Design: Rodney Kovacs



Design: Rodney Kovacs
It is with great pleasure that I welcome all participants and guests to the 34th
Western Canadian Hungarian Folk Festival (WCHFF). The Festival is an important
annual event that brings us all together providing a forum that enables us to continue
preserving and celebrating our beautiful Hungarian culture. I cherish the many fond
memories and friendships created and fostered by participating Hungarian folk
culture preservation activities and Festivals and once again look forward to sharing
this weekend with all participants.
Events like this cannot exist without the people who make them possible and I’d like
to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to the members of Forrás that have
worked very hard to bring us all together again. Thank you so much for investing
your time, energy and passion to ensuring that the Festival continues on for another
Over the past few years, many discussions have surrounded making our festival more
inclusive and sustainable. In an effort to ensure that the Festival continues well into
the future, we have applied to the province of Alberta to be recognized as an official
society. I am pleased to report that our application has been accepted which means
in the future we will have access to funds that will enable the society to be financially
sustainable as we move forward.
Sue Biro has been the lead on this project for the past few years and on behalf of all
the WCHFF members, I thank Sue for her hard work and dedication in making the
Society possible. The legacy of her hard work will leave a long lasting impact on the
evolution of the Festival.
Enjoy the weekend festivities and I look forward to seeing you all in Lethbridge to
celebrate the 35th Western Canadian Hungarian Folk Festival!
Lizzie Kovach
President, WCHFF
President’s Message – Festival 2012
Dear Friends,
On behalf of the Festival organizing committee and all members of Forras Hungarian Folk Ensemble
I would like to welcome you to the 34th Annual Western Canadian Hungarian Folk Festival. It
is with sincere dedication, hard work and passion that we have put together such a wonderful
opportunity to celebrate our unique Hungarian culture.
After reflecting on the past year of preparations for this one weekend, I am overwhelmed not at
the volume of tasks accomplished, but rather the sheer amount of thanks that I must express to
those people who made this Festival happen. First, I must thank our Festival organizing committee.
You have truly extended yourselves, investing countless hours of personal time, sharing personal
contacts and unequivocal skills. I am lucky to have called upon this team, even luckier to call you
friends. All Forras dancers have brought the same level of passion that is always present on stage to
the organization that is necessary behind the scenes. To our generous donors and sponsors, thank
you for investing in your community. Your commitment to philanthropy of all levels, financial, inkind and volunteer truly illustrates exemplary leadership and contributes to the multicultural layers
that make Vancouver and the lower mainland such an amazing place to live.
Festival is something I hope we never lose for its vision and mission is so unique that no matter
how small or large the celebration, it is the spirit that must never be extinguished. For artists and
participants it allows us to share a niche cultural experience, connected to our roots and traditions.
To the greater community, Folk Festival inspires creativity, understanding and appreciation for
differences that become shared when experienced together.
I wish everyone a memorable Festival experience that will last long after we hear the final notes to
hajnali (sung at dawn after a night of celebration).
Warm regards,
Anita Racz
President, Vancouver Folk Festival 2012
Vancouveri Magyar Szinház
The Hungarian Theatre Group of Vancouver wishes to extend
a warm welcome to all participants of the Western Canadian
Hungarian Folk Festival, and would like to thank you all for keeping
our wonderful folklore and traditions alive.
Your Hosts in Vancouver for 2012
Forrás Hungarian
Folk Dancers
The Forrás Hungarian Folkdance Ensemble of Vancouver is a selfsupported not for profit registered society in B.C. Currently, the group’s
25 members practice weekly and are well versed in performing numerous
choreographed and improvised dances in a spirit of authenticity (the
word ‘Forrás’ in Hungarian suggests ‘source’). Dances in their repertoire
originated in Hungarian villages throughout Central Europe, and have
spread to larger urban centers worldwide. The types of dance and
music styles vary greatly depending on the region of origin and include:
couples, men’s, and women’s dances. The Forrás Ensemble employs
leading professional musicians and instructors from North America
and Hungary in order to maintain and improve their repertoire, and are
proud to be presenting the 34th annual Western Canadian Hungarian
Folkdance Festival this year!
