Burchmore’s brand will remain strong for many years
have not. “We have built this business on two things:
to this concept either: our cars are all marked with
to come”.
value for money and convenience,” he explains.
the retail price and the Burchmore’s price, so
“Those two factors have remained in place since
buyers can see for themselves that they are getting
Darryl Jacobson on + 27 (11) 258-9898,
day one.”
a terrific deal.”
email [email protected]
bidvoice issue 3 2012
For further information, kindly contact
The magic word is 90
We all know the power of nine. After all,
a stitch in time saves nine. A cat has nine
lives. South Africa has nine provinces. And,
as Katie Melua has pointed out, there are
nine million bicycles in Beijing.
“These cars all have one thing in common: they sold
for between R85 000 and R89 500.”
Yet another car that is proving exceptionally
popular within this price range is BMW’s much-loved
3 Series. “Last week we knocked down a 2005 BMW
E46 320 for R89 000. These cars are exceptionally
sought-after. Their popularity has been exacerbated
by the fact that BMW was recently named the
country’s coolest brand,” Darryl comments.
Now the number nine is impacting on the used car
The Burchmore’s MD, undeniably one of the
business in South Africa too: the magic word in the
local used-car industry right now is R90 000.
“We’re not sure why, but we are experiencing
unprecedented demand for cars in the sub R90 000
knock down hundreds of cars for under R90 000
country’s leading used-car gurus, says that the
each month,” reveals Darryl.
current popularity of sub R90 000 cars is a mystery.
Examples from recent auctions include a 2010
“Motor vehicles are so well built nowadays that
price bracket,” says Darryl Jacobson, managing
Nissan NP200, 2010 Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1.4,
they can run safely, economically and efficiently for
director of Burchmore’s.
2008 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 Comfortline, 2008 Toyota
hundreds of thousands of kilometres – so, to be
Yaris T3, 2010 Ford Figo 1.4, 2008 Ford Fiesta 1.4
perfectly frank, we cannot explain this craze. We
auctioneer has a massive stock holding of vehicles
Trend, 2008 Honda Jazz 1.4, 2011 Hyundai i10,
don’t know why ninety is the magic word – but
that fit this bill. “There is absolutely no question that
2009 Hyundai Getz 1.6, 2009 Chevrolet Aveo 1.6,
it is and we are able to satisfy that demand,” he
we offer the biggest model mix in the country – we
2010 Daihatsu Charade 1.0 and 2010 Fiat Punto 1.4.
And, of course, the country’s leading vehicle
Sprint awarded BRC certification
Congratulations to Sprint Packaging Manufacturing for attaining the British Retail Consortium (BRC) safety and quality certification.
The BRC Global Standards
According to Amanda van Greunen,
are a suite of four industry-
divisional sales director, such certification
leading technical standards that
is essential for exporters to the European
specify requirements to be met
markets as well as increasingly to local
by an organisation to enable the
clients, both existing and potential.
production, packaging, storage
Sprint Packaging’s range of products
and distribution of safe food and
includes paper bags (flat bags, satchel
consumer products.
bags, boutique bags), as well as folding
This system is used by over
cartons, for the retail, pharmaceutical and
17 000 certified suppliers in 90
cosmetic, confectionery and take-away
countries to facilitate standardisation
of quality, safety, operational criteria
All enquiries can be referred to Amanda
and manufacturer’s fulfilment of
van Greunen on +27 (21) 507 4200 or
legal obligations, as well as to help
[email protected]
provide protection to the consumer.
Certification to a global standard
is achieved through audit by a
third-party certification body,
reassuring retailers and branded
manufacturers of the capability and
competence of the supplier. It also
reduces the need for retailers and
manufacturers to carry out their own audits,
reducing the administrative burden on both the
supplier and the customer.
From left: Meera Hoosain, PDC Consulting group; Basil Benjamin, Sprint
Packaging Manufacturing; Amanda van Greunen, Sprint Packaging
Manufacturing and Jannie Underhay, CMI Africa.
Sprint Packaging Manufacturing team involved with
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Leader of the back
September 3-9 is National Back Week in South Africa and the Dauphin HumanDesign® group (Dauphin) is working closely with the
Ergonomics Society of South Africa (ESSA) to help raise awareness on the importance of correct seating within the workplace.
Experts estimate that during our lifetime we
Debbie Arnoldi-Radford, MD of Dauphin
spend about 80 000 hours sitting down with at
HumanDesign®. A further important aspect to this
least half of that time at the office. The impact
adjustability is that users are able to continually
that incorrect seating can have on wellbeing
adjust the position that they are sitting in, which is
and overall work productivity is underestimated.
imperative from an ergonomics perspective as it
The need for a chair that can go the distance is
changes the muscles responsible for maintaining
therefore essential and it is issues like these that
the static sitting posture.
are highlighted in National Back Week.
Safe working practices start with the equipment
According to ESSA chairman Andrew Todd,
the purpose of ergonomics is to ensure that there
we use. Dauphin’s Dat-O chair is the first in South
is compatibility between the user and the work
Africa to meet all ergonomic requirements and be
environment or product. “It is imperative that
certified by ESSA for its design. Renowned for its
the ‘human factor’ is taken into account in the
comfortable seating experience and good looks,
design process, as humans do not conform to the
the chair is adjustable according to the needs of
average when it comes to size and shape,” says
the individual and has also been praised for taking
Andrew. “In terms of chair design it is important
into account the ‘human factor’ in its design.
to cater for a range of human characteristics by
Dauphin’s groundbreaking Syncro mechanisms
incorporating adjustability.”
allow for negative seat tilts, a massive advance
Dauphin is also proud of the fact that the
in office seating. This allows the position of the
chair is environmentally friendly. The majority of
pelvis, when sitting, to be similar to its position
materials used in the manufacture are recyclable.
when standing which helps to minimise strain on
None of the chair’s substances is hazardous and
the user’s spinal column. This posture also allows
it is PVC, chrome VI, lead and mercury free. In
room for the lungs to expand to full capacity,
addition, all of its expendable parts, cushions and
which allows oxygen to flow freely to our brains.
upholstery can be replaced – ensuring its longevity
“With so much time spent sitting at computers
nowadays, a priority is to ensure that people
both in design circles and an office environment.
For more advice and information on sitting
are comfortable and not doing themselves any
correctly, call the Dauphin HumanDesign® group
harm. With the Dat-O chair, users can select the
on +27 (11) 447 9888 or +27 (21) 448 3682.
alignment that works for them,” says
bidvoice issue 3 2012
with Dauphin SA managing director Debbie Arnoldi-Radford
Dauphin HumanDesign® group is a leading chair manufacturer in South Africa with specific focus on ergonomic design and innovation.
Clients include: Vodacom, Cell C, Eskom, Alexander Forbes, Absa, FNB, Standard Bank, SAA, Sanlam and the Department of Health.
How did the Dauphin brand come into
How are you growing the brand?
mechanism in office chairs with its Dat-O chair, the
Dauphin is dedicated to growing the brand and has
first chair ever in South Africa to be certified for its
The foundations for Dauphin were laid in 1969. At the
recently launched its HOME range. The range has
ergonomic design by the Ergonomics Society of
time, founder and owner Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin
been extremely well received in décor circles and the
South Africa (ESSA). Our user education was the
recognised a viable business opportunity whilst
furniture industry. While it is still early days, we are
first in the country and still sets us apart from our
working as a consultant to the English office chair
confident that Dauphin will be a strong competitor
competitors. I believe these are just a few indicators
manufacturer Evertaut. He bought the company’s
in this arena. We are extremely proud of the range
showing the commitment our brand has to being
German operation and two years later renamed
as it reflects the brand’s penchant for sleek and
cutting-edge and progressive, yet at the same
it Friedrich-W. Dauphin, Alleinimporteur Evertaut
considered design yet offering South Africa a highly
time growing the brand to ensure that we remain
International. In 1973 the company’s head office
affordable collection with stars in the range like the
environmentally conscious and stay focused on long-
moved to Offenhausen where its first plant was built.
Little Perillo, designed by leading German product
term sustainability.
Today Dauphin is the largest office chair
manufacturer in Europe and has 22 sales and
designer Martin Ballendat.
That said, we remain focused at all times on
Dauphin is unique in that its furniture is
internationally designed but assembled and
production companies in Germany and abroad. It
strengthening and growing the key pillars of the
upholstered locally. This really is the best of both
has numerous offices, representatives and licensees
Dauphin brand so as to ensure the ergonomic office
worlds for our clients in that they are guaranteed that
in 70 countries and holds over 75 utility models
solution side to the brand is never diluted. This will
our products meet international standards but can be
throughout the world.
always be our number one priority
tailor-made given the local assembly and upholstery.
in terms of strategic decision
Dauphin has always placed huge emphasis on
making both now and in
personalised service to ensure our clients’ needs are
the future.
understood and met throughout the buying process.
When did the Dauphin brand come to
South Africa?
We believe this is why our clients have remained loyal
In 1981 Dauphin Office Seating was registered as
in Dunkeld, Johannesburg and Black River Park in
What sets the Dauphin
brand apart from its
Cape Town.
Dauphin created the
a company in South Africa and in 1997 became a
proud member of Bidvest. Dauphin has showrooms
first synchronised
What did the move into Bidvest mean for
Bidvest has enabled Dauphin greater opportunity
to Dauphin.
A few Dauphin facts and figures:
 Our ongoing charity that we support is the
‘Barefoot No More’ initiative whose aim is to
provide schoolgoing children throughout Africa
with their very own pair of fully recyclable shoes.
The DucaRe is one of the latest state-of-the-art
and scope as potential clients recognise the strength
chairs from Dauphin. Regarded as the Rolls Royce
of Bidvest as our partner. We have recently moved
of office seating options, it is currently the chair of
into the KwaZulu-Natal area showcasing in
choice for the President’s office, ensuring its status
Cecil Nurse Business Furniture, which was a highly
and desirability amongst business leaders in the
strategic move and was possible as a result of both
companies sitting under the Bidvest umbrella. This
The newly renovated manor house at
is a KwaZulu-Natal only initiative to grow Dauphin in
Franschhoek’s Allée Bleue wine estate, which is
the region as we have had no presence in this area
owned by the Dauphin family, boasts a selection
to date. Dauphin has recognised the potential for
of Dauphin furniture including the Alterno, an
growth opportunities within the KwaZulu-Natal
easygoing chair that works well in both the leisure
area and is excited about this initiative and
how it will translate in terms of growth for the
brand long-term.
and business environments.
Dauphin SA produces more than 34 000 chairs
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Online – the next step
Deli XL is the leading supplier for the foodservice market and supplies a wide range of dry, fresh and frozen food items to hospitals,
company canteens, caterers and restaurants.
Chef Rob Hoffman of Hotel & Restaurant Lubbelinkhof was one of the first 30 clients who participated in the test phase of the new website. He uses www.delixl.nl to search and order fresh produce
and groceries for his kitchen.
On May 22 Deli XL Netherlands launched its
to the new, concise sections and product detail
themselves in their application in large, well-known
new and improved website (http://www.delixl.nl).
pages that include images and extensive product
web shops. By making them available in the
Through the website customers can search faster
information. Stijn Hazen, e-commerce programme
food-service sector, Deli XL is setting a new norm
and more easily. It also features a web shop in
manager, adds: “It makes finding products easier,
for customer-oriented use of the internet for food
which customers can efficiently place orders and
more fun and more efficient. We have also improved
receive special offers and inspiring tips that fit their
the ordering process with the new web shop. In the
A small group of customers has already tested
course of the year, we will be transferring customers
the new ordering method. “Thanks to their feedback,
to the new ordering functionality carefully and in
we have been able to implement several more
improvements. However, this does not mean that
Dick Slootweg, managing director of Deli XL,
says: “For Deli XL, the internet is our primary
sales and service channel through which we can
we are finished. For now, we will further exploit the
provide customers with tailored services. With our
Personal and relevant to the customer
possibilities of our renewed website and web shop
new site, we can offer them the best online food
Deli XL has chosen to work with a leading
and work to harmonise customer demand, supply
service, which is more personal and relevant to
e-commerce platform that makes it possible to
from vendors and variety in the assortment. This will
their needs than they could ever find in a store.”
approach customers more directly and more
result in our customers receiving a more personal
personally. It also allows customers to determine
home page, listing special offers that dovetail with
Simple searching and efficient ordering
and arrange more themselves. Stijn adds: “The
their specific needs. This could take the form of new
The new website provides a fast and convenient
techniques that we are currently applying to the
products and inspiring ideas, or personal advice on
overview of Deli XL’s enormous assortment thanks
development of our website have already proved
food, beverages and hospitality.”
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Back from left: John Thibile, Johanna Mokoena, Lebadjwa Lenkoane, Edwin Seabata, Andries Smit, Bruce Dallas, Lizle Deysel and Pieter Potgieter. Middle from left: Nico Strauss, Eric Kobuoe,
Sarah Mofokeng, Gordon Grant, Suzan Liphoko and Magda Fourie. Front from left: Guily Moticoe and Fourie Sentimile.
Voltex electrifies Welkom
The launch of Voltex’s new branch in Welkom will provide customers in Welkom and surrounding areas with an unrivalled and
comprehensive array of electrical and related materials, said group commercial manager, Hugh Ward, at a launch event on May 4.
