Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter



Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter
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SEMBONIA embraces creative
daring with the help of a pareddown, concise design aesthetic.
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Cool . Creative. Current.
Not A Cast Off
Eschew the ordinary for something trendy.
Don’t forget to play with colours or pair
them up for a power-packed combo. A fiery
shade will help draw eyes.
In efforts to make leather more sustainable, Spanish designer
Jorge Penadés created a new method of production to revitalise
discarded leather waste from factories. His capsule collection
of furniture is seen be made completely of discarded leather
waste. Leather, after all, is one of the most commonly used
materials in the world. Penadés does not plan to stop there
though. He is reportedly trying to find new ways of creating
different monochromes and colour mixes for a variety of
Champions Of Fashion
Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg haVE paired up with model
Dree Hemingway to star in the latest Mercedes-Benz fashion
film. Directed by Collier Schorr, it transported the trio to
the Sindelfingen wind-tunnel – where the carmaker’s designs
are rigorously tested against the forces of nature. Dressed in
Hugo Boss tuxedos, Hamilton takes the wheel of an experimental
1970s Gullwing Mercedes-Benz C111 and Rosberg lines up in the
brand new Mercedes-AMG GT, while Hemingway, in a sexy little
black leather dress, lines up in front to start the race.
Seeing Red
A Touch Of Style
Stylist extraordinaire Carlos Mota is renowned for producing
beautiful imagery of some of the world’s most extraordinary
homes. His gifted and educated eye for selecting furniture,
textiles, accessories and art has produced some memorable
imagery indeed. Mota’s new book A Touch Of Style presents a
curated journey through some of these incredible spaces. It
affords readers a sneak peek into his genius of adding colour
and sophistication to a set, often by using elegant flower
Defining Trends
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Set The Mood
Pastels draw out the season’s cheerful joy. Wear them with a
discerningly minimal outfit to truly shine. From street to chic,
keep things versatile.
Be in line
Anywhere, Anytime
After Hours
Any girl on the go needs a trusty sidekick that
is able to store everything for the day – and at
Easy Carry
Shed some weight and keep your essentials
in something trim. Undersized? Think style,
Hang Loose
Not only do these handhelds add a pop of
colour, they also give you the freedom to
leave the clutter at home.
Go-to Comfort
A pair of elegant flats will give your feet a
rest without compromising the polished look
you are aiming for.
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Cool . Creative. Current.
Hot Wheels
Born out of extensive motorsport experience and using the
brand’s acknowledged flair for design and engineering
ingenuity, the 800-plus bhp, all-carbon fibre Aston Martin
Vulcan promises truly extreme performance. This new supercar
– limited to just 24 examples worldwide – will allow owners
the opportunity to precisely tailor their track day experience
through a graduating scale of detailed power and dynamic
performance adjustments.
Music To Your Ears
The Spirio is described by Steinway as “the most significant
product innovation in over 70 years”. The piano is invented to
offer 21st-century technology, but in the shape of a traditional
instrument. With over 1,700 artists, the device affords a
completely new catalogue with a breadth and depth second-tonone. What a person will hear will be indistinguishable from a
live concert, without the actual pianist present.
Flight Of Fancy
Seeing Blue
Australian airline Qantas has teamed up with Samsung to give
travellers a virtual reality experience both on the ground
and in the air. New virtual reality headsets will be offered to
on select routes and flight classes. Each will contain a range
of entertainment options. They include blockbuster movies,
virtual tours of the destinations to which Qantas flies and
360-degree panoramic views of Qantas passenger lounges.
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Embrace The Moment
Fuss-free Appeal
Want a sleek yet casual carry? A holdall is
perfect for those who like to keep things simple,
but always classy.
Yes, You Can
Sneakers are no longer for the gym.
Contemporary and athletic lines are merging
to align with a more functional trend.
Flash Your
Lose The Laces
Feel free to edge away from the usual
neutral colours and embrace bright hues.
Dressing well often means dressing with a
rebel streak.
Loafers offer a more modern, streamlined
shape. When you’re in a business suit, it’s
formal; when you’re in polo and jeans, it’s
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