Back Row: Chau Szilvi, Fejes Karen, Rácz Peti, Rácz Anita, Tõkés Emese,
Rojas Ilonka, Bácsfalvi Penelope, Szilágyi Amália, Aziz Carmen, Wilson
Csilla, Csiszár Gergõ, Tuskó Stephen (Muki), Florián Robi
Front Row: Molnár Siegi, Rojas Kari, Riglietti Krista
Missing: Mérai Andy, Licskó Heidi, Szamosközi Gabi, Ollé Attila, Ollé Erzsi,
Danny Natalie, Orbán Ivor, Molnár Izabella, Máté Rozália (Babi), Bereznai
Christina (Sziszike), Csizmadia Zsuzsi, Hajdu-Csiszár Csilla
Guest Instructors
Ignác Kádár & Anett Nagypál
Ignác Kádár was born in Csikszereda, Hungary. He danced with the Harghita State Dance
Ensemble from 2001 to 2004 and from 2004 to 2007 with the Budapest Ensemble, where
he was the lead dancer soloist for the group. On three occasions, Ignác has won the “Golden
Spurs” award; this prestigious award for male soloists may only be won a maximum of three
times. Triple award winners are inducted into a hall of fame for Hungarian professional
folk dancers. In addition, Ignác has won the title of the “Best Male Dancer” twice and the
solo “legényes” competition three times. for the past five years, he has been the Artistic
Director of the Ajka-Padragkút Dance Group.
Anett Nagypál was born in Marcali, Hungary. She danced with the Baglas Dance Group
in Somogy for four years. From 2001 to 2007, she performed with the Honvéd Dance
Theatre as a female dance soloist and solo singer. For the past four years, she has been an
instructor and co-Artistic Director for the Ajka-Padragkút Dance Group with Ignác.
Anett and Ignác have appeared as choreographers, guest artists, and guest instructors at
international festivals and performing arts events in North America, Australia, the far east,
and throughout Europe.
Guest Musicians
Gyanta Hungarian Folk Band
The members of the Gyanta Hungarian Folk Band are drawn from the
vibrant Canadian-Hungarian communities of Montreal and Toronto.
They belong to the upper echelon of musicians, singers and dancers
based in North America specializing in the unique and centuries-old folk
music of the Hungarian villages located in Hungary, Transylvania, and
Slovakia. Gyanta’s members have recorded extensively and performed
at festivals, concerts, and Hungarian community-based events and
“táncház”-es (Hungarian folkdance parties) throughout the world.
Since its founding in 2006, the band has been featured at the
Drummondville Folk Festival, Mondial des Cultures (North America’s
largest world music and dance festival), accompanied many Hungarian
dance groups in North America, toured the U.S. Midwest (including
performances in Chicago, Cleveland, Iowa, and Detroit), served as the
house-band at camps and workshops such as Csipke, Cifra, Itt-Ott,
and “Három Éjjel, Három Nap” (Calgary), performed at large-scale folk
festivals in Elko (Nevada), Winnipeg, Toledo, Toronto, Vancouver, and
Montreal, and collaborated with several well-known solo artists from
Hungary and Transylvania, including János Csik, István “Szalonna” Pál, and
Kálmán Balogh. Gyanta’s groundbreaking recording, Indulás (Departure),
was released in 2011 and has received praise from folk music experts and
fans alike.
“Gyanta” means rosin in Hungarian, a word with double meaning to
Hungarian folk musicians. Not only is rosin necessary to prepare the bow
for playing the string instruments that forms the foundation of the topshelf music of Gyanta, but the verb “rosining” also denotes the preparing
of the musicians themselves – through some light-hearted and good-natured
drinking from a top-shelf selection. It is this work-hard but play-hard Hungarian
tradition which Gyanta seeks to preserve and share with its audiences. The
group has already played multiple times at the Western Canadian Hungarian
Folk Festival, and is pleased to be the first North American-based band to
serve as the lead band for the Festival.
Szász József
Guest Artist József “Józsi” Szász is originally from
Transylvania, and is a founding member of the
well-known Üsztürü Band, one of the top Táncház
bands in the world. Józsi now lives in Budapest and
continues to play with Üsztürü, touring and teaching
throughout Europe and North America on a regular
basis, including with his wife, Julia Redö, a wellknown Hungarian dancer and singer. He is a multiinstrumentalist, skilled in the cimbalom, kontra,
and the violin, with a particular expertise in Transylvanian music. Józsi has collaborated
in concerts and Táncházes with the members of Gyanta over the last several years, and is
a featured guest artist on Gyanta’s Indulás (Departure) recording, on which he plays the
cimbalom. This is Józsi’s first visit to the Festival.