“Voltex provides its customers with a one-stop,
Green added that Voltex sees opportunities for easy,
specialist lighting and electrical store. We are making
convenient, strategically located outlets that specialise
long-term brand investments such as the new Welkom
exclusively in electrical products and services, with
branch in order to build an even stronger Voltex, so
a particular focus on energy-efficient products. “Our
that we can continue to give our customers a broader
focus is on providing and enabling more customer-
offering,” he said.
centric outlets as a venture into a new, fluctuating and
Welkom branch manager, Bruce Dallas, said his
lucrative market that demands the ability to respond to
team had worked tirelessly for six weeks with appointed
contractors and the marketing team to ensure a well-
ever-changing consumer needs and competitor retail
Entrance of Welkom branch.
stocked, well-presented and customer-friendly operation
“The opening of the Welkom branch is a step
with extensive products neatly displayed on the shop floor.
towards our quest for significant differentiation. We are
“Presenting the full range of products in an
achieving that differentiation through the re-branding
attractive manner is vital. Our team is experienced and
and roll out of trendy, modern consumer outlets that
knowledgeable and we are enthusiastic about the new
offer a full range of electrical products and innovative
environment and extended product range. We are excited
services supported by optimum focus on customer
at the opportunity to provide customers with top service
service, quality and value.”
and sound advice,” he commented.
Stanley Green, Voltex managing director, said Voltex
Their strategy towards a more consumer-orientated
Aisles in Welkom branch.
approach will firmly position Voltex as the largest
had carefully scrutinised the shopping experience of its
and most expert electrical distribution company in
customers and the interiors of branches in future will be
South Africa. The layout of the branch, the product
aligned to match the customer profiles of each branch.
merchandising and branding were all part of the
“In this way customers will be exposed to a hands-on
strategy to provide an uncompromising service to the
experience of state-of-the-art products assisted by the
Voltex customer.
trained and qualified sales staff of our retail customers. The
Voltex plans to roll out the ‘customer-centric’
Voltex product range has also been closely scrutinised and
branch rebrand to all branches in the central region,
is being substantially modified, particularly in the energy
efficiency and lighting markets.”
including Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Klerksdorp and
Service counter.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Brand new Waltons
After strategic examination of its business, Waltons has embarked on a rejuvenation process to reposition and rebrand the company.
Its core business purpose has now been defined as ‘breeding success’.
“We analysed our business model and
realised that we needed to reinvigorate
the brand and even reinvent some
of our core offerings. We need to
listen to our customers and talk
more directly to their needs and
aspirations,” says David Jenkins,
managing director (right).
After considerable
introspection and planning, Waltons has
adopted three key values to be driven across
the business:
Solution Focused – I want to give you solutions
that are relevant and simple
Success Orientated – I want you to have the best
Partnering with clients to offer them the best
structure, with a focus on centralising key head
chance at success
solutions is a key component of Waltons’ new
office functions to leverage synergies and provide
Valued Partner – I am an important part of your
approach to business. “A good way to explain our
for a more unified and focused organisation.
new mindset is with some tangible examples,”
Walton’s senior management team proudly
explains David. “We don’t sell white boards, we sell
launched the new vision for the brand and the
This value set will be supported by the
following behaviours:
the ability to capture ideas for growth; we don’t sell
organisation with staff roadshows in June in Durban,
calculators and laptops, we sell the ability to make
Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.
Do the right thing always; Build a positive
money and we don’t sell office desks, we sell the
team spirit; Embrace and drive change; Act
corporate culture everyone buys into.”
with a common purpose; Be humble (serve
Walton’s new payline and refreshed logo capture
“Three key themes will be driven across the
business as the company gears for a new phase of
growth. Commitment, speed and laser-like focus
before self); Be innovative and act courageously;
the company’s purpose and are in sync with a
will be expounded as the company strives towards
Deliver ‘wow’ through service; Build open and
modern company on the move while remaining
operational excellence. With a new strategic
honest relationships; Always be accountable;
true to the brand identity. The rejuvenation process
direction and new operational measures, our sights
Be passionate and determined.
also addresses previous limitations in the company
are set on an exciting new era,” concludes David.
Supporting Greenpeace
Direct Seafoods has been actively supporting
The Fisherman’s Friend campaign is about
British coastal fishermen through its own coastal
working with sustainable UK fishermen to call for
campaign and is one of the first to add its support to
change in the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) to:
Greenpeace’s “Fisherman’s Friend” campaign.
 Give fishing rights to those who can clearly
Acquired by Bidvest in December 2010 under
the trading name of Seafood Holdings Ltd,
Direct Seafoods is the largest fresh fish supplier
to the catering industry in the UK. It takes its
demonstrate environmental and social benefits,
rewarding those who support local communities
and look after their fisheries.
 Stop using public money to bankroll destructive
fish stocks they support at the very heart of the
responsibility very seriously. Its two greatest
fishing practices both in Europe and around the
CFP. The CFP must bring an end to needless
concerns are for the fish stocks around the UK
world and ensure that strict European rules apply
discarding, match fishing effort to fish stocks
and overseas and the people who make up the
equally to all European vessels wherever they fish.
and create a better tomorrow for those that fish
fishing and catering industries.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
 Put the health of our seas and oceans and the
Ontime Automotive
brand building
Ontime Automotive (Ontime) has over
50 years’ experience in breakdown
assistance and is the UK’s largest
independent rescue and recovery
operator. Ontime has been a subsidiary of
Bidvest since 2002. Today, with the
support of Bidvest, Ontime is going
from strength to strength.
Internal com
have been en
with a fresh
and colour
vibrant newsl
The PR prog
Over the past few months Ontime has
introduced a number of new campaigns to
Contract successes
enhance the profile of its brand. The company’s
aim is to generate a greater understanding of who
Ontime has seen significant restructuring in the last
The new corporate brochure updates Ontime proposition.
we are, what we specialise in and why Ontime
two financial years and we’ve been working hard
to develop our core Rescue and Recovery and
should be the partner of choice for its target
Specialist Transport businesses with a number of
Quarterly newsletter
new contracts to report. We’re also working with
Internal communications have been enhanced with
New company literature
other businesses across Bidvest, providing vehicle
a fresh and colour-vibrant newsletter, designed to
The new corporate brochure explains the added-
servicing and recovery support to 3663, Bidvest
ensure an accessible and informative medium for
value we offer within each of the sectors in which we
Logistics and Seafood Holdings.
keeping employees up to date with company news.
customer groups.
operate: Rescue and Recovery; Parking Solutions;
In summary
Fleet Assistance; Technical Services; Specialist
PR programme
Transport and Worldwide Distribution, Service
The PR programme is performing a vital role in
Centres and Plant Movement.
principles of good corporate governance and the
creating positive awareness and recognition of the
code of conduct that Bidvest is committed to.
Ontime brand. While communicating our activities,
Underpinned by the values of honesty, integrity,
achievements and successes, the PR programme
ethics and behaviour, the Bidvest code of conduct
is also working to help us fulfil our ambitions to
demands the highest standards that we believe
become the acknowledged leader in our chosen
should be adhered to in order to deliver sustained
market sectors.
value to all of our key stakeholders.
Mission statement
The corporate mission statement has been updated,
focusing more closely on the goals, ambitions and
values we aspire to, while reinforcing the personality
of the organisation and recognising the invaluable
At Ontime, we are focused on applying the
Keeping focused on the importance of delivering
contribution that our employees are making in
an excellent service each and every time is central
defining the future success of our organisation.
to Ontime’s continued success.
Recent contract
successes include a
three-year extension
with Bentley Motors.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Bebop range.
WOW workspace
Leitz efficiency
Silveray Statmark Company (SSC) has acquired the distribution rights for Leitz workspace products in South Africa, introducing a new
range of efficiency and professionalism into the office.
“We are privileged to add the Leitz range to our
carries a three-year guarantee and is confirmation
kind that can produce professionally bound hard,
leading portfolio of stationery brands,” says Trevor
of the Leitz dedication to innovation, design quality
soft and polyfoam cover books without punching,
Girnun, managing director of SSC. “The Leitz name
and ease of use. With built-in intelligence and
gluing or electricity.
is synonymous with the highest quality in office
automatic settings, one touch is all you need for
accessories throughout Europe, the Americas and
perfect results every time.
“The Leitz Bebop series contains a wide
SSC is launching five product ranges in the Leitz
to create a demand for increasingly sophisticated
spectrum of products such as lever arch files, three-
portfolio – WOW, iLAM, Complete, ImpressBIND
flap folders, ring binders, project files, notebooks,
and Bebop. The revolutionary design, practical
clipboards and organisers – a total of
features and attractive colours of these products
15 products, stylishly designed.
add to the streamlined efficiency they bring to
The Leitz range of accessories enhances the use
of Smartphones and tablet PCs, which continue
IMPress range.
The unique Leitz ImpressBIND is the
the workspace. All have unique features and
fastest, easiest and most ingenious
include: lever arch files, laminators and binders,
binding system for binding from 10 to
hole punches, staplers, letter trays and a variety of
280 pages. It is the only system of its
functional and stylish Apple accessories.
Leitz is part of the Esselte Group, a $1 billion
office products company with subsidiaries in
29 countries and distribution in more than
130 countries. Esselte international sales
director Jörgen Thelin explains, “With
continual research and development,
Leitz products are constantly updated to
ensure peak performance.
“The 180° mechanism of the Leitz lever
arch file makes filing 20% faster; and the
award-winning Leitz iLam range of laminators
bidvoice issue 3 2012
iLAM range.
Desktop multicharger for mobile devices.
Lithotech in control
By incorporating our supply management
service into your procurement logistics
management, Lithotech will help you gain
time, save money and eliminate logistical
issues that distract you from your core
involved. Lithotech’s supply
management allows for
vastly improved corporate
identity control, including
version control for all similar
documents that are used
within an organisation.
Cost reduction
With a successful track record in providing supply
management services to organisations with a number
of branches and/or outlets around the country, the
service involves the warehousing and distribution
of clients’ non-trading items. Whether for small
quantities of many items, or large quantities of a few
items, the service is customised for each client and
can incorporate any number of services from the
comprehensive range available.
Services include sourcing, procuring, receiving,
storing, picking and packaging, distributing and
detailed reporting on items used by clients in their
day-to-day business operations, including business
forms, promotional material, stationery, media and
The benefits of incorporating Lithotech’s supply
management services include:
Control over corporate identity standards
Adhering to an organisation’s corporate identity
standards and guidelines is an increasingly difficult
challenge, especially when numerous branches are
Detailed reports identify
areas of inefficiency, thereby
providing opportunities to
reduce costs by:
•Reducing the number
of suppliers and obtaining
discounts associated with
bulk buying
•Reducing the level of stock obsolescence
•Eliminating double handling
•Saving you time and effort by sourcing all items
on your behalf from approved suppliers at
competitive prices
•Streamlining your business by conducting a
Smart Paper® audit
Improved services to branches
Supply management vastly improves service to
branches in various ways, such as stock availability,
quick deliveries, contract prices and disaster
Enhancing your BEE rating
Lithotech’s Level 3 BEE rating reflects its commitment
to empowerment and improves clients’ BEE
scorecards by virtue of spend with a broad-based
empowerment organisation.
From a financial perspective, items stored in
Lithotech’s secure warehousing facilities can be
owned by the client or Lithotech, freeing working
capital. Using client-defined business rules such as
minimum stock levels, maximum order value and
individual authorisation levels, Lithotech ensures
orders are fulfilled correctly and timeously.
For any queries, contact us on 0861 548 468 or
visit www.lithotech.co.za.
Getting your brand noticed
Printed, high-quality, customised envelopes are the surest
way to get your brand noticed. Silveray
Manufacturing produces a comprehensive range
of quality envelopes that are manufactured from
litho-printed flat sheets which are made up for all
special requirements.
The envelopes can be made up
in the following sizes:
81/4 90
114 x 162mm
x 152 mm
162 x 229mm
Our customised envelopes:
110 x 220mm
Make your company image stand out
Add colour and character to your company image
Add a fun element to your brand
Can be used for promotional purposes
Can be tailor made to your specific requirements
Maxi DL
115 x 230 mm
Maxi DL
120 x 230 mm
We pride ourselves on providing high-quality envelopes,
excellent customer service, competitive pricing and good
turnaround times.
We have a dedicated team that you can contact
with regards to quoting, planning and confirming a
delivery date for your order. Bheki or Nicola can be
contacted on +27 (31) 462 2081 or alternatively
e-mail: [email protected]/[email protected]
176 x 250mm
324 x 229mm
Odd sizes
185 x 330mm
x 120 mm
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Seven-year winner
Konica Minolta South Africa has, for the seventh consecutive year, won
the international Konica Minolta distributor of the year award, again
outperforming more economically developed countries.
The annual award is presented by Konica Minolta Business Technologies Japan and is
based on total number of unit sales in addition to the size of the territories involved.
“Holding our number one position in the Konica Minolta world dealer family for the
seventh successive year is a great accomplishment,” says Konica Minolta South Africa
MD Alan Griffith who accepted the award with business unit manager Marianna Gdanis in
Jakarta, Indonesia. “The award recognises a company’s performance by measuring market
share per country and we believe that our success is due to our focus on the bizhub brand
as a whole. The brand is more prominent than ever before in South Africa and has built up
a well-deserved reputation amongst customers.”
He adds that the award is especially encouraging for all Konica Minolta South Africa
Marianna Gdanis, business unit manager at Konica Minolta South Africa; Jun
Haraguchi, executive director, general manager from sales headquarters and office
Minolta South Africa employees have a healthy appetite for continued success and this has business managing headquarters, Konica Minolta Business Technologies and Alan
contributed to the strong growth within the company,” he concludes.
Griffith, MD at Konica Minolta South Africa.
employees, as trading conditions in today’s business market still remain tough. “Konica
Bidair Cargo comes to the rescue
Earlier this year JNB ops was
instrumental in saving a dog’s life by
moving boomslang antidote to Knysna.
the animal hospital to do a blood transfusion,
which would be his life line until the antidote
On Monday morning Mrs Lock made
arrangements to send the serum from
Sue and David Lock and their three Jack
Johannesburg to George. Unfortunately it was
Russells, Bandit, Nelson and Pirate, live in the
delivered late and missed the Bidair Cargo
heart of Knysna close to nature, surrounded by
flight to George. Marco Garcia, Ops manager
indigenous vegetation where snakes like the
JNB, made contact with other airlines but all
Boomslang live. The snake slithered into the
flights to George had departed.
