Second Pastoral Anniversary Celebration Commemorative Journal



Second Pastoral Anniversary Celebration Commemorative Journal
Reverend Dr.
Beverly D. Frazier
Senior Pastor
Beverly D. Frazier, PhD is the Senior Interim Pastor of Morning Star
Pentecostal Church in Harlem, NY. She is also an Assistant Professor in the
Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration Department at John
Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, New York. In addition, she is a
Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania School of Program for
Research on Religion and Urban Civil Society in Philadelphia. She received
her PhD in Social Welfare from the University of Pennsylvania and her
Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS).
Dr. Beverly D. Frazier served as an Associate Pastor at the Elim International Fellowship in Brooklyn, New
York, where she was ordained by the late Bishop Wilbert S. McKinley. As a member of the cathedral staff at
Elim, she served as dean and director of planning and assessment. In addition to her organizational leadership
duties at Elim, Dr. Frazier served in ministry word – preaching, teaching – and the administering of the
sacraments. Most recently, she served as an Associate Minister at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Trenton, NJ,
where Rev. Darrell L. Armstrong is the Senior Pastor. Most of her life, Dr. Frazier has served in
congregational ministry in and beyond the walls of the church.
As a scholar, Dr. Frazier received the best paper award for her article, “African Americans and Criminal
Justice,” in the Journal of Ethnicity and Criminal Justice. She also appeared on a TV One cable channel crime
reenactment series in 2015 and has taped another episode which will air in 2016. Previously, Dr. Frazier
published her ethnographic research on faith-based prisoner reentry in a collaborative book project, Reentry
Thinking Corrections, published in 2009. In addition, her first scholarly contribution to race and criminal
justice literature, Dr. Frazier has co-edited an encyclopedia volume, African Americans and the Criminal
Justice System published by Greenwood Press.
Dr. Frazier has previously held positions at AT&T as an accounts executive for national accounts, senior
public relations specialist, and affirmative and diversity officer. Dr. Frazier was responsible for sales and
marketing for major markets, select and national accounts – fortune 500 companies – for which she won
numerous awards and recognition for her achievements. Dr. Frazier also won awards in her public relations
positions, where she was responsible for media relations and employee communications.
A proven leader, Dr. Frazier served in several upper-level leadership positions in numerous corporate,
community, church and entrepreneurial roles, such as president and founder of AT&T Blacks in Public
Relations, North Jersey Chapter of Blacks in Government and African Americans in Public Relations at
AT&T; president and vice president of GSYPU; PTS Student Government Executive Board as the first
African American Student-Faculty Liaison; and the list goes on and on.
A native of Savannah, Georgia, Dr. Frazier was born the fourth of seven children to Leroy and Flora Frazier.
She presently resides in New Jersey and enjoys international travel, hiking and spending time with her family
and friends.
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Grace and peace to you from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
It is with both joy and soberness that I write this note acknowledging this milestone in my life and
that of the church, Morning Star Pentecostal. While we are not where we are going, we thank God we
are not where we were! God has been faithful and we boast in His goodness and grace!
God has brought us from the point of despair to one of renewed hope, looking forward to the
expectation of what God will do with, in and through those who are the called ones ordained to do the
work of the master.
When I started this journey as Senior Pastor two years ago, I had no idea what would lie ahead for me
and the church. I did know that we were faced with great challenges but did not know what obstacles
would come with overcoming those challenges, but God…
We rejoice today as the Lord has given us the victory!
And, yes, we still have mountains, but God has shown us that He not only delivers, but He delivers
with a strong hand! So it is with the confidence of the things that God has already done, that we face
the prospect of a bright future to the glory of the Father!
There were many testimonies of the greatness and faithfulness of God on our two-year journey. So,
like Moses and Miriam at the crossing of the Red Sea, we sing our songs of praise and worship to our
God who has triumphed gloriously!
To those members of the church who stayed and to those who later joined us, I say, the Lord continue
to richly bless each of you! I love each of you and trust the Lord’s blessings that make rich and add no
sorrow be multiplied to you and your families.
To those pastors, family and friends who helped us financially, prayed for us, gave good counsel and
advice, and supported our efforts, I pray the Lord’s multiplied blessings to each of you!
There were several bishops, pastors, church leaders and friends to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.