The members of Gyanta pictured below from left to right are:
Attila “Medve” Krasznai (bass)
Jeszika “Jeszi” Paulusz-Gárda (vocals)
Levente “Leves” Garda (kontra)
Kálmán “Öcsi” Magyar (violin)
Sylvie Paquette-Fritsch (gardon, vocals)
Andrew “Bandi” Kocsis (violin)
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VIctoria, BC
Búzavirág Dancers
The Victoria Búzavirág Dance Group was formed in 1966, to
commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian revolution.
We were originally a part of the Victoria Canadian Hungarian Society,
but became our own “stand alone” group in 1986. The aim of this dance
group is to perpetuate the Hungarian culture through dance, song and
Our group has performed extensively throughout western Canada and
the United States, as well as 3 tours of Hungary/Slovakia in 1985, 1996,
and 2003. The group has been privileged to be a part of the Western
Canadian Hungarian Folk Festival since it began in 1979 and has hosted
that annual event in 1983, 1992, 2000, 2008.
We thank the entire organizing committee of the 34th Annual Western
Canadian Hungarian Folk Festival for all their hard work putting this
festival on and wish them all success.
Top: Michel Lesage, Breena Blazkow, James Frisku
Middle: Anna Somkuti, Amalia Bateman, Louise Kádár
Bottom: Ákos Zsufa, Victoria Jackson, Ignácz Kádár
Calgary, AB
Bartók Hungarian
Dance Association
The Bartók Hungarian Folk Dance Group is a non-profit organization that has been in the
Calgary community for over 30 years. Currently, the group consists of children between
the ages of 14 and 22, who share a common goal; the love of dancing and keeping their
Hungarian heritage alive. The group is fortunate enough to be very active in both the
Hungarian and the Calgary community.
Over the years, the group has instructed many talented dancers who have dedicated
countless hours to practices, and have contributed their talent, time and energy to learn
the dances and songs from different regions of Hungary. Thus, with their continued efforts,
they are proud to have presented Hungarian dances to audiences numerous occasions.
The dancers have been invited to participate at such large-scale events as the 2005 Royal
Visit, the 1997 Police and Fire Games, the 1988 Winter Olympics. At a number of Calgary
Folks Arts Council events such as the Calgary Winter Festival, Calgary City Hall, the Santa
Clause Parade, Canada Day Celebrations, Calgary Stampede Pre-Parade and at the Calgary
Zoo for Zoolights.
The group has also performed at different Senior Citizen’s Centers, Hospitals, various
Multicultural events and Community Centers. We love the prospect of displaying our colorful
costumes, culture, and the talents of our members.
Back Row: Deeves Hanna, Easton Brandon, Calvert Rose, McDonald Jennifer, Zubán Gabor,
Cosby Casie,
Front Row: McElgunn Meagan, Calvert Lily, Stoesz Justin, Camacho Linda
Calgary, AB
Vadrózsa Hungarian
Folk Dancers
Vadrózsa was formed in 1974 as a Calgary centennial project. Originally
Vadrózsa was a part of Hungarian Veterans Association, and in 1978
the group became an individual chartered organization. Translated,
Vadrózsa means “Wild Rose”, and is a tribute to the official floral
emblem of Alberta. Vadrózsa is dedicated to sharing the Hungarian
culture through entertaining performances which include vibrant
dances, beautiful song, lively music and colourful costumes. It is our
privilege to share the traditions of Hungary with you.
Back Row: Vass Gábor, Szakony Bandi, Póda Dániel, Póda Tamás
Front Row: Póda Maggie, Keresztes Mónika, Szakony Lili, Dureski-Snyder,
Missing: Rojas István, Rojas Kari, Vass-Szakony Chrissy
Edmonton, AB
Csárdás Hungarian Dancers
Formed in 1975, Edmonton’s Csárdás Hungarian Folkdance Ensemble this year marks
37 years spent in dedication to Hungarian folk culture and fostering its preservation and
presentation to a wider Canadian public. Csárdás performs an average of 30 times each
year at venues including weddings, concerts, banquets, multicultural celebrations, and
festivals (including annual appearances at Edmonton’s Heritage and Canada Day festivals).