Lock family home on a Sunday morning and
The vet explained that Pirate was in a stable
Pirate immediately followed his instinct, barking
condition but needed the serum no later than
at the snake, raising the alarm and protecting
the following day. Marco and his team took
his family and territory.
custody of the serum and loaded it on the next
The snake attacked Pirate, biting him
three times; Pirate then retaliated and killed
the snake. Although unaware that Pirate had
available flight. The Lock family were updated
throughout the process and Marthinus
Wagman, branch manager George, confirmed
been bitten, the Lock family contacted an emergency
the arrival time with the Locks, met the aircraft as it
veterinarian who advised to monitor Pirate’s behaviour.
landed and handed the serum to the Locks.
He also notified the Locks that Boomslang anti-venom
was out of stock.
A couple of hours later Mrs Lock noticed blood on
The antidote was administered to Pirate and an
hour later he was as perky as ever.
During a visit to George, managing director
Pirate’s bed and that he showed signs of swelling.
Garry Marshall and operations director Karl Davids
She phoned the vet who began to track down the
were invited to the Lock’s home to meet Pirate and
antidote and finally located it in Johannesburg. The
the family. They are extremely grateful to the Bidair
vet recommended that the Lock family bring Pirate to
Cargo team.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Crossing borders
On June 22 Manica South Africa and
Botswana launched a plan to gain exposure
in the market by facilitating contestants in the
Toyota 1000 Desert Race through the border
post at Kopfontein.
The Toyota 1000 Desert Race is an annual event where
participants race through very rough terrain. This year’s
winners earned a place in the Dakar Challenge.
Contestants were required to complete customs
documentation on both sides of the border. Manica
set up a mobile office about one kilometre from the
Kopfontein border post to assist contestants and
avoid congestion at the border gate, completing
documentation on their behalf. They were also assisted
on the South Africa side by staff from Manica’s
Gaborone office. Through Manica’s arrangement with
Left: Violet Henning from Manica Zeerust and above: Mmatshipi Motsepe from
Manica Botswana.
the Botswana Unified Revenue Services, passengers
were allowed a VAT-free entrance into Botswana.
prize giving. At the opening ceremony Alan Reid,
“it was the first time that the border procedures were
handed out advertising material to contestants and
organiser of the event, thanked Manica for the
not a nightmare”. Well done to the Manica teams on
Bertie Cilliers handed out gifts and brochures at the
fantastic assistance they received, commenting that
both sides of the border.
Violet Henning and Mmatshipi Motsepe from Manica
Even seating is now green
Almost by definition, chairs have always
been devices intended to enrich the
human condition.
and design; ISO 18001 for health and safety; and
chain, and its seating follows an environmentally
ISO 14001 for environmental management, BFM
sensitive design and uses materials sparing of
sets the industry’s green benchmark. “Everyone
natural resources and products that are durable,
else is still trying to catch up,” says Clyde.
repairable and designed for disassembly. Green
“That’s better,” we say as we settle back
consciousness is also being measured on the
resources, uses less energy in production, releases
comfortably and put up our feet. More and more,
bottom line.
less gas and toxic material into the environment and
The commitment to environmental
however, what’s nowadays tagged ‘seating’ seeks
manufacturing, Clyde adds, consumes fewer natural
wastes less in the manufacturing process.
to bring enhancement to the wider environment.
Materials used release no toxic substances while
Some 25% of Bidoffice Furniture Manufacturers’
the seating is being used. The foam used is flame
Form chair, for example, is made from recycled
retardant. The materials used are non-toxic. Form
material and the chair is itself 95% recyclable.
chairs are assembled in modular form for ease of
“Our green protocols are not so much a huge
disassembly and recycling. The chairs can be flat-
marketing boost for us,” says BFM’s design and
marketing director, Clyde Collins, “but tenders
packed, which reduces the weight by 25%, so less
In times before BFM began making green
energy is needed to distribute them and transport
prescribe conformance to ISO 14001 standards in
products in 2005, chair sales were measured in
manufacture and that all our components must be
hundreds a month. Post ISO 14001, sales of its
Link chair reached 5 000 in six months, and newer
the needs of the present without compromising
products have sold more than 20 000 in 18 months.
the ability of future generations to meet their own
As the only manufacturer with three industry
accreditations: ISO 9001 covering manufacturing
The company demands a green supply
costs are cut.
“Our green approach is sustainable and so meets
needs,” Clyde says.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
group panorama
Low-cost banking
Low-cost or no-cost banking sounds like a pipe dream, yet it has already been introduced to the South African financial services
market … thanks to our colleagues at Bidvest Bank.
Many staff members have already become Bidvest
Bank customers, attracted by highly competitive
foreign exchange rates. What staff may not know is
that continued innovation has resulted in great rates
for those opening a Bidvest Bank transaction-cumsavings account.
Bidvest staff members looking to bring down their
bank charges should check out a key feature of this
multi-functional account – the fact that bank charges
are capped at just R82 a month and could fall all the
way down to zero, depending on the nature of the
Even better deals are available for those aged
65 and over and the under-21s.
Seniors qualify for a no-fees package while, for
youngsters, fees are either waived or cut.
Introduction of the no-strings-attached packages
is a big hint to staff to pop into their nearest Bidvest
Bank branch and check out these product features
for themselves and for pensioner parents or their kids.
Most banks offer a transaction account to pay
monthly bills (with no or very low interest on balances)
and a separate savings account that enables
customers to earn some interest. Bidvest Bank has
combined the two.
Its multi-tasking product offers the best of both
worlds – low-cost transactional capability and
competitive interest earnings on money left in the
account. Rates vary from 1.08% to 5%, depending
on the size of the balance.
Darren Abrahams, head of deposits and
investment at Bidvest Bank, says there has been
strong take-up of the flexible offering as South African
consumers have become highly cost conscious.
Customers with proof of residence and ID
documents showing they are under 21 can open
an account offering:
 No monthly fees
 No ATM withdrawal fees at Bidvest Bank ATMs
 No transaction fees for point-of-sale purchases at
retail outlets across South Africa
 No internet banking subscription fees
 Bank charges from zero to a maximum of R82 a
month, depending on the nature of transactions
 Interest earned on balances as low as R50
The free package for seniors waives all fees!
These customers can even transact for free on
the ATMs of other banks as Bidvest Bank subsidises
these transactions in the belief that older people are
prudent and avoid multiple transactions.
Darren says prudence and discipline have been
confirmed by real-life experience. Youngsters have
also proved to be canny users of their low-cost
Every little bit helps in a tough economy … a
message that is sure to resonate with colleagues
across the Group.
Bidair Cargo spreads its wings
Today Express Air Services, restyled as Bidair Cargo,
is operating from five adjoining airside warehouses at
OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg
South Africa. This tactic has consolidated its Domestic,
Regional and International operations into a hub-andspoke model, a concept uncommon on the African
The fresh and streamlined Bidair Cargo is closely
allied with its parent corporate and stringently upholds
bidvoice issue 3 2012
corporate standards and governance. The company
lives its slogan – every kilo counts – and strives to
utilise all cargo capacity on every flight. Empty space is
a lost opportunity that can never be re-capitalised.
Bidair Cargo is an Empowerdex accredited
Level 2 Contributor and is a 156.25% Value Adding
Supplier. As a result, every R1.00 spent with Bidair
Cargo contributes R1.56 towards the customer’s
procurement BEE scorecard.
An innovative IT system and management control
centre, which includes live satellite vehicle tracking
and service delivery levels and exception reports,
in real time, is unique in the air cargo industry in
South Africa.
The company’s sights are set on an ISAGO (IATA
Safety Audit for Ground Operations) accreditation
on its road to repositioning Bidair Cargo as market
leaders in the South African air cargo community.
Forefront of safety
South Africa’s pre-eminent supplier
of safety wear and products is now a
proudly Bidvest trio of companies.
basket of products they offer customers. The
Integration of Bidvest’s G. Fox & Co with Alsafe
supplier in South Africa, with particular
at the end of last year and Multimerja earlier this
strength in Gauteng. Alsafe, founded in 1985,
year establishes Bidserv Industrial Products at
has built a particularly strong reputation in
the forefront of personal protective equipment,
the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, with
safety footwear, industrial cleaning products and
a healthy market share and wide range of
paper products, health and hygiene systems,
customers. Multimerja SA was established in
corporate wear and office refreshments.
1990 and enjoys good recognition in the
integrated company will be headed by Savvas
Xenophon and an experienced management
team from G. Fox, Alsafe and Multimerja.
G. Fox has for many years been a leading
It also enhances the organisation’s national
Vaal Triangle.
distribution network through warehouses in
The workwear requirements of the
Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and
distribution network are served by an
a state-of-the-art facility just completed at
independent, Bidvest-owned SABS factory in
Paarden Eiland in Cape Town.
Swaziland that assures quality, dependability
G. Fox also has centres in Polokwane
and quick service, and the warehouses operate
and Middelburg, Alsafe has a facility in
as both distribution centres to customers and
Richards Bay and Multimerja will be developing
cash-and-carry outlets.
a new facility on the R59 industrial corridor
The Johannesburg warehouse holds the
en route to Vereeniging.
country’s largest stock under one roof of
Merging of the companies, which will continue
safety clothing and equipment and cleaning
to use dual branding for a time, will enable them
to make best use of proven market strengths
and to widen both their customer bases and the
Interior and exterior pictures of the new G. Fox warehouse recently
completed at Paarden Eiland in Cape Town.
The merged operations, including the
Swaziland factory, employ 1 320 people.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Pet lounges
Nowadays live animals are given first-class
treatment at Bidair Cargo Pet Lounges for
air travel within South Africa and abroad
from South Africa.
Animals are handled in un-matched Pet Lounges,
separate channels away from general cargo, by
trained animal specialists. This is in the interest of
animal well-being to minimise stress and maximise
comfort during the journey.
It became apparent to Bidair Cargo in 2011 that
the movement of live animals by air was a major
Amongst others, partner airlines 1time, Comair
concern and that animals needed to be handled
and subsidiary kulula.com, today no longer accept
away from general cargo with all the pollutants,
animal travel at check-in counters, deferring animal
smells and noises this involved.
air travel to trained animal specialists who navigate
A committee including representatives of airlines,
ACSA, the SPCA, Bidair Cargo and animal welfare
intricate aviation rules and regulations.
Customs approval is being finalised and
interest groups was formed. A lease agreement with
negotiations with the State Vet for an on-site
ACSA was negotiated for an unused, derelict building
Veterinarian are moving ahead. It is envisioned that
away from the general cargo terminal, the shell of the
the Pet Lounge at OR Tambo International Airport,
now Pet Lounge at OR Tambo International Airport.
Johannesburg will be a safe, comfortable facility for
the national reservation line: 0800 22 11 39 or
all animal air travel through the airport, animals in
+27 (11) 230 4600 and book animal air travel with
transit and even boarding.
trained animal transportation specialists.
Bidair Cargo believed in the need, invested in Pet
Lounge infra-structure renovations and seized the
opportunity to change the rules, set the standard and
raise the bar for animal air travel.
Bidair Cargo recommends that all animal travel is
booked 48 hours prior to departure. Please contact
GPS co-ordinates for the Bidair Cargo Pet Lounge
are: 26º 06’ 53” S – 28º 14’ 20” E
The Crown National display at the Huntex Expo recently.
What’s cooking
From South Africa’s hunting fraternity to its maize farmers, the Crown National
name and products are better known than ever.
Hunters and farmers enjoyed a taste of them at both the Huntex Exhibition
at Gallagher Estate in Midrand recently and the annual NAMPO gathering in
Bothaville in the Free State.
“At both shows, TV’s outdoor chef, Dewald Visser, was at our stand using
our spices to give visitors a taste of the treats that hunters and farmers can
enjoy with little ingenuity and Crown National spices,” says spokesman Crown
National’s marketing executive, Dawid Muller.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Shout SA
Bidvest handover: Danny Kaye hands CEO Brian Joffe the Shout plaque.
Coming home…
For John Mackay, appointment as Patley’s
managing director is something of a
The greater part of his career was spent in the
food business and now, after a sojourn in the paint
industry, he is back where he feels comfortable.
have some strong international niche brands.”
For the business, that brings certain complexities
Gina and their children, Kirsty (17) and Shane (14).
John represented the Junior Springboks and KZN
that can add to operating costs. “We have to be
at golf and still enjoys a monthly game. He also
very careful how we structure the business. We’re a
likes to keep fit at the gym and has twice swum
value-adding business whose margins depend on
the Midmar mile with the children. His philosophy is
us helping people build their businesses.”
simple: If something is worth doing, do it properly,
John was born and grew up in KZN but has lived
for the past 20 years in Johannesburg with his wife,
or not at all. “That’s what we are looking at doing at
“In many ways my move here is like coming
home. It’s great to be back in the food business,”
he says. “I have built some very strong relationships
and networks in the food industry and I know a lot
of the participants. I’m looking forward to the new
A challenge it is, he confirms.
“Patleys has sometimes grown faster than some
of its systems and controls. So there are a few
cracks that have appeared and we need to close
“The key focus is to get the systems, processes
and controls firmly in place, perhaps tidy up a few
things and then rebuild the business.
“We’re also in the throes of integrating NCP Yeast
into the business.
“Once we have done all that, we can look at a
new shape, a new look and feel for the business.”
John (48), who came to Patleys from Plascon
Paint where he was sales director, left his BCom
studies at university to run the family’s warehousing,
distribution and sales agency in KwaZulu-Natal
when his father died. He was just 18.
He sold the company in 1990 to Imperial Cold
Storage and, after he had worked for them for four
years, John’s career took him to SA Breweries’
subsidiary Cape Display and then to Premier Foods.
“In many ways they were all similar to Patleys. So
you might say I’ve qualified by experience.”
Patleys, John points out, is by no means the
biggest in its business. Nor does it wish to be.
“What we need to do is clearly identify what
our value propositions are and make sure that we
become not the biggest but the best.
