Warm Weather Annuals



Warm Weather Annuals
Volume 5, Issue 18
May 29, 2014
Warm Weather Annuals
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Warm Weather
Annuals Last week, we discussed a specialty annual, Acalypha, a group of mostly tropical plants
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that are typically propagated vegetatively from cuttings. Most annuals that are grown from seed
are generally referred to as bedding plants. Both types of annuals are great for adding summer Upcoming Summer color to your garden, filling the gaps in the borders or filling those empty containers on your Camps porch.
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The genus Ageratum has about forty
species, all native to Central and South America.
Ageratum houstonianum, or Floss Flower, is a
popular bedding plant that grows from 6 to 30
inches tall, depending on cultivar, and bears dense
terminal clusters of tubular flowers in shades of
Lockerly Trustees
blue, lavender, purple, and white. Plant them 9 to
12 inches apart in full sun and well-drained soil for
David Evans,
the best results. Consistent moisture is the key to
the plant’s success. The vigor of growth and length
of the flowering period is determined by how
consistently soil moisture is maintained throughJoe Mangum,
out the growing season. Overhead watering should
Vice President
be avoided, however, because the dense flower
clusters may trap too much water, resulting in
plants “melting out” in hot, humid conditions. A.
Sherrill Jones,
houstoniaum is usually sold in small containers
in the spring, making them easy for transport, and
‘Blue Danube’
there are many good cultivars and hybrid of this
annual available.
Kathy Chandler
‘Aloha Blue’ is a compact hybrid that offers good garden performance, making it perfect
Shawn Davis
for edging and small spaces. Its small purple flowers will add a pop of color to any landscape.
Rodger Flotta
‘Aloha Blue’ is easy to grow, asking only full sun, reasonably well-drained soil, and ordinary
garden soil. In southern regions, partial shade is preferred for best flowering during the hottest Jan Flynn, Ph.D.
Doug R. Oetter,
‘Blue Danube’ has been popular for many years. It is a self-cleaning and weather-resistant
plant that grows from 6 to 7 inches tall and is a beautiful lavender-blue color. Its flowers are often
Dede Reoch
described as “fluffy” and bloom from summer until fall. Like the other cultivars of Ageratum,
Blue Danube’ is great for adding texture and color to flower beds.
Joni Smith
Bruce Vaughn, CFP
Al Woods
‘Hawaii Blue’ offers profuse flowering on 8-inch
plants and good tolerance to heat and humidity. A new
introduction is ‘Hawaii 5.0’, which may be the best
performer for hot, humid conditions. An interesting new introduction from Proven Winners is ‘Artist Purple’, which has deep
violet-blue flowers and grows 8 to 12 inches tall. Floss Flowers are
generally used as low-growing plants for edging and filler,
but there are taller-growing varieties that can be used in other
situations and can make great cut flowers. ‘Blue Horizon’ is a
triploid hybrid that can reach 30 inches tall and produces very
vigorous plants with strong, sturdy stems, numerous
branches and larger flowers than the traditional ageratum.
There are many more great Floss Flowers to choose
from, but their cool blue colors are always attractive during
the hot summer months, and they make great companion
plants for lots of other annuals or perennials.
‘Artist Purple’
Upcoming Summer Camps
This summer, Lockerly is holding two different summer day camps, Camp Oliver Worley and Camp Discovery, and
both have spots still available. Camp Oliver Worley is held at
Lockerly’s Oliver N. Worley Outdoor Education Center and will
be conducting two sessions, June 16th-20th for rising 3rd-5th
graders and June 23rd-27th for rising 6th-9th graders. The camp
focuses on science and the outdoors and the campers will be given
the opportunity to participate hands-on in science-based activities.
Camp Oliver Worley will last from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each
day and is limited to 15 students per session, allowing for a 5:1
student to staff ratio. There is a $75.00 registration fee which will
cover the cost of all necessary supplies. This camp will be held
at our Putnam County property which consists of over 250 acres
of woodland along Rooty Creek at 235 Park Road, Eatonton, GA
A few campers from last year
Camp Discovery is for the younger ones. It is held from July 7th- 11th for 1st and 2nd graders at Lockerly
Arboretum in Baldwin County. There is a registration fee of $50.00, and the day camp will be held from 8:30 a.m. to
12:00 p.m. The campers will be outside for the majority of the time and like Camp Oliver Worley, they will be given the
opportunity to participate in hands-on activities. Camp Discovery will be limited to 10 students with a 5:1 student to staff
“Both camps will be using microscopes, collecting water samples, and observing the surrounding nature,” said
Greg Eilers, Director of Education. “There will also be new activities so those that are returning again to Camp Oliver
Worley will have something new to learn.”
There are still spots available for both camps but the deadline to register approaching fast! The last day to register
your child is this Friday, June 6th. Please call 478-452-2112 for more information.