The group has been invited to perform in Hungary on seven occasions, most recently in the
summer of 2010 when Csárdás visited Kiskunhalas and travelled to Gyimes for workshops.
We are delighted to return to Vancouver for the annual WCHF Festival and wish the Forrás
festival organizing committee every success!
Back Row: Gyenes Dóra, Tóth-Vörös Patrícia, Ostapowicz Joanna, Ominger Ági, Calrson
Elizabeth, Biró Zsuzsanna,
Front Row: Sabourin Kyle, Vörös Sándor, Ominger Miklós
Missing: Kulcsár Randy, Kulcsár Mackenzie is proud to sponsor the WCHFF,
“without culture we forget the past which gives
us no hope for the future” Akos Zsufa President and Hungarian Folk Philanthropist.
Lethbridge, AB
Regina, SK
Délibáb Dancers
Balaton Hungarian Dancers
Délibáb was established under the Hungarian Cultural Society of
Southern Alberta. The Délibáb group has waxed and waned over the
years at one time existing as a 16 member, all girl group; at others
performing as a tiny, three couple ensemble.
The Regina Hungarian Cultural and Social Club are the proud sponsors of the Regina Balaton
Hungarian dancers. Since the Club’s inception in 1922, Hungarian folk dancing has always
been the focal point of the culture in the Regina Hungarian Club. In order to preserve and
nurture the Hungarian culture, the Club has offered various programs to their members and
their families. Through the years, these programs have included language school, choir,
theatrical performances and of course dancing. The Regina Balaton Hungarian Dancers
were officially formed in 1974. The Hungarian community is entertained throughout
the year by the Balaton Dancers at such events as the Grape Harvest Dance, Regina’s
Festival of Cultures called Mosaic, as well as commemorative celebrations such as March
15 and October 23. The Balaton Dancers also perform at events throughout Regina and
surrounding communities. In 2005, the dancers represented the Hungarian culture at the
opening ceremonies of the 2005 Canada Summer Games. In August 2007, the dancers
had the privilege to be guest performers at the Csángo Festival, in Jászberény, Hungary.
Back Row: Csenge Sánta, Theresa Huszár, Dawn Danka
Front Row: Jared Walker, Franklin Huszár, Gábor Vass
Back Row: Rebecca Chibi, Kaylee Klassen, Kristen Klassen, Danielle Buckshaw
Middle Row: Andrew Baulin, Tait Daku, Kelsie Marshall
Front Row: Monica Kancz, Edith Kancz
Missing: Cort Daku, Ashely Marshall, Luke Gilmore, Sabrina Gilmore, Victoria Oster, Debbie
McPherson, Kristin Jerkovits
Regina, SK
Maros Hungarian
Folk Dance Ensemble
The Maros Hungarian Folk Dance Ensemble of Regina was formed in
January 2000 out of the love and desire to contribute to the preservation
of Hungarian folk dance, music, culture, and customs of the Hungarian
peoples (both within present day and historical borders). It is the
pride of the Maros Ensemble to be a part of the Hungarian folk dance
movement which continues to grow worldwide!
(Cifra Ensemble) Moni Mathew, Jim Cockell, Miriam Ferguson
(Maros) Royce Bereti, Eva Alexandrovici, Romeo Alexandrovici, Trenna
Horváth, Laci Horváth, Ryleigh Carr, Józsi Kalmár
Missing: Szilvia Kovács
Winnipeg, MB
Kapisztrán Folk Dance
The Hungarian Kapisztrán Folk Ensemble of Winnipeg was founded in 1960 as a choir with
the purpose of fostering the performance and study of Hungarian Folk songs and music.
Within a short period, it had acquired a wide public reputation and added to its numbers
a group of folk dancers. Throughout its 50 year history, the Ensemble has become widely
renown through its performances of Hungarian folk music and dance in the authentic
tradition. They have managed to enhance not only the reputation of their local Hungarian
community but also the entire Canadian cultural mosaic.
