StunNation THE MESSAGE QR…Stunnastyle



StunNation THE MESSAGE QR…Stunnastyle
Official #1 Stunnas Motor Sport Club Newsletter
Welcome back
Stunnas…just one
will you be?
“The Message” Introduction
“The Hot Corner” Chapter News
“The Limelight” Member Recognition
“Mount Up and Ride” Chapter Events
“StunnAid” Community Service
“Extra Extra” Misc news items
“Final Word” message from the Founders
Welcome back family and thank you for reading StunNation, the
official #1 Stunnas Motor Sport Organization’s Newsletter. With
summertime here and bikes are in full rev’d up mode we need to be
very aware of our surroundings and our family. Never leave a
brother or sisters alone and always have each other’s back, no matter
what the circumstances, WE ARE FAMILY!!!
Main Website
Online Store
Corp. Page
Please be sure to email [email protected] with any
ideas or comments.
With technology in every aspect of our lives from facebook to android phones to Ipads, Quick
Reviews or QR’s give people in the know a “quick” way to get to a program, webpage or file.
We attached some QR’s for, The Stunna Store and the Number one
Stunnas Corporate Website. Try them out with your Smart phone or Android phone. If you
don’t have an app for the QR’s check your app store in your network. Cool huh? Give it a
quick snap shot.
#1 Stunnas Webpage
#1 Stunnas Corp Webpage
Stunnastore Webpage
“the Hot Corner” CHAPTER NEWS
God Bless Us…Chicago Chapter attends the annual CMSC Bike Blessing
In June the Chicago Chapter participated in the Chicago Motor Sport Counsel’s (CMSC)
annual Bike Blessing. Over 100 bikes from different clubs came out came out and lined up to
have their bikes blessed by a local pastor. With the summertime season here it’s very important
to have all the help you can get. Good Job guys and stay safe
“mount up n ride”
Chapter Upcoming events
Community service and events
Cincinnati Chapter shows their community what it means to
show Stunna Love…
St. Vincent De Paul was glad to see the #1 Stunnas Cincinnati chapter coming
down to donate some goods for a needy cause. Throwbak, KeL$$, Diggidy and
Badness showed up to deliver over 15 boxes of clothes and items for the less
fortunate. Special shout out to L.A. of the Cincy chapter for donating an
entire bedroom suite. Now that’s how we do it stunna style. Keep up the great
job guys and continue to show the world what being a stunna truly means.
“The world
is only as
strong as
its weakest
nd we are
not weak
Make sure
you show
the world
what were
Misc additions
We have lost a brother
It is with great sadness that I announce the
passing of our brother Simeon “KID” Henry from
our North Carolina Chapter. He was
surrounded by his family at the time of his
passing. May you Rest in peace brother and we
know there are stunnas up there with you
watching down on us. We will miss you and stay
stuntin in heaven.
“EXTRA EXTRA…” misc additions
Special Announcement from National Apparel
The Key
Hey Everyone,
Effective immediately, any and
all standard orders must be
placed on the 2nd Monday of
every month. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Upon receiving you invoice, you
have 48 hours to pay for your
order. If you have any questions
please feel free to contact me.
The Key…
National Apparel Director
Good day Stunnas, we want to share some things that we notice that
alot of you don’t realize what got us to where we are today.
Sometimes when you get busy with everyday life and you start seeing
your project growing at a moderate pace, you tend to get
comfortable and lose focus on the mission. And our mission is
working with the COMMUNITY, KIDS and riding with our STUNNA
family. We all are guilty of it so there's no certain chapter of
person we are singling out. I'm sure we all know that the word
FAMILY comes from the word FAMILIAR, Which means we all wear
this 1 on our backs, so like it or not we are family. We need to start
getting familiar with one another again and getting back to the
basics of riding, where it all started from. So with that being said, I
want YOU to send out a blast text to your family and get out and
ride today. Don't wait, let's repeat history and take back what
belong to us, THE STREETS!!!!!

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