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6 Megatrender som rör städer:
6 Megatrender som rör städer:
Megatrend 1:
Megatrend 2:
Megatrend 3:
Megatrend 4:
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Megatrend 6:
Urbanization, demographics
and the emerging middle class
Rising inequality
Technological change
Industrial clusters and global
value chains
Megatrend 1: Urbanization, demographics and the
emerging middle class
For the foreseeable future, rapid urbanization will be an almost exclusively non-Western
affair: about 94% of those who will move to cities in the next few decades will come from
the developing world.
MGI reckons that the top 600 cities will have nearly 60% of global GDP and 25% of the
world’s population. These same 600 cities already have 1.5 billion people who produce well
over half of global GDP.
By 2050 one in every 5 people will be at least 60 years old. The overall ratio of old to young
is set to almost double from current levels.
The emerging-market middle class – those households with a daily expenditure of $10-100
per person at purchasing power parity (PPP) – will double its share of global consumption
from one-third to two-thirds by 2050. This class will be concentrated in existing and new
Kjell A Nordström och Per
Schlingmann “Girlvilles”
I städerna är kvinnornas
ställning starkare än på
Allt starkare positioner avs
högre utbildning
I Storbrittanien och USA.s
storstäder tjänar unga
kvinnor nu mer än
Megatrend 2: Rising inequality
….in-country inequality, has increased in many countries.
Cities are affected by rising inequality and, in some instances,
may help cause it.
Megatrend 3: Sustainability
Cities are especially intensive users of energy, food and water, given
their concentrations of people and economic activity, and are
responsible for over half of global greenhouse gas emissions.
Global demand for energy could increase by up to 50% by 2030
according to the International Energy Agency.Despite efforts to
develop renewable energy, this will lead to a large rise in fossil-fuel
At the same time, growing demand for food collides with the lack of
new land for agriculture. And, energy and food production are waterintensive, thus putting growing pressure on water resources.
Megatrend 6: Governance
Intergovernmental organizations and supranational regional
institutions – not least the EU – seem remote and bureaucratic.
This creates a window of opportunity for provincial and city
governments to reactivate themselves.
Urban Age Programme
The new north - our world in 2050
skyrocketing demand for
ecosystem services and natural capital
climate change

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