“We are a speciality food business. We don’t
want to be just another distributor like a lot of
“The Patleys difference”, he says, “is that it can add
value and build its clients’ brands. Businesses that
offer economies of scale can’t necessarily do that.
“That’s the way we can differentiate ourselves.
Forty percent of our products are imported, so we
Patley’s new MD, John Mackay (right) and new financial director, Niel van Heerden.
… and Niel brings strength
Adding strength to John Mackay’s management team at Patleys is Niel van Heerden, recently appointed
financial director at the company.
He joins Patleys after a year of consulting work in his own company, but shares a similar wealth of
experience in the food industry.
He worked for Fedics Catering and Cleaning, Enterprise Foods and Rainbow Chickens.
After completing a BCom at Bloemfontein University and CA at Unisa, Niel gained an MBA from Henley
Management College in London.
Niel is married to Carla and they have a seven-year-old daughter, Chantelle. He enjoys boating – he has a
boat and jet ski at the Vaal – and golfing and tries to go skiing in Europe annually.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
A major name
Integration of Bidvest’s furniture manufacturing and distribution operations has established Bidoffice Furniture Manufacturers as the
country’s major name in office furniture.
In a furniture market valued at R1,5 billion annually,
Bidoffice has secured a large percentage of
the market. The new operation combines the
manufacturing operations of Seating/Pago Designs
and Cecil Nurse Business Furniture and integrates
the brand distribution network of Seating, Dauphin
Office Seating, Waltons and Ditulo.
The CE is Alan Griffith and the company MDs
are Steve Gerber (BFM) Herbert Meyer (Cecil Nurse
Business Furniture), Debra Arnoldi-Radford (Dauphin)
Dave Jenkins (Waltons) and Kobie Britz (Ditulo).
Before the changes, Cecil Nurse Business
Furniture and Waltons had concentrated on retail
markets whilst Dauphin and Ditulo focused on
corporate markets. Seating’s business was mainly
with dealers, including 380 outside Bidvest.
Manufacturing had been performing at about half
(Ezibeleni); factories for wood components and
steel components; foam, screens and desk
of its capacity and was showing losses, says BFM’s
factories in Cape Town; the PAGO soft seating
design and marketing director, Clyde Collins.
factory and Dauphin’s chair assembly plant.
The re-modelled group, registered in October
The new operations are now strategically located
last year, is now benefiting from improved design
in Gauteng, the Western Cape and Eastern Cape to
and technology, increased emphasis on product
serve a nationwide footprint.
ergonomics, increased buying power, better credit
BFM is the only manufacturer with three
terms, improved logistics and huge benefits for the
industry accreditations: ISO 9001 covering
local content in most products. Since 2005 it has
sales entities.
manufacturing and design; ISO 18001 for health
also produced ‘green products’ in which as much
and safety; and ISO 14001 for environmental
as 25% of recycled products are used again in new
It boasts chair assembly facilities in
Johannesburg, Cape Town and Queenstown
It is a member of Proudly South Africa, with 70%
Thanks to Themba
“People first” is the message coming out of
this heart-warming incident.
Fortunately for everyone, Themba realised what was
happening and came to Marc’s aid. Themba helped
keep Marc calm and talk him through this dreadful
experience. In the midst of Marc’s asthma attack all
On a slow evening in Pietermaritzburg, there were only
four Avis customers arrived at once and, you guessed
two car rental consultants, Marc Hargraves (Avis) and
it, Themba put on his big smile and without missing a
Themba Dlamini (Budget) left in “car rental city”. Marc
beat started checking out the Avis customers.
and Themba both had clients arriving on the 19:00 flight
which was delayed and only landing at 20:00.
Prior to the clients arriving, Marc started to have
When all the clients had been given directions
and shown to their cars by Themba, Marc’s mom
arrived and Themba helped Marc into the car and his
an extremely bad asthma attack. He tried to call his
mom drove him safely to hospital. Themba waited
boss or one of his colleagues, but was unable to raise
and handed over everything to the next shift Avis
anyone. He called his mother to come and take him to
consultants when they arrived.
hospital, but, by this time, he was battling to talk and
Themba, this is Proudly Bidvest spirit in action and
his breathing was becoming more laboured and he was
we are extremely proud to have you as a member of
struggling to breathe.
the family. Thank you!
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Repositioning our brand
In an effort to maintain its leading
position in the health and hygiene
solutions market and to boost
profits, Bidvest Steiner has
repositioned its brand.
Steiner competitively and comprehensively
The market now demands greater levels
of quality and integrated services from
health and hygiene service providers. There
is also clearly a move towards product
developments aimed at increasing worker
productivity and reducing environmental
This repositioning commenced with
impacts by the industry as a whole, driven by
the company investigating its customer
an equally strong demand for this by clients.
preferences and perceptions of its brand.
Bidvest Steiner has differentiated itself from
Extensive research revealed that customised
the competition by offering the market a full
solutions were important to corporate
spectrum of workplace hygiene solutions.
South Africa and that decision makers did not
want to be sold generic products and services
This consists of four distinct solutions:
that did not solve their particular needs.
 The office washroom and sanitary
When it came to the sales approach, this
hygiene solution
meant that a sales representative should
A solution for hand hygiene, sanitary
always spend the time to listen to the specific
hygiene, cubicle hygiene, air and dust care
requirements of each customer and develop
 The convenient hygiene consumable
specific solutions around these core needs.
Rika van Rooyen, Bidvest Steiner sales,
summed up this approach by saying, “The sales
representative has to act like a consultant rather
than a person simply selling a pre-packaged, onesize-fits-all product.”
She added that the cleaning and hygiene industry
in South Africa is highly competitive and highly
fragmented. “The key players in the cleaning and
hygiene industry are currently being challenged by
many low-priced products which are successful in
the short term as the market is price sensitive.
A convenient solution for all office-cleaning
We all have budgets and bosses to account to.
consumable needs
“Unfortunately, short-term gain very often
translates into long-term pain as problems
inevitably arise and there is zero after-sales
support,” said Rika.
A critical success factor in the industry is the
ability to offer a full spectrum of workplace hygiene
solutions, and full after-sales support, which Bidvest
 The intensive deep-clean solution
A solution for an intensive deep clean,
disinfection and odour control in addition to
the normal daily clean
 The innovative pest-control solution
An innovative solution for crawling insects,
rodents and flying insects
Johann du Plessis was elected by Mercedes-Benz of South Africa as the
best diagnostic technician in Gauteng for Mercedes-Benz car division,
1st quarter 2012.
This is the first time that MBSA have awarded the regions and the award is given to the
individual that has committed themselves to giving quality service to the Mercedes-Benz PC
brand and customers.
The criteria are Dealer CSI, FFV-T (fix right first time), Tips case quality of diagnostic
technician and overall attitude!
We are proud to have Johann du Plessis as part of our team at Mercedes-Benz
Menlyn Lifestyle Centre.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Working towards
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Lynden Wright
What do you get when you sit all day in the average office? Forget backache and eyestrain, you might also develop asthma, nausea,
neurological and respiratory ailments and disorders affecting your reproductive ability.
ll of these conditions can be attributable
communicate the business benefits bestowed by
to volatile organic compounds or VOCs.
our interior plant solutions.
These chemicals impair indoor air quality and
“The entire value proposition has changed.
Other research reinforces the case for more
plants in more places in the office, says Robbie.
About 80% of diseases are contracted via the
constitute a hidden health risk. They are not acutely
We don’t merely install pot plants; we help drive
respiratory system. Keeping humidity between
toxic, but insidious effects over time can be harmful.
productivity and efficiency gains. This proposition
30% and 60% helps to bolster the body’s natural
VOCs occur in both natural and man-made
helps us strengthen client relationships, contributes to
defence against these infections. This is precisely
chemical compounds. This means your laminated
better business retention and generally enhances our
the humidity level preferred by plants, which
desk top, the office carpet and materials in the
positioning as a corporate sector solution-provider.”
naturally strive to maintain this balance.
office wall and ceiling may be producing VOCs
Client consultations now include the presentation
The upcoming battle against VOCs has affected
while you read this. Oh, some VOCs might also be
of an office wellness strategy. Five key areas are
covered; improved air quality, reductions in health
Says Robbie: “To maximise airflow benefits,
complaints, reduced absenteeism, increased staff
the use of lighter soils and proper soil and root
productivity and general improvements in wellbeing
management become even more important. The
When environmental activists rail against ‘the
Sick Building’ they are usually gunning for VOCs
Execuflora operations and product development.
that are given free rein by those architects, interior
Robbie points out: “International research
designers and builders who remain totally unaware
indicates a 15 to 30% reduction in absenteeism
to question as they compress the soil, impairing
of this hidden menace.
and a 12% increase in productivity while your sense
filtration and airflow. A light-weight decorative
of wellbeing can increase by 84% simply by being
feature is now desirable.”
The good news is that VOC build-up in offices
can be easily combated. You simply use nature’s
around plants.”
own air filtration system – plant life.
use of pebbles as a decorative feature is now open
To fill the gap, Execuflora has developed an
artificial tree bark made of recycled chipped plastic
Office-based VOCs can be cut by 50 to 75%
that is sprinkled on top of soil in pots and in natural
by putting the right indoor plants in the right
places while directing airflows through soil and
To increase the sense of green wellness a
root systems. Most of this good work is done by
modular plant-holder is being piloted that can be
microbes in roots and soil.
used as a sort of green wall cladding.
What’s this got to do with Bidvest?
An associated trend is the double or triple volume
Well, in recent weeks our colleagues at
‘green wall’ – a type of vertical garden. In a VOC-
Execuflora (part of Bidvest Rental & Products) have
aware environment, clients will not only use the
emerged as leaders in the educational effort to alert
green wall as a decorative feature but as a filtration
corporate clients to the natural remedy for VOCs.
Execuflora is already a leading specialist in
This means the wall has to be customised to
the design and installation of plants, flowers and
ensure airflows via the soil and root system are
associated rental products. Competitive advantage
directed toward office personnel working in the
is being entrenched by its work on the plant
vicinity. Execuflora is ready to provide this type of
prescriptions for VOCs.
consultation service.
Execuflora MD Robbie Strang has carried out
Execuflora has launched a major awareness
intensive research on the subject, tapping into
drive across its client base to communicate new
studies by NASA and America’s Environmental
perspectives on health and productivity.
Protection Agency, among others.
“Response has been positive,” says Robbie.
International developments indicate that interior
plant deployment for healthy outcomes will soon
“One major financial services client now insists this
Execuflora hopes not only to secure new
become a major trend. Execuflora is positioned to
business; higher plant densification at the premises
lead these initiatives in South Africa.
of existing clients is also in prospect.
Its business strategy has already undergone a
major shift.
Robbie explains: “Historically, interior plants were
Currently, Execuflora recommends a minimum
policy to enable these solutions to be adopted.
“The corporate environment is dominated by the
need for improved efficiency and productivity. Our
of one plant per 50 square metres of occupied
new strategy speaks to this need and positions us
office space, though the average across the
well for future growth.”
installed to improve office aesthetics. In future,
corporate sector might be one plant per 60 square
aesthetics will be a given. Further value will be
metres or 100 square metres. In view of new studies
added through gains in staff productivity, reduced
on the impact of VOCs, Execuflora may soon revise
health-related absenteeism and improved wellness.
its estimate and suggest one plant per 40 square
“Our marketing efforts are being revised to
approach be taken. A second client is reviewing
Robbie Strang (chairman of the Interior Plantscapers
Association) has been appointed to a work group set up by
the South African Green Building Council to investigate how
best to incorporate interior plant utilisation into the system for
determining a building’s green rating.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
AIV Team 2011
Million Dollar Club
AIV franchises join Million Dollar Club
At a celebratory awards evening, Australia
Independent Vendors (AIV) recognised franchisees
throughout Australia to acknowledge their
achievements. AIV is a network of vendors operating
within foodservice and route markets throughout
metropolitan and regional Australia.
To become a member of the AIV Million Dollar
Club, a franchisee needs to purchase from Bidvest
Peter Crowe, Margaret Edwards and Terry Carr and Roland West.
$1 million or more within the calendar year. There
Mick Kelley, Gold Coast
were a total of 16 franchisees that joined the AIV
Million Dollar Club for 2011. AIV Franchisee of
the Year for 2011 was Andrew West from AIV
Foodservice. Andrew not only had the highest
percentage growth for AIV in 2011, but also the
Left: Lionald Sieders and
Tom Pitceathly from Ashworth
with Micheal West.
highest dollar growth as well. Well done to Andrew.
Margaret Edwards and Terry Carr from Charters
Towers who became members of the Two Million
Dollar Club, a remarkable achievement.
Amanda and Amit Dekel.
Brad Forrester and Alan Tinney, Brisbane. Glenn and Tania Burrows, Burrows.
Judy and Robert Brown, Browns
Milk, Bowen.
Kaylie and Margaret Edwards.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Sue and Clinton Williams, Brisbane.
John and Kim Hagan, Brisbane.
Peter Crowe and Andrew West AIV
Franchisee of the year 2011.
Jeannie Dennis, KBC Foods,
Rod O’Bree, Western Independent
Foods, Geraldton.
Take ownership of health
and hygiene at work
We spend a third of our lives at work and yet we often act as though the health and hygiene practices we insist on at home are
suspended while we are at work. The reality is that we are very vulnerable to health and hygiene risks in the workplace.
