Sure-Jell Premium Fruit Pectin Heavy Duty Smartphone Holder



Sure-Jell Premium Fruit Pectin Heavy Duty Smartphone Holder
Sure-Jell Premium
Fruit Pectin
100% natural SURE-JELL® is a dry
powdered pectin product, made from fruit
pectin, that can be used to make either
cooked jams and jellies or quick-and-easy
freezer jams and jellies. Includes quick
‘n easy recipes - 1.75 oz. (6337216)
Housewares Dept., Retail $3.99
Z Bug
LED Bulb
Powerful 600 lumen LED light illuminates a
wide area with bright light while attracting
and zapping most flying insects on contact!
Kills fruit flies, wasps, flies, mosquitoes, gnats
& more. It screws into any standard light
socket. Two light modes: LED and UV or just
UV (300235) Electrical Dept., Retail $19.99
Simple Seal™
DAP® Simple Seal™ Sealant is an easy way
to fill and seal gaps with no caulk gun needed.
Compact design for easy navigation in tight
spaces. Use it to seal out water and moisture
or replace stained or mildewed caulk. It is
mold and mildew resistant, paintable and
cleans up easily with water. Choose sealant
for tubs, sinks & countertops or for windows
& doors (1560846,1560838) Paint Dept.,
Retail $4.99
MAX Kitchen
Grease Cleaner
Its powerful citrus action formula wipes
out tough grease and grime. It also
leaves a fresh, citrus scent with no
smeary residue on surfaces like stove
tops, countertops, appliances and more
32 oz. (1605476) Housewares Dept.,
Retail $3.59
MANSMITH’S multi-purpose seasonings adapt well to a wide variety
of cooking methods. All products are
100% natural herbs and spices to
enhance the flavor of foods, without
M.S.G. or artificial additives. Created
by the Mansmith family in central
California. Choose from 7 different
blends (6-7 oz.) plus BBQ Paste and
Garlic Stuff (18 oz.) (869180...)
Retail $6.99
Cleaner With
A non-abrasive, bleach-free disinfectant that
penetrates and dissolves soap scum and hard
water film while it cleans. Great on surfaces
such as fiberglass, glazed porcelain, stainless steel, chrome, plastic and vinyl, shower
doors, tubs and tile, sinks, and toilets - 32 oz.
(1609015) Housewares Dept., Retail $3.99
Hydro Mousse
Liquid Lawn System
Whether you’re starting from scratch or
patching , the Hydro Mousse liquid lawn
system makes planting new grass seed
simpler than ever before. Designed with
an easy-grip handle and a multi-setting
dial, this lawn care hose attachment is
easy to use. Spray n’ Stay technology
and a proprietary grass seed blend
ensures an even seed coating that
stays put for lush growth (6294656)
Garden Dept., Retail $19.99
Heavy Duty
Smartphone Holder
Large padded holder accommodates most
smartphone models. It features a convenient
pocket for business and credit cards, a carabiner
for keys, elastic sleeve for pen or pencil, swivel
belt clip for wearing on left or right side and
hook and loop flap closure (2468452) Hardware
Dept., Retail $14.99
Slider Machine
Mini Burger Press
Perfect for parties, the whimsical mini
burger machine burger press makes
perfect slider patties for appetizers
or snacks. Press down on any type
of ground meat to create custom 2½
ounce patties that will cook consistently and stay juicy. Dishwasher safe
(645074) Housewares Dept.,
Retail $7.99
Help Emigh support the
Juvenille Diabetes Research
Foundation during the
entire month of September.
When you have completed
your shopping, you can
easily donate to JDRF at any
checkout. Together we can
all create a world without
type 1 diabetes. Thanks for
your support!
5 Lbs.
Small Breed
Canine Formula
Grain-free, highly digestible
venison protein and small
kibble size make this formula
easy on your small breed dog’s
tummy and teeth. Probiotics
and prebiotic fiber help support healthy digestion, while
a blend of venison, lamb, egg,
duck and ocean fish proteins
provide optimal amino acid
nutrition. (824065) Housewares Dept., Retail $12.99
Potato Chips
“Always Made Fresh
From Nature’s Best”
Uncle Ray’s Potato Chips have 0g trans fat, no artificial colors, no
artificial flavors and are gluten and MSG free. Choose from Mesquite
BBQ, Maple Bacon, Buffalo, Pepperoni or Cheesy Garlic flavors in
3 ounce packages (927620-4) Register, Retail $1.19
Traditional Carbon Steel
Spanish Paella Pans
Made in Spain of carbon steel with dual-riveted, looped
handles. Dimpled base allows oil to collect in center for sauté
prepping, and its wide,
shallow base ensures
rice cooks in a thin
layer. For use on all
stove types, open
flame and charcoal
grills. Housewares
Dept., 24 cm (629023)
Retail $12.99, 32 cm
(629003)Retail $19.99,
36 cm (629002)
Retail $22.99
Chalk Painting Class
Sunday, Sept. 25th, 1:00-3:00
Pre-Registration Required
$25.00 fee - Call for Details
916 482-1900
Tintable Chalk Based
One Step Paint
One step furniture paint. No stripping, no sanding,
no priming. Transform your furniture or cabinetry in
one step! Amy Howard At Home® One Step Paint™
is a water-based paint that adheres to most any
surface. Apply paint directly to old wood finishes,
concrete, iron, stone, Formica, etc. It dries flat, to
the chalky finish that we covet on antique pieces
- 32 oz. (1579234...), Paint Dept., Retail $34.99
2 Pack Natural
Bamboo Charcoal
Air Purifying Bag
The Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying bag is
the easiest way to maintain fresh, dry and
odor free shoes, backpacks, gym bags,
luggage, sporting equipment and more.
Made of extremely porous moso
bamboo charcoal, the fragrance
free, chemical free and non toxic
bags prevent mold, mildew and
bacteria from forming by
continually absorbing excess
moisture. Use to eliminate
odors and moisture in small
spaces up to 10 square
feet (1531623) Housewares
Dept., Retail $9.99