They are: Suff. Bishop and Dr. James G. Rodges, Bishop Carl Lewis, Suff. Bishop Errol O’Savio,
Bishop Carlton T. Brown, Bishop Christopher Cox, Bishop Kelvin C. Brooks, and Elder H. Anthony
Phillips, to name just a few. As each of you, and many others, have blessed us, may the Lord bless
your efforts, in every area of your lives, with great success!
To all who have prayed, given words of encouragement, and supported in any way – you are many,
we thank you form the bottom of our hearts!
It is with good courage, empowered from the risen Christ, that we move forward to the next chapter in
the life of Morning Star, as we continue our mission of bring glory to God, edify the body of Christ
and sound an alarm, with open arms, to saving of souls.
Pastor Frazier
My wonderful, loving parents Leroy and Flora, in this
milestone in my life. I am reminded of the tremendous gift
you were to us all.
With a heart full of love,
Suff. Bishop James G. Rodges
Pastor of Jonesville Baptist Church
Savannah, GA
Reverend Leslie Hodelin-Wilks
Pastor of Greater rescue church of Christ
Mt. Vernon, NY
Dr. Phyllis F. Rodges
Executive Pastor of Jonesville Baptist church
Savannah, ga
Elder H. Anthony Phillips
Pastor of cathedral international church
Perth Amboy, NJ
Speaker Profile
Suffragan Bishop
James G. Rodges
Pastor James G. Rodges is a vibrant, relevant and captivating
minister of the 21st century and pastor of Jonesville Baptist
Church of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW). His
ministry has blessed many as he travels nationally and
internationally ministering, and by way of his weekly Rhema
radio broadcasts aired on several stations in the Savannah area;
and on the NOW Network, a 24/7 Urban Christian television
and Internet network covering millions of viewers across the
Born in the Delta (Shaw, Mississippi) to Suffragan Bishop James E. and Bertha Rodges, two educators and
community leaders, Pastor Rodges came to faith at a very young age and began preaching the gospel as a
teenager. He graduated from Mississippi Valley State University, and since, has obtained an honorary Doctorate
in Divinity, received his Masters in Biblical Studies, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in the same.
His evangelism led him to Savannah, and in 1988 Pastor Rodges was asked to lead the congregation at Jonesville
Baptist Church, and was installed in early 1990. Under his influence, the church embraced the Apostolic Doctrine
and affiliation with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World’s organization. With the leadership of Pastor Rodges
and God’s grace, the Jonesville church family grew rapidly. In 1994, a construction project entitled Phase I was
initiated. In 2000, the first service of the millennium was held in the new facility. As the church continued to
thrive, the dedication of Phase II with its new 1,850 seat Sanctuary was held in 2004. Jonesville again believed
God and favor was granted, and a nearby property was acquired. The JBC Multiplex Center will be the future site
of the MJ Rodges Academy; a primary school designed to create an environment to motivate and inspire young
people to reach their highest academic potential.
Pastor Rodges’ strong belief and faith in God reaches beyond the church, and into the community. He is a
businessman and humanitarian and serves and supports the community through various organizations. He is a
Savannah State University (SSU) Board Member; SSU Football Chaplain, SSU Non-profit Organization Board
Member, a member of the International Ministerial Alliance in Savannah, and countless other community related
His proven leadership skills and Christian ethics have afforded Pastor Rodges several appointments within the
PAW organization. He currently serves as the Suffragan Bishop of Kenya, on the Aenon Bible College Board of
Directors, and is the Assistant General Secretary of the PAW organization. However, with all of his
accomplishments and appointments, he sites that serving as Pastor of Jonesville will remain his greatest
achievement and utmost joy.
Pastor Rodges is married to Dr. Phyllis F. Rodges and they have four children. He is a mentor, a motivator, and
most assuredly, a man of God.
Speaker Profile
Leslie Hodelin-Wilks
Reverend Leslie B. Hodelin-Wilks was born in Manhattan,
N.Y. to the late Bishop Vernon and Reverend Evelyn Hodelin,
pastors and builders of the Greater Rescue Church of Christ of
the Apostolic Faith Inc. in Jamaica, NY. Her grandparents, the
late District Elder John S. and Reverend Blanche Z. Eversley
were the founders of this ministry that has served the south
Jamaica community for over 75 years.