“Workplaces, whether they are factories or office
barrier to infection, it is advisable to use liquid
committee could impose small fines or forfeits to
blocks, bring large numbers of people into close
soaps from a dispenser rather than a communal
offenders as a way of gently creating a culture of
proximity. In this unfamiliar environment and
bar of soap to minimise cross-contamination.
consideration. Providing dispensers with disposable
working under high pressure like we do, it’s all
The same goes for towels that are not laundered
surface cleaning and sanitizer wipes can be a big
too easy to lose sight of some of the basics and
regularly which is where most germs collect. It’s
help to keep the area hygienic.
expose ourselves to infection,” says Alan Fainman,
also a good idea to keep the toilet seat closed in
managing director of Bidvest Steiner. “Especially as
order to prevent any germs from spreading when
bathrooms really benefit from professional care,
the winter season approaches, we need to think
flushed. There should be suitable containers for
which is why so many companies outsource the
about ways in which to minimise the risks.”
waste, especially sanitary waste and they should be
cleaning function,” says Alan.
Bathrooms and kitchens are two prime areas
where poor hygiene practices can create the risk
emptied and cleaned regularly.
“Aside from human behaviour, the correct
“In practice, communal areas like kitchens and
Other high-touch areas that are known to act as
vectors for infection include door handles, coffee
of infection. A recent survey found that 18% of
equipment plays a huge role in basic hygiene,” Alan
or water machines, lift buttons and communal
people thought that corporate bathrooms were
notes. “A reputable specialist company like Steiner
photocopying machines.
the cleanest public bathrooms, compared to 42%
will supply the materials and equipment like liquid
who thought that public bathrooms in hotels were
soap dispensers and toilet seat wipes that have been
how the bathrooms and kitchens are used and
cleanest. Dirty restrooms regularly top the list of
proven to reduce the risk of infection,” he added.
suggest improvements to managers. “This is
complaints by building tenants.
Steiner draws on its years of experience
When it comes to communal kitchens, it can be
In general, Steiner advises employees to observe
an important issue and it’s worth mentioning to
problematic ensuring that surfaces and crockery
managers that following good hygiene practices
in providing health and hygiene solutions to
and cutlery are kept clean. If the company does not
makes sound business sense. An epidemic of
businesses to provide tips for keeping oneself
provide a staff member responsible for maintaining
swine flu or ‘runny tummy’ can seriously affect
healthy at work.
basic kitchen hygiene, it’s probably a good idea
productivity, especially in today’s economy in which
to put together a committee of those who use the
companies are running very lean with regards to
facility to make – and publicise – some rules. The
staff,” Alan concludes.
When it comes to bathrooms, Alan says that
while hand-washing remains the single biggest
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Horeca Trade does it again
Dubai hosted the first S.Pellegrino and
Acqua Panna Water & Wine Private Tasting
Event in June 2012 when the leading
Italian water brands brought international
award-winning sommelier, Edvin Raben,
to town to hold a tasting session for top
hospitality and F&B managers.
S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, the leading Italian
mineral water trademarks, together with Horeca
Trade, the UAE’s top foodservice distributor, hosted
the first S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna Water & Wine
Tasting Session at the famous Capital Club in Dubai
International Financial Centre.
mineral water brands renowned across the five
Luciano Novena, area manager Middle East and Africa, Nestlé Waters Italy –
continents, are the symbol of a new sophisticated
for the first time in Dubai and give our guests, who
trend of pairing water with red or white wine. This is
have a deep understanding of the culinary industry,
part of an overall regional promotional campaign of
a different perspective on how a water that is
Sanpellegrino across the region which follows the
known for high quality, taste and value around the
successful launch of the same trend in Europe and
world can be combined in perfect union with wine”.
S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, the fine dining
US and represents the desire of the company to
Above: Edvin Raben, sommelier, “Edwines”
and below: the table décor.
As official distributor for S.Pellegrino and Acqua
educate its target audience and the consumers in
Panna in the UAE, Horeca is proud to promote
general about refining the taste by combining water
these Italian premium waters and the Italian feel
several top Michelin-starred restaurants world wide.
and wine.
to the multi-cultural consumers in the region who
Also Edvin affirmed: “My experience working with
have sophisticated tastes and appreciate Italy’s
S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna for the introduction of
importance in the world of quality food.
this culture of combination between waters and wines
Commenting on the occasion, Luciano Novena,
area manager for Sanpellegrino in the MENA region
said, “We are extremely pleased to launch together
with our local partner Horeca Trade such an event
The session was conducted by the internationally
awarded sommelier, Edvin Raben, who worked at
has always been extremely positive and I am confident
that this success will be repeated in the UAE”.
Business is a gas at Burchmore’s
As the fuel price rises to sky-high levels, motorists are
fuel consumption too. They are also asking about
And there is a greater demand for hybrids than ever
changing their shopping patterns. That’s according to
emissions – because a car that emits lower quantities
before. “We have noticed particular demand for the
Darryl Jacobson, managing director of Burchmore’s,
of carbon dioxide is typically more fuel efficient,” he
Honda CR-Z because, while it’s a hybrid it is also a
who says that the fuel price has had a number of
points out.
stunning looking vehicle,” Jacobson reveals. “The
direct influences on business at Burchmore’s.
“We have seen drastic changes in buying
Because of the perceived economy of dieselpowered vehicles, these are more in demand.
moment we get one on the floor (which, alas, isn’t
nearly often enough), it is snapped up.”
Jacobson says he hopes that the fuel price
patterns,” he reveals. “It is clear that the fuel price is
“Automotive experts will confirm that this is no
top of mind for all car buyers.”
longer necessarily the case – some petrol-powered
does not continue to rise. “We are faced with the
engines are extremely economical. But many
unfortunate situation in South Africa that – with the
more concerned with consumption than ever before.
motorists, especially more mature buyers, believe
exception of certain routes and some areas – public
“Typically, customers focused on buying a car that
that diesel-powered cars are more economical,”
transport leaves a lot to be desired. I hope that the
looked good; a vehicle that came with all the bells
says Jacobson.
rest of the year brings good news and an easing
The first impact is the most obvious: buyers are
and whistles. Customers still desire these traits in
a vehicle, but now they are carefully considering
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Smaller cars are also becoming more desirable –
because they are not perceived to be ‘gas guzzlers’.
of financial pressures for the already overburdened
motorist,” he concludes.
csi projects
Information age
With the modern workforce spending
more time in the office, companies need
to stay ahead of the game by attracting
top skills and improving productivity.
And one of the ways to do so is to create
a more ergonomic office environment.
“Office designs are showing more flexibility
movement that sets it apart from all other monitor
supports. The ergonomic design of Flo allows the
user to move the dynamic monitor arm, which is
compatible with tablets, into virtually any position
From having a tablet, or notebook, in an upright
Award, Flo’s minimalist features are reinforced by its
viewing position, the arm allows the user to move
integrated 3-point cable management, helping it to
it around at will to almost desktop level for touch
create tidy workspace by keeping cables and cords
screen usage.
neat and out of sight.
“The head of the Flo is self-balancing and
With a new product catalogue launched in
and user control. Technology has changed the
requires minimum effort that allows the user the
August 2012, Flo’s inclusion is the perfect addition
way companies operate and the push towards
greatest degree of flexibility and mobility, achieved
to Cecil Nurse’s office furniture and accessories
alternative office environments, cost-cutting
by the use of a geometric spring system (GSS),”
product mix.
priorities, as well as staff retention and increased
Meyer explains.
productivity – a competitive necessity in modern
The Flo Monitor Arm enhances the company’s
Building on its reputation of unsurpassed quality,
reliability, consistency and service that dates back
offices – is one of interaction and flexibility,”
commitment to source office furniture and
to 1946, CN Business Furniture is energising its
Said Herbert Meyer, managing director of
related materials that have a minimal impact on
brand by continuously staying at the forefront of
Cecil Nurse Business Furniture.
the environment. Flo consists of 54% recycled
office furniture design, fabric trends and related
material with 99% of it comprising reusable
Embracing these concepts CN Business
Furniture proudly introduces the Flo Monitor Arm
materials, making it not only sustainable, but also
to its intelligent workspace solutions and overall
environmentally friendly.
energising product portfolio.
Flo’s unique design offers a range and ease of
As a multiple design-award winner, counting
amongst its accolades the prestigious “Red Dot”
For more information please contact Cecil Nurse
(CN) Business Furniture today on 0861OFFICE,
www.cnonline.co.za or request a catalogue from
[email protected]
bidvoice issue 3 2012
group panorama
Deli XL Netherlands
On Friday, June 15, it was that time
again: the presentation of the First
for Foodservice awards. For the fifth
consecutive year, we gave our most
outstanding colleagues the recognition
they deserve for going the extra mile.
As has become tradition, we do that in a very
special location, this year it was the NH Grand Hotel
Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam. With warm words,
wonderful awards and attractive travel prizes.
De Passie counts down… from third, to second, to
first place.
Passion for the business
From left: Tom
(3rd prize);
Alice Dingeman
(2nd prize) and
Jan van der Leest
(1st prize).
In 2008, Deli XL employees were introduced to
the First for Foodservice Awards for the first time.
The aim of this competition, which is open to all
employees, is to focus even more attention on
our mission and core values. Together we want to
create a healthy business for employees, clients
and society. With a passion for food and a passion
for service, last April, all Deli XL staff had the
opportunity to nominate an outstanding colleague
who characterises our mission and core values in an
exceptional way. A colleague who is results focused
tables. Who was about to win the coveted first
and team focused in a responsible and pro-active
the personal welcome at the Krasnapolsky right up
to the end; everything was exquisitely done.
I wouldn’t have missed this experience for anything.
manner. With a Passion for Food and Service.
Working together to achieve more
Where we’ll go with the prize money? No idea as
Day trip to Amsterdam
The third prize went to Tom Lekkerkerker, transport
yet, but it’s sure to be a fabulous weekend!”
On Friday, June 15, the ten nominees and their
team leader at Deli XL in Nieuwegein. His prize: a
partners were treated to an enjoyable day out in
long weekend in the Netherlands valued at €500
A Deli XL woman in heart and soul
Amsterdam. Not just colleagues, but the weather
with €250 spending money.
Second place went to Alice Dingeman, of customer
too smiled upon the ten nominees. The sun shone
“I’m absolutely delighted to have achieved third
services in Ede. She won a long weekend in a
exuberantly during the alternative city walk. Only
place. I knew my colleagues had nominated me,
European city to the value of €1 000 with €500
when the group stepped aboard for a sheltered
but to actually win a prize, that was unexpected.
spending money thrown in.
cruise on the canals of Amsterdam, did it start
I’ve held the role of transport team leader for six
pouring down. After the cruise, they popped into a
months and my colleagues and I have worked
win a prize. I was off work for quite some time. I’ve
little pub for a tasty liqueur and then it was time to
hard to achieve a better result. Successfully, as
been getting back into it slowly over the last few
head back to the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky for
demonstrated by the interim MTO we organised
weeks. In March, I donated a kidney to a friend and
a short rest, then to freshen up and spruce up and
ourselves. It’s rewarding to achieve results through
I’m still recovering from that. With being off work, I
set off to the festive gala!
teamwork. With an award on top of it!”
didn’t hear much about the nominations. So I was
Tension mounted as guests enjoyed a superb
“Galas like these aren’t really my thing at all, but
five-course meal at the five beautifully decorated
I really enjoyed the whole evening very much. From
bidvoice issue 3 2012
“I never expected to be nominated, let alone
extremely surprised when I received a call telling me
I was in the running.”
group panorama
“The whole day was perfectly managed,
my compliments to the organisers. The three
prizewinners were announced during the gala
dinner. When the second prize was announced and
it was said that the winner was a Deli XL woman in
heart and soul, I knew I had won. It’s a wonderful
acknowledgement, of which I am very proud. My
husband and I won’t spend the prize money on a
GPT showcase
Global Payment Technologies (GPT),
city break, that would be too much at this stage.
integrated its supply chain by hosting
However, we have Deli XL’s blessing to spend the
an Open Day on July 17 and 18 2012
money on a trip to any European destination, so
we’re going to Tenerife, where we’ll hire a bungalow
at The Venue, Melrose Arch where
with a swimming pool and enjoy pure relaxation for
12 of GPT’s suppliers exhibited to
a whole week. I can hardly wait!”.
more than 1000 clients.
Jan is number one
Drum roll … the first prize: a trip to South Africa,
The theme of the Open Day centred around
including €2 000 pocket money, as well as a
the latest trends in cash processing. Recycling
nomination for the international Bidvest Awards
of cash in both bank branches and retail
goes to … Jan van der Leest, Warehouse Operative
stores will demonstrate how cash utilisation
at Deli XL in Emmen, who has been the most
and movement can be optimised. GPT also
outstanding Deli XL colleague for a year.
exhibited the latest trends in POS solutions
“When the jury report was read out, I figured out
and mobile payments as well as how mobile
fairly quickly they were talking about me. But I only
’phones can be used to transact. In addition,
knew for sure when my name was read out and
the gaming industry found a host of innovative
I was called to the front. I don’t really like a fuss,
cash-handling products on show.
I just like to get on with my work, but I’d be lying if
“The Open Day created a platform for our
I said I wasn’t very happy with this wonderful award.”
customers to interact with the world’s leading
“Why I think I won? Firstly, because my good
manufacturers of cash-processing equipment
colleagues nominated me, of course. I have them
and POS payment solutions,” said Wanda
to thank in all respects. Not just for the nomination,
van Vuuren, sales and marketing director at
but for the teamwork. We work together with great
GPT. “The Open Day was necessary due to the
pleasure and a collective passion for Deli XL. We all
rapid development in payment technologies.
share the same mindset to do what we do well. And
GPT started by representing one supplier, yet
that works exceptionally well.”
we are now representing 12 manufacturers and
“On August 23, I’ll join a whole delegation to
and solutions to our customers. There are
time ago and I’ve also been to Spain a few times,
great solutions available and we can provide a
but South Africa is something completely different.
turnkey solution to all cash-related problems.
Especially now I’ve been nominated for the Bidvest
Efficiency in cash management and cash
Awards. It would be tough to win that too, but I’m
recycling is our first priority”.
according to Jan.
Henry van Bosch from GPT and our supplier from Sallen.
the Open Day showcased new technologies
South Africa. How exciting! I visited America a long
going to enjoy every minute of this trip to the full,”
Ryno Joubert, Monique Schutte and Gerhard Smuts.