Back Row: Franky Czinege, Mike Gergatz, Pista Kreibich, Robika Langtry, David Rucinski,
Peter Schilling, Karcsi Kovách, David Schilling, Marcin Ratajczyk, Sanyi Karpyza
Front Row: Lina Czinege, Barbi Huszka, Erika Deak, Lisa Dasiewicz, Lexy Karsnicki, Lizzie
Kovách, Krysia Kovách, Kriszta Libor, Stasi Bukal, Nicole Boslovitch, Joasia Langtry
Missing: Kati Olah
Winnipeg, MB
Kárpát Hungarian
Folk Dancers
Since 1987,the Karpat Hungarian Folk Dancers of Winnipeg have
been dedicated to fostering the preservation and celebration
of Hungarian folk culture, primarily through the learning and
performing of Hungarian folk dance and song in the authentic
tradition to a wide Canadian public. Their costumes and
repertoire are from the many regions of both present day and
historical Hungary.
Vancouver, BC
Csárdás Hungarian Children’s
Dance Group
The Vancouver Csárdás (Children’s) Dance Group has existed since the
late 1970’s, operating under the Hungarian Cultural Society of Vancouver
as a non-profit organization. The group consists of children ages 4-15 yrs
of all nationalities, providing the opportunity to learn and appreciate
Hungarian cultural music and the art form of Hungarian cultural dance.
Back row: Bagoly Jamie, Szakács Rebecca, McGillivray Hanna, Molnár
Izabella, McGillivray Tamás, Guerrero-Molnár Esmeralda, Sára Enikõ,
Miklós Lajos
Back Row: Márk Fazekas, Árpád Farkas,Tamás Farkas, Józsi Bereng,
Zsuzsi Bereng, Svetlana Kapoustianskaia, Laura Bán LeBlanc,
Emerich Kovács III, Jóska Kalmár, Máté Fazekas
Front row: Demeter/Emma-Krista, Chau Jason, Chau Elizabeth, Skuhala
Maiya, Puddiford Bence
Front Row: Anna-Mária Kovács, Fatima Mujezinovic, Mirna
Brindas, Korri Pedro, Karin Douglass, Laura Gies
Missing: Puddiford Szilárd, Tamás Uku, Toth Johanna, Fehér Zita, Bácsfalvi
Dain, Bácsfalvi Zoey
Missing: Szilvia Kovács, Isabelle Jarrin, Mátyás Daulat, Zakariás
Daulat, Ági Libor
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Thanks to Aziz Aziz President of AAA Engineering
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Languages – Hungarian & English
I wish Forrás and all participants a memorable Festival!
Rácz Ferenc
To Forrás for hosting the 34th Western Canadian
Hungarian Folk Festival, and best of luck to all the participants!
~ Libor József and Ági.
And all of Forrás wishes Feri bácsi a
Happy 75th Birthday!
Thank you for all your support throughout the years!
Molnár Család Üdvõzli a fesztivál
A.C.Kornfeld B.A. B.Comm. LLB
Tova Kornfeld B.Sc. LLB
Forduljon Bizalommal Hozzánk
Minden Jogi Ügyben
résztvevõit és kedves barátokat!
Congratulations to Forrás Hungarian Folkdance Ensemble for
their hard work and dedication in presenting and preserving
our unique culture.
Thank you for your engaging performances and continued
participation at Hungarian Cultural Society events. Best wishes
to all of the 2012
Festival participants!
The Vancouver Hungarian Cultural Society
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Baleset, sérülés (ICBC)
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Thank You!
A special thank you to
the following individuals
who contributed towards
presenting our festival vision
to our community:
Folk Philanthropist
Rácz Ferenc,
Demeter Zelma
Folk Founders
Bácsfalvi Family
Folk Friends
Audra Bassari
Netty & David
Strawberry Bakery
Szilágyi Family
Jacquie & Jon Lever
Mind & Matter Gallery
Folk Fans
Bréti Gergõ
Bristow Ilona
Cita and the Danny Family
Kálmán Mózes
Richmond Chamber of Commerce
Tourism Richmond
Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital
And a final big thank you to the River Rock Casino Resort, all Festival
participants, Gyanta band, Jim Cockell of Cifra Ensemble, Miklós Lajos,
Kabok Szabolcs, and Kabok Frigyes of Forrás band, Náci & Anett, Farkas
Gergõ, Kovács Rodney, Fodor Valerie and our dedicated volunteers!
© 2012 Western Canadian Hungarian Folk Dance Festival. All rights reserved.

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