Pastor Leslie (as she loves to be called) accepted the Lord as her Savior at the very young age of 12. Pastor Leslie
is a native New Yorker and a product of the New York City and Long Island school systems. In 1985, Pastor
Leslie graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, with her BS, in Psychology.
After returning home from Boston, Pastor Leslie had a burden for her community in South Jamaica and wanted to
contribute something to the community she grew up in and received her early education. In 1990 she began her
career as a teacher for the New York City Dept. of Education. She taught at P.S. 40Q as a kindergarten teacher for
4 years and at P.S. 80Q for 16 years, until she resigned in 2009 to answer the call of serving as Pastor at the
Greater Rescue Church of Christ Inc. She graduated from Long Island University in Brookville, NY, with her MS,
in Guidance Counseling in 1995. She also attended Bethel Bible Institute where she graduated with two
certificates, one in Evangelism and the other in 21st Century Leadership.
Pastor Leslie has been a member of the Greater Rescue Church of Christ for over 53 years. She assisted her
parents in the ministry for over 35 years.
On May 15, 2009, the late Bishop Vernon Hodelin, two weeks before his eternal transition, summoned her to his
hospital bedside and made the divine transfer of passing the pastorate mantle onto her. On June 7, 2009, Pastor
Leslie took over as under-shepherd, servant and pastor of the Greater Rescue Church of Christ. In July of 2009,
she was formally ordained as a pastor with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc.
Pastor Leslie is a powerful and dynamic preacher and teacher of the Word of God. She has a vision and a passion
for ‘Leading the Lost to the Lord with Love’. She just wants to be known as a humble servant of the Lord.
Pastor Leslie is married to Deacon Norman Wilks who is very active in the ministry. She is the mother of five
children, Malcolm, Jamal, Grace, Phillip, and Andrew, who all work along with her in the ministry.
Speaker Profile
H. Anthony Phillips
Elder H. Anthony Phillips is a multi-faceted, gifted, talented, and
highly intelligent man who is full of passion for his faith and beliefs,
and equally full of compassion for his fellow men. He is an ordained
minister, experienced entrepreneur, skilled musician, executive
director of his own nonprofit, US Army veteran, expert automotive
administrator and consultant, devoted father and much more.
Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Elder Phillips was the fifth of seven children born to Clarence and Essie Phillips. As a very
young child, his mother always knew he would be a preacher because he would stand on the columns of the gates leading to
the house proclaiming the gospel with his homemade microphone in hand. His father proclaimed he would be a successful
businessman. As the future unfolded, it was easy to see, they were both right.
A licensed and ordained minister for many years, Elder Phillips has been preaching and serving in church leadership since
he was a teenager in the Brethren Church in Jamaica. He was first licensed at the Jamaica Evangelistic Association by Rev.
V. T. Williams who was the pastor. As a young man, he was elected Director of the Kingston Chapter of the Youth of
Christ, which was a branch of the Youth for Christ International, the largest youth ministry in the country at the time. When
Elder Phillips became director, the Christian youth organization met in an area of Jamaica that was ravished by political
violence, which resulted in only six members in attendance at the weekly rallies. Elder Phillips formed a strategic alliance
with the Holy Cross Catholic Church, the first such alliance in over 50 years. As a result, with a new location, the rallies
went from 6 to 600 in four short months.
After immigrating to America and serving in the US Army as a military police officer, Elder Phillips soon began establishing
himself as an entrepreneur, classical church musician, automotive expert and church statesman. He joined Elim International
Fellowship Church under the leadership of Archbishop Wilbert S. McKinley, who Elder Phillips credits for shaping him as a
preacher and orator. At Elim, Elder Phillips served many roles but was probably most influential in establishing the
organizational structure for small/cell group concept, which was called Jethro, dubbed after Moses’ father-in-law in the Old
Testament. A novel idea at the time, Elder Phillips’ contributions helped revolutionize member care at the church. Similarly,
at Cathedral International Church in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Elder Phillips contributed in many aspects of church life,
including serving as Elder over protocol, director of new member process, presiding over Sunday worship services,
ministering in word and sacrament, as well as serving as a church musician on occasion. As at Elim, Elder Phillips was
instrumental in instituting the cell church system and taught the first class to leaders and those who would support the
A man of letters and educational distinction, Elder Phillips holds two Honorary Doctorate Degrees – Doctor in Philosophy in
Humane Letters and Doctor of Philosophy in Divinity – from Global Oved Dei Seminary and University. He attended New
York Theological School where he earned a Certificate in Christian Ministry. He is also received a Bachelor of Science in
Home Land Security from Thomas Edison College, Trenton, New Jersey and an Associate in Liberal Arts from Centenary
College, Hackettstown, New Jersey.