The GPT product range includes equipment
such as: coin counters, coin packaging
solutions, note counters, retail deposit and
recycling systems, note validators, point-ofsale systems and teller automation, automated
Customers visiting the stand.
cashiers for use in the gaming industry and,
in fact, anything required for sound cash optimisation and recycling of cash is available. Exhibitors
attended from across the globe to showcase their product lines to our banking, retail and gaming
customers in South Africa. Attendance was by invitation only. Customers were able to place orders
at the Open Day and, in most cases, delivery lead times are short due to a wide range of equipment
already being held in South Africa.
“It was an honour to showcase the significance of the solutions that GPT brings to the market,”
says Trevor Chamberlain, CEO of GPT. “We also launched six new products at the Open Day. Being
at the forefront of providing technological cash and payment solutions means always being able to
provide the market with the latest inventions and ensure alignment throughout the supply chain.”
bidvoice issue 3 2012
group panorama
Voltex joins 49m
Voltex recently signed up as the 48th member of the 49m movement committed to adopting an energy-saving culture in South Africa.
As the key partner and supporter of 49m, Voltex is also calling all South Africans to get into the culture of saving energy.
Stanley Green, Voltex managing director, signing the Eskom 49m pledge.
Since its launch in March last year, more
Energy reduction can also be achieved through
South Africans have been mobilised to save power,
installing heat pumps which cut your geyser
money and help save the planet. The movement,
heating costs by up to two-thirds, saving you
endorsed by deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe,
money. Other energy-saving technologies, such as
Minister of Public Enterprise Malusi Gigaba, various
induction geysers, utilise electrical energy to create
government departments and private companies,
a magnetic field within the geyser to maximise the
have taken into cognisance South Africa’s
campaign, Voltex is encouraging all employees,
heating process and deliver the same amount of
constrained power system and the need to support
customers and suppliers to save energy in a
hot water as a conventional geyser in a third of the
the global energy-saving efforts by reducing the
number of ways, including insulation of ceilings in
time, saving you up to 60% in power consumption.
country’s carbon footprint.
homes, which can result in houses being up to 50C
Simple efforts of boiling only the amount of water
warmer during winter.
needed for the cup of tea that is being made, make
“With limited power generation reserves,
commerce and industry need to encourage,
Green says that energy saving does not require
a huge difference. Avoid wasting electricity when
support and adopt smarter ways of using energy
huge effort. It can be as simple as replacing faulty
ironing by using a thermostatically-controlled iron.
in order to cut consumption and reduce carbon
or old appliances and checking the wattage of
It is more energy efficient to iron a large batch of
footprints,” says Voltex managing director Stanley
appliances before they are bought.
clothing at one time instead of ironing one or two
Green. Voltex strives to develop and implement
“Consumers can make a difference by
items at a time.
technologies that achieve sustainable energy
unplugging appliances when they are not being
Every little bit helps, 49m remember your power.
savings through low-energy lighting, appliances,
used, installing sensors that turn off lights when
For more information and other great ideas on how
heating and cooling systems.
you’re not in the room, using hot water sparingly
you can save 10% on your electricity costs, go to
and turning the geyser down to 600C.”
In line with its partnership with the 49m
bidvoice issue 3 2012
group panorama
A worthy win for Yamaha
After the initial launch of the 2013 Yamaha WR 450 at the beginning
of June 2012, phenomenal feedback was received about how
versatile the bike was in all types of off-road riding terrain.
Proudly Bidvest Yamaha Racing’s Marc Torlage took the same bike that was used at
the launch and in stock standard trim, raced it to a brilliant second place overall in the
Bell 300 National Off-Road race, that was held in Hluhluwe on July 7 2012.
Torlage qualified the WR 450 in second position behind teammate Kenny
Gilbert in the morning’s sixty kilometre time trial and then proceeded to prove the
competitiveness of the all new WR 450 by bringing the bike home in a strong second
position overall in the 240 kilometre race that afternoon.
Fitted with closed cartridge front forks, an 18” rear wheel, wide ratio gearbox,
and a weighted flywheel as standard equipment, the 2013 Yamaha WR 450 is, in
effect, a YZ 250 F rolling chassis with a punchy, fuel-injected 450cc four-stroke motor
spooned into a lithe motocross frame, making it the ideal weapon to take on the
rigours of off-road and enduro riding.
Says Torlage, the current national off-road champion in the OR3 class and the
current national Enduro champion in the E2 class: “This bike is just brilliant! The
power from the fuel-injected 450cc motor is just so tractable, allowing for real traction
on the back wheel without any wheel spin and, at the same time, providing plenty of
it to run at the top end of the racing field. The handling is also sublime, with quality,
fully adjustable KYB suspension that soaks up everything that a vigorous national offroad race can throw at it with ease. I originally entered into the national OR2 class on
a YZ 250 two-stroke for the 2012 national off-road championship, but a huge crash
and subsequent injury forced me to sit out a number of rounds, so I am not featuring
in this championship any more. When Yamaha asked me to race the WR 450 at
Hluhluwe as part of the promotion of the bike, I was a little sceptical as I have never
raced a big 450cc before. After this race, I am now so excited about this bike! I have
asked Yamaha if I can race it for the remainder of the season. I also want to take it to
the I.S.D.E. in Germany in September, where I am competing as part of the
South African team.”
Front row start for the WR 450 at the recent Bell 300 National Off-Road race.
A royal cook up for 3663
In the run up to the weekend of celebrations to mark the Queen’s 60th year on the throne, 3663’s
Brian Duffy has unveiled his hidden talents to some of the most noteworthy of dinner guests.
By day, Brian is national account manager for Swithenbank Fresh and Fine Foods (fresh and chilled
specialists within the 3663 family). Following an interesting and varied career in the catering and events
Above: A selection of canapés
prepared by chefs at the Royal
Regional visit for Her Majesty’s
Diamond Jubilee celebrations in
June 2012.
Right: Brian Duffy, national
account manager for Swithenbank
Fresh and Fine Foods.
industry, including a previous role working under Michelin-starred chef Daniel James, his experiences landed
him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He was invited to join a team of chefs selected to cater for the guests at
the Royal Regional visit to Richmond Park, London including Her Majesty herself!
Brian said, “Cooking for the Queen was a real honour. We had to cater for two marquees in the royal
enclosure for the day and we served freshly prepared hot and cold canapés and afternoon tea petit fours for
180 guests. Among them was the Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Alexandra and David Attenborough! It was a
fantastic experience and a huge honour to be part of such a great event.”
bidvoice issue 3 2012
reaching out
Bidvest Prestige supports
When the Bidvest Prestige Cape Coastal
team decided to assist with painting the
Oasis workshop in Elsies River, Cape
Town, they were so overwhelmed by the
courage of the disabled employees that
they also donated R50 000 to further
develop the workshops.
The Oasis Association provides a range of services
the workers at the workshops are also their families’
primary breadwinner. This economic activity gives
for exercise, handicraft and other activities.
The Bidvest Prestige staff were humbled to be
them some status in their communities, as well as
a small part of the Oasis Employment Initiatives.
improving their own self-image and sense of dignity.
When asked to recount their experiences, they said
They provide Oasis Association with the means
that watching the Oasis employees going about
women and children. They are given a protected
of becoming less reliant on donor funding through
their tasks of recycling, washing used Styrofoam
place of employment, continuing education and
building their own sustainable projects. The
containers and stacking papers evoked much
training, occupational therapy, transport and the
pace and skill level is accommodated through
emotion. They all realised that what most people
daily companionship of work colleagues. Many of
occupational activity groups which also allows time
take for granted, these individuals value the most.
for approximately 450 intellectually disabled men,
SACD’s toy drive
SACD’s freight depot and head office launched their third Easter drive this
year with the focus on collecting new and secondhand toys for boys and
girls. Not only did we receive donations of toys, but staff, family members,
neighbours and friends also gave cash donations, educational toys, books,
puzzles, games, play dough, food and clothing. We also purchased muchneeded food items, mattresses and blankets from the cash donations
The donations were given to Tweedle Little Do Crèche in Atlantis,
Cape Town. The children were overwhelmed with joy and thanked us in
song, smiles, hugs and high fives. It just goes to show: The smallest of
gestures can cause a ripple effect with lasting happiness and fulfilment.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
reaching out
Acting together for charity
In a show of joint social responsibility,
Montana Laundries, a division of Bidvest
Laundry, and Mediclinic have launched a
blanket drive to help keep the residents at
Lebohang centre for the mentally disabled
warm through the winter months.
The blanket drive has already delivered 160
blankets to a reception of smiling, happy and
appreciative faces. “The blankets will make a huge
difference to our children and have come at the
for children from the age of three and currently has
perfect time,” says Mr Mollo, general manager at
41 permanent residents.
the Lebohang centre.
Mediclinic also made a substantial donation
towards erecting palisade fencing around the
“Montana Laundries is proud to be a part of
perimeter of the facility to ensure its security.
this initiative,” says Lindie Smit, general manager
“We are extremely grateful for the kindness
mentally disabled children. It consists of three
at Montana. “Our combined efforts with Mediclinic
and thoughtfulness of Montana Laundries and
dormitories, a stimulation room, administration
have resulted in an excellent outcome and an
Mediclinic. I would personally like to thank them for
building, dining room and kitchen facilities. It cares
increased positive impact.”
both their generosity and efforts,” adds Mr Mollo.
The centre was founded in 1986 to care for
TMS KZN CSI project
Once a month on a Friday afternoon,
employees of TMS KZN dedicate
their time to work on refurbishing
25 classrooms at a rural primary
school in Adams Mission.
in the classrooms and each class holds on average
35 to 40 pupils.
The school has a feeding programme in place for
the pupils to receive one meal a day. Sadly, this is
often their only meal.
The TMS project commenced last year and has
so far re-cemented the corridor and classroom
floors, painted the window frames and is currently
The school, Saphumelela Junior Primary, has
approximately 900 pupils who share one ablution
Above: before and below: after.
busy with the painting of the classrooms. Through
contact with other Bidvest companies in the region,
block with three cubicles. The poor state of these
a donation of a stainless steel gas cooker has been
facilities makes for unhygienic conditions for the
made by Vulcan and a copier/printer by Konica
children. The classrooms have asbestos roofing,
some of which has holes in it, and the floors are
cement with ‘potholes’ in them. There are no fans
The principal, Mrs Mtolo, was really grateful for
our efforts.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
reaching out
Helix and Reach for a Dream
Who would have thought in 1887 that
Helix would still be going 125 years
later – and stronger than ever!
While the Helix name has always been
associated with school stationery, its
impressive reputation is largely due to the Helix
Oxford maths set, over 200 million having been
sold for use by children around the world.
Silveray Statmark Company (SSC),
distributor of Helix products in South Africa for
the past 15 years, has chosen to celebrate this
milestone in a most inspired way. For every
Helix Oxford maths set sold over the next year,
25c will be donated to the Reach For A Dream
Reach for a Dream fulfils the dreams of
children between the ages of three and
18 who have been diagnosed as having a
life-threatening illness by a medical practitioner.
The foundation reaches 30 000 children every
year and fulfils five dreams a day.
Children who have benefited from The Reach For A Dream Foundation’s initiatives.
A centenary effort to save rhinos
Crown National is celebrating its
centenary by supporting efforts to save
South Africa’s rhinos.
“Without the support of government, business
that retailers buy, they will earn an entry in a lucky
and the public, South Africa’s rhino population could
draw for a chance to win one of three prizes.
be wiped out within our lifetime,” says Sheelagh
First prize (and symbolic of Crown’s centenary) is
Antrobus, Project Rhino KZN Co-ordinator.
R100 000 cash and TV exposure on ‘Kom Braai’
Dawid says: “Our Centenary Edition of boerewors,
with Dewald Visser. Second prize is a two-night
It is donating R3 to Project Rhino KZN for every
biltong and dry wors seasonings, created as part of
weekend getaway, worth R15 000, for two at the
kilogram batch pack of its Centenary boerewors,
our centenary birthday celebrations, was specially
five-star Thanda Private Game Reserve in northern
biltong or dry wors that retailers buy. “The initiative
formulated from the best spices and ingredients to
KwaZulu-Natal. Third prize is one of 100 spice
is our way of giving something back to the
give what we consider to be a celebration of flavour.”
vouchers worth R1 000 each, redeemable from any
community and supporting a cause very close to
For every 12 kilograms of the Centenary range
Crown National branch countrywide.
the hearts of all South Africans,” says Crown
Consumers are eligible to win a weekend away
National’s marketing executive, Dawid Muller.
getaway at Thanda by dialling the number on all the
“In addition to the contribution that sales
Centenary range fresh-meat products and following
generate for Project Rhino KZN, retailers
the prompts.
and consumers will be eligible for great
Project Rhino KZN, an association of
like-minded organisations launched on
The promotion runs until the end of
December. Winners will be announced in
January next year. For more information
on the promotion or Project Rhino KZN,
World Rhino Day (September 22, 2011) co-
visit the Crown National Website
ordinates efforts to eliminate rhino poaching
www.crownnational.co.za or call
and secure South Africa’s rhino populations.
+27 (11) 201 9058.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
reaching out
Slam Bollinger: Andrew Selley, 4th from right and Lawrence Dallaglio, 7th from the right.
Crossing Europe to raise
Bidvest Logistics recently joined forces
with two UK sporting legends, Rugby
International, Lion and World Cup winner
Lawrence Dallaglio and cricketer Andrew
‘Freddie’ Flintoff, to raise much needed
funds for UK charities.
Dallaglio and Flintoff but
other celebrities and
fund raisers, including
former footballers
Lee Dixon and Graeme
Le Saux and Virgin
boss Sir Richard
Branson’s son, Sam, all
of whom completed the full cycling challenge.
The Dallaglio Flintoff 2012 Cycle Slam was a
Andrew rode the final stage of the event which
gruelling 2 872 kilometre charity bike ride crossing
included the infamous Paris-Roubaix cobbles,
Europe starting in Olympia, the birthplace of the
AKA the ‘Hell of the North’, a 153 kilometre bone-
ancient Olympic games and ending in London, the
shaking route over cobbled farm tracks and streets
venue for the 2012 Olympic games.
Dave Lappage, Bidvest Logistics driver; Andy Cain, Bidvest
Logistics senior driver; Lawrence Dallaglio; Andrew Selley,
Bidvest Logistics managing director and Paul White, Bidvest
Logistics driver.
from St Quentin to Roubaix. Back in the UK, the
every one in the business who has supported my
Bidvest Logistics was a committed partner
final 100 kilometre cycle began at 06:00 on May 18
challenge financially – we can all help to make a
for the Cycle Slam. Several of our vehicles, ably
from Ashford in Kent and Andrew crossed the finish
positive difference by offering whatever we can and
driven by Andy Cain, Will Randell, Paul White,
line later that day with Dallaglio and Flintoff at the
I’m proud of my Bidvest colleagues.”
Dave Lappage, Craig Evans and John Pails,
gateway to London’s Olympic park in the presence
provided a vital logistics service between venues
of thousands of cheering onlookers and over 200
2012 of course) for three charities: the Dallaglio
along the route to ensure all 300 riders, their
previous stage riders who had taken part.
Foundation supporting prostate cancer research
equipment and support teams successfully
Andrew said “I can’t tell you how amazing this
The Cycle Slam target is to raise £2 012m (that’s
by Cancer Research UK; the AF Foundation
completed the journey from Olympia to London.
challenge has been and I’m so proud, not to
renovating children’s rehabilitation wards in hospitals
The team was managed and organised by
mention relieved, to have crossed the finish line in
throughout the UK; and Virgin Unite, which
Nick Lappage from our Banbury depot.
such exalted professional sporting company.
supports entrepreneurship in young people.
Bidvest Logistics managing director Andrew
“Bidvest Logistics was a much appreciated
To date Andrew has raised over £6 000 – a
Selley rose to the challenge and took part in the
supporter of the Cycle Slam and our team, should
fantastic achievement and a clear signal that people
final 600 kilometre leg from Champagne to London.
be proud of the role they played in making the
at Bidvest are more than willing to ‘go to the max’
Andrew was in good company, not just riding with
ride the success it was. I’d like personally to thank
to help the broader community.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Winter warmers campaign
Initiated by Carien Raath of
Chipkins Bakery Supplies, staff of
NCP and Chipkins Bakery Supplies
Johannesburg, Nelspruit and
Polokwane dug deep into their
pockets and donated 130 blankets
to the Jacaranda FM winter warmer
corporate challenge.
Carien was thrilled at the generosity of
the staff and had to get assistance from
fellow staff member, Gary Davies, and his
“bakkie” to deliver the blankets.
“The response was amazing”, Carien
says, “and is a reflection of the great team
spirit and the generosity that prevails in
the Chipkins/NCP team.”
Thank you to all who donated to this
worthy cause. This winter, many will sleep
warmly because of you.
Meaningful community support
When Dean Sawyer of 3663 saw how
well his uncle was being cared for during
a stay on Caversham Ward at the Royal
Berkshire Hospital he decided to try to
help provide some added “extras” for
Dean asked 3663 if they would like to help and the
firm promptly donated two flatscreen televisions
worth £800 to the ward.
Patients on Caversham Ward tend to have longer
hospital stays than the average patient as many are
completing rehabilitation and physiotherapy after
Dean Sawyer (centre, left) and Paul Jackson (centre, right) present the televisions to Dr Jeddi (far left) who cared for Dean’s uncle
during his stay on Caversham Ward, senior staff nurse John (left), physio Debbie (right) and Ian (far right) from the Royal Berks Charity.
experiencing strokes or having falls. With this in
mind, Dean thought the televisions might provide
Paul Jackson, 3663’s finance and admin manager.
their community. The team provided refreshments
patients with a bit of comfort and entertainment
“We were impressed with the staff and assistance
for the hospital charity golf day last year which
during their extended stays.
they give. We thought our donation would be
raised a whopping £10 000 for the Robbie the
beneficial to patients.”
Robot appeal. They also donated a prize for the
The company jumped at the chance to get
involved. “Dean put a good case forward,” said
bidvoice issue 3 2012
3663 Reading, are no strangers to supporting
fertility clinic’s Christmas prize draw.
Mobile library
comes to rural schools
Konica Minolta South Africa has converted a light commercial vehicle into a mobile library, providing children who do not have access
to books in their schools and communities with the opportunity to improve their literacy skills – a necessary tool to function in society,
find a good job and nourish problem solving as well as the imagination.
The fully kitted out Mercedes-Benz Sprinter,
Services has insured the vehicle and Bidtrack
purchased by the company from McCarthy Kunene
will provide vehicle tracking, recovery and fleet
in Witbank, has been entrusted to The Edu-Care
management services,” says Coetzer.
Foundation, a non-profit organisation that through
Konica Minolta South Africa has also donated
its R.E.A.D. (respect, education, attitude and
a sum of money to buy books and a laptop to be
discipline) initiative assists children in the foundation
used as a research facility for subjects such as
phase to improve their reading ability.
history, science and geography. With the help of
“The mobile library is the first of its kind and
one of its suppliers, it has also created cheerful
will service the Gauteng area, ranging from the
artwork on the body of the vehicle.
West Rand to the East Rand and even a school
in Hammanskraal,” says project initiator Laetitia
Coetzer, special projects manager at Konica Minolta
South Africa. She adds that it will also function as
a study centre at certain rural area schools where
there are no study facilities.
Although projects, such as the Mandela Day
Achmat Dangor, chief executive at the Nelson
From left: Laetitia Coetzer, special projects manager at Konica
Minolta South Africa and Daleen Havenga, founder of the
Edu-Care Foundation.
Mandela Foundation and champion of Mandela
it can service up to 20 schools a month.
created a solution to South Africa’s current literacy
“As a Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South
Day was present at the hand over. He praised the
project as an initiative that, through innovation, has
problem. “We believe there is always a remedy
Africa has encouraged other organisations within
and that businesses, government and civil society
Library, have set up libraries using converted shipping
the Group to take part in the project. For this
should focus on solutions and not problems,
containers at various schools, the mobile library
reason, Kolok sponsored the consumables for
something Konica Minolta South Africa has done
extends that work and adds a unique element in that
the printer in the mobile library, Bidvest Financial
impeccably,” he says.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Blankets and beans
The Namsov Community Trust (NCT) donated a total of 3 000
blankets and 3 000 trays of canned beans, valued at N$678 000
to the communities of the Erongo, Hardap and Karas regions.
The donation forms part of NCT’s drive to alleviate the plight of marginalised
and destitute members of those regions, especially during the cold winter
The NCT is a 10% shareholder of Namsov Fishing Enterprises. Through
dividends paid to the shareholders, the trust is able to assist and support
underprivileged and disadvantaged communities through uplifting and
empowering projects in all regions of Namibia.
NCT is managed independently by a Board of Trustees and has contributed
in excess of N$38 million since its inception. The trust believes true
empowerment is achieved through education and skills transfer that equip
people to make a difference with their lives and the lives of their families and
Financial assistance to study at tertiary education facilities is awarded to
hardworking, committed and underprivileged students. This is a structure
through which NCT invests in young Namibian citizens to obtain qualifications
in areas outside of fishing activities. To date the trust has awarded 34 bursaries
Governor of Erongo region, Cleophas Mutjavikua; Governor of Karas region,
Bernardus Swartbooi; Bidvest Namibia CEO, Sebby Kankondi and Governor of Hardap
region, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa.
and six scholarships to students and these include medical doctors, dentists
and marine biologists. The trust is proud of its achievements in this regard and
has sponsored 19 bursaries and two scholarships for the 2012 academic year.
Turning hope into reality
It was a dream come true for Klarinet community members
Emelie Mahatsela and Fessie Seopela when they were given the
opportunity to expand their business, Women of Hope Laundry
services, through an Enterprise Development project.
Bidvest Prestige partnered with Exxaro Inyanda coal mine in Witbank to assist
the two managers financially and by developing their management skills. Bidvest
Prestige’s Edge Performance training division was approached to provide the
necessary training to develop skills.
The training programme ran for nine months and included safety-related
courses and soft skills like conducting a meeting and improving assertiveness.
The courses were facilitated by Marié Voigt, training consultant, northern division.
On receiving their certificates it was clear the ladies have what it takes to run and
expand the Women of Hope Laundry Service.
From left: Bronwyn Makgato, Exxaro; Emelie Mahatsela, Women of Hope Stakeholder and
Marié Voigt, training consultant.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Back row from left: Grace Chirwa, Esther Mathatha, Dan Ntsala, Avhasei Mulibana, Martin Robinson (GM of Prestige
North West Hospitality), Simon Theke, Reuben Ngobeni, Site assistant, Ntswaki Morubane and Christopher Jones.
Middle row from left: Thabitha Masehela, Beverly Robinson, Site assistant and Elize Nel. Seated: Mpilo Setshoge, Site assistant,
Nkululeko Zikalala, Johannah Segoje, Sylvester Yika, Roger Vicente and Arlous Shaba.
Brick building challenge
A Sun City Resort CSI project in April proved to be the day that Bidvest Prestige volunteers showed what they are made of.
Prestige joined the project, called Letsema, which means ‘let’s work
together’ where the whole Sun City community united as one to make
bricks for the neighbouring village of Chaneng.
All the teams were given two hours in which they had to mix cement,
feed the machines which make the bricks and stack as many bricks as
they could in that short period of time. A record 6 630 bricks were made
by 12 teams of which Bidvest Prestige produced a total of 640.
The project forms part of the Corporate Social Investment Initiative of
the area. The community members will use the bricks to build a learner’s
license-testing class room for the development of residents. Excess bricks
will be used for future CSI projects, including building a house for a needy
family in Chaneng.
Proudly donating blood
A&S Food Distributors, which joined Bidvest Foodservice last year,
is working closely with Bidvest Foodservice Multi-Temp Free State to
serve their customers better.
A&S Bloemfontein has been donating blood regularly for the past six
years, giving back life to the community. This year they enlisted Bidvest
Foodservice Multi-Temp Free State to join their blood drive so that they
could ‘bleed’ together. The mobile Blood Bank visited their offices on
May 4 and they captured both branch managers, Alf Do Rego and
Ricky Ramos, lying side by side donating blood for a very good cause.
Together, these two companies have more than quadrupled the pints
of blood that they have donated in the past, for which they can be
extremely proud.
A&S and Bidvest Foodservice Multi-temp Free State’s branch
managers, Alf Do Rego and Ricky Ramos donate blood.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
reaching out
R2 million donation
The first donation of over R1 million by Bidvest Freight to the Professor Mazisi Kunene Foundation resulted in KwaHluzingqondo Secondary
School in KZN achieving a 62% matric pass rate in 2011, which is a substantial improvement on the dismal 33% pass rate of 2009.
The generous donation went to purchasing books,
calculators and stationery as well as setting up a
critically needed tutorial programme for matriculants.
“The poor matric pass rate in 2009 was primarily due
to a lack of equipment and facilities at the school,”
says Zosukuma Kunene, project coordinator and
communications director for the Kunene Foundation.
“The dire situation called for the formation of an
Education Intervention Programme and a plea for
partnerships,” he says.
Nosi Mbongwa, commercial director of Bidvest
Freight, was approached by the Foundation. Nosi
assessed the Foundation’s work and found that it
was in line with the division’s policy which focuses on
education and youth development.
She comments, “When the Foundation
approached us we were in the process of reviewing
matric results and looking for a school to adopt and
assist. The criteria were that the Foundation would
co-ordinate the programme. It has been incredible
Above: The students in their newly painted classrooms.
seeing the results improve from 33% in 2009, to 45%
in 2010 and 62% in 2011. The tutorial programme
Excellence, which was funded by the Ilembe
has been rolled out to grade 11 and grade 12 pupils
Consortium and Dube Tradeport, containing a
and two other local schools are also benefiting.”
multi-media library and computer facility, as well
Bidvest Freight committed to a second donation
as the latest education development software
of over R1,2 million to the Foundation to build a
provided by Bidvest Freight. As we continue to forge
science lab designed by world-renowned architect
strong partnerships with the University of KZN and
Don Albert. The project will take 11 months to
internationally with the University of California
complete. A number of Bidvest Freight businesses
Los Angeles, the power of the project continues
are the main contributors to this project: Bidfreight
to grow. The new library is the only library facility
Port Operations; Bidvest Panalpina Logistics; Bulk
within 25 kilometres of four schools in the area
Connections; Island View Storage; South African
and is open for use by pupils of all four schools
perfect driver of Kunene Foundation. His late father,
Bulk Terminals and K-Line Shipping (South Africa) –
and the community.”
Mazisi Kunene, was an exiled South African and
a joint venture between Bidvest and K-Line Shipping.
Zos says the programme is still in a growth phase
Mrs Kunene on a tour of the facilities with the former Minister
of Transport, Sbu Ndebele and former US Consul General in
Durban, Taylor Ruggles.
A passion for what he does makes Zos the
Zos “learned how to protest before I learned how to
“It is exciting to see all the businesses coming
and he invites all Bidvest companies to recognise
walk”. After many years in California, Zos returned
together to support such a great initiative. The
the work that has been done and join in. “You often
to South Africa and realised that a lot needed
science lab will focus on all the science subjects
see funding given to programmes where you are
to be done, not only by government but by the
and mathematics. There are not enough pupils who
not able to see the results. The Kunene Foundation
private sector, too. The Mazisi Kunene Foundation
do mathematics and we hope that the facilities will
manages its donor funding with transparency and
was set up by Zos, his mother and trustees and
motivate others to take up the subject,” adds Nosi.
accountability and the results are clear. All the
named in honour of his father who was dedicated
students who attended the tutorials graduated, some
to education. “One of the key aims of the project is
support for a drastic turnaround strategy for the
with distinctions and some going on to University.
to showcase how educational development can be
school and the area are tangible. He says the
This shows the immediate impact of private sector
spearheaded by committed support from the private
Foundation’s work is not just about assisting the
involvement in the development of communities.