Most importantly, Elder Phillips is a true man of God. He believes in helping others and giving back to his home country of
Jamaica. Elder Phillips founded an international organization, Jamaicans Abroad Rebuilding Jamaica (JARJA), which assists
with providing children from low income families with school supplies, books, educational scholarships and career
A race car and motorcycle enthusiast, Elder H. Anthony Phillips enjoys travelling. He is the proud father of three adult
children and currently resides in Manchester Township, New Jersey.
Opening Celebration Service
April 15, 2016, 7:30pm
Order of Service
Anniversary & Pastor’s Brunch
April 16, 2016, 11:00Am
Order of Service
Closing Celebration Service
April 17, 2016, 8:30Am
Order of Service
On behalf of Dr. Beverly D. Frazier and the Morning Star Pentecostal Church Family, we
would like to thank all of those who prayed and participated in this milestone
celebration. We solicit your continued prayers and ask that the Lord richly bless you in
all of your future endeavors.
Lay Ministers
Special Thanks to Anniversary
Souvenir Journal Designed By
Patron List
Pastor Dr. Beverly D. Frazier & Morning Star
Pentecostal Church
Blessings Pastor Beverly for your 2nd year and for
Christ’s favor in your “Forward” Victories in His
Our Love and Prayers
Exodus 14:15
Pastor Rick “Soup” Campbell & Lady Denise
Soup For The Soul International Ministry
Charlotte, North Carolina
“For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to
prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11
Pastor Beverly D. Frazier
We would like to extend our love and gratitude
to Reverend Dr. Beverly D. Frazier. We pray that
you will continue what you are doing in the
mighty name of Jesus. If you continue to do that,
the Lord will surely bless you.
Love Always,
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mitchell
Shiloh Baptist Church
Rev. DR. Beverly D. Frazier
May the Lord continue to
bless you as you serve
Your Colleague and friend,
Reverend Dr. Darrell L. Armstrong
To our beloved Pastor, Sister, and Friend
with sincerest appreciation for all you have
done for Morning Star.
Be thou strong and very courageous…that thou
mayest prosper whithersoever thou goest…for the
Lord thy God is with thee.
Joshua 1:6-9
We are thankful for you. Happy
Anniversary and God Bless You!
From left to right: Dr. Joanne Sutherland, Deaconess Mary Mitchell,
Senior Pastor Beverly Frazier, Associate Pastor Neil J. Ferguson,
Corporate Secretary Tanisha Ferguson.
Dr. Beverly Frazier
I am blessed at the opportunity to be
a colleague in ministry and a
personal friend. I pray that the
blessings of the Lord continue to
overtake you as you continue to
transform the community. You will
always have my support and prayers.
To the Morning Star Family, may
you find continued grace and favor
as you soar to higher heights in
Blessings and Love,
Elder H. Anthony Phillips
God is alive and majestic!
When we see God’s anointed leaders like Dr. Beverly
Frazier, we can only say, “God is alive and working
through his prophets!”
The deep love for God, expressed in her deep love
for everyone that crosses her path is shining through
Dr. Frazier.
We celebrate and give thanks for our sister, and pray
for God’s grace and the Holy Spirit to empower her
continually; that she may empower many.
May God Bless and direct your paths.
With heartfelt congratulations and prayers,
Dr. Atola Longkumar
Pastor Beverly Frazier
Charles Atkins, Jr.
Spiritual Activist
Theological Perspectives on
Incarceration and Immigration
[email protected]
Cell: (609) 284-6018
on your
2nd Pastoral Anniversary.
May God bless you with many, many
Tanya Houston (917) 834-5460
Licensed Life Insurance Agent and
Investment Adviser
Andrew Cummings, Owner
8 Teal Lake Dr. Savannah, GA 31419 · (912) 289-5642 ·
Pastor Beverly!!
With Love and Best Regards,
Madelyn and Shannon Haynes
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Thursday Prayer – 6:30pm
Thursday Bible Study – 7:00pm
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