Zos explains that the results of the corporations’
school. It is a catalyst for developing and uplifting
“Bidvest Freight has come to the party as a very
If you would like to get involved in this worthwhile
the greater community of Amahlongwa through the
strong supporter and I would like to thank Anthony
project, please contact: Zos Kunene on
development of the school.
Dawe and Nosi Mbongwa for initiating support within
+27 (31) 205 2912, +27(72) 970 8099 or email
[email protected]
“In 2011 we opened a R3 million Centre of
bidvoice issue 3 2012
reaching out
Feeding scheme in PE
Bidvest Panalpina Logistics staff in Port Elizabeth have adopted a
children’s feeding trust, the Port Elizabeth Children’s Feeding Trust (CFT),
through an in-house fundraising initiative.
The motto “Feeding others by feeding ourselves” requires each department to provide
Friday lunch or a tea-time treat to colleagues, with R2 per meal going to the trust.
Says Bernadine Willis, business development consultant: “By connecting our need for
lunch to the dire need for food for the underprivileged triggers an emotional connection
resulting in overwhelming support for our cause.
“The number of meals varies between 50 and 109, depending on the menu and the
day. The meals may be as simple as hamburgers or pizzas. We also receive donations of
food or money which accumulate towards our profit.”
CFT feeds children who are not covered by school feeding schemes. These include
children with malnutrition, HIV/Aids, physical and intellectual disabilities, TB, as well as
abused and street children.
“We need to take care of our community at large,” explains Bernadine.
BPL director Bruce Thoresson last week handed over a cheque for R7 000 from the
BPL staff to trust chairman Jill Gardner. “We are absolutely delighted,” says Jill. “Food
prices are soaring and the 13 000 under-privileged children we assist need our help now
more than ever.”
Bidvest Panalpina Logistics director, Bruce Thoresson (left) and business development
consultant, Bernadine Willis (right), presented chairwoman of the Children’s Feeding
Trust, Jill Gardner, with a cheque donated by the company’s staff members. With them
is Simamkele Greevelink, an employee’s daughter and the unofficial mascot of the
fundraising scheme.
The ultimate human race
In the spirit of the Olympics our very own long-distance
runner, Werner Webb from Bidvest Panalpina Logistics,
shared his Comrades experience.
who stood singing the national anthem and then we were off, with tears in
our eyes and adrenaline rushing through every vein of our bodies.
The kilometres flew past and for a moment I saw myself crossing
the line in less than nine hours. Little did I know that I had two huge
mountains in the second half of the race. After conquering the
first mountain which was about 38 kilometres into the race, I felt
I started 2012 with the aim of running the Comrades
a sharp pain surging from my knee all the way up my leg. The
marathon a little differently. I am a born athlete and
have been running for many years. It was one of my
pain was so intense that I struggled to bend my knee and could
dreams to be part of the camaraderie so I decided to
barely walk. At 44.3 kilometres into the race I was broken and
run the marathon with as little training as possible.
my hope of finishing was diminishing.
I pushed through to 63 kilometres with a knee injury and in
While my fellow comrades trained 60 kilometres a
week I trained 15 kilometres a week. I said to myself,
a trance from fighting the pain. Just then I saw my fiancée and
“The comrades marathon is just another marathon”.
my very ill mother sitting in the cold waiting for me at one of
the spectator spots. I realised that this was not just about me.
I qualified for the comrades with an F seeding and was well
on my way to Pietermaritzburg. I had the heart of a lion and
was ready for the few hills that I was going to face.
As I collected my entry number, it hit me that this was
no ordinary race. My fellow runners had talked about not
finishing the race. I had never entered a race and not finished.
The question of “How will I overcome not finishing a race if
something goes wrong” began to fill me with fear.
I did not sleep a wink for two nights before Comrades.
Race morning was freezing and, with no protection from
the weather, I was ready to conquer 89 kilometres.
The start was emotional with 18 000 fellow comrades
I did not want to let them down. I held back my tears and smiled at both
of them, had a few sips of hot soup and a recovery shake and ventured
towards the last 19 kilometres. The next 12 kilometres were my fastest in
the second half. The last seven kilometres were the worst part of the whole
race as I witnessed fellow comrades collapsing and sitting on the hot tar.
As I conquered the hardest seven kilometres I have ever run I entered this
stadium and could not hold back the tears. With 89 kilometres behind you,
your legs cannot go another step and, if your mind gives up, you will collapse.
There I was past the finish line in 11:19:40.
Next year I will be back to conquer the uphill run: with adequate training
this time.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
rest and relaxation
Croxley sponsors Jacques
For over a century, Croxley has been
synonymous with the best quality paper
and other stationery products.
“Today Croxley is proud to be associated with another
century-maker, Jacques Rudolph, South Africa’s
African Cricketer of the Year. As part of the Proteas’
test squad in the current New Zealand series,
Rudolph hopes to bounce back to the form that saw
him top SA’s batting averages the last time South
Africa ventured into the Black Caps’ territory in 2004.
After five years away from the international arena,
stylish left-hander who has made a come-back to the
Rudolph now returns to the SA side. He played in
Proteas Test side this season,” says Trevor Girnun,
all five home tests against Australia and Sri Lanka.
managing director of Silveray Statmark Company,
In an interview just before leaving for New Zealand,
distributors of Croxley. “This famous name on
Rudolph commented: “I am proud of Croxley’s
Jacques Rudolph’s flashing bat will further cement
sponsorship and will do everything to ensure that the
Croxley’s association with style and quality for the
company’s faith in me is justified.
Having that famous name on my bat gives me
duration of the sponsorship.”
Rudolph made his mark on the international
an added responsibility and incentive to do well.”
cricket scene at his test debut in 2003 with a double
Springs-born Jacques Rudolph, has also played
century – an unbeaten 222 – against Bangladesh
for South Africa A, Africa XI, the Eagles, the Titans,
in Chittagong. That year he was also voted South
Northerns and Yorkshire.
Comrades no 2 Comrades no 5
Comrades no 11 Comrades no 16
Jan Mokiti, an Afcom employee for the last
39 years, managed to win another bronze
medal at the 2012 Comrades Marathon.
This was his 16th time running this gruelling
race. Jan is a member of the Bidvest Athletic
Club. Jan says the up run is more difficult as
he won his silver medal on the downward run.
Dan Shabangu of SACD City in action at the
Comrades Marathon 2012. This is the fifth
one he has successfully run.
Gregory de Bruin, financial manager
Bidvest Foodservice Multi-Temp
KwaZulu-Natal, showed strength and
commitment when he successfully
completed his second Comrades
Marathon. The 89 kilometre marathon
between Pietermaritzburg and Durban
attracts thousands of runners from all over
the globe who combine both physical
muscle and mental strength to master
the greatest ultra marathon in the world.
Congratulations to Greg and all the runners
who participated in this acclaimed event.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
The management and staff at Vulcan
would like to congratulate Morgan
Mogaadile. Morgan earned a permanent
Comrades number by completing
10 races in 2011 and has now
successfully completed his 11th Comrades
Marathon.This is a rare achievement and
a unique badge of honour. Morgan now
joins an exclusive band of individuals who
have experienced a special relationship
with this great race.
rest and relaxation
The StabiloFelions cheerleading squad
Stabilo highlights FeLions
For the past 40 years, Stabilo highlighters
have proved to be one of the most
inspired inventions in the field of
on to victory, match after match, Stabilo will be
matching their youthful energy.”
There’s further synergy since the Stabilo
corporate colours are the same as the MTN Lions
– a vibrant red and white. It’s hard to imagine life
without Stabilo highlighters and it is highly unlikely
Now Stabilo has taken to the fields of rugby by
that there will be anyone attending the Super
sponsoring the MTN Lions cheerleaders, the
15 Lions matches, young or old, who has never
‘FeLions’, for the 2012 Vodacom Rugby Super 15.
used or experienced this remarkable fluorescent
Stabilo products are distributed by Silveray
innovation. The wild enthusiasm that will greet
Statmark Company (SSC), which is proud to be
associated with the MTN Lions in this community
initiative. “While Stabilo itself has been around
since 1875, the highlighters are still considered the
Shaun Attwell, marketing manager for SSC and FeLions
representative, Graham Fehrsen.
“The dazzling nine fluorescent colours provide
company’s most successful product and it is still
that funky look that’s always up to the minute. So
without equal 40 years on,” according to Shaun
when the Lions’ most ardent supporters come onto
Attwell, marketing manager for SSC.
the field to strut their stuff in cheering their team
each MTN Lions victory will be reminiscent of
the enthusiasm that greeted the Stabilo Boss
highlighter breakthrough in 1971. And the
StabiloFeLions will be positively glowing with pride
with their winning team!
Good luck, MTN Lions – and keep up the good
work you StabiloFeLions!
Making sport count
MSCSPORTS continue to Make Sport
Hand couriers, Prudential, Discovery,
Count for their clients. The hugely
Outsurance and Konica Minolta. Brand
popular Sasfin Sports Quiz in aid of the
exposure is on Supersport and DSTV
Selwyn Segal organisation took place
and other national and local broadcast
recently in Sandton with 420 people in
attendance. Once again the evening
MSCSPORTS events include the
was an amazing success and for the
Bidvest Unity Walk in 3 cities on the
first time in 10 years the invincible
same day; the Continental Run to Stop;
Leetek team were pipped to the post
the SAICC Golf Day; Bidvest Golf Days
by Bidvest Corporate who could not
and Ram Father and Sons cricket day.
contain their delight when the result was
South Africans love their sport and
MSCSPORTS is proud to play an
MSCSPORTS continue to maximise
important role in providing high-quality
their clients’ brand exposure. Clients
include Bidvest Bank, RAM Hand to
events and opportunities to corporate
2012 Sasfin quiz champions – The Bidvest head office team.
South Africa.
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Bidvest Freight ladies’ golf clinic
The annual Bidvest Freight ladies’ golf clinic was held
This year R10 000 was donated to a Durban-
on May 24 at Emberton in Hillcrest KZN and proved
based organisation called Just Us 4 Children. This
again to be a fun and popular event. This is the fourth
organisation assists children who are the victims
ladies golf day held and everyone leaves with a prize
of intentional abuse (sexual, physical, emotional
and a ‘goodie bag’ to enjoy afterwards. The nine
or neglect) or unintentional abuse such as neglect
four-balls ensure that Bidvest Freight customers are
due to poverty. Their volunteers focus on case
well entertained and relationships are strengthened
management, crisis management and ongoing
between customers and Bidvest employees.
education and awareness. Thank you to everyone
Money is raised every year for a specific charity.
for donating with such an open heart.
Roxette superfan
Neil Munro, financial manager at Chipkins CCW Pietermaritzburg, and his wife, meet Roxette
backstage before the concert.
When East Coast Radio held a “Roxette Superfan” competition in anticipation
of Roxette’s tour to South Africa, Neil Munro, financial manager at Chipkins
CCW Pietermaritzburg and devoted Roxette fan, was struck by inspiration.
The competition called for fans to send in their best Roxette poems or songs
for the chance to see the band live and meet them backstage. Neil decided
to write his very own Roxette song which he submitted and he won! He and
his partner received tickets to the concert and met the band, as well as having
their collection of LPs signed. Neil was thrilled and reports that “the concert
was one golden oldie after the next. If it didn’t rock you away, it succeeded in
returning a flood of memories. It was a wonderful experience.”
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Graham Geddie (centre) with Konica Minolta South Africa MD, Alan Griffith (left) and Konica
Minolta South Africa product manager – production solutions, Leon Minnie (right).
Dash 4 Cash
Graham Geddie, production specialist at Corporate Business Automation in
Cape Town, was the lucky winner of a cheque for R120 000 at Konica Minolta
South Africa’s 2012 Dash 4 Cash incentive event.
The event, which was held at The Venue in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg,
saw 25 qualified entrants start the competition in a game of chance at
the roulette table. Through “elimination” roulette, round two consisted of
16 entrants, who were further paired down to the final three.
Competition time 3 /12
Win 1 of five R1 000 cash prizes
A transfer of cash to you
Question 1:Which Bidvest division donated R2m
to improve schooling?
(page 52)
Question 2:What is the name of the Bidvest employee
who ran his 16th Comrades?
(page 54)
Question 3:What is the name of the 3663 chef who
catered for the Queen to mark her
60th year on the throne?
(page 43)
Bidvoice 2/2012
Gertruida Drotzkie, T&C – Namibia
Entry form
Deadline: Friday, November 30 2012
Kdibone Dorothy, Konica Minolta
– Kimberley
Only employees of Bidvest companies may enter. Only one entry per person. Prizes not claimed after one month will be reallocated.
Riaan Ludeke, Puréau – Vereeniging
Belinda Cornelissen, SA Diaries
– Cape Town
Baroos Mapfumari, Bidoffice Furniture
Manufacturing – Johannesburg
Your details:
First name and surname:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of company (indicate whether head office or branch and location):___________________________________________________________________________________
Work street address:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Telephone and fax:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Send your competition
entries and full name
and address to:
The Editor, Bidvoice
(by any of the following methods)
Facsimile: +27 (86) 600 3482
E-mail: [email protected]
Post: PO Box 87274, Houghton 2041,
South Africa
E-mail address:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
bidvoice issue 3 2012
Cape Town
35 604
8 693
6 152
Congratulations to the 50 499 Proudly Bidvest people and
their families and friends who completed the Bidvest Unity
Walk. Wheelchairs were donated to worthy causes on behalf
of everyone who participated in